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  1. Is there any websites/kodi add ons what have old shoot interviews on? Used to have a wrestling add on last year with all the timelines etc uploaded but it went dead then I reset my stick Message me if not wanting to post in the open, would be much appreciated
  2. The Hardy reveal would have been awesome with a crowd but it would have robbed us of MJF, Spears etc at ringside and also the Sammy karaoke session so it's a fair trade for me
  3. I have a feeling they may be taking a break, on the live Dynamite shows at least. They kept saying in reference to future matches on the next Dynamite rather than next week, have they announced anything yet?
  4. That was up there as one of my favourite episodes yet, fantastic
  5. So is tonight gonna be at the Performance Center too?
  6. Love people people being offended on behalf of others
  7. He never said fuck kids at the actual child, unless people are saying giving the middle finger is a swear word in sign language or something
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