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  1. I've never watched a single episode of Supernatural, so can't comment. I do quite like True Blood though. It's just pure, daft easy to watch TV. Perfect for taking your mind off shit...
  2. They are up on the usual torrent sites, but like you, ive not noticed them on any streaming places. I've got copies of both, so if there was a way I could get them to you, let me know and I'll do it....
  3. I got a copy of that the other day. Not got around to watching it yet but it does look interesting. If it's by the same folk that made "In Search of Darkness", the one about 80's horror then I'm sure it will be a good watch!
  4. I'm considering making the X-Files my next binge watch. I'm halfway through True Blood now, and it was a toss up between X-Files and Supernatural(which I've never seen)..
  5. I honestly beleive Threads is the most terrifying piece of film making I have ever seen. We first had to watch it at school in English and it scared me shitless. Even to this day, every time I see military planes flying over head, I get flash backs to the scene where they are flying over Sheffield and no-one has any idea what is actually happening. I think living so close to where it is set made it even more scary to us, too.
  6. I remember when he was our big, marque signing a few years back. He turned up about 7 stone over weight, got injured in his first friendly that kept him out until Christmas. He then came off the bench to make his debut, only to be booked 30 seconds later and not touch the ball for the rest of the game, before dissapearing and never been seen at the club again. Happy days!
  7. Cod Eye


    As someone who's partner HAD to use powderd milk for their kids, I now feel totally wank that we elected to use SMA Gold, which is manufactured by Nestle. Bringing them up does bring up the old, over done argument about ethics and drugs again though, doesn't it? I mean, Nestle target vulnrable communities for profit knowing the mothers there would become dependant on it and it went on to cause the death of an untold number of infants. Don't the opiate producing cartels do a very similar thing, albeit in a more direct, less fraudulant manner(they don't try and pillock people that the drugs are medically better for them)? They target vulnerable people to get them hooked on a product they usually can't afford, which leads to a huge number of deaths? Obviously, if we don't want to discuss that in here, let me know and I'll edit the post. I just found their ways to market very similar...
  8. Barnsley. The Shops(Supermarkets included) opened Monday to Saturday normal opening hours. The Outdoor markets would open Tuesday(second hand market) Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and would open for a car boot style one on sunday morning untill 11am. Resteraunts and Take-aways would open on Sundays thougg. I'd forgotten about them. Obviously there were exceptions, but even when the supermarkets started opening Sundays and 24 hours it was always the individuals choice to decide if they wanted to work it(and get the double and sometimes treble time that came with it). Even when they started to build the big call centres on the old, reclaimed pit land they originally recruited for Monday - Friday staff with weekends being overtime. As we all know though, the businesses got wise to it and started to stipulate that a weekend day was part of their contract and they got a day off in the week.
  9. You might not be a million miles off with this. We were on about something similar in the pub on Boxing Day, actually. When we first started going in pubs in '94/'95 ish(we were 13 and 14), the only people who worked normal hours on a Sunday and Bank Holidays were the police, fire and hospital staff(and bar staff), and if you were required to work weekends as a one off, you got double or triple time. There were no supermarkets or shops open really(barring the odd corner shop), so virtually everyone we knew would be out socialising with friends and family. The pubs were rammed full of families, with the kids all playing football outside in the beer gardens or on the play equipment they had. Then, over the space of a few years every shop and supermarket started opening 7 days(and eventually 24 hours), the call centers started popping up in the area and had you working at least one weekend day per week as part of your normal hours(no extra pay) and gradually everyones day off became staggered. Now, even getting half of us together for a bit of a chill out sesh is a nightmare.
  10. Happy new year to you too, Ralphy! Totally agree with you about this place. I'm bar far a regular poster, but there is something about the forum that makes me feel "comfortable", especially when feeling in a rut or when the old mental health is playing up. when the forum went down the last couple of times I properly felt lost, and it made me realise just how special this place can be!
  11. The problem is, shit loads of folk will rush out to pre-order 2021 just like they have all the releases in the past. I saw a graphic on Reddit or the like the other week showing just how much money the games have made for WWE since they went to the "2K" franchise, and it was huge(can't find it for the life of me now though).
  12. Who actually sits and watches that shit? If two and a half hours of a middle aged bloke ranking character faces in a crap console game is classed as entertainment these days then I'm glad the Youtube thing pretty much passed me by, and if that gets me one of those non-ironic/piss take wanky "OK Boomer" replies then so be it!
  13. Didn't he try doxing someone too, or was that someone else I'm thinking of?
  14. It's still going on mine, but changed to the old school blue dots rather than actual snowflake shapes...
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