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  1. QB:Ryan Tannehill - Tennessee RB: Ronald Jones III - Tampa Bay WR: Stefon Diggs Buffalo TE: Austin Hooper - Cleveland K: Jason Meyers - Seattle DST: Tampa Bay MOST YARDS: Tennessee MOST POINTS: Tampa Bay TOTAL NET YARDS: 3307 AFC1: Buffalo Bills: AFC2: Tennessee Titans: AFC3: Pittsburgh Steelers: NFC1: Seattle Seahawks: NFC2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC3: Chicago Bears
  2. Ravens will be ok I think. Although I know they have a few guys out,I still think they can get the job done. Although a Ravens loss will be good for my Titans, who I have a bad feeling about. Bench Watson I say!
  3. Gutted I missed the week! Completely forgot due to Xmas etc! Hope you all had a good one fellas. Week 17 Fixtures Sunday January 3rd New York Giants Miami Dolphins New York Jets Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Minnesota Vikings Atlanta Falcons Denver Broncos Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears San Francisco 49ers Houston Texans Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Chargers Philadelphia Eagles
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