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  1. BomberPat

    Wrestlers that turned in real life

    My one "meeting Mick Foley" experience culminated in him being grumpy that I wouldn't buy a Cactus Jack shirt from him - a shirt I was wearing at the time - and signing a photo "To Patrick, Mick Foley", as opposed to my girlfriend, who got, "Nice to meet you, Mick Foley". Evidently it wasn't nice to meet me.
  2. BomberPat

    How the f*** did that work?

    My favourite bit of recurring shit fantasy booking was people saying they'd introduce a third brother, called "Destruction". Because Kane and The Undertaker were the brothers of Destruction.
  3. BomberPat

    Love it!

    "Saved! By a psychic!" being accompanied by a picture of a confused dog has done me in.
  4. BomberPat

    How the f*** did that work?

    It's delightful that they did an "evil brother" angle with The Undertaker who, let's be honest, is already quite evil.
  5. BomberPat

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Considering Shawn already retired and came back once, I always found the pandering, "Oh, but he's the only one who honoured the stipulation" hand-wringing to be a little odd. God forbid Shawn Michaels mess with the sanctity of the respected second retirement.
  6. BomberPat

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    A few years back Jim Cornette released the Midnight Express Scrapbook, which includes details of their bookings over a similar period, and 400+ shows definitely wouldn't sound out of the question. Often going months with no days off, and two or three shows a day at weekends, it adds up very quickly. I'll have to dig out my copy for stats when I'm at home.
  7. BomberPat

    So... Who’s been to Japan?

    Another shout for Lister's book. The section on Gatoh Move has very much made that promotion my number one dream destination in Japan even more than it already was due to my inordinate crush on Emi Sakura.
  8. BomberPat

    General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread

    is it? Ford fucking hates Han Solo.
  9. BomberPat

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    It's, unfortunately, quite common with a lot of Alan Moore's work, particularly around that time - Killing Joke being another example. He's got better over time, but he tends to fall back on rape/abuse as a backstory, and thinking that making a woman a "bad-ass" is an adequate replacement for character development. Speaking of Affable Alan, I picked up the first issue of the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. League is one of my favourite comics ever, so I'm biased, but I enjoyed it so far, but there's precious little to go on. As ever, the art style and the way he plays with the medium is at least as interesting as the story, and he's specifically modelled parts of it around old three-panel newspaper strips and black and white British comics, which is a nice touch.
  10. BomberPat

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Christmas stuff being on sale prior to December is fine - you have to buy it at some point, and I'd rather get it all done before the shops go mental for actual Christmas shopping. But Christmas window displays and Christmas songs playing in October/November? Nah, fuck off. I mostly agree on Marvel films. I grew up a comic books nerd, still pick up the odd comic or graphic novel, but lately they do nothing for me. I haven't seen Black Panther, GOTG2, Infinity War, Ant-Man, Dr Strange, Thor: Ragnarok, Deadpool, probably a few others I'm forgetting. And Dr Strange was my favourite non-X-Men Marvel character, so to not give a toss about his movie speaks volumes. I think it's a combination of them being over-hyped, of them all basically culminating in an interchangeable peril-free CGI fight over a magic space macguffin, and the sheer number of them being exhausting, with a side helping of the Alan Moore attitude that the most popular media amongst adults in the 21st Century shouldn't be built around characters invented to sell comic books to children in the '50s and '60s. I watched Civil War and I remember literally nothing about it. And, while not Marvel, I watched Batman vs. Superman and honestly think it's the worst film I've ever seen. As with a lot of popular media, and me being a contrary curmudgeon, a lot of it comes down to wider audience reaction. A bunch of grown adults posting memes about comic book movies and Harry Potter, or acting as if superhero movies are some high art is going to put me off even the better films in the franchise. It's like people kicking off about Ben Affleck couldn't possibly be good enough to play Batman, as if it's a role that consists of anything other than scowling and punching, and having a six year old boy's idea of character development (he's a super detective with a rocket car who knows kung-fu and is best friends with Super-Man and is a billionaire but also his parents are dead so he's sad). It's hardly fucking King Lear, is it? In fact, fuck Batman in general. Aside from Lego Batman, which is the best portrayal of the character ever. Including Adam West.
  11. BomberPat

    Random Thoughts III.

    double post wanker.
  12. BomberPat

    Random Thoughts III.

    I think this is 100% true, and you see it with the music industry as well - when I have everything I could want at my fingertips, I'm actually discovering less cool new music than I was when I was younger, because the amount of choice is just staggering. I don't have the feeling of having stumbled on something new and exciting, or having rifled through record shops until I stumble on a long sought after gem. It's all just right there, and there's no psychological satisfaction in finding it. Someone smarter than me has probably written something about how it triggers dopamine responses or whatever, but I think media almost has to be curated, to an extent.
  13. BomberPat

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Rey against Joe could be superb. The work Joe has been doing with AJ Styles has been fantastic, but imagine it against someone as good at garnering audience sympathy as Rey.
  14. BomberPat

    Brock Lesnar news/appreciation/hate thread

    He was definitely closer to UFC shape than WWE shape when he showed up at Hell In A Cell. It's not like he's going to be working a full schedule, even by Brock Lesnar in WWE standards, and it remains to be seen if he sticks around after the Saudi show, so I don't think it means anything in the grand scheme of things. The interesting question will be whether we see him involved when 'Mania season rolls around.
  15. BomberPat

    Random Thoughts III.

    I've touched on this before, but the wider accessibility of wrestling compared to how few people seem to take full advantage of it is something I find incomprehensible. These days, I don't watch WWE weekly TV outside of NXT (and sometimes skip that), I watch the PPVs, and I try to make it to one indie show a month. Beyond that, I'll try and watch the big shows from other promotions - Wrestle Kingdom, TripleMania, King of Trios, some 'Mania weekend stuff - and anything else that jumps out at me, or is recommended by someone I trust. But I usually fall short of watching everything I'd like, because I just don't have the time. Contrast to when I was 14-16 or so, I was recording every bit of WWF TV I could, buying every WWF, WCW or ECW VHS that HMV happened to get in, buying every wrestling book and magazine, tape trading, poring over the PWI 500 and obsessing over wrestlers I'd never seen and only knew through reputation. I'd spend an hour downloading a tiny Real Player clip of a Hayabusa/Onita match. A lad who started training with us when he was 16, and now works shows in Tennessee, was, more than anyone I'd ever met, obsessed with making it as a pro-wrestler. It was 100% his only real goal in life, but when he started training with us, his ambition was to make it on to Tough Enough. He thought that was how it was done. His poor heart nearly broke when someone told him it was a work. He just didn't know anything outside of a modern WWE context - hadn't gone back and watched older footage, wasn't looking out for anything from other promotions. We had the likes of Ophidian and Drew Gulak in for seminars, and the kid was marking out when he found out Ophidian had been trained by Cesaro - during the seminar. He agreed to come to a seminar with this guy, yet hadn't even bothered checking his Wikipedia entry to see who he was. He saw the Monday Night Wars as this legendary period of wrestling history, but only because it's what WWE had told him. He'd never watched any of it. I just couldn't - and still can't, really - get my head around how his ambition was to be a wrestler, yet he wasn't going out of his way to watch any fucking wrestling. I was watching more, and putting in considerably more effort to do so, when I was his age, without any thought that I might end up working in the industry. With the WWE Network, YouTube, countless other streaming services, and so on, at his disposal, considerably easier access than we ever had, and a considerably wider range than I ever had access to, all in far more watchable quality than the grainy fifth generation VHS copies I was watching, he was just watching whatever WWE fed him and believing whatever WWE and one or two websites told him.