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  1. Godfather once worked over here when Nelson "Mabel" Frazier died, and Grado went up to him and said "sorry to hear about Trevor Nelson dying the other day." Fucking Trevor Nelson!
  2. Remember the Walkers crisps when they had gimmicks, like Salt and Lineker, Chesse and Owen, Smokey Beckham etc. Did they ever release a Seaman flavoured one?* *this joke was brought to you by the writers of Man About the House.
  3. I like ham and eggers who dont know they are H&Es. Fucking Tatanka telling the world that the Kliq stopped him from winning the IC title at WrestleMania IX, because he was in line for a giant push. Shawn and Mr Perfect set up their feud later in the show. He wasnt losing the belt that night to anyone. Let alone Tatanka.
  4. My memory of Statto on EuroSport is that he had a bet on how many yellow and red cards there would be in France 98 (like over 25 or something), and Fantasy Football played clips of him obviously wishing a booking through on commentary. "Got to think that's a red, you have to ask how many times the referee can allow fouls like this to continue." Totally washing away any credibility for a few quid.
  5. Proper cartoon vampire wasnt he? On the previously mentioned WWF Attitude, he sounded like a right dunce.
  6. When Tatanka turned heel and began wearing that suit, I always thought he looked like Craig Charles going to court.
  7. Shelly Martinez was quite an sight to behold on those ECW shows. That could have been a money act, if Kevin Thorne wasnt so shit.
  8. Snap. You could wank over anything when you were 14. It was such a gift, it was almost rude not to.
  9. Camel clutch used to cock up as well. I think that was a general glitch on the game itself. ECW's game, you couldnt whip someone into the turnbuckle and have them stay there. It was shite.
  10. This cant be happening! I got told the same wind up. No bloodbath, though. Also got told that if you played enough Warzone in career mode, you'd get Animal and Hawk eventually. Spent Easter of 1999 ploughing through it for hours. No LOD. People are just twats. There was one lad, who said he had WWF Attitude on import and that Sable gets her fanny out you if you the European title.
  11. Anyone else really, really love Tony and Cody on comms? Its the closest I've heard wrestling come to having two proper broadcasts discussing the action. They were having a conversation and promoting stuff in the context of what they were watching. Its was great.
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