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  1. Seriously, is there a group that holds up less than DX? What a shit bunch of cunts they look like rewatching it on the network. Even the bits I found funny in 1999 as a teenager, I'm like "ugh."
  2. Ric, Bret, Shawn and Jimmy Hart will be two-time Hall of Famers. Went from one to four over night there.
  3. IANdrewDiceClay

    UKFF Porn and General Filth Discussion

    New Female Fake Taxi. Rebecca More tells hims "Oi, I have a bone to pick with you ..." The plot writes itself.
  4. IANdrewDiceClay

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    Clerks 2 to was a masterpiece in shitness. The most unself aware garbage. It was like a 90 minute Comic Relief skit where you go "well, its short notice, so you can excuse how fat they all look and how slap dash the script is." Not even Sam Fox's "Naughty Girls Need Love Too" could save it. And I was always in favour of Schindler's List using it to balance out the depressing scenes.
  5. IANdrewDiceClay

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    D'Lo Brown's forehead has a face on it.
  6. IANdrewDiceClay

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Where does "PURE SPORTS BUILD" fall in with dick wrestlers and "everything is a joke, look the cowboy boots are talking" philosophy that they spout on their youtube show? You've basically taught your fanbase that are buying the tickets to this thing that nothing really matters. How do you suddenly tell them "NO! You need to get behind this Bill Watts mentality now." Going to be interesting, because Jim Ross is no doubt joining the front office when his deal expires in a month or two. And if you thrust the power into his hands (and they've got so much respect for him, they'll probably bow to his experience), I cant see any of this shit flying with him. Its weird, because I really like a lot of the decisions and promises they're making. Wrestling needs to be serious in the main angles, and wins and loses certainly need to mean more. But there seems to be this sudden shift in mentality. Makes you wonder in the long term if they will serve their masters or will not make anyone happy by trying to balance both types of philosophy.
  7. IANdrewDiceClay

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Lactating Hulk Hogan.
  8. IANdrewDiceClay

    Exposing the business.

    Well bum my arse! Never even heard of this! Starts off like one of those "if you have to press the red button, here's where the bomb shelter is Mr President" videos. I'm not unconvinced they dont have a gun pointed at them from behind the camera. EDIT: Just checked, the description of the video says it pretty much is a post nuclear war manual. In 1979, they made this video during the Knoxville wrestling war. The video is entitled "Plan B", and they were going to circulate this to TV stations to get their heat back and fuck the business if the war was lost. What a fucking odd move! "See we never really lost, it was all bollocks, mate."
  9. IANdrewDiceClay

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Aye. The bloke who has proof they didnt invent the gimmick has nothing to do with the bloke who sued them proving they didnt invent the gimmick.
  10. IANdrewDiceClay

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    As they do every name on their TV. As the Warrior proved, its his property, due to the fact those WWE contracts are so shockingly one sided that if you go for them, they rarely win in the end. The contracts are just not fair, and the monopoly nature of pro wrestling means you essentially have to sign them to make a living.
  11. IANdrewDiceClay

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I dont think WWE ever wins these things in court if you have the money to stetch them out. Its all about if you feel its worth the time and effort. Undertaker is like Hogan I imagine. Marvel owned "Hulk" for years for all types of entertainment use, and then one day he was like "fuck this, there's obviously no confusion between the two" and got the rights to use it as it pertains to wrestling. Now he doesnt need permission from Marvel. The Undertaker has been the Undertaker for 30 years. If this went to court (which I doubt) and he was willing to drag it out, he'd probably get the rights to it. Austin was mad not to go after the Stone Cold name. Its on every DVD they've released that it was his wife that created the name. That should not be theirs to own.
  12. IANdrewDiceClay

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Because Piper told them both "when you're contracts are up, demand your name, because they will be so desperate to keep you." Which they both did when they signed those superlong deals in 1996. Undertaker should have done the same. Hall and Nash would have gotten the Razor and Diesel names if they stayed in 1996. Vince would have given up the rights to get them to stay.
  13. IANdrewDiceClay

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    I think the Undertaker thing proves that if the money was right, he'd have probably went to WCW. Look how quick he was to take this booking, even though Vince doesnt want him to.