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  1. Great shout. Where does he go? After reuniting the dark order he goes straight back into the rankings to get his title shot back at Full Gear.
  2. I think I would turn around and walk off if I ever got saddles with this guy. Sounds a monumental bore.
  3. If it was me booking (and I fully expect any stick that comes my way!) I would like to see it go to a 30 minute time limit draw, then on the next live edition of Rampage which I think is October 15th, go to a 60 minute time limit draw thanks to the Elite constantly interfering at different times to distract the ref etc. Then hopefully Hangman comes back and gets a few wins and gets back in the rankings to challenge at Full Gear, would leave Danielson finding a partner (CM Punk) to go against the Young Bucks in the other big Full Gear match. Danielson and Omega could then have a big match at the next PPV to prove who's the better man as I don't think that match needs the title.
  4. Really enjoyed that episode of Rampage. Andrade and Pac had a belting match, intriguing ending too. Good to see talent like Pillman and Caster given a shot on one of the main programmes, thought they had a good match too that was obviously helped by being in Pillmans home town.
  5. I want to know when the Sting/Blanchard match is happening.
  6. I think Danielson should have his first match here. No idea who against though, I would like to see him against Cole but would they want one of them to lose so early on? Maybe give him a semi squash against Karl Anderson or something, and let Cole get his first win here against Christian. Think Britt/Ruby will happen also happen here too. End the show with the Elite beating down Danielson, Punk, Christian etc with Hangman coming in for the save. Love that there is so many possibility's with AEW at the minute.
  7. I think it undermines everything AEW is about if Punk and Danielson come in and get title shots in the next few months though. I think it makes more sense for Omega to keep interacting with them both over the next couple of months, with Hangman coming back half way through that to clock up a few wins to take him up the rankings to face Omega at Full Gear. Hangman/Omega & Bucks/Punk & Danielson is a cracking double main event for the PPV, there are around 10 or so Dynamites before the next PPV, Punk and Danielson can have a couple of singles matches in between, and maybe a warm up tag match against the Good Brothers too to build up to it on a live episode of Rampage or something. Omega can have singles matches on PPV against Punk and Danielson next year (could probably do one of them on a "special Dynamite" or something). I don't think those matches necessarily have to have the title involved.
  8. I think its a bit soon to bring Hangman back to take the belt in New York. I reckon he takes it at Full Gear as I noticed the Dynamite afterwards is in his hometown, they love a homecoming so could see him going into that as the champ. Plenty to keep Omega busy in the meantime over the next few months with the Elite against Danielson and friends, Page can come back somewhere in the middle of that to even the numbers up against the Elite and build to the big title match.
  9. Yeah I like the idea of this too. I also kind of want some ridiculous stand alone matches though like the old WCW shows used to do, like Danielson against Fuego Del Sol or something. When do these taping start?
  10. Would be a belting match, hopefully at the next PPV although might be a bit long to hold off. Some potential cracking matches over the next few months though. Wonder if we'll see another blood and guts event soon now that we have full crowds back? Omega, Cole, Bucks & Good Brothers vs Danielson, Punk, Jungle Express, Christian and a mystery partner (who ends up being Hangman). What a match that would be.
  11. This kind of format needs to be bought back, would be a great fit for AEW that.
  12. It's disappointing that Jungle Boy and Orange Cassidy aren't on the PPV. Card looks OK on paper but feel like we have to many rematches on there.
  13. I do like how one of the biggest pops of the night was for Lashley slapping a 15 year old kid in a full nelson. Beautiful.
  14. I would have liked to have seen Sting/Darby against the Bucks at the PPV, that could be a belting match.
  15. Another belting episode I thought. All Out is looking a bit shit (on paper) though so far which is disappointing.
  16. Amazing that the second episode of an AEW B show has completely over shadowed WWE's second biggest event of the year this weekend, 2021 eh? Anyway, card for this event is as follows... Any thoughts of what you think/would like to happen? In isolation it's a pretty good card, that has had the standard messy WWE build to it. Intrigued with how Cena looks in the main event as it's been a while since he's had a big one on one match.
  17. Seeing as the other one is locked due to age... Sums up where we are when the Big Show is involved in the most interesting angle. Randy is amazing though.
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