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  1. What’s Gary Steele doing at the moment ?
  2. On a side note : Did Trump not promise to reveal all insider knowledge of 911 if he got elected when he was on the campaign trail ? Or did I dream that ?
  3. For Diana’s death : My mother knocked on my bedroom door early on that Sunday morning in late August 97 and asked if she could come in for a chat !!! I literally had my first wank ever hours previously and thought it was about that. It was a real mixed bag of emotion when she told me Diana had died . I think I let out an audible exhale of relief when she told me that Di was toast which must have confused the hell out of her !!
  4. Same here man. The general populous seems to be 50-50 on it though.
  5. Anybody recommend any fun , easy to pickup games for two people or smaller numbers? Me and the Mrs really loved “the cube” board game believe it or not and also Linkee . Anybody got any other recommendations ?
  6. Is that true ? The last I saw of Bagwell was a clip of him shagging desperate wealthy fat birds. Christ.
  7. What time does the main card start ?
  8. Green Day have a new album in the can and ready to go. First single to come shortly . For anybody that cares !
  9. Gig is Saturday . Rain forecast for 48 hours over the weekend
  10. Thinking of doing a bit of python coding myself . Just to learn . How did you find it ? What resources did you use ?
  11. It’s a real shame that the EA UFC games are so shit compared to the earlier THQ games. Is there anyway (without modding my PS4) that I can play them now ? In a similar note , where there ever any great MMA games released in Japan that might have flown under the radar ?
  12. Anybody been following this ? Essentially a Billionaire American Financier was suspected of being a major player in underage sex trafficking , with possible well known connections of a nefarious nature ! What do you all make of it, I’ve heard some outrageous conspiracy theories about him and don’t know what to make of the case !! Anyways , he committed suicide today it seems, yesterday some sites can a story linking him to Prince Andrew ! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49306032
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