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  1. “A source close to Jeffrey Epstein has claimed that he expects Ghislaine Maxell to ‘name names’ as she is quizzed by the FBI.” https://extra.ie/2020/07/03/news/world-news/ghislaine-maxwell-cooperate-epstein-prince-andrew
  2. Weird but generally I do like the Hummel kits !
  3. If Andy goes down with co-vid all of a sudden we will know something is up.
  4. Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by the FBI today. https://news.sky.com/story/ghislaine-maxwell-long-time-friend-of-jeffrey-epstein-arrested-by-fbi-report-12019680 And charged too !! They must have been putting this together for some time I reckon .
  5. Have charges been brought formally against any names mentioned ?
  6. RancidPunx


    Prob not related but something’s happening in Belfast also
  7. Anybody else see themselves age dramatically in the past few months ? I'm nearly 40 , and have always looked a good younger than I am. In the last 6 months , I’ve nearly gone fully grey , can see a lot more wrinkles in my face and I’ve nearly put on two stone . Ran into a colleague there a few days ago for the first time in months and he did a double take when he saw me
  8. I signed up for sky sports through Now TV on my PS4, I don’t see to have the option to turn on crowd noise for matches , am I missing something obvious or is this not possible through Now Tv ?
  9. Yeah he pretty much fesses’ up to the steroid use in PC way. Saying he needed hormone replacement therapy to get him back to what he was normally . He also says about how he got caught with dirty tests. Doesn’t make a big deal out of it but doesn’t shy away from it. Yea I would recommend the book , got it on Kindle and was a very good read. It’s a biography by Jonathan Snowden who has done some great books. He was a maniac for the drugs and women in the 90’s . Folks said he had built up a tolerance and would take E’s like they were candy. Alicia (Ryan Shamrock) seemed like a terrible influence on him . He kinda pulled one over on WWE and he had trademarked “The Rock” and some other terms they used. So legally he had them by the balls and they didn’t like it at all.
  10. Just finished his book. The one from just a few months ago. My god, talk about someone that just constantly made bad decisions and seemed like their own worst enemy . Harsh to read that before Impact he was living in a trailer with no running water .
  11. Anybody been following this ? Essentially a Billionaire American Financier was suspected of being a major player in underage sex trafficking , with possible well known connections of a nefarious nature ! What do you all make of it, I’ve heard some outrageous conspiracy theories about him and don’t know what to make of the case !! Anyways , he committed suicide today it seems, yesterday some sites can a story linking him to Prince Andrew ! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49306032
  12. My latest purchase. I love em. what you wearing?
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