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  1. I reckon they will do Edge/Orton at the Saudi show. Unfortunately I don't think the crowd will care one bit about Drew by the time Mania comes around.
  2. I really enjoyed it. 5 good matches, decent run time for the event, no desire to stick everyone on the card. I especially love that NXT and NXT UK stars can just appear on each others show whenever they want, opens up so many potential matches and stories.
  3. Hopefully the Andrade and Sheamus matches end up on the pre show, or that has the makings of one long show.
  4. Ever since Brock entered the Rumble I've had Roman down for the win, him vs the Fiend under the red lighting to complete silence is there perfect Mania main event all over.
  5. I like Summerslam 2000-2005 and also 2011-2015 before it all started going to shit by making it on par with Wrestlemania time.
  6. Elias is unbearable in his new pandering babyface role.
  7. Cena/Brock for the belt is the biggest match they could do at the moment, which is exactly why it won't happen. I'm guessing whatever happens with Brock won't lead up to a Mania match anyway, more likely the next Saudi event they have planned for Feb.
  8. The Miz didn't even go to Saudi this time did he?
  9. I hope its Ripley/Bianca at the next Takeover, would be a belting match in a Takeover environment that.
  10. To be honest that's how I took it anyway, just common sense, why wouldn't all these factions want to keep recruiting? I'm not sure everything needs explaining down to the finest detail.
  11. Red lighting still in effect on Smackdown when The Fiend appeared I see. That's never going away. I'll never understood why they changed it, they had it perfect at Summerslam when he faced Balor, people could see the match and were genuinely into it, every match he has had under the red lighting has been played out in front of a dead crowd who can't see any of it. Awful.
  12. When does this go up on the ITV hub these days?
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