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  1. I've never considered that, or heard any suggestion of it before, but I can see the comparison. Laputa in Gulliver's Travels was a technologically advanced flying island, though, so it may just be coincidence - man's relationship to nature, and where technology fits in that, is a common thread through all of Miyazaki's work. What I do like is that the mining towns in it were influenced by Miyazaki going to Wales during the miners' strike, and how much that inspired the representation of small communities fighting for their place in the world. What I think goes underappreciated about Castle In The Sky is the influence it had on Japanese video games. Joe Hisaishi's score influenced the music of countless JRPGs, the visual aesthetic of mixing magic and pseudo-steampunk technology was an influence on the Final Fantasy series, V and VI especially, but the earlier ones' fixations on airships and magic crystals has an obvious forebear. It was also an influence on the Zelda series, and I suspect that the character design of Dr Robotnik in the Sonic games is influenced by the design of Motro. Totoro I think is perfectly paced. There's a lot of scenes were nothing "happens", but it's a mood piece. The film wouldn't work without them. I've never quite got on with Spirited Away as the canonical "classic", because the ending is pretty out of nowhere. It feels like one of the first examples of Miyazaki really letting a story get away from him and not knowing how to end it - Howl's is even more egregious for that. Mononoke was the first I saw, and will likely always be one of my favourites for it.
  2. It's extremely daft, but good fun. It opens with a story about him being nervous at Wrestlemania, and then realising "I've been shot in the face before, I can do this!". It's terribly written, edited even worse, but the stories are bonkers enough to carry it, and I'm always interested in how guys as deeply invested in kayfabe as The Sheik come across in these books. By the end it's just a string of personal vendettas, though.
  3. I think it's different when it comes to Mike Awesome, because it wasn't about having a five star match, it was about being a colossal dickhead. He could win the match any time he wants, he just doesn't feel like it.
  4. A fair point. I tend to think in comparison to live music, club nights etc., and not being a football fan at all, hadn't really considered it as a frame of reference.
  5. Long answer - because someone finishing work at 5-6pm is going to struggle to get to the venue for 7pm bell-time, even if we assume that person already lives in central London, rather than (as many people do for PROGRESS) travelling from out of town. Most people would want to fit in getting something to eat, or changing out of their work clothes, rather than rushing straight from work to the venue. Assuming the show starts on time (which is a big If), you're looking at a 10pm finish. Factor in trains/transport home, again especially for out-of-towners, it's a late one for a Monday night. Say maybe you live in Plymouth (to pick a UK city at random) and fancy going to London for the wrestling. Except to get the train there in time, you'd probably have to set off mid-afternoon, so you're taking a half day to a day off work. And then the last train back is probably around 9pm, so you're either missing half the show, or staying overnight - so that's either an extremely early start the next day, or taking another day off. Short answer - for the same reason you don't see anyone else organising events on a Monday night. (I do admittedly obsess over travel times etc. for this kind of thing, because that's my experience of events)
  6. I know they haven't really got a choice, but the promoters pulling a "sorry lads, we've got something on. Mind if we reschedule?" probably isn't the best well to sell tickets.
  7. 7pm on a Monday is a bonkers time for a wrestling show. Curious how well that does.
