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  1. Cod Eye


    I could honestly see them putting her over one of the WCW guys for the WCW title during the invasion, if she had signed back on with them that is. It would be a chance for them to make the first female "world" champion, and a chance for Vince to further show how his show was better than the WCW's 'rasslin.
  2. Christ, I'd have full on fallen in love with her if she taught at my school! There would have been teen hormones racing all over!
  3. There is a random Aussie company selling Barnsley ones, and I would imagine they do lots of other teams too...
  4. It's true, we still all stop what we're doing and point when a plane passes overheard...
  5. I had that one too. Brilliant booking!
  6. Cod Eye

    Disney Plus

    I think I only pay £2.50 per month for Netflix through Sky. It was a no brainer to move my account to them rather than pay Netflix direct. I get Disney+ for free at the minute as I got it with a purchase I made somewhere, but I think I was that it's slightly cheaper if you buy it through Sky too(don't quote me on that though, as it may have just been a new customer offer).
  7. Looks like I'll be getting the mandatory shielding letter again. Honestly not worried about myself though, it's the effect things will have on my kids that are tearing me up. My eldest, 17, has been looking for an electrical or plumbing apprenticeship but nobody is setting on(understandably), and this news will make it even harder. Then there is his health. When he left school last year he was way overweight, topping out at 18 stone at one point. Once the gyms opened again, he got into the weights and deadlifting and has dropped to 13 stone quickly and feels great. Now the gyms will be shut ag
  8. Just got off a zoom meeting with my 7 year olds headteacher. He's told us she can still go to school even if they have to shut like last time. Massive weight of my shoulders as the March one really messed her up. She's going through early puberty and had to stop her hormone blockers for a huge chunk of the first lockdown, so was emotional as it was, but not having the routine of school has left a lasting impression on her mental health, and I've got a feeling she will be feeling it for years. At least now we don't have to worry about the same thing happening...
  9. Cod Eye


    This sort of thing really boils my piss. If you order PPV porn, own up to it and pay the fucking bill, Norman!
  10. Worlds Strongest Man: Greatest Ever... Think Ken Patera was on it too...
  11. Did you watch the WSM documentary that was on over Christmas? It featured a young Tom McGee competing before his Stampede/Bret making him look like a mega-star days. You could see why Vince would get a stiffy over him. He had everything Vince was looking for in those days(barring wresting ability, obviously)...
  12. Ignore, please. Shit attempt at a joke...
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