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  1. If you did, I would definitely read it!
  2. Otto Dem Wanz

    Chippy Tea

    Those chips look absolutely fine *shrugs*
  3. "Professionalism" from the WWF immediately after Owen Hart died is one way to put it...
  4. The best match Vince McMahon has ever had is against Shawn Michaels at Mania 22, not Hulk Hogan at Mania 19 (which is still awesome tbf).
  5. Surly JR is valuable because when he does get excited about something or someone you know it merits it.
  6. If his ankles are still shot and he walks like he's got accordions for legs it'd be a laugh though.
  7. Eddie Kingston has been signed according to the official AEW Instagram
  8. So even they acknowledge it used to be better.
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