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  1. stumobir


    “Business Partner”, more wankerspeak 🤮
  2. What did you call May, Cameron, Brown or Blair? Boris is the media caricature that he created.
  3. In perfect context if in the U-Turn thread, it seems! eta: Quoting quotes apparently doesn’t work.
  4. The majority of Olympic events are dull as dishwasher anyway, but the Highland Games I could stand and watch all day. If your grandad doesn’t chat shit about his youth, is he even your grandad? He still sounds like a character and I’m sure you’ll all have a laugh about it when the time is right. Tragic news about your cousin, it sounds like you have a close knit family and I’m sure you’ll help each other through this.
  5. I think it’s creamer, which is a horrible dehydrated cream-like stuff, it’s supposed to add a bit of “texture” to your coffee. Americans are gross.
  6. Being raised on the West coast but living on the East means that I don’t get to see as many sunsets these days. This morning’s sunrise more than made up for that though.
  7. stumobir

    U Turns

    Find me a man that doesn’t like Girls Aloud and I’ll show you a liar.
  8. Yeah, I'm hoping Nicola will do me a solid and ban me from going home this Christmas. I work/live in the worst hit area of the country atm and only just last night did my mum ask me, again, what my plans were for Christmas. I know she's not been following the rules properly and has been visiting my elderly gran, although she assures me she wears a mask and keeps her distance but I know how stubborn and difficult my gran can be. We lost one of our colleagues a few months ago, he was in his early 50s and carrying a bit of weight but not massive by any means, he was the first person I knew per
  9. Cheers for that @Kaz Hayashi, I’m really trying to cut back/out drinking but trying to find decent replacements has been a struggle. Mikkeller are great so I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of them before, where did you pick those up from? I’d never heard of them till I visited Copenhagen a few years ago, I think I must’ve tried at least half of their taps in the 3 days that I was there, all of them pretty damn tasty.
  10. Personally, I’m finding David’s lack of understanding of herd immunity quite funny.
  11. Really? Can't say I've ever heard it said like that and would be pretty uncomfortable using it myself. While I can't think of many reasons to use B.A.M.E outside of quantitive discussion it at least distinguishes that there are differences within that group, as does LGBTQ+, using BAME just seems lazy and potentially insensitive, might as well just say "THEM".
  12. It was used on Newsnight last night in the context of postgrad admissions, which fits with most uses of it that I’ve seen, normally some kind of data comparison or the like. @MrKYou say each letter, B.A.M.E, if I was ever to hear it pronounced Bame, I’d assume ignorance or deliberate flippancy.
  13. Had fun in the kitchen yesterday. Top image is a home-pickled cabbage, crab meat and satay dressing, the aubergine in the top right corner is baked then glazed with honey, served with yoghurt, pomegranate seeds and za’atar oil. Did a buratta too, with quick-pickled shallots, tomatoes and a fennel seed, oregano and basil dressing. Main course was pan-friend duck breast on celeriac purée with caramelised chicory, fondant potatoes and a port and red currant sauce. Could’ve done with rendering the fat on the duck for another 5 minutes and I slightly over reduced the sauce but I’m happy with i
  14. Few slices of potato could help reduce the saltiness. The starch will thicken it though so you made need to keep topping up with water. @Harry Wiseau
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