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  1. No go head mate. Try and see if his brown belt is legit by attacking him for no reason. Infact why don't you and go and see if Overeems blue belt is as well while you are at it. If this ends with David doing his trolling, contrarian act to professional MMA guys faces this could be awesome.
  2. Lol I'm not a fanboy of him at all but if he rocked up in my local it would be a good story to tell friends. And tbh I live in Liverpool so he might turn up in my local if he has banging some local girl. Its a better idea than pick a fight with him like a badass like you David.
  3. Lmao No I wouldn't and I doubt you would too unless you are also a massive fucking idiot like that Irish guy. If I saw Conor in my local, my first thought would be to say Hello and maybe try and get a picture, like he does with seemingly everyone who asks. Not try and kick off a fight for no reason with him and get a mate to film it, then sue him.
  4. Of course its not the right thing to do as a celebrity, lamping someone for insulting them. These are men and women trained to fuck you up though. If you want to go over and "have a word" with them in a pub because you think they are acting like a big shot then you are asking for trouble. Its just poking the lion then being surprised when it bites your arm off.
  5. Its hard to have much sympathy for anyone who thinks its a great idea to walk upto to any MMA fighter and tell them they got battered. Even if that fighter is Conor.
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