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  1. I was thinking of throwing him my vote but I’m looking for someone that will put Freedom of speech first. Shame.
  2. Johnson trying to putt off marrying Carrie Symonds it seems. Bit odd that weddings are the one thing they’ve highlighted as still being restricted.
  3. Has there ever been a wetter fart than Keir Starmer? His big policy idea to redistribute wealth and build a fairer society is that we should all buy bonds with the thousands we must have saved during lockdown and he promises to spend it on nice things. I’m sure voters in Redcar and Workington are rushing to the banks as we speak. He couldn’t even stomach standing in front a red backdrop to make his big “reset” speech, opting for purple to really hammer home that he’s only a little bit less of a gammon than the Tories. Matt Hancock has just been found guilty of his handling of contrac
  4. We had Princess Di pop by too, although it was to a community centre not school, and annoyingly she arrived by car not helicopter. I can only assume Airmiles Andy was off on a nonce trip in it that day. I was picked as one of the kids from our school to go along to make up the numbers but all I really remember about it was the adults being way more excited than the kids and being disappointed that she didn’t really do anything. She died on my birthday a few years later and I was convinced we had some kind of connection so I made my mum buy me the Candle in the Wind CD and played it on re
  5. And I thought it was Atlanta so I was way off the Mark.
  6. If you’re eating Heinz beans then the above is true. If you’re eating Branston beans and still agree then GTFO.
  7. I mean did he even do it? I thought it was compulsory to post a screenshot of your Strava if you walked more than the length of yourself.
  8. Can’t wait to see Starmer trying to get in on that action and turn up in full Sir Capt Tom cosplay at next week’s PMQs.
  9. Johnson capitalising on a wave chauvinistic fervour? Course he is.
  10. Pure deflection that is a bastardisation of what the guy actually did. He’s a household name because he took it upon himself to raise money for an underfunded health service that was on its knees and being provided with PPE that wouldn’t be fit for a Sandwich Artist©. Admirable, yes, but should have been completely unnecessary. But that’s more or less forgotten now and it’s all about that Bulldog Spirit that he evoked. So, sorry but I’m not going to get onboard and clap with that dithering cunt and pretend that this is all a completely normal state of affairs and is something that should be ce
  11. Christ, this is depressing reading. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/feb/02/labour-urged-to-focus-on-flag-and-patriotism-to-win-voters-trust-leak-reveals?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Labour’s plan for how to get back in to power is to try and out Tory the Tories. A pandemic where we’ve arguably fared as one of the worst managed countries throughout and this guy is still trailing in the polls. Where are the “any other leader would be 20 points ahead” brigade now? Actually, they are still about, making the bizarre argument that everything is pointing in the right direction for Labou
  12. I’ve just gotten round to watching this and it’s excellent. It puts across almost exactly how I feel about politics and oppression but have never been able to argue without clumsily sounding like a privileged, straight, white, cis male. Essential viewing for anyone with any interest in this sort of stuff.
  13. This doesn’t look good for Corbyn.
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