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  1. Console Wars is being shown on Sky Documentaries next Saturday night (31st)
  2. Where are you seeing the daily deals? I can’t see anything like that on my app
  3. Are the Sherlock Holmes books any good? There is a bumper pack on Audible (71hrs!) that i'm tempted with (to build content more than any other reason as I am already almost out of books and too tight to pay for an additional credit!)
  4. That was Donnington Valley wasn’t it? I got married there last year and staying there again this weekend for our anniversary funnily enough. Donnington Grove which is just down the road is another nice course if you’re ever back down this way
  5. Popped over to my Dads this evening. Have a look at these stats from his Farming Simulator save game ONE of THREE. 460 hrs driving a virtual tractor round on the same map 😅
  6. Ahhh fantastic! Happy Death Day was great! I am a sucker for those Groundhog Day type of movies though to be honest
  7. Are there any better examples of the great song / shit video divide?
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