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  1. Buchanan vs Laguna and Stracey vs Napoles both stand out for me as Brits beating legit, Hall of Fame champions. Both away from home as well. A personal favourite is Benn over Iran Barkley. After Barkley had brutally Ko'd Hearns he then lost a close one to Duran and had a tough decision loss to Michael Nunn. His team felt he needed to rebuild so they picked Benn, who the Americans did'nt really rate at the time. Benn turned up in Vegas extremely pissed off and his one round destruction of Barkley is about as brutal as you will ever see from a British fighter over a world class fighter.
  2. Sugar Ray Robinson lost to a couple of Brits as his career was winding down but he was 128-1-2 when Randolph Turpin beat him. That has to be the best. Ray was arguably pound for pound the greatest boxer ever in his prime.
  3. Which is the funniest thing with him tbh. He can bang on about how much money he makes all day but what really rankles him and always pisses him off in interviews is when people say he isn't the greatest he claims to be. So when the youtubers run out and the attention goes away. There is going to be no one other than himself that considers him "TBE" or the "GOAT". He will just be a moaning little shit still claiming he was the best.
  4. I called him risk averse not a ducker. He forced every fighter to jump through hoops to get him post DLH. Floyd wrote the book on prefight bullshit. His choice of ring size, his judges, his ref, his venue, his gloves. Everything. Oh and you are only allowed to put x weight back on. Total BS that should have no place if your not risk averse. I think it would be fucking hilarious if he dips on fighting Jake Paul. When that whole charade last night was to set it up.
  5. Yes like Chunk said, this is the set up for Jake Paul vs Mayweather surely ? Not a rematch. What do they sell the rematch on ? Logan survived, next time he won't ? Even the idiots who paid for this would see through that. Tbh Mayweather is so risk averse if Jake Paul beats Woodley, it would be funny if he ducked Jake.
  6. Cousin Jim Bob


    Its like if someone had posted a BLM thread, then thinking posting a Jim Davidson video halfway through it is a great idea.
  7. Cousin Jim Bob


    Norms stuff veers into some really horrible, offensive comedy tbh, I doubt its bringing much levity.
  8. Cousin Jim Bob


    I'm pretty certain posting fucking Norm MacDonald videos in a positive LGBTQ thread isn't the nicest thing to do.
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