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  1. That's the plan, apparently. Austin has been gutted about it since it happens and they're going to talk soonish. Looking forward to that one.
  2. I think it would have fallen apart inevitably anyway, but Goldberg looked completely done after shoot headbutting the post.
  3. Dustin Rhodes is on Talk is Jericho this week. It's a good listen. He also seemed really frustrated in the WWE system by the end, showing up for TV every week and given nothing to do. Also had an interesting line about how in the 90s Vince would go to some bigger house shows (like MSG) and how he was 'happy and joking and not miserable all of the fucking time'. I'm paraphrasing, but that line stuck out to me.
  4. Hahaha. Fair play.
  5. AEW & dead, respectively. Can you imagine just how poor a WCW reunion show would be? Everyone in their 50s and just completely knackered.
  6. A very hard card to come up with, given the amount of dead, retired or otherwise unavailable talent. A reunion show in the mid-2000s could have been doable but the pickings are seriously slim now... Anyway, my stab at it: Chavo Guerrero & Kaz Hayashi & Super Calo vs Juventud Guerrera & Ultimo Dragon & Shannon Moore Jushin 'Thunder' Liger Vs. Psicosis Jacquelyn Vs. Madusa The ICP Vs. The Great Muta & Disco Inferno INTERMISSION Syxx Vs. Jeff Jarrett Raven Vs. Lance Storm - Raven's Rules Hardcore Match Booker T & Sid Vs. Buff Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio Kevin Nash w/Torrie Wilson Vs. Scott Steiner w/Midajah - Special Referee Scott Hall & Special Ringside Enforcer Rick Steiner Obviously everyone would be in their WCW gear/gimmicks and no match would go longer than 15 minutes. There'd be a tonne of smoke and mirrors in most of the matches during the second half of the card. I'd also have Eric Bischoff be the General Manager for the evening, because he does that sort of things these days for the right price. Apologies if I've used somebody under exclusive contract but I'm pretty sure everyone on here works or has the ability to work indie shows.
  7. I love that whenever somebody is asked about the Dudleys in a shoot the answer is always. without fail: 'D-Von is the nicest guy. Love D-Von. Bubba is an asshole'.
  8. Been watching Barry recently. Such an incredibly well-made show and really, really funny. I watched the first episode on a plane months ago and liked it but never followed up. Glad I went back to it. Just watched the episode five of the second season (Ronny/Lily) and it might be one of my single favourite episodes of any show ever.
  9. Moxley on Talk is Jericho is really good. He talks in-depth about his creative frustrations, citing specific examples and naming the people involved. Really illuminating stuff.
  10. SaitoRyo

    Y2 Eh?

    Back when wrestling was real.
  11. The rig was set up as such so that he could be released early, a few feet above the ring, and do a 'pratfall'. I watched a few Owen matches yesterday and he's event better than we all remember. A total natural, makes everything look effortless. Very, very selfless in the ring, too. He gives his opponents so much while still managing to shine himself.
  12. Did anyone really expect them to say anything other than 'we're sorry about Ashley but this is all wrong?'. I also believe her affidavit and think it's a damn shame that this got mixed in with that incompetent lawyer's concussion lawsuits. I really hope something comes of it, though, because WWE need to realise that their actions have consequences and that they can't sweep this stuff under the rug forever.
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