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  1. Sorry about quoting this so late, but I have only just caught up with this topic. In one of the early "Secret Footballer" books, he goes into detail about something similar. Basically, he says that many (british)managers wont trust black players to play in the more creative, playmaker roles as they believe black players don't possess the intelligence to play there. I remember at the time thinking that it was bullshit, but when discussing it with the lads in the pub, Toure was the only black "playmaker" type player we could think of(at the time)
  2. For me, unless they book a huge dream match/bring one of the big name veterans back, it doesn't really make a difference who is champion or who they feud with. WWE have told us for decades now that the name on the marquee is WWE, and your buying a ticket for a WWE show, rather than the names who appear on it. I can't think of a single full time contracted name they have who would make me think "shit, I HAVE to make sure I see that match"!
  3. Everytime they make one of these docs with the 'Mania 9 backstage footage, it reminds me just how much I'd love a feature length "The Making of Wrestlemania 9" documentary.
  4. I always think the response of "I'm going to fucking sue you" to allegations like this is just as low as the alleged crime, and makes you look an ver bigger, heartless cunt.(unless it's an obvious attempt to gain financially by the accuser). If someone built up the guts to make an allegation like that against me(especially if the thing was done innocently, or part of a miss-judged prank etc), the last thing I would want to do is make threats and effect them even more. Why didn't the Knights, who as we all know are on here(or Ricky is anyway), reach out to AVM via PM and see what the full story was Rather than just put statements and videos up abusing the lad? I've never met the Knights, or been to their shows(that I know of anyway). All I know of them is what I saw on the documentary and the movie(which was not meant to be 100% factually accurate). I also have never met AVM, so I'm commenting on this completely neutral.
  5. Just waiting for the post to deliver it. Can't wait! The story of the original was one of the best I've ever played...
  6. It's a shame his back was fucked when the WWF went with Bret as champion. An in his prime Perfect, Bret and HBK(and maybe Owen Hart too) all working together in main event programs could have produced some brilliant matches.
  7. I'd just moved into a house with my (at the time) Mrs, and were in the habit of having huge, fuck off all day piss up's there during the summer. We heard about this Live 8 thing, though it was going to be our generation's Live Aid, so went out and spent a fortune on an outdoor projector and sound system and invited every fucker we knew. Christ, it was heartbreaking how shit it turned out to be. Everyone(there was 36 of us crammed into the garden if I have counted right) was at our's had started on the ale an hour or so earlier to get in the mood and were buzzing by the time it started. Then, it took all of 10 minutes to realise how shit it was going to be. One by one, everyone gradually drifted off into the house or a different part of the garden and from memory the only time anyone looked back at the screen was when Robbie Williams did his bit(and then it was only the women). Absolute shite...
  8. The only thing about toy advertising I could think of, was from the US. At one point the toy companies had really strict regulations on when/where they could advertise, but is was relaxed in(I want to say) the early 80's? That's when we started to get the Transformers, He-Man and other cartoons of that ilk that were only made to sell the toys(before becoming a big thing in their own rights). Over here, there was a big cracking down on advertising shit food to kids that's already been mentioned, but that's all I remember. McDonald's were talking about scrapping the toys in Happy Meals around the time they had that huge "health" push when they started with the salads that had more fat in them than the burgers, when their business was reportedly very close to going under. I remember something about the toy component of the meal being worth 49p(or something around there), and you either having the option to not have the toy at all, or being able to buy the toy without the meal for ten bob(this may be something I mis-remembered though).
  9. I loved Boycott(it's written into the law that all Yorkhiremen have to love Boycott) as a cricketer, and used to enjoy his to the bone commentary too so this will be a big miss for me. The brilliant wind up by Aggers regarding his 100th hundred was brilliant. TMS at it's best...
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