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  1. News recently that Bronson Rechsteiner, son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott, received a WWE tryout recently. The man is an absolute beast, having been drafted by the the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL until being waived in August. Honestly, I kind of hope WWE doesn't sing him because they'd give him some stupid name instead of going with BRONSON STEINER (you'd have to change your name or get fired I'm afraid, Bronson Reed) and probably fuck him up somehow. Could be good in AEW after some training and experience though. Could certainly see JR gushing over him and telling us al
  2. Was this ever in doubt? 80s wrestler dying after injecting his stodger full of 'roids is one of the more believable wrestling stories out there.
  3. Yeah, Kross looks the business and Ridge has a decent look too. Also Velveteen Dream, but the less said about him these days the better...
  4. I'm sorry but I still laugh every time I see a picture of Undisputed Era like that. Just them in their black hoodies, skinny jeans, shite trainers and matching haircuts look so ordinary. I know the business and how wrestlers look has changed and it's great that they're not going to die of a steroid-induced heart attack in their forties, but they honestly just look like four blokes picked at random from an indie rock gig. Is there anyone on the NXT roster (outside of the women) who looks like a proper star?
  5. Likewise! Was probably about fifteen rows back and was there with some high school mates so we had a lovely pissed-up night in S*nderland. We went absolutely mental for the one-two of Glory Days and Dancing in the Dark during the encore.
  6. Won't have a bad word said against The Boss. A perennial favourite, even the lesser albums like Human Touch or High Hopes have at least a couple of good tracks on them. As far as a favourite record, it depends. I've been really digging Tunnel of Love (underrated) of late but, all-time has to be either Nebraska or Born to Run. They're miles apart in terms of production and style but they're both just excellent. Really, you cannot go wrong with any era of Springsteen. Dylan-inspired New Jersey street poet? Great. Bombastic stadium rocker? Excellent. Introspective and stripped-b
  7. Yeah, Brock is amazing when he wants to jump all around the place. A lot of times during that run from 02 to 04, he'd go flying over the top rope and take bumps in the most incredible ways.
  8. Obviously there's not a lot of interest in TNA these days, but Joe Doering just showed up as Eric Young's muscle and I reckon they should put the strap on him ASAP. Big fan of some big fucker who has mainly wrestled in Japan storming in and killing people with lariats and powerbombs. He's wearing jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hat with no shirt, which obviously makes him the best. I've not watched any of his stuff in years but I reckon he must be quite good at this point. He's genuinely different and looks like a proper throwback, too, which should help him stand out.
  9. I watched Survivor Series 95 the other day and was compelled to seek out some Jerry Lawler versus Undertaker matches because that's just a great clash of styles and characters. Turns out they only had one proper singles match in WWE, which was a Casket Match from 1994. It's on the He Buries Them Alive Coliseum Home Video release and is on the Network. Not great or anything, pretty standard dark match fare but it made me want to see a longer televised match between the pair. Shame that never happened.
  10. Quite funny how it went from 'The Undertaker never gives interviews or breaks kayfabe' to him being all over social media, on about three different podcast/interview shows a week and now he has multiple out-of-character documentaries on the Network as well. The bloke's been retired less than a year and it's probably the most I've seen of him in about a decade. I have enjoyed the documentaries and there's clearly a lot more they can do with him, but they're burning through content quite quickly.
  11. As well as the music, Billy also had the fact that he was the best pure athlete in WWE going for him. Don't forget that.
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