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  1. This 10ft plinth isnt big enough not to get vandalised, and if it is then the plinth had better be piss resistant. https://thelincolnite.co.uk/2020/11/council-to-spend-100k-on-thatcher-statue-unveiling/
  2. We've moved beyond averages in white ball cricket now D-Mal. It's all about strike rate these days.
  3. YJB looked good at 4. To be fair he could do a job anywhere in the top order.
  4. Commentators curse there from Lord Boycott. Athers getting out to the part time stylings of Steve Waugh and Maynard picking Warne like Stevie Wonder on a hook a duck. Hick was majestic though. A late cut bettered only by The Judge in that era.
  5. I'm guessing that the police are not going to get a call saying "Can you put me through to lost and found please"
  6. So Lincolnshire went in to Lockdown 2: Lockdown Harder in Tier 1 and came out in Tier 3. 2 of the councils are now in the top 10 highest infection rates in the country. So that has obviously worked well. The problems will be that the anti lockdowners will point to it as a reason to ignore all the restrictions and we will be even more fucked than we were before. So on the whole that Lockdown hasn't gone well.
  7. A maverick on the field and off. Considering his lifestyle he was lucky to make it this far, and we were lucky to see him play.
  8. Babic is fun to watch, I'm sure he isnt fun to fight though. What level do people see him getting to?
  9. I've never seen an episode of The Crown but if this is an episode could someone let me know.
  10. As a child I had an almost bowleresque aversion to Chinese food. The smell would make me sick. Now I could eat Chinese food every day. I love it. I guess it was some sort of prawn cracker epiphany on the road to Peking duck in the early 80s that converted me.
  11. So if it gets found out in a report that you are a bully, you get the full support of your boss, and the person who was head of standards and was responsible for the report resigns. That is the world of Tory cunts. What a time to be alive.
  12. Don't let a Middle Earth Scholar hear you guys saying that. He will hyperventilate into his rucksack if he is missed out off that list. He may have to take off his anorak as well.
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