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  1. Might just be me but I never believe a fucking thing this MPDTT fella says, spent this much on Bitcoin, in America watching AEW, in Singapore
  2. Been watching these history of FMW videos the past few days, I'm up to 1994 at the minute and they're really good. I'm assuming it just started off as a podcast and has been uploaded to Youtube later to include clips of the relevant angles and matches they are talking about at the time. Also includes discussion of other hardcore Japanese promotions of the time as well like Wing/IWA Japan etc and it's really cool to see some of the clips as I only managed to buy a couple of VHS tapes back in the mid 90's from these prmotions Here's a link for the 1st one the rest should be down the side
  3. Yeah it's all part of the CEO gaming thing which he started and runs from what I've made out
  4. The last thing he liked on Twitter is pretty sad too, never seen him wrestle before but often seen his name pop up R.I.P
  5. Was he ever actually any good in Mexico? I've only ever seen him wrestle in WCW and MLW when that 1st started up and he's up there with my least favourite wrestlers ever. Just absolutely rotten in every way
  6. This is pretty great
  7. Why dont they put skits like this on tv anymore, it baffles me
  8. Back on to AEW, I just noticed that the Fyter Fest show is free to watch in America on BRLive so you would assume/hope that the full show will be on ITV4 as well has anyone seen anything about that?
  9. Thanks for that, no doubt I'll forget about part 2 so could you post it if you remember
  10. In what way? just finished listening to the pod and I thought it was great
  11. That's not what he says in this interview, well worth a listen to it
  12. Why the fuck would you put Moxley against a Cody, Omega etc on a non PPV show, you save those sort of matches for where you can make money
  13. Did JR realise he was on camera when they were doing the bits in between matches? he was just staring at what I'm assuming was an autocue
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