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  1. I don't think they had become Rajah and Bajah yet (I actually have no memory of that at all!) - they were a generic undercard tag team called Lo Down, and had a fun finish where Chaz would do a superplex, followed by D'Lo's Frog Splash. I'd only just started watching again, and thought they were pretty good, but when they got paired with Tiger Ali Singh it was a death sentence for them.
  2. Yeah, El Austrialano is Australian Suicide in AAA. He's nothing special, but sounds like he was worse than usual here.
  3. I saw RVD Vs Matt Hardy on a TNA house show around 2010; absolute definition of phoning it in, but Van Dam always had a reasonably unique way of moving, and a strong enough moveset, that even an RVD match just going through the motions was still unlike anyone else's match on the card, so he had something to offer long after he stopped giving a shit, let alone when he was still motivated and over.
  4. Guess what? Yeah, Easyjet just cancelled my flight, and aren't flying to Jersey until March. I've managed to get booked onto a BA flight to Heathrow the same day, will have to do some juggling of the schedule to leave three hours earlier than planned, and to get picked up at Heathrow at lunch time rather than Gatwick in the evening, and just have to hope this one goes ahead as if it doesn't I'm pretty much out of options. On the plus side, I'm getting a refund from Easyjet and paid for the BA flight with a voucher, so it's not actually cost me anything.
  5. I don't think there's any desire from AEW to do a "Monday Night Wars" rehash. Sure, there's the odd dig at WWE, and it's usually kind of embarrassing, but it's likely a combination of ex-WWE guys getting it off their chest, and AEW knowing that there's a decent percentage of the fanbase that laps that stuff up, and it's never anything meaningful. For the most part, they've done a really good job of just getting on with things, building their own brand, and mostly letting their product speak for itself. They're not talking it up in relation to WWE the way WCW or TNA did, they're just
  6. I've definitely watched some 2005-2010 stuff recently that, at the time, I'd have been miserable about, but found myself really enjoying. The crowds are better, and cards that seemed lacking then feel positively star-studded now. I don't think it's just the slow trudge toward mediocrity, though. There's a nostalgia element, for sure, but also that by cherry-picking old shows you're not really all that bothered about creative direction, who wins or loses, or where a story might be going. I hated the Vince vs. Bret match when it actually happened, but found it fun if overlong when watching
  7. I definitely think it's possible for Omega to be a Sting type - the franchise of the "other" company, and potentially ending up in a few situations that are arguably "bigger" than WWE; I wouldn't be surprised to see AEW get to a WCW-like level of significant competition with WWE's flagship shows. The issue is that even when WCW was beating the WWF every week in the ratings, to be a top star in WCW wasn't bigger than being a top star in the WWF. There's so much equity built up in the WWF brand that WCW never broke beyond that, and I doubt AEW will either. So it becomes a matter of optics,
  8. I'd be happy with that. Based on their track record so far, I don't really see anything they're doing with Brodie Jr. as exploitative, and can't see it really going that way. What I worry more about is shithead fans moaning about him taking up TV time and turning on him, and bullying a kid on Twitter for being on their wrestling show, particularly if he gets booked in an angle and someone like Jim Cornette shits on it.
  9. One of my exes has gone completely off the deep end with this stuff - she has some mental health issues that have meant that she has been largely out of work for years, so is prone to going down internet rabbit holes and being a bit out of touch with reality, but this and the US election has really pushed her into alt-right conspiracy territory. She posted something the other day joking about how we should "ban stairs and cars, because she might leave her house and get hurt by one of them - but at least we know stairs and cars are real". I don't have the patience to actually argue
  10. I'm convinced that they signed Gallows & Anderson - and to a lesser extent AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura - as an attempt to undermine NJPW's momentum and western expansion. I don't think they particularly saw AJ or Shinsuke as top stars, but AJ over-delivered in terms of adapting to "WWE style", and given how much they presumably pay him, was worth getting behind him as a top guy to get a return on their investment. Gallows & Anderson, though, was all about trying to undercut Bullet Club T-shirt sales. Not necessarily even to get in on that action themselves, just to try and rem
  11. I suppose the precedent would be the WCW/WWF lawsuit, where the WWF's case was built on the argument that WCW were relying on the fans to recognise Scott Hall as Razor Ramon, and therefore were profiting from a WWF product, but also creating the impression that a WWF performer was appearing on WCW television. The argument could be made that, by appearing in Bullet Club merch on another wrestling show, Omega et al were creating the impression that they were members of NJPW's Bullet Club, and that NJPW were involved in/endorsed that match/show. I can't see that being something they'd want t
  12. Yes, I've grown tired of living in a jingoistic non-EU jurisdiction with a disastrous pandemic response, so am moving back to the UK with the assumption that nothing has changed in my absence. Now excuse me as I take a big old gulp of tea before reading the papers. It is, thank you! Moving is allowed as an exception, but the knock-on effect of travel restrictions is that flights start getting cancelled and ferry services really scaled back, so it becomes a bit of a de facto closing of the border just through lack of demand, so there are still worries in that regard. T
  13. On sea shanty chat, there was a superb compilation album called Rogue's Gallery years back that featured Lou Reed doing this track, as well as contributions from Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Eliza Carthy, Loudon Wainwright III, Jarvis Cocker and so on. Unfortunately it's got Sting and Bono on it, but they can't all be hits.
