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  1. Looks like there will be a pikey invasion of Vegas if this is on the money.
  2. Not to mention a black wrestler called Koko who dances with a parrot.
  3. I'd imagine that the Saudi money disapproves of the negative portrayal of an obviously Islamic wrestler.
  4. A leopard print shoe'd cunt does not change its spots. Just because those shoes are now kicking Pob in the face it doesn't make her less of a cunt.
  5. Is calling him Quack the equivalent of calling the PM Boris? If it is we should STOP CALLING HIM QUACK.
  6. I'm guessing not. Once there are arrests/charges discussion will have to stop like it has in other threads. That day cannot come soon enough.
  7. You've spent the last 6 hours scouring the forum for ammunition. Well done Matlock. Whatever you have found does not change the faaaacts that that video is still awful and ill judged.
  8. I would think that the police are in the evidence gathering phase right now. They have to interview all the people who came forward and see where the investigation goes from there. This sort of thing needs to be handled sensitively and isn't a quick process under normal circumstances, and we can all agree these are hardly normal times.
  9. I think if we are going to talk about promos that have defined the ills of modern wrestling and how the audience and the wrestlers engage then this man and this style of promo have dictated the last 18+ years. This isn't the original but it does show the problem. Austin created a monster that has been difficult for the majority of wrestlers over the years to defeat. No matter what they have tried to say they have been beholden to the "What" chant. It takes a really strong promo to defeat it and in this ultra scripted era most people don't have a chance.
  10. This thread has covered a wide range of the assorted nonces, scumbags, and rapists that have been outed. You are the only person in this thread who posts on here for the first time in over 10 years to defend one of the scumbags. You are the only person who when called on their specious defense then tries to "Whatabout" their way out of it because they are clearly talking bollocks. The best thing you could do is stop trying to defend anyone.
  11. Whilst I cannot answer this quite as succinctly as Devon did can I say how incredibly insulting your use of possible undiagnosed autism is to the people here who have autistic family. Now that is an ill advised video, however you wish to try and spin it. Also the semantics of she was a trainee but when he had a relationship with her she was no longer a trainee is bullshit. He trained her, he had a relationship with her. Stop trying to deflect from Quack because you are talking bullshit and need to change the subject. Now isn't the time for whataboutism.
  12. Point 1. If that is how you always sound and you want to address these allegations don't release a video, release a written statement. Point 2. I'm sure it wasn't edited to look deliberately disingenuous, but the editing does make it look like that. Who ever edited it hasn't helped him at all.
  13. This isn't the thread for an in depth discussion of PAYE, NI, and tax law. Take it somewhere else. Who says there will be 50 wrestlers left?
  14. Good to know you are focused on the issues raised by this thread.
  15. From the look of twitter they don't have any choice. Just about every wrestler has resigned.
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