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  1. Doesn't surprise me one bit about the City stewards, the pond life element of their home fans that stand by the divide next to the away end (barely watching the game) are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want to the away fans with impunity.
  2. 6,000 people difference, aka two families in Kentucky.
  3. Jericho, Moxley and Cody are owning this shit, also Luchasaurus is ace - never expected him to sound like that
  4. Pricks like me ruin their own Spotify year wrap-ups every time by listening to wrestling themes constantly, usually in the gym and whilst power walking pretending I'm training for a big match or walking down the aisle making my entrance.
  5. Wrestlemania 17 is closer to Wrestlemania 1 than it is to today
  6. Ha, I used to go to footy training in Harlesden and could smell it whenever we went out to the pitches - gorgeous isn't it
  7. Ignoring the ridiculous lies and bigoted spirit of that meme, what really stands out is "FREE benefits"... isn't it kind of the point that the welfare system doesn't charge anyone who needs benefits?
  8. Plus one for the tag ropes thing (my wrestling fandom started watching the WWF in 2000). I also had no idea triple threat matches were no-disqualification until a lot later than I should have.
  9. Yeah whining on Twitter will definitely help you get what you want Joey
  10. To answer the question - on a cold winter's day you can't go wrong with some Angel cake, cut in half, warm custard - bosh. Also a massive fan of McVitie's ginger cake much the same way. If we're talking miniature then its Bakewell tarts (if they count) and French Fancies, as well as those lovely lemon slices with the tangy icing on them.
  11. Didn't watch the PPV so can't comment on that, but the Dynamite TV shows have been great and I'm making sure I come back every week. Amongst the usual positives (shout out to the people behind Sammy Guevara and Luchasaurus' music btw!) Scorpio Sky, who I knew nothing about beforehand, has impressed me loads
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