  8. In a painfully trendy bar with a mini-golf course, I bought some Hooch because I thought it was funny. And a rare pic of me smiling, from later the same evening;
  9. I've been working my way through the Netflix Ghiblis, and watched Tales from Earthsea the other night. I didn't hate it, but I can see why it has the reputation of being the worst Ghibli movie. Ursula Le Guin's scathing review of it is pretty much the definitive take, my girlfriend (who hasn't read any of the books) agreed wholeheartedly with all of it. The art direction was great, and some of the set-pieces were visually stunning, but you could tell it wasn't a seasoned director at the helm by how (comparatively) clunky a lot of the animation was. Nothing flowed the way it does in a Hayao Miyazaki film. Comparing this to something like the way the grass moves in the wind in The Wind Rises, or the richness of the stunning blue skies and tall fluffy clouds in practically every Miyazaki movie, is a stark contrast. There was way too much pointless exposition early on, and the plot was just meandering and often impossible to follow, and I found myself having to guess at which bit of the Earthsea books they were trying to do at any given time. Without recourse to the books, I think my girlfriend was just completely lost. Most of the actual Earthsea "lore" was just crowbarred in awkwardly anyway - there were whole chunks of dialogue taken from the books and used in entirely different contexts, or moral lessons from the books given out utterly unearned by the story that preceded them. At one point, the story of "The Tombs Of Atuan" - one of the better Earthsea stories, and certainly a better story than this film - is given as just one line of dialogue, to give a character backstory. It was only at that point I realised who that character was supposed to be, and actually laughed out loud, and not for the last time at the randomness of how the source material was mined for this movie. That the character in question, Tenar, was transformed into a generic love interest/damsel in distress wasn't just a disservice to the books, but really disappointing from a studio that ordinarily does such a great job with well-written, strong female characters. Just another way it didn't feel sufficiently "Ghibli". The other way it feels decidedly un-Ghibli, and un-Earthsea, is in having a cartoonish villain. Ghibli doesn't really do villains. To give them their due, I think part of the problem is that Earthsea had already been an influence on so much earlier Ghibli stuff. A lot of the key concepts - the power of true names, the balance of man and nature, "living" as a conscious and heroic act - were all done before, and done better, in Nausicaa, Mononoke, Pom Poko and Spirited Away.
  10. BomberPat

    Chippy Tea

    another reason why nowhere south of Sheffield can do chips properly. Probably told the story earlier in the thread, but my family had lived in Jersey for years, and I'd never found a decent chippy. I'm sure the fish was great, but the chips were always rubbish. We moved to a new place, that happened to be round the corner from a chip shop we hadn't been to yet, and it was the only one I've found that did chips I actually like, and we got chippy tea from there quite often. Several years later, my brother, his wife, and their kids are over, and my dad goes round to the chippy to get everyone's food. He comes back with honestly the biggest grin on his face that I have ever seen, because after some 15 years of living here, he'd found a chip shop that did scraps. It might have been the happiest day of his life.
  11. yeah, Val has always been a right-wing libertarian nutter. Cody said he thinks it's just him angling for a booking, though I suspect Val fully believes it.
  12. How long do most professional footballers, rugby players, boxers, MMA fighters, etc., train and perform unpaid before making any money from it?
  13. The last thing I want, and the last thing Gargano needs, is another fake-out heel/face turn confusion. They absolutely fucked Gargano by taking the best whitemeat babyface they'd had since Daniel Bryan, with a natural revene story against Ciampa, and turning it into over-egged melodrama that he doesn't have the acting chops to pull off.
  14. Have Progress even done that much "storytelling" lately? I'm out of the loop, but everyone I know that still attends their shows complains that the story side of it has been atrocious to non-existent for a while now. It's fairly common knowledge that WWE have a buy-out clause with Progress, and I think Progress' top brass have naively assumed that if and when WWE take advantage of that, they'll be kept on-board as part of the machine. It'll be a rude awakening for them when WWE does away with Progress and sacks them off too. Honestly, I thought Progress would likely finish up at Chapter 100, and I'm surprised they're still going as a sort of NXT UK feeder group. It's so short-sighted of WWE to be signing up really young talent like Candyfloss et al, because they generally recognise the importance of letting wrestlers find their feet elsewhere, and develop through working a variety of styles and promotions. I think it makes it clear that the majority of the very young wrestlers they're signing for the UK brand, they have no hopes of ever actually making stars, they just want them off the market. What's always very telling is when the kids of WWE's own producers, talent scouts etc. start wrestling, you don't often see them signed up to WWE while they're still inexperienced - Dave Finlay Jr isn't at the Performance Centre, Regal's kid isn't being pulled from bookings to stand around in a branded tracksuit.
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    Top Twitter

    I was helping out at a youth club when I was 16 - it shared a run-down old building with a makeshift recording studio, practice spaces, and events room, so became a bit of a hang-out spot for all the goth kids and whatnot. I happened to say the word "chav" to the lead youth worker, and he said, "now Pat, you wouldn't be disparaging working class young males, now, would you?". Soon shut me up. I know what you mean in terms of associating the term with certain groups of people, but it's a term absolutely loaded with class prejudice - as are all the signifiers of the term; tracksuits, burberry, and so on.
