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  1. You beat me to it as I was going to post the Hollywood Blondes. The only thing disappointing about this team for me was the era they existed in. Being in WCW, and for a limited time, they never got the chance to show their true potential, especially as there were limited opponents too. Imagine these two in the late 80's touring the indies and going to the AWA and WWF to take on teams like The Road Warriors, Midnight Express, The Rockers and the Hart Foundation.
  2. So the WWE are hiring! Who's up for the job? (Those with hayfever needn't apply!) https://wwecorp.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/wwecorp/job/Stamford-CT--Headquarters/Writer_R0003148-1 We all love a good bitch and putting our ideas across on how the 'E' needs to change. So if you got this job what would you do to change the product in 3 steps....
  3. This isn't a selling post (honest!) So thought it could go here rather than the Classifieds. There's a new wrestling magazine out titled 'Inside the Ropes'. It's got guys such as Fin Martin, Bill Apter and Brian Elliot behind it. Wrestle Talk still seems to be going (albeit with most of the staff and features going over to Inside the Ropes) and Pro Wrestling Illustrated is still in print bi-monthly - so it's nice to see that in 2020 there's still a few wrestling publications hanging in there!
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