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  1. This is a real shame. When I first became a fan (1989/1990) wrestling magazines were where I got my education on the history and current news. We didn't have Sky so other than borrowing video tapes off my mates of the latest PPVs I kept upto date (well slightly out of date!) through the mags. Ever since then I've always kept buying wrestling magazines. With this sad news I make it only PWI and the WWE kids mag still on newsagents shelves. I know there's still Wrestletalk and a couple of fanzines still going, but incredibly sad to see after all the different publications there used to be.
  2. I think it was based upon there work in Japan that IIRC, Powerslam got all excited about them in one of their issues. Severe disappointment when I finally got to see them.
  3. The kid on the box looks like he's going to enjoy playing with it whether he wants to or not!
  4. Here you go. No Mr Blobby dancing but it seems him and Mel C may have shared a quick toot before going on-air:
  5. Jimmy Valiant is returning a table
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