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  1. I think my heart has just about started to beat normally again. I couldn't watch the last hour or so. Listened to it on the radio. Didn't sit down for the last 5 overs or the super overs. Definitely shed a tear at the end.
  2. It wouldn't though would it. The type of people who go to the Rumble and Mania are going to have gone to NXT the night before as well. They are the diehard wrestling fans who watch everything. They would 100% know who Ospreay was, and after a couple of flashy moves everyone else would be cheering. The only thing is that WWE would probably call him Bill Sea-Eagle.
  3. White kickpads with his name drawn on them in marker pen.
  4. Chris Hamrick was superb every time I saw him wrestle over here, in many different ways. Whether it was taking that crazy back bump between the top 2 ropes to the outside against Doug Williams at the Winter Gardens at Cleethorpes, or taking the piss against a fat lad in Asda trainers and hand drawn kickpads he was always a joy to watch.
  5. That was a total crushing of the Australians today. Let's hope YJB's injury is a relatively minor one. Him and Roy have been magnificent so far. Vaughn and a few others upped your call for Roy to open in the Ashes D-Mal to Roy and Bairstow to open. 60-2 off 8 is a definite foundation.
  6. What a game the first semi final was. India had no right to get as close as they did when they were 5-3. New Zealand just got Jadeja at the right time.
  7. Fury to fight September/October time and then fight Wilder in February.
  8. I would take Dubois to win I think. Better hand speed and a better boxer. Anything can happen with heavyweights as we have seen recently. I see Fury has said that the rematch with Wilder will be 22nd February next year.
  9. Two swings, two misses today. Do you want another go?
  10. Alex was also at the front for Stormzy on Friday, about the same place in the crowd, still on someone's shoulders, still completely battered. So if he was a plant he had gone completely method.
  11. The best version is when they mix the brown sauce with the left over vinegar from the empty pickled egg and onion jars.
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