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  1. I'm hoping this is one of those questions to flush out the wrong uns
  2. I do not disagree that they taste good, that isn't my argument at all. They taste bloody lovely. They are just not part of a full english.
  3. A hash brown is American. I'm guessing they dont put a hash brown on a full Vietnamese, what even is a full Vietnamese?
  4. Can you buy a kebab from a chip shop? (Yes) Is a hash brown part of a full English breakfast? (No)
  5. Rose water and pistachio ice cream. Sounds like the sort of ice cream a bird nonce would eat.
  6. My next door neighbour's grandad is currently in hospital not because a swan broke his arm but because a swan attacked him in the park and gouged several chunks out of his arm with its beak. He has some sort of infection that is preventing the skin from healing but they can't find out what it is. They have done lots of tests but they can't identify it. They are currently in the process of getting his blood tested by vets. When I asked my neighbour what his grandad did to annoy it he told me that he was trying to pick the swan up because he thought it was ill. I think he might be some sort of swan nonce but I'm not going to say that to him.
  7. Absolutely magical. Should be the official song of this place.
  8. It is March Pat, unless you've travelled to the future on Jersey.
  9. Brings a whole new meaning to blowing a raspberry.
  10. Even an empty arena would boo the shit out of that.
  11. I'm fairly convinced that the poo threads on here are some sort of secret code and that Steve Justice works for MI6 and he uses the threads to communicate with his agents in the field. The only problem is that the agent in Vietnam keeps blowing his cover.
  12. I'm guessing that when you were made to play it as a child you simply held it by the bottom bar with the point facing down and struck it between what should have been the point of the triangle. Worst instrument is the bagpipes. Burn them all in a massive pyre as way of celebrating the end of corona lockdown.
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