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  1. Chest Rockwell


    I think you know it's the latter, as wonderful a pipedream as your loophole sounds.
  2. I don't mind this one as it's a good shorthand way of saying "shut up and stop derailing the meeting, I'll talk to you about this later". It sounds wanky, but it's useful.
  3. I've debated that in my head a number of times as a natural 'hey' user in spoken conversation. Generally I err on the side of caution as a result when written.. I'll only use it with people I'm more familiar with. So I guess if any of them are like you they just assume I'm an aggressive cunt now.
  4. You don't need to cook it, but usually when it's in a salad it is at least warmed. Also depending on what you're looking for make sure you get the right goat's cheese as it comes in a range of textures that will react differently to heat..
  5. A little hard to tell from the picture but it looks like that is dry pasta from the colour and shape of it.. If it is you should really try it with fresh egg pasta because it makes a huge difference to the texture.
  6. Man you guys are making me jealous. I love fondant potatoes but my wife doesn't really care for them so I don't bought making them often...
  7. Chest Rockwell


    When was the last time you did interviews? Could just be a bit rusty?
  8. Chest Rockwell


    Ended up going back to the xc90 in the end. Ultimately the superior tech & driver comfort features won me over as I don't like doing long distance so anything to make it better is winner for me. Riveting update, I know. But it's a very nice car, I'm happy with it and I'm glad I don't have to make a car decision again for some time.
  9. I'll give you £50 if you can go a week without posting a Twitter link.
  10. I was intrigued by this and I went to check it out. The funny thing is that the product didn't look too bad. I could definitely get some use out of it (Not for whatever several hundred dollar price tag they've got on it of course). But their marketing is just absolutely shocking. The UI looks awful, their site is awful. The video, as we know, is terrible.
  11. Having two separate threads about the same topic, split by whether the comment is positive or negative is quite frankly idiotic.
  12. I'm pretty sure most of the athletes really want to compete.
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