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  1. I know I'm a few years out of date with the reply, but fucking hell you're spot on. Doesnt even look like the Stew in the studio minutes later. Herring's in better shape than him throughout this series.
  2. Herring did tell Stew on the podcast that TMWRNJ was actually meant to be Herring and Nick Owen (based on a humourous appearance on Fantasy Football), who got cold feet and dropped out. I've been watching them back the last few days and Herring certainly takes most of it, as if its his gig and Lee is just there as the spider haired pretty one.
  3. Absolutely. Think he mentioned the Larry Sanders Show as well, in with that.
  4. Its funny watching that stuff back, because Herring looks like he desperately wants to be in that 90s catchphrase comedy Cool Britania circle with Baddiel, Skinner, Vic and Bob and all that lot. Where as Stewart Lee looks uncomfortable and stand-offish when Herring is drinking milk out of a hamsters tits at 1 in the afternoon on a Sunday. And you cant do that shit forever. Even though Herring seemingly tries to.
  5. Sorry, I mean the interview with Lee that Ian quoted. Not the original herring clip. Here you go. https://www.ledocument.com/issue-eighteen/stewart-lee
  6. This is the interview Herring mentions, for those interested.
  7. You could make a playset of the Michael Richards Laugh Factory incident with the Lego playset.
  8. They're going to kill him on the main roster, because WWE are cunts and dont know what they're doing. I mean, his real name is Bronson. A name like Bronson Steiner fell in their lap and they decided to call him Billy Bollock or whatever he's called. He's a prodigy, that boy. Like a duck to water. Looks like Rick, sounds like Scott.
  9. We all knew the truth of this scene, but in black and white it just kills the illusion. Why Sly Why?
  10. Bret Hart hasnt liked a post on twitter since CM Punk wished me happy birthday back in July. He's currently going through my timeline like shit through a goose liking all my posts putting him over. So weird.
  11. Didnt Flair and Quinones have a fight backstage at New Years Revolution 2005 because he spunked in David's face in 2002?
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