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  1. I have election fatigue already. It's not long since we had a by election when the sitting MP Stephen Phillips resigned over the way that the whole Brexit process was been handled and the way May failed to defend the judges who the Daily Mail were slaughtering and calling "Enemies of the state" He obviously felt very strongly about it as he binned off a 25 thousand majority and a seat for life. A tory with principles, who'd have thunk it.
  2. I don't know how anyone gave Burns 4 rounds. That was a pretty one sided drubbing. Hearn said on IFL that they have a rematch clause, or a promotional option on Indigo's next fight. I can't see a rematch been met with any enthusiasm. It was an enjoyable card overall on Saturday. Scotty Cardle v Robbie Barrett was a cracking little fight.
  3. Has the ghost of Oscar Wilde ascended back to repartee heaven having now been exorcised from The Clunt. Been a fat bastard myself that could be the only exorcise I get today.
  4. II had the good fortune over the winter to attend some umpires courses that had first class umpire Paul Baldwin at them. Learned a lot about how the professional umpires manage the game and about some handed little tricks for on the field. He was reassuringly rubbish at getting the LBW's right, which gave hope to the rest of us. On top of that a new version of the laws will be coming in on October 1st this year. I had a quick read through the summary of the changes today. That was 26 pages long so there is a lot to learn at the end of this season for next. The one that will grab the headlines will be the sin bin/sending off procedure. I know some fussy bastard umpires will soon have the game down to 6 aside. It looks like it will be fun.
  5. Ospreay matches are like a firework display. They are full of oooohs and aaaahs and they look spectacular but once they are finished you don't really care about them or remember half of what went on.
  6. What's more KOS they both smell like they piss the bed.
  7. Liam Smith has missed the weight. 2lbs over and he elected not to be re-weighed. That is not very professional. Do the Smith boys have a problem making weight in general? iirc Paul Smith missed the weight in the Andre Ward fight.
  8. I'm doing three for the National. Cause Of Causes Just A Par Pleasant Company.
  9. Dave has more money than sense if he gives you the field against Cue Card. Not a lot in it at the end but even with the rail to help him he couldn't get back past Tea For Two.
  10. Collect your money Butch.
  11. That's a poor renewal of the Bowl, Butch. I'm not sure I'd have a bet on that race with someone else's money.
  12. Jimmy Hill cut me up at a roundabout once, and that was after I had given him very specific directions to prevent that exact scenario occurring. Long chinned bastard.
  13. As has been already suggested, they probably changed the belts because there is footage out there with one of them with jizz on it. They want to wipe the slate clean and start again.
  14. That goes without saying Keith.
  15. When making a substitution the manager is not allowed to choose the player he is bringing on. Instead the subs names are placed in a tombola and drawn out at random by Graham Kelly who must announce them in that high pitched voice he has.