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  1. The best thing abah Sasha and Tamina was that ace post by someone I can’t remember where man said Team BAD was like Sasha and whoever else it was tagging with her were only allowed to do so cos Tamina was their Ma and was chaperoning them can’t find it though
  2. What the fuck are the lyrics to this song? The closest I can come to is "Everybody's on the ground, Perry Saturn's selling crack" - which it obviously isn't. Any ideas?
  3. Or Vince calling an audible for HBK to retain at Mind Games '96 from the commentary position
  4. This ^ Seeing a lot of sympathy for her on Reddit, and while I can feel sorry for her being lied to about her and Bayley going on a long run with the Women's Tag Titles, this is wrestling and things change all the time. That and she's been woeful to watch for about 3 years now, maybe some time away will do her good.
  5. They'll be unbearable if they win the league: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/04/11/group-believed-chelsea-fans-filmed-allegedly-singing-racist/
  6. Not surprising really, you've been able to hear it creaking for ages.
  7. Over the weekend I’ve learned that both Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins are quite the hunks
  8. When you're supposed be a Deadman at 5pm but have Power League at 8pm.
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