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  1. What is a fandom exactly? I don’t use Twitter or reddit and can’t recall seeing the phrase used anywhere but here.
  2. stumobir


    For any fellow political nerds out there, there's a fantastic two part Storyville documentary on iplayer called Brexit: Behind Closed Doors. It's a fly on the wall type thing that follows Guy Verhofstadt, Chief Co-Ordinator for Brexit for the European Parliament, during the last few years since the Brexit vote. You get to sit in on some seriously candid conversations between Barnier et al. What I took from it was that, unsurprisingly, the EU's team is organised, united and highly competent and the UK....well, you can guess. Really highlighted how messed up this situation is and how there's no way we're coming out of it as winners, not with the current bunch of self-serving charlatans we have at the minute.
  3. Completely baffled at the mixed to negative reactions to the episode, I thought it was probably second best episode of the entire show, only just behind season six finale (were the blew up the Sept). The cinematography was sublime, it seemed like every shot could have been a still for a promotional poster. Daenerys' slow turn in to the Mad Queen came to a climax perfectly, and credit where it's due, the few scenes Emilia Clarke had she properly upped her game, I always found her to be the weakest cast member but her facial expressions and body language couldn't have been more on point here. That scene waiting for the bells to ring then waiting to see what her reaction would be was done brilliantly, proper edge of the seat stuff and I didn't leave that edge for remainder. The Clegane showdown was superb, from the "Sandor, thank you" to Qyburn getting swatted then the dual scene of Arya and The Hound in peril and finally The Hound and The Mountain crashing through the wall and falling in to the fire together. It was just superb. Seriously buzzing by the end of that episode. My prediction is Tyrion to end up on the throne in the South and Jon to rule the North as King, starting some kind of new era. Spoilered incase I'm right and people get pissed off.
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