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  1. That was the first thing my 10 year old lad said to me as we were watching it.
  2. Guessing Summerslam. The next Thunderdome tenancy runs out just before then.
  3. I thought it was brilliant. The sheer chaos at the start was the best TB they have done in months I loved it. Lashley/Drew was a great opener. Really glad we get to see the "Almighty Era" continue. Tag turmoil was horrible. Was hoping a Charlotte/Becky "super team" were going to come out at the end to win to save it. Cesaro and Rolling was a fun sprint, great action and the right winner. Enjoyed Omos debut, put him over strong even if the match was booked in a strange way. Cage match was a good story and a brilliant bump by Shane. Incredible how much they have dr
  4. One thing I do like about this years event being over two nights is that they haven't shoehorned everyone possible onto the show. I think the 4 way for the Smackdown tag titles should be on there somewhere but its obviously not crucial. It looks like two decent enough nights of action without anything really looking "wrestlemania worthy", but the big selling point for me is that there will be fans there, and will be watching just for that reason really to see how they react to things. Not sure if its been mentioned but I read the other day that this will be the first time since
  5. It was definitely Kane, he won the belt from Jericho about two weeks before he faced HHH at No Mercy, which was a unification match. RVD unified the IC and European Title's against Jeff Hardy in May 2002, and then the Hardcore and IC Title against Tommy Dreamer a couple of months later.
  6. I know as has been said that both are pretty dreadful, but I just can't get my head around anyone preferring the Thunderdome shows to the PC ones. The Thunderdome is just awful.
  7. More real than the piped in noise from the Thunderdome I would say. It's another reason why NXT is much more watchable than Raw, that bit of atmosphere does volumes. I can't see fans being back in July, I reckon they will move the Thunderdome to another location for residency between Mania and Summerslam, which I think will be the next even with fans in.
  8. Probably be waiting a while, I can't see them returning to live crowds on a weekly basis for at least this year.
  9. Might be unpopular but the Performance Centre era of Covid WWE was much better than the Thunderdome era. At least there was an atmosphere from real people at that time. The shows from the Thunderdome have been beyond boring.
  10. Just seen a tweet from Corbin that he, Lashley and Drew were some sort of faction on Raw for a bit. When on earth was that?!
  11. Ryback was going to my nomination. Had a couple of months where he looked like he was going to be the next huge babyface star, destroying everyone and getting great reactions. Then he lost to CM Punk at HITC in October, and didn't win again on PPV until the following July where he was a lukewarm heel.
  12. Don't forget the real main event - The Miz w/Morrison vs Bad Bunny w/Priest. Other matches I can see apart from the ones you mentioned are Sami/KO, Riddle/Sheamus & Roode/Ziggler vs Mysterios vs Gable/Otis vs Street Profits Can make a couple of decent cards out of that lot, nothing that screams Wrestlemania though to me.
  13. Was it any good? I feel like if anything needs a crowd its the NWA, it thrived on that small studio audience they had.
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