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  1. Just dawned on me that that milestone has been passed - there have now been more WWE Wrestlemanias than there were WWF Wrestlemanias.
  2. "Oh my goodness." - Adnan Virk, approximately 85,000 times last night.
  3. Yep. That's what Cole called it last night anyway, and the graphic shown on screen had the banner from the Wrestlemania logo grafted on top of the usual Backlash logo.
  4. I do wonder, if they had known for sure back in October/November that they were going to be doing the show in the stadium in Tampa with in person attendance (and that it would probably skew more local than usual), they might have pressed ahead with that Big E Rumble win & had him in one of the two big title matches, if not THE main event? Coming out in his home town, with a 'live' performance of his music by a biggish name artist, wearing gear promoting a local charity, he sure wouldn't have looked out of place at the tippy top IMO.
  5. I caught a chunk of "The Bump" before the pre-show came on last night, they were interviewing Randy and when given the chance to give some final thoughts on his match that night, he instead spent five minutes putting Bad Bunny over (thanks for being respectful & working hard, welcome in my locker room any time type of thing, seemingly very sincere), which I think shows you where he's at with the angle right now. That said... I'd not be shocked if we now get the "cinematic" Funhouse match at "Wrestlemania Backlash", seeing as it'll be back in the Dome.
  6. Yes, that much is true. But I do like the concept that they sent Bo Dallas out there posing as The Fiend, but then didn't do anything with it like seeing both at the same time, disappears on one place & appears miles away within a millisecond etc. They just sent him out there to have the match & to the job, because why not?
  7. Between the aforementioned awful Sister Abigail fan fiction, the moans that Vince is burying him & that Goldberg ruined him, and the conspiracy theories that it was Bo Dallas out there last night (you can tell by the size of the neck tattoo, apparently), Fiend Twitter is a baffling yet amusing read today.
  8. It was: Or at least that's what they insinuated during the wedding. I know then had a bit of a feud but I don't recall if it involved Lana denying she'd had a fling with Liv and/or if it got proven false. But they definitely went off air on the wedding episode with it being 'true'.
  9. Being reported in several fairly credible places that as of Monday, the Raw announce team will be Corey Graves, Byron Saxton & Adnan Virk. I'm very familiar with Adnan as he used to be one of ESPN's main college football studio hosts, until they marched him off the premises for leaking company information one day a couple of years ago. He's a good studio anchor, but I can't picture him doing PBP on Raw. Dunno what this means for Samoa Joe, maybe a 3-man team with Cole & Graves on Smackdown, as I can definitely see Corey going back to doing both shows. Or possibly back into th
  10. Kyle O'Reilly's new music was my favorite thing across both shows. Banger.
  11. Monsieur Pomme de Terre Tete:
  12. FWIW, on the podcast Prichard has suggested that they were always supposed to go down to defeat on that first night, although it was supposed to be 2-1 rather than the whitewash that occurred due to Eddie's injury. The story of "how do they get back in now?" was always planned.
  13. Statto

    NJPW World

    Well, if ever there was a wrestler in need of a check-up from the neck up, it's Will.
  14. She turned face as a result of her tag team with Nikki Cross, basically. IIRC they were getting positive reactions and did something of a double turn during a feud with Asuka & Kairi Sane, with Asuka starting to use green mist as a heel tactic, first to dump Paige as their manager and then to get the upper hand on Bliss. I'd say she's been consistently face since late 2019 to date, but obviously the Fiend stuff is "non-traditional", shall we say.
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