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  1. westlondonmist


    You'd have done nothing wrong. Not being fit to work doesn't mean not fit to interview. Handing in your notice would be fine. If you'd stayed in teaching, it could cause issues as the schools would be in contact off the record as well as formally and they may frown upon it.
  2. westlondonmist


    Well you'd still need to get signed fit for work for a new employer to take you on. If a doctor signs you off for 3 months that wouldn't just apply for your current one. You could not tell them but if they found out then you would lose your job. If you were signed off for 2 months, 1 month in you handed in your 1 month notice (I understand teachers have a different notice period, just example) then that would be fine.
  3. https://www.discogs.com/artist/1830626-The-Anti-Heroin-Project Show's a list of all involved. I do wonder if someone just started that as a joke to see if they could get singers involved for any charity single.
  4. With these small promotions what power does the locker room have? They're generally filled with easily replaceable no name wrestlers and they won't want to rock the boat if they see that as their first and only chance at wrestling.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if promoter wanted it for recognition. He was in NXT UK and on the WOS special prior to the series. They could put former WWE wrestler on poster, so parents buy tickets for their kids.
  6. Yeah I've always been really happy with the £18 I pay, while extra amount is probably too much, the overall price is probably fair.
  7. I'll still get it. I love the retro games but I do think they are charging too much. If you like animal crossing it's a bit better, I suppose.
  8. westlondonmist


    I found video interviews easier, but I think that's because I'm a shy person. I was also more relaxed as I'd have a shirt and tie on but a pair of shorts on rather than work trousers. Interviewers seemed more relaxed too as most of them were at home themselves.
  9. BBC put first MP stabbing since Jo Cox, I thought that was only 5 years ago, should we be happy that only 2 MPs have been killed? No matter what your view on politics or politicians, nobody should be killed for their political beliefs.
  10. Is he really? I think I may just notice him in Temple of Doom as his fight scene is awesome. The brown body paint is probably a bit urgh though. First one for me too, which helps my love for it. It is probably an easier watch storyline wise for a kid too. I mean all 3 of the 80s movies were absolutely fantastic. I wouldn't argue with anybody calling one of them the best of the four.
  11. I've always been rather fond of Temple of Doom and prefer it to Raiders of the lost ark, which is still a great film. The opening musical segment, to Indy chucking a meat skewer into a guys chest, to a car chase involving a child. The plane crash segment is a bit odd but I feel its action packed with a nice humour element. Also Pat Roach is in it.
  12. Read the "all look the same to me" part and suddenly made me think of my in laws.
  13. Its a passable Christmas TV movie watch, it isn't a TV movie but it feels produced like one and has nobody of note in it, whereas 4 is just bloody awful. Have not seen the 5th as it isn't on Disney plus.
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