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  1. westlondonmist

    Labour Split / Independence Group

    I have to respect them in some ways. On the other side Conservatives fuck over their leader to big up them and their mates as a coup. They know they will keep the safe blue seats. They have walked away, something many past and present mps should have done. I also don't think they have fucked their careers. I'm sure they would earn far more after this when they are no longer mps. The sad thing is neither party makes me want to vote for them. They both come across as dog shite incoherent mess. Also with both parties leaning to extreme I could not hand them my vote.
  2. westlondonmist

    NJPW World

    3 top stars, at least say 1 and say 2 more next week. So fucking vague.
  3. westlondonmist

    NJPW World

    I think they had to come out and say we trust the guys we have. Not sure if it should have been this quick but it was needed. I say fair play to them.
  4. westlondonmist

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    All hail Garth Brooks as the new pundit for AEW.
  5. He won state wrestling competitions at school but never competed at College/University level. Swagger's achievements seem far higher than Rhodes' so I think deluded.
  6. westlondonmist

    Perfect Albums

    I think New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84) by Simple Minds is awesome. Some catchy pop tunes, brilliant synths and strong songs throughout. I also love Dare by The Human League. The album fits so perfectly, well certainly the first 9 tracks as Don't you want me somehow doesn't quite fit but a good song. An album where all 10 tracks could have been singles.
  7. westlondonmist

    The Revolution Pro Wrestling Thread

    Zoe lucas vs Sammi Jayne is the only other match announced so far