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  1. Yeah I forgot to say that also. It's a very cool detail so thanks for that.. I just don't think it's relevant to the point of the rapping abilities of the performers.
  2. All the stuff you've said there is really only pointing to the fact that the raps have been written very well and thoughtfully to be appropriate to the characters. If anything it highlights how detrimental having performers who can't rap properly is. I think they're fine as it goes, from what I've seen so far. It's only Aaron Burr really whose performance I don't think that much of.
  3. Did you even bother reading the reasons or was it just a desperate scramble to be the first to share this in as many places as you could with a 'witty' comment?
  4. Started watching Hamilton with my wife this evening off the back of this conversation. We were quite enjoying it but started to get a little tired and attention was waning. Checked and there was still two fucking hours left. No chance of ever sitting through that in a theatre, but I am definitely enjoying it enough to finish it off over the next couple evenings.
  5. Any medium or genre has its share of garbage. I would say that you like musicals; that doesn't mean you have to like all of them.
  6. This is what I think of when I think of musicals. They are generally pretty corny.
  7. I don't really care for musicals and haven't seen Hamilton but Book of Mormon was excellent.
  8. Funny that. I remember being surprised at how young @tiger_rick was when I first found out also
  9. Well, this turned out about as well as I could expect for asking a forum of wrestling fans for fashion advice. Thanks, I guess?
  10. I need some new clothes. Where is good to order from? I don't want to keep going back to Asos because it's the only one I know. There must be some decent places to order from. Please help me. Not shit clothes please, but also nothing too extravagant. Where have you had success with? Where is awful and definitely to be avoided?
  11. It also had some PCC whingeing about neil suspending you unfairly. A terrible thread all around....
  12. I've never heard this take on it before. On the face of things, the anti extradition point seemed reasonable, but I really haven't read a lot of the detail. Do you have any more information on this?
  13. As I was walking through the woods just now one of the houses backing on was having a bit of a bonfire. The low sun filtering through the smoke looked really cool. So glad phone cameras have come along so much otherwise I would never have got this pic..
  14. The hospital one is my favourite. So dumb. Also very imaginative thread title. Bravo.
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