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  1. See us elite N64 gamers couldnt pirate our games at the time Was worth it tho Thing is with having chipped computers the shine goes from games a bit, I had a chipped 360 and bought tonnes of games,started many and completed none. If I actually paid for them I'm sure I would have put more time in
  2. I remember being excited by MLW when it came on the Wrestling Channel as it seemed pretty polished compared to CZW etc on there. Not sure if it was up to date or behind but in my mind now which is shot there was some sort of tourney which had Kojima boring me to death and Samoa Joe being shit with blonde hair I could be remembering it all wrong though. Also it had Vampiro which meant I automatically tuned out. Remember reading a review of one of their shows with a War Games with Terry Funk in it which sounded good though but no sure if that ended up on TWC if it did I'd given up by then
  3. That's crazy I remember having one of his other wrestling games on my Samsung tablet I'm sure it was free, his jail game was pretty fun for an hour
  4. Wait they are actually charging money for Wrestling Empire?
  5. Never bothered watching it but did they address what happened at the end of last week with Alexa?
  6. Rewatching was the 1st thing I planned on doing when using someone elses account but the generic music replacements kill me, I've never even tried watching the tv shows which would be 100% worse. I never saw any of the Delta releases but Im assuming they were the same music wise?
  7. Might have been a difference between shows as I was buying all the 96 ones etc. Not sure if I saw much from the 94/95 wise though
  8. There's your windows going through tonight
  9. WCW mag had a run right through here in the North East till at least 98 from 91-ish, I was buying other mags as well so always seemed to know where people had gone along with Baron Von Rasche and that weird looking fella with the pointy top hair who was in the mags every month Mongolian Mauler is the 1 I'm thinking of
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