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  1. I hadn't seen those matches I went on the ne Japan aussie Facebook it showed about 6 matches per show being Chaos vs Bullet club.
  2. Block b just has far less star power on Naito Shingo comes across as exciting me. I'm sure many will love Ambrose in in though. Block a has Kents vs several names I'd love to see him against.
  3. Ropy? They look like your general road to shows, really with big names in tag matches. However LIJ and Suzuki Gun are not on there. All matches are also new Japan vs new Japan, maybe a couple of names added in. To be honest if those shows were in London I would still go just to see the big names.
  4. So what was the show actually like? Apparently they got 4000 which is amazing but to be honest I didn't see a match on the card that made me feel like I must see that
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