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  1. The move here is surely to give the money to charity?
  2. https://exposeddanipw.tumblr.com/?amp_see_more=1 This one was quite interesting
  3. The most tragic bit of that is how pish the paedo's patter is. Can only assume he is literally a virgin.
  4. I feel it was justified but Bobby Roode and his ducks losing to Angle at BFG after the build he got made me want to pack it in with TNA. It was compounded by Angle losing the title on the next Impact within 10 seconds to the Marty Jannetty of Beer Money.
  5. Just listened to it all. I cannot believe this is the same guy who was so articulate, confident and witty just a couple of years ago. He's slurring and stuttering his way through mad rambles. He sounds punchy and the drugs have wrecked him.
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