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  1. To be fair, that is tantamount to saying having AIDS is worse than Ebola...
  2. I was just thinking exactly the same! I just don't get why anyone, on a forum where you can call yourself anything and thus have total anonymity, why someone who had been publicly shamed like this numpty has would post under his real name? It's got to be arrogance, hasn't it?
  3. I used to cringe like fuck every time I saw that pun used.
  4. Just got home from a day on Headingley's Western Terrace(they can shove the new name up their arses, it will always be the 'Tarrace to me!). I'm pissed, a bit on the sun burnt side and still buzzing after an amazing day and one of the best innings I have ever seen in any format! Best thing is, we were going to chuck the towel in and go to the pub after the 9th wicket went, and it was only the fact one of the lads had gone to the bar to get a round in that we stopped. Imagine, sitting there all day and fucking off and missing that ending!
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