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  1. A silly attitude for her to have especially as it is more likely to send unionist voters to Conervatives as they have a more positive attitude. How did Dugdale become leader, did she go unopposed?
  2. This bothers me more that this was at a concert with loads of people under 16 and the bomber would have known. A life is a life, but when aimed at kids it is far more sickening. Those that did not get hurt in that age group will still be scarred from seeing that and many will struggle to recover. My prayers go out to all of those who were at the concert and the families and friends of those hurt.
  3. It takes a shit ref to let anybody get away with it, plenty of them so it is half way to being allowed.
  4. What do people think about diving ban from next season http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39962886 Allardyce's point about those who get punished on the day but not guilty still being punished is fair. I also imagine their will be players still getting away with it as so many of the players are so good at it now.
  5. If he went on The Jump I imagine people would watch. He is on trial for 3 more sexual assaults at the moment I believe so I expect him to be back within a 3 months.
  6. I love all 3 guys Rick has mentioned, hell Marty was my favourite Rocker. I think I will try and stay from someone like Roddy as he did main event the 1st Wrestlemania. In no real order. 1. Koko B Ware. I thought he was great as a kid, colourful and fun.I was always able to get behind him whether as a singles guy or as part of High Energy. I can't actually remember if he was even a good wrestler but all I do remember is that he was easy to get behind and I am sure the crowd enjoyed his stuff too. I imagine most will disagree with me on him. 2. Chris Kanyon I thought he was brilliant, had some fantastic matches, he looked dead cool and was entertaining on the mic. To be honest I think the Jersey Triad were an under rated stable. Sadly the man had his problems with mental health and also seemed to have problems feeling he had to stay closeted as a wrestler. 3. Val Venus I thought this guy was cool. He looked the part, came across as an arrogant arse hole and was not bad in the ring. He got a decent mid card push for a bit but never made it past the IC title.
  7. My girlfriend's parents have a similar problem. After tax combined they earn 12k roughly. They get by and happy being self employed, however after recent NMW increases they have had to cut extra staff from 2 full time to 1 full time and 1 part time. They work the extra hours themselves (doing 6 day weeks), they are knocking 60. They have said they can't really afford to increase prices too much but their suppliers always do rise prices when NMW is raised. They believe in NMW but they think steep rises are in place at the moment and needs to increase by smaller ammounts each year. No minimum wage would be dreadful, I worked for about £5.60 an hour while on a 8 month contract with BA and it was shit and I know the agency I was with would have paid less if they legally could.
  8. I thought the Portuguese and Bulgarian entries were dog shit. The winner was also off his face. I liked the Romanian, Belarusian and Croatian entries as they felt like true Eurovision songs. The host's were sank and rude to everyone. May as well have said shut the fuck up and say who gets 12 points
  9. I'll check out names and prices and decide whether to go. Also see when rpw summer sizzler will be
  10. I can't see the London show on their site. Where was this announcement
  11. Do they need the content? It could be easier just to take a few of them into NXT so is it needed as a development. After contracts are the tapings paying for everything. Not saying it will not be around but I think they may scrap it after a while or make it less regular.
  12. Wasn't a reason for WWE UK sod being around? So would WWE UK still be around in a year's time.
  13. Not really fair as the financial problems were spread out over numerous countries at the same time. They took the blame at the time, and it would have been put on any party who was in charge. Just how it works really.
  14. So your definition of left wing is spending tax money on public services? You come across as that being a bad thing. In some countries like USA New Labour policies may come across as left wing as shown with people like Bernie Saunders being classed as extreme left but I have always viewed them as very centrist who were happy to lean to the right through their 13 year tenure.
  15. It doesn't work with many people. A guy at work said to me "you like that wrestling shit, UFC is much better and not fake." I tried explaining that you can't really compare a sport with drama/sopa or theatre when it comes to many indies. I explained to him that Arnie isn't really fighting with an alien in Predator and that is just acting but like others they don't get it. So many non wrestling fans seem to think that wrestling fans believe it is real. I wish like others on here I could get my girlfriend to enjoy wrestling. She believes it is too violent and is shocked that parents let kids watch it. Also she is scared of masked wrestlers.