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  1. He's a big tart if he goes back on half the money he was on. Do the indies for a year, get over everywhere and go back on your own terms. But crawling back on way less money after they sacked you? You can guarantee all those agents will be out to get him for being a big fanny.
  2. They said the same thing about Sting doing cinematic wrestling. Sting invented cinematic wrestling through several different eras, whether it was the WCW mini movies or the Graveyard match with Vampiro. Still is a professional pisser abouter. He really doesnt give a fuck.
  3. None by the live reports on twitter. It was a genuine "oh fucking hell!" moment. Now obviously being the first major return post-pandemic helped, but still it was pretty special.
  4. The pop for Cena might have been the biggest in 20 years. How has ever gotten a reaction that loud? Austin in 2001? Hogan in 2002? Fucking mental.
  5. Where's the source for this? Cant find anyone reporting it.
  6. Just watched all 9 seasons of it from start to finish. Still holds up. Just an unreal show that people need in their lives. Discuss it.
  7. Odd turn of events. I guess he'll be starting this up soon then.
  8. This thread should be self-explanatory: Class: Shit:
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