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  1. Braun Strowmans no compete clause ends the week before All Out. Imagine the scenes (and tears) if he shows up and wins the belt straight away.
  2. Called it a few pages back. As soon as Hangman lost it seemed obvious that plans had changed. Really, really poor move if Hangman doesn't get the belt at All Out. So at a guess, we get Punk/Darby on Rampage and Punk/Omega at the PPV? There's no way Punk should lose to Omega in his home town, but him being champion in his second match or would be the absolute pits.
  3. Wonder if they will have Omega vs Christian on the first episode of Rampage or something? All Out can't be headlined by that surely 😂 Only thing that disappoints me with Dynamite is the tag division, Varsity Blondes and the Acclaimed are currently ranked 1st and 2nd in the tag rankings, and they have been having a decent fued on Dark and Elevation, but feel like haven't seen either team on Dynamite in months.
  4. I reckon they are keeping plans open in case they have to move All Out back to Dailys place. If it's in Chicago, I reckon it will be Omega/Punk, if not it'll be Omega/Hangman. As much as we all love Hangman and this incredible story they have played out with him and Omega, I reckon AEW see Punk winning the title in Chicago as to big a chance to turn down. I mean I wouldn't do it, I'd have Darby and Punk start a little build on that Chicago Rampage for them to face off at the PPV, and keep the Omega/Hangman main event as it is. I suppose the problem with that though is, Hangman will seem so second rate if he follows Punk on that Chicago PPV and I can see the crowd not really giving a shit.
  5. I hope they introduce a trios championship at some point, plenty of good stables that could feud over them.
  6. That would be the absolute worst wouldn't it, but I can see it happening.
  7. Get them in if possible. Its not as if its Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins coming in, these two are genuine stars, and with another show on the way and tickets to sell it would make sense if they can. Plus I have every faith in AEW that they will keep building up the "homegrown" talents just fine, and these pair would compliment them brilliantly.
  8. Real buzz around AEW and I love it. Something big needed for that NY event. Hangman first title defence maybe? Haven't got around to Fyter Fest yet but will watch over the weekend.
  9. I cant think of one high personally. It's all been a load of shit.
  10. I genuinely don't think they are bothered. What I like about AEW, is that Miro, Andrade, and now Black look like huge stars in this promotion, something TNA could never quite do when signing anyone released by WWE.
  11. Loved every minute of it. Minor point though I wish Tommy End kept that name. I am really concerned though that they are going to do Omega/Hangman at Fight for the Fallen though. Surely there's nobody out there that thinks its a good idea to do that match there.
  12. Who are the real stars though that are coming back on a permanent basis?
  13. Seeing as the other one is locked due to age... Sums up where we are when the Big Show is involved in the most interesting angle. Randy is amazing though.
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