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  1. I have some bad news for you about the intelligence and competence of people in leadership roles in the corporate world...
  2. Right, so in your own words it's not about the pay then? It's the light schedule and the lack of accountability. So why not address that instead of cutting the pay?
  3. Pete Rock & Skyzoo album is out. It's great!
  4. Yeah, paying the job less is definitely going to attract better candidates... 😳
  5. Please post reviews once you guys have had a go. Not planning to buy anything now until monkey ball comes out but if it's good enough.... Honestly though I am barely touching anything other than Slay the Spire most of the time.
  6. Don't be a cunt and don't spoil things. It's not hard. If you can't moderate yourself then I'll have to do it for you.
  7. I can't imagine anyone is saying that all of those things are good; that would be insane.
  8. He does look really haggard at the minute. Hopefully because he's really fucking stressed.
  9. Steve does more things wrong.... Been playing Steamworld Dig on switch. I used to play an indie mining game like it on xbox arcade that was just pure digging your mine, upgrading your equipment and going deeper. This adds some story, more abilities and a bit of platform combat to the mix. It's really slick and fun. I get why they had to do it but it does lose some tension because you don't automatically die and lose whatever you have collected if your torch runs out.
  10. The words "real instrumentation" generally dampen my enthusiasm for hip hop but will give it listen later based on your good form...
  11. I think you are overestimating how insulated you will be from the effects of brexit. Your money can only shield you so far in the face of further recession in the face of crumbling social infrastructure from years of austerity.
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