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  1. Lion_of_the_Midlands


  2. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Eurovision 2018 - Lisbon - All Aboard! (tons of YT links)

    Do we still stay in this after Brexit?
  3. Lion_of_the_Midlands


    Everyone agrees that it's a shit show, just for different reasons.
  4. Lion_of_the_Midlands


    4 ministers gone now plus a PPS from the Department of Education. May is currently in Parliament explaining the details of deal. You can virtually hear the knives been sharpened as she talks.
  5. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    That was an absolute Bunsen today. Buttler and Curran batted very well, Curran in particular. Poor old Foakes needs to remember he has DRS. If the umpire gives it but you don't knick it you don't need to walk!
  6. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    Sorry for Tildeguying that last post. As Max said a bit back England are essentially a club side now. All the batsmen are essentially 5/6 in the order apart from the openers. Stokes will have to bat responsibly, and also he's probably not going to bowl a lot either.
  7. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    England unchanged and Stokes to bat at 3 with Moeen at 6.
  8. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Boxing Thread

    When you could hear Dave Cauldwell giving the "This is your last fight, you gotta dig deep" speech in the corner at the end of the 7th I said to my brother that if Bellew was getting that speech with potentially 5 rounds left he was in trouble. I said at that point he'd be stopped in the 9th. As bad as the interview with Sky was, the one on BBC radio was worse. Bellew asked Mike Costello how the fight had ended because he didn't know. Boxers need better medical care after fights than that. It wasn't more to do with that, it was 100% to do with that. Promoter, fighter, and TV company have to get paid. They need the casual fans to buy the PPV. The boxing insiders are buying it anyway. That is just how promotion works. It surprises me that someone as astute as you David felt the need to articulate this. Everyone who posts in here knows how the boxing game is played.
  9. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Boxing Thread

    Bellew won't win a round, he's going to spend the entire fight eating Usyk's jab and chasing shadows.
  10. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    Buttler to open with Jennings. YJB at 3. Moeen back down the order. That's how I'd go.
  11. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    Boxing Thread

    Posting that bastard GAD. I hope your next shit is a porcupine.
  12. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    I would if I had ever come within sniffing distance of one. They are not as important as 50s or 100s I grant you.
  13. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    Sorry for the double post but this is brilliant. I don't have any trouble with this as an umpire, but I'm pretty sure I'd be wrong in law.
  14. Lion_of_the_Midlands


    I liked the look of Marcus Wareing's nut butter on Materchef the other night.
  15. Lion_of_the_Midlands

    The Cricket Thread

    Declaring when he's on 146 is a bit of a dick move. Its no declaring when he's on 98 like Athers did to The FTB but it's very poor form.