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  1. Sorry for the live chat, but just saw a clip of Raw on twitter and I think this Becky and Seth alliance might actually be the thing that stops me watching wrestling all together. Fuck this game. Fuck this life. What a shit couple.
  2. What's weird is, take away Brock and Ronda, and Becky and Seth are badly exposed as nobodies. They cant carry feuds against anyone other than people who are more over than they are. People boo the fuck out of the part timers, but take them away and there are no dragons to slay. Lynch and Rollins are so uninteresting, is it any wonder the empire is falling in around them as they're on top? They arent stars. Lynch to me comes across as a acting school dropout playing a character. And Rollins has a small cock. I dont want to aspire to be someone who has as many inches as I do coming out of a cold lake. Fuck this promotion until February.
  3. Heard a theory that happy go lucky Bray should be the ref, and when its time to do the nasty at the end, the lights go out and the Fiend will be standing there. Although that would mean Baron Corbin would be the WWF champ, so fuck that.
  4. The second Starrcast is way more organised (which is funny considering how many people pulled out of the event.) The Brian Pillman panel is fantastic. Meltzer, Madden, Sullivan, Brian Pillman Jr and our very own Liam O'Rourke were tremendous on it. Nobody trying to be whacky and hilarious, just great conversation. They all treated Liam as an equal. Which they should, but being the wrestling business and how tiny penised so many are, I wouldnt have been surprised to see them try and cunt him off (like Bischoff did to Reynolds.) But yeah, that Death WCW panel was fucking brutal. Bischoff stupidly exposed himself for hating a book he hadnt read or knew actually wrote it. And RD Reynolds is a car crash and looks like he's been in one. Probably the least funny man in wrestling, and that covers some ground.
  5. Wait a second ... Cloudy was a bloke? *slowly zips up jeans*
  6. Well shag my arse, I didnt know TNT had blocks of programming called "Nitro" on different nights prior to WCW using the name. Imagine that now? WWE's Match of the Day on Tuesdays.
  7. Seeing the thread title in On Topic, I thought it was a discussion about some stern warning given to messers Golga and Kurrgan about a vulgar outburst in the supermarket queue.
  8. Chris Benoit was famously the worst actor in the business, so anything that breaks his "pretend to be angry" and "pretend to be delighted" faces tends to make me think he's having a seizure there.
  9. I remember one year, I think it was the Sting vs HHH WrestleMania, I had the network and it completely shit the bed on me and I had to watch it via Firstrow streams. I was not happy. Mind you, I had gotten it for free via some offer they were doing, but regardless I was out of pretend internet points that night.
  10. Because the social media content is a small camera crew, the wrestlers and Jeremy Borash overseeing it. Its not a 74 year old man heading 900 blokes who havent eating in hours because he accidently sneezed and was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
  11. " transvestite/lesbian/pervert type characters." Fucking hell!
  12. They're always throwing insults at each other on twitter. Its just bantz, m8.
  13. Cody and Dustin could have been one of the best tag teams of all time if they stuck at it. That feud with the Shield was the best thing Cody has ever done (outside of the match with Dustin last month.)
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