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  1. On another note, I just went on the RPW fan Facebook group and they all seem to think Quildan handled this brilliantly or just don't give a fuck. Sad really but you know if this was any other entertainment industry people would boycott them. Is it wrestling fans are cunts or just already have low expectations built in?
  2. I love that picture. At the time people were accusing Walter of being unsafe against Bodom, oh well. I don't think this will hurt Andy regarding the more local shows he does, the fans who go will probably never be aware of this shit storm. The cockpit shows are heavily sold on a season ticket, so he has sold most of those and those fans will forget or forgive in 4 months. However any forthcoming York Hall shows or new japan merch sales could suffer.
  3. Did he really get himself kicked off an All Japan tour? Apparently he has worked more RPW shows than any other wrestler, 2nd is Sha. You could tell Andy has a bit of a hard on for him. I think he saw him as the replacement for Zack, Will and. Marty.
  4. So basically, nothing happened and you fans have no video footage so shut your cake hole to oh shit their is fan footage up in the Internet I have to act now. I just don't believe Andy found out via twitter a week later. He saw it, the crew all saw it and 1200 fans saw it. So glad I was front row to see him get beaten up by Honma. What thicko would act tough on that headcase?
  5. I saw his statement, he is getting criticism for it. He just said the edit didn't have Bodom hitting him, but they have several cameras so they must have footage just not on their God awful pivotshare site. Also so many people saw it. P But why are so many suddenly booking Bodom post this. I want to know? He is okay but nothing special. Is it just this guy has loads of publicity?
  6. Bdom announced on twitter that he got 9 new bookings yesterday,including debuts for companies. Surely after all this, if true people wouldn't jump at booking him, or is my opinion of people too high?
  7. Playing pilot wings on switch. Loads of super nes games as part of the subscription available.
  8. I like GoD but I'm not sure why. Regards to pacing it was awesome. Show just under 3.5 hours but went by so quickly. Constant matches made the show exciting throughout.
  9. Amazing show. The tags were all decent, GoD vs Aussie Open had me feeling the title switch could happen, same in the main event when we knew really it wasn't happening. I have to give them credit for that. The last 3 matches, all good and all completely different. I was on the front row of a block at the top. Great view for £35
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