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  1. I remember the advert from my early days on the internet. They bought WCW and immediately went "well of course we're going to do seperate live shows." And then it all went tits up because they couldnt organise fanny on millitary transport by then.
  2. DDP vs Austin would have been about 900 times better both in angles and matches than the Undertaker vs Page. DDP would have took the Turner buyout about 20 minutes after Shane McMahon walked out on Nitro if he thought he was working Stone Cold for the next few months.
  3. IANdrewDiceClay


    Anyone see Chyna on the Surreal Life? X-Pac showed up halfway through and was painted out as an abusive boyfriend who got her on drugs. Which is obviously not the case to anyone who followed Chyna's career. She was doing shit long before she met Waltman. The bloke from the Brady Bunch was portrayed as this man of the house who would sort Waltman out if things got messy. X-Pac would have fucking killed this cunt, without getting up from those shitty inflatable chairs. Peter Brady vs Sean Waltman in a real fight for fucks sake. His eye would be on the floor.
  4. Roddy Piper sounds like a right dirty bastard. "Piper's Pit" makes me think he wants to stick bag pipes up men's arseholes. Actually no it doesnt. Just sounds like a name of a show to fit with his gimmick. Like The Waiting Room.
  5. IANdrewDiceClay


    This is a great point. Few suffered more than Chyna with WCW going under. With her deal coming up, had Fusient Media Ventures bought WCW, they'd have wanted "name" recognition. Lawler and Chyna would have been two you'd think would have gotten great deals from them.
  6. IANdrewDiceClay


    Jim Ross is the fat lad who hangs out with the bullies, joins in picking on other people, and gets pink bellied when there's nobody else to bully. He's a right bitter old cunt. Has been for decades.
  7. IANdrewDiceClay


    I remember when she left, there was talks of her hosting a chat show, being the Female Terminator and acting in a Sitcom. And by November, she was on Howard Stern getting Herman Munster sound effects played over her and then taking a job with Inoki. It was weird as fuck how she seemed to be leaving as a major star and in a short time was willing to do anything on shite reality shows. Sable was the same. Sable and Chyna both didnt see that the machine behind them was as much to do with it than they were.
  8. Sid actually walked out of a Nitro halfway through it, the week before this. It was the same night Nash and DDP walked out during the show, when Steiner beat the fuck out of Page. If Sid had only stayed at home, he might have gotten another run in the WWF in 2001. I think a lot of them thought Sid got what he deserved because of his behaviour, but fucking hell. That's some injury.
  9. The bar in 1998 used to be "Val Venis is smart. He uses joined up writing."
  10. There's no libraries left where I live. They shut them all down about 2 years ago. The attitude is "what do Northerners need to read for?" And regardless of how true that statement is, its still not in the spirit of things is it?
  11. Remember Andy Hogg? No? Well ... https://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/18904916.man-jailed-defrauding-brother-learning-difficulties-35-000-parents-will/
  12. Val Venis thinks Crash Holly was more over than Goldberg. CTE is real.
  13. Ludwig: Drebin!Jane: Frank!Frank: You're both right.
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