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  1. Any time someone other than him is speaking is an improvement to his show so that's not really fair to use as an example.
  2. The Eminem verse on that Griselda track was one of the most embarrassingly awful fucking things I've ever heard so I'll give his album a miss thanks.
  3. I've just realised now, midway through season 2, that aunt Hilda is Dawn from The Office. I don't think I've seen her in anything since The Office Xmas special first aired and obviously she looks a lot different now. It kept nagging away at me that I recognised her voice and I couldn't figure out why.
  4. Yep. Another reason I'll probably never cave and get breath of the wild.
  5. That looks... Odd. Can't be worse than Sky's efforts butt I'll probably never find out tbh unless you all come back on here with rave reviews. Has Sky ever produced a good original show of their own? I can't think of one.
  6. No problems here as yet... Seems like it is very hit and miss though and I've just been lucky! Dead Cells is great btw; thanks for the recommend @Bicurious Dad. I'm very tired this morning...
  7. @Hannibal Scorch, hilarious PITCOS jokes aside, can you please learn the difference between 'then' and 'than'? It's genuinely confusing at times and you do it all the time.
  8. Sounds like your boss hates you and/or barely recognises you as a human being. Congratulations! Jokes on them if it's only one cubicle because people will just wait for one of the other ones to be available, and this will actually decrease productivity.
  9. Thanks. If it works well on the switch then that's better for me as most of my gaming time is when I'm traveling.
  10. If I were to get just one of those two games, which would you recommend? Aesthetically Dead Cells looks more to my liking, but I think I would enjoy both.
  11. Nice. I've still never got around to watching any of them, so this will give me the push finally.
  12. I've only just clicked in my head that you guys aren't talking about Charmed. I have no idea what Supernatural actually is.
  13. I was never particularly a fan of hers back then. But you did just remind me there's a new series of sex education out and she is a very good reason to watch it.
  14. For some reason I put on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix the other day. It's surprisingly much better than I expected it to be! I mean it's obviously not amazing or anything, but I have been working my way through the first series steadily and really quite enjoying it
  15. I don't wanna be hearing about no 60 hour work weeks in this thread...
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