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  1. I'm getting a "HTTP ERROR 403" message on the tracker on Utorrent. Only happens on XWT-Classics, though. Nowhere else. Any help, lads? I feel like PunkSteps cock at the minute.
  2. The way they produced Bray's appearance was fantastic. That mask looks gruesome as well. I'd have shit myself if I was a kid, and he showed up on WWF.
  3. From Ghostbusters (the movie.) As opposed to Ghostbusters the sticker album.
  4. Explains why Will Ospreay is basically Homer Simpson with the crayon up his nose since going out with her. I bet she knocks the shit out of him, getting the shopping out the car (that his twitter followers probably paid for.)
  5. And she did a 619 with all the movement of a knockoff Scalextric from the market doing a corner turn.
  6. When Power Slam went under, I quoted Graham Taylor and said "fucking hell, we are in trouble here." When Power Slam goes down after 20 years, the industry is seriously on its arse. Surprised it lasted this long really.
  7. Not a very good show, which is a shame, because you want these shows to be used to wipe out all the bullshit, and they havent. Alex Marvez needs to go, he might be the worst commentator I've ever heard. He cant do anything. And they need to stick with the one direction. You cant have Brandi tugging at the heartstrings in the pre-tape and then have her working sly heel in the next match. Jericho reminds me of Roddy Piper in his 50s. A parody of a former great. That promo was brutal. But as they say, these last two shows were just sold spot show type deals, All Out is where they need a home run.
  8. That's the one. Now he's got a beard and a house full of John Wayne Gacy paintings. He's a grown up now!
  9. There's another documentary that came out last year, called "the Allins", which is about the guitarist of his band and brother Merle Allin and his mother. They're fucking weirdos, as you'd imagine. Merle makes his living, very much like Vince Russo, selling terrible paintings to fans. Only unlike Vinnie Ru, Merle uses his own shit as the paint. Which the documentary is only to kind to show the viewer, which made me almost want to watch that Bonesaw DVD instead. Then there's a long segment about how Merle has to clear up his brothers grave, because his fans poo on the gravestone or wank or piss on it. Apparently, there's this rite of passage for his fans where you have to visit GG's grave and do something nasty to the headstone, because that's what the man would have wanted. Merle stresses he doesnt want the fans to disrespect the resting place of such a noble man. But they continue anyway, because its not them that has to scrub the shite off the tombstone. They're a fascinating bunch. Darby Allin certainly isnt the right fit for a GG Allin character. The Necro Butcher, now there's a man who could have been a GG Allin type.
  10. Anyone see that video with Bayley and the host looking terrified when told they have to drive themselves after the show? 2019 has been a interesting year for the light shining on WWE's treatment of their wrestlers. Makes you hope they do something about it eventually.
  11. Its definitely a reference to GG Allin. There's a lot of GG Allin references. Their hardcore fanbase all have dicks there are 90% helmet and I tend to cover myself in shit after watching one of their pre-shows. When it comes to double tribute names, you'll be hard pressed to find a better one than Alex Shelley. Taken from Malcolm Mcdowell's character in A Clockwork Orange and Pete Shelley from the Buzzcocks.
  12. And its good night from him, after the next issue. Another mag bites the dust.
  13. Plus 9 for that one. Punkstep with a blinder there.
  14. Aids ridden graphic here. Looks like a six man tag, no "vs" next to the names and that caption above it. Three teams are wrestling for an opportunity at a first round bye? What a shit show.
  15. Reminds me of a sex shop in Sunderland we used to go in at college. Not to buy anything (25 quid for their VHS tapes), but to ask the shop assistent obnxious questions like "have you got the Barnsley season review of 1993-94, mate?" and other shite to make us think we're hilarious. Anyway, there was this one VHS called "Foreign Cunts" with an Indian woman on the front. I'm hoping it was a porn film and not some racist propaganda.
  16. Danny Doring was shite, too. Bit of a rotten career, really. Got trained in the army camp that was Saturn, Taz and Bubba's small cocked wrestling school, was in the shite era of ECW and then did nothing but pretend ECW shows until the day he died (he's not dead.) At least Nova repackaged himself.
  17. The season after Seaman stopped being useful at Arsenal, they went on to be Invinsible. Hoping for the same with PunkStep.
  18. I googled "Bonesaw" to see if there was any reviews, and it has its own wikipedia entry! This review from Barry Norman makes it seem like a must watch. @PunkStep did they have Dr Gay in by any chance? Imagine this bloke turning up, tool in hand, to do the operation?
  19. Bulldog shoot bodyslammed him by all accounts. They were supposed to go in and have a brawl but Davey Boy was like "fook off."
  20. Dustin Rhodes used to touch mens balls back in the 90s. And Ahmed Johnson for one didnt appreciate it.
  21. Where's the punch?! Sad as it is to say this, you can tell by the way Janela's body language was, he would have been a good kicking off Enzo.
  22. Joey Janela saw Enzo Amore at a Blink 182 concert last night, and Enzo gave him a smack to the jaw. Apparently he prank called him at Starrcast or some shit, so when Enzo found out who he was, he twatted him. More to the point, is Blink 182 now the wrestlers hangout? And were they at one stage teenage girls from the late 90s?
  23. Best mates with Kanyon, who was best mates with DDP who was best mates with etc. etc. People loved Kidman at the time, weirdly. Even though he sounded like he should be a mate of the Karate Kid, but not the Karate Kid in a shitty remake. I dont think people take into what it meant seeing someone do a shitty shooting star press. A shit one was better than seeing no shooting star press.
  24. Is their relationship a work? I know there's "photos from insta" where they look close and all that shit, but surely its like that Kelly from Emmerdale going out with that tubby hairball from Blue. Doin' It for the papers and all that. I just cant imagine them fucking. I try, I really do, but all I see is this: They have no chemistry onscreen. Its Ted Dibase Jr and Maryse bad. Jim Cornette shagging Torrie Wilson would be more believable than those two. Seth is your mate in college who cant play guitar, but still has one sitting in his bedroom. "Oh, you didnt tell me at school you were into metal. This is a turn up." And she's the girl who says "I'd like to do acting" and actually does it and is shit at it, but hopes those who are listening to her bragging about it wont know the difference. Two star crossed knobheads together in the same class, because they both had to resit Maths and English. In short, they're possibly the worst couple in wrestling since Marty Jannetty was paired with Sherri and everyone went "he hasnt got the personality to be an onscreen pairing with Sensational Sherri."
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