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  1. Another one for Astro. Also, I just found out that Vinny Samways nickname at Las Palmas was "foreign scum." Very to the point, that.
  2. Anyone used to buy these? Proper blast from the past this.
  3. Animal - dead. Earthquake - dead Crush - dead Davey Boy Smith - dead If you came out with the win at SummerSlam 92, you didnt last. Even Warrior and Savage shared the points.
  4. Imagine Mauro Ranallo and nonce-face Roberts on the same broadcast? Fucking hell, no.
  5. State of pre-roids Brian Cage. That cant be good for you.
  6. I love how Hardy's wife is having none of it. Liking tweets where people are calling Tony Khan a dog wanking liar. Genuinely, I thought he had died. He was stiff and his face was lifeless. There was a good 40 seconds where I thought we'd seen a death on screen. The fact he was allowed to climb a scaffold after that was fucking obscene. I dont blame Hardy. He's essentially on autopilot. His mentality is to keep going. Its up to those in charge to make sure he's safe.
  7. This is what Matt Sydal's foot always looks like. Looks like he's going to a fancy dress party as David Busst.
  8. I couldnt believe the Matt Hardy thing. The bump was so ill advised, but he couldnt stand and his face was turning a different colour. How the fuck did they think he should have continued that match, and climb up another scaffold. I was terrifying watching it. He looked dangerously out of it. JR is a moron as well. That's basic shit, your Dad wouldnt even say. He's such a creep.
  9. First mistake right there. You dont move the bed. If one crawls under it, you burn the house down and leave the country for about 6 months.
  10. Wasnt Bret supposed to be just "generic wrestler bloke" until they found out he was actually a famous wrestler? Hence the voice that didnt sound like him at all.
  11. I'm todays years old that I found out (from Richard Land and his old former wrestler owned VHS tapes) that Yokozuna was originally going to be a Headshriker.
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