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  1. Is there any actual credibility to the talk that the big 6 could be docked points in the Premiership next season ?15 points off each would certainly make it interesting ...Could be a great thing actually.
  2. Thank you. I do tend to beat myself up if i feel like i’ve done nothing . My dad was an awful hard worker and i dont like lounging around unless i fell like i’ve earned it if you know what i mean. Good idea, i’ll start to make a list maybe as you’ve suggested. Thanks again.
  3. Paul is going to win isnt he ? Stupid question but is this being drug tested ?
  4. Fook. That doesnt sound good for someone’s mental health.... Right i might have a whinge here if thats ok ? I just cant get going today, i am moping around the house with a face like a smacked arse on me. My wife is away for the day , i was just lying in bed till about 2pm doing nothing productive . I know that i will regret wasting the day later . Anybody have any tips for days when you just cant get started ?
  5. Is the mental health thread gone ? Cant seem to find it.
  6. The person who was behind the logo and set re-design of wcw and Nitro in April 99 was the same person who was involved with TNA in 2002, Jay Hassman. He was the one that was incorrectly telling them they were making way more money on PPV than they actually were resulting in the Jarrett’s spending more money than they were making .
  7. Yeah i seem to remember hearing that he had a colourful past. What was his best performance as a pro wrestler ? Or was it all potential ?
  8. Its been 10 years since she was on tough enough. Is she actually worth the trouble ?
  9. Been looking at a bit of Konnan in WCW from 96-99 in particular. I cant figure out if Konnan is a really shit good worker or a really good bad worker if that makes any sense .
  10. How easy is it to find Chris Benoit ,Guerrero , Malenko etc... on there ? Anyway of watching on my PS4 ?
  11. Awesome. I’d say Lee Scott still gets PTSD when he hears the opening bars to Sid’s music . Has anybody ever done the top 10 squash matches of all that ? This would have to be a contender .
  12. Any there any sites that are better than others for the retro kits ? I assume 90% of them are reprinted replicas rather than originals ?
  13. https://www.copafootball.com/en/men/classic-retro-football-shirts/japan-1987-88-short-sleeve-retro-football-shirt-100-polyester-281.htm What do ye make of this ^ ?
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