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  1. This has been rattling around in my brain for a couple of weeks, ‘cos a lot of the US sports podcasts I listen to have been covering the College World Series in baseball, which is a double-elimination tournament. That is to say, you have to lose twice to be eliminated. Then on NXT this weeks Regal deliberately announced the Breakout Tournament as a single-elimination tournament, as is often done when tournaments are talked about in wrestling. So... Has there ever been a notable double-elimination tournament in pro wrestling? I can’t think of one but there are ample opportunities for storytelling there.
  2. I think Drew Gulak is nicknamed the Philadelphia Stretcher. If they’d said Philadelphia Stretcher more often, I might have been sure he was called the Philadelphia Stretcher. Philadelphia Stretcher.
  3. He's now sporting a boring goatee.
  4. Drake & EC3 are a great pairing, I'd like to see more of them together on Raw. Genuinely some of the funniest wrestling-related stuff I've ever seen were the episodes of TNA's Spin Cycle where the guests were EC3, Spud, Robbie E and DJZ. All 5 of the people involved (hosted by Borash) are contracted to WWE now. RIP Robert Roode's moustache.
  5. I enjoyed Mansoor winning the battle royal, even though it became very obvious once it was noticeable he was in there. I've been impressed with what I've seen of him on NXT/NXT:UK, as both a heel and face. He could go places.
  6. Or, two brothers shared a genuine hug, as they often do, at the end of a big day for their family - one that Roy in particular has dreamed about for 20+ years. Not saying Cody & Dustin wasn't a genuine hug. But not everything that takes place in a wrestling ring is a 'spot'. And AEW don't have a monopoly on family members embracing, in a wrestling ring or otherwise.
  7. Sound on, otherwise this is just a video of drunk Bostonians fighting each other with no wrestling link:
  8. Nick Aldis is on there for Docking, which is a tiny little village.
  9. I didn't notice the dog. Had it occurred during any match other than Roy vs RKJ, which was really really good, I may have done.
  10. "And then I told Beth we just shout as loud as we can for 2 and a half hours non-stop, and she agreed to join in!"
  11. FWIW, I don't believe that was used as a 'poster' for the event in a traditional sense. I only ever saw it used as a graphic on social media posts with attached information. The actual printed posters I saw around town were of the proper old school type with WRESTLING in big red letters at the top & date/time/venue/prices at the bottom.
  12. Yeah, I wasn’t being serious...
  13. Basically, Jericho didn't want to take the back bump for the Codbreaker anymore, so...
  14. Brock not fully understanding the concept of MITB was kinda amusing.
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