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  1. The Headbangers appearing for a brief run on Smackdown a couple of years back Just seemed completely mental that a pretty much jobber team from the attitude era would fit into modern day WWE. Only lasted about a month or so but just weird the way they reappeared after barely been thought about for 15 years.

    Disney Plus

    Subscribed this morning watching it via Sky Q watched couple epsiodes of Simpsons earlier before starting the home teaching of my daughter and setting her up and getting her doing school work The only minor annoying thing is I thought it would be like Netflix where it appears on the on Demand section rather then having to scroll down to apps and then scroll down to the bottom of that list to find it
  3. Yeah its a good idea but you need to do something with the settings if possible Every game is 0-0 or 1-0
  4. They should contact us I'm expecting it to be in the next couple of days if not tomorrow Me and my wife had tickets for Lady Gaga at the o2 a couple of years back which firstly got re arranged and the tickets where honoured for that date but then the rearranged show also got cancelled and I was given a full refund a few days later If I dont hear anything by Wednesday afternoon I'm going to send off an E-Mail or a tweet and see what time frame they have for it all
  5. So do we think theyll scale it down a bit now No need to have a 5+ hour show by shoehorning everyone onto the card 2 world title matches 3 womens title Matches Owens vs Rollins Cena vs Fiend Styles vs Taker A hot Fatal 4 way opener for the US Title between the Mexican lads 9 match card perfect
  6. Well its official Wrestlemania to be held at the performance Centre This is going to be the most surreal show ever
  7. Yeah wish WWE would announce something so everyone can at least know where we stand with refunds for UK and Europe residents who now cant attend even if it somehow does go ahead or whether its postponed and just rescheduling to a new date and we can move our tickets to that date or whether its outright cancelled.
  8. I said to my mate They continued to Advertise and Book for Mania but they seemed to go out of there way to not mention a date or even a City for it Considering they usually Bombard us every 5 mins with where and when the show will be so think that was quite telling
  9. Dont know if you saw Pitcos but Norwegian are waiving the Rebooking fee for Fligths to the USA booked before March 9th now as well as those booked after as it was originally announced a few days ago. So what would of cost me £100 per person each way so £600 in total to just change the dates will now be free as long as the flight is between Now and August 31st. So in the at this point seemingly Inevitable postponement of Mania you should be able to move the flights to the rearranged date if you can of course still go at that time
  10. Suspension of the season will surely be announced today Now that a Player and Manager have been positively diagnosed that's it Just cancelling Arsenal and Chelsea games for 2 weeks will just lead to a backlog of games (I'm sure other teams will be affected as well over the coming days with Leicester and Man City already having players in isolation) which could lead to some teams having 4-5 games in hand later on in the season and the whole integrity of the competition will be in question. Best course of action is to suspended everything now and restart when it is safer to do so.
  11. The Bucs wont be at home until September and the Vipers (XFL team) only home game scheduled after Mania is the week after Mania on the 12th April So the calendar should be fairly clear aside from Maybe a concert or two. If it is postponed I'd guess a June date is most likely Money in the bank is May so probably wouldnt want to scrap that but a B show like Backlash can easily be replaced.
  12. My flight is still showing on my account As King Pictos asked can you find out when he heard about it? I just tried to book the same flight on the Norwegian site and both out/in bound flights are still available to book
  13. I'm flying into Tampa with them on March 30th 3,000 Flights to be cancelled between now and the summer presumably a large chunk of those will be flights to and from Italy but still the press release stats worldwide so other routes will be effected Hopefully the Tampa route remains open. Now got to worry about Corona Virus and the airline even operating come the end of March, This trip is causing me more stress then I envisioned as little as a month ago.
  14. I dont mean to be pedantic but they went forward last night, makes no difference as you're still correct Raw is on an Hour earlier but it does mean Elimination Chamber is on at 11pm tonight and not midnight
  15. Week 32 fixtures Premier League Crystal Palace 1-1 Watford Sheffield United 1-1 Norwich City Southampton 2-1 Newcastle United Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-0 Brighton & Hove Albion Burnley 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur (5:30pm) Chelsea 2-2 Everton (Sunday 2pm) Manchester United 1-3 Manchester City (Sunday 4:30pm) German Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 Eintracht Frankfurt (2:30pm) Borussia Mönchengladbach 1-2 Borussia Dortmund (5:30pm) Maltese Premier League Balzan 3-0 Tarxien Rainbows w/@Stinky Dad (Sunday 1pm)
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