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  1. More wrestlers today are likely to have had experience in MMA, or at least some genuine combat sport, not just putting on the gloves and playing armchair expert like Undertaker. It's not like he was even an ex-college wrestler, he was a basketball player who ended up wrestling because he's tall. If he'd wanted to be a legitimate fighter in the days pre-UFC, he could have been a boxer, he could have tried his hands at any number of legitimate martial arts disciplines, but he didn't. He became a showman, got a massive inferiority complex that he wasn't a UFC guy, so started doing a dogshit trian
  2. JR could still have things to offer as an agent or talent scout, or doing interviews, and there's no harm in letting him do the odd big match. But as a full-time announcer, he actively detracts from the show. If it's familiarity they want, Schiavone can fill that role, with ten times the enthusiasm, ten times the likeability, and with more continuity in terms of wrestling on TNT. Tazz was commentating on Smackdown twenty years ago, so he can offer familiarity as well. I think Mike Tenay has said he's retired now, but I also don't think there's a role for him that isn't covered by Excalibu
  3. I meant to end my post on a point like this; it shows how great and valuable guys like Tracy Smothers were, and Ricky Morton and Dustin Rhodes are, to recognise the trends in the business and work with them rather than against them, as it puts them in a much better position for younger talent to learn from them.
  4. Agreed on that point, the epitome of "tell, don't show". What makes it worse is that he's heralded as The Greatest Of All Time, so now we have a company full of people doing what Michaels did once or twice with some narrative weight behind it, only they're doing it ten times a match for no reason. It's Dolph Ziggler doing the "skinning the cat" spot four times in a single Rumble, or Roman Reigns saying out loud "this isn't the same Drew McIntyre I beat before!" like no human has ever spoken, rather than trusting that their wrestling match will be good enough to tell the story itself.
  5. This is absolutely true. Shawn Michaels was a "spot monkey" who couldn't tell a story, Ric Flair was making a mockery of wrestling by bumping too much for a champion, Hulk Hogan would never last because a babyface shouldn't throw punches, Lou Thesz and Karl Gotch thought Harley Race was too acrobatic and over the top to be believable. I read a wrestling history book released in the mid-30s, and the author bemoaned then that the wrestlers of the day were too flashy and acrobatic and more concerned with a good show than a fair fight - Jim Londos didn't know how to work, he was no Frank Gotch, br
  6. He's spent the better part of 25 years desperately trying to convince people that he's an MMA hard man and not a bloke in a shit drag queen's make-up pretending to be a zombie wizard. It's such an inferiority complex that he thought wrestlers were the public face of hard man fighters, and then UFC came along and suddenly they've got their backs up against the wall and you get knackered old showmen saying, "well, if UFC was around back then we'd have all done it instead of wrestling". The "everyone just plays video games now" argument has been around for decades. Kane was one of the guys
  7. Weirdly, the 96 Rumble is one of my early memories too - for years I had a false memory of a Rumble with two identical twin sumo wrestlers in it, where one was eliminated but got back in and the ref couldn't tell which one was legal. All I can figure is that a kid I amalgamated the Headhunters' brief appearance and Yokozuna into a single gimmick. But I can't have seen the whole show, unless Sky did air it mid-afternoon at some point. So I assume they must have just played part of the match on one of the highlight shows.
  8. There's also Warrior's independent run between WWF stints that saw him face Ulf Herman in 1995!
  9. Or that she probably learned how to do all of that at the state of the art wrestling training facility she's contracted to attend multiple times a week, and that someone who's been wrestling for three years probably has some sense of how to land a move without her boyfriend's help?
  10. Even aside from all the rolling back of Trump legislation and reinstating Obama-era decisions, they've committed to a restoration of the Voting Rights Act, and are introducing an Act that bolsters that with a ton of new measures designed to make voter registration and voting easier and more accessible, impose restrictions and heightened transparency on campaign funding, and severely restrict corporate donations. Equality and civil rights legislation will vastly improve under the Democrats compared to under the current Republican party too. I have very little time for the "both sides are t
  11. I bought my copy of Metal Gear Solid in Holland; everything was in English, but the box art was different (and maybe the manual was in Dutch? Can't remember). The box art didn't have the requisite screenshot on it, so even after spending forever trying to figure out how to get the number from the in-game box item before realising it meant the physical box, I was still none the wiser. Didn't have the internet to check, so again had to dial through every frequency. I think Meryl's was a reasonably early one, though, so it didn't take too long. I've been playing Jurassic World: E
  12. Onita was interviewed on Vice's other wrestling show, when they did a deathmatch episode, so it may be that they already have the contacts. There's a lot in there that could make for a really fun episode, I'm probably looking forward to that one most of all.
  13. Yeah, their idea was that WWE.com would become the one-stop shop for all wrestling news. Obviously didn't last. After Lo Down discussion in the Rumble thread - D'Lo Brown being brought back in 2008! He mostly worked dark matches and house shows, but had a run of TV matches against Santino that I have absolutely zero memory of. Similarly, the Headbangers making three random Smackdown appearances in 2016.
  14. Cagematch doesn't have either Rajah or Bajah as a pseudonym for D'Lo, so it really seems like a weird memory hole thing. I've seen someone suggest that they used that name in a match on Heat or something, but I can't see any evidence of it anywhere.
  15. I don't think they had become Rajah and Bajah yet (I actually have no memory of that at all!) - they were a generic undercard tag team called Lo Down, and had a fun finish where Chaz would do a superplex, followed by D'Lo's Frog Splash. I'd only just started watching again, and thought they were pretty good, but when they got paired with Tiger Ali Singh it was a death sentence for them.
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