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  1. Never mind that . You’re first job is to make sure sure the ice cream machine is running ! Seriously , well done on the new challenge !
  2. If I wanted to get a ps5 at launch or soon after , what’s my best option ? I don’t mind waiting a few weeks .
  3. Any good wrestling documentaries on YouTube that may have flown under the radar ?
  4. In a question I thought I’d never ask......: Did Rick Rude have major cock issues ? Reading Brutus Beefcake’s book at the moment and he mentions Curt Hennig suggested to Rick Rude to inject steroids into his cock as a rib. Rude done it and it caused him big problems it seems. I remember Honky Tonk Man said that Rude died without a cock as it had to be amputated , which I assumed was bollocks (pardon the pun). Anybody know what the actual story was ?
  5. Really ? I watched it like 19-20 years ago and just remember shaking my head at how shite it was . I love a “good” bad movie , has it reached that status of being so bad that it’s good ?
  6. Doesn’t help his case that “Ready to Rumble” was a steaming pile of shite too. it seems from 96- early 98, WCW could do no wrong . From mid 99 to 2001 , they could do no right.
  7. Did Nick Gage do anything wrong in that match per se ?
  8. I’m looking to set up a windows 7 or 10 virtual machine for my Mac ? I don’t mind doing this legally , what’s the best way, what exactly do I need to install and how much is it likely to cost ?
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