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  1. Why would you have to declare that your partner is trans? Why would your employer be interested in the sex of your partner and how could that be considered a conflict of interest? It sounds like a breach of a potential partners’ privacy more than anything. Is there a rival lgbt scene they might be working for?
  2. Shitebag for not getting his willy out.
  3. Might as well do something while the kettle boils.
  4. With the milky coffee it’s definitely less of hating it and more forgetting how underwhelming they always are. I don’t actually buy them fortnightly. Swimming was different. I remembered after about the second length that I actually really dislike swimming, as a “sport”.
  5. I may have selective amnesia then because I do it with loads of stuff, not just food and drink. Went swimming (not floating around a pool on holiday) for the first time in years a few weeks ago. It was hell. Stingy eyes from over-chlorinated water, mouthfuls of the stuff with every breath I took, screaming kids echoing through the shitty prefab leisure centre, manky veruca ridden showers. Not for me, or at least not for another couple years.
  6. Looks like it’s more or less a done deal for my beloved Kieran Tierney to move on, don’t think we’ve had a player since Larsson who’s made such a strong connection with the fans. I’m half expecting some cringe inducing tribute by the Green Brigade this weekend. To be fair, it was always going to happen and this seems like the right time. Arsenal have gotten themselves a great player for a decent price in this market, granted fees are all but arbitrary. He’s got the potential to be one of the best full backs in the league with a bit of big game experience. Still a bit raw but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in energy and commitment.
  7. Good idea for a thread that. I have the same issue with milky coffees like cappuccinos, still find myself buying one every fortnight or so. Black or black with a splash of milk - might get a tattoo.
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