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  1. Impact just got cant miss.
  2. 500th goal for Messi as well. He's not had the best of seasons either. Only scored 47 goals. I thought he was for the chopping block with that kind of form.
  3. #WengerOut
  4. Sean Mooney was at the warehouse today. But what amazes me most, is there is a fucking box with "Phantasmo Magic Props" written on it. I'd happily spend 6 months without human company in that warehouse just looking around.
  5. Ugh. Ander Herrera was up Hazzard's arse for the full 90 as well. Hope he had a good bath afterwards.
  6. Di Marzio reckon Zlatan has done his ACL and PCL in. Could have played his last game if that's true. Going to be hard for a 35 year old to come back from that. Shame for him. He's looked knackered (last night especially) for a few weeks now. Could have done with a few weeks rest so to see him out with a major injury makes you think it could have been avoided.
  7. They've brought back Magnus, Suicide, Matt Morgan and Crimson. Fucking ... just unbelievable talent relations in this promotion.
  8. Low Ki is back. In about a 2 months he'll be gone again, but will be back for Christmas. Only to leave again.
  9. We didn't burn them!
  10. Rashers is having some week. Seems to start banging them in around this time of the year. Looks like Costa is off in the Summer, according to Sky Sports.
  11. Cracking picture this.
  12. Jinder vs Orton might be the new standard for me. Like RVD vs Mr Kennedy levels of not giving a fuck. Its not even a Jinder thing. It's just if you want to get someone over with me, putting him with Orton is like not putting him on TV at all. Orton's got the opposite of the midas touch when it comes to World title reigns.
  13. Rosey was around in the mid-90s, which is mindblowing since you sort of associate him with the post Monday Night Wars period. But he was in the Samoan Gangsta Party in ECW, where they had that feud with the Gangstas that never gets brought up. One of the strongest angles of that time was during the Pulp Fiction promos, New Jack and Mustafa were cutting a promo and the SGP turned up in the middle of the ghetto and they beat the shit out of them. What's cool was the Pulp Fiction music stopped playing to give it that feel that it "wasnt part of the show." They gave New Jack a brain buster on the pavement, which is so fucking risky. Then they put Mustafas head under the wheel and threatened to reverse over it, before walking off. One of my favourite angles. Shame he passed away, but it seems to be a pattern with those Samoans. They seem to hit a part of their life where cake is the only option. He was massive near the end there.
  14. My dream is United go on a 50 game run in the league with no defeats with the lowest win percentage of an unbeaten team and all the players take their shirts off and have "50 not out" t-shirts on, after drawing at home to Burnley.
  15. Masterclass from Jose today. Nobody gave this United side a chance, but every one of them played well. You can sort of see why you get players dropped for months on end under Mourinho. When his players deliver the work rate he demands, its a sight to see. Rashford was immense.