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  1. BomberPat

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    Trying to dig into non-wrestlers who have only had single digit number of matches... Mauro Ranallo > Timothy Flowers > Bad News Allen > Bret Hart > Jerry Lawler Gene Okerlund > Daniel Bryan (!) > Jerry Lawler Grant Holt > Sweet Saraya > Joey Ryan > Jerry Lawler Dave Benson-Phillips > Martina > Joey Ryan > Jerry Lawler
  2. BomberPat

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    Kemonito > Guapito > Mascarita Sagrada > Octagoncito > Rey Misterio Jr > Daniel Bryan > Jerry Lawler So that's five, though it's a circuitous route, and may well be able to cut out at least two links in there if I had more time, and if I could be certain which Mascarita Sagrada was involved, there's potential to cut it down to three for sure.
  3. BomberPat

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    I'm presently only working off Cagematch, as boredom at work will take me that far, but not as far as digging through the archives, and Cagematch isn't great at historical results. Farmer Burns can also get you to Ed "Strangler" Lewis, and if we count managers in this, then it's as simple as Farmer Burns > Ed Lewis > Lou Thesz > Jerry Lawler. Stanislaus Zbyszko also connects you to Frank Gotch, which means that even Gotch and Hackenschmidt are at worst a Lawler number of 5.
  4. BomberPat

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    I don't think I've found anyone yet that's more than a 3, 4 at a push, without digging way back. I could get to Lawler in 3 or 4 from Gorgeous George and from Jim Londos, and hadn't really dug much further back than that. If you can get there from Farmer Burns, that's pretty much going to tie up most of the 20th Century! Johnny Saint can get there via Daniel Bryan, which puts him at a 2, and opens up most World of Sport era British lightweights that might not have also been covered by Big Daddy, as well as opening up more connections worldwide via his run in Michinoku Pro, and a step removed from Finlay, Dave Taylor, Dynamite Kid, Satoru Sayama etc. The most obscure I can think of is to go for, for example, the Chinese wrestlers in OWE, most of whom don't even have a Cagematch profile. But then the majority of them have only had a handful of matches, and even then, some of them can be connected via Bandido & Flamita to Pentagon/Fenix to Joey Ryan to Jerry Lawler, or via CIMA to Rey Mysterio Jr to any number of people who have faced Lawler.
  5. BomberPat

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    Roland Bock has faced Fujinami and Andre The Giant, so he would have a Lawler number of 2!
  6. BomberPat

    Official Darts Thread

    Dredging up the darts thread after more than a year of non-activity, sure. I was staying in a hotel on Saturday, had every intention to catch a couple of hours' sleep as soon as I checked in, but switched the telly on and caught the final of the BDO women's World Championship on Quest TV (what?). Darts is pretty much the only sport that I will be utterly transfixed by if it's on the telly, so had to watch it. Did anyone else catch it? Honestly the most astonishing game of darts I've ever watched. Mikuru Suzuki beat Lorraine Winstanley 3-0, throwing a 90 average, two back-to-back 180s, only lost two legs in the final, and didn't drop a single set in any of her games leading up to. Just absolutely unstoppable. Apparently her background is in soft-tip, and according to Wiki she's only been competing since 2016, so it's mindblowing quite how good she is. I've never particularly followed the ladies' game, but definitely going to be keeping an eye on whenever I can catch her playing, she's just become my new favourite player. Also, it led to Paul Nicholson on commentary saying, "the only comparison I can think of is a wrestler jumping from New Japan to the WWE, entering the Royal Rumble and winning at Wrestlemania", to complete bemusement from the other commentators.
  7. BomberPat

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    Yeah, Lucha is his missing link - he doesn't seem to have ever worked Mexico. But, again, via Mil Mascaras you can reach most of the big name "classic" luchadores. And while the Mascaras that did a stretcher job in Memphis might have not been the real deal, he and Lawler wrestled to a draw in Dallas, and both entered the 1997 Royal Rumble, so we've still got him there, with the '97 Rumble also connecting him to other AAA names. The Joey Ryan match also keeps Lawler only a step removed from Lucha Underground, so that will connect him to a lot of the present day lucha scene.
  8. BomberPat

    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    Grey Dog don't own EWR, and by all accounts Adam Ryland no longer has the source code either, so it would need to be rebuilt from the ground up.
  9. BomberPat

