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  1. Fury and Wilder will have the Superbowl and the rest of the NFL playoffs to build their fight. ESPN and Fox have been clever with their scheduling and will stick all their promotional power behind it. 2 million buys seems mental but I think it can do seven figures. I think part of the reason the UFC will be doing this McGregor fight a bit more quietly is hoping to minimise any scrutiny about the ongoing police investigations. It'll still sell more than any non McGregor PPV but I think they'll be willing to take a hit of a few hundred thousand buys if it means they aren't having to answer questions about promoting a scumbag.
  2. Greatest wrestling show I've seen in around a decade.
  3. I completely agree re the Hogan TNA era, I loved it. I still maintain Hogan ripping the shirt off at Bound For Glory is one of the greatest moments in wrestling this century.
  4. Give me our league over the plastic tourist showcase down South any day of the week
  5. BT are losing all of the Scottish football coverage at the end of the season. Sky will have 100% of it again.
  6. The Young Bucks peaked a decade ago with this belter https://youtu.be/R83Ystt-OdQ
  7. How are we going to get together and get it on?
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