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  1. Just a tragic story. I watch Terrace House on Netflix and she joined the show as a bubbly, likeable girl who wanted to change the perception of what the Japanese society saw in Joshi girls, ie "tough and mean" and find romance. Social media can be a menace in this day and age. Some people use these celebrities as punching bags to take out their own troubles on. Forgetting or not caring they are real people at the end of the day. These people who caused Hana Kimura to kill herself will never see the inside of court either.
  2. It was on Hornswoggles Youshoot. Sean Oliver in his book said most of the recent wrestlers are really guarded but when the cameras stop they will turn to him and say " yeah that guys a dick". He used Sheamus as an example that he heard from a bunch of them. Hornswoggle to his credit admitted that Sheamus could be a dickhead.
  3. I'm sure the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn had abit of a moan about The Rock in a shoot interview as well. From what others have said, when The Rock went nuclear he would have his own dressing room and not really interact with the other wrestlers very much. So for the wrestlers where "being one of the boys" was a huge thing, they thought he was abit of a big head.
  4. Tbh he always seemed more like a comedian than a musician but his songs were never very funny though, so the good reviews of his show are abit of a surprise. He always just came across like an untalented rich bloke with crazy connections in the music industry.
  5. Lil Dicky is about as hated as you can get in the Hip Hop world. Everyone considers him a joke. His two big hits are, as mentioned a god awful and offensive song with Chris Brown. Where Chris Brown laughs about his "controversial past". He managed to top that with an even more vapid Save The Earth song with loads of celebs. The only entertaining thing about him tbh are the Todd In the Shadows Youtube videos tearing him to pieces.
  6. I thought it was interesting Cormier talking about Smiths corner. How they were constantly shouting at him what to do. Just a non stop wall of noise and because theres no crowd he could hear every word so was doing everything they said. Cormier thinks thats why Smith gassed towards the end of the 2nd. Not sure if thats the main reason for him gassing but its an interesting theory. As Brody said above they didn't have a great night anyway, sending him out for the 5th when he was basically telling them he was really fucked up. According to Helwani he had a broken orbital bone, broken nose and two teeth knocked out.
  7. I'm guessing no online multiplayer stuff. Far Cry Blood Dragon The Skate games Dead Space Alan Wake Fight Night Champion Outrun 2, Hydro Thunder, Pure and Split Second for some cracking arcade racing.
  8. I caught that too. Stephen A Smith fucking up again. Funny the UFC showed it.
  9. I'd put Ari Shaffir pretty high on that list. He seems like a massive gobshite.
  10. I was still worried this event was actually going to happen half an hour ago. I think its finally safe to read Wand's 1st post preview and get excited now.
  11. That sounds like my Dad who gave me years off "aren't you to old to be playing those video games" then in 2006 I was helping him set up his new computer and it had a free copy of Tiger Woods PGA Golf with it. I pointed this out to him and he seemed non plussed but I installed it for him anyway and he became obsessed with the whole series. Buying it and rinsing it every year. Dispite the fact he doesn't play golf, watch it on TV or like computer games.
  12. Watch Dogs was abit of a disappointment. Bit of a rubbish story and felt over hyped. The sequel fixed loads of its issues and was alot of fun. They went with a completely daft OTT story instead of the dreary original plus they went nuts with the hacking/gadgets. The madness you can cause especially with the drone is hilarious. Fly it over a gang hideout then hack one of the gangsters phones, framing him with the police. When they turn up to arrest him, hack the guy stood next to him and call in a rival gang hit squad to take him out. Then watch the war between two gangs and the police through your drone as you hide round the corner. When everyone is dead climb over a fence and rob the place. The San Francisco/Oakland location looks stunning too. I'd skip the original and start with the sequel. The main characters are completely different.
  13. https://www.insider.com/mike-tyson-wants-to-return-to-the-ring-2020-4 Mikes been talking doing exhibition "fights" lately. God knows who they would bring in for him to fight.
  14. My local Iceland has Beef and Mustard Brannigans, T Bone Steak Roysters and about 10 Seabrooks flavours. I do a weekly big shop of just crisps there.
  15. Are Seabrooks considered underrated ? I'd put them top tier, up there with your Brannigans.
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