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  1. Really please to see some love for What We Do In The Shadows! Along with the film it is based on, I am a huge fan!
  2. Completely agree with this. A transfer ban might be a huge blessing in disguise for Chelsea if they give the likes of Mount and Abraham a go and they step up.
  3. I'll be following the 'Posh's fortunes for the next few years as my brother-in-law has signed for them. From what I can gather, their fans don't seem to care about his past "indiscretions"...
  4. School concerts, harvest festivals and Christmas plays. I get a shiver every time one of the kids bring a letter inviting us to a school show they are putting on. It's usually 2 minutes of pleasure(well, pride might be the better word) while your kids are doing their bit, then an hour and a half of random kids you don't know doing shit singing and dancing.
  5. I downloaded every episode back to the one in '64. It's fascinating stuff seeing how they all developed from kids with daft dreams to the people they are now...
  6. One of my holy grails would be to get the entire run of "Freddy's Nightmares" in a nice sparkling, cleaned up format on DVD or BR. I already have them all on a fan made set I purchased years ago, and while a good few of them look really good for a TV series made and broadcast in the 80's, most of them are VHS rips and look shit...
  7. The long running joke on the Barnsley forum when it comes to transfer rumours is "I've just seen a Merc in the club car park with the registration "M355 1"(or insert random players name in the form of a personalised registration), must be Messi discussing terms!" It's been going on years and started with the almost yearly rumour we were after Derek Riordon(reg R10 DON)...
  8. Well, it's back to the Championship for the Super Reds this coming season, and back to trying to compete with clubs getting millions in parachute payments/clubs spending millions they don't have while we try and run at break even at least. It's early days, but I think we're back to hoping that there is 3 worse clubs in the division, while we try and consolidate for a few years...
  9. I'm going to go slightly off piste with my choice, but it is the death of proper old school markets that I miss. Being from Barnsley, we had a shit hot one back in the day and it was a pure treasure trove of random toys and things as a kid. I always used to go in town with my old Nanan on a Saturday, and if I was good(ie went shopping without moaning) she would take me a a certain stall on the indoor market that sold all the toys that were obviously produced with high hopes, but didn't really take off. I'm talking Visionaries, Bucky O'Hare, Toxic Crusader and Beatlejuice. All cartoons I used to watch on C4 or the like back in the day, but who's toys were not really available in the big toy shops. Best thing is, they were practically giving them away at between £1 and £4 a go, so I cold get more than one. What else does a kid need?
  10. Cod Eye

    Hot Drinks

    Never been fussy when it comes to coffee. Always have coffee until about half 11 in the morning and any old shite will do, as long as it has some milk and a sugar in. Tea on the other had, has to be a cup of Yorkshire Tea, made so it's almost dark orange in colour. Anything else and if feels like the water has only been showed the teabag and tastes like witches piss. At a football match though, it has to be a cup of overpriced Bovril with a few sachets of black pepper in(and obviously served so hot it would melt a small child if spilt on them...)
  11. Can anyone explain the randomer who sauntered into the rumble thing and did the daft kick thing with Tommy Dreamer please? The crowd seemed to like it, but it went so far over my head it's unbelievable...
  12. I must be honest, I hope they stick with having their PPV's on a Saturday night rather than the traditional Sunday ones. Just seems so much convenient to the fans over here to watch it live without having to worry about getting up for work tomorrow(obviously not everyone has Sundays off, but I bet it's a decent chunk of the population).
  13. Does anyone know if the Pre-Show is being shown on the FITE app?
  14. Yeah, I saw that! Just makes me chuckle, as last week there were reports claiming China were trying to persuade him to represent them, as his other grandmother(or great-grandmother, can't remember which) was from there).
  15. Barnsley have 4 players in that Welsh squad, which is a bit of a record for the club. Looks like Wales might be doing the old Republic of Ireland trick though and selecting anyone half decent who might have had a holiday in Rhyl or Clarach Bay when they were kids, as I'm pretty sure Keiffer Moore has never been Welsh!
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