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  1. Looking at Roode's age and ridiculous physique, I'd be shocked if he wasn't taking some vitamins that would have him fall foul of the Wellness. But it could be for absolutely anything. WWE usually don't disclose exactly what talents fail for.
  2. I've been watching clips of Punk's WWE Backstage appearances thus far and he seems like he's relaxed and really enjoying the role. Good for him! If he gets to be around wrestling and contribute in some ways, while not destroying his already-knackered body and becomming bitter with management and politics, then fair play. I'd still like one more match, a big WrestleMania gimmick match of some sort, so that his last in-ring memory isn't feeling like shit during the Rumble.
  3. Yeah, it's a really good interview and I hope there is a part two somewhere down the line. Austin really is the best at these, isn't he? You can tell he's still a genuine fan of the business and he enjoys sitting around and shooting the shit as much as the next guy. Really intrigued to see who they get for future episodes. I reckon a Punk one could be pretty tasty.
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