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    Regional Dialect Quiz

    From Newcastle, got Newcastle/Middlesbrough. Ya kna what a mean, like?
  2. SaitoRyo

    Best things to watch on the network?

    The Network will be adding a chunk of WWE Confidential episodes on Monday. As someone who has only seem clips of the show and long been intrigued by it, I welcome the addition. Also fitting to upload now as Mean Gene was the face of the show.
  3. SaitoRyo

    Perfect Albums

    Warren Zevon, Self-Titled (1976). If you only know Zevon for hit novelty song Werewolves of London, I would implore you to give this a shot. It's not his official debut (he released a bit of a dodgy folk album some years prior), but it's his first proper effort. Excellent songwriting, great pace, wonderful musicianship since everyone from The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Everly Brothers and Jackson Browne played on it.... It really is a great album. One of the best about L.A.
  4. SaitoRyo

    Top Wrestling Twitter

    God bless the Network.