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  1. Lion_of_the_Midlands


    Jean Claude Juncker has already said this evening that this is the only deal. Of course he has to say that, but the EU has consistently stuck to its position while we have ponced around and done fuck all.
  2. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    UKFF Awards 2018: THE WINNERS!

    Thank you for doing this again @HarmonicGenerator
  3. Lion_of_the_Midlands


    For everyone.
  4. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Old people say funny shit

    A friend of my mum's was round a few years ago. We will call her Neavis because that was her name. There were probably about 10-12 people there talking to each other when Neavis turns to my brother and apropos of nothing says "You like the blue mask don't you" then turns back to who she was talking with and never mentioned it again. My brother looking rightly bemused looked at me with a "Did that just happen?" Look on his face and just continued what he was doing. We now use the phrase "I bet he likes the blue mask" to indicate someone we believe may be a wrong un of any description.
  5. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Game of Thrones - Season EIGHT (No book wankers)

    We don't really need the "No book wankers" part of the post title anymore. GRRM will probably die before book 8 comes out. Considering Winds Of Winter won't be out this year it will be at least 8 years between that and Dance Of Dragons, I would imagine that the TV series will have finished 10 years before the last book comes out.
  6. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    Considering you are well known on here as the King Of Shitting Wrongly it comes as a surprise to no one that you are at number 2, probably directly into his crown while facing the wrong way.
  7. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Official Darts Thread

    I see that David Cameron has entered the qualifying for the PDC. Obviously had his dartboard out while he had his trotters up in Nice.
  8. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Best Pop Song Of All Time

    New York, London, Paris, Munich everyone talk about Biology, because it's the best pop song.
  9. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Best British Sportsperson of Your Lifetime

    McCoy has incredible strength and determination to win but even McCoy calls John Francombe "The Greatest Jockey" He would just be within your lifetime, though he finished up when you were young. Having said that the ride on Wichita Lineman in the 2009 William Hill Trophy at Cheltenham is one of the best rides you will ever see. That horse didn't travel, didn't jump, and wasn't interested in winning. McCoy was. https://youtu.be/flJ7XOWWFrM
  10. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Best British Sportsperson of Your Lifetime

    In an individual sport it's easier to see the brilliance. Ronnie O'Sullivan, Phil Taylor, Andy Murray, Joe Calzaghe, Chris Hoy are all potential shouts. Then you have the sports where it's a small number of people in the team. Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome. To stand out as one of the best players ever in a team sport is hard. I'm a little bit older than most of you, but the man I'm picking is arguably the best Rugby player of all time, and definitely the best British rugby player of all time, Gareth Edwards. Speed, power, athleticism, vision, skill, he had everything. He stood out in a team of incredible talents. That try against the All Blacks for the Barbarians is the greatest try of all time. Admittedly I was only 1 at the time he scored it in 1973, but he played in my lifetime so I'm claiming it. As a fan of England it pains me to say that a Welsh player was the best, but no one comes close. To Gareth Edwards.
  11. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Best British Sportsperson of Your Lifetime

  12. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    YJB and Simon Jones?
  13. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Series with huge character arcs

    The 2 characters who change the most in the West Wing are probably Donna and CJ, although most of the main characters have a pretty big story arc. The only one who doesn't really change is Josh.
  14. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    Anyone think they can work these out.
  15. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Outstanding Names

    Sat in the dentist just now, quite a few people in the waiting room. One f the dentists came out to get her next patients. She was looking for Mr and Mrs Rumble. Whether they were royal or not I couldn't tell.