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  1. Chest Rockwell

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    I think "Hi, hope you're well" is perfectly acceptable as long as you don't have a question mark at the end. Then you're just stating it as an assumption so you don't have to ask a question you don't want an answer to, but it bridges the impoliteness gap that Spurs mentions. It's actually a really useful turn of phrase for that reason, as long as it isn't phrased as a question.
  2. Chest Rockwell

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    It's not, btw. There's a specific thread for trailers and news. So you know for next time.
  3. Chest Rockwell

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    I don't have a normal PS4 to compare it to, but do have a Pro. All I can say is that it definitely does sound like it's about to take off sometimes, so I can't imagine it's any quieter than the classic.
  4. Chest Rockwell

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    You're all just jelly because he's a prefect and you're not.
  5. Chest Rockwell

    UKFF Photography Thread

    Not a photo, but on a related note. I am not sure what's going on with ladybirds this year but they are everywhere. They have swarmed the front of our house like a biblical plague. My wife is really jumpy with insects generally and it has her really freaked out. She was out there today spraying lemon juice all over the porch because apparently they hate it.
  6. Chest Rockwell

    Professor Jordan Peterson

    Alex Jones is a piece of shit who used his platform to harass the families of shooting victims. If I had a streaming platform I'd sack him off too.
  7. Chest Rockwell

    What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/oct/10/giorgio-moroder-announces-first-ever-live-tour-at-78 Paging @PunkStep
  8. Chest Rockwell

    Top Twitter

    @SpursRiot2012 have you ever calculated how much you spend on Pepsi? Do you at least have a hookup to buy it wholesale?
  9. Chest Rockwell


    Well of course. None of them do. No one ever has, and I'm not sure they even exist tbh.
  10. Chest Rockwell

    What is the best animal? (Jack russells)

    That has 100% lived up to my expectation and anticipation. I love them. What are their names? edit: that is not a great question. But I want to know more about them in general. Tell me more! I have just been googling pygmy goats as pets. It seems totally doable.
  11. Chest Rockwell

    What is the best animal? (Jack russells)

    Where's a picture of the pygmy goats?? Come on! You can't just tease that. Goats are probably top 5 in the best animals charts.
  12. Chest Rockwell

    Good stuff you've bought - under £20

    I bought some bluetooth headphones a little while back myself, @tiger_rick, because it was cheaper than fixing the broken headphone jack on my phone. It really is so liberating! I never knew how much I wanted it until I had it.
  13. Chest Rockwell

    First trip to the cinema

    Stay Tuned is awesome. Also Captain Lou Albano is in it. That film was the first time I'd seen him and I couldn't work out what the hell that weird cheek-hoop piercing was.
  14. Chest Rockwell

    First trip to the cinema

    I remember going to see that with my sister and her mate, and then pretending not to have liked it afterwards. My first proper film in a cinema that I can remember was the 1991 Robin Hood film, which was forgettable and I think I slept through a large chunk of it anyway. Imdb tells me Uma Thurman is in it though, apparently. I rectified that a couple months later anyway when I went to see a good Robin Hood movie, I.e. Prince of Thieves. It really confused me as a kid there being two completely separate robin Hood movies released in such quick succession. Also apparently according to IMDB it didn't even get a cinema run in the US because of Prince of Thieves. I guess that's why it has been completely forgotten in history. I'm sure I will have been dragged to other films younger than that, being the youngest kid in the family and I have vague memories of kids screening of some animation or other, but the disappointing Robin Hood film is the first thing I properly remember. This was at the local Purley cinema which is now a block of 'luxury' flats. Closed down in my teens.
  15. Chest Rockwell

    2018 Post of the Year Thread

    Double post = double the upvote. You're on to something here Devon. That's why Keith hates them, he didn't want anyone closing in on his score.