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  1. Speaking of SOAS, I went to their SU bar (I feel like it was an upstairs) accompanying a mate who was studying there once, and couldn't believe you could buy a Blue Moon for under £3 - I miss being a student
  2. Where is this pub, 1985?! That's outstanding value.
  3. You were right to point this out, rules are rules - Chile player should've walked.
  4. I suggest you absolutely do not do this - its a very long time to be on a tube train and it'll be boiling hot on Sunday
  5. Hillary not being elected back in 2016 has melted old Bill's brain
  6. Then switch over to BBC2 for Fresh Prince and double Simpsons
  7. Calling it now - "Worst thread of the year" award
  8. Otto Dem Wanz

    Chippy Tea

    Coke zero >>>>>>>>> Diet coke though
  9. I'm sorry you didn't through to the final round of the leadership contest @Devon Malcolm
  10. Can't wait for the thread on here about Sky wrestling memories a la the Silver Vision one.
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