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  1. Its funny I was reading your write up for UFC 230 a few days ago, as I rewatched Cormier vs Lewis. I was reminded off and kind of feel sorry for Sijara Eubanks. She must have been over the moon when told she was going to main event MSG against Shevchenko. Then when its announced the backlash is horrendous, including Rogan saying he has no idea who she is on his podcast. Her title shot is cancelled and she misses weight to make things worse in her replacement fight. Now less than a year later here she is, now fighting halfway down the prelims on a forgettable fight night in Mexico. With her record thats probably about right but it shows how brutal the sport can be.
  2. Was he pissed off Ronan sang most of the songs?
  3. If you liked Limbo then I'd expect you would like Inside from the same team. What Remains of Edith Finch, SUPERHOT, Firewatch, Little Nightmares, The Turing Test and Tacoma are all good and you can finish them in a few hours. Things like Slay the Spire, Trials Rising and Dauntless are good, quick blast games.
  4. The sheer and utter madness of this Fury ESPN deal does make me laugh. He is getting millions for fighting bums in half empty arenas. ESPN must be getting wrecked by this deal. Its the most gypsy thing I've ever seen in sports.
  5. Brendan Schaub's stand up special got absolutely destroyed in reviews. If you want a laugh do a google of peoples thoughts on that train wreck. I can't stand Rogans stand up either. He is terrible. As is Joey Diaz. Rogans whole group of LA comedian friends are all pretty shit tbh.
  6. Lads name was Gary Kelly and was 16 at the time. He died at New Brighton train station running away from Aki in 1986. Very long but very good article on Purple Aki here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-6d083913-0bfb-4988-8cd8-d126fa6dcff1
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