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  1. Completely forgot Kushida was a thing.
  2. Yeah but back then they had THE LONG TERM PLAN!!!11 of Cena/Rock at Mania that couldn't be deviated from, I very much doubt there is any sort of plan in order at the moment. But yeah, Wyatt losing to a single curb stomp after a 30 minute back and forth match does seem the WWE way of doing things.
  3. Yeah thinking about it I could see a triple threat match at HIAC so Wyatt doesn't have to take the pinfall.
  4. McCoys are always my go to crisp, any flavour really although flame grilled steak edges it as my fave. I'm also partial to Aldi's version of pringles, sour cream and onion flavour. Could genuinely eat a whole tube of them in one sitting.
  5. Well worth wheeling The Undertaker out just to choke slam Sami Zayn 🙄
  6. I think people who are getting there hopes up in regards to Wyatt getting involved with the Undertaker or anyone of that ilk are going to be disappointed, I still reckon they missed a perfect opportunity with him and Austin at Raw. The more likely Fiend scenario is - Shows up at COC to take out Rollins, loses to Rollins at HITC, fueds with Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Mysterio etc forever more.
  7. Think it's 10 title matches, plus the KOTR final & Roman vs Rowan.
  8. Who is challenging for AJ's title on Sunday? I must have missed that, I just presumed it was Cedric Alexander.
  9. No I don't think so, which is why it would have meant so much.
  10. Yeah I agree with that bit, just a shame that it's the safe option as always. Taking out the other chumps like Angle & Foley has been done to death, I think him taking out Austin, especially at MSG would have been really special and would have put him on another level. Just see it as a missed opportunity.
  11. I can't believe that they didn't end the show with the Fiend taking out Austin, would have been perfect.
  12. 2nd October. Are we getting it live on ITV then do we know or has nothing been announced yet?
  13. I thought with the KOTR tournament going on that they would have uploaded some of the early tournaments before it made it to PPV in 1993.
  14. If the top matches are Jericho/Cody, Omega/Moxley & Hangman/Pac, with a Tag Title & Womens title match thrown in there too it looks like it could be another belter of a PPV.
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