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  1. 1989 and they are still trying to shove Outback Jack down the consumers throat.
  2. "Canada's version of the View" I assume is Shelbyville's version of the lemon tree.
  3. Carragher: "Ole's been in the job 18 months." Keane: "He hasnt been in that long" Presenter man: "His first game was after the fixture here December last year." Keane: "Well 16 months then." This is why VAR is a mess. The supposed pundits cant even do maths. The referees arent going to get measurements right.
  4. Bobby Roode has had a longer WWE run than Rick Rude.
  5. Shawn Michaels was retired 4 years from Mania 14 until SummerSlam 2002. And ECW died in in 2001 and One Night Stand was in 2005. Those 4 years seemed to last forever. Like when ECW did the one off, it seemed as if they were running regularly in a completely different era. And Shawn showing up in 2002 was like he'd been away for about a decade. Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles turned up 4 years ago. The Broken Matt stuff started in 2016 as well. In that 4 years Shawn was injured, you could have fit AJ Styles WWE career in it.
  6. Black Grape's It's Great When You're Straight ... Yeah? (1995) For me, the best Brit Pop era album by a large margin. Shaun Ryder's finest ever work, too. A mesh of styles Damon Albarn desperately tried to master with Gorillaz, and didnt come close to an album this good. Let's look at the cover for a start. Carlos the Jackal in a pop art stylee with the title in his sunglasses. What a beautiful and offensive cover this is. Putting a Venezuelan terrorist recently imprisoned was a bold choice for a group formed out of the ashes of a band that bankrupted their last record label. The songs are all wonderful. First to last. They're all catchy, rambling, funny, pop culture referenced and fun. Reverend Black Grape was a belter to open the album up with. In the Name of the Father continues the blasphamy. Tramazi Parti announces their latest drug of choice to the unsuspecting. Kelly's Heroes was a soundtrack for loads of Sky and BBC highlight comps, which is funny considering its a song about how all your heroes are on coke. A wonderful album, that knocked strips off every other album released during the Oasis and Blur's feud, when both were arguing who was the best band in England. Neither had Bez did they?
  7. Tony Khan's been getting more hands on with the booking post Christmas, by all accounts. I knew nobody was daft enough to let the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega's vanity shite go on much longer. You can see a difference in the shows the last few weeks compared to that vomit they coughed up at the end of last year.
  8. Thing with that is, the person in question is quite a famous and popular wrestler to the modern fanbase. If they had Lanny Poffo doing the misdirection, I'd get it. But it makes to much sense with the gimmick and everything. And he'd probably make a good manager.
  9. He'll use the same one that makes Jericho look good on TV. Oh.
  10. I do like how Hogan was the good guy in the political battle between Hogan and Michaels, just because Hogan called Dave up and told him his version. The logic of "Hogan's full of shit unless he's talking to me" is so fucking naive.
  11. What I do like about the modern world is that Paige would never had made that comment about the gaffer even 5 years ago. The fact she feels she can openly pull them up on shitty behaviour knowing they would never fire her for it (thus playing them at their own PR game) is great. I just listened to an interview with ODB about her time in TNA, and they wanted to bring her back in 2012 with Cheerleader Melissa and Sojo Bolt and call them "the Fugleys", because they'd all previously been fired for not being attractive enough. I mean Christ.
  12. This is bad from Meltzer. He took a piss take list about how lazy it is to just do lists of random names, and took it as Sports Illustrated naming him as one of the top boys to follow on twitter. That is just madness.
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