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  1. Most young people with a moustache look fucking stupid but you actually make that look good, @Shy Dad!
  2. Can you at least caption the pictures with who they are when you post, please?
  3. No, it's not very good at all. There's a button for spoiler tags now, @Devon Malcolm. It's the little eye.
  4. I realise a new thread's already been started but when it's as simple as moving the first quotation mark one word to the right I think that could have been easily managed....
  5. Cheers guys, and sorry to disappoint, @neil This is one long baby.. He doesn't fit into most of the sleep suits we brought. Can't wait to get him home now. Will be tomorrow though.
  6. He's here! Everyone doing well. She went for epidural in the end, didn't need half as much cheerleading as the first time. I ended up sitting in the corner playing my Switch for a stretch. (I started breath of the Wild today whilst I was out in the carpark. It's awesome!)
  7. Splitting out another thread for gaming news and stuff relating to the next gen consoles
  8. Yeah, I haven't hard a lot of good stories about inductions and neither of us are nuts about her having one, but at least from what we're read it sounds like hopefully it shouldn't be a drawn out affair. You never know though... We are having a boy this time.
  9. Cheers guys. She's been having on and off contractions for a few days so hoping a little nudge will get her properly going quickly and it won't be a drawn out affair...
  10. Yeah I'm probably sounding more dramatic than I need to be. I'll be allowed in once she's in active labour... But still, really doesn't feel so good right now!
  11. Well.... I'm sat in the hospital car park and my wife has gone in for an induction. Not how I imagined this happening; not great not being able to be there with her.
  12. I haven't properly explored it yet but the first thing I did was check to see if there was s Dark Mode and there isn't, which is a damn shame.
  13. Boo! I'd love to shave a bit off that 14k every time I see this joke...
  14. This thread has been ruined for me by most people not understanding it.
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