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  1. Leaving aside the jobber squashes, they: worked against Hawkins & Ryder and the Lucha House Party at the beginning of their main roster tenure teamed with The Revival in 8-mans on a couple of occasions went against the New Day teamed with Samoa Joe against the New Day in a 6-man I certainly thought they’d been primarily positioned as heels until the last couple of weeks.
  2. It's getting on for a decade since ShoMiz was a thing (which is pretty scary in itself) but I still sing "BIG SHOOOOW" in my head at the appropriate point virtually every time I hear Miz's music.
  3. Exceptionally minor news, but Taker was on ESPN's College Gameday this morning: He did a 5-minute out of character interview which still seems odd to me.
  4. I liked this week's episode as a breezy 35-minute, 2 match affair. With 'main' NXT going to 2 hours soon, I feel I'll be much more likely to stick with watching UK weekly if it was to retain a 30-45 minute format. Would help with the irregular taping schedule & "matches for matches' sake" feel too.
  5. They would have just about overlapped, yeah. Kazarian's brief run was Feb-Aug 2005 according to Wiki. Swinger was hoovered up at the height of One Night Stand ECW nostalgia* in that early summer of 2005 but then packaged as Johnny Parisi on the c-shows with little reference to his ECW past, IIRC. *Seems very odd now that it was barely 4 years after proper ECW had closed.
  6. Yeah, this is still the case. "The Game" is used for matches, "King of Kings" when he comes out for promos etc.
  7. Cheers. Have heard the name, but obviously don't recognise him & didn't know he was now with WWE.
  8. Who is the ginger, bearded fella who has been involved pull-aparts on WWE TV the last couple of weeks? Shows up at about 3:10 here: His involvement in these suggests he's a 'producer' and therefore likely a former wrestler, but I don't recognise him.
  9. Went into a small bar on Beale Street after a Smackdown taping in Memphis in 2009, a little while later in came Teddy Long, Mike Chioda, Alicia Fox & Gail Kim. Had no interaction with Kim, but: got kayfabed by Teddy when I asked why he hadn’t been on the show (“It was just so busy in the office, playa”) engaged in a Serie A vs Premier League debate with Chioda made Foxy piss herself laughing when I told her I’d seen her (at the time) recent managerial charge/dance partner DJ Gabriel wrestle as “Steve Sonic” in England, which she rightly thought was a hilariously bad name. Killing time in Coventry before one of the Skydome shows, I went into a restaurant relatively near the arena for a piss (without buying anything). As I approached the gents, Spud came out. I nodded & said “Alright, Spud?” He said “I’d give it a minute if I were you.”
  10. I think whoever comes out of the Ricochet/McIntyre tie wins the Raw bracket, and probably the whole thing. Before these brackets came out I was certain the Smackdown side would come down to an Owens/Elias [semi] final with Owens getting screwed, so now I'll say Owens gets screwed round 1, Murphy gets a signature win/cements a face turn over Elias in round 2 then falls to Andrade in the SD [semi]final. Which therefore seems to make it most likely Ricochet will be digging those crowns he used to wear out of the attic.
  11. Yeah, we got moved ‘downstairs’ too. Symptomatic of 4 nights in a row I guess. It was almost surreal how empty it was by the time Heavy Machinery wandered out for the dark main event.
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