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  1. Trescothick came on first change that day, ahead of such bowling luminaries as Craig Shite and Ian Salisbury. Apart from the wicket Trescothick had Inzamam absolutely plumb LBW when he was on about 10, not given and he went on to make 140 odd. Finn looks like he should be a fearsome bowler but often trundles in like a poor man's Neil Mallender. His confidence is shot to bits.
  2. If we are getting Clegane Bowl then we may have to wait. The Hound is going north to fight the Night's King and there is no way The Mountain is leaving Kings Landing at the minute.
  3. It wouldn't be a surprise if there was a bit of a nod to Brave Sir Robin @Guy Bifkin. The two show runners are big Python fans and have slipped a bit of Python in the series previously.
  4. I've had a look at that and it looks more like cloud over the top rather than frozen sea. Let's face it there is absolutely no way that the Night's King is walking around the Wall. The set up of the Wall coming down has been so long in the making that the army of the dead going for an icy sea ice ramble around it is not going to be the payoff.
  5. Sam really needed Ramsey Bolton when he was skinning Ser Jorah. The cut from Sam and his blade to the pie crust was very well done.
  6. Jon doesn't need to assign her a bodyguard, she already has Brienne, and Sansa knows more about Littlefinger than he does. She doesn't need to be told about him. You are right though, if shit goes wrong Littlefinger will be the one stirring it.
  7. I was there that day Gus. It was a tremendous delivery. Vaughn was a decent bowler but his back didn't let him bowl enough.
  8. I've umpired a couple of women's county championship matches. The standard wasn't great to be honest, though it was the bottom division so perhaps that's not an overall indicator. Lincolnshire's captain plays in Division 4 of the local men's Saturday league. Which again isn't a great standard. The best female player who plays regularly in Lincolnshire is former England player Arran Brindle. She plays mainly in division 1 of the same league. Her team had both Charlotte Edwards and Suzie Bates of New Zealand play for them in a game last year. Edwards got a golden duck. Arran also played last year in the women's T20 super league and was one of the better players. So while the world cup was good to watch and great for England fans I think the Standard has a long way to go to get anywhere near the men's.
  9. If you signed for Darlo you had to be either an expert safe cracker or getaway driver. No pop ponces required.
  10. Could have been worse, Kris Marshall could have been in it.
  11. So Ballance is out with his injury, and Stoneman has been released because they are sticking with Jennings to open. They've brought in Westley to bat at 3 and Malan as the extra bat if they go down that route. Ballance got the job because he is Root's mate and I'm guessing Westley got the call because he is Cook's mate, and when you've been shot out in double quick time playing attacking cricket you bring in a T20 specialist. Madness in my eyes.
  12. The problem isn't having singers in GoT, they have been in before. Sigur Ros were singing at Joffrey and Cressida's wedding. Gary Lightbody out of Snow Patrol sings as one of the Bolton soldiers in Walk Of Punishment. The problem with Sheeran is that he isn't very good.
  13. What you have stumbled on there was part of the point of the scene. Those soldiers were not supposed to look like warriors. They were supposed to look like ordinary folks who had been pressed into service of the Lannisters. Arya has her kill list, it includes a lot of Lannisters, had they looked like warriors they would have been dead.
  14. Speaking of too famous Herbert, there is another cameo in this series that will cause uproar. I can guarantee that he won't quit twitter in a huff if people complain.
  15. I don't think Wun Wun was one of the giants. He was killed by Ramsey in the aftermath of the Battle Of The Bastards and they will have burned him.