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  1. You haven't seen the other version of that advert have you? The same couple is at a festival and the girl says she doesn't understand shitting in a field watching live music (or words to that effect), it doesn't have anything to do with demeaning wrestling.
  2. https://ukff.com/topic/138044-celebrities-that-stink/
  3. I've said it before on here, but Dallas-based WWF fans in early 2000 were jammy, lucky bastards - they got this show and Fully Loaded within 6 months of each other!
  4. Nah in all seriousness Ralphy, pleased to hear you're feeling better. This forum is a great support network.
  5. Seems a bit morbid to repeat a car accident in which people died..
  6. I don't know what it is about this post but reading that just now made me laugh uproariously for about 20 seconds
  7. Otto Dem Wanz

    Chippy Tea

    Two confessions possibly ruining my cred in here: I have never had a scallop (dont think I've ever seen them sold anywhere I've been) and I still dont know what cod roe is.
  8. I'll have a listen to this, but would like to know if the people behind this podcast really believe Mark Zuckerberg is the "worst person of the 21st century so far" as the title states? Fucks sake.
  9. I love how "Superbacon likes this"
  10. Going away later this month, there's a Wendy's close to my hotel - looking forward to trying it for the first time! Any recommendations as to what order? Was thinking the Jim Cornette Special (Triple cheeseburger, extra cheese, extra mayo) but not sure I'm that much of a dirty bastard. Also Jollibee.
  11. Having integrity if you wanted to hold public office
  12. If you typed this post in Scottish, 300 likes would've followed
  13. Can someone translate that for me please?
  14. Whitewashing dictatorships to own the Blairites
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