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  1. James Van den Berg would be a great addition to the Dark Order.
  2. Has there been any more discussion about an AEW video game ? Could have sworn I read it was due to be released around now. Guess it’s not happening for at least another 6 months ?
  3. Right, please delete ignore if there is a similar thread. So anybody off any where decent on their holidays or anybody looking for recommendations etc ...then post here. Im taking my Dad to Holland for a few days in May. He worked in the shipyards as a shipbuilder/welder in a place called heusden when he was in his 20’s. He is 82 now so I asked him if there anywhere he would like to visit, and he said he would like to go back and see the old place where he lived and worked . So off we go to Heusden for 3 nights. Be nice for the ol’ fella. Anybody doing anything interesting or have any big trips coming up?
  4. My latest purchase. I love em. what you wearing?
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