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  1. I want to know who on earth applied for a WCW Mastercard with Buff Bagwell on it.
  2. Like has been said, the royal rumble winner isn't guaranteed to go on last these days anyway. But, surely having two nights of Wrestlemania for this stipulation would be better anyway now there is two rumbles, the winner of the Women's rumble can headline night one, and the winner of the Men's could headline night two?
  3. Yeah I meant a "normal world" Wrestlemania. Should definitely do a two nighter this year if it has to happen in the Thunderdome, as I think it will be too soon for even a limited crowd to be honest.
  4. In the middle of the card like Kofi/Bryan it would be brilliant. Knowing how Wrestlemania works these days though, it would go on last after a 7 hour show, and therefore it might as well happen in front of no fans as the reaction will probably be the same.
  5. I watched it this morning and thought it was a brilliant story. It should have all happened to Bryan instead of Nakamura though, would have been good early build for there inevitable Wrestlemania match. Unless Nakamura gets a shot on one of the PPV's in-between the Rumble and Mania maybe.
  6. Agree its brilliant, the day of full arena's wont be for a long time yet though I'm guessing.
  7. Seeing as the other one is locked due to age... Sums up where we are when the Big Show is involved in the most interesting angle. Randy is amazing though.
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