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  1. But the initial point was to show that WWE are not going to end these anytime soon as the have guaranteed money coming from them that other shows cannot produce, even when putting on absolute dog shit shows.
  2. While obviously the comparison is selective as WrestleMania also has merch, ppv, network subscriptions and sponsors it is interesting that they can get so much compared to 36 WrestleMania shows ticket sales for 5 shows that they have to put fuck all effort in for. The matches are all throwaway where as with Mania they have months of TV pushing it. It is a very high amount of money compared to what they are getting now for an event. I doubt Mania brings that much in after sales for the takeover, HoF, Raw/ Smackdown plus the actual show tickets plus venue merch and extra subscriptions.
  3. I'd heard of him after seeing Fat Slag's Blue Honeymoon where Chubby Arse is doing stand up at the hotel. I later saw UFO on Sky Movies, I remember it being a bit shit but it was rude and as a kid I thought rude=brilliant. Don't know anybody who has admitted to buying one of his videos but I'm sure I know people who do.
  4. I know one person who likes wrestling, he doesn't know and doesn't want to know about any sort of backstage politics or any other shit, he just wants to enjoy it. Wish I could still watch it like that.
  5. I still think the first series is a good watch. The second and third are pretty terrible and weren't really good at the time. Martin is essentially a sad stalker in the third series and Matthew ashamed that he may be gay. Them calling Mandy slut shaming repeatedly Mandy has obviously not aged well but they are doing it out of jealousy more than anything.
  6. They barely have enough to go 2 nights, even then the title has to be main event both nights. 3 nights, Jesus, you don't even have the IC anymore to take up 1 night.
  7. That episode is a rip the piss out of Gary for being so pathetic about it, the series just isn't funny rather than the situation being problematic. Series 2 isn't good in general (although better than the first) and the show doesn't take off until the 3rd.
  8. West Texas Rednecks, they were the heels but you just couldn't help but love them with Rap is Crap. Kid Rock put me right off the Undertaker. Pre American badass I actually quite enjoyed his stuff.
  9. Only 46, no age. While I can't deny I fancied her back in WCW, I felt she was actually a really likable and talented wrestler who wasn't pushed based on her looks (maybe she was but I just didn't see it that way) . Shame WCW didn't have a decent women's division for her to flourish.
  10. As a kid it was where I watched ALF, I loved that show although I'm not sure why. Games world was also fantastic, that was probably my favourite TV show at the time. As a child it was also where I first saw Seinfeld, the episode in the Chinese restaurant.
  11. Neil Diamond originally did Red Red Wine, well you learn something new every day. Regards to Neil Diamond, I've not liked the music I've heard but I've heard snippits. The guy must of recorded hundreds of songs, I'll be fair and give a couple of albums a listen on the way to work next week if people can recommend which ones. I've heard some early UB40 and it is like a different band. They went from very gritty to like a shit wedding band.
  12. That gets listed in a lot of most annoying song lists to be fair.
  13. WTF? Do you keep lists of Celtic supporters on here?
  14. Seeing those statues makes me want to watch Superman III.
  15. I like Queen, favourite band as a kid, but I've never been a fan of that song (unless it's the Bad News cover). Sweet Caroline, l can't stand that song but Neil Diamond is shit in general isn't he?
  16. I was for some reason really happy when I saw they win 4-2, I imagine the CL will be the first time in 20 plus years many countries will have someone in the competition proper.
  17. If the Becky thing wasn't knee jerk then I'd say that makes it worse. They could have had Becky beat down Belair post match or just stare her down instead of squashing the most over face. Knowing Becky was going to get a huge pop why not have her beat up a heel instead?
  18. They had 25 today but you can never use this on new kits.
  19. Got to keep the relationship exciting somehow after 15 years
  20. More money in ticket machines. The arcades at piers and Holiday parks are aimed at providing a different experience to that at home. A big part is getting people who are not massively into gaming to chuck money at the machines who normally wouldn't play stuff. I was at Clacton pier this week and there was no shortage of people putting money into the machines. My missus loves down the clown, she spunks loads on it.
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