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  1. Just watched Raw and confused with the Bray Wyatt talk He didn't appear on the Sky showing, though there was a really long Raw ad banner just before the Main event was that when his promo shown? Why would sky not show it?
  2. As I posted the other day about the potential for making the trip seemed good and my wife is fully on board now So Booked the Hotel (thanks to Sonny for confirming a few details about the area) booked it with Check in Thursday and check out Wednesday. Hopefully then we will go on to Orlando which I will look into over the coming days. Has it been confirmed Smackdown is definitely on the friday yet? Or could they still tape Tuesday or Monday before and just broadcast Friday and do likewise for the week after. Anyway good to have the hotel sorted at least and the real planning and saving can begin
  3. Week 37A fixtures – Good Friday and Holy Saturday Premier League Manchester City 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur (Saturday 12:30pm) West Ham United 2-1 Leicester City (Saturday) Championship Birmingham City 1-2 Derby County Bolton Wanderers 0-2 Aston Villa League Two Mansfield Town 2-0 Morecambe Newport County 2-1 Bury National League Dover Athletic 2-0 Aldershot Town Gateshead 1-2 Chesterfield Scottish Premiership Heart of Midlothian 1-2 Rangers (Saturday noon) Kilmarnock 0-2 Aberdeen (Saturday) Week 37B fixtures – Easter Day and Easter Monday Premier League Cardiff City 1-3 Liverpool (Sun 1600) Championship Ipswich Town 2-2 Swansea City Reading 1-2 West Bromwich Albion League One Peterborough United 1-1 Sunderland Wycombe Wanderers 2-1 Walsall League Two Forest Green Rovers 2-0 Cambridge United Yeovil Town 0-3 Colchester United National League Braintree Town 0-2 Dagenham & Redbridge Halifax Town 1-2 Wrexham Second Bundesliga Dynamo Dresden w/Fog Dude 1-2 FC Cologne (Sunday 12:30pm)
  4. EC3 and Lars are officially on Raw now, they are included in the "who Raw acquired" post from WWE on Facebook Assuming that Heavy Machinery and Nikki Cross will offically be on Smackdown tonight
  5. Really tempted to do this and it falls rather perfectly during Easter Holidays for my daughter, (may have to take her out for the last few days as last day of term is Friday April 3rd) Fly in Thursday or Friday, bit of sightseeing for a few days, my Daughter is obsessed with Marine life and everything to do with the ocean etc so the Florida Aquarium seems perfect for her, Maybe NXT but if my wife doesn't fancy it i wont push it, Wrestlemania and Raw on Sunday and Monday, few days of activities Travel to Orlando on Wednesday/Thursday for a few days at the parks for my Daughter who willl be 8 so perfect age and then Hopefully I can squeeze in a couple of days n Miami at the back end of the trip as Im a big US sports fan and all my teams are Miami based team so hope the Miami Marlins are at home and take in a baseball game or 2 or a Miami Heat Basketball game. My wife didn't shoot me down when I suggest I might look into it so I think If i can present a nice detailed plan I can get her on board I went to Wrestlemania 26 in 2010 with my mate and had planned to make it a semi regular event (I did get lucky and squeezed in Extreme Rules on honeymoon 5 years ago in NY) but finances haven't really allowed a big Mania trip since but now with my daughter older and a bit more stable financially this could be the perfect time to do another one.