    Alex Jones is going down

    Honestly, that's the danger here. Alex Jones is the head of the snake, and there's a lot of dark money and sinister interests behind him, or just happy to make money exploiting the dupes who listen to him. We should be worried about who steps up to replace him, and to what extent they're able to weaponise the "silencing" of Alex Jones.
  10. BomberPat

    The Best Pop Song Of All Time

    Biology is an absolute banger and, importantly, utterly mental. It feels like they got halfway through writing three different songs, and just smashed them all together and clocked off early. Like a girl group Mr. Bungle. "Glass Of Champagne" is a hell of a shout, too. The actual right answer to this is "Young Hearts Run Free" by Candi Staton, though.
  11. BomberPat

    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    Recently got a new phone, so can actually play games without it eating the battery to death in ten minutes like it did on the old one. I've only got a few, and they're pretty much all bobbins, though. I've got the mobile Katamari game, but don't think much of it. Strays too far from the original premise, and lacks a lot of the charm and humour that makes the series fun. Jewel Legend, which is a generic colour-matching Candy Crush style thing, but a half-decent time waster, and Bubble Shooter, which is pretty self-explanatory. Puzzle Bobble is one of my all-time favourite games, so it's a good time-waster even if a pretty weak example of the genre. I've also got Moomin Move, which is a Moomins branded knock-off of Pokemon Go that I can't make head nor tail of, and another Moomins one that's a clicky Farmville knock-off and equally shoddy. CHIKARA recently released a colour-matching game called Kingdom of Trios, so I have that too, but it's needlessly confusing and shite.
  12. BomberPat

    Six Degrees of Jerry Lawler

    Following on from the Jerry Lawler topic, he's the perfect baseline for a "six degrees of separation" game in wrestling. A man who's fought everyone from Lou Thesz to Joey Ryan, Harley Race to Kevin Owens, Tatsumi Fujinami to Michael Cole, Bret Hart to Daniel Bryan, Billy Graham to James Ellsworth. So, being in a match with Jerry Lawler earns you a Lawler Number of 1. Being in a match with someone who has been in a match with Lawler is a Lawler Number of 2, and so on. What are some fun, and potentially unexpected, links? Joey Ryan means that Session Moth Martina has a Lawler Number of 2, for example. If we count refereeing matches, I have a Lawler number of 2!
  13. BomberPat

    The "I've just watched ..." thread

    I watched Wrestlemania X8 last week, off the back of a 2002 discussion on this board - what an absolute shambles of a show that is. Undertaker/Flair still holds up, and I think the match combined with the build is arguably the best thing WWE have done post-2001, and the treatment of Flair as an aging veteran, and as a kayfabe owner having to be cajoled into returning to the ring, and risking his position of authority to do so, Vince using the suspension of Flair's power as a means to pursue his own agenda - it's light-years ahead of Shane McMahon as an on-screen boss just booking himself in big matches without consequence, as far as storytelling goes. Beyond that, almost all the matches go less than ten minutes, most of them don't feel Wrestlemania quality at all (Page/Christian? Regal/RVD?), Austin/Hall is one gif-able Stunner amid an absolute slog of a match, and Booker T/Edge is built around the daft shampoo commercial angle which had uncomfortable racial undertones I wasn't picking up at the time (JR saying Booker didn't get the endorsement because of his "Medusa hair", for example). Of course there's Hogan/Rock, which is still a spectacle, but not nearly as impressive the better part of twenty years removed - it's a great example of people remembering the "moments", and the big visuals, and forgetting the weird ref bumps and false finishes and so on. Then, God help me, I watched Capital Carnage 1998, as I was in the mood to watch shows I used to own on VHS, apparently. I've mentioned on here before that my first run of wrestling fandom ran roughly '93-'97, and picked back up in 2000, so I missed the majority of the Attitude Era until I went back to fill in the gaps. This was a show a mate lent me on VHS back in 2000, and a lot of the wrestlers on it I knew only either by reputation, or because they were in the PS1 games. It's bonkers. The heel/face dynamic is all over the shop. Gangrel beats Al Snow because The Brood do a run-in, but then later on in the show Christian teams with Sable in a babyface team, and Edge faces evil foreigner Tiger Ali Singh. Val Venis and Goldust are both babyfaces, but Val works de facto heel against Goldust because he'd had an affair with Terri, but Terri's faked a pregnancy with Val too. They play footage of Vince giving a speech at the Oxford union (!), and follow it up with Shane and Vince cutting an extraordinary cheap heel heat promo that goes on forever. Shane heels on Vinnie Jones, accusing him of being George Michael's boyfriend (it's the Attitude Era, have some homophobia!), and Vince goes full evil foreigner, slagging off every single British stereotype he can think of in that American chocolate box view of England that always makes me cringe when it's someone other than William Regal camping it up - "teatime", thinking anyone in England gives a shit about the Boston Tea Party, and so on. He gets tremendous heel heat for suggesting that all English people secretly wish they were American, though. He caps it off, though, with one of the only things to ever come out of Vince McMahon's mouth that genuinely knocked me aback. He gives his prediction for the future of the UK, saying that it will be abandoned by the Americans, "and sold off to the French and the Germans. My prediction for the future of the United Kingdom is a cesspool. A cesspool of sexual deviancy, governed by a Prime Minister, most likely of Pakistani extraction." It's fucking horrific, and genuinely shocking even by Attitude Era standards, but Vince's delivery of "...of Pakistani extraction" is so dramatic it pushes it into complete absurdity. That promo is immediately followed up by Tiger Ali Singh, with Jerry Lawler on commentary repeating "IS HE PAKISTANI?!", and JR saying "I don't mind someone being proud of their heritage, but this guy takes it too far" before Singh has done or said anything. Singh then does the voice, and dedicates the match to his forefathers who struggled under the yoke of the British Empire, because using the Raj for cheap heat moments after using the word "Pakistani" as a scare tactic at the height of the WWF's supposed golden era is perfectly fine. That said, no pay-per-view has ever had a better storyline running through it than, "what surprise does Gerald Brisco have in store for Vinnie Jones?". Imagine being in the writing room and pitching that sentence.
  14. BomberPat

