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  1. You can't compare Stomping Grounds to All Out as its just not the same and the reasons above have covered most of that A more Comparable event is AEW Fight for the Fallen which is a B level show in just a 5,500 seat Arena and Ive just looked and I'd say at least 2,000+ Tickets are still available and the show is less then a month away and the prices are a lot cheaper then Stomping Grounds

    NJPW World

    You do know he showed up at Dominion and stated he is/Demanded to be in the G1? I'm assuming he has had signed full time with New Japan
  3. Whilst I get the argument and understand the thinking of why didn't Brock cash in there and then I think It shows that Brock believes he can just show up and beat anyone at anytime and he is just enjoying playing the ''Cash In game'' with Rollins and getting in his head that he is waiting at every corner not knowing when he is gonna strike, like when his entrance music started twice and he didn't show or when he arrived and was heading to the ring but changed his mind All those things had Rollins on edge I Don't think anyone but Brock has that aura and Believability to be so confident that even after a beatdown he decides to not Cash in. Brock has shown before he doesn't particularly care about being Universal Champion all that much, its not some mid carder holding the case looking for there first reign for Brock the sense is its more about the game he is playing in toying with Rollins. I'm not even sure he is gonna cash in on Friday yet, think there is still some legs to him with the case being the Constant Shadow behind Rollins back
  4. Off to the Oval today for South Africa vs Bangladesh Hoping its a bit more of a contest then we've seen from most games thus far If South Africa bat 1st might see some fireworks Got tickets for Wednesdays Bangladesh vs New Zealand game and then Saturday June 15th Australia vs Sri Lanka as well which is the one I'm most looking forward to seeing.
  5. So August 31st is looking stacked for wrestling fans NXT Takeover:UK in Cardiff NJPW Royal Quest in London AEW All Out in Chicago Just a coincidence Takeover is same day as Royal Quest? Feels like there could be quite a crossover of fans who would attend both if on different days

    NJPW World

    One thing I noticed was "All Out" is scheduled for August 31st the same day as Royal Quest at the Copper Box So any crossovet talent obviously can't work both shows. I'd assume Moxley is more likely to be at All out sadly
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