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  1. Sorry to be that guy, but Omega & Page were defending them at the PPV against the Bucks, they won them from SCU a few weeks earlier I think. Anyway, this could be a cracker. Omega/Hangman & Moxley/Danielson should be absolute belters. Would have preferred Bucks/Danielson & Punk though. Probably pointless guessing the rest of the card as things can move along so fast in AEW.
  2. Horrible feeling Cody gets his win back next week.
  3. I think a huge problem with WWE is that whenever I'm watching I feel like I have seen everything 100 times before.
  4. Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks can get in the bin. Feel like I have seen it 100 times already.
  5. That shows how good he is, and how good a job AEW have done with him that I didn't realise that he hadn't won a match on TV yet.
  6. Yeah you could do. Certainly enough folk to replace them. Could have Kingston, Pac, Hobbs etc in there instead.
  7. That's the beauty of it. Personally think they should stick to the rankings and it should be the top 8 or so from that. Bryan, Punk and Cole shouldn't in it yet for me. I'd go with - Darby, Jungle Boy, Orange, Moxley, Archer, Miro, MJF & Christian. Ideally a Miro/Moxley final at Full Gear.
  8. I just presumed that match would be in Saudi Arabia.
  9. I think a Moxley/Miro final. Either would be a great first fued for Hangman.
  10. Wouldn't the World Title Eliminator tournament be like last year where the final was at Full Gear? It was Omega/Page in the final at Full Gear last year with Moxley/Kingston in the main event for the belt. That's what I'm hoping anyway, surely Omega/Page main events Full Gear this year, nice throwback to them meeting in the tournament final last year too.
  11. I'm guessing he will be used a bit more prominently, but for me Bobby Fish is a decent experienced hand on Elevation/Dark until his total partner becomes available.
  12. I still can't believe there were folk in this thread who thought AEW shouldn't have signed Punk. See how it goes as AEW have swerved us before, but Full Gear could be the PPV of the year. Omega/Hangman Bucks/Punk & Danielson Jungle Boy/Cole Darby/MJF Black/Cody III Inner Circle/American Top Team Britt/Rosa Lucha Bros/FTR Cant even get Moxley, Miro, Kingston, Pac, Andrade, Cassidy, Archer, Team Taz etc on the card. Love AEW at the minute.
  13. Arn Anderson is the best thing on TV not called Hangman Page. Loved Cody asking if he was going to shoot him as he approached him. Another belting show, still hopeful of my double main event for Full Gear of Omega/Page and Bucks/Punk & Danielson is happening.
  14. In an ideal world, with it being in Brodie's hometown, Hangman would return on Wednesday to reunite the Dark Order and get himself back in the rankings for a title match at Full Gear. Even with all the recent signings, Adam Page is still the one to dethrone Kenny for me, I have mentioned before but I would like Omega/Danielson to have another time limit draw (maybe take up a whole episode of Rampage and go 60 mins?) due to constant interference from the Bucks, which would in turn set up Danielson finding a partner to go against them, which would be CM Punk after he's done with Team Taz. Omega/Hangman (Dynamite after FG is in Hangman's home town too) & Bucks/Punk & Danielson would be two cracking main events for the next PPV. Omega/Danielson 3 where "There has to be a winner" is a ready made co main event for the February PPV, I don't think it needs the title as Danielson has constantly said he just wants to prove he's the better man.
  15. Adam Cole vs Jungle Boy should be a good match this week. For me, Jungle Boy has to go over to keep his momentum going. I don't think he will though.
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