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  1. The trouble with the last series was that it was clear Lou Sanders was both ultra competitive and good at the majority of the tasks. It was also clear Paul Sinha was neither and when it came out during the series that he has Parkinsons it made it quite an uncomfortable watch.
  2. So this happened yesterday in our local ECB Premier League play off semi final The breakdown of the 264 I'm pleased I didn't have to umpire that. A staggering score though.
  3. That horse has just passed the Voyager 2 probe and is now wondering where he can get some oats to eat in the Oort Cloud.
  4. How does Benn get a license to box? He is 55 and has sounded a bit punch drunk for years.
  5. When you think England couldn't bat any worse they get torn apart by Mitch Marsh. Thank god he did a hammy we'd have been all out.
  6. It's because they mix heroin in the batter.
  7. I've had both versions, the mash version and the slice of potato version. They are both nice. A chippy that used to be near me that has now closed used to do what they called a Yorkshire fritter. Which was 2 slices of potato cut into a square with a square cut out of the middle. In the square in the middle was 2 folded to fit cheese slices. The whole thing was battered and fried. You would have the outer potato square enclosing a pool of molten cheese inside the crispy batter. I don't know what was inherently Yorkshire about it. It was nice though.
  8. Cod roe tastes very fishy. I like it but I couldn't have a lot of it. I do love a scallop. I generally prefer a scallop when they are frying new potatoes for the chips. New potatoes make shit chips.
  9. An odd selection in the Lion household this evening. Only I wanted something with chips Then there was 2 scallops, cod roe and curry sauce arranged thinly Our kid only wanted a large battered sausage a 2 scallops. The temptation to arrange them like this was completely uncontrollable
  10. Overton took 2-107 in the match and batted a long time in the 2nd innings. You'd also figure at his height he might get some extra bounce at the Oval but never mind.
  11. So J-Roy and Overton are the ones to pay for the loss of the Ashes. Stokes playing just as a specialist batsman because of his shoulder injury. To be honest Woakes and Curran will score as many runs as Roy would so it's not like we have actually weakened the batting.
  12. 9/11 I was on holiday in Cornwall. Found out what had happened by walking down the street in St Austell and seeing the image of the smoking tower on a TV in a shop window. Went pretty much straight away back to where we were staying and put the news on and watched it for most of the next couple of days. We were in a chalet on a reasonably large holiday park and there was a noticeable change of atmosphere on it. With Diana it happened overnight and I was supposed to be at work the next day. Went in as normal but we closed up after a couple of hours as it became very obvious very quickly that this was going to be the only thing anyone was going to be focused on, certainly not buying sandwiches and drinks we were selling. Personally I'm not interested in the royal family and this for me was just some extra paid time off work. The first thing I really remember making an impact on me was the Iranian Embassy Siege in 1980. They showed the end of the siege live on TV, which was unusual for the time. The SAS guys storming that embassy was something that really captured my attention. I was only 7 at the time and for whatever reason it really stuck with me.
  13. I love pasta but this is next level.
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