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  1. How many indies are actually going to pay for a paramedic? So many shows are run on shoestring budgets, do you actually expect them to follow through on this?
  2. This is weird but I saw these on YouTube doing songs for kids, my son loves them, I feel guilty. Caitie from Super Simple Songs And the yellow Wiggle Emma Why not have them both in the same pic
  3. Met him a couple of times (probably 15 years ago), seemed a nice really nice guy. Thoughts go out to his wife.
  4. Tama was given a go a few years back in the G1, wearing colourful tights n all. He didn't impress at all with a couple of decent matches at best. works far better as a tag wrestler.
  5. A few years ago they seemed decent at it, when Styles and Nakamura left Omega and Naito took their spots. Omega then left and White has taken his place but hasn't fitted as well, they missed the ball with Naito as his 1st run was meaningless, should have then won at Wrestle Kingdom but didn't and by the time he did it was too late. Tana is getting on so needs replacing and that could have been Ibushi but they seemed to have fucked that up too. Too much reliance on Okada who after so long has become stale.
  6. He tries to make himself the victim of the cheating because he felt guilty. However on his twitter account his fans all seem to be supportive, they also don't half use the word bro a lot.
  7. Loch Ness FC, with an interesting design
  8. In the 2017/18 season both Celtic's away and 3rd kit were green. So it could be sillier.
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