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  1. I don't mind it at all - I've seen some promoters, and some wrestlers, slag people off for doing it, but if it works, so what? Pete Dunne, Damian Dunne and Mark Andrews flew themselves out to the US to work for CHIKARA, and got ridiculed for paying their way by a few (then) better known UK wrestlers who had turned the gig down because they refused to pay for their own flights - I'd say they did pretty well out of it, as it was one of the shows that started getting them on people's radar. On occasion, it can be because of shitty promoters wanting to get away with paying talent less than they deserve, but performers have to weigh all these factors against each other and work out if the booking is worth their time - and they should be doing that with any booking they take anyway. There's also the argument that wrestlers agreeing to pay their own way effectively undercut workers who won't, but I don't buy that on any real scale - if a promoter wants a wrestler badly enough, they'll pay their flights, if they don't, they won't. And if you fall into the latter category, it's because you need the gig more than the promoter needs you, and it's on you to change that around. And then there's wrestlers working in places that don't have much of a scene to speak of. Cesaro wouldn't have made it to WWE just by slumming it in Switzerland and never working anywhere more high profile than WXW - flying to the US gave him a career. There's a bunch of Australian and New Zealand talent in the UK right now, because they had a better shot at "making it" here than if they'd stuck around in Australia waiting for the phone to ring. Sometimes the best way to get noticed is by working the scenes that people are already looking at, and if that means forking out for plane tickets, that's an investment in your career.
  2. BomberPat

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    The recurring one I found most astonishing was, "oh, as if you haven't used that word!" or "who hasn't used racial slurs in anger?" - there's a whole world of people out there who just assume that everyone is as racist as they are in private.
  3. The worst part of Ricochet's promo is that he talked about how Adam Cole isn't a fighting champion (while saying that O'Reilly and Strong were), and that he's "hardly defended the title since he won it". Adam Cole's defended the North American title three times since he won it. Strong and O'Reilly defended the tag titles once before losing them to Moustache Mountain.
  4. BomberPat

    Minor PPVs that don't deserve a thread *Spoilers*

    A baffling PPV, full of all the sort of decisions that make me struggle to grasp what WWE are playing at these days. They were trying to sell a story of the B-Team winning being this huge upset, and the most surprising result imaginable, but had Michael Cole on commentary talking about how Curtis Axel is a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion - so they've just told us he's more than capable of winning, and in fact has held the belts before, while also trying to act as if it's unprecedented. They just seem to book stories in isolation, without any thought to how they fit in to their own history or continuity - compare that to NJPW, where matches are often informed by any previous interactions between the competitors. Also, for a story about what a big upset it was, they focused solely on "the B-Team have won, who saw that coming?" rather than pointing out that they'd beaten one of the most successful tag team wrestlers of all time, and a former WWE Champion. Though they've probably even forgotten Bray was champion now. Same sort of thing in Corbin/Balor - they tried to sell it as an upset, but aside from Corbin being the bigger guy, who's buying that? Finn Balor was the first Universal Champion, has won his fair share of matches, and who'd Corbin ever beat? Same thing in the main event. Michael Cole talked about how "an Iron Man match can make your career" - both of them are former World Champions, they shouldn't still be looking for a "career making match", they should be fucking made! Mad decision to have Lashley go over clean against Reigns, too. For a top babyface, Reigns jobs all over the shop, it's ridiculous.
  5. BomberPat

    The Great UKFF Survey

    There's another Piper/Valentine match on the Network's hidden gems collection, that while it's nowhere near as good as the Dog Collar match, is still absolutely brilliant - really feels like a genuine fight more than a wrestling match, just two guys that are completely believable and at the top of their game.
  6. BomberPat

