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  1. Seen the first Benoît episode . It sounded like he had a mental breakdown when Eddie died , didn’t deal with it at all.
  2. Cheers man, Yeah it should work fine but I guess my question is will it be fucky in terms of button mapping !!
  3. Apologies in advance but I want to install the Wcw mod for “No Mercy” on my Mac but don’t know where to start !! Also the only control pad I have is a ps 4 one , is that likely to work ok or would a different controller be preferred ?
  4. I know it’s a cliche but how ahead of his time was 1991-1999 Scott Steiner !! Great Heel from 1998 onwards too.
  5. What are the best current themes out there ? Have AEW, ROH or Impact had any good themes ?
  6. My latest purchase. I love em. what you wearing?
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