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  1. I'm glad that Bruce is (finally) gone, because Newcastle have played their worst ever football under him. Some of the abuse has been a bit much and he's been forced to feel the wrath of a heirachy that was happy to remain in the shadows, but the performances simply haven't been good enough and the team has gotten steadily worse under him, despite investment. Curious to see who we'll go for now. We need to start winning some fucking games and quick.
  2. They did work together in 95/96 but didn't have much of a feud/programme. They had a singles match at Road Wild '96 and two (much better) matches on Nitro.
  3. Oh absolutely. Eddie Guerrero is my favourite wrestler of all-time. Even he would contend in later interviews that he wasn't yet able to show the necessary charisma and personality to be a top guy in the mainstream US scene at that time though. If you watch Eddie in 1996 and then see what he's doing six years later during his WWE return, the difference is incredible. He wrestled with a confidence and crispness that was unmatched. He always had a ceiling in WCW, given how many heavy hitters were on the roster at that time. He still could and should have been utilised better, of course.
  4. Never heard that before either, but you have to imagine any sort of reign would have been short and likely done more to create an unpredictable moment than as part of any long-term planning. Eddie was obviously a great talent and was always talked up on commentary by Bobby Heenan (who regularly called him one of the best in the world), but he hadn't put it all together in early 1996. It wasn't until the fall of '97, really, that he started to properly come into his own while working with Jericho and Mysterio as a heel. There's a lot of hypothetical 'What Ifs?' in your post that are interesting, but I don't think the personal demons thing relates at all. Eddie had been experimenting with pills for a while, but his issues got really bad after he wrecked his car (while high on a then legal form of GBH) on New Year's Eve 1998 and almost died.
  5. Would like to know the reasoning behind calling it Scream. You already have the film and the TV series and this isn't a reboot but a continuation of the existing story. Baffles. Anyone bothered checking out the new Chucky TV series? I've read mixed things, but I've always had a soft spot for the Child's Play films from when I was younger and thought the last two (Mancini) films were good fun, so will probably give this a watch.
  6. Yeah, basically they went on a 19-match tour of Australia in 1927 and after it they were gifted two live kangaroos. They later gave them to the Prague Zoo. Also, they were called AFK Vršovice before the tour but renamed themselves Bohemians because they felt like Australians wouldn't know how to spell or say their actual name. It's pronounced Ver-sho-vits-eh, by the way. They are such a great club and I would recommend anyone go to watch them at Dolicek if you're ever in Prague.
  7. I get what you're saying, I do. A fair few of my Newcastle-born high school mates are (by choice) Liverpool fans. They never stop banging on about 'their' history and it drives me up the wall. I don't think Dukla fans do too much, to be honest, but Bohemians were my team when I lived in Prague. If you want to talk about unique histories, check out their story of how they got their name and badge/mascot...
  8. I think it's something fans of clubs over the world talk about, not just UK fans. I've certainly heard fans of Czech teams from big dogs like Sparta and Slavia to smaller teams like Dukla and Bohemians talk about their history. I'm also not saying that the history of other clubs like Bury aren't valid. Don't know where you would get that from or want to make that point. I was just talking about all the positives that Newcastle have, its history being one of them. I'm not exactly harping on about it or proclaiming it to be more valid than any other club's.
  9. I'm not saying they don't and I think you know what I mean.
  10. Can I just shock you? I actually like the Saudi Arabian government. Despite what I said earlier... As a lifelong and long-suffering Newcastle United fan, I am chuffed to see Ashley out of the club. Of course, it is bittersweet, since he's being replaced by the Saudis. It's not ideal, is it? I think we're allowed to be happy that we've got new owners after almost 15 years of despair, while also feeling conflicted about where the new money is coming from. Pretty surreal knowing that the new owners have an endless supply of funds, but it's never been about Newcastle fans demanding we compete in the Champions League or sign really expensive players every year. We've only ever wanted a team that competes for something and whose objective isn't 'don't get relegated' every season. We're currently in the bottom three and winless in our first seven PL games this season, so the short-term has got to be steadying the ship and ensuring we actually stay in the league. Hopefully that means getting rid of Bruce and bringing in some new players in January. There's so much potential with Newcastle. It's a one-club city, the stadium is great, we have history and a big fanbase. I just hope the Sports Direct signs don't get replaced by Saudi Aramco ones...
  11. Dailymotion usually has them up soon after airing. Just search 'Dark Side' and click 'today' on upload date. Should be there.
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