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  1. westlondonmist

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    I wish he did as I felt so bad when I saw Skyfail and laughed
  2. westlondonmist

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    So not the sky remote that loved me?
  3. I voted Lib Dem in the last election, but I think Cable is a bit of a cunt. As much as I am pro remain I want a party to have more than 1 policy. I moved to a new constituency this year, I think Labour will win the seat but not a given. I don't want to vote for either Conservative or Labour. So will vote for whatever random party is on the ballot. Could be worse, my in laws have Pete Bone as their mp and my brother has Boris.
  4. westlondonmist

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Only 1 in 20 people with epilepsy are light sensitive. Stress, over exertion and tiredness can bring them on also. However with most seizures it is unknown why exactly. The seizure may not be epileptic, not all seizures are. However if he does have epilepsy for his own safety and others he should not wrestle.
  5. westlondonmist

    Little Tommy Robinson

    Most "British" white people if not all will likely have Irish, nordic, French or German blood in them from some point. Amazing people don't realise that.
  6. westlondonmist

    Little Tommy Robinson

    We know Muslim extremism is out there. However he is just a white extremist, if guns were easy to get hold of in this country (like America) I would imagine his followers would head down Southall and shoot all the Asians. Yeah Birmingham is a diverse city, I live in one myself. The key word is diverse, lots of different races, religions and culture; not whites being outnumbered like Robinson makes people believe. The phrase our own is fucking dreadful. I know people of different races, they pay their taxes and obey the law. Tax dodgers I know have tended to be white. I also have a friend who served in our army, he was born in St Vincent and lived their til he was 27. Served for 11 years and took an injury causing him to have back surgery twice a year. Is he not one of our own? Lefties? You are using that as an insult. Why is the non racist the bad guy? Did you get upset because in your non 100% white Birmingham didn't like the phrases chinky or p*** shop. Don't say end of subject so people don't question you on your beliefs.
  7. westlondonmist

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    I like the pic with Davey Boy Jr, i was under the impression they didn't get on but glad to see there was some closure or forgiveness this year. Wrestling has a lot of cunts through history, he was one of them and was open about it. Thing is so many of them came across as pricks, if I took that into account a lot of matches I enjoyed over the years I would not watch again. He was in a lot of pain, may have been for the best.
  8. westlondonmist

    Vince has BritWres in his pocket.

    But 3000 less tickets at £35 a pop is a huge amount. Also it meant they didn't have to book the hydro and used the venue where they sold out 4000 about 4 years ago, which would have been far cheaper. It would also mean less merch sales.
  9. westlondonmist

    Shit adverts

    I absolutely hate the Arnie PPI advert. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be so shit or not.
  10. westlondonmist

    Xmas : Presents advice and suggestions

    I got my girlfriend a handmade jewellery box. A place called temima crafts does them, they also engrave for free. They have videos showing you them and their stuff is awesome. Ranges from £40 to £450. Something she won't expect and nobody else will get her.
  11. westlondonmist

    Deathmatch Intrest Thead No. 2 (NSFW)

    2 wrestlers were on Judge Rinder (fuck knows who they were),one claimed the other stiffed him and caused an injury. He didn't win as Rinder viewed it as you're a stuntman and you knowingly run the risk of accidental injury. I think I was unemployed when I saw that.
  12. westlondonmist

    Yank man killed off isolated tribe.

    Not really, they just forgave.
  13. westlondonmist

    Yank man killed off isolated tribe.

    I'm surprised that 19th century Britain didn't rape, pillage and kill them all. I think it's wrong not to sympathise for the dead guy. Not his fault his mum dropped him as a baby.
  14. westlondonmist


    So you want a more centralised, national controlled political system at the hands of possible economic collapse and people losing their jobs. Ohhhhkaaay
  15. westlondonmist


    We may not need it in theory, but to be honest after so long in it I don't trust anybody currently in power or in the opposition to turn our country into something that doesn't need it.