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  1. Not really about new kits but thought here would be fine. Usually I buy official kits, however my sin outgrew his Scotland home and I didn't want to pay full whack for a kit replaced in November. I paid £13.50 or so for a personalised kit aged 3 to 4. It was better quality than the real ones. Infant kits have the badges printed on, these had embroidered badges. They had basically made a small version of the adult rather than copying the infant kit. I don't think it will be my last fake one.
  2. New Japan haven't got the world title scene right for a couple of years now have they really. Naito won it a year late, when he did he lost it straight to Evil (although he did get it back quite quickly it was a bit lame). I'd also say Ibushi won a year late and the only challenger he could beat was Desperado.
  3. That's quite interesting little fact. I was actually surprised admiral were still around. I only noticed because I was watching their highlights as a couple of celtic players are on loan there. They have a nice home kit.
  4. Queens Park are sponsored by Irn Bru and wear this.
  5. Although Scotland Wear blue and have done most of the time their have been times with the Rosebery kit. https://www.toffs.com/scotland-1900-rosebery-retro-football-shirt While I get the below are April fools, come on they're great.
  6. Confirmed Broony is off and will be heading to Aberdeen. Good luck to him and if he does well maybe we will see him back soon.
  7. 2nd isn't acceptable though unless you get to a European final (which is very unlikely) or you take home at least 1,preferably both domestic cups. I like the idea of Harkin as DOF and Maresca as Head coach/manager and his coaches coming in. The celtic team will be stripped this season with Moi, Eddy, Christie, Laxalt, Ajer and possibly McGregor all leaving. We will have to rely on youth and build a squad from scratch and I think they could be the guys to do it.
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