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  1. Cant wait for Becky/Ronda either, just please don't do it at Mania next year, it deserves to go on last with a crowd that cares. I personally thought the triple threat was just a huge tired mess, with a horrible finish. Easily in the worst 5 Mania main events for me which is a shame looking at the talent involved.
  2. No no no, would be much better at Summerslam rather than in the mess that is Wrestlemania, put it in front if a crowd that will react.
  3. If it ended after Kofi/Bryan that would gave been a ace show. To have it go on for another 3 hours afterwards killed it, nobody cared about anything after apart from a few quiet Becky chants. Can't see things ever changing, by the time Mania 40 comes around it will probably be 10 hours long.
  4. I just want The Dream to stay in NXT forever, he should be main eventing you just can't follow him at the minute.
  5. Ive always found this strange, Things only usually get started at Mania not end, look at AJ/Nakamura last year, feuded for months afterwards, Cena/Rusev from a few years ago too, Cena/Wyatt, Undertaker/Edge, Edge/Batista, Batista/HHH etc, probably loads more too. Can gaurentee the likes of Bryan/Kofi, AJ/Orton, Drew/Reigns, Becky/Charlotte etc will be going on for a good while yet too.
  6. Dream was brilliant again the highlight of NXT for me everytime he is on, i hope we get another match between these two with Riddle going full on heel.
  7. I'd open with Rey/Joe tonight, think that would be a decent match to get the crowd going. Card placement is going to be important for tonight to stop the crowd losing interest.
  8. The last 3 have gone close to 7 hours including the preshow, nothing new there. Only this company could ruin there biggest event of the year, the card on paper looks really good this year too, just such a shame that most of it will be played out to complete silence.
  9. For all the song and dance of Cena having no clear path to Wrestlemania last year, he doesn't seem to care much this year does he! I imagine he will show up, probably interrupt Elias or something.
  10. Urgh, after all this I can just see Becky & Charlotte hugging it out at the end of Mania with there respective belts, only for Sasha & Bayley to come down and join them.
  11. Would be much better for the match to be for both belts, if it's just for Ronda's belt then it telegraphs the result even more. I'm glad they have took the belt of Asuka though, it's one less match that they have to shoehorn onto the card, she will probably get the womans battle royal win as a consolation. (Actually, have they even officially announced that yet?) Surprised we have no male tag title matches yet, I'd like them to throw the Uso's, Hardys, New Day, Bar, Ricochet/Black & Nakamura/Rusev into a ladder match for the Smackdown belts.
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