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  1. I don't think Okada or Ospreay can win their groups can they? I think its down to Ibushi and White.
  2. The people on the list weren't all porn stars though were they?
  3. Who the fuck pays for only fans? That's insane how much money they get in a month
  4. I got a copy of Captain Tsubasa on switch for my birthday. Played a couple of games and it is really good. A cross between football and a turn based battle. Going to give the 2 story modes a go and see where I head.
  5. Jump is a classic, a song that caught my eye and made me listen to 1984. live versions which are much more guitar heavy bring it to a new level. I think people often dismiss it but Balance shows a whole new level of him as a guitarist. Bluesy, yet quite heavy.
  6. When I was a kid I listened to 90s teen "punk" music. I then discovered Van Halen and thought what the fuck am I listening too. These other guys can't play guitar for shit. Made me look into other 80s metal bands. This man was so talented that his guitar playing hid how shit David Lee Roth is.
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