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  1. Also a big fan of the traditional Tombstone reversal spot, especially when it's done by big lads like Goldberg and Sting.
  2. True enough. I'm just being morbid thinking that Show is a giant and is nearing 50, Vince is in his mid-70s etc... I honestly expected him to retire soon and go into the Hall within the next couple of years, but hey. It's not the be-all end-all, obviously.
  3. I'm genuinely interested to see how this goes and quite happy for Wight. He always seems like such a nice, funny bloke when you see him do stuff outside of WWE and he clearly has a good mind for the business. While he was never going to be an Andre-level, mythical attraction star, he certainly should have been protected more than he was. He suffered from overexposure and poor creative as much as anyone. When he's on his game, he's absolutely class. I'm intrigued to see how he'll match up with the AEW roster. There's some truly weird combinations on offer, but I reckon if he turns u
  4. I was a bit disappointed by I Care a Lot. I thought the first 40 or so minutes were really good and compelling, but it kind of fell off a cliff in the last 20, for me. Everything in the middle was so-so. The story itself was interesting but the execution wasn't great. Some good performances but I didn't like how grandiose it all became, if that makes sense (with regards to the ending). I was also disappointed recently by True Stories. I'd been wanting to see this for a while because I'm a fan of both David Byrne/Talking Heads and quirky films set in small-town Texas, but this was more mi
  5. I love Big Show. Hope he turns up ripped and motivated and does some of the best work of his career. Could be a genuine attraction if used right and will be an invaluable person to have backstage, too.
  6. Him and Eddie tried it again a few times but never could quite pull it off. Rey did it again against Ricochet in a match for, of all places, WCPW/Defiant a few years back. I think I remember Amazing Red doing one once, too, possibly against one of the Briscoe brothers.
  7. LA Knight is a fantastic wrestling name, in my opinion. Can't believe it's not trademarked.
  8. Long thread of stuff here, but that's Mrs Jericho there decked out in full Trump regalia at the Capitol when the riots were going on.
  9. They're made of stronger stuff, those Funks. I love 'em.
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