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  1. Got the Worlds Collide thing on ATM and was just coming into the thread to post pretty much exactly this. Except the bit about him being a great performer & doing superb stuff in the ring. He's just plain awful. 'Gash' Morgan Webster I call him.
  2. Joe having the US Title helps there, too, from a storyline perspective. With SD getting the IC belt, Raw trades both Andrade & Black for Joe to get a championship back on that show. That said, both shows are supposed to be run by the McMahons by committee now rather than competing GMs, so...? Worst thing about this is it means Rey & Andrade are now on opposite shows.
  3. Not really sure where to put this, it's far too minor to even qualify as minor 'news' but I just found it interesting so going to put it in here: This has resulted in some interesting debate amongst wrestlers on Twitter. Well, debate in the same way that all the other captains debated with Redbeard Rum about whether it was common maritime practice for a ship to have a crew or not. Pretty much everyone from Ethan Page (who has said he'll buy the bloke a new briefcase) to Ricochet to Brian Pillman Jr to Jimmy Havoc to Vampiro has said it's a dick move. The lone voice of dissent in all this is good old Eugene, who supports the "don't bring it if you don't want me to smash it up" theory. Seems to me like it's pretty easy to ask before going out there "hey, mind if I smash your gear up to get heat? No, ok." What think you?
  4. There has certainly been a proportion of Twitter reaction along the lines of it being an "awful WWE style match stuck in the middle of IndyMania". One commenter asked "when was the last time Dustin contributed anything towards an even passable match?" Um, almost certainly the last time he stepped in the ring. Cos he's fucking great.
  5. Lawler commentated on Savage matches in WWF too. Including at a little show called WrestleMania X.
  6. Pretty much, with the odd ICW'er. And Rhia Ripley. Best news out of that program was that they seem to have realised Punishment Martinez is a dreadful name.
  7. Travis Banks used to look up to & emulate Kassius Ohno, apparently. That was presumably before the Best of Low Ki tape hit the New Zealand tape trading scene.
  8. Soooo, that new open of the roster doing the Wrestlerock Rumble to a Slipknot song, in 2019... Nigel: “It’s time for tag team action!” *Singles match takes place*
  9. Basketball - the National Championship game was opposite Raw. I’d wager that contributed fairly heavily to the downturn.
  10. Christ alive Ranallo is an assault on the senses for 3 hours. STOP BLOODY SHOUTING!! McGuiness is nearly as bad. I’m in the Arch camp - I don’t think the style of the main event is for me. ‘Gargano kicks out’ has very nearly tipped over into parody. I enjoyed the first 3 matches on the show, but after a couple of hours, epic after epic after epic wears me out (especially with the commentary becoming shoutier by the match) so I just didn’t get into the last 2 matches. Perhaps didn’t help I was already pretty tired before starting to watch.
  11. It seemed to be mostly heels who were left without music whilst the majority had it, but on the face side Jim Duggan went without music longer than most. I wonder if that was a conscious decision to allow his trademark hollers & USA chants to be audible during his entrance?
  12. I have 2 series links for Raw & 2 for Smackdown - 1 each on Arena, 1 each on Action. That seems to pick it up every time except the very occasional times it’s on Mix, like next week. Edit: while we’re here, how about that dreadful low budget horror movie creaky drawbridge sound they’ve added to Black’s entrance? It debuted on Raw, I know, but... It’s doubly bad because, altough we can all see the apparatus, surely the point of it is that Black is supposed to be doing some spooky inhuman rise to his feet like Dracula coming out of his coffin? Instead they’ve really hammered home the point he’s being cranked up. Ricochet had some weird sonic boom thing during his on Raw, IIRC.
  13. This is way up there in the pantheon of massively underrated entrance themes.
  14. Yeah, I'll echo this one. I never took to Nigel McGuinness for some reason (it was his stupid haircut, if I'm honest) but really liked the whole aesthetic of Desmond. He was great fun as the Commissioner of Xplosion at the very end of his TNA run too: "There's a couple of wankers in the back who I'm gonna bring out for a match." "Robbie E, what a Helen Hunt." Plus, Chelsea ❤
  15. The idea of a Horsewomen curtain call genuinely didn’t cross my mind until coming into this thread. Sasha & Bayley are lucky to be anywhere near the Wrestlemania card, let alone being the closing image of the show.
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