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  1. If we had a holiday (tended to be every other year) we stayed very local, didn't even leave the county. Always a week in a caravan at Wells-Next-The-Sea on the north Norfolk coast. Going to the amusement arcade in the evenings was always the thing I'd look forward to most - Wrestlefest, Turtles & air hockey. There was a local (we assumed) fella who was always hanging round the arcades who was on the larger side & vaguely resembled Ray Traylor. One evening my dad greeted him with "alright, Boss Man?" as we walked past him which 9ish year old me thought was the funniest thing ever. It's still one of my favourite places in the world.
  2. This would be a couple of months before I signed up, but I would have been lurking by that point I think. I signed up for for the FWA forum and stayed pretty much exclusively on there until its demise, when I started to migrate to the main boards. Some nostalgic names on that screengrab!
  3. "I've lived through storms before in my life, I've lived through everything..."
  4. I think that's an interesting point as part of the reason I think the MITB concept is here to stay is because they have positioned it as the 5th* "major" PPV which was the perception of KOTR when it was scrapped too. I honestly don't know if MITB draws accordingly or not, but it was one they accompanied with a Takeover as a weekender pre-pandemic, one where Brock would work etc. They're doing it in a stadium next year, although that might be solely due to waiting to go back to the stadium in Vegas but Summerslam being too close to NFL pre-season dates? *I'd actually say MITB is thought of more highly that Survivor Series in the company right now.
  5. My main sporting interest these days is American Football of the college variety, and my musical taste is primarily in the outlaw country sphere, both of which trace directly back to wrestling, and this in particular: James Storm's first post AMW theme, which is a Jimmy Hart-esque (although not actually Jimmy's handiwork AFAIK) rip-off of this: Discovering Shooter Jennings (who I now consider my favourite artist) led me to discover a whole raft of similar artists (listen to Hellbound Glory, y'all) and that's primarily what I listen to now. Then, in 2009, I went to the US primarily to see 2 Shooter gigs (I also went to Raw & Smackdown when I was there) and at the 2nd of those gigs, a stranger down the front (who is now one of my best friends in the world) said "Hey... do y'all in England watch college football?" and an obsession was born.
  6. Every time someone rocks up with a name like this I imagine Vince in the meeting, based on Foley being told he was a "mutilator" in his first book. "You're gonna destroy people! You're gonna BREAK people! You're a BREAKKER!" Seeing suggestions on Twitter that Scott (who is obviously not in good graces & vice versa) owns a trademark on "Steiner" which prevents them from using it, but don't think that's true. Seems a bit too much to be able to blanket trademark a whole (fictional) surname and prevent anyone else from using it? Not sure how this is NXT "2.0" either, as far as I can see this is at least the 4th major version change: 1) rookie contest 2) NXT Redemption morphs into general c-show (the best NXT) 3) rebadged FCW > super indy (these could be considered two different versions)
  7. Yeah, there is still the rankings issue to address with Hangman also. Although IIRC they never really clarified exactly what "stepping aside" meant as a result of losing the tag match - he did step aside from the top ranking, meaning Christian got the next shot (and lost). Now that's out of the way, his existing 2021 W/L record should allow him to slot back in again at the top fairly quickly - I don't recall it being a "step aside for a year" or "no shots as long as I'm champion" thing. The fact it wasn't absolute might actually be a nice thing to address directly, in a "you're not as smart as you thought you were, Kenny/Don" way. I think you can fairly quickly deal with the issue of Hangman getting enough confidence back to step up to Omega again with a "I'm a father now, I'm not just fighting for me anymore" angle.
  8. Malakai Black looked much better in those martial arts type shorts he wore vs Cody than he does in his little shiny trunks, IMO.
  9. Been my suspicion since they started making changes to developmental that the Tuesday night timeslot would become home to a 3rd "main roster" brand that just happened to be called NXT to try to appease some folks/cash in on some recognition, and it looks like we're well on that path. NXT Champion Jaxson Ryker feuding with Jinder Mahal incoming.
  10. I likened them to the Beverly Brothers in a conversation with a mate about their early days in AEW. Cocky blowhards who look good squashing jobbers on the c-shows but readily get their comeuppance from the actual stars.
  11. This is maybe a little niche but I'm finding it hilarious... Every year the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH hosts some showcase games to mark the kick-off of the new high school season. These games are televised nationally by ESPN & feature the best of the best high school programmes in America. One of this weekend's games was between IMG Academy of Florida (which is basically a professional athletics prep school, pro prospects move from all over the world to be able to attend IMG before moving on to the elite college programmes) and local Ohio favourites Bishop Sycamore High School. IMG absolutely murdered their opponents, to the point the ESPN announcers were expressing concerns for the safety of the Bishop Sycamore players by the 2nd quarter. It's now transpired that: - there is in fact no Bishop Sycamore High School, the address given for the school is a residential address. - the players were a ragtag bunch of junior college drop outs, mostly over the age of 19 and some using fake names. - the coach has at least one active arrest warrant. - they are in fact based out of a Texas league. - they have been doing this for years, previously under the name "Christians of Faith Academy" (which also doesn't exist) and get the shit kicked out of them most of the time.
  12. The EC3 - Robbie E 'feud' era of Spin Cycle was brilliant.
  13. I did ponder the other day if they might use Craven Cottage for a first UK show. Assuming it'd be an on the pitch job (I don't know if the stadium has any sort of indoor event space of any size but suspect not as it's a older, traditional ground) you're probably looking at it happening mid-May, shortly after the season ends but before they re-lay the turf for next season. Entrances through the cottage, please.
  14. Buddy Murphy is brilliant, IMO. One of my favourite current wrestlers. Check out this absolute banger he had with Roman Reigns just over 2 years ago if you've got 10 (well, 11 and a bit) minutes: Edit: have just seen he's made the cardinal mistake of getting the fucking awful Downstait to do him a new entrance theme though, so he's gone down a fair bit in my estimation. Always knew he was a Poundshop Kenny Omega.
  15. Green to me implies being clumsy or errors prone due to inexperience. After a decade and a half, you're just shit.
  16. Which one of the bigwigs is a massive Billy Gunn mark? There's surely no other explanation for him & his 2 kids having that ludicrous 87-8 combined record or whatever it was they put up.
  17. Not being a dick but just pointing it out because her being called green made me laugh (and I don't think she's great either) - she's now into her 17th year as a pro wrestler!
  18. Just caught up with Takeover this morning. Were those "bullshit" chants at the end of the Cole/O'Reilly match? I mean, those matches are bullshit, but presumably the chants were from mutants who were pissed off it didn't go 3 hours and/or no-one killed themselves off the top of the cage?
  19. Just look at Ashton scoring the opener here. If a "big name" scored that goal you'd still be seeing it now. You can stop watching after that though.
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