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  1. The discworld stuff was never going to. The influence of Neil Gaiman will definitely help. The 2 leads are pretty good as well.
  2. I hope you are wrong. He is in the upcoming Good Omens on Amazon. That's a book I love and I have high hopes for the series.
  3. There was some hometown judging going on I can tell you. For me he was a 2-3 points behind at least.
  4. Raheem Kassam, Andy Wigmore, Gerry Gunster, and Arron Banks. They call themselves The Brex Pistols. Cunts.
  5. I think not. Exhibit A your honour.
  6. This could equally go in the Facebook thread but I saw it here first.
  7. The maths don't quite work on that David. 5 fight deal for $80 million. $16 million a fight. Still not bad, and certainly much more than Wilder has earned for any fight do far.
  8. He said Joshua had to fight on Sky over here. Over in the states he could fight on any of the networks, that's what he said. You have to want to hear that though. You've decided you don't like Hearn, which is fair enough, I can understand that. Whatever he says you are going to disbelieve. I take them all with a pinch of salt. I'm sure there was some truth to what Hearn was saying, you are getting his version after all.
  9. To be fair she couldn't. With the amount of MPs in the ERG she would have needed a massive majority and she didn't have that. What she could have done is not appoint David Davis as the first Brexit minister. He was completely inept and unprepared, and with claims like "This will be the easiest deal to make ever" he was obviously doomed to failure. History will not remember him kindly.
  10. You can watch it if you have the right colour armband brother.
  11. Don't they have a place called The Feral Gallery in Hull? Where the locals go to watch half human/half animal children fight over scraps.
  12. 2005 is a bit modern for Cleethorpes buddy. They still have bear baiting on a Friday night in Cleethorpes.
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