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  1. As predicted. Cody vs Spears & Sammy vs Darby are two quarter final matches confirmed for next weeks show.
  2. I was hoping they would leave the tournament until crowds are allowed back in the arena.
  3. Completely agree. Plus, imagine the excitement in 5/10 years time when they release a network special "The Wrestlemania that never happened" with all the footage they shot at the PC.
  4. Oh I agree, but they won't change any of the other organised matches now. I'd have Gulak lose Bryans IC shot, and try and get to Bryan/Goldberg somehow. Braun can get his one on one match with Zayn then for the IC title. Agree with the others though, I'd just postpone the whole thing now.
  5. The only person with an ounce of credibility doing nothing at Mania is Braun Strowman. Surely he's the replacement.
  6. Barry Horowitz was always my favourite "ham & egger". As a young lad I was absolutely gobsmacked when he started winning a few matches in 1995, and started to become a big fan of his.
  7. To be fair watching these Raws & Smackdowns is just like watching the last 90 minutes or so of the last 4 Wrestlemania's.
  8. This is the way to go. They can put In the canned crowd nosies for all the matches apart from the empty arena match too.
  9. So, are we thinking that Luke Harper will be revealed as the leader of the Dark Order?
  10. A couple for me- Edge/Mysterio vs Benoit/Angle No Mercy 2002 The Steiners vs Bret/Owen from sometime in 93/94, slightly spoiled by a non finish I think.
  11. Zayn and co looked rediculous standing next to Nash.
  12. That opening segment was absolute garbage. Also, Bryan vs Gulak. Talk about having no ideas for someone!
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