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  1. “Miseria Cantare” by AFI as a song never delivers on it’s great intro… Once the vocals start at 1:35, it’s all downhill from there
  2. Haha. Yeah i often hear people refer to themselves as old and they are like 35. Not doubting your assessment of your physical condition at all obviously but if you 5”2 and 20st and 85 years of age then its a different set of circumstances than if you are 6”4, 18st and 40 years of age. I should ask if you do want any advice or assistance , i have a tendency to jump into solution mode when people don’t necessarily want any advice, so apologies if i overstepped the mark.
  3. What age , height, weight are you if you don’t mind me asking ?
  4. Not an expert by any means but i am wondering if something like swimming or cycling might be a better place to start? Both are leas impactful on your knees/ hip, ankles etc and swimming especially will help you drop a few pounds initially and that might put you in a better position to train for your walk. Swimming will bring on your cardio in leaps and bounds as well as help your breathing. Cycling will build up your leg muscles which will help you with your training. Also if you are starting from day one , it might be worth getting your posture/gait looked at. To make sure you are distributing your weight evenly on your feet. i had a tendency to stand down on the ball of my right foot more then my left and it caused slight back issues for me. You can easily tell if you check old shoes and the sole of one is significantly more worn in specific spots than the other. This may help you avoid soreness/injury in the long run.
  5. Grrrrrrr. Called again to speak to the doc. Different receptionist passed along my message this time. Anyways
  6. Whats a good PPV number for this show ?
  7. Ok thats fair enough then. Thanks
  8. Ahhhhhhh. Ok. Well at least that is a valid reason. Thanks.
  9. Ran the local GP to ask to speak to him or as i know he is busy, to leave a message for him . This is in regards to my 84 year old dad who has had cancer and now has heart issues. The Doc was meant to call me last week with an update The receptionist said he is not available (more than fair) i said can you pass on a message to call me back in regards to my dad . Thats the mesaage… ”Yeah it would be better if you just called again at 2” I’m like , “oh right so can you tell him what its in regards to in case he needs to check a few details before i speak to him” ”Erm, best if you call at 2 yourself “ Bit sure if the receptionist is lazy or if she can’t pass on a message for a legit reason.
  10. It was great and everything, would it have been the worst idea to hold back Danielson until the upcoming stadium show in NYC . It’s in less than 3 weeks.
  11. Was Mox looking a bit on the large side or at least not as cut as we’ve seen him before ?
  12. I know it may sound crazy, but i am glad there wasn't too much blood and violence on this show.
  13. Mankind Vs Vader surely would have decent. Even Undertaker Vs Sid Vs Vader in the main event would have been better than what we got. Vader had a great performance at the Feb IYH so he hadn’t totally hit the skids there yet. Vader Vs Flash Funk could have worked too. 2 buddies , well familiar with each other and both capable of great matches. Vader over clean btw… I would also have done Phil La Fon/Doug Furnas Vs Bulldog and Owen 2/3 falls. WM13 is a really fun card to fantasy rebook as all the pieces seem to be there but just not in the most correct order. At least for the lower mid-card matches ….
  14. A bit of WWF and WCW content circa 92/93 with episodes of Superstars and Worldwide. Quality is generally good and episodes are full https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEIsxNS5vUU3eumFDpZusFQ Also a hodgepodge of WWF and WCW content mainly from the 90’s Full Superstars episodes from 92 that appear to be network rips, sort by most popular to see them. https://m.youtube.com/c/FREEWRESTLING/videos
  15. When you are 12 years of age, it doesn’t get too much better than that.
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