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  1. I understand where she's coming from, a lot of actors have made a fortune from taking a small upfront ( which 20m is not ) then making bank on overall profits. If she has a good lawyer and what ever is in the contract it could be interesting. I was more commenting on how bad it must be just to be paid 20 million tbh
  2. I struggle to feel sorry for someone being paid 20 million then complaining her back end payments are a bit short due to streaming, sorry
  3. Just been looking at the dates of the shows they have lined up and if its true maybe there's a chance they somehow do Omega/Hangman on that Rampage show at The United Centre on the 20th have Hangman win then Punk comes out maybe? Still have a feeling Meltzer is just getting worked or playing along tbh
  4. Hopefully they are just feeding Meltzer bullshit as they know he would bite and post it, it has to be Page who takes the belt from Omega, has to be
  5. Along the same lines of the Previously posted Steiner Spotify playlist this got a laugh out of me
  6. I was listening to Omega's interview with Meltzer from a couple of days ago and he talked about how they were going to use Rampage to highlight their womens division more and how he didn't want the likes of himself, Jericho etc being on it every week when you can see them on Dynamite
  7. Is Ringside News a credible source? I just get my new from here usually but they are reporting that CM Punk has actually signed with AEW as of this morning I just spotted on Twitter
  8. If Punk were to come in and as a heel it would have to be pushing the straight edge thing since MJF has nicked the whole '' I'm better than you gimmick '' Punk used to do. Him coming in would be big but I'm not sure if that ship has sailed for the buzz he would have created previously.
  9. Dunno if it counts but this one was disgusting, no sure on the backstory but the Greg Valentine look alike just decided to kick the shit out of the other woman. Remember it being posted on here and she had to retire from what I can remember Starts at 6.49
  10. Just watched the opening segment on YT to check the set out, I thought Steph or Hunter said it was going to be some new innovation to keep them ahead of the game? unless I didnt notice something
  11. Just came up on my Facebook as it's a local fella ( although a bit of an arsehole from every account I've heard ) but here he his beating up Frank Mir 19 years ago today https://www.facebook.com/ianthemachinefreeman/videos/983333629149090
  12. Totally agree he's already lost a title match hasn't he? no idea how people can say for him to lose and drag it out further
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