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  1. What's the point in this thread? Either people post conventionally attractive women and everyone complains, or they don't and everyone just rags on their taste in women.
  2. I liked the comics a lot. Gutted it looks like Hughie isn't going to be a weegie and I've never watched anything good on Amazon Prime... But I still hope this will be watchable. Edit : Oh shit I've just noticed it's a film and not a series. It won't bear any resemblance to the original in that case anyway.
  3. Yeah, I didn't think anything of the CGI whilst I was watching. It was no worse than the dragons have ever looked before.
  4. Chest Rockwell

    Chippy Tea

    My favourite thing about that photo is the three plain bits of white bread stacked up on the side to go with the meal.
  5. Seconded. No spoiler tags required in this thread at all unless there's a shit quality episode leak again like last season. If it's been on tv it's fair game; no-one wants to click bloody spoiler tags in every post. I enjoyed the first episode and actually remembered most of what was going on for a change. It's all much easier to follow now that most of the characters are dead.
  6. Better than taking two months off and coming back with a new user name.
  7. I seemed to be the only person who didn't like Kids out of the group of friends I watched it with around the time. Even though I skated and considered myself a bit of a rebel I just (rightly) though they were all a bunch of arseholes. I guess I was just too much of a square..? It's not a movie but the opening post did make me think abbot how much I enjoyed Scrubs when it first came out and how unwatchably terrible I find it now. Other than that I had excellent tastes and all my childhood favourites are great. Except Red Sonia, that's a load of shite that even Arnie can't save.
  8. Is 'matching outfits' really a difficult goal to attain? He's got an interesting Hitler thing going on...
  9. Cheers for the recipe. Made pasta last night and it really did scratch the itch. If you have any adventures in pasta making to share I'd love a bit of inspiration to do some more!
  10. I think, overall, the recut is better. But it does suffer from over-recapping and long, drawn out exposition in the narration. I really enjoyed series 5, especially the second half. So you've got that you look forward to as well.
  11. Are you watching the original version or the recut they did to make it more like the original format?
  12. Thanks! Been having a craving for some fresh pasta recently.
  13. Recipe request! Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for fresh wholewheat pasta?
  14. I think you force yourself to laugh to relieve the tension, like the joke to lighten the mood at the end of A Very Special Episode of a sitcom.
  15. Waiting for the eventual post when Pat comes on here to mention that he has regretfully and shamefully slept with the receptionist, a la @Frankie Crisp .
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