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  1. I don't think I'll ever forget that summer. I was 14, drinking heavily(i.e. a 2l bottle of White Lightening a night! Hardcore) and playing Thee Lions on what felt like a perpetual repeat. The tournament had averthing you could want, and I also STILL think Gazza is going to get his toe on that cross in the semi against Germany. I only put the Gazza goal vs Scotland on the other day for my kids to watch and it hasn't aged a bit...
  2. I thought it was great, personally. With how split the country has been over that past few years, it it was brilliant to see everyone united in something, even if it was only for a few minutes.
  3. My eldest lad has just used his daily excercise to nip up and see me(through the window!), and fetched me a few essentials. He's said that all the shops and chemists he's past have queues out side(all spaced out to be fair) and are operating a one in, one out system, or in the case of the chemists, they have a desk set up at the door with a pharmasist in mask and gloves serving one at a time. Looks like people are FINALLY starting to realise how bad this is and take it seriously...
  4. Has anyone here signed up as a vaulenteer for the NHS? I'd be there like a shot if I could..
  5. Really sorry to hear that news, neil. This fucking virus, and the dickheads who tare still actively ignoring the social distancing rules can fuck off now.
  6. Cheers David, mate! It's probably the hardest thing I've ever been asked to do, but I'd rather have three months on only seeing the kids through a glass window than put myslef at risk of never seeing them again.
  7. Because I'm classified as "at risk" and live alone now. My GP ordered me to do the full 12 week lockdown, so I can't have my kids here incase they are carrying it.
  8. We're fucked, aren't we? "I've had my life, so if I get it and die, so what?"(paraphrased). Yeah, fuck it that you might infect and kill countless people who have not "lived their lives" and actually have empathy for others, you're ok aren't you, you toxic old cunt! Sorry, that really made me mad! I'm locked away at home for going on 3 months, only seeing my kids, family and friends fleetingly through the window, or via video call and these fucknuts have an attitude like that...
  9. That's the thing the company I mentioned is using to justify it's continued opening. The staff are essential to the company. It's a division of a huge, multi-national company so can't imagine it wouldn't qualify for help from the governments funds they announce. Also, from what I can see, their biggest costomers either have, or have planned to close their doors too.
  10. There are a good number of manufacturing businesses around my way that have told staff they have to work as normal, or claim SSP(they won't apply for the 80% furlough payments on their behalfs). These are not what anyone would call "essential"(one is a huge door factory that employs hundreds of people). It's just asking for trouble...
  11. My step-dad and his kids/grandkids are plumbers, and they have been told they can continue to work as normal. The issues seem to be that all the big materials suppliers are either closed or have said they are closing this week. So if anyone's boiler packs in, they can go look at it, but getting parts is going to be a nightmare!
  12. You're all right, of course! Thanks to you all for putting my mind at rest a little...
  13. I've got a few mates that have agreed to do some runs to the shops for me now. The problem I have is I hate putting people out, and I feel I'm putting them at extra risk by them doing some shopping for me. I suppose that's the way of the world at the minute though...
  14. I'm officially on the full 12 week lockdown down, following a phone call from my GP. I'm completelly gutted, and to make matters worse, I can't get a delivery slot from any of the Supermarkets round here untill the ned of April by the looks of things.
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