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  1. Otto Dem Wanz

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Why have you stopped at just two?
  2. Otto Dem Wanz

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Does anyone want to explain to me why Lacey Evans came out only for her to then walk straight back up the ramp? Thought my Network stream had glitched or something. Gutted they didn't go all the way with Kofi here - no idea where we're heading for the Smackdown WWE title match at 'Mania.
  3. Otto Dem Wanz

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Jesus - wonder if this contributed to Graves' state of mind (as seen through his latest tweets) recently. That post has since been deleted and she's updated her Instagram story to show a screenshot of Graves texting her threatening legal action from WWE !
  4. Otto Dem Wanz

    Exposing the business.

    You're alright ❤️ Anyway that video is mental - proper self-aware stuff you just don't see from that era. LOL'd hard at "it is a fraud".
  5. Otto Dem Wanz

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

  6. Otto Dem Wanz

    Exposing the business.

    Oh yay, another wrestling thread sidetracked.
  7. Otto Dem Wanz

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Fully on board the Kofi Kingston WWE title train here 🚂
  8. Otto Dem Wanz

    Random Thoughts III.

    The King of the Ring 2001 set is bloody ace - shame Shane got chucked through part of it. What a shame that DDP stalker angle went down like a wet fart after the start it had. Kurt Angle was/is a fuckin lunatic. Not really a surprise Benoit or Jericho didn’t get any heat as WWF title contenders booked as faces against a heel Steve Austin. King of the Ring lost most of its allure after 1999.
  9. Otto Dem Wanz

    Top Wrestling Twitter

    Missed this first time round, god it’s funny seeing that creep embarrassed like that
  10. Otto Dem Wanz

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    PCO for life (or something)
  11. Otto Dem Wanz

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    We could tie our assholes up in court for years over this.
  12. Otto Dem Wanz

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

  13. Otto Dem Wanz

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

  14. Otto Dem Wanz

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Cheers for this
  15. Otto Dem Wanz

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    People in here are seriously criticising Will2K? Sampling Rock the Casbah for a hip hop new year's anthem is fucking genius.