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  1. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Any Forest fans on here? Barnsley have just signed former Forest full back Dani Pinillos and just wondered if he was any good?
  2. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    That was great. Fucking love Triple H!
  3. Which of your favourite wrestlers looked best when...

    I loved the Warrior's look around and at 'Mania VII. From the Sensational Sherri promo when he had the Stars and Stripes leather jacket thing on to the gear he wore to the ring and during the retirement match was the quintessential late 80's/Early 90's pro wrestler look for me... Saying that though Rick Rude had some cracking looks during his time. I can't decide which I like best, but it's a toss up between the tights with Jake Robert's bird on them or the ones with his name on the front and Warrior's face on his arse.
  4. Who'll be 2018's breakout star?

    I can see Elias Samson having a cracking year and climbing up the card. The bloke has got a fantastic thing going with his "rock concert-eque" pre match shtick and his comic timing has been great in the later part of 2017. Add to it that he isn't bad at all bell to bell and has a decent look on him, and his future is bright(in my opinion, of course..)
  5. Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.

    Fingers crossed a spell of inactivity Shawn Micheals style is enough for her to heal up enough to continue with the profession she is obviously loves. If it is true that she has to hang up her boots, then a role at the performance centre would surely be a good fit...
  6. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Thats made me chuckle! I always thought the TV phone in's were broadcast of a 10 second delay or something to give them chance to mute the swearing...
  7. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Any of you good people have any experience of travelling into Greece(or more specifically Santorini) with controlled prescription drugs? I'm travelling to Santorini for a wedding in May, and being disabled I will need to take some controlled prescription drugs with me(Morphene/MST) and the recent case of that bird that took Tramadol into Egypt has scared me shitless. The travel agency says that I just need a signed letter from my doctor, but I don't want to risk having them took off me in the airport as I would be in a right state for the week. So what I'm asking I suppose is, is the travel agents right or are they going to get me banged up in Greece?
  8. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    Are there any websites that confirm what lies have been told in wrestlers autobiographies? I'd love to check if some of the anecdotes are bullshit as I read them...
  9. UKFF Photography Thread

    Never heard of Gurushots, but after having a browse at it, it looks right up my street. Cheers! @Chest Rockwell I've just changed the format to raw, so will give Photos a go tonight and see how I get on. I got a copy of Luminar 2018 last night, and it looks decent enough, especially for batch editing. Would prefer to use Apples own software if possible though as it seems to run a lot smoother on my Macbook...
  10. UKFF Photography Thread

    Well, got my DSLR on Christmas Day, and still have no idea how to get the best out of it(but I'm sure that will come with experience and many binges on Youtube videos!). Not had chance to get out anywhere to take any interesting shots yet, but will in the next few days. Was wondering though, what photo editing software folk recommend? I use a Mac and have had a play with the "Photos" app, but it doesn't seem to be very in depth, inless I'm missing something?
  11. I watched mother! last night, and agree with everything you said! Must admit, I didn't get all the metaphors were while watching it(Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer's characters specially), but everything just clicked with me about an hour later while laid in bed thinking about it. Trouble is, I then spent almost every minute of the night running the film and it's metaphors and messages through my head and I'm now completely fucked and struggling to keep my self awake...
  12. The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    I was going to put it together myself, but knew that with how busy I'll be with work after Christmas the kit will just be sat gathering dust. At least with buying it made I can just plug it in and have a quick game or two when I fancy it. From looking at the sites forums, it has RetroPi on it, so if I put that "Reys128" image on a SD card, will the games just be available to play(as in plug and play)?
  13. The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    Got my Pi Arcade system today, but the other half won't let me have it until Christmas Morning, so I can't comment on how it plays yet unfortunatly. But I've got another question of the Pi experts on here. On the site I got it from, https://www.piretrogaming.com/shop/ , It has a number of different options to buy, each with different emulators etc. The one I've got is the Arcade 16 model(https://www.piretrogaming.com/product/arcade/). Was just thinking though, If I got another SD card(say a 128gb), and controller would I be able to install and play a PS1 emulator?
  14. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    My interest in Premier League football is almost non-existence these days to be honest. I used to watch every match Sky showed and watch Match of the Day religiously. But since the money involved whet from astronomical to downright fucking stupid, it jut leaves a foul taste in my mouth now. It's even started in the Championship now though too. I've mentioned it a few times, but I'm born and bread in Barnsley, and support the team passionately. I'll never stop following them, but it's heart breaking seeing that most teams we play have multiple players that cost more than out entire squad and earning 20x our players. The entire game is just getting more and more unbalanced. The billionaires and Billy Beane who have purchased us said in yesterdays press conference(their first as owners) that they thought the chance to buy us too good to be true as we were one of the best run clubs in Europe(and they had looked as some poorly run clubs). Now bear in mind that the previous owner had to invest £17m of his own money to keep us going over a 6 year period. Just let that sink in. One of Europes best run clubs had lost £17m over 6 years. Football is fooked! Theres a bit of a saying on the clubs main forum; "Love Barnsley, Hate Football", which really sums up my feelings at the minute...