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  1. Statto

    TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Had a brief look at the results, noticed Ethan Page was on the show. Last time I caught an episode of Impact he was portraying Joseph Park's nephew, doing a 'training to be a wrestler' or something. Has that been acknowledged in any way?
  2. The globes are an odd choice anyway, IMO. They’re UK titles, not world titles.
  3. Statto

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Not sure, but according to the EPG synopsis the legend that is Justin Liger is on the show.
  4. Statto

    Random Thoughts III.

    I’m hoping that’s the beginning of a series of those leading up to SD 1000, cos I’m excited by the thought of a modern version of the best WWE TV show intro ever:
  5. Statto

    Random Thoughts III.

    It was his finish in Japan, during that period when he was good.
  6. Statto

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    In partial mitigation, he’s not a fake Mexican in WWE, he’s a bloke from Leeds who is ‘inspired by Lucha Libre tradition’. But that mask is very ugly, yes. Pleased to see there’s a date for NXT:UK, been on tenterhooks since the Cambridge tapings to see how they’ll edit around Johnny Saint having to go backstage to be reminded of how he was supposed to finish the segment he was involved in.
  7. Statto

    The Mae Young Classic

    You’ll be pleased to hear that during the main event of Raw this week he refers to the manoeuvre above as a “bridge pin”.
  8. Statto

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Raw is so weird right now. The vast majority of the “flagship show” is spent promoting shows (either Network specials in far-off lands or Mixed Match Challenge) that have a distinctly ‘non-canon’ feel.
  9. Statto

    Wedding Planning / Marriage Thread

    Ain't that the truth. I got married in April, my first choice of venue was the crypt of old Blackfriars friary church here in Norwich, because a) I wrote my MA dissertation on the Blackfriars in Norfolk & b) Blackfriars Hall is where the Norwich Beer Festival is held, which is my favourite week of the year. I think the hourly rental rate for the room (which holds about 40 people, BTW) quoted on the website is about £80. Emailed them about hire, foolishly mentioned the word wedding, they wanted nearly £4k! It might be a secular building now, but money grabbing is clearly still the main function! Ended up getting married in a pub/restaurant near home which did it all with no room hire cost, just on minimum spend for food/drink, which we hit easily.
  10. Statto

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    You have to figure it's been a scheduling/deadline issue with the Cena voiceover? Guess that's the kind of thing they could patch at a later date, if they get the recording done?
  11. Statto

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    When I was a kid, the CofE primary school in the next village over advertised a Halloween party/fete thing. There was outrage very similar to the above from the Churchy Joes.
  12. Statto

    The Mae Young Classic

    Loved Meiko vs Mercedes, but couldn't wait for it to be over so I didn't have to hear Renee go "OHHHHHHHH!" again.
  13. Statto

    Super Show-Down (Showdown? Show Down?)

    I fucking love Buddy Murphy.
  14. Statto

    Shit nicknames

    Not specifically with the Longhorns player, no - bit before my time of expertise! Booger is not a hugely uncommon Southern nickname - prominently now there is former LSU player Booger McFarland who until last season was one of ESPN's top college football analysts. I thought he was pretty good, but for some reason he's been relegated to covering an inferior product, as part of the NFL Monday Night Football team. Generally, it's akin to 'fearful' or 'frightful', as in the 'Booger Man'. McFarland says he got the nickname as a kid due to his constant bad behavior. IIRC, the Balor one began as "ordinary man who does extraordinary things", as to compare 'normal' Finn to the Demon, in that although 'normal' Finn is 'just a man', he still kicks arse. I think he said it himself in a promo (scripted, I assume). Then I guess someone piped up with something like "hey pal, none of our superstars are ORDINARY, dammit!" so it became what it is now, which is in it's own way much worse. Seems redundant to need to point out that extraordinary men do extraordinary things. If they didn't, they wouldn't be extraordinary, surely?
  15. I do love Lars’ entrance, but every time I see it I wish it were done so that you see him in silhouette at the very beginning, then have him revealed. Hoping they’ll be able to pull that off when they move him up as the size of the stage/arenas might allow them to light him from behind the right way up there? EC3 is ludicrously brown.