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  1. I think that is one of the biggest "what Fury turns up" fights. There seems to be real personal beef between him and Wilder/AJ. Which I think motivates him to train hard and be 100% focused come fight time. If he beats Wilder again then beats AJ, he might think he has done it all and completed everything in his career that he wants to. I think Fury would be favourite but Usyk is just as awkward and hard to hit. I could see him outworking Fury nicking a decision. Wand I loved the period of Heavyweight boxing in 93/94 when I first got into the sport. Holyfield, Bowe, Lewis at the top with loads of interesting guys like Foreman, Bruno, Moorer, Morrison, Mercer etc knocking around the top ten, plus Tyson getting out of prison soon. That era had more depth but loads of cool fights were never made or we had to wait years for them to happen. This is definitely the best since then though. Any fight between the top 4 is fascinating and could completely turn the division in a new direction. Just hope unlike the early/mid 90's all the big fights that we want get made.
  2. I work there quite abit atm and might be moving their permanently soon. Alot of it is still really tacky and run down and the place does trade on nostalgia. The arcades have gone to shit too. Me and my partner look after my 6 year old nephew a fair bit and its like paradise to him though. So I'm sure your kids would love it. The Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle water park, Blackpool Zoo, the Sea Life centre are all loads of fun. On a nice day taking the tram along the front or walking along one of the piers and getting an ice cream is still lovely. There is some belting chippy's as well. I think the tower and illuminations are total bollocks but kids might like them. There is a very cool, huge mural on the ground now near the tower celebrating all the comedians who have played Blackpool, which is fantastic to read. Its a disaster at night but for a family holiday, still loads to do.
  3. Happy for Usyk. Feared he might get get screwed over after some of the judging earlier in the night. Wonder where AJ goes from here. Outboxed and beaten fair and square. Tactics completely wrong. Has a rematch clause though, if they want it.
  4. I remember Steve Corino & Scotty Riggs Vs Dusty & Dustin Rhodes (TCW) being an awesome match from the early 2000's. It was on one of the Real In Memphis tapes. Can't find it online anywhere now. Tempted to have a dig around the attic for the tape. Dusty really shines in it and Corino and Riggs are just brilliant dickhead heels. It's cracking Indy sleeze all infront of about 50 rednecks going nuts.
  5. Ricky Hatton springs to mind. Paddy has always had a huge rep in Liverpool as a drinker. I work with a guy who often works the doors in the city centre and he would see him all the time. Including in the weeks building up to fights. I think Covid and alot of places being shut the past year and half was probably great for him, health wise. I saw a video recently of a British big eater youtube guy Beardmeetsfood do the "Paddy Pimblett McDonalds order". Which was basically £50 of burgers/selects/nuggets and full sugar cokes. Had clips of Pimblitt boasting "if I was not a MMA fighter, I'd be a diabetic". So as well as being a piss head, his favourite food is McDonalds. So all the rumours of him taking the piss with his training seem extremely believable.
  6. Yep Manny's horrible views go back awhile now. Ever since he got into politics basically. Philippines politics are pretty depressing in general. I will always remember seeing him fight for the first time though, this skinny Asian kid with a few losses against nobody's fighting all time great Barrera. I was like ok, then he just fucking wrecked him and a whole era began.
  7. Doesn't Björnsson have Bells Palsy ? I can't imagine getting punched in the face helps alot with that.
  8. Jannetty has told some horrendous stories from the Rockers days in the past on shoots and forums. Him and Shawn picking up women, drugging them and letting a bunch of "the boys" take a turn as well. They would do awful stuff like shave the womens heads and write Slut on their faces whilst they were passed out, to "pop the boys" as well. Its hard to know what the actual truth is with him though. As he could just be a complete bullshit artist. He was claiming he killed someone not long ago. It certainly needs looking at though as does Shawn as he claims Shawn was as bad he was.
  9. Norm being a dickhead who sexually harassed women is news to me too, but not particularly surprising. The list of normal, not fucked up, North American, male standup comedians seems like a pretty short one. Edited for Fog Dude.
  10. There was that awesome fight where Shinya Aoki broke every rule in the book to shithouse his way through the kickboxing bit. Then ate a fucking brutal flying knee in the MMA round as soon as it started and was KO'd. That was hilarious, so they will alway be a soft spot for me.
  11. The intro is awesome but that whole song is fantastic in my eyes. One of their best and certainly most underated. The whole thing thunders along at 130 bpm. I wish their still was British girl groups putting out stuff as bonkers as this.
  12. It was 30 Haye originally claimed. It raised a few eyebrows but most thought it was sensible for a young fighter to make their money and then get out young. Like alot of things he has said it turned out to be total bollocks.
  13. Machine Gun Kelly looks confused in half the pictures I've seen. The Scum newspaper claims he threw a water bottle at McGregor to start it all. Which sounds ridiculous. He is on the red carpet with his girlfriend Megan Fox. He is performing later that night and nominated for a couple of awards. Why the fuck would he launch a water bottle at an MMA fighter for no reason lmao. The other story is Conor asked for a picture with MGK and Megan Fox. They brushed him off and said no. So he went mental. Which sounds more like the truth.
  14. Probably right as there is similar lines with how even racist dickheads were cheering on Mo Farah. I hope she can just avoid that type of shit and get on with her career for a few years though. As naive as that may seem. She is ridiculously talented. I think part of what ground Naomi Osaka down was racist shite from her own country.
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