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  1. This is going to be the biggest wrestling show in New York since Hogan and Andre Zbsyzko and Bruno main evented Shea Stadium? No WWWF/WWF/WWE show will have sold this many tickets in the homebase since then. That's fucking mad.
  2. "Fire to continue? Did that about 10 minutes ago mate."
  3. Music is about taste and feeling. Not journos listing songs they feel you have to like. 36 hours by John Cooper Clarke, the theme from Maid Marion and Her Merry Men and Sonny's Lettah by Linton Kwesi Johnson arent in it I assume?
  4. Rik Mayall and Norm Macdonald are the only two celebrities that I tended to go "I wonder what they are up to at the minute?" during the day. I loved those two so much, and gave me every emotion a comic could give you. I'm going to miss Norm so much. I've missed him for a while now as it is, with his podcast going down the shitter. But to know we'll never get any new material is genuinely sad. I loved him so much.
  5. Well, so what? What's wrong with being sexy?
  6. I remember UFO was on Sky Movies when I was at school, and this joke has stuck with me ever since. Cant remember fuck all else, but do recall this inspired bit of dialog. Chubby to his wife: "Give me 50p for the metre." Wife: "why have you never got any money on you. You're spending it on another women arent you?" Chubby: "You find me a woman I can fuck for 50 pence and you can have a divorce tomorrow."
  7. North East. His manour. He was massive up here. I think he was a big deal in Blackpool as well.
  8. Chubby was a hustler for years. Like a racist Colt Cabana. Or basically like a modern Jim Cornette. His casssette tapes would be in the market and would be gone as soon as they hit the shelf. His VHS tapes were out every year and be up there with Friends and Nick Hancock's Hilariously Stupid Sliding Tackles as best sellers. Its crazy, but he used to be a massive underground name. Sell out shows everywhere. His comedy albums were massive as well. He had a fanbase, like ICP. Where there's obviously something wrong with them, but money is money. About 3 years ago he was advertised my a pub round our way, and I thought "that's it for him then. You cant sink lower than that." But the recent rise of "it's PC gone mad" has got him back in the fold. The thing is, he's fucking 76 and had some of his voice box removed due to cancer. At this stage of the game, any publicity for him is good. Who can honestly say they knew he was still going in 2021 without this little uproar? He had great delivery in fairness. "I caught the landlord this morning nicking towels off the guests" and "I like to prepare for my mother-in-law coming round by scraping the letters off the Welcome mat" are as clean as he gets.
  9. I think its up there with the Bash 89, WM X7 and MITB 2011 as all timers. It was non-stop the whole night. Big Show coming out was like "cheers, I could do with 5 minutes." The pacing of the card was genius. Punk, Bryan, the Elite, Jon Moxley, MJF, Darby, there's some big name players on this roster. Endless posibilities.
  10. You can see his brain ticking over when shirtless chap turns his back going "I can do whatever I like now" just before the kick. He could have left it, punched him, anything. Its fascinating seeing the decision making process in front of your eyes.
  11. I'm absolutely gone at that @Devon Malcolm This in the replies almost finished me off.
  12. Anyone else just think its mad there's a national televised promotion holding a sold out card at the Sears Centre with a stacked card that includes Punk headlining and Bryan and Flair maybe showing up? A few years ago that would have been impossible to think of. Even All In was a bit of a novelty supercard with nobody really thinking much will come from it.
  13. The Simpsons, Star Trek, WWF, Dream Team, I think Sky One was on the full Sunday in our house.
  14. My Princess Diana tweet went fucking mad in the last half hour. I have no idea why. I've only just started a new account after getting banned for some unknown reason, so fuck knows why this is doing so well. Its recycled shite in fairness. w
  15. Sunshine of Your Love by Cream has always made me want to chuck.
  16. Keep your story straight at least.
  17. Funny you bring this up, because a feed of "greatest football comebacks" came up on the youtube feed today, and Noble scored twice against United in that game Rooney told the camera to "fuck off." He's a phantom scorer. One of those blokes who scores a penalty and you're so pissed off West Ham are 1-0 up you dont recognise its him.
  18. Just watched all 9 seasons of it from start to finish. Still holds up. Just an unreal show that people need in their lives. Discuss it.
  19. Odd turn of events. I guess he'll be starting this up soon then.
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