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  1. 'Maybe the worst gimmick a comic ever had'.
  2. Genichiro Tenryu was 51 and Keiji Mutoh was approaching 40 (and physically wrecked) when they had a classic in the summer of 2001. It won the Wrestling Observer Match of the Year. They were taking apron and floor bumps and doing dives and Tenryu even hit a second-rope Frankensteiner. Well worth a watch.
  3. Chuffed with the AEW/Owen Hart news. Good on all involved. I also really want an Owen figure and my preference on attire would probably be one of his New Japan singlets.
  4. Yeah, Rollins is the replacement. Very frustrating.
  5. I am (sadly) a Newcastle fan and have watched every game he's played for us since he signed. He's electric and turns defenders into dust. So far he's scored 8 and assisted 10 in 56 Premier League appearances. Not incredible numbers, by any means, but you have to consider what he's playing with - and against. Some of those goals were very important, too, either helping us win or draw games. He's excellent on the counter and helps bring others into the game. We really missed him (and Wilson) when they were out earlier in the year, because they both change games and produce. If we had three or four more quality players playing around him and, you know, an actual manager and stuff, he'd be doing a lot more.
  6. Yeah, a lot of the WWE digital staff got canned during the course of the pandemic and there was a reshuffle, I think. They also shelved/postponed Cena on the Broken Skull Sessions. I think I read today that there will be eight episodes of classic Superstars added, and that they might be the first eight episodes from the mid-80's (though it could just be a mistake in the listing).
  7. He's produced goals, assists, hold-up play, got us up the pitch and actually excited fans, which is a shitload more than every other Newcastle player has done over the past couple of years. If he was playing in a better team I think he'd produce even more. Incredible talent, like a Ben Arfa for the 2020s, but without being prone to petulance or laziness. I'm enjoying him while I can, because I sense he will be off next summer (to Arsenal for £70m).
  8. They've also taken down a season three episode that had the story of Vince wrestling Angle on the plane on it. Wasn't the same flight, but they probably don't want people conflating the two or using it as more ammunition against them.
  9. Tommy Dreamer once wanted to be shot with a real gun at a show in the ECW Arena and had to be talked out if it. He also considered crashing WrestleMania 17 and killing Paul Heyman live on air, before doing himself. The man is a genius.
  10. Nah, that was the year before for Insurrextion 2001. Angle wouldn't have been on this flight. It was the Raw crew and he was on Smackers.
  11. Well, you know what they say. 'Speak ill of the dead'.
  12. The Saget roast is unbelievably good. He got all his material for it from some book his dad got him in the sixties called 'Jokes for Retirement Parties' or something.
  13. Yeah, I genuinely don't know how you can change Rex Steiner for Bron Breakker. Not only is Rex Steiner a cool as fuck name, it's also a fun play on words on his actual surname and, to me, a good tribute to his dad (Rex is close to Rick and, being a bit of a hound's name, reminds of the 'Dog-Faced Gremlin'). He looks the absolute business and, if they know what they're doing, they'll strap a rocket to him and give him the strap before the end of the year.
  14. The book is worth it. Laugh out loud funny.
  15. There should really be a Norm thread where we can post videos and share jokes. More of a comment, really.
  16. I didn't even know he was sick... In all seriousness, there was nobody funnier. This is a proper kick in the gut. I don't think a week has went by the last five or six years that I haven't watched/listened to something Norm. Enjoy your dirt nap, sir.
  17. After listening to the latest New Day podcast, I'm even more chuffed for Big E. What a guy.
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