    The Great UKFF Survey

    All-time favourite wrestler? I really struggle with this. Could give a valid argument for quite a few, and on a different day I might give you a different answer, but I'm going to say Roddy Piper. He features in several of my favourite matches, was one of my favourite promos, and just had an aura about him that drew me to him and made me think, on some level, that he was legit even if everything around him wasn't. Like a lot of the guys from that era, it's almost impossible to see where the real person stops and Roddy Piper begins, and you can't imagine him being anything other than Rowdy Roddy Piper. All-time favourite match? Roddy Piper vs. Bret Hart, Wrestlemania 8. Just one of those favourite matches I mentioned for Piper (the Dog Collar Match with Greg Valentine being not far behind). To me, it's everything wrestling should be - it's taking two characters, and using the audience's perceptions of them to flesh out the story; brawler vs. technician, can the brawler hold his own against someone that's a better wrestler, or will he fall back on old habits and risk ending a lifelong friendship by resorting to dirty tactics? The ring bell spot is the most perfect visual of any wrestling match, but the whole match builds to and from it perfectly. Both men at their best. What most people will - rightly - celebrate about Hart/Austin, I think this match had all of that too, and in an even purer form. Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Going to sound like a broken record here, as I was trying to think of some big Japanese or US indie matches that would fit the bill, but I'm going to have to go with the Piper/Valentine Dog Collar match. Favourite Tag Team? The Midnight Express. Favourite Promo? William Regal's before his final match with Cesaro. Best show ever attended live? Both have a recency bias, but it's a toss-up between CHIKARA's King of Trios 2017, and EVE's She-1. Moment you loved wrestling the most? Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Title - probably the first time I can remember "marking out", losing all the cynicism and smug "IWC" opinions of the time, and just jumping out of my seat and cheering, having not expected him to win the thing. More recently, the aftermath of King of Trios, She-1 and Wrestle Queendom, just being buzzing with energy and surrounded by friends, all freaking out about how great wrestling can be. Moment you hated wrestling the most? Misawa's death. The best WrestleMania is... 17. Most hated wrestling personality? If Benoit counts, then yeah. More recently, Enzo. Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? I'd change the production and presentation of WWE; scrap the awful "cutting backstage to a GM standing in their office waiting for someone to walk in, without ever acknowledging why there's a camera there" skits, and replace them with more naturalistic backstage angles that feel more plausible and natural. Generally just stop WWE looking like it's the same old shit week after week and year after year. (In one word) Wrestling is... Theatre.
  7. My first thought is William Regal, as I'm sure he'd be a thoroughly entertaining dinner guest and he's someone I can listen to talk shop for hours. But the "they have to tell the truth on your chosen topic" caveat makes me think Vince McMahon - his genuine, honest take on almost anything would be fascinating to hear.
  8. BomberPat

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Agreed on all counts. Brie and Gilpin were both amazing, though I think Gilpin had the standout performances for this season purely because she had more to work with - Ruth kind of stumbles from mishap to mishap, while Debbie is having a much more sustained emotional crisis, and it gives her a lot more to work with as an actor. I was concerned at first that Sam had just reverted back to the character he was at the start of season one, just a grumpy out of touch director, but as the season progresses he does a really good job at portraying the "Misogynist with a heart of gold" role; watching him stumble towards decency, never quite being a good person but usually doing the right thing if not always for the right reasons, is quite rewarding. Bash might have been my favourite thing this series. His commentary in the season finale is brilliant, but he's just a superb character all the way through, and when he does get an emotional moment, that they trust him as an actor to basically get it all across alone, rather than in interaction with others, says a lot. Emotionally, the character of Bash is attached to two people who don't even appear on-screen, yet he manages to keep that narrative/emotional journey going, and keep it completely believable.
  9. BomberPat

    Random Thoughts III.

    The Lex Express is probably the one gimmick I've wanted to rip off or parody more than any other. I love it.
  10. BomberPat

    The Fortean/paranormal/conspiracy thread

    That's pretty much what put me off a lot of my interest in it; conspiracy theories used to be a bit of fun, or a thought experiment, and I'd read stuff like David Icke because I found it entertaining. A few years back, though, I just started to find it all really depressing - I blame it on how it's gone from the focus being on the past (JFK assassination, Roswell, moon landings) or something ultimately unknowable (Area 51, cover-ups of alien landings, etc.), to seeing "conspiracies" unfold in real time; the Boston Marathon was probably the first tipping point for me, seeing people on Twitter poring over grainy photos to say "LOOK, THERE'S SOMEONE ON THE ROOF" or making up any bullshit to support their narrative. And then not only is it getting in the way of legitimate investigation, and not only is it (usually) an excuse (intentional or otherwise) to spread hatred and disinformation, but it's wrapping up living, often grieving, people into whatever mad fiction people have invented to further their narrative, and that just depresses me. I made a point of deleting anyone on Facebook I saw using the phrase "false flag". Thing is, the ugly underbelly of all this stuff was always there. You could dig down into almost any conspiracy theory and, dig deep enough, it would be about The Jews. The people involved in propagating conspiracy theories and a lot of fringe beliefs were usually either involved with some seriously shady people and organisations, or else were (again, knowingly or unknowingly) citing racist and anti-semitic authors. A lot of "alternative history" and the Ancient Aliens stuff has its roots in deeply racist theories. A lot of conspiracy theories rely on a distrust of government and media that goes hand-in-hand with the same politics that embolden the likes of Trump. I'm not sure that the nexus of conspiracy theories has moved further right, so much as the internet has laid bare the inner workings - we're not seeing the tidied up, "hey, isn't this weird?" version of events filtered through Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World and Fortean Times, or fictionalised in the X-Files, we're seeing the mad, bigoted ranting at the source.
  11. BomberPat