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Ziggler has threatened to walk and go to NJPW, Lucha Underground, or wherever else is trendy, every time his contract has been up. That he's not done it yet makes me think he's a lifer. Ziggler's done well for himself in earning the kind of reputation that the workrate lot would ordinarily only give to an indie darling, being seen for some time as a kind of underappreciated super-worker held down by the machine, when he's never worked anywhere outside of the WWE bubble. Genuine question - what would be the benefit of weigh-ins if you don't have weight divisions? What does it matter if someone "makes weight" or not if it has no bearing on anything? If they have something like a Cruiserweight title, sure, do weigh-ins to make that division stand out from the rest, but in general, what do they offer that regular promos don't? The bottom line for all of this is simple - is there anyone aware of AEW that isn't already also watching WWE? Is there anyone that's going to start watching wrestling because of AEW (given that their content thus far has been very much aimed at "hardcore fans"), or stop watching WWE and watch AEW exclusively? All of that adds up to an extremely small potential audience, with very little scope to grow without a real game-changing approach. It could add up to a successful smaller scale promotion, but anyone expecting them to realistically compete with WWE is dreaming. Around 5 or so years ago there was a survey of self-described WWE and wrestling fans in the US, that found that fewer than 2% of WWE fans could name a single other promotion. Kevin Nash, Christian and Rob Van Dam all had stories of being stopped in airports while they working for TNA and being asked, "why don't you wrestle any more?". People massively underestimate the size of the gulf between WWE and every other promotion in terms of public perception.
  15. BomberPat

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    The UK Road Warriors weren't really a tribute to the US act, though, they just used the same name - they broadly used a biker gimmick, if I'm thinking of the right team. For the likes of Steve Regal, Greg Valentine and so on, again, they weren't taking the gimmick of the original, nor were they trying to pass themselves off as the real thing (as the audience wouldn't have heard of the US versions), they were just half-inching names they liked. It worked both ways in at least one case, as a couple of Kendo Nagasakis started popping up in Japan and the US - with Satoru Sayama's RJPW having a version of Kendo to this day! Legend has it that, because of the UK habit of pilfering names, "Greg Valentine vs. Blackjack Mulligan" actually happened in the US and the UK on the same day. A mate of mine went to a wrestling show at a hotel in Jersey in the early '90s that he's adamant had Hawk and Dynamite Kid on it. I've not been able to track down anything about the show in question aside from a few photos of Haystacks, and while it's plausible that Dynamite was working the circuit at the time, it was definitely The Legend Of Doom he'll have seen, but I've never been able to convince him of that. According to Cagematch, the Ultimate Chippendale was Drew McDonald?!