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  1. Due to this Lockdown lark, I've been going through the monthly WWF review shows from the 80's on Youtube. As we all know wrestling is pretty much recycled ideas, and watching these videos it had me thinking which ideas could be re-used these days. Considering most fans these days haven't been watching for very long, and probably don't have any inclination to watch older stuff, there's plenty of scope for a few old ideas to make a comeback. To kick things off I'll go with a heel ref like Danny Davis. This angle had a great build with Davis constantly helping the heels before finally aligning himself with the Hart Foundation. So which ideas would you like to see bought back?
  2. I was watching an old TV taping from December 88 yesterday and saw The Red Rooster using a sharpshooter to win over Sam Houston - first time I can recall someone using it.
  3. Wrestlers wearing their merch before / during matches. Especially when it's wrestlers who wouldn't normally wear that kind of t-shirt. It just makes them look like a massive advertising board and basically highlights what they are - a character designed to make money.
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