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  1. What if you live south of London ?
  2. If you were in London and were planning to go to Scotland , what way would you phrase it ?
  3. I get your point but maps do exist in this way and the I think we can safely say that the north/south orientation has been decided and accepted by all. Thats like saying , why don’t we call things that are red “blue” and things that are blue “red”. Yes, it’s only a made up label we have attached to describe something but we have a system in place .
  4. I live in Cork in the south of Ireland , Dublin is located approx 3 hours North east of Cork . Therefore if travelling from Cork to Dublin you say “up to Dublin” and If you are in Dublin travelling south to Cork you say “down to Cork”. I legitimately can’t comprehend why people can’t grasp this concept.
  5. My latest purchase. I love em. what you wearing?
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