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  1. And a good thing, too, because your batting average is not too stellar right now.
  2. For someone who really loves reading and talking about Jack the Ripper you sure are reluctant to read a book about Jack the Ripper.
  3. The Florida Man meme is about five years old, so no, you didn't notice this wonderful natural phenomenon. Also the reason you hear so many crazy news stories from Florida is because they have different laws about media / public access to police records. Case closed, goodnight.
  4. Where have you been recently, @Brewster McCloud . Any chance you could go back?
  5. Yeah, I think at some point when we do our kitchen we'll probably get induction hobs, but I think we'll always still have a couple gas ones too.
  6. Well then if that's the game... Here's a photo I took in Kenya that I think I have posted before but it fits the bill!
  7. My biggest surprise was seeing that Steve Ranazisi got another gig
  8. Not sure you can really claim a moral high ground on twitter users when posting an Instagram link...
  9. I can't believe this testimonial made it on to their website 😂 -
  10. Completely off topic, but you need to pick an avatar. I see the big 'B' by the thread to indicate the last poster and I almost don't even bother clicking because I think it's going to be a BigJag post.
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