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  1. There are fans attending NFL & college football games across America right now at reduced stadium capacity - generally between 20% & 50%. In some cases it's only the organisations themselves choosing to restrict capacity - the governor of Florida has approved 100% stadium occupancy, if they wish. I'd be surprised if WWE aren't currently planning towards having at least a 50% full stadium in 6 months' time.
  2. He has competed as such reasonable amount too, having sporadic runs as a semi-regular on 205 Live. I think he is significantly leaner than he was in those FWA days though, if not actually lighter.
  3. I vividly recall Hogan referring to his fellow guest Ms. McCutcheon as "Martini" that morning.
  4. Murphy too now, per Talking Smack. Kalisto staying on Smackdown; Gulak, Carillo & Tucker drafted to Raw the other results from there. Can see Tucker becoming a Raw Underground regular with his amateur background, but suspect that's the best he can hope for without Otis.
  5. Agreed. Assuming this separate shows thing sticks, I'd like to think they'll still remain New Day, just with members on both shows and getting together when they can. Working together to help E win the Rumble would be a nice touch. Guessing Street Profits swap places with Kofi & Woods (particularly as Belair has gone that way) and perhaps they'll use that opportunity to rename & replace the tag belts that Prichard is on record as despising? WWE Tag Team Champions & Universal Tag Team Champions, following the top singles titles?
  6. With this segment, primarily:
  7. I must admit I x30'd through the show a bit, but I did catch Wade suggesting that Holland has been paid off to attack Adam Cole - hence the new Merc. Assuming that's what they're going for, they can easily shift that angle despite Holland's unfortunate injury by getting some other mercenaries involved but...wonder if it's Pat McAfee behind it?
  8. I've loved Trent since he was having crackers with Curt Hawkins on Main Event. Chuck Taylor is the dirt worst though.
  9. Was written off TV to have surgery on a torn pec at the end of May, by being involved in the car accident that Sheamus perpetrated to attempt to frame a "drunk" Jeff Hardy. Expected back around the turn of the year, so wouldn't be shocked if he pops back up in the Rumble - at which point you'd hope they remember to feud him with Sheamus.
  10. I think the table was perhaps a little more conspicuously positioned in the "Capital Wrestling Center" than it has been in Full Sail of late. But perhaps that's why they chose to put seat fillers there?
  11. Beth's been doing commentary remotely (presumably from home) basically since the pandemic began, and they've not made any effort to disguise that. Ranallo was doing it too until he got the flick, and they had just Tom Phillips sat at the desk. In fact IIRC at one of the Takeovers they did something picture-in-picture showing Beth & Mauro sat at home doing the show. I don't think any attempt was made to pull the wool over your eyes, is what I'm saying. Other people sat at the desk likely crew/production assistants?
  12. They sort of moved Grizzled Young Veterans to "proper" NXT in the first couple of months of the year - after getting to the Dusty Cup final as NXT:UK reps they stuck around in Florida and got a little bit of a push, beating Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza (before they became Escobar's lucha mafia) and the Forgotten Songs. Then obviously the pandemic hit and presumably they were stuck back here - as Dart says, you'd assume they'll pop up on these shows at some point even if they longer term plans are for them to end up Stateside, like Pete Dunne.
  13. I thought he was - did his shoulder doing the Fameasser through the table at No Way Out and I thought that was it until he came back as The One in 2001 - but Wiki suggests he came back in October 2000 to feud with Right To Censor (who ended up censoring Mr Ass, hence the name change) so right around the same time as Austin. Guess they could have gone with Billy being revealed & returning at the same time but obviously chose not to. I remember the blonde thing too, seem to recall Jericho & Trish being interrogated by Foley as a result. Always thought that was a fairly clever r
  14. It's also odd they seem to do it a couple of weeks before we're supposed to start believing EVERYONE on Raw hates EVERYONE on Smackdown with every fibre of their being just because they've been arbitrarily placed there by their employer.
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