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  1. I hope the fight is as entertaining as the build up.
  2. That is not so far from me. I will see when I can take the challenge.
  3. If old Harry was still there he would try and sign Inlieuof. Solid Bulgarian lad who can come in and do a job.
  4. Jose got stuck into the BBC journalists after the game. He normally saves that for later in the season.
  5. I know this quote is from another thread but I didn't want to contaminate it with Sp**s or Ar****l chat so I moved it to here. If Jose's Giants keep playing like that you will be doing your twitching through your arsehole in a relegation battle with Villa. Absolute dog dirt yesterday.
  6. Sheepy has taken his ball home in a huff.
  7. We've had poo nan before Masky.
  8. This is a cracking fight if you get chance to watch it.
  9. I think you are doing New Jack a disservice there. He always seemed incredibly regretful. Mainly that he didn't stab people harder or throw them from higher, but regretful none the less.
  10. The fish was mine, the Saveloy and cod roe were my brothers, arranged in honour of Thunderplex's flip chart.
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