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  1. Tell me this doesn't look like a WrestleMania title match (Rumble and sort of RAW spoilers)
  2. Only managed to get through both Rumble matches this evening but I really enjoyed about 90% of it, Charlotte winning and Kelly Kelly getting a pop were about the only disappointing things going on. So happy for Drew and really want to see him win the belt at Mania now. EDIT - Who else saw Brock mouth "the size of this motherfucker!" when Keith Lee was coming out?
  3. I've tried to ignore the released list of participants and largely succeeded
  4. Oh yeah not my place to judge, I just noticed and wanted corroboration 😁
  5. I really enjoyed this show in highlight form after not watching anything modern WWE in ages, Charlotte's definitely had some work done on her face during my time off right?
  6. Facebook: Instagram: Tinder: LinkedIn:
  7. The cast of Jersey Shore looks different to what I remember
  8. Have dipped out of WWE for a while, but as is the case every year, I'm excited to watch the Rumble on Sunday (or more likely, Monday evening). I've just seen an advert for it on BT Sport however, and can see that the title match is Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt, a match they did at the Royal Rumble six (!) years ago...
  9. They look tasty, shame you didn't like them, also does anyone know where you can buy orange creams on the high st? Supermarkets near me never seem to have them
  10. "Andthatisafuckinsendinaffcheatinhunbarstard..ifyaeversawone"
  11. Should have known City wouldn't quite be the same this season when they rocked up for their first game in fucking Puma kits.
  12. Sammy Guevara is my fave thing in wrestling at the moment
  13. The most important question remains, did you get a lift home from a balding Asian man?
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