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  1. Anybody pick up anything recently ?
  2. TIL: The lead singer from Hanson has a 19 year old son and has 7 kids in total.
  3. Her heating is on the blink it seems..
  4. Bugger , doesn’t work in Ireland .... What else MMa related is on there ?
  5. Christ modern WWE is terrible .... Nothing about that Skit makes sense. Hope Hulk , Jimmy and even Sheamus will be ok.
  6. Didn’t see it but was he in close proximity to any of the older folks during the legends night shite they did ?
  7. The 2008 doc on Jon Fitch and AKA is up on Amazon but I can’t seem to play it here in Ireland , doesn’t seem to be available . Same for you guys in the U.K. and the rest of Europe ?
  8. Reckon it’s on the way for myself !! The Mrs was at her sisters for Christmas who has since tested positive . Both me and my wife have had banging headaches for the past two days . Anything I can do to minimise it’s impact apart from self isolating .
  9. I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic or not ?
  10. And you are probably being kind to it there. If Russo hadn’t gone to wcw in 99, would it have survived I wonder ?
  11. Are there any reliable PSX emulators for Mac OSX ?
  12. I remember quite randomly picking up Starrcade 1999 on VHS here in Ireland only a few months after it was broadcast. I wouldn’t have seen many WCW tapes for sale so pounced on this one. The card generally isn’t great at all, some of the skits are worse again but damn it if I havn’t watched that thing about 20 times ...... I remember it being in my video player for about 6 months . I couldn’t recommend it to you but for some unknown (sentimental maybe ?)reason I really enjoy that show...
  13. Is there much of Eddie Guererro wrestling under his own name on there ? Or is it all Black Tiger ?
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