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I'd an addendum to this, which is that it can work the opposite way - I always stick to the adage that "WRESTLING" should be the biggest word on the poster. If you have a single word name - like Progress or CHIKARA, or whatever - you've got an uphill struggle in teaching people what you actually do. What promotions like Progress succeed on is having a very strong brand identity (something the countless three-letter promotions tend to struggle with, if only because there are so many of them and so interchangeable), and I'm concerned that WOS won't manage that at all. Something I disliked about the pilot is that it didn't seem to know who its audience were, or what the promotion itself was, so it tried to be all things to all men, and never really excelled at any of them. They brought in Jim Ross and used a bunch of WWE-lite booking and storytelling tropes, presumably to try and capture WWE fans, but only served to make it bush league and risk alienating older fans (I saw plenty of Facebook comments complaining that they had a "yank" commentating on what's supposed to be the return of British wrestling to TV), they played a bunch of World of Sport nostalgia packages but did very little to connect them to the present day product, and so on and so on. It doesn't look to me like they've necessarily learned from that mistake - the trailer is almost Lucha Underground-esque in being very cinematic, while presenting a super serious vibe, which I can't imagine the actual show will match up with, and then the needless confusion around the name, or perhaps just the idea of changing the name to seem like a more "modern" product, still makes it all seem like a product with no strong identity. And to me, that's the number one thing a promotion needs to succeed today.
  12. BomberPat

    Jake Roberts vs Ultimate Warrior wwF

    Jake's matches with Rude, Steamboat and Savage are better than 99% of Warrior's work. Warrior had two great matches, but they were really great matches - if we're willing to take a wrestler at their absolute best as representative of their work, then I'd say Warrior's best matches were probably better than Jake's best matches (with the possible exception of Roberts/Steamboat at The Big Event), and Jake's worst were probably at least as bad as Warrior's worst (though for very different reasons) - but Jake's middle ground is a lot stronger than Warrior's. Both get most of their love for character work - I'd say most of the psychology that Roberts is famed for comes across in his promos, rather than the structure of his matches.
  13. BomberPat

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    He's a Canadian guy, relocated to the UK last year. I thought it was a bit out of nowhere when he was booked for CHIKARA's King of Trios in the UK last year, but hadn't realised at the time that he lives here now. Most of his big matches since living in the UK seem to have been with RevPro - they've booked him against Ospreay, Cody, Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Zack Sabre Jr. I had vague memories of him as a fairly generic flippy indie guy on some mid-00s ECCW shows I'd seen, but was very impressed with him at King of Trios. That moonsault spot is gorgeous.
  14. BomberPat

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    When he's not booked, he complains, when he's booked in a title match, he complains that it's a conspiracy that he's somehow a victim of. What does he want?!
  15. BomberPat

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    Try and chant "W-O-S". Now try chanting "World of Sport". Which has the better rhythm to it, which feels more natural? They should just call it "World of Sport Wrestling", the "WOS" feels like an effort to make it sound trendy and up-to-date, and to mimic American style presentation. I'm still dubious as to whether that's the right direction to go down, but as a name it's clunky. I suspect, at this point, they're trying to make it a new product and distance themselves from "World of Sport" based on the pilot, but still using "WOS" in order to cling to the "World Of Sport" trademarks etc. I really want this show to succeed. It could be great for British wrestling, it looks to have a fun roster, and the implications for wrestlers being able to have union representation is fantastic. But my main worry at the moment is that they don't have a strong identity - which was one of the things I took away from the pilot, that they didn't know who or what they were.