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  1. They aren't obscure, everyone is talking about the linguistine crisps.
  2. That is tremendous. Going to laugh at that every single time.
  3. Loved watching him as a fighter. Didn't he get binned off Sky as a pundit for saying that the Audley v Haye fight was shit? As a promoter it always looks like it is about him rather than the fighter. Also looks dodgy as fuck.
  4. As this story contains a cardboard cutout of Ainsley Harriet it is prime UKFF fodder.
  5. If you dont mention Mein Kampf then you get to stay.
  6. Musician of the year - Billie Eilish, The Murder Capital, IDLES TV Show of the year Taskmaster, Good Omens Sports moment of the year Winning the Cricket World Cup Final. Eliud Kipchoge runs a sub 2 hour marathon, Tatsuki Sazuki wins the Moto3 race at Misano for Team Paolo Simoncelli at the circuit named after Paolo's son. Book of the year Normandy '44 D Day and the battle for France by James Holland
  7. Positive awards Post of the Year Kevin Webster's Sacrifice. On Topic Poster of the Year Supremo, Bomber Pat, IandrewDiceClay Off Topic Poster of the Year Onyx2, tiger_rick, JNLister Funniest Poster Keith Houchen, IandrewDiceClay Thread of the Year Chippy Tea, Eatclean, Fatty Facesitter Crucible Diary Good plant based egg substitute Award Onyx2, tiger_rick, Kat Negative awards Dolt of the Year Lord Mountevans MPDTT, Hannibal Scorch White Noise Hannibal Scorch. I've got him on ignore but he still gets everywhere. Kfogg Flounce of the Year Cromer's second finest MMA reporter Julian Radbourne.
  8. At least Wesley Harms does not have the nickname "Self"
  9. Are we sure that BDO doesn't stand for Bowler's Darts Organisation? Free pie, no chinese.
  10. John Gwynne commentating on this dirt after previously commentating on the PDC is the sports equivalent of getting David Dimbleby to do a commentary on Derek Acorah's funeral having done all the great state occasions he has done in the past. This is real dogdirt darts
  11. On 15% of expected ticket sales at least they are not going to have to worry about an Uber price surge due to high demand. Every penny counts for the BDO
  12. Ryan Hewson. Cool Ry's WrestleXpress finally finds its spiritual home, no not Strangeways, Minute Maid Park. Sherri Hewson. Don't let Big Dave Batista know there is someone off Loose Women about, or it could lead to the biggest facial splattering since Taka Michinoku. Paul Hewson. Bono has disappeared so far up his own arse that when he heard that Edge might be making an appearance he thought he was invited as well.
  13. Farage was bought off with something to get him to drop half of the Brexit Party candidates at the election. So either Sir Nigel Farage or Lord Farage of Dover. The Tories definitely have the bollocks to have bought him off and Farage has wanted an honour for a long time.
  14. Scottish football is like indy wrestling. Sparsely attended matches in shitty little venues where 99% of the talent is barely trained and the other 1% is looking to move up to the big leagues. Brechin v Stenhousmuir is very much the Jekkel v Exxodus of football.
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