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  1. Also what most say when Noel doesnt have a mask on at all.
  2. Syd will have told him about the Gotcha in advance. I cant imagine Eddie Large being at a table and not using the word "cunt" every 2 seconds.
  3. Eddie Large was a Dynamite Kid style prankster by all accounts. Which was shit for Syd Little, considering he was the only other one in the dressing room.
  4. The Four Horsemen - WWE Hall of Fame (2012) (top: Arn Anderson and Ric Flair bottom: JJ Dillon, Barry Windham and Tully Blanchard)
  5. Yeah, it's like if Manson was a guest on Jackanory.
  6. I dont know if this counts, because it wasnt really an attack. It was more a favour gone wrong. It was 1993. Blackpool. I was wearing a red WWF hat and had a red space gun that went "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum" when you pressed the trigger. I'm about 9 years old here. Anyway, I was on a donkey (Billy was the name, Blackpool pleasure beach the place of origin.) The first day was class. The woman in charge of the lads must have taken one look at the basin pearing through the red hat and thought "definitely on the spectrum" and tied me in like a small child younger than my years suggested. I'm in junior school. I had "Bruce 4" on my back for fucks sake. I didnt need to be tied into it. Or did I?????? Well that went swimmingly. It was like being on a bike (one that you were tied to and your Dad was riding.) The next day we were down the beach again. I asked my Mam if I could have another go. No Billy this time, sadly. Instead we got Jack. Blackpool Jack, to give the name on his chain. This wasnt half as friendly. No harness either. Blackpool Jack didnt look like he wanted to be there, and especially didnt want to have me on his back. I gets on him, and the woman in charge of the donkeys began clapping to make them run. I didnt get the memo that you had to hold on to them, since I was essentially glued to the last one. So, no word of a lie, I bump like Mick Foley did at Revenge of the Taker through the announce table. 2 years before Christopher Reeves as well. Nearly fell on my head. That would have been a tragic storyline. Sadly I didnt do a Droz, because I'd have at least had sympathy and at the very least a trip to disney land as compo. No, I was fine, but my foot got hooked in the harness that was attached to it and dragged me around the pleasure beach for what felt like 20 minutes (I was 15 seconds.) Shite everywhere, too. Its only when you get dragged around a beach in front of holiday makers you see the evil in some people.
  7. Stephanie will probably let him shag about, surely? Linda and Vince are her parents. They didnt give a shit. I remember Court Bauer saying that Vince told his staff (while his daughter was sitting there to hear it) that Vin-man and the Hulkster did a bit of wife swapping back in the day. Which makes me think, Vince and Linda Hogan - fair enough. I can see that. Hogan smashing Linda McMahon's pasty is a visual I havent been able to quite make out if I'm honest. I'm thinking little 5'0" Linda and 1988 jacked up coke head Hogan. I bet it was like Andre shagging those Japanese birds.
  8. "Dragged out of the ring and marched to his fate." What happened to him?!
  9. "Crucify Bobby" intrigues me so much, but I'm scared in case I give my details to this "firm", I'll end up tooled up and topped myself.
  10. That little shite isnt respecting the babyface union there.
  11. Multiple cameras as well. He put more into that then a lot of BritWres feds do.
  12. Now I know what it must have been like at Diana's funeral. In bits here.
  13. Haystacks turned up just in time for the UK broadcast of Nitro starting. Which had to have something to do with it surely?
  14. The Beverley Brothers were back teaming on Saturday Night, but not as the Brothers Beverley. WCW should have brought Bill Eadie in and had Hole in One Darsow and the Masked Superstar teaming, just to fuck my head up even more. Demolition, but not as you know it.
  15. Godfather once worked over here when Nelson "Mabel" Frazier died, and Grado went up to him and said "sorry to hear about Trevor Nelson dying the other day." Fucking Trevor Nelson!
  16. Remember the Walkers crisps when they had gimmicks, like Salt and Lineker, Chesse and Owen, Smokey Beckham etc. Did they ever release a Seaman flavoured one?* *this joke was brought to you by the writers of Man About the House.
  17. I like ham and eggers who dont know they are H&Es. Fucking Tatanka telling the world that the Kliq stopped him from winning the IC title at WrestleMania IX, because he was in line for a giant push. Shawn and Mr Perfect set up their feud later in the show. He wasnt losing the belt that night to anyone. Let alone Tatanka.
  18. My memory of Statto on EuroSport is that he had a bet on how many yellow and red cards there would be in France 98 (like over 25 or something), and Fantasy Football played clips of him obviously wishing a booking through on commentary. "Got to think that's a red, you have to ask how many times the referee can allow fouls like this to continue." Totally washing away any credibility for a few quid.
  19. Proper cartoon vampire wasnt he? On the previously mentioned WWF Attitude, he sounded like a right dunce.
  20. When Tatanka turned heel and began wearing that suit, I always thought he looked like Craig Charles going to court.
  21. Shelly Martinez was quite an sight to behold on those ECW shows. That could have been a money act, if Kevin Thorne wasnt so shit.
  22. Snap. You could wank over anything when you were 14. It was such a gift, it was almost rude not to.
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