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  1. The King of Old School

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I'm dreading Wrestlemania already.
  2. The King of Old School

    TLC - it’s really soon

    So much garbage on the Raw side, yet on Smackdown you have two decent feuds bubbling nicely in Rey/Orton & Joe/Hardy and they don't even get a look in. Nobody wants to sit through another Elias/Lashley match no matter what the stipulation is.
  3. The King of Old School

    Dave Meltzer

    Mostly opinion I think.
  4. The King of Old School

    What happened in 2018?

    Dolph Ziggler became the first person to pin Drew Mcintyre since his call up from NXT.
  5. The King of Old School

    Things you've read in wrestling books

    CM Punk was the special guest ref aswell I think, a bizarre chain of events.
  6. The King of Old School

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I feel like I see that headline at least once every few months.
  7. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Anyone else see Becky's instagram story where she turns a segment from the Simpsons (the classic Frank Grime episode) into one that revolves around her and the WWE? It really is superb, I can't post a link at the minute but it should be able to be found quite easily.
  8. The King of Old School

    Random Thoughts III.

    Is Tye Dillinger on the main roster?
  9. The King of Old School

    Lars Sullivan on the main roster

    He'll be on Raw no doubt, come in with a few squash victorys, before moving on to beating people like Gable, Roode etc, then he'll disappear off to Main Event for 6 months facing Zack Ryder and No Way Jose every other week, then they will remember he's employed and he'll face Braun Strowman next summer for the Universal Belt with hardly any build.
  10. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Miz will be babyface by the new year I reckon, there is some footage of him after Smackdown went off the air really playing up to he fans telling them how awesome they are, funnily enough just after a dark match with a heel Daniel Bryan. Wrestlemania title match there with the roles reversed?
  11. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I predicted this time last week when Becky went down injured, that she would be a complete afterthought come Mania, and still believe that. Becky needed that match against Ronda whilst she was still hot. At a push I reckon we could get Ronda/Becky at the Rumble as both Champs will be doing nothing anyway apart from waiting to see who wins the Rumble match, which Charlotte is definitely winning to set us up for Ronda/Charlotte 2 at Mania.
  12. The King of Old School

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    I think that is fair to be honest, and I can't stand Keith Lee. I was actually excited with Riddle coming in, I haven't seen a great deal of his work but his debut on NXT TV wasn't great I thought. I also think this "Bro" shtick will get annoying very quickly. Loved the quick finish at Takeover though, credit to Ohno for selling it like a champ too. I both can't wait, and am dreading the day Velveteen Dream gets called up. What a talent he is, he should be the next megastar for the company, I have a feeling though he won't be. Big thumbs up for the whole show, I haven't seen Survivor Series yet but once again I'm thinking after a Takeover event "how on earth can the main roster follow that?" At a guess, they won't.
  13. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I think the crowd would have been red hot on Sunday for this match, knowing modern WWE by the time Mania rolls around Becky will be a complete afterthought, probably back to her smiley babyface character who tells shit jokes. Going back to this years Mania i thought i'd be all over Ronda/Charlotte when it came around, but i honestly couldnt care less.
  14. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Just a shame that if it did, nobody would give a shit about it as they will have sat through 9 hours of "action" already. It's definitley a Mania match, but i'd have it in the middle of the card so the crowd would still be awake for it to give it the reactions it deserves.
  15. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I'm wondering if they will strip Becky of the title next week and keep her off TV for a bit, back in time for the Rumble, win the thing and we finally get Ronda/Becky at Mania? At the moment that match feels big enough to go on last at Mania but no doubt by then, Becky will have turned into that shit smiley babyface character, everybody will be shattered from the 7 hour marathon before it, and nobody will give a shit. As for the Becky/Charlotte hug πŸ˜‚ good grief, as said before Becky will be dead in the water by Mania. Heel Bryan vs heel Brock is only going one way, Bryan will probably get less offense in than Braun did. The Colons and The Club, when was the last time either appeared on Smackdown? The two new "dream matches" for survivors have actually made me want to watch it less, what a mess!