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  1. Not through injury, no, although I'm fairly sure he's not wrestled a single match since leaving WWE so is at very least semi-retired. Don't think there is anything physical preventing him from doing so if he wanted though.
  2. Oh yeah. Told you it'd be fucking obvious.
  3. I was pondering fairly recently - when was the last time WWE did a proper "one guy turns on the other then they feud" deal with a proper, established tag team? They had Roderick Strong turn on Pete Dunne in the Dusty final, but they were a team put together for that tourney (or maybe just before). The last one I could recall with an actual established team was Cryme Tyme. I'm probably missing something really obvious.
  4. The most likely explanation in my mind is that there had to have been at least one production person under the ring too, to operate the dry ice machine and/or hand Bryan the fake dreadlocks, and that in the chaos/rush their specs got caught in the bundle of fake hair and got pulled up into the ring too. At least, that's the explanation I like best.
  5. I want to know who the glasses that ended up in the ring when Bryan "ripped out the Fiend's dreadlocks" belonged to.
  6. I think it's most likely Brock gets dumped out in short order by number 2 or 3, who will be someone significant, which will kick-start a feud to Mania. Drew seems a decent shout for that. But yeah, could be Velasquez or Fury. Gives a payoff to Brock entering the Rumble, fulfils him being advertised whilst letting him laugh all the way to the bank for minimal work as usual. Boy, the ref didn't have much of a poker face realising he'd ballsed up the finish to Murphy/Black, did he? Poor lad looked petrified of what awaited him when he got to the back. I've said this in the NXT thread, 205 Live thread, Smackdown thread and now the Raw thread - Buddy Murphy is a fucking megastar.
  7. I mean, I suppose you could consider him an Irish legend... Failed on the pick two names bit, though.
  8. I'd be lying if I said Rush are a band I've ever been massively into, but as a fan of rock music in general you've got to love and respect Peart for the incredible drummer he was. I did fall in love with with this particular song when it came out though, and this live version is a great performance from Peart and also features by far the best/most appropriate use of pyrotechnics I've ever seen in live music: https://youtu.be/9OlU0JbOALU
  9. More people should know the music of Leroy Virgil/Hellbound Glory: https://youtu.be/37MNIeq-V7c Not so many people that I can't continue to steal his songs at open mics, though.
  10. FWIW, when people started suggesting he'd be the mystery partner when the bracket came out, he was quite adamant on Twitter that his physical therapy job was both his main income and main focus and therefore "wrestling during the week is impossible". Obviously that was a bit of a diversionary tactic (learned well from Big Kev) but it would be interesting to see what he'd do if a contract offer were to be made, as I know he credits having a passion for the PT job with getting him through a divorce and a period of depression so he might not be so willing to let it go. I'd love to see it though, he's probably in my top 10 favourites of all time. Noticed the last few weeks that whilst the WWE logo is still there, it's not quite as prominent as it has been in the past - the refs now have an NXT logo on their shirts, the logo in the bottom corner of the screen is now "NXT live" rather than "WWE live" etc. Be interesting to see if they lose it from the barricades too, which is where it remains most prominent now. Commentary was abysmal as usual. All three of them really struggled with Kay Lee Ray & Candice Le Rae both being in the same match, and couldn't seem to recall who was on what team either. There were several other slips of the tongue & moments of idiocy too, but I think Nigel referring to the "tyrannical tyrants" of Imperium was probably this week's nadir. Not a great ending to BT Sport's first live broadcast of NXT either. If I hadn't already spoiled the outcome of that match for myself on Twitter I might have been more annoyed.
  11. Seems to me like they felt Rey & Andrade were skipping straight past the "Rey cares more about Zelina being hurt than Andrade does" element and were in the ref's earpiece getting them to actually do that bit. You could hear the ref say "go back outside" to Mysterio. They way it went down did make it seem like Rey was hurt though, I must say. Part of me wonders if the quick shot of the wedding officiant getting 'tackled' was intentional - Heyman has always liked that chaotic "anything can happen" feel, the bloke turning up to finish the wedding was unexpected in storyline, them panning back to what would otherwise have been an empty ring doesn't really make sense, and neither does sending a player in the next segment into the ring before going to commercial just to stand there through the whole break (they'd typically send someone out while the lights were down, in my experience of TV tapings). The fact it wasn't referenced later likely means it was unplanned though, and I guess they could have been intending to get a shot of him in the ring before going to break as a "King, isn't that...?" teaser.
  12. In some ways, I really hope Vader didn't have any warning that was going to happen. But in other ways, I really, REALLY hope he did.
  13. Coffey/Gallus have turned face, basically by standing up to Imperium.
  14. He does radio for the Georgia Bulldogs, who were playing in the Sugar Bowl.
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