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  1. It's true, but as soon as you say that you'll bring all the Dream Team wankers out of the woodwork.
  2. It really fucked me this year. I was so excited about the fact the kids had slept in an extra hour and then my wife broke the news to me and I was devastated.
  3. He reminded me a little of homeboy sandman from that track. I've not heard anything else of his..
  4. I heard that eggs track a while back but had not seen the video. It's a good video!
  5. My brother's kid has been raised speaking German and English and flips between then very easily (he's 4 now). My brother speaks no German at all so as a family they speak English to each other art home. His wife is German and they live in Germany. One thing I will say, and I've read is common in bilingual houses, is that kids may not start speaking at all until a little older than usual. It's apparently very natural and once they do start they catch up very quickly (which was the case for my nephew). Just a heads up.
  6. 😂 Well I definitely shared it somewhere else after you posted it in here in that case.
  7. Here is that interview if you want to watch it instead of reading a transcription. It's good. Herzog is his usual self but I was impressed with the interviewer as well. I posted it somewhere on this forum when it came out, but I can't remember in which thread.
  8. Still the reason I never watched Mallrats. Pretty sure that was a good decision though.
  9. Anyone who watched walking dead past the first series watched it for too long..
  10. What shows subsist on an audience of people who are there just to pick apart and moan? By and large most people want to enjoy what they're watching. That seems like a really nonsensical and defensive point to make. Everyone has a different threshold for suspension of disbelief, and different triggers that will break their immersion, be it plot holes, shoddy effects, unrealistic dialogue, etc. Whatever.
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