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  1. I live in the Czech Republic and work full-time from home for a UK company and encountered this problem as well. I went to the Czech tax/financial offices in Prague and asked around, I asked independent accountants, read some old legislature and my employer asked their accountant, too. In the end it was basically 'you need to pay tax in one country at least' and left to me to choose. I chose the Czech Republic as I have permanent residency here (and plan to live here long-term) and it made more sense in relation to health insurance and so on. Like others have said, I th
  2. You're all out here being snarky, but I think it's a really nice tribute to the great Stevie Ray.
  3. I think they'll eventually add them all over time. This is the first batch. So the first few and then ones with noteworthy matches, like D-Bry against Noble and Cena, the aforementioned banger between Noble and Rey etc.
  4. Emmylou Harris is one of the most beautiful women ever. So many great records, too. The 70s stuff with The Hot Band is timeless.
  5. I love Dave Alvin and this is one of my favourite songs of his. Me and a mate went to see him and his brother Phil about six years ago, got hammered and had a grand old time. They're really good value live. Great band. Anyway, a contribution:
  6. Things have gotten a lot worse here in the Czech Republic, particularly in Prague. We missed the worst of it initially, thanks to the closing of borders, mandatory mask wearing and other measures, but the relaxation in those restrictions has lead to a huge increase in positive cases. Over 3,000 positive results yesterday as the numbers continue to rise from one and two thousand over the last couple of weeks. Apparently, if it continues at the rate it is, the Czech Republic will overtake Spain and France as the worst affected in Europe. It's mad, since we were only regis
  7. I remember watching that and it is, indeed, a belter.
  8. Been watching a bunch of 1998 Bradshaw and, I tell you what, he was fucking class. He's in great shape, has a good, solid look and is working his ass off whether he's in the ring with Vader or Funaki. Kind of a shame the Brawl for All messed up his run, although him getting KO'd like he did is obviously very funny. I reckon if this Bradshaw had've been in 80s NWA or some Texas territory, he'd have been a top star.
  9. I used to love watching Velocity, because I was a massive fan of the cruiserweights between 2002 and 05. Some belters I remember were a really good Jamie Noble/Rey Mysterio match, the Akio/Paul London series, a surly Hardcore Holly/Kurt Angle match, Benoit/Regal and a four-way between Rey, Kidman, Nunzio and Akio.
  10. I haven't seen Hardware for years and years. I remember being fascinated by it due to pictures I saw of it in Fear magazine when I was young. Shame about Color Out of Space, but you always run that risk when you employ the great Nic Cage, I suppose.
  11. I watched Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau (2014) last night (available with Prime). It's not the most polished documentary out there but it's really interesting because they have some incredible behind-the-scenes footage and the story itself is just batshit insane. Most of the main (living) players are interviewed and it's a really easy 90 or so minutes to get through. I'd read about the production problems for years but had no idea just how far out of control things had gotten and there's some great insight as to why here. I felt quite
  12. Agreed with what was said about the Flair/Savage timeline. Just a really enjoyable, breezy watch that did a great job of telling the story.
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