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  1. I'd say the former, as she cohosts a gaming podcast with her husband (who is a local radio DJ & is majorly punching).
  2. I put her in this thread 18 months/2 years ago I'm sure, but whilst there is a bit of a local news thing going on I'm just going to go ahead & reiterate BBC Look East's Leigh Milner:
  3. IIRC part of the angle going in was centered around RVD winning the WWE Championship and bringing it to the revived ECW, at which point it'd either be "thrown down" a la Shane Douglas or rebranded to serve as the new ECW title, depending on how you look at it. On the first episode of ECW, RVD said he was going to keep the WWE belt too "cos this one's shiny & it spins", at which point they treated him as a double champion (until he got busted).
  4. It was a slightly tongue in cheek comment, but I completely get what you're saying. I think perhaps they've stuck with the Thunderdome concept as much through Vince's (understandable, really) aversion to showing empty seats on camera than any overabundance of concern for public health. It'll be interesting to see how they go now basketball has started up again & is providing something of a template/data set for indoor attendance. I do genuinely hope they are sensible about what numbers they allow in for Mania rather than pushing the envelope.
  5. Things may have changed, but back in October/November I recall the governor of Florida approving 100% full stadiums, leaving the decision on how to restrict attendance (or otherwise) to the individual organisations. Don't know if in this instance WWE would have to follow what the Buccaneers organisation are happy with (as they are basically renting their stadium for an event) or if they'll be left to their own devices. Whichever it is, you'd assume they'll be sensible, but it is WWE...
  6. I had a Melchester tracksuit when I was a kid, IIRC it came off a 2nd hand stall on the Friday market in town. Don't know if it was that one but was definitely similar, it being from 81 would make sense too as it would have been 87/88ish when I got it second hand.
  7. They are, but get some muffins & make a McMuffin thing with the sausage burgers & some tofu scramble, and you'll soon be happy.
  8. He's also shoehorned dick, tip, hog, beef & head into the tweet. He knows his nut is out in the video, for sure. (Or quite possibly, whoever does his Twitter saw that his nut was out and went with it)
  9. The vague concept stuck around for maybe 6 or 8 weeks at most, with the only real difference being that all the graphics on the chyrons/stage/ring apron became black & white for the last hour. I don't recall any real difference in content. I miss Raw Underground. Honestly.
  10. It's likely because it reminds me of the Four Horsemen theme (which in itself is a knock-off of For the Love of God by Steve Vai, I've always thought), but this would make a cracking theme for a similar group: You'd need to trim off the first 40ish seconds and/or change the soundbyte at the beginning of course.
  11. Fury's WWE stint popped into my head the other day with exactly this thought. It's mad, the actual current reigning World Heavyweight boxing champion wrestled a match in WWE and it was utterly meaningless. I'm not entirely sure it was just a Saudi issue either, I dunno if it would have been much more memorable had it been at Mania.
  12. The Applewood is good, but it's the Follow Your Heart smoked gouda in first place for me.
  13. There was definitely an incident in the last few years where you could hear a referee giving the direction "point at the sign" to someone who'd just won the Rumble. Think it was Nakamura.
  14. It did, yeah. IIRC the angle never got properly paid off in the comics as Luger got written out due to leaving WCW in real life, simply by doing an interview with Missy Hyatt & saying "with a tear in my eye, the Total Package leaves for greener pastures", slightly burying themselves in their own comic. On a somewhat related note, I think they annual Butch was referring to is the 95 (96 maybe?) one with Hogan & Savage on the cover, which I got for Christmas from my aunt by mistake cos she thought it was the WWF one - I didn't mind. On the Stunning Steve Austin page, the subheading
  15. This was definitely my initial thought, it's a somewhat different situation to AJ Styles despite the fact White is in a very similar position in NJPW just prior - obviously due to AJ's years of exposure in the US beforehand. If White does end up in WWE I'd not be surprised if it's NXT for him, not least to try and move some eyes from AEW, as I think it's fair to say a greater proportion of the Wednesday night audience will know Jay. That all said - in theory WWE should be able to take an utter no-name (not saying that White is) and make them a big deal (at very least in their own bub
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