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  1. Not bad, only managed to get 5 right but got a few right on the money in the outcomes including the 2x points fight so sitting pretty in 3rd. Just remembered theres a show this weekend as well so time to make my picks
  2. Everyone got their picks in?
  3. Wasnt that the lad they signed from Stoke or West Brom? remember it being a relegated side
  4. I dont check the Network very often but where can I find that Wrestlemania doc what had the backscenes of Wrestlemania 9 etc sure there was a Rumble version on the Network as well
  5. Just signed up, was in the previous fight camp years ago made by Kev I think it was on my old account I cant access any more Kamaras-Tash is my username
  6. He'd be buying her worn outfits without them being cleaned the deviant
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