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  1. So this isn't on ITV at all? What happened to ITV's partnership with AEW?!
  2. Does anyone else struggle to take the Miz seriously as this "fiery babyface" he seems to be portraying? Bloody awful.
  3. This basically. My 9 year old can't wait for the Ziggler/Kofi cage match.
  4. If they are going down the model of having 4/5 big events a year then I don't think anyone would mind paying for them if the company keeps up this momentum. I'd hoped the likes of Fyter Fest and FFTF were going to be "clash of the champions" type of events, £15 for each of them? No thanks.
  5. Plus theres hardly anything new on Stomping Ground, take out the US Title match and I feel like we have seen everything else a million times already.
  6. I imagine that will never get mentioned again.
  7. How many Smackdown guys were on this week? I thought the number was meant to be 4?!
  8. Moxley isn't at the next event after Fyter Fest because it clashes with a Japan date or something. Think Omega is competing at both though. Plus it's likely nobody is watching these two events anyway, they should have had them on TNT in the US as Saturday night specials or something, not on Bleacher Report or whatever it is.
  9. Shane is on a roll, no one on one wins in three years after returning, now three PPV singles wins in a row. Unfortunately I think it's 100% more likely that Shane wins the WWE Title in time for the Fox move rather than Brock.
  10. Beckys reactions are getting quieter every week, she will soon be at Strowman levels of apathy.
  11. They don't need too with all the social media out there. The TV is for endless rematches and 20 minute promo's for people like The Miz.
  12. Theres definitely a superstar waiting to break out with Big E, i'm not sure a heel turn is the way to go though. I liked the idea of Brock cashing in on Kofi when Smackdown moves to Fox in October, with Kofi getting a couple of rematches but getting destroyed every time, eventually leading to Big E stepping up and taking the title off Brock, you could maybe have some dissention in the New Day Camp after that.
  13. Christ what a waste. It was only seeing him in that battle royal that reminded me he had gone to Smackdown, I only catch various segments and don't recall seeing him that's why I asked.
  14. Has Buddy Murphy appeared on Smackdown yet?
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