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  1. The people who run it are and that seems to be all that matters. Realistically it doesn't matter who it is. The AEW hardcore fans will convince themselves that who ever it is, it is brilliant. They have got a throb on for Big Show turning up for fucks sake. BIG SHOW! who has been shit for every single year he has been in WWE, and before that he was pretty shit in every year of WCW.
  2. Had my vaccine today, unfortunately not near a McDonalds.
  3. Which considering how outspoken ZSJ is on lots of issues is incredibly noticeable.
  4. That and Tana v Jay White is a possible standout. I'm pleased to see Gabriel Kidd in it as well. From seeing him start out on HOP academy shows as a kid to how hard he has worked to get where he is today. I know Sabre was instrumental in getting him the New Japan gig in the first place so looking forward to that as well.
  5. Let's stay in that thread then The Small World of Sammy Lee
  6. Shingo v Okada looks to be the pick of the 1st round.
  7. Having seen DEF's new thread about lesser known movies A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin
  8. That is awful, but I'm surprised it only got to 33. Worzel Gummidge was massive at the time, sadly I do remember.
  9. Steve Bunce was brave to give Big John free rein on live TV. Luckily he only said he was fat as a pig and bared his belly.
  10. The concept of the show seems to be beyond his grasp @wordsfromlee From reading his book, it seems he was always a cunt, so wrestling can't be blamed for that 100%
  11. Your argument is idiotic RancidPunx. You probably write letters to the BBC complaining that you can't understand why they call it Eastenders because they never show any Westenders, Northenders, or Southenders so it is balanced. You've made a bit of a tit of yourself. Just move on.
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