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  1. Did it go unnoticed on here that Off Topic favourite David Jason unself awarely admitted to giving his staff a good old goosing when they werent looking?
  2. Always thought Andi Peters was at SummerSlam 92. Just because I had an appearance of Jim Duggan on the Broom Cupboard on the tape of it. Somehow that mutated in my mind that Andi Peters made his way down the aisle like Burt Reynolds did, and hugged Bret Hart and the Bulldog after the match.
  3. Only 17,000 teenagers watched AEW and NXT on Wednesday night. That's a scary number, considering this is essentially supposed to be for kids. We all got into this as kids.
  4. My polling station is an abandoned library in an old peoples home (because due to cuts most of the libraries have disappeared up here.) Royston Vasey has a more uplifting location than us.
  5. DDP's daughter is now apart of the broadcast team. The Butcher's aunty and The Librarians God daughter will be hired by March I hear.
  6. It should be done in seasons, but also acknowledge a record from the previous year, like Arsenal in 2004 and Liverpool this year or Van Nistelrooy scoring from the previous serious. Its daft if you're like "2 wins for Jericho!" when he has lost ever.
  7. Wrong thread I imagine, because it makes me want to see him fall down the stairs, but look at this moron.
  8. I thought they missed a trick not putting all the Hart Foundation in. Then they could have gotten all the dead blokes in together. Harry Smith should be in the Hall of Fame on his own the way he battered that lad last year.
  9. They have to put X-Pac in there, because he's the 3rd nWo-er when they dont want to pay Hogan for an appearance. So they can advertise the nWo making an appearance and X-Pac shows up.
  10. It isnt. The quote from someone else (legendary rapist Jimmy Del Ray) was "what do you want me to do?" and as a promoter he responded "I said get that fucking n-gger out of here."
  11. Shawn's got a Rockers induction left. Flair's got an Evolution one as well. Booker T and Big Kev will hopefully get another when WWE buys TNA and inducts the Main Event Mafia.
  12. They were going to all go in back in 2016, but Hulk did a racism.
  13. Only Shlak can finish her tattoo. It needs a nazi death match wrestler with a tattooed face to truly finish the piece.
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