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  1. I was excited when I saw this post as I didn't know this game was coming.. Just head a look at the trailer and I have to say the art style is pretty disappointing 😒
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-52227222/coronavirus-bbc-presenter-emily-maitlis-criticises-misleading-language Well said!
  3. Stuck this on to listen to in the background whilst I work - nice work. I am enjoying it. (Although the track at 20 minutes really annoyed the hell out of me with its terrible lyrics)
  4. Wrong thread, mate. This is for non-video games. You want this one:
  5. That was really helpful - thanks for that. Wiping the soap away made it a lot easier to see what I was doing.
  6. I thought Aziz's show was brilliant. I am intrigued to know how Louis handles it, but also don't really want to give him my custom. Undecided on whether I'll watch it or not.
  7. This game is really growing on me actually. It's not as shit as I thought it was at first - it looks crap, the loading times are horrendous and the combat is terrible. But the mechanics of sailing and the treasure hunting is pretty good!.Good fun to play to catch up with friends as it's very casual and relaxed.
  8. I like Steve too but it was a fucking stupid question.
  9. I sort my spices by category and colour rather than alphabetically.🤷🏽 I know where everything is...
  10. Community only gets worse and worse as it goes on, so no. I really like the first couple seasons, and will happily watch the third. But if you're not into it from the off them don't waste your time.
  11. Well it's pretty pathetic either way, so give it a rest.
  12. Ok let's try not to wish death on anyone here, thanks.
  13. Go nuts! I don't have any problem with that. I have recently been listening to loads of albums from 2019 that I missed, and have found some great stuff from artists I never knew before. Will try get round to sharing some tracks in here.
  14. I still don't think I've ever seen the first one but I used to love major League 2
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