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  1. Delete that, dickhead.
  2. Does anyone ever give a shit about any friendly?
  3. This makes sense, I was struggling to see the point of that scene but this fits. I was semi-hoping she'd become some Mowgliesque character and command a pack of Direwolves.
  4. Really? I would have put money on her having the odour of an ashtray blended with an overly sweet, cheap perfume.
  5. I hope he doesn't mind me saying it but from what I've seen of Onyx on his (incredible foodie)Instagram, he reminds of the guy from the Plusnet tv ad. He's doing us proud....
  6. Tierney's a brilliant young talent but still very raw, a move to the PL this season might be a bit premature. Another season with us and some exposure in Europe then he'll move on, I reckon. It's obviously early in his career but he's arguably the best talent Celtic have developed in my lifetime(gtf if you dare say McGeady). For all of Rodger's flaws, you really have to admire they way he brings out the best in young players. Stuart Armstrong's another that's come on leaps and bounds in the last season. KT's a diehard too, gotta a lotta love for that kid.
  7. Thanks for the advice re: cbt, dudes. Glad to hear it's helped some of you, fingers crossed I'll get something from it. I remember what happened with MH tread, just couldn't remember if a new one had been started. Probably best it hasn't, still can't believe people are low enough to use that stuff against others. Cunts.
  8. There isn't a mental health thread anymore, right? Anyway, has anyone had any success with CBT? I'm trying to get a referral atm for some sessions to deal with anxiety and stress. Sounds daft but I'm not sure I "believe" in it but at the same time I'm completely hopeless at taking medications so feel like I should at least give this a try. Is it more than just a Doctor telling me "negative thoughts encourage negative thoughts" Cheers.
  9. That's because it's hiding beneath all that hair, big bloody sasquatch.
  10. C'mon SpursRiot, he said "liberal facism". I know he's really chuffed with himself for using that little oxymoron, let's at least acknowledge it.
  11. Yeah, the likes of Howard and Schneiderlin were terrible signings for them 🙄 Away and take your face for a shite.
  12. Of course I meant flies and shit, bloody typos.
  13. Bonus lad points for his continued buggering of The Rangers. I'm sure I read something about him turning up to his first Newcastle board meeting with his files and shit in a plastic bag. Some dude.
  14. You don't have a clue what communism is, do you? Pseudo or not. "I'm pro-freedom" did you at least wince a little but when you typed that?
  15. I thought your lot were on the verge of a £125m move for Mbappe? rayliotta.gif