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  1. Don't get my hopes up like that! I went to check, mostly to see if the onion was still on the menu. And it looks like it closed down in June 2012. Doesn't stop it still being listed in Google though.
  2. I thought the same thing independently actually when I listened to it when you first posted it.
  3. Yep - the options should come with the next letter; that was my experience as well.
  4. Just picked up Civ VI on Switch on sale. I look forward to staying on my train well past my stop for just one more quick turn... Off to a good start - Sean Bean doing the voiceover!
  5. Maybe I'll just fuck off trying to do it myself and go back to the embassy cantina. Date night, @Bellenda Carlisle ?
  6. I remember they used to do these at the Texas Embassy Cantina which was a tex mex restaurant we went to for family meals a couple times as a kid. I thought they were amazing back them but haven't had one since, so now you've reminded me they exist I'm going to have to have a go. Fingers crossed it goes better. What went wrong? Any tips? Hopefully I can learn from your mistakes..
  7. That's a pretty strange one to cite to back up your point. I disagree that stricter moderation would make this place better, but that's just a matter of opinion*. But the Bowler stuff did require and received mod intervention because it got out of hand. * would be great if we had better resources to deal with returners though.
  8. I only found out about that song very recently but always found that part didn't make any sense. I've still never actually seen the full version with it in though. I've got plenty of time to get hold of a copy before December though.
  9. I think I also know most of the words to Ferris Buellers Day Off. There was a period when it was on Paramount every weekend for months, and I think I watched it every time.
  10. Probably Big Lebowski. Maybe equal with Demolition Man and Last Action Hero.
  11. Terrible gif; clips half the sentence. Any boos well deserved.
  12. I think maybe it's best for everyone else if you just stay in tbh.
  13. The speed awareness course really worked for me. I stopped driving like a dickhead after going on that. It was actually the reason I sold my 370z, because although it was a cool car it encouraged me to drive like an idiot.
  14. I mean, it gets a bit complicated if you're looking at assets and tax loopholes and whatever, but theoretically a quick check with HMRC should cover it, no?
  15. I never knew that was something that happened in this country but I've heard of it before and it's a brilliant idea. I can't believe you're against it. Why would it be fair for someone who earns more to pay a proportionately much lower fine?
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