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  1. I wonder what happened to @Gus Mears
  2. He still beat the right into power though, didn't he?
  3. I'm sorry I'm going to need to know more about what the job of 'chicken catcher' involves at a detailed level.
  4. TV is fucking garbage. Someone tell me when and what channel The Tiger Who Came To Tea is on so I don't have to accidentally watch any of this other shit.
  5. I think the failure in this respect from Labour's campaign was their refusal to accept that the right sets the narrative. This was a Brexit election and they chose to try to ignore that one issue and change the narrative. Not possible. They needed to lean into it and frame all their other points in that context. They didn't seem to even try to make the connection or set the context with their other policy points.
  6. Yeah sorry to break it to you but this country has always been mostly shit.
  7. I know only because I read a post about a month or two back on Reddit where someone said their daughter announced that they were one but they didn't know what it was. In terms of things kids could be into it could be much worse! I think you know what you need to do.. Get her a shit knock off water bottle and let her get ripped for it at school.
  8. It's also because Labour are arrogant pricks who think they are above all the other parties. That's the reason they're the only non-Tory party that is happy with FPTP. It's one of the biggest turn offs for me with Labour.
  9. Yeah I'm feeling the fatigue for sure. Right now I can't even be arsed to stay up watching it but I know I will end up doing so on Thursday anyway.
  10. Man you have so much more faith in the system than I do.
  11. Jack Lalanne power juicer is the best infomercial. https://youtu.be/_PElJ7VHs0M
  12. I thought it was hilarious how obvious the brexit party ones are as you go through the questionnaire because they are so threadbare with zero detail or specific commitment.
  13. I have just done it now after you reminded me it exists. Not massively surprised by my results, tbh.
  14. Is treble-down a word? I would say you've trebled down on being a cunt but I think that ship has long since sailed.
  15. Update: fight'n rage is fucking great. Cheers @Onyx2. Look forward to playing this couch co-op with mates. Great music, very nostalgic but with enough going on that it's not just mindless mashing.
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