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  1. I hope I haven't missed an existing new thread for questions, if so feel free to delete. I've also tried to give us some continuity with the title. To get us rolling: Who are the two South Asian looking lads shown in the final episode of the Last Ride documentary? They're sitting around a table at the Performance Centre with Undertaker and a load of big guys when Taker is "teaching", they also look like they could be brothers. I presume they're trainees there but would love to know some names and details.
  2. So while the forum is currently discussing chocco and cheese, a very important food topic I feel needs to be talked about revolves around the humble biscuit. Do you like yours chocolatey or iced, dusted in sugar or are there any mad suggestions some of us haven't heard about? As the man-child I can so often be - I've had a real thing for Party Rings recently, the not too sweet base and lovely icing make a super pairing with a cold glass of milk. If I'm feeling indulgent and want to spend a bit more coin on my biscuit experience I'll often have a go on these bad boys: There's als
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