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  1. Best let me know then, because I dont get what you mean.
  2. Hope so. She's not the first to have demons, and people do have short memories in wrestling. Its not like she cant bounce back from this. Paige isnt like a random diva who gets fired and you never see again. WWE's aware of how marketable she is and people like her look, her story and willingly ignore her shortcomings because she's so over. People in wrestling like a good comeback story.
  3. Has resurfaced apparently. I dont ask any questions, I just want to believe.
  4. Fucking great this.
  5. They've got a zero tolerance policy regarding domestic abuse. If she gets done for slapping Alberto about, she'll be gone.
  6. More bad news, Ryan Satin posted this from the Orlando Police: She'll get immediately sacked from WWE if she's charged.
  7. I think Impact might be the easiest show to watch at the minute. Actually its the only show I watched. Something so simple about the storylines that I'm into. Quite enjoying it.
  8. Renee's well out of WWE when her contract is up. They didnt even tell her or Bryan that they were cancelling it. They found out online. She's way to good for wrestling.
  9. Definitely the second one.
  10. What a shithead ADR is. Just the worst person.
  11. Here's one, in 1995, the pound shop had a load of Sgt Slaughters in with foreign writing on the cards. Like dozens of them on the shelves and probably more out the back. What's the story behind that? I imagine there were thousands of Slaughters around the country being sold in pound shops. Only him as well. Can only think they sold shitty in Germany or somewhere.
  12. I always found that if you were pitting the hasbros against another kind of figure it took a while to get the playing adjusted. As if you needed developmental for a He-Man figure if he was coming to WWF Toy Land. "Give the Beast Man 6 months and he'll be working like a Series 3 blue card."
  13. The double pack wasnt the packaging (I dont think), but it was that bearded wrestler with a different Hogan. I had that Hogan seperately as well, and it did come with that packaging. The packaging had a screen shot from SummerSlam 91 on the front, with Hogan big booting Sgt Slaughter.
  14. I think my first figures were a set of snide Mega Powers from Flamingo Land. I think they were Hogan and Savage anyway. One was definitely Hogan, and the other had a beard so, you know? A picture of Hogan booting Sgt Slaughter was on the cover, I remember that. Would love to see that online somewhere. Bootleg figures, although not pretty, have almost as much nostalgic value as hasbros do. If there was a particular one that looked good, I'd buy it and put him in my fed. Fun UKFF fact, that fork and wrestlers thread was originally a thread I started talking about bootleg figures, which then turned into a hasbro discussion.
  15. If I knew as a kid there was a figure line that included managers, I might have had to find someway to get over there and buy them all. Did we get a reason why there wasnt a manager series in the Hasbro line? You cant tell me Heenan and Jimmy Hart wouldnt have sold as many or more than the likes of Koko B Ware or El Matador.