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  1. There is a massive parade of Tory grandees on the BBC all putting the boots to May. The quivering jelly of rage in human form Mark Francois is currently stamping on her ashes.
  2. Don't shine the vegan bat signal. Oops too late.
  3. No. They only wanted to do 7 seasons in the first place because *Book Wankery Alert* 7 is an important number in the whole GoT world. 7 old gods, 7 new gods, 7 kingdoms. 7 knights in the Kingsguard, to name but a few examples *Book Wankery Alert*
  4. Kompany going to be player-manager at Anderlecht. I didn't think there were player-managers anymore, but if anyone can it him.
  5. He may as well fight the ghost of Peter Ustinov, it would be more competitive.
  6. Front row of the Smith Cooper at Trent Bridge today. No Bairstow by the sounds of things.
  7. A. We are Millwall, on the pitch we give no one a hiding. B. With Leeds fans it's that sense of entitlement that I hate. I want to see them as low down in the pyramid as possible, but still in business so they can still be paying Robbie Keene's contract. I don't care if Millwall don't play them, until recently we were rarely in the same division so it's not an issue, though Met Police would probably like us to be in different divisions.
  8. I'm part of that generation as well David, and you are right, you either love Leeds or hate them. I absolutely fucking hate them and don't want them in the Premier League. I don't want them in the Football League either. If they could go out of business and end up playing in the 8th or 9th tier of the pyramid that would be fantastic. I'd love to see them marching on together to places like Market Drayton Town, Runcorn Linnets, and Ramsbottom United, and I would want to see them lose there as well. So in conclusion, even though it's FLDC v JTAV it's infinitely better than Leeds.
  9. I'm going to Trent Bridge for the ODI on Friday. Weather permitting and England batting first, I'm hoping to see the first team to score 500 runs in an innings.
  10. They should just call it the Riyal Rumble. At least it would be honest.
  11. Can we just shorten it to FLDC? If not can we call them Frank James Lampard OBE's Derby County?
  12. He's in mine. Opening with YJB
  13. I'd have Lord Hick in somewhere if it was an option.
  14. That was a superb episode. The moment that Dany went full mad queen she fulfilled exactly what Cersei she was in an earlier season 'A foreign queen with a Dothraki horde coming to take the throne and destroy Kings Landing" This course of action has been foreshadowed for a long time, so all the people saying it came out of nowhere just aren't paying attention. They've also played this whole thing as a battle between ice and fire, which will come out on top. Arya killed the Night King and defeated the ice part of the equation. It would not surprise me if Arya also kills Dany to defeat the fire part as well. As @d-d-d-dAz said it is the absolute anoraks that are doing the most complaining. I assume they would like at least one season of people just describing what they are having for dinner like it does b***s,
  15. I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago.
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