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  1. The King of Old School

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Just watched the last two. Why on earth is Dream going after the secondary belt after running the champ so close a few months ago? Makes him look a bit of a chump to be honest. I have a worry that now he's a fully fledged face that he's going to go to shit. That Dijakovic i cant make my mind up, when i first saw him i was hoping he was going to smash through people, not doing 50/50 bouts with losers. Cole/Ricochet was good, and UE have won me over recently, i hope they stay in NXT forever though. That's the best Keith Lee has ever looked.
  2. The King of Old School

    Romance angles

    The winner of this quite clearly would have been Enzo & Nia Jax, if Enzo wasn't a bit of a pillock.
  3. The King of Old School

    Make the most uninspiring WrestleMania possible

    I have a feeling whatever they put on this year might be very uninspiring.
  4. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    There's more chance of me facing Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania for the title in a one on one match than Kofi Kingston. The gauntlet was superb though, not sure if it was as good as the Raw one last year but really good stuff. Rey/Andrade has no business being on EC when they have Balor/Lashley and Strowman/Corbin taking up an hour of the time. Real shame for Ali to be taken out, but a prolonged feud with Orton off the back of it could be really good for him, plus Kofi is always good fun in a multi man match.
  5. The King of Old School

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    You say that, but Roman Reigns was always the plan to be in the main event of Wrestlemania, despite on both occasions there being other's (Bryan 2015, Braun 2018) who were far more over with the fans. There was no way this company was going to do a main event women's match at Wrestlemania without Charlotte involved, the fact some think it's a swerve and she won't be in the match at all is just laughable.
  6. The King of Old School

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I think some people are giving WWE way to much credit here, Charlotte vs Ronda in a main event title match has been "the plan" since Ronda signed for the company, sure Becky might have forced there hand to change it up slightly like make it a triple threat, but as we know from the whole Roman Reigns fiasco, they always stick to the plan. 100% Fastlane has a "Win and your back in the match" deal with Charlotte/Becky making it a 3 way.
  7. The King of Old School

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Agreed it's beyond awful, but in there mind it will make the triple threat match be more accepted by everyone. In reality nobody wants to see it.
  8. The King of Old School

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Charlotte is there to stay, Becky will face Charlotte at Fast Lane for a chance to be entered into the match and win.
  9. The King of Old School

    Dean Ambrose leaves the ukff

    Dean Ambrose was the most entertaining he has been for ages in that segment with EC3, Jax & Bliss.
  10. The King of Old School

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Undertaker vs Sting in AEW. Make it happen lads. A E DUB! A E DUB! A E DUB!
  11. The King of Old School

    Which was better - WWECW or ECW

    Both were rotten. WWECW if i had to choose.
  12. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Yeah, the only time i can recall a triple threat working storyline wise fo a main title was WM 30,when Bryan was added, because nobody wanted a Batista/Orton one on one match in 2014. Ive never understood the companys obsession of shoehorning people into matches who have no reason to be there. WM20 - HBK not needed, decent match though. WM22 - Orton not needed, had a very "mid card" feel to it, and far too short. Angle/Mysterio for 20 mins could gave been discussed as an all time classic. WM24 - HHH not needed, ruined a perfectly organic storyline. Average match. WM25 - Big Show certainly not needed, who on earth thought that was a good idea?! Terrible match. All the other IC/US/Womens/Tag title triple threats were fine for what they were as mid card attractions. Becky/Ronda has a huge feel to it, i thought the boat was missed after Survivor Series but fair play to them i want to see it even more now, Charlotte just has no business anywhere near it.
  13. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Yes, you saw Smackdown didn't you? I think it's as clear as day that Charlotte will get the match instead of Becky for now whilst she is "suspended", and then to try and soften the blow Becky will get a match against Charlotte at fast lane to be reinstated into the match, which of course she will win.
  14. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Yeah that's what I thought they were going with to be honest. I can definitely see Charlotte been given the match against Ronda at Mania now, with Becky facing Charlotte at Fast Lane with the chance to get her shot back.
  15. The King of Old School

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I've said it a few times but I can't believe they are putting Charlotte into that match, for me that ruins the whole spectacle of it. It's Mania 24 all over again when they just had to shoehorn HHH into one of the most organic storys they had In years with Orton/Cena. Becky has been brilliant this week though, stumbled onto something really good. Mania should be ending with her tapping Ronda out in the middle of the ring, one on one. I'm wondering if Harper returns at the Chamber helping Bryan to sneak the win again, and after the Chamber Bray Wyatt comes back to feud with Bryan for the WWE Title at Mania, something I can totally see happening with the Harper/Rowan connection. What they do with the other chamber participants at Mania though I have no idea.