  14. In a lot of ways, the Big Bang not happening is probably the best thing that could have ever happened for Eric Bischoff's reputation. They were talking about bringing in Joey Styles and Don Callis, signing Rob Van Dam, giving a big push to Lance Storm, focusing on the younger talent and so on - basically, promising every online fan in 2001 everything they wanted to hear. There's absolutely nothing in Bischoff's track record to suggest that he would have delivered on that product, or that it would have been markedly different from every other attempt to "reboot" WCW. But because it
  15. It's a really fascinating question, and as much as I love fantasy booking, it's not a situation I've ever really managed to resolve in my head. Steve Austin as a heel, and even the Austin/Triple H partnership, needed The Rock to function correctly. There was nobody else well equipped to fill Austin's shoes as top babyface (and, effectively, he already had), and at the very least you needed someone in that role while building up (if there was any appetite to) the likes of Jericho and Benoit to a more viable main event position, and using Undertaker and Kane to fill in the gaps, rather than
  16. Given that Don Callis worked for NJPW before taking over Impact, I imagine he's managed to work something out with them, or at least chip away at the "Gedo hates TNA" attitude that prevented them working together for years. On the other hand, it's "just" a T-shirt. It's basically free publicity for NJPW, and it's not I don't know what the legal grounds would be to stop Omega wearing it, if they cared to. Chris Jericho wore his "Alpha Club" shirt from NJPW on an episode of RAW, if I remember correctly. It feels like something that would be a matter of internal standards and practices rathe
  17. I have a flight booked for February, to move back to the UK. Jersey is in a common travel area, rather than a travel corridor, so might be affected and might not be, because no one knows what the fucking difference is.
  18. BomberPat


    I think part of it in Chyna's case was that her "personal demons" had probably set in way earlier than people recognised, and the WWF had done what they do and done an excellent job at keeping it all under wraps. Chyna at 100% probably could have diversified into acting and just general celebrity life - a couple of years later and she'd have seemed a shoe-in for a "Hogan Knows Best" style reality show, but outside of the WWF no one wanted to touch her. In terms of "Stone Cold Money", I heard she didn't want to re-sign for less than a million. I think the Chyna of '99/'00 could have made a
  19. as much as NXT and NXT:UK have both fallen into the pattern of "you'll always be who you always were" rather than substantially repackaging people, that doesn't mean that someone like Sha Samuels in NXT have to be the same Sha Samuels he was in RevPro or IPW or wherever - he's more than good enough to tweak the character to something more fitting if they want him to. Jordan Devlin will definitely end up in NXT proper in some capacity, even if just to tidy up the "Interim Champion" situation. That story has probably given him more longevity than if he hadn't all but lucked into that positi
  20. The Ed Harvey bit was nonsense, though. Really abysmal booking with no discernible purpose. Good to see some more big lads on the brand, though. In terms of good matches on NXT UK, Ben Carter's debut against Jordan Devlin last week was a great showcase for Ben.
  21. I can't see an ECW Mount Rushmore that didn't have Sabu and Taz on it. I'd then go with Terry Funk and Raven, but could see the argument for swapping Raven out for either Sandman or Van Dam, with an outside shot for Dreamer.
  22. Definitely - he had an odd little late career resurgence, and it was great to see. Even the fact that he's under WWE contract now is utterly bonkers, and something that never would have been conceivable more than a couple of years ago.
  23. That would be a really fun story, especially if they tie in that he worked Triplemania as well. In WCW, when a lot of the Cruiserweights weren't yet on exclusive deals, Mike Tenay used to always talk about how Rey Misterio Jr's title reign might be in jeopardy because of his schedule, how he was wrestling in Mexico and Japan on top of his WCW commitments, and all it would take was for someone to take advantage of that fatigue. It's a note of realism utterly absent in most wrestling these days, where everyone is expected to be 100% all of the time, even if they had a gruelling match a matt
  24. It's Omega vs. everyone, basically. The way I see it, Omega came up short in his first attempts to become World Champion, then feels like he wasted his time with a tag team partner who never really cared for him, or who he never really cared for. In order to beat Moxley for the belt, he had to go back to what got him to the top in the first place - breaking the rules, and being an obnoxious dick. And rather than rely on a guy like Adam Page, he went to someone who's always had his back and who he knew he can trust in Don Callis, who he's known practically his entire life - while Callis ca
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