  16. Yeah, that's my main point. It's not a question of whether it's Tyler Bate or Chuck Mambo on the card, it's that the bosses are away. I imagine Progress will move their date, but it shows that it's hardly a reciprocal relationship between them and WWE. The Progress lads will be out on their arse the moment WWE decide they've outlived their usefulness - and for what?
  17. Just have him wreck everyone in the Andre Battle Royal. In terms of "part-timers", they're counting Undertaker, Cena, Edge and Brock Lesnar, with a possibility of Triple H. Bearing in mind that only one of those is actually confirmed in a match at 'Mania so far, though Edge is obviously pretty much a dead cert. So assuming they're all in matches, adding in Goldberg would bring it up to 6. I figured I'd work out how that compares to recent years. Wrestlemania 35: Ronda Rousey (do we count her as a part-timer? She was working a reasonably full-time schedule), Kurt Angle, Triple H, Batista, Beth Phoenix, Brock Lesnar, plus the two comedy lads in the Andre Battle Royal. So let's call that 5 or 6 depending on how we count Ronda, plus celebrities bringing it up to 7 or 8, and a non-wrestling appearance from John Cena bringing it up to 9 if you want to count that. Wrestlemania 34: Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Ronda Rousey (who I will count as a part-timer at this point), Triple H, Stephanie McMahon. So that's 7, plus An Actual Child bringing it up to 8. Wrestlemania 33: The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Triple H, John Cena (let's say that this is the earliest we can count John Cena as a "part-timer"), Maryse, Shane McMahon. 7. Wrestlemania 32: Triple H, The Rock, The Undertaker, Shane McMahon, Brock Lesnar, plus DDP, Tatanka and Shaquille O'Neal in the Battle Royal. So 5-8. Wrestlemania 31: Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Triple H, Sting. 4. Wrestlemania 30: Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Batista, Triple H, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Great Khali in the Battle Royal. 6-7. So 5 or 6 part-timers really wouldn't be that unusual, and it seems very out of character for WWE to panic about there being too many part-timers on the show at that level. Give Goldberg a match, you cowards.
  18. the problem with NXT no longer being a "developmental" brand is that wrestlers are no longer called up, so stories/character arcs don't reach a natural conclusion. NXT built a reputation for solid storytelling largely because they knew when to bloody end them. Now we're just going to be stuck with Cole/Ciampa/Gargano forever.
  19. just booked tickets for Acid Mothers Temple in London, on my birthday in June. So that's bloody exciting. Before that, I'm off to Stockholm for Nick Cave, who I've somehow managed to come this far without ever seeing live.
  20. I only played the Dreamcast properly - i.e. outside of a demo machine in Argos - for the first time about 5-7 years ago, when I bought one on a whim. I was surprised by quite how well a lot of it had aged, and by how mad and ambitious so many of the games were. Lovely console.
  21. "UK Takeover Dublin" is a title that probably could have done with some workshopping, though. Potentially interestingly, it clashes with a PROGRESS date. I imagine PROGRESS will end up moving it, but it speaks volumes as to how WWE sees them.
  22. It was a great match, particularly for that show - it was as basic as wrestling gets, but by two people who can do basic extremely well. The entire match was basically an exercise in teaching the audience how a wrestling match works, and that was fascinating to see from the people involved. I'm honestly starting to think that we might get a Wrestlemania without self-indulgent Triple H and Shane McMahon matches, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  23. My rubbish guts struggle with Jalapeno these days, but the Honey Mustard pretzel pieces are a God tier bar snack for sure.
  24. Joey Ryan's schtick is years past its sell-by date, Colt Cabana has been phoning it in for years, I can't remember when I last saw Grado, and the entire "Penis Party" gimmick is a stale attempt to replicate the success of Spring Break with no understand of the charm that makes those shows work. That said, that is a belter of an announcement, though the match itself won't live up to the "woah, wacky!" appeal of the concept. Ken Shamrock being in town for Mania weekend makes me hope he pops up all over the place, though.
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