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  1. Really surprised to hear the hatred for McGuinness on here, I thought he was fine and by far the best of the entire commentary team. What a match between Dunne and Bate and the ladder match (and turn) was really well done. The crowd was excellent too despite the lurking threats of fappery throughout the night.
  2. It's a truly awful advert, but McDonalds offend me more because of the narrator they normally use, the man with the worst voice on television. I genuinely want him to die so he can't work any longer.
  3. Up those majestic Reds - we were magnificent today. That win also means we went unbeaten in the capital all season What I'd do for a Daniel Sturridge not made of cornflakes.
  4. Fascinating - was he well received, or were people asking him stupid questions all the time? There are loads from Off Topic but in particular the Facebook thread: Many of the replies have me howling and I revisit it at least once a month.
  5. Earthquake, as in John Tenta used to post here? What?!
  6. Be careful guys
  7. The first thing that came to mind was the Vince McMahon vs Hulk Hogan match at Wrestlemania 19. I absolutely love the whole thing but these parts in particular make me postively beam: - Hogan's sweet entrance to Hendrix - Hugo Dumbsonofabitch (thanks Carl) getting twatted by a steel chair - McMahon's 'here's johnny' pose as his face is caked in blood - Roddy bastard Piper turning up (and the crowd reaction) - The pop when Hogan wins All of these things perfectly encapsulate the campy, violent daftness of wrestling for me and I'll never get tired of watching them.
  8. He's apparantely a smooth, hilarious bastard behind the curtain, according to Chris Jericho's first book anyway.
  9. Nothing wrong with it all, I just never would have found out about it unless I'd logged onto Facebook earlier
  10. So apparantely you can get something that takes a mould of someones dick and hardens into a vibrator. I love Facebook and trash I went to school with so I can learn these things.
  11. With mental hair like instant noodles
  12. I want to say thanks to the thread starter and the contributors here, as I've suggested to my new missus that we watch this years' Royal Rumble when I'm round on Friday so I can introduce the graps to her. I of course included the explicit caveats that we can turn it off if she's finding it boring or we can switch to something else wrestling-wise she might like, I've not decided on exactly what yet but Sasha vs Bayley from Brooklyn is one of the options.
  13. Latest from me in an #EATCLEAN sense is buying two Rice Krispy Squares bars at lunch then squashing both together to make one big BLOCK of marshmallow-y goodness.
  14. Bet he didn't have it reported either
  15. They've started using the XFL cam during Premier League football games on Sky, I noticed it during Liverpool's fixtures at Man United and Man City this season, so its mad to think the thing originated in the XFL over 15 years ago! It's awful.