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  1. Going against popular opinion but I think he's utter shit, not seen any matches from him but seen clips on Twitter of interviews and this thread but he's not for me like
  2. Tony Khan confirmed Page/Omega will be the main event at Full Gear in an interview, can't find the clips on Twitter again though
  3. May as well put this in here as it's been bumped rather than the VHS thread. The talk about Shudder on another thread made me take up the free trial after googling what was on there and spotting a few films I'd been meaning to watch for years. 1st up I thought I'd watch Re-Animator followed by From Beyond as I was in the mood for some crazy practical effects and I'd only seen clips/stills from these. Ended up dissapointed as I'm guessing there's a US & UK version of Shudder as I couldn't find these but watched them both over the past 2 nights anyway on an app on my Firestick. These were both great fun and the effects were mental so I'm in the mood to watch more films along these lines, 2 I've found on Shudder which I've not seen but had on my watchlist forever are Scanners & Society are there any more to look out for? Don't have to be on Shudder the cinemahd app I use pulls up most films
  4. Any chance of a summary? there's not a chance on earth I'm listening to Brian Last
  5. Was just with them being in Philly and the ECW connection I'd imagine, same with The Blue Meanie popping up and Tony bringing out Taz Jericho Jerry Lynn etc
  6. I don't think I've ever encountered a savaloy in a chippy up here, or an unbattered sausage either. Savaloy dips are where it's at but not acquired in a chippy
  7. I've never bothered watching any of them, remembered seeing the trailer for Casino Royale I'm guessing and just thought ah I may as well just put a Bourne Identity film on
  8. Had no idea this was last night but saw clips on Twitter earlier, that finish and him having spasms on the floor to come back to life was mental also once that buckle popped the bump looked pretty painful. Not seen it mentioned on here yet and only seen a pic but what happened in the Bliss match? can see a big alka seltzer in her mouth on on a screen grab so guessing she was supposed to be frothing at the mouth?
  9. Fuck me I come on here to escape Twitter wrestling takes
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