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  1. I wonder if they might stick a mask on Dominik when it comes time to wrestle, and play it off as an "adopting a new persona in order to fight" thing? Like TNA did for a bit with the Suicide/Manik persona after it was revealed TJP was under the hood. Perhaps go as far as to have him enter unmasked then put it on in the ring, Avatar style. Cos he does look very young, and sometimes a bit gormless. Plus merch.
  2. IIRC there is some Carrow Road yellow net nostalgia on here so come on lads, help us out... https://www.alongcomenorwich.com/articles/the-return-of-yellow-nets-you-decide/
  3. It's worth a listen though, it's actually barely over 30 mins and is very funny in places.
  4. Decided to give the New Day podcast a try as I was running short of new stuff to listen to whilst working from home. The first couple of episodes are worth a listen at very least, IMO - the first being the story of their formation as a group and the second basically being 45 minutes of them pissing themselves over the list of names creative pitched for the group. One of the names pitched is genuinely jaw-dropping considering the composition of the group.
  5. Another from stateside - New Mexico Utd of the USL Championship:
  6. Hadn't occurred to me at all until reading that, but I will now be gutted if they don't take this opportunity to hold the show in some sort of beach/swimming pool/fuck off big boat setting. Hopefully all 3. Dunno if anyone else saw that "vertical gig" they did somewhere in Eastern Europe last week where they set the band up in the car park of a big hotel and people booked rooms (max 4 per room) to watch the show from the balconies? That'd be a cool thing to add to the mix for SummerSlam, even if they were only allowed to fill the balconies with the current PC extras.
  7. Not sure it'd affect her direction as it looks clear where they are headed with her, but I think the reaction to Shayna Baszler facing up to Nia Jax & punching Sasha Banks in the mouth would have been strong. It was in my house.
  8. Timothy Thatcher doing a William Regal imitation (but sounding more like Adam Rose) and being nicknamed "the Terror of the Thames" despite being billed from Cardiff, Wales is... interesting.
  9. Predrag "Preki" Radosavljević
  10. Statto

    Top Twitter

    Bot that posts hourly Wikipedia article titles that can be sung to the TNMT theme tune. The logos it creates push it over the top:
  11. Scorpio is definitely the best one-episode character in TV history. Jubal Early from the last episode of Firefly is second best.
  12. The Wyatt-King comparison is an interesting one as I've heard before that unlike the vast majority of writers, King tends to write chronologically - which is to say he sits down and starts writing a story at the beginning, not necessarily knowing how he wants it to end, and the end (whatever it turns out to be) is the last thing he writes. Seems like that's how most characters in WWE get written too. Plans change, pal.
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