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  1. Bloody hell, I'd be surprised if even Cody remembered that.
  2. I'd personally be amazed if it is gone by then.
  3. And it will be under the red lighting. Roman vs The Fiend will be played out to absolute silence at Mania.
  4. Has the shine gone already for this? The viewership was pretty poor this week.
  5. When Big Keith debuted on NXT I thought he was awful, ive done a complete 180 on him now though and think he is the best thing on any roster at the minute. Keith Lee vs Brock Lesnar for the belt could be all kinds of greatness.
  6. I can't imagine anyone would be too upset if they didn't see Joey Janela on Dynamite again.
  7. If they had Punk return at 30 in the rumble, to eliminate Rollins they could get that match out of the way at either the Feb/March PPV and them have Punk/Brock at Mania. Yeah, I just read that back and that's not happening.
  8. As said above, vs the Fiend at Mania for the title would be my choice, not under that horrible red lighting either. It probably wouldn't be a classic by any means, but anything to stop them going down the obvious route of Fiend/Roman for the belt at Mania which it is obviously going to be.
  9. Owens vs a motivated Brock could be a fun scrap for Mania for the belt, along with Rollins vs dare I say CM Punk?For Raw's other top match.
  10. I thought they might go down the route of having a TV Title.
  11. Knowing WWE, The Royal Rumble will probably have a NXT rumble on the show now, and Wrestlemania will have the three NXT titles defended.
  12. Has there been anything recently to even hint at that, or is it just wishful thinking? I thought Ronda was done now. Completely agree on the red lighting, who on earth is watching that thinking it's a good idea, unfortunately it makes the Fiends matches unwatchable.
  13. Yeah agreed, think I was going to come on here and mention that at the time but the board was down, then forgot about it. That was brilliant.
  14. Noticed the next NXT takeover is in Feb, which I presume means there isnt one on Wrestlemania weekend. Imagine if they try and put NXT matches on the Mania card now they are officially a third brand. We'll need 3 weeks to watch it.
  15. Christ, this event could go on until Wednesday.
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