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  1. I still wouldn't come close to putting money on him losing, but I think you're spot on about Clinton - a lot of people voted for Trump as he wasn't a "career politician", which could still hurt Biden, but far more likely voted for him because he wasn't Hillary Clinton specifically. While there's plenty that Trump supporters have tried to make stick, there's nothing that's going to make Biden half as toxic to people as Clinton was. I also can't see any scenario where a significant percentage of people who didn't vote Trump in 2016 could possibly have seen anything to make them change thei
  2. As well it should. If The Rock has one more match in him, it's against Reigns, and they need to get in on that before it's too late.
  3. Same - my first exposure to long-term mask wearing was on a trip over to London in August, when temperatures were in the mid-30s and it was torturous having to wear one on the bus, train, in the airport, and on the flight, all adding up to a couple of hours of constant wear. On trying out different masks since, I've realised that the cotton masks I was using the first time were a little too tight, and being dark coloured were probably absorbing too much heat. I've picked up some nicer ones that are more comfortable, and if it starts to get too much during a long journey, I will swap to a
  4. It's absolutely heartbreaking that Millie McKenzie has become the figurehead of this. That's not overlooking how brave she's been to talk out, how important that is, or how well she's carried herself - it's just profoundly depressing that somehow who's only just turned 20 can have multiple harrowing stories of abuse within the industry, and can be in a position to advise younger talent on who best to avoid and so on. Someone in the industry once described her to me as "BritWres' little sister", and how absolutely anyone they knew would stand up for her against anyone who tried to do her wrong,
  5. To be honest, I personally "boycotted" RevPro years ago based on repeated shithouse behaviour at the few shows I attended that just generally left a bad taste in my mouth. The treatment of Aaron Wilde and the absolute pig's ear they made of the fall-out from that only cemented that, so I definitely think there's more going on than them just being the cool promotion to target - I wouldn't trust anyone there to watch my pint while I went for a piss, let alone to develop a comprehensive code of conduct. The Ospreay situation is a complete mess, though, and seems to have as much to do with pe
  6. Understandably, this. Though if people are already wedded to the idea - not unreasonably - that Ospreay has bullied and blackballed people, then they're not going to accept any part of RevPro's policy as worth the paper it's written on if their anti-bullying policy doesn't cover him. From a consumer perspective, people would probably start taking the "I can't support RevPro as long as they're booking Ospreay" stance a lot more seriously if the people Tweeting it weren't five minutes later Tweeting their hot takes on the G1, though.
  7. TV time is the difference-maker here, and I've always seen it as the more TV time a character is allotted, the more nuance you're permitted. A character who only gets one five minute match a week should be "broad strokes" enough to get that character over within those five minutes, while a main event guy might have a fifteen minute match, a ten minute promo segment, a couple of hype packages, and the announcers talking him up and other wrestlers talking about him all within a single show, so the audience spend a lot more time with that character, and you can afford to develop more subtle
  8. Agreed - if not less. I've been to seminars where the trainer argued that any gimmick shouldn't take more than three words to explain.
  9. Over and above their political biases, the never-ending decline of their news output, and the historical noncing, the absolute worst thing about the BBC is that they report on this shit as a news story. Free advertising on the BBC, and all it took was a shitty acoustic cover of Wonderwall. Fuck right off. This year's will end up being a lonely anthropomorphised coronavirus unwrapping a gift that turns out to be a laptop letting it Zoom chat with its adorable virus family, and no one will ever fucking shut up about it.
  10. The problem is mostly that they haven't given them sufficient time. They have a lot of really great female wrestlers on the books, but it's no surprise that the only ones anyone cares about are the few getting a modicum of character development. @Just Some Guy mentioned the Emi Sakura/Riho match, but AEW did the sum total of fuck all to actually promote it. You had half the Gatoh Move roster and all of Emi's mates selling their history on social media, but AEW were doing none of it on TV. The dynamic of Riho as the champion having to defend against a woman who not only taught her but ha
  11. There are still some interesting ones, but it really does suck that Sean Oliver was the only interviewer to actually challenge or ask follow-up questions, rather than Feinstein completely no-selling insane stories and bullshit in order to get to his next, "what are your memories of working with...?" question. Every Oliver interview smacks of the creepiest kid in the school sucking up to the bullies. Licking his lips at every suggestion that someone might have seen boobs.
  12. Jersey Covid press conference is in an hour's time. The usual gammon brigade are shouting about how we need to close the borders. We currently only have 16 cases. The likely announcements, looking at internal government memos, are enforced mask wearing in shops etc. (currently it's only enforced on public transport), and further restrictions on travel - the one that's leaked thus far is that anyone coming from a "green" area (current regulation: test on arrival, no self-isolation) will have to isolate until they receive their test result, and take a follow-up test after 5 days. There seem
  13. It wasn't unusual for WWF guys to be working limited outside bookings at that time anyway - it's not just Bret that worked that show; Mankind wrestled Sabu earlier on the card, WWF talent worked the Brian Pillman Memorial Show the following two years, and WWF guys regularly worked USWA in '96/'97.
  14. so many people on Twitter reflecting something like my experience - seeing a picture of the LOD and thinking, "who the fuck are these lads?!" being the thing that made them a wrestling fan. I'm not one to bemoan the state of modern wrestling, but there's not many I can imagine giving kids that experience today.
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