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  1. Canadian Football is a very similar but technically different sport - in the same way as Rugby Union & Rugby League. But yes, many of the players up there played American Football in college & either went undrafted or bombed out of the NFL, for whatever reason - Johnny Manziel & Trent Richardson being two high-profile recent 'converts'. Both hoping to get back to the NFL as a result, I'm sure. There are non-NFL professional, outdoor American Football options developing too - the Alliance of American Football starts soon, and (maybe) the XFL in a couple of years. Again likely to be filled with undrafted college players. Then there's indoor football... Only a very small percentage of college football players even get a shot at the NFL.
  2. Yeah, it's ticket sales, merchandise & television rights, just like in pro sports. In more general terms, having a winning sports program is often the best advertisement a university can get - far more important to many than silly things like research & academic standards - so doing well in sports tends to bring more 'regular' students through the doors. There's no formal 'development' agreements/payment with the pros - strictly, that players go on to play professional sports is a byproduct of collegiate athletics, rather than a raison d'etre.
  3. Thanks for the page Keith, but I’d say @johnnyboy has done a typically damn good job of summarising! Without getting into too much technical detail, I’d add that recruiting is almost a sport in its own right, with numerous services and websites (Rivals.com being a big name) dedicated to profiling, analysing and assigning “star ratings” Meltzer-style to high schoolers. In practical terms, it’s basically coaches bombarding recruits with phone calls, written correspondence, visits in home & at school, and increasingly social media stuff to get them through the door. The recruiting processs is very heavily regulated but is undoubtedly something of a dark art, if you catch my drift... The one thing I’d add to JB’s post about redshirting is that from the upcoming season the rule has been tweaked to allow participation in 4 games (1/3 of a regular season in college) without burning your redshirt, to use the common parlance - effectively a restricted 5th season of eligibility. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a ‘college football for British beginners’ blog but struggling to find the time to sit down & write! If anyone’s got any more general questions about the college game, stick them in this thread and we’ll discuss, and that might give me some further motivation! It truly is the greatest game there is.
  4. That's my assumption, yeah. BT Gunn & Stevie Boy should have been given a team name for this. The Oddities, considering that's Gunn's nickname I believe? I don't actually care much for either of their usual ring names to be honest, but that's a personal preference. I thought Revenge or Redemption made little sense too. Pretty sure they misspelled redemption on the graphic in the corner of the screen before the first ad break too. The tapings for this episode wad done on a weekday afternoon, don't think there were many in. No seats up by the stage, pretty sure there's no-one at all on the hard camera side, and I think there are fewer rows on the bleachers than I'm used to seeing for WAW. Ospreay vs Kirby was taped on the first night so the crowd will likely appear to oddly swell for that match.
  5. Two guys I’ve been aware of, but my first time actually seeing either Keith Lee or Marcel Barthel in a match. I very much enjoyed what I saw from both, but have a criticism of each: 1) I don’t like the fact Marcel Barthel’s name rhymes. 2) “Bask in my glory” is a kinda heelish catchphrase for a jovial babyface. The kind of thing you get away with on the indies, but expect WWE to weed out before putting you out there. Other than that, it was an episode of Brazilians in martial arts gear with oddly ill-fitting music.
  6. Statto

    Wrestling unpopular opinions

    It’s possible to enjoy a British wrestling show without swearing as much as humanly possible.
  7. Statto

    Earl Hebner

    "Only there to count the pinfall or register the submission." Literally.
  8. I view it as a busman's holiday, pretty much. Go abroad, have some fun, make a bit of money while there. For those guys, the added exposure is great. I sing in cover bands, blues mostly. Last time I was in the States I visited Memphis partly with the view of finding a band who'd let me sing a set with them on Beale Street. I did, it was a memorable experience, and they gave me a cut of the tip bucket. I fulfilled something of a dream and it was great, even without bringing in the exposure factor for these guys. All power to them I say. (That said, anyone who asks my band to play just up the road for free to get "exposure" is getting told to fuck off, so I can see elements of both sides). And for those of you of a age who are now reminiscing about the 80s ITV gameshow Busman's Holiday, you're welcome.
  9. Statto

    Top Twitter

    AFAIK, the only person I’m blocked by is Nick Aldis - which occurred shortly after I tagged him in a reply to William Regal, who has asked who was starring in the local panto this year. I can only assume he was upset by the prospect of the guy who does a lot of recruiting for NXT knowing he was doing panto! If so, I don’t think he knows Regal all that well.
  10. Statto

    Minor PPVs that don't deserve a thread *Spoilers*

    Doing a 30 minute Iron Man match with a shitload of falls comes across as a bit weird when the average Raw single fall main event hovers around that duration anyway.