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  1. Miz & Morrison are the absolute worst. Also as said above, this Retribution group look ridiculous. Reckon my 10 year old lad and his mates would give them a good scrap. They actually make the Undisputed Era look terrifying.
  2. Austin Theory, Humberto, Andrade, Lashley, Shelton etc are all getting the exact same reactions now as they would if the arena had 20,000 people in.
  3. Well it is the biggest party of the summer.... There's nothing that can really happen match wise that will grab my interest, although Randy/Drew might be decent. I think the biggest talking point of the show is where is it going to be held? I've seen various reports over the past week or so that Vince wants to hold it outside with fans attending, even read one report that claimed it might be on a boat. As someone who is increasingly bored of the "no fans era" an outside show with a different feel would definitely get me tuning in to watch despite what matches are on show.
  4. Good on them i say. Why on earth would they want to improve the quality of there TV when they are rakingnin so much money.
  5. I rewatched a few Ultimate Warrior clips from WCW over the weekend, that i probably hadn't seen for 20 years. it all felt so weird, but also left me wondering what could have been if he had stuck around longer, and whether we would have seen him back in the WWF in 2000 or so.
  6. Seeing as the other one is locked due to age... Sums up where we are when the Big Show is involved in the most interesting angle. Randy is amazing though.
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