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  1. Chest Rockwell


    Yeah, new York is crazy for it. When I was there for a quick weekend a couple years back we stayed in Williamsburg and every restaurant in the area where we stayed was vegan. I didn't think much of vegan scrambled eggs though, but we did have some other nice stuff.
  2. Chest Rockwell

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    He's a very charismatic guy. Even in films that I wouldn't normally care for he can effortlessly elevate them. I sat behind him once at a Stewart Lee show.
  3. Chest Rockwell


    There hasn't and the thread is much better for it. I feared that post from Brewster would reignite it, though...
  4. Chest Rockwell


    I didn't mean the article in particular. But the whole back forth of Maxwell being challenged on his ethical consistency is far less interesting than just talking about tasty vegan food.
  5. Chest Rockwell


    Yeah, it has. It was pretty tedious the first time around and don't have high hopes for a second go around. I shall wait with bated breath to be proved wrong.
  6. Chest Rockwell


    I'd take Terry Crews over any of these lot, in or out of character...
  7. Chest Rockwell

    The cookery thread

    Yeah I posted that video I think in the Gordon Ramsey thread - that technique legit changed my life!
  8. I just feel JC is an incompetent fool(granted TM isn’t doing the greatest job at being competent),Diane abbot is just a trainwreck waiting to happen in my opinion. Emily Thornberry just seems an unlikeable person to me.  This bit shouldn't really be a factor tbh.
  9. Come on! You could use a little punctuation maybe?
  10. Chest Rockwell


    Get over it mate, that was actually three years ago (according to the PM you sent me earlier). I'm sure I've thought worse things about you since. Anyway, this wasn't a personal attack, more a comment on the fact that you seem pretty ill informed on all this business from your posting in this thread.
  11. Chest Rockwell


    I know nothing but on the basis of @quote the raven being confident she'll lose I'm going to assume she'll win.
  12. Chest Rockwell


    The alternative is shit also though.
  13. Chest Rockwell

    Christmas food and cooking

    I have a potato question, @Onyx2 - how many kilos of potatoes will I need for 12 people? I have no idea.
  14. Chest Rockwell

    Physical Altercations

    Yeah ok but we've already established that you're morally infallible and hold everyone else to your objectively correct standards.
  15. Chest Rockwell

    Physical Altercations

    There's no need for that, Max.