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  1. I'm not sure having Taker effectively bury the entire current roster in the first 2 minutes of Raw on the Monday before Wrestlemania is such a great idea.
  2. He had a second appearance, another win over Adam Rose. But then Billy Gunn got fired for shooting steroids into his arse, and that was that for Storm - Gunn was the only real advocate for him & had enough sway with the right people to get him a look in. There were definitely plans for him longer term though - as revealed on the Jarrett/Elias/Road Dogg Table for Three, the music that currently belongs to AJ Styles was originally put together for Storm.
  3. I enjoy how New Day's paint-by-numbers ring gear is steadily getting coloured in.
  4. He did have a titantron where he snorted the a-shaped road in his logo out of his nose like an angry cartoon character snorts steam, though:
  5. I gave Something to Wrestle a listen this week for the first time in a while (working from home, y'know) and someone asked Bruce about how he thought Iron Mike would be dealing with the current situation. Sharpe was apparently an almost Howard Hughes level germaphobe and would legitimately spend an hour plus showering after a match.
  6. So you've got to think that with taping in advance they are planning on a reasonable amount of post-production - and I don't just mean doing 5 takes to get a decent looking Jackhammer, editing out the breaks they need to give Taker to get his wind back between spots etc. So what do we reckon they are going for? Movie fight style production with extreme close-ups, incidental music etc (like the Hardy Compound stuff but less whacky)? Or green screen it up and try to stick in a fuck off massive fake stadium/crowd, appropriate (Vince approved) reaction noise etc? "We make movies."
  7. It's Wrestlemania season, so I believe he's contractually obligated to be a total afterthought despite having been pushed reasonably heavily for 10 months of the year.
  8. That led to Lefort's partner Marcus Louis ending up bald instead, looking like a mini-Kane, and doing a crazy gimmick that lasted about a month before they shitcanned him.
  9. Just a thought I had whilst out running just now - does Lesnar still reside in Canada? Reckon he'll be able to get over the border in a couple of weeks? Or maybe that's what Meltz means about multiple locations - maybe they've already got Drew holed up in Canada ahead of a title match at the Lesnar Compound!
  10. Perfect recall on everything, Rick! Very good article on the Athletic about the UEFA Cup run, for anyone who subscribes: https://theathletic.com/1228097/2019/10/12/norwich-uefa-cup-run/?source=shared-article‬ (I don't, despite having known Mike Bailey personally for about 15 years now, but it was free to read for a couple of days last week...) Less remembered for obvious reasons, but I'll always maintain this Goss goal vs Leeds was far superior to the Bayern one: Should probably stop derailing the Wrestlemania thread so badly, now...
  11. The mighty Norwich City, tipped for relegation, wearing what remains to this day the finest football kit ever devised by man, won this game 4-2 having gone 2-0 down early on. Here's some highlights: Just thought I'd mention it.
  12. Maybe a bit of a mad idea, but I wonder if they might try to do some sort of 'virtual crowd' thing... like whack some screens up around the ringside area and show people watching the show at home somehow...? Probably just asking for a parade of rude gestures, mind.
  13. Knew Vince wouldn't be able to resist the prospect of being the only show in town & a crack at an almost literally captive TV audience.
  14. I just watched & enjoyed it. Nice little chunk of footage of one time UKFF favourite Nick Rogers. It made me a bit sad about Leo Kruger though. Such a great gimmick - although I enjoyed Adam Rose, for a bit. Likewise, made me sad about non-spooky powers, just a creepy cult leader Bray Wyatt.
  15. Just saw one of those "the last celebrity saved in your camera roll is your quarantine partner" things on Twitter. For me it's this photo. Not sure if I'm fucked or saved.
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