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  1. Flatliner? I think Moo had a carrier pigeon fly to his house once with a note attached to its foot intended to put it on here, but that's about it. I imagine Flatliner's still trying to figure out how to get Channel 5 tuned in.
  2. Cant blame the Flatliner, though. He's only a young lad. Needs time to mature.
  3. @DEF sorry for you loss pal. Sounds a right good bloke.
  4. I see the Retros are coming back. I like the original hasbros getting new versions of retros, so hope they do Bret, Hogan and the likes in different gear. Wouldnt mind seeing an Andre in his navy away kit.
  5. He looks like a hip hop granny a radio show would get on for a terrible attempt at humour. "Say cunt, granny. Say cunt!"
  6. Hogan made his bed, not with the racist comments, but the way he tried to make out the locker room were being fannies for not accepting his "enter name here" printed off google apology that everyone saw through. People are very forgiving if you actually are remorseful, but that famous Hogan ego eventually killed him. His value is less than nothing these days. Why even have him out there? Just sell his action figures and foam fingers and let us pretend the bloke we saw on those Silver Vision releases wasnt the mad old cunt who shagged his mates wife and got angry at the black man post coitus. W
  7. Cant these cardboard fans enjoy anything?
  8. Its amazing there are so many neck injuries in wrestling, considering the lack of spine most of them have. I just imagine them all walking around like Peter Griffin on that episode where he wished he didnt have any bones. Massive fannies to allow this person in the crowd and in the locker room.
  9. A stonewall tragedy. What a fucking shame. Poor lass.
  10. My Dad isnt much of a fan of wrestling, but knows enough to have a hilarious chat where I see he doesnt quite know what's going on. When Chavo Guerrero joined TNA back in 2012, I'll remember this until the day I die. Not because Chavo had developed form that made me take an interest in him for once in his career. But because my Dad told me "I was watching WWC the other night and Chatcho showed up." Chatcho from WWC. Couldnt even get "WCW" correct when he was mistaking them for TNA.
  11. Imagine living with both Brian Pillman and the Ultimate Warrior? This isnt a normal woman we're dealing with. I remember a few years back, Kevin Kelly absolutely buried her on some watchalong podcast of 1997. He was like "I have no sympathy for the way WWF treated her. She's a bitch."
  12. Poor DMX. He had it didnt it? When you heard that voice shit just stopped. I remember watching that couples therapy, where he came across very angry and mean spirited and then broke down over how shit his life had been since a child and you kinda felt for him. Always stuck with me. Also, Lex Luger's favourite rapper.
  13. Every episode when the bloke wins is like this.
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