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  1. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Best and Worst Non Wrestler...... Wrestler

    The best. Drew Carey. The pop at the Rumble where he was in the ring and Kane's music hit was a pop the likes of Ziggler and Mahal can only dream of. They then had the good sense to have him get out of the ring without wrestling. He didn't need to do any, his work was done. The worst is Dennis Rodman. I've fallen asleep in plenty of matches, but I was only watching not wrestling. He obviously was trained by Scott Hall and Jeff Hardy at the House Of NCTP. That's No Condition To Perform, caretaker Jake Roberts.
  2. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Nasty Boy John Lydon

    A lifetimes supply of Country Life for doing those adverts has certainly had an affect.
  3. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I think it's safe to say it's dying on its arse.
  4. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Boxing Thread

    The amount of money Canelo generates for Vegas fights means that if you want to beat him you can't have a close fight. Everyone involved knows which side their bread is buttered, and who brings the most butter to the table. Its not exclusively a Vegas problem, we've all seen home fighters win fights they didn't really win on points, but in the end the judges have to work the next week for the same promoter. I'd imagine it's really easy to get blackballed if you give out the "Wrong" score in the promoters eyes. Cracking fight though, let's hope they fight again.
  5. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    Dudley Sutton who most notably played Tinker in Lovejoy passed away yesterday. Considering the Lovejoy love this place usually shows I though it would have already been reported. A fine actor. RIP.
  6. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Just seen this, look at the state of Michael Hayes. He could have at least got the good bumbag out for a wedding.
  7. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Boxing Thread

    I've quoted what Khan is for you Choppers. He also has no self awareness at all. As for Bellew v Usyk. I'm going to try for tickets for that. Usyk is a tremendous talent, I want to see him and Lomachenko fight if I can.
  8. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    How does your daily routine compare to Marky Mark's?

    I work for myself and spend most of my time working at home. On one day a week I have to go to Mansfield and Worksop, and on another day I have to go Retford for work. I live near Lincoln so both days it's about an hours drive. Apart from that no commuting. Of course there are downsides to working for yourself. Trying to get invoices paid regularly is what takes up a lot of my time, so at least you lot got paid regularly for getting up early.
  9. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Let's talk FWA

    I believe there are at least 4 of him working at any one time. Like some sort of franchise (Not Shane Douglas)
  10. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Let's talk FWA

    Ben is right there are loads of them, and El Ligero works for all of them. You are never more than 7 miles from an El Ligero match.
  11. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Member the 80s?

    I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
  12. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Member the 80s?

    I love Maradonna and the hand of god pose just below the Wimpy sign. Who has Tom Selleck got his arm around?
  13. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Would you rather be bummed by a horse ...

    But it would be travelling at 200mph. That will make your eyes water and no mistake.
  14. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Would you rather be bummed by a horse ...

    Could have been worse, could have gone for Frankel's brother Bullet Train.
  15. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Would you rather be bummed by a horse ...

    You want to be bummed by a dead horse. The addition of necrophilia to this was an unexpected twist.