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  1. I'd say that puts you more or less safe. I can't see Rotherham winning both the games in hand, so that would put you 6 clear with 15 to play for. I just can't see them winning 2 more games than you from the final 5. Same with Wednesday(Hope Darren Moore gets well soon, btw) and Wybombe...
  2. I can only talk for up here. My old house was at the top of a road, which had a primary school at the bottom. At drop off/pick up time, it's like wacky races with all the cars jostling for position, and very few parents walk to get the kids. Secondary schools are a bit better, but all the new schools they have built have massive car parks that are full at 3.30 pm, so I'm assuming they are picking the kids up too...
  3. I must be honest, I've said it myself many a time. Not in a "my generation is better than yours" way though. My reasoning is in a world where childhood obesity and climate change are big issues, having kids actually walking to school rather than being driven could help fight both issues.
  4. I've seen Umaga and Rusev mentioned as having the potential to be huge if they were around in the ate 70/80's. I don't agree though. In those days, it felt like every territory had their own "Samoan Savage" and evil foreigner gimmicks, and I think they would have both got lost in the shuffle. They stood out to us at the time as it had been a while since we had the Headshrinkers(for example) or an evil Russian to boo. I do like the Matt Bourne "Bourne Again" gimmick idea, though. Slot him in at the tail end of the Attitude Era, and I think he would be a solid mid-card/upper mid act.
  5. Have they ever had a wrestler that is less comfortable in the ring as Lana? It's like she's doing everything for the first time...
  6. Vlad was just there, enjoying himself watching the wrestling. You noticed him, but you noticed hm because he looked so happy to be there. The new "breed" of front row wankers go because they want to be seen. The green T-shirt nob doesn't even look like he is enjoying himself. He just sits there with a face like a smacked arse. If you're going to spunk the amount of money it takes to fly around the 'States, paying for front row tickets, then fucking enjoy yourself.
  7. You know what that means though. Even more sad sacks with too much time and money like green shirt perv will buy up the front row of every show in the hope of geing an official "Superfan".
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if she abdicated. or at least started to put plans into place to step down. By all accounts his support kept her going for years.
  9. He was part of an accy, yes...
  10. I've never ben a royalist, but the news about Price Phillip has really upset me.
  11. Is Whitley Bay still brimming with strip clubs? We used to go there a few times each year on a lads night out and the place got rougher and rougher on every visit....
  12. The list of neglectful acts they have done to clubs going through rocky times is shameful. Even where it's been the club officials themselves that have caused the issues(Bolton, Bury, Blackpool etc), they still have blood on their hands for letting the chancers take control in the first place. They don't give a shit though. As long as they are being thrown scraps from the Premier League money train and get to claim their huge expenses for visits to the worlds biggest football matches, they are happy to turn a blind eye.
  13. It just shows you how shit the EFL is. I get that some of the 10 clubs have genuinely fucked up and have a history of missing the filing date, so need the embargo applying. The clubs that are simply taking advantage of a legal extension to help them through the COVID pandemic have just had a shit more stress put on them.
  14. I'm hoping we pull off the impossible and go up to leave said party. Don't even care if the board spend money while up there and we go back down, as the money from the one season and parachute money should keep the club healthy for 15 to 20 years if they are smart...
  15. Sorry for the double post! Jest been sent a link to an article on the Mail(sorry1), where it says 10 Championship clubs were hit with a transfer embargo last month(Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Cardiff City, Coventry City, Derby County, Huddersfield Town, Luton Town, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday and Stoke City). I think Huddersfield's has been removed, but still. Nearly half of the second tier being barred from signing players. There is going to be a massive financial shit-show coming soon... Edit: Seems like 3(Huddersfield, Stoke and Luton) are just victims of the EFL
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