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  1. That's pretty crazy that that exists. Really bizarre. Don't know what to make of it to be honest. Also, interestingly according to the title captions, Dr Alban's best known hit in his native Sweden was Sing Hallelujah, and not It's My Life.
  2. After seeing this I can only assume that it must be the inspiration for Bill Nighy's character in Love Actually.
  3. I figured you must be in the new house now looking at how clean that oven was. Didn't last long did it!
  4. It's the glasses. She looks like Lauren Boebert in that picture.
  5. Either. But my preferred version would be the Donner cut all the way almost to the end and then get rid of that stupid as fuck spinning-the-world-backwards bollocks. I feel like I should try to make that edit for myself.
  6. Superman 2 is so much better than the first one. Can't believe it's taken this long to come up.. Good shout.
  7. Well this certainly doesn't feel like the best thread for it
  8. For someone that likes Jason Sudekis but doesn't like football is it worth watching?
  9. The only reasonable grounds for argument here is complete denial that the fourth one even exists. Put me down for another one who saw Temple of Doom first and it remains my favourite to this day. It helped that the bad guy was also the bad guy in a bunch of Hindi films I'd seen as well.
  10. Herring is, by his own admission, a comedy performer who turned to stand up later. It shows in the way that he approaches the medium and the way he thinks about comedy. He's always been a better writer of musings and skits than stand up material.
  11. If we're talking sequels that beat the originals then Army Of Darkness has to be right up there.
  12. Sorry, I mean the interview with Lee that Ian quoted. Not the original herring clip.
  13. Where is the interview from @IANdrewDiceClay ?
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