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  1. It was 1PW, was it? Sounds about right actually. I just remember the anecdote had whoever was representing the promotion arguing that they couldn't have got a "0" as a friend of a firend's grandma had watched it or some shit like that, anyway...
  2. I still can't believe that in this day and age, where a huge chuck of the TV's that are sold now are "smart" that the BARB system is the best way of working out a shows viewing figures. It must cost the smaller TV channels a hell of a lot of money in lost ad revenue. In fact, I'm sure I read on here that the old Wrestling Channel has a similar issue with getting a "0" rating for some of their shows, which in turn meant they couldn't pay the promotion who's show it was as officially no one watched it(I may have remembered that wrong though)...
  3. I used to buy these by the bucketload. It got to the point that Jenny, who owned the local shop, used to give me a massive box of them as a birthday gift one year. I think I gobbled the lot and threw up after...
  4. As already mentioned, back then it wasn't unknown for the WWF to ask they contracted individuals to work random shots for other indie promotions. A good number went to work for Lawler in Memphis from what I can remember, and Bret and The Bulldog went and did numerous shots for Stu's Stampede as well(didn't some go to help out Cornette at Smokey Mountain too?). From the sound of it, Vince would let them do it if the WWF would gain from it(Lawler was letting them send talent to get experience and also scouting talent for them, and the Stampede shots was to help build heat for when the WWF ventur
  5. That's a great photo! Two polar opposites in style, but both masters of their art locked in battle...
  6. Really gutted at this news. When I think back to the WWF boom in the early 90's, it was seeing LOD on a a huge poster for sale in a shop that caught my attention and made me wan't to buy some WWF videos to see what it was all about. The two big, fuck off monsters with the massive spiked shoulder pads and face paint just embodies everything that attracted me to the sport/show. RIP Animal, hope you get the big Road Warriors "pop" at the pearly gates(or whee ever he ends up!_
  7. Fair enough. I'm happy to band £10 towards it, if there is enough interest and the admins are happy to implement it...
  8. I've been hoping for a dark mode or dark theme for a long, long time. I'd be happy to chuck some more money in if the dark themes @Ronniementioned cost more...
  9. Nearly everyone I've seen that does this sort of thing seem to have a nasty streak and seem to want an excuse to get violent. I've been watching the 24 Hours in Police Custody series recently, and there is an episode where one of these groups pose as a 13 year old and set up a meet with an old bloke. Now, the nonce is a complete cunt who deserves to go down for a long time, but because they live streamed it and hadn't told the police until he turned up, dozens and dozens of locals recognised the car park and descended on it, and proceeded to kick the shit out of him. Some might say he mor
  10. Moaning about the camera work and direction has been done to death, but I'll never understand their thinking when it comes to putting out a product like this. I always thought the idea of having a hard camera, supplemented with a few hand helds was to allow the viewer at home to get an idea of the orientation of what is happening where in the ring/ringside area. Jump to a handheld shot for a while, but allow the viewer enough time to get their bearings before going back to the hard camera again. By constantly jumping from shot to shot like this, you have no idea of what or where you're ac
  11. I've always been emotionally torn by these nonce hunting groups that are all over social media. On one hand, they are doing the job the police should be doing and exposing a very real danger that exists amongst us, but the reports that criminal cases are collapsing due to them making the meets public by live streaming them means that the danger is being allowed back into the community to potentially do it again makes it all a futile effort. I just wish they would fuck off with the live streaming, and just catch them and take them to the police. Everybody is happy then(except the perv). I
  12. You maybe right! I hope he does end up back at Spurs. A front 3 of of Kane, Bale and Son could be brilliant if they can get the supply to them right(as already mentioned, allowing Ali to play deeper could go along way to achieving this). I still think they are missing a top drawer left back though(Davies is solid, but I thing they need better than just solid) and they still need to find a way to replace the assists they lost when Eriksen went if they want to be in the conversation for a Champion's League spot.
  13. Bale is a great player who if motivated would make almost every team in the world better. Is he still motivated though? For £300k a week it a huge risk, and if he flops and spends more time on the putting green that football pitch I think the likes of Harry Kane will be fucking fuming. If he produces though and actually provides Kane with more scoring chances, I'm sure he will be happy with his ~£200k a week...
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