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  1. In order for there to be another Scottish independence referendum the Westminster government would have to grant a Section 30 Order under the Scotland Act. Johnson has already said he won't do it. Wee Jimmy Krankie hasn't really got any leverage at this point so it would be difficult for her to get him to agree to it.
  2. Snowflakes the both of you. In the good old days on here you would get people wishing that other people died of cancer or bad aids on a regular basis. That would barely have got a look in. The trouble with Soapdish is that he cries foul everytime he says something stupid, and either gets called on it, or someone makes a joke at his expense. It is incredibly tiresome, so that's why I have him on ignore. I encourage the rest of you to do the same, he is one of the worst white noise merchants on here. And just for the record Soapdish I dont hope you die in an underfunded hospital. I hope it is fully funded
  3. Theres two things you can do, that's nothing and pay me 100 quid for an armband.
  4. I know how this place loves a good toilet story, so here goes. I've been in Kingston Upon Thames this morning for work. On the way back around the M25 I get to the A1 turn off and I am absolutely busting for a piss. Call in at South Mimms services, virtually running (Well high speed waddling) past the gaudy Starbucks to the toilet. No time to choose a suitable urinal, just had to go for the nearest. Do the necessary business, and only then do I notice that stood 2 urinals down from me is former Tory Prime Minister John Major. We both turn in unison (Not the union obviously) and go to wash our hands. I felt I should have said something, but for the first time in my entire life I was speechless, so I half heartedly dried my hands and left. So the question has to be, and I know what you lot are like: Ever been flanked at the urinal by anyone famous?
  5. I'll never be able to look at my William Regal book in the same light again.
  6. All you can see is the bodies of pediatricians strewn all over the place. It's the scandal that dare not speak its name.
  7. I think I remember Regal saying that he thinks he would only be put in the HOF if they ever have Wrestlemania in the UK. His speech would be great though. Knowing his love of old school british variety he would probably want Superfly Jimmy Tarbuck or Mick Miller to induct him.
  8. Regal has to go in at some point surely.
  9. @David As you rightly say Fury is one of the best pure boxers that the heavyweight division has seen in decades. Potentially though so is Usyk. If the 2 of them were to face each other do you think that Usyk is big enough as a heavyweight to be able to dance with Fury, and how would you see that fight going?
  10. They just don't have any love for cricket. I guess it is a hangover from colonial times.
  11. Go through this list. Some absolute bangers. The club mix of Zadok The Priest is amazing.
  12. The Buster Douglas training regime.
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