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  1. Eric Cantona ... (NSFW) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwo3VZuirNy/
  2. I saw people talking about a goalscorer dying and Shearer at the top of the page and got a bit excited there.
  3. I like how Jericho knows nothing but thinks he's the expert at everything. Its glaring when you listen to his podcast on something you know a lot about yourself, and you can see he's just winging it, but doesn't want to admit he's clueless.
  4. I'm telling you, I was the first one to use that "aristocrats" joke.
  5. I'll be honest, Jim Johnston just became less of a genius in my eyes. Jive Soul Bro is the one I hold up as evidence how good he is as a musician, now its a pure rip! Great song, though. Cant believe how they just tore the arse out of that song, though. Nothing is original. Shameless!
  6. The United players spend to much time on social media reading about the Class of 92 shagging their sister in laws or slapping their women about. I must say its distracted me. Cant get any time to laze about on the UKFF when I'm at work.
  7. Wrestlers have done some shameless stuff over the years, but Jacques Rougeau doing a big retirement match with Hulk Hogan in Montreal, only to then wrestle the Faces of Fear 2 days later on Worldwide. Doing a big retirement match and then not even retiring for a week is the gold standard of carny. "Thanks for your money."
  8. Adam Bomb had about 900 squash matches, got a fucking tattoo of his gimmick name and then did a job for the 123 Kid in a Survivor Series match and then got squashed by Earthquake in about 20 seconds at Mania. Well done building him up. Oh and Diesel took his finisher. Absolute waste of time. Honestly Bryan Clarke might be the man with the most wins without doing anything of note. He went a year in WCW winning matches without ever being in a storyline. Then Nash beat him on a random Nitro. His first big run really came in 2000 with Kronik, which only lasted about 6 months really.
  9. Eli Drake, Alberto Del Rio, Mr Anderson, Shelly Martinez for some reason, Chris Adams, Matt Morgan, Chris Harris, Matt Bentley, The Naturals, Thrasher of the Headbangers (but not Mosh.) I hated all these people prior to actually getting a reason to dislike them. Always thought Henry Godwinn was a cunt, and I have no idea why. I hated "The Renegade" Richard Wilson as well. Even when he died I shouted "I dont believe it."
  10. Apparently he did this at an indy show a few years back, for Colt Cabana's 2nd/3rd Road Diaries documentary. But obviously, since they now hate each other he didn't allow it to be released. Mental to think they fell out, really.
  11. Seems a bit of a bully boy tactic to smash someones gimmick up. He's got it airbrushed, too, so he's went the lengths to make the briefcase apart of his gimmick. Its not like he's just got a prop. He's obviously invested time and money in it, so for someone to smash it up without telling him previously, is bullshit really. I do wonder if Eugene was wrestling and suddenly, someone student from OVW decided to rip his Eugene jacket up in front of him, would he still have the same opinion? Usually the idea of destroying someones gimmick, be it stealing Tatanka's headdress or cutting the arms of Flair's robe, its done to build something. Not just smash it up randomly.
  12. I heard they tore the house down so much, Will Ospreay set up a GoFundMe for it.
  13. Dustin Rhodes is quite an amazing man. I watched a shoot interview with him years ago, where he was crying actual tears because WWE had fired him and he was working for TNA for 30 pence a night and was about 24 stone. He was in floods of tears because he was accepting he was probably finished and had to "work at Safeway" if something doesnt come along. Now he's just turned 50 this month and willingly allowing his contract to run down so he can do what he likes. That motherfucker has won the game of wrestling.
  14. How Bret never took the first offered will baffle me until the end of days. In 1996. When he was trying to be an actor. They offer him the best part of $3 million a year and a seperate Turner deal where he could do their TV movies like Hogan did, and he decides to turn it down to be loyal to a man who bought out his Dad then never paid the final installments. Fuck off. This is 1996 as well. Bret's deal would have been the best ever. Hogan had ran out of steam, and the nWo angle saved him. If Bret came in as the "third man" a babyface Hogan would have been knackered in the changing world of WCW. This was during the time Hogan was only signing 6 month deals as well. Even WCW wasnt stupid enough to sign Russ Abbot to $4 million a year. Goes back to how long a year is in wrestling. Bret Hart in November 1997 was in a sharkcage walking into WCW. In July 1996, they were on the way up and he could have taken a lot of the credit for it. Fucking insane to turn down that deal. He was like Falcao signing for Man United when he eventually showed up.
  15. Makes you wonder how things would have been if it all went the opposite way. If Shawn got his realise in July 97 and went to WCW. Would Triple H have followed him? No Shawn, no DX. If the Kliq went to WCW, would the rot have set in quicker or would they 5 of them been to much of a force for Hogan politically. For me it was never about the money why they got rid of Bret. They offered the Warrior more money the month after and were trying to get Hogan back. Then spent $3.5 million on Tyson. The WWF was far from potless. 1997 was the most insane year ever for wrestling. So much stuff could have went either way. Stone Cold was supposed to originally wrestle Davey Boy Smith at WrestleMania 13. In a shitty midcard match, which would have probably been overshadowed by the split of the Owen and Bulldog tag team. If Ahmed Johnson hadnt done his knee in, Rocky Maivia would have still be waiting for his tits to go back to normal into 1998. And what would have happened to Mick Foley had he not done that amazing series of interviews? He kicked the shit out of JR at the end of those, so the plan wasnt to have him as this huge babyface? You talk about geniuses in wrestling, but a lot of luck and timing goes into it as well. A mental year. Imagine if Hogan and Warrior had came in when originally planned, in January 1998. That was supposedly the big plan (and Warrior's contract offer is online somewhere.) No Mike Tyson, but you have Warrior and Hogan back. I dont think Austin could have even survived that.
  16. Woah! That's so fucking class. Never seen that before. How jacked is Triple H in his 1997 form? He looked nothing like that.
  17. Lots of young fellas running around in shorts? That's the kind of thing you like looking at.
  18. I was never a hardcore fan. Closest I came was in the early days of UFC, when the WWF was promoting it on their TV and you had to get the videos because I was conned into thinking it was just an extension of WWF. As if it was Shotgun Saturday Night or some shit. I hopped back on the train when the Ultimate Fighter started. I'd just came out of college and went on a course to get some shite license thing for the warehouse I was working in. Anyway, me and this lad started chatting about Bez winning Celebrity Big Brother and then he suddenly said "did you see that Ultimate Fighting? Some bloke was in a house and he got sprayed with water after getting called a 'fatherless bastard.'" For me that was how the boom period began. That Ultimate Fighter was so good. Tito and Ken as well. Chuck, Randy, Rampage, GSP etc. That crop of stars was something else. I'll still watch the big fights, but to me that 2005-09 period was tremendous fun.
  19. If I recall, The Wraith was just some cunt in a crash helmet, and not the coolest thing on earth as the poster shows there. Sometimes the artwork paints a fantastic picture that you cant live up to. Like this for example. Robocop? And he's a vampire? Sign me up. Sadly its some some asian gentlemen in a pair of Grandmaster Sexay goggles I believe. A major disappointment.
  20. Is there any more proof of the existence of God than what Ted Dibiase did at SummerSlam 91? That match with Virgil was unreal, for how crap Mike Jones was.
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