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  1. That Kofi/Bryan match was absolute magic. A genuinely beautiful wrestling match with a solid story told at a great pace. They didn't overdo it on the false finishes/big moves and it delivered the right result. Just exceptional. Agreed that two nights should be the way forward. I couldn't watch as I live in Europe (1am start time for the main show) and have a wife and a kid and a job and all that. It'd be finishing just as I was waking up. They could always sell it as 'Too Big For One Night!' or some such as well. They should also consider making the HOF a talent and family/friends only event, given the scary incident with Bret and the general dickheadishness of the live crowd. Besides Kofi/Bryan, is there anything that absolutely needs to be watched? I have watched the Cruiserweight Title, Tag Titles and the Tag Title four-way matches as well.
  2. Some really interesting Hidden Gems being added today, focusing on the latest HOF class. Pick of the bunch looks like a 20+ minute dark match between Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels from Texas in March of '96.
  3. There's a bit of back and forth on Twitter over the legitimacy of the Magee tape. The person who posted that picture was given a load of VHS tapes from Bret himself about a decade ago and tasked with converting them to DVD. The questions are over the name, date etc. Either way, whether it's the infamous tryout match or not I really wanna see it. Lance 'Mr. Fun' Storm has chimed in with his opinion:
  4. Was going to say the same, Baz. I watched that a couple of months ago and couldn't believe how agile Konan looked. I'm guessing injuries and the 'roids really broke his body down in just a few short years.
  5. I appreciate this may not resonate with everyone, but here goes... I have spent most of my morning listening to Dave Taylor interviews at work. I always liked watching Taylor, but I had forgotten just how unique and hilarious he is. I was compelled to do this because of the recent WCW Thunder dump that arrived on the Network. During this period (late 99), Taylor shows up in a lot of six man tags with Regal and Chris Adams. He is as smooth as silk. Taylor's a bloke (in the truest sense of the word) who basically just fell into high-profile jobs with WCW and WWE, when he would have been happy wrestling his whole life in the UK, Germany and Japan. People just gave him gigs because he was well-liked, solid in the ring and was always in pretty good shape. He could have a decent match with anyone and had a great attitude about it to boot. Didn't care who was going over, didn't care how much time he got or where abouts on the card he was. Just got on with the job and did it to a very high standard. I would implore everyone to listen to Taylor podcasts/shoots that are out there. I know his Highspots shoot from 2012 is filled with priceless quotes and stories. Please share your Taylor stories, quotes and some cracking matches, like this one: Cracking European uppercut on him, doesn't he?
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