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  1. "Number 6" has entered the vernacular more recently, meaning "defensive midfielder". I heard a lot of Norwich fans talk about our "double 6" last season (also referred to as "double pivot", apparently). At the risk of derailing the thread entirely but in reference to @Dazzer's original post on the subject, I found this video very interesting:
  2. Agreed @Hannibal Scorch. Big fan of Nick Comoroto. Great look.
  3. The repetitive rematches in the title pictures are now so deeply entrenched they've given it a name - "Contender's Match", which a far as I can tell seems to mean it's a rematch of when the non-champ beat the champ in a non-title match last week (which in all likelihood was a rematch of the champ beating them the week before) in order to set up a rematch for the title next week.
  4. How would we know Drew was Scottish if he didn't wear a kilt and carry a sword though??
  5. My mate Al just writes "Have a good one, Al" in every card that comes across his desk, assuming it's a birthday card and not bothering to check who it's for. Thus far it's made it into a couple of retirement cards (not too ill-fitting), several leaving cards (less so) and one unfortunate sympathy card.
  6. TIL that prior to the formation of ZZ Top, Dusty & Frank Beard were members of a band touring the US pretending to be The Zombies. The Zombies had broken up in 1967 but "Time of the Season" became a big hit in the States in 1969, so figuring that no-one would know a) what The Zombies looked like & b) that they were British, they just went out and toured pretending to be them. At the exact same time there was a Michigan-based lineup doing exactly the same thing. The two bands had the same manager.
  7. Remi Matthews can't be too old, he was a youngster here at Norwich and that doesn't seem that long ago. But yeah, he's definitely a in case of dire emergency/fill a homegrown slot signing for a Premier League club you'd think. It has evolved into a funny old role in some places, you've got to think the Green/Carson type are as much an extra goalkeeping coach as anything else.
  8. Judging by Andrade's social media, Charlotte was traveling to join him at a lot of (non-AEW) shows during the Thunderdome era. With WWE going back on the road for TV (and house shows presumably soon to follow) you'd think that won't be possible any more, so I could definitely envisage a future where they decide they'd like to be able to tour together again.
  9. If they get Punk, I wonder if they'd be able to get Cult of Personality? Presumably any licencing WWE had for it has been allowed the lapse after 7 years of no use, and the fact they had it before wouldn't prevent another wrestling company from picking it up?
  10. Me too JB, me too. My first real kit (i.e. not a market knock off with no badge, sponsor or anything) was the legendary egg & cress Norwich kit, at Christmas 1992, Ekoku 7 on the back. I was 10. It's an adult XL. Still got it. Still wear it. Bit big for me now actually.
  11. Sunglasses > name > head tilt.
  12. Definitely. Obviously things will change in the next 18 months - someone new will emerge, others will fall off - but with Kyle Walker being the oldest in the squad at 31, from an age standpoint basically the entire squad will be available for at least the next 2 World Cups.
  13. Have just given the group a join/like/whatever! I'm actually off to an AF festival of sorts today, Wise Bartender are doing their pop-up bar (6 taps) & selling cans/bottles too from their HQ in Evercreech, Somerset. By coincidence we have been visiting my wife's sister in Bristol this week so popping down to give it a look. I also enjoyed 2 lovely pints of Butcombe Brewery's AF offering (forget the name) whilst down here thanks to this map:
  14. Our first Joma kit. As usual, I'm undecided if I like it on first look:
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