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  1. After Dark, My Sweet was very enjoyable - thanks for the heads-up, @Devon Malcolm! Also quite liked Wild West (1992), a British indie film about three Pakistani brothers who want to be country music stars. It's a bit slapdash and was clearly written and filmed in a very 'loose' manner, but it's fun. There's a bunch of stuff going on and there's some subplots that don't quite get resolved, but the main story is fine. Feels like it would have had more of an audience if it had come around later in the decade around the time of East is East and Bend it Like Beckham etc.
  2. I reckon Tony Khan would buy the rights for me.
  3. Right? They all have different reasons for being there, too. Eddie had just done rehab and was training for his return (which didn't happen due to him getting a DUI and getting fired). Haku and D'Lo didn't have a spot on the roster so were just keeping sharp. Cade was a hot developmental prospect. Kwee Wee was one of the WCW contracts they acquired but they didn't have anything for him. And big Brian Adams was there because he was basically forced to after KroniK had that shitter with 'Taker and Kane a month earlier.
  4. This is quite the selection of random names for a throwaway HWA six-man.
  5. Got my second dose of The Fizz yesterday and feel like one giant ache today. Was a rough night, with my wife feeling the same (actually a bit worse as she ran hot and cold too), but we're both glad to be fully vaccinated now. That, coupled with my folks coming to visit in less than two weeks, has made the summer look a lot more positive.
  6. Postponing the Nash interview so it doesn't clash with the Euros final and I can now watch it as soon as it drops? Respect.
  7. Absolutely chuffed that they've scrapped quarantining for double-jabbed Brits visiting Amber List countries. Looks like I'll get to see my folks for the first time in eighteen months and they can finally meet their grandson. Genuinely a bit emotional about the prospect now.
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