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  1. Is this right? I remember Battle of the Planets and I remember GForce I just don’t remember one becoming the other! Edit : Just looked on Wiki and G-Force were the name of the team in it. It was re-titled G-Force : Guardians of Space in 1986, but I don’t recall that. Must be where I was getting mixed up.
  2. Like I say, having seen ROH fans who genuinely feel they’re a part of the show (one guy snuck down to front (as if he needed to hide) replica belt and all to tell a guy who I assume had recently turned heel to ‘get out of his ring’. He even told his mate that ‘he had to do something about this) I imagine the guys behaviour was OTT. Still doesn’t justify security escorting the guy to the back.
  3. Yeah that was my thoughts? Having attended an ROH show spontaneously in New York a couple of years ago, I can say that they do have some OTT fans that do think they’re a part of the show. But taking fans into the back to give them a bollocking shouldn’t be a thing.
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