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  1. Interviews are learning experiences as much as they are job opportunities. If you got this post then there would be 20 others feeling how you do now. I know nothing about teaching but it sounds like they’ve given you some constructive feedback which is more than most get from an interview. It’s a big ask but try not to beat yourself up about it, use what they’ve said, apply it and go in to your next round of interviews/applications more confident and better prepared. You’ve come through far worse than one knock back from an interview.
  2. Snap! I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t had a meatball marinara for years so had no real recollection of what it was like but I thought it was a pretty decent imitation. I didn’t pay attention to the calories but that’s good to know, I reckon I’d go for again. Tried Gregg’s vegan steak bake a few days ago too, found the “steak” a bit grainy but it was tasty enough, surprised how rich the gravy was. Another solid effort by them.
  3. A pretty grim account of working in a slaughterhouse. Confessions of a slaughterhouse worker https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-50986683 There’s a slaughterhouse directly across from my old school, it also sits right next door to a caravan park, never been able to get my head round that one. The smell during the summer was something else and could be picked up a fair distance away, can’t imagine how bad it must have been inside. It’s probably still one of the biggest employers in that town but it was always a particular type of person who worked there. Some of the stories, probably all bullshit, that got bandied about made it sound like a horrendous place to work. One of my good mate’s brother worked there for a while, his job title was a “boner”, that used to give me a chuckle.
  4. Been Vegan five minutes and he thinks he’s Noah.
  5. Kat, your sanctimonious attitude in this thread makes me want to go out and strangle a cow with my bare hands just to spite you. Thought you should know.
  6. Thanks again, Houch and Onyx. The pills do seem to work to control the acute effects of the anxiety, they’re not a long term solution though and she did explain that. I’m looking at a 6 week wait to see a counsellor on the NHS so I’ve decided to take the hit and pay for an hour session per week until then. First session is on Wednesday, it’s daunting but I’m really looking forward to it.
  7. Believe it was me but all is forgiven. It’s an excellent recipe, takes practically no time to prepare and it’s packed with flavour. One of my absolute favourite dishes, not just with tofu. I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with him but for anyone trying vegan or veggie and enjoys cooking then Ottolenghi is your man. A lot of his dishes are time consuming but the pay off is always worth it. Meera Sodha (The Guardian)does some fantastic vegan recipes too and is doing a Veganuary thing where she posts weekly meal plans. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/dec/27/veganuary-food-ideas-meera-sodha-meal-plan-recipes?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  8. Cheers for taking the time to reply @Onyx2, I have a housemate who’s been helping me out as much as he can and I’ve spoke to one of my best mates on the phone, he’s working in Barcelona atm so I plan to fly out and see him next weekend, I think that’ll be a huge help. I just really need something to calm me down in the short term because I feel like a ticking time bomb. (I wouldn’t do anything drastic, apologies if it came across like that)
  9. I feel like I’m on the precipice of a full mental breakdown. In just a few months, my relationship has went from close to perfect to completely toxic and now she’s decided she needs 3 weeks, without us talking or seeing each other, to decide what she wants. I’ve been a mess for several days now, unable to eat or sleep or have any linear thoughts. I’ve felt close to having a panic attack a couple of times. I’ve just been prescribed a beta-blocker, propranolol (40mg up to 3x per day) but a quick google says these are most commonly used to treat high-blood pressure or performance anxiety ie. stage fright. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does it sound like it could help my condition or has my GP dropped a bollock? There was discussion around prescribing me diazepam but due to the nature of my job I’d have to take time off work which I’m not keen to do. Edit: I’ve had anxiety most of my adult life but have mostly kept it in check myself but this has triggered it to a level I never thought I’d reach.
  10. Positive awards Post of the Year - LotM’s funeral post, all day long. On Topic Poster of the Year - pass. Off Topic Poster of the Year - Mr_Danger, Bomber Pat, Devon Malcolm MMA Forum Poster of the Year - pass. Funniest Poster - Mr_Danger, Keith Houchen, Frankie Crisp Thread of the Year - Chippy Tea, General Erection 2019 Good Egg Award - Onyx2, Carbomb, SuperBacon Negative awards Dolt of the Year - Hannibal Scorch, MPDTT White Noise - Hannibal Scorch Failed Comedian - Hannibal Scorch, Ralphy
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