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  1. You know, Sid Haig had a sex scene in the Devil's Rejects with porn star Ginger Lynn. A legendary actress in her genre. She made her comeback to the industry off the back of her popularity in this movie, starring alongside James Deen. Deen was a popular male performer, who recently came under allegations of taking liberties with his female co-stars. The Huffington Post referred to Deen as the "Bill Cosby of porn". Lisa Bonet, a Cosby show cast member, told that same news outlet she "wasnt surprised" regarding Cosby's downfall. Post Cosby show Bonet is perhaps best known for her sex scene with Mickey Rourke, when she was 19 years old. Mickey Rourke had previously starred in the film Barfly, semi-autobiography of poet/author Charles Bukowski. He died in 1994, you know.
  2. Brilliant and fitting response!
  3. I remember watching a film years ago, called The Aftermath, where Sid Haig plays a outlaw biker who has taken over LA following after it has been nuked. Pretty standard B-Movie horror/thriller, but he's menacing in it. He's very intense as an onscreen presence. A guy who can bring the level of the movie up several notches. Even shite Rob Zombie films. He took on paper a shit clown, and made him terrifying. Rob Zombie's characters are usually always basic 1970s rips, Sid Haig made sure it was more than that.
  4. Always thought if they ever did the story of the Von Erichs on film, Sid Haig could have played Gary Hart.
  5. 1. Angie Best 2. Alex Best 3. Susan George 4. Miss World 1971 5. Miss World 1973 Because I've always wondered, if that George Best's dick was bigger than mine ...
  6. Never seen a wrestler lose his worth ethic as quickly as Luger did in 1997, after Hogan beat him. He seemed to go "fuck it" after that. From 95 to 97 he was arguably WCW's best hand. Great heel and babyface. I think he realised what the game was when he chanced Hogan and then lost it back after 6 days. Another one they finished off while they had mileage.
  7. In the immortal words of Sir Andrew of Gray, "Take a bow son."
  8. That was the 70s, though. They didnt need Fortnite and Netflix. They just laced a dead ball into their mates bollocks.
  9. Finally the Billington household can again say "are you watching Dynamite on Wednesday, while I'm at bingo?"
  10. LA 92 - The Rodney King Story (2017)
  11. Imagine being Big Cass, though. 7 foot guy, who was super over in developmental, got to WWE and Vince took one look at him and thought he was going to be the next big heel in the company. Daniel Bryan was his bitch for a few months. He must have been thinking WrestleMania main events and 7 figure salaries for years. So if you have previous issues with mental health, long term injuries and drugs, I cant see how the disappointment of all that wouldnt have got to him. Its a cruel business if you have no back up plan. The poor sod needs help, not more bookings for surprise appearances.
  12. Was going to say Joey Janela's girlfriend, but she's recently left him for Kip Sabian. Which is like going from Jewish Frankenstein Gene Simmons to 1988 George Michael.
  13. Or it can be an escapism from all that. Which is generally is to millions of people.
  14. "Schillinger! I've been here 9 fucking years, you think you'd learn my Goddamn name!" Fucking lol.
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