  6. Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Bournemouth Crystal Palace 0-2 Manchester City (Sunday 2:05pm) Fulham 2-2 Everton Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea (Sunday 4:30pm) Southampton 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Scottish Cup semi-finals (at Hampden Park) Aberdeen 1-2 Celtic (Sunday 2pm) Heart of Midlothian 3-1 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (12:15pm) German Bundesliga Fortuna Düsseldorf 0-3 Bayern Munich (Sunday 2:30pm) VfB Stuttgart 1-2 Bayer Leverkusen (2:30pm) Lebanese Premier League Tripoli SC 2-1 Salam Zgharta (Sunday 1:30pm)
  7. I would say To ''Actual Wrestling Fans'' he is a god and one of the biggest stars but as I've mentioned before on here I know a lot of people who are strictly WWE and 90% of people have never heard off him when I mentioned he could potentially be signing with WWE before he inevitably signed with AEW. Does he have any mainstream attention? outside of Wrestling fans you'd struggle to find anyone who could pick him out of a lineup outside of Japan at least Discounting The Rock from this discussion Only Rousey, Lesnar and Cena are actually true stars in that they can command attention outside of Wrestling with the mainstream media away from anything Wrestling related, HHH is probably the next closest to having that status I'm also not including Batista as this was just a one off return and he has now retired again but again I think a lot of people know him more for his movies than that he was a wrestler turned movie star in a similar career path to The Rock Guess it depends what You're definition of Biggest star in Wrestling is, is it someone who who has crossover appeal to the Mainstream public or are you just thinking star amongst Wrestling fans which has been shown doesn't really move the needle at all. Anyway I thought it was an enjoyable Mania on the whole, wasn't a bad match on the card whilst not really having a 5 star match either but thats fine when the story telling was the most important part of the night for most matches. I actually managed to last the pace a lot better then last year and whilst I'm feeling it now having had about 3 hours sleep last night the pacing seemed to be a lot better for me anyway, maybe could of moved one of the singles matches to before Kofi/Bryan but they did a good job separating the 3 big babyface title wins over the 5+ hours
  8. FA Cup semi-finals (@ Wembley) Brighton & Hove Albion 0-3 Manchester City Watford 1-2 Wolves Premier League Bournemouth 2-1 Burnley Everton 2-2 Arsenal Huddersfield Town 0-2 Leicester City Newcastle United 0-0 Crystal Palace La Liga Barcelona 3-1 Atlético Madrid Rayo Vallecano 0-1 Valencia Real Betis 1-1 Villarreal Veikkausliiga RoPS 2-1 Honka w/Stinky Dad
  9. Mine didn't record last week and neither did my brothers or mates so must of been one of those issues where it changes channels for 1 week and doesn't record. Luckily enough I checked yesterday and had to reset the recording Smackdown next week is on Sky Sports Mix instead of sky sports
  10. I think in terms of recent returns Shans return on 2016 as mentioned above was the most shocking for me I hadn't heard a single thing about him in years and he seemed happy to be away from the company and there was no indication that he was returning (that I had seen at least anyway) at all So when his music hit at that moment I genuinely was totally surprised. Batista return was a surprise that he returend at that very moment but he only been on TV 4 months beforehand and there was still the rumours doing the round he was working Mania this year if HHH was fit enough so wasnt really a totally surprise to see him appear. The Rock in 2011 as guest host was surprising as well and from memory would be the Last time before Shane that I was completly shocked at seeing someone.
  11. Given the fact Nakamura/Rusev, The Bar and the New Day (Big E and Woods) are not listed for the Battle Royal, the last time I saw anyway it seems the Smackdown Tag titles are set for a Fatal 4 Way Tag Match.
  12. Jeez What does deserve better even mean? They get to be on the biggest show of the year in front of a huge worldwide audience What do these people want? We can't have everyone on the card in a high profile singles match or the show will still be on come Summerslam. And let's face it off that list the only one who actually should be on the card in a more high profile setting is Asuka You could argue Mandy and Sonya maybe deserve a Tag Team title shot over the Iconics and likewise the Riott Squad over on Raw but still it's not the end of the world they aren't. What exactly have Dana, Lana, Nikki Cross done to Deserve better then having a token appearance on the biggest show? People moan it's too long, people moan someone is missing from the card, people Moan there are too many multiman matches and not enough singles matches, people moan too many singles matches without meaning.......
  13. Week 34 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Southampton Burnley 1-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Cardiff City 0-2 Chelsea (Sunday 2:05pm) Crystal Palace 3-1 Huddersfield Town Leicester City 2-2 Bournemouth Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 4:30pm) Manchester United 2-1 Watford West Ham United 1-2 Everton (5:30pm) French League Cup final Guingamp 0-1 Strasbourg (8:05pm, at Lille) Eredivisie Ajax 2-0 PSV (Sunday 3:45pm)
  14. Can't see it now, why bother going 40 minutes in winning the Gauntlet match to put him in the Title Match if they don't want him to win it, would of been easier to just not win the gauntlet in the 1st place wouldn't it? Unless Kofi starts to act the big shot next week I can't see any logic to them turning on him now
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