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  1. Poor decision not to give Coutinho the penalty today. As soon as his shot's blocked and they lose possession the foul should be given, same as it would be outside of the box. You're encouraging theatrics in the area with that kind of officiating.
  2. It's
  3. I really don't get that arguement. Hasn't everything he's done in the past couple of years prove that he's not only principled but also very stubborn, I don't think he's the walkover the msm would have you believe. He took on the entire PLP and won against all the odds, twice, granted they're a bunch of feckless bastards.
  4. ^^^This. The cunts are made of Teflon, it boggles my mind. Their record for the past 7 years has been atrocious on absolutely everything. They've shafted everyone but large corporations yet they seem to be getting a completely free ride of it and are actually seeing their popularity climb. I swear May could be caught wiping her arse with the Union flag and the Daily Heil would still be calling for a landslide.
  5. He used all his own hotels as campaign HQs during the campaign and charged it to the Republicans. You've got to admire that sort of gall.
  6. Yet the British electorate will still be too stupid to spot the glaring hypocrisy in a woman telling you she's the better leader and most competent shrinking away from debating the other leaders face to face. And there wasn't a single mention of it on Newsnight either, despite hearing rumblings about it as early as dinner time so it's not like you can trust the media to hold her feet to the fire over it.
  7. I know live chat is banned but take a look at Liverpool's starting XI, Klopp's either gone full Pep or he's making a not so subtle point about the depth in Liverpool's squad. A few quid on Stoke today would be a good bet.
  8. Sadio Mane out for the rest of the season...
  9. Never underestimate the will of some sadsacks that want their neckbeards shown on TV, that's the lure that'll make sure those fifty quid seats are snapped up.
  10. Here's what I've been given and that's the 3 I'll be going for as well as a few quid on an outsider. I know the pic quality is terrible but it's readable if you click it. Basically through deduction similar to Max Power's it comes out with Cause of Causes, Ucello Conti and More of That.
  11. The makers of Serial and This American Life have got a new series out. It's called S-Town and it's hard to tell you much about it without giving anything away but I thoroughly recommend it. It's about a small town in rural Alabama and the people, and one guy in particular, who live there. It's covers loads of themes, depression, poverty, crime, sexuality, everything up to clock making, it's endless really. It's a proper emotional rollercoaster too, some bits are genuinely hilarious, others are thought provoking and a few bits that are unbelievably sad. It's seven part series and while it's not as gripping as series one of Serial, it was a really addictive listen.
  12. Isn't the statute of limitations 6 years for trying to recover debt? If it was in 2011 then you could just wait it out a few more months and the debt should be gone from your record?
  13. Favourite place name's have to be Ecclefechan or Auchtermuchty.
  14. Philip Baker Hall The guy's been in everything but never more than a bit part in anything. Seinfeld, Curb, Modern Family, 3rd Rock from the Sun, West Wing. Had a part in a fair few films too, remember him in Ghostbuster 2, Air Force One, the shitty remakes of Psycho and Amityville Horror.
  15. There's loads of Scots' words that I love. They just seem a lot more descriptive than their English translation. Dreich - used to describe a cold, grey day with light rain. Not sure there even is an English translation for this type of weather? Loads of different words used for describing something unclean or dirty. Mawkit, boggin, clatty. There's a good few more. Crabbit - someone who's a bit grumpy and snarly. Footer - if someone's "footering aboot" they're being fidgety (love that word too) Blether - talking, basically. So many but I've probably bored you enough. There's been words that I've always assumed to be standard English only to be told they're not like outwith or chap(when talking about knocking on a door) and there's others I've always thought were Scots but turned out not to be like dilly-dally - another word I love. Words are good, I like words.