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  1. Do you ever have films you half remember loving but cant remember the name or who was in them? A proper needle in the haystack film?
  2. Well to be fair, you should expect less of a bunch of 20 year olds on a wrestling forum than 40 year old bloke making "leave Britney alone" videos in repsonse to sexual abuse claims.
  3. He obviously cant be talking about me and Butch, considering we did everything but making her a cup of tea before Emmerdale in that thread. She wanted to be real life friends with us.
  4. The people who came out with their stories are probably finding out that their words dont mean much, considering its such a closed shop. Its a business where the industry leader is trying to get a 8,000 seat venue up and running next month when 20-odd members of his staff and roster have went down with the Covid. People dont care about people in wrestling. They're care about money and themselves. The facts are, everyone knew about it all anyway, and it was ignored. Now they'll just try and ride it out and hope you all forget. The business is awful. Nobody truly wants change, they want you to move onto something else to be upset about. Its a cunty place.
  5. My arse hole has disappeared watching this. I've never seen a more pretencious cunt in all my fucking life.
  6. To be fair, he should do. There's no such thing as Ligero anymore. Just some nonce from Leeds. This fucker will never be back.
  7. If Vince has it, he'll just walk into work no selling it because he's hard. And by "hard" I mean "a thick cunt."
  8. Here's one. My laptop's charger is absolutely fine charging from 70% to 100%. It can be plugged in for days and nothing bad. But if it drops past 70% the charge keeps not registering and saying its on battery. Any help? The light is on to tell me its in and perfectly fine, but it just keeps saying its not charging. Weird.
  9. PWInsider reporting there's 2 dozen employees/wrestler scum with the big dog. 2 dozen! Sort of like you shouldnt have continued running during a pandemic?
  10. I feel fucking sick mate. You dont deserve that. I hope I can speak for the rest of the forum, we've got your back if you need us.
  11. Definitely. There's enough cunts out there without speculating.
  12. Ron Jeremy just got done for sexually assaulting 4 women. Only 4?!
  13. At least you didnt get your drinks thrown on you I suppose. https://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/saraya-knight-paige-mom-beer-bath-video/#.XvHh1mhKhPY
  14. I for one am glad all these people were sexually abused and mentally ruined for the rest of their lifes, since I can now read TwoShits review without thinking he was a porky teller.
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