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  1. My old man was over the other day and I showed him Watchdogs Legion on PS5. I got on a Construction drone and was flying around London just thinking to myself how awesome it looked. Ten seconds in he points at some random house and says “can you go in there?”. I say no, he says “shite” and I turn Watchdogs off. FWIW I’m absolutely loving it but clearly it’s not up to Farming Simulator standards
  2. I need everybody involved with Netflix’s Bad Trip to drop everything and fully devote their lives to making more of these films and ideally release one a week I watched it last night and could not stop laughing! My body was swimming with endorphins by the end, I feel like it’s added ten years to my life expectancy! Its not only funny but it’s heart warming as well, it shows that regardless of how bonkers the situation is there are good people everywhere. I really can’t recommend it enough “You’re obviously in a bad place right now, we’ve been talking for five minutes and y
  3. Six great seconds of Scott Steiner
  4. I’m on a diet at the moment so I’m trying to keep the Easter eggs to a minimum. My other half’s family come round today and say they didn’t get me an egg because of the diet, but instead got me.... a massive tub of mini eggs?! 😄
  5. @WyattSheepMask I didn’t even consider the fans right at the back, of course that’s why they do it, duhhhhh!
  6. I remember hearing about Jonathan Davis' pulling out of the show because he was at death's door with blood pouring out of his bummy, but I didn't realise the band played their slot with guest singers. Just Youtubed it and there's some footage on there, albeit pretty bad quality. Good to see Corey Taylor singing Freak on a Leash and he even did the freestyle bit! It's annoying that pro shot footage of festivals is hard to find. That Copping bloke who runs Download must be sat on thousands of hours of footage that will never see the light of day. I wonder why they bother filming so much of
  7. When I started out as the office junior I had to make the tea and coffee for all the big suits when they had their big monthly board meetings. That was all good until one day I somehow made all the drinks with salt instead of sugar. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. A few months later I managed to make a round of drinks for my team with cