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  1. stumobir

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    Not that funny but thought I’d share anyway.
  2. They are but you can’t have them till July.
  3. Made a lemon drizzle cake today, my scales broke and I didn’t want to leave the house to get batteries or a new set so I tried doing it by ratio. I’m happy enough with the results, just a bit lighter than the last time so I guess I put in too little flour.
  4. Depends what night of the week it is.
  5. Had never been stung by a jellyfish before, went to Malta two years ago for a week and got stung on three separate bastarding occasions. Two were pretty mild but the one I got on my muffin top felt like I’d been shot, left a mark that hung around for months. And no, noone pissed on me. Unfortunately.
  6. Go home UKFF, you’re drunk.
  7. Just back from Tesco. Not a pack of toilet roll or pasta in the entire building. I expect the prune juice shelf will be empty this time next week.
  8. TIL: The border between the dark and light part of the moon, when going through it's phases, is called the terminator. May be of interest to @John Matrix
  9. Not on Champ Manager 01/02 it wasn’t!
  10. Imagining I’m contorting his lanky frame around a huge trident makes my dinner all the more satisfying.
  11. The company I work for has put out instructions for office staff to maintain a minimum of 1m distance from each other, no meetings in small meeting rooms, no travelling together in cars and no travel between regions. My job role (not office based) means that on a daily basis I need to be in a confined, unventilated, space with up to 10 people for an hour or more, their advice “wash your hands regularly and do the best you can”. This is the same company who, during beast from the east, gave office staff a couple of days off so they didn’t have to travel to work but threatened one of our, almost retired, guys with disciplinary for refusing to continue to work despite it being plainly obvious how dangerous it was becoming, the entire operation was suspended about and hour later and swift apology was delivered. I think a coup is brewing.
  12. Fusilli and farfalle are for Tories and nonces, all other pasta is great but as Tommy said, it depends what it’s going with. Carbonara is my go-to 10 minute dinner, that has to be with spaghetti.
  13. Today’s the only day of the festival I’ll get to watch and what a start that was, great race and some finish. I have Samcro on my Lucky 15 and Mister Fisher on my e/w acca. More of this please. Only sitting about £50 down for the week so far, today’s the day 🤞🏻
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