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  1. I think there's a real symmetry to it ending at All Out - the first All Out was when Page failed to beat Jericho to become the first champion, which is what set him off into self-doubt, and the second was where him and Omega lost the Tag Titles, so to finally win the biggest match of his career at All Out would be a great story.
  2. if it's a case of Page being ditched for an incoming WWE-er, it's a terrible, TNA level decision. There's mileage in Page rebuilding and chasing CM Punk as champion, if that's the direction they're going, but it doesn't have the satisfying arc or emotional investment of him beating Omega given how much has been built up into that. I'm still pretty certain that Kenny is working through some serious injuries - it's been reported for a while, and he barely bumped in that match. It might be that they're looking at ways to get the title off him without him having to work the kind of match that would be expected of him against Hangman - that's the problem with building your identity around being A Great Wrestler, at some point that starts to fall apart and you need something else - or even to get the title off him sooner than All Out. If the decision's because Page has got a kid on the way, though, fair play to them for accommodating that.
  3. given the Forbidden Door and all that, now that the thought's occurred to me I'm really holding out hope for one of the matches to be with Minoru Suzuki. But it could be absolutely anyone at this point, which is brilliant.
  4. Just in general, they seem to have a much more open, less adversarial relationship with media and the outside world than WWE ever had. Partly that comes from having a boss who's existed in the real world at some point in his life and doesn't see everything as a wrestling angle, or as the world out to get him, and partly from having people making creative decisions that at least have some sense of what's going on in pop culture, but it goes beyond that as a marketing/promotional strategy. More than anything else, that's what's going to keep them in a decent position, because it's what allows them to get photospreads in Forbes, and to get big cross-promotional deals. That makes them look like a major player, and it has a similar effect as ECW using real music as entrance themes - it makes it feel like AEW exists in the real world, not some weird wrestling micro-dimension. The story of the next match could be interesting - Jericho having to win with a top rope move means the psychology of the match will differ from his usual stuff. That's what he said he wanted from the "labours of Jericho", and his babyface run in general, teaching the roster some old-fashioned babyface stuff that doesn't get done any more - to that end, it reminds me of the Nick Bockwinkel/Jerry Lawler angle where Lawler would be fined $1000 for every punch thrown, after Bock accused him of not being a real wrestler because he relied too much on punches. So the other labours could fall into the same kind of category - having to win under certain conditions, or with certain moves barred. I could see the next one being, for example, a Submission match against Lance Storm, but with the Walls of Jericho banned. Otherwise - MMA fight with Hager, or a boxing match with Ogogo?
  5. I don't think they should do it - Hangman needs the win, especially if Omega is working hurt as rumoured and needs to take some time off - but if they did, I wonder how well they could weaponise resentment of CM Punk and segue into a Punk/Hangman feud, with Punk belittling Hangman for being a drunk who can't get it done. It's one of those things that probably sounds much better on paper, though, because in the early going people are going to want to cheer Punk before they get a heel run out of him, and Hangman's not established enough yet to have people necessarily root for him against someone like Punk without doing a bit more legwork. I have faith they'll get to the right place.
  6. I love a bit of petanque! When I lived in Jersey, there were a few public petanque courts (is that even the right word? Who knows?), one was in a park I walked through on my home from town, the other was in a public square next to a couple of pubs I liked, so spent a fair bit of time watching people play, and had a go myself from time to time (I'm awful at it). A surprising number of people in their 20s and 30s used to play it on lunch breaks and whatnot, but the proper serious games were always between oldies. I've given some thought to trying to start a university team once things get back to normal.
  7. yeah, I've been reliably informed that Lego hurts far worse than barbed wire or thumbtacks. At least they have some give to them.
  8. Nick Gage as an indie stand-out, to the point that he's getting TV bookings, is really an indication of where wrestling is at, too. I doubt he's getting signed full-time by AEW (though I suppose there's always the possibility he exceeds expectations and they bring him in), but he's there because he's built up enough of a reputation as a top guy in his style to be worth the effort. And I don't think you end up with Nick Gage as a major drawing card on the indies without the last few years of WWE signing up every independent stand-out they can get their hands on and, to an extent, AEW starting up with a lot of former indie guys accounted for as well. Nick Gage was able to become a headline guy because he's the kind of wrestler that WWE are never going to touch, so independent promotions were happy to bring him and to build around him safe in the knowledge that he wasn't going to get signed and leave them in the lurch.
  9. more than ten years ago, when he was homeless and an addict. And it's not like it was an armed robbery or anyone got hurt - it was him walking up to the counter and handing over a note saying to give him money. A stupid mistake from someone at rock bottom, and one that he served his time for. He takes the deathmatch stuff a little too seriously, but pretty much everyone who's worked with him, and plenty of fans who have met him, have nothing but good words to say about him and his positivity. He's an oddball, but he does seem to be one of the more genuinely well-liked wrestlers out there.
  10. The more I think about it, the more fucked the whole thing is, because it's just allowing too many potential variables to fuck things up and potentially hurt people. I think the only reason I was nonplussed by it all was because no one got hurt, but that's as likely pure luck as anything else. But the nature of the match is such that I don't think the "everything in the match was planned" aspect of things is the same as in a normal wrestling match; any time you introduce "weapons" and inanimate objects, you can't really predict how they're going to break, fall over, or otherwise, and there's so much more risk because of that unpredictability. You can plan as much as you like, but if the pane of glass breaks differently to how you'd planned, or one of the chairs you're resting it on just gives way or is knocked over at the wrong time, it could fuck everything. There's already too many variables at play before the audience getting involved is concerned, really.
  11. That's fair enough, and I'm revising my opinion on it more as we speak - you can micromanage every aspect of a match, and not account for what the audience are going to do. Them throwing stuff is effectively allowing a few hundred untrained, unprepared people all become a variable to whatever you had planned, and nobody wants that. Though watching the match, I was far more concerned with the extent they let the crowd absolutely mug Cardona on the way to his ring, just absolutely surrounding him and mobbing him. If someone wanted to do some real damage to him, there was more of an opening there than at the end of the match. The whole thing was a bit wild west.
  12. Again, I would see more of a difference had it not been a mad deathmatch beforehand - it's one thing being able to brace for a bodyslam or expecting a hit to the head, I think when you're getting thrown through sheets of glass, having lighttubes broken over you, and generally rolling around in broken glass, there are so many unpredictable elements and variables at play anyway that plastic bottles seem to be an odd place to me to draw that line. And, again, I haven't seen either of the wrestlers involved criticise it or say they were hurt or anything, so for now I'd say it's a bit of fuss over nothing. Yeah, that's where I start to be concerned - especially around someone in the audience getting hit, because that's a messy legal situation waiting to happen, and promoters should be wanting to nip that in the bud rather than encourage it. For now, no one got hurt and it's a one-off moment from a bit of a perfect storm of the heat that Matt Cardona gets in GCW and the love they have for Nick Gage. I would worry about it being replicated elsewhere because GCW have lent so much into it, trying to merchandise it, make it go viral, etc. If other GCW audiences try and repeat the same thing the next time Cardona shows up, or if fans elsewhere try and replicate it in the hope of being viral, then it's absolutely a problem and only a matter of time before people get hurt.
  13. the Lego Marvel games are both brilliant fun. I was disappointed that the second one is much more MCU-centric; no X-Men or Fantastic Four or anything like that, but it makes up for it with some great humour. The Lego games always have great trophies/achievements - the pinnacle being Lego Harry Potter having one called "Solid Snape" for playing as Snape and hiding in a barrel - and they're usually pop culture references, but there's one in the first Marvel game called "The Menace Of Magneto" that references a specific episode of the '70s Fantastic Four cartoon, and I love that they're prepared to play around with obscure stuff to that extent. The second game has two of my favourite comedy lines in any video game I've ever played. The first is a character saying, "from now on I'll only use my giant scorpion summoning powers for good!", and the other made me genuinely laugh out loud involuntarily, when stealing a car from a random NPC, they shouted out, "oh no, my insulin!"
  14. I find it really weird that people are hand-wringing with concern about the safety of throwing plastic bottles in the ring after a match that consisted entirely of two blokes smashing each other in the head with light tubes, getting thrown through panes of glass, and generally getting cut to ribbons.
  15. Much less incentive for them to make a star of him when they don't have to get a return on their investment, too.
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