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  1. someone pointed out that Finn Balor reverted to more of his Prince Devitt schtick after losing to The Fiend, and Daniel Bryan much more explicitly stepped back into a former look and gimmick, and suggested that while we only saw them having a standard wrestling match with the Fiend, to them they went through the same career regression nightmare that John Cena did here, the Firefly Funhouse is just the first time we've been able to see it. That's all a bit wanky, but I like the sentiment. It would be a bit too "only Hogan can see Warrior in the mirror, but so can the audience", but it would have been interesting if when it cut back to the announcers they just acted like it had been a perfectly ordinary match that they saw.
  2. Hera in Jason & The Argonauts, too. Absolutely class in that.
  3. A mate of mine has four different ones! So there's more to go. I've got myself a Lucha mask, which I'm very happy with. There's also apparently a full-size ring you can get. I found the demo an absolute slog. Without the nostalgia for the characters, I'd have given up even earlier than it did. Tedious, unengaging gameplay.
  4. he's not working heel in terms of aggravating the crowd or bending the rules, but in terms of how the match is structured, he absolutely is. Rock gets heat on Hogan, Hogan gets the big babyface comeback.
  5. It sounds ominous, but that is just a type of actual fertiliser.
  6. I enjoyed it, but never want to watch it again. It was fever dream 2.30am viewing, where half the fun was wondering where the fuck they were going with it. It was no hokier than a "Buried Alive" match where there's a mini-graveyard plot on the side of the stage, and the best attempt WWE have made so far at "cinematic" wrestling - though that's the lowest of low bars. There's stuff in there that will make highlight reels, and people will happily forget the rest.
  7. Made weirder for the fact that I'm pretty sure TAKA was only brought in to work with Great Sasuke in the first place, and then Sasuke fucked them off. Goldust & Cody vs. The Shield, with Dusty at ringside. I'm not sure if they intended for Dusty to be in the match and he didn't get cleared, or if that was always the plan. His only WWE matches post-WCW closing were a bullrope match with Orton during the Legend Killer gimmick, and a couple of Spirit Squad matches where he may as well have been Jim Duggan or Sgt. Slaughter, or any of the other interchangeable legends of the mid-00s. They didn't really start putting Dusty on a pedestal until NXT took off.
  8. if you compare Triple H to JBL in how they approached feuding with John Cena as the Top Guy Elect, it's night and day. They actually talk about it on the Ruthless Aggression documentary, but frame it as if Cena was the one at fault for being out of his depth and not "ready" for a "cool bad guy" like Triple H. But JBL through that entire run treated Cena as an existential threat to his championship reign, and his entire way of life. He surrounded himself with back-up, and whenever he needed to, he showed arse and made it look like it was just a matter of time before Cena gave him what was coming to him. The moment Cena jumps to RAW, Triple H is burying him to win smark points, and burying JBL during the same programme. One of those guys knew how to work heel and put the babyface over, the other didn't. I can only think of three, maybe four, times when Triple H was able to work that old school Flair NWA style heel that he apparently wants to emulate, in terms of just bumping his arse off, selling, and making his opponent look like a threat - Cactus Jack, Batista, Daniel Bryan, and Ronda Rousey. And even for Daniel Bryan it was only really within the match itself, there was still a lot of Triple H having to be the cool bad-ass outside of that - and only made worse when NXT came along and he tried to balance being the heel corporate boss with the babyface internet darling boss of NXT and occasional appearances of the wisecracking DX lad. All of that adds up to someone who comes across like they think they're above the material they've been given, and acting up to show it - much like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall consistently acting unafraid of Goldberg, or any babyface, in WCW, only Trips has never been half as cool as Big Sexy. On top of that, it feels like ever since Shawn Michaels' "I'm Sorry, I Love You", every big Triple H match was built around him desperately reaching for a moment as "iconic" and significant as that - they became completely drenched in melodrama, and narratively significant gestures. The Undertaker matches were dreadful for it, but there was also his ladder match with Kevin Nash, where Nash gives him the "Too Sweet" gesture and he responds with a crotch chop, and it's blatantly constructed to be this emotional climax of the match, but nobody gave a shit because he just wasn't good enough to hit those notes. Does all that make him a cunt? Not particularly, it just makes him a wrestler I don't enjoy watching.
  9. I've never really bought that Triple H had anything to do with the Screwjob. He was The Other Guy in The Kliq, not someone who would have had Vince's ear about main event booking decisions or how to resolve significant issues, and I don't recall him ever fitting into the version of events as told by Russo or Cornette or anyone else who was actually there, or Triple H's name being associated with the Screwjob at all before he was firmly ensconced in the corridors of power. It always felt to me like Triple H was taking the heat for Michaels once his own position was firmly secured.
  10. I actually posted asking about this a few weeks ago! Every time I buy Fortean Times I'm intrigued by that ad. Only accepting cash money makes this even more intriguing. Like it has to be either some outsider art shit or incredibly sleazy. A few years back, I was Facebook friends with Shane Stevens on Facebook after he ran a show over here. I would subsequently get occasional friend requests from Facebook profiles with no photos of themselves, but galleries full of screenshots of World of Sport matches - only World of Sport, no other wrestling - in which young lightweights in trunks were in "compromising" positions. That last pic puts me in mind of all of that.
  11. The most convincing story I ever heard was that Vince saw it as a personal betrayal; that him and Savage were genuinely close, and so jumping ship to WCW with nothing more than a last minute phone call and no notice - when one of the things that put Savage in good stead early in his career is that after signing with the WWF he insisted on working his remaining dates in Memphis first, so it was Savage not giving Vince the same courtesy that Vince allowed him to show others. The other thing that I think people don't consider is that some of the issue might have been at Savage's end - especially after retirement, he seemed perfectly happy to be completely out of the business and out of the picture. Everyone assumes that it was Vince having heat with Randy, it might be that Randy just had no interest doing business.
  12. I disagree, though largely because of problems of their own making - they'd dropped so many hints that the Exalted One might be Matt Hardy that I think it was a good idea to have him come in on the same show, that way anyone who was hoping for him and let down doesn't leave empty-handed. The problem with the Broken gimmick is that it just doesn't gel with most of what else they do, and they need to tweak it until it does. It was at its best in Impact because it was allowed to be almost entirely self-contained, and at its worst in WWE when it was a bit of tacked on window dressing to whatever match was having on TV that week - he was, mostly, the same wrestler he was before, only his music started with a silly laugh now. If AEW can find a suitable middle ground for him, it could work. If they indulge him too much, it won't.
  13. does Stephanie McMahon have no agency within her own life and marriage, then?
  14. Ha, weirdly this thread was showing as not updated since March 11th when I posted that! EDIT: managed to miss out the word "11th", making this whole thing even stupider.
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