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  1. You've got it the wrong way round you get pissed watch UFC then order this, maybe for the best though as that is fucking grim Also thats not a chippy, fucking french fries
  2. His knee thing looked like shite, Sonny was bumping before he was even close
  3. Well Blac Chyna has 115 posts on there but only 10k likes on those, so somethings not adding up right unless her content is shit so no one is liking any of it. That chart is trying to say she makes 15 million a month and charges 40 quid, so she has 375k subscribers per month but such a low like ratio? some of the others on that list are even worse but I'm not going to bother looking at all the profiles
  4. 😂😥 Its highly inaccurate I know that much
  5. I had a flick through some of the WWE stars Twitch accounts and none of them are using their WWE name in anything on the channel, Paige was originally but changed it to Saraya. Adam Cole was Chugs or something and none seemed to have any WWE branding visible either. They'd be mental if they agreed to this and surely Vince wouldnt have a leg to stand on apart from the threat of a court case costing big $$$
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