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  1. For me it was the OG of wrestling sticker albums, the black covered WWF edition that came out in 1990. It's crazy to think that although I'd seen the WWF in the late 80's, I didn't really get into it until late 1990. By that time I'd just started high school and, not having Sky at home, was trying to find out who might possibly tape some shows for me. So for me all I had was the magazine and the sticker album which I started collecting - despite not even being able to watch what I was collecting!
  2. A little off topic, but I think still worth mentioning, the concept of the winner of the Royal Rumble going on to face the champion at Wrestlemania. For me it's perhaps one of the worst as usually you can see the build-up of where they want to go at Wrestlemania, so it sort makes the Rumble match a bit redundant with the winner pretty much a given way ahead of time (except a few rare occasions). It's a shame as the Rumble could be a great opportunity to put over someone who doesn't necessarily fall into the world title picture. It also would mean that longer storylines could build up wit
  3. Will the Dynamite Kid figure come with Sky Remote accessory?
  4. Waylon Mercy - could've have had a stalker type angle with that character, with a home invasion cinematic match (had Pillman / Austin not got there first)
  5. Strangely just watched him put Billy Graham out of commission in '87 last night. RIP Butch - he really should've been a bigger star. Great look, great worker. So many missed opportunities. There's the cool wrestlers thread at the moment, I'd put Butch in there. Loved the blonde hairdo, the cocky swagger and rulebreaking and when he was in the WWF, Slick was a perfect manager. It's a rare talent that can leave the WWF but then become arguably even bigger when he was in Doom. Just a shame he was around at a time when black wrestlers were held back and not allowed to advance.
  6. Anywhere between £80 - £100 is about right IMO. A set of the three Demos (minus helmets) went for £50 two days ago. Honky with guitar is around a £12-£15 figure and the rest are about £5 each (maybe a few quid more for Warrior, Snuka and the Natural Disasters). It may be slightly less desirable only having one Bushwhacker / Rocker though. Like with anything though it's all down to the market that week. Ebay always has a load of Hasbros for sale, but some weeks there are more than others pushing prices down slightly. Other than Crush there's not any really rare figures in that lot, a
  7. Zeus vs Hogan as main event at WM VI - the feud had run it's course by the Summer of '89, and even though it rumbled on it's hard to think after the mammoth business they'd done at the previous 'Manias that anyone could've considered this.
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