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    Coming up on my year anniversary of working and (sort of) living in Hull. Can confirm they know how to do a chippy. There's a terrific one called Papa's that was voted best in the country by a BBC poll, I know just about every seaside city and town has a chippy that makes this claim but this might actually be the one. Huge piece of crispy battered haddock, half a tonne of chips and a carton of mushy peas for less than a fiver, I try to restrain myself to one a visit a week. Their tartare sauce needs some work tbf and chip spice (it's Cajun spice) is just wrong. There's a also a brilliant sit-in one on the other side of the Humber in Cleethorpes, Steele's. Served as it should be with buttered white bread and a pot of tea by an old dear who's seemingly been working there since the 60s, looks like the decor hasn't been changed since then either. I've gave up trying to find a decent curry though and instead go for Asda's take-away curries, they fill a hole.