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  1. Watched a bunch of stuff lately, here's what sticks out. The Border (1982) Jack Nicholson plays a border patrolman working the US/Mexico border in Texas. Gets in way over his head. Harvey Kietel and Warren Oates are there as his shifty superiors. It's alright and certainly interesting subject matter for a major production with genuine stars, but it should be better considering who is involved. Hooper (1978) Is there a more watchable movie star than Burt Reynolds? I loved this. Perfect Saturday night film. Reynolds is an ageing stuntman who wants one last big payday before
  2. The producers talked about it on the Cornette podcast and basically said that they expected it to be mostly wrestler's being silly at 30,000 feet but that when they dug into it and talked with some of the staff that were on that flight, it became much, much darker. As a consequence, they are more anxious about that one that any other episode and think it's going to cause a bit of damage and controversy for some involved. Something tells me Ric Flair might need to answer a few questions after it airs.
  3. I live here now. Had no idea there was a second series of this starting. Really funny first episode, that was.
  4. Yeah, another customarily great episode from the Vice crew. Melanie is a wreck. I thought his old NFL strength coach stole the show.
  5. I've watched a couple more rodeo cowboy films of late. A lovely little sub-genre that has unheralded some gems. The best of the bunch was probably The Lusty Men, a Nicholas Ray film I'd never heard of, starring Robert Mitchum and Susan Hayward. They're both great and the film feels a bit ahead of its time in the way that it is shot and the material approached. It's great drama but never tips over into melodrama. Strongly recommend.
  6. Yeah, Soavi was a very good filmmaker and had that knack for making his films stylish and genuinely good despite small budgets and bad actors. I love the look and feel of this and the other films I mentioned above. A cut above the usual exploitation fare of the day.
  7. The director of this, Michele Soavi, is a disciple of Dario Argento and directed a few other really good horror films in the late 80s and early 90s. I'd recommend checking out La Chiesa (The Church), La Setta (The Sect/The Devil's Daughter) and Dellamorte Dellamore (The Cemetery Man) if you enjoyed it.
  8. Bit of Bob Seger never hurt nobody.
  9. The Miz 24 is another cracking piece from the WWE documentary crew. Covers everything from his childhood, the Real World, his early days being hazed by JBL and the rest of the goon squad, rise up the card, WWE Title win and everything else. The first half is much more interesting than the second, but it's worth 70 minutes of your time. He's still not likeable, of course, even speaking earnestly and out-of-character, but everyone in the doc admits as much anyway. It's an interesting story and good to see a piece on someone different for a change. You can see why he's had
  10. I watched The Rounders (1965) last night. Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford, cowboys, ranches, women, rodeo, boozing - I was always going to enjoy it, but I found myself having an even better time than I thought I would. It's not a great film or anything, but it was exactly what I wanted after a long day. A gentle western comedy with two dependable leads that never outstays its welcome at 85 minutes.
  11. Yup. Have them start on something like -15 or -20 next season and fine them heftily, too. People have been relegated/kicked out of leagues for less.
  12. Personally, I am very excited to watch the Liverpool Lightning take on Madrid Fury in the playoffs of the Super League European Conference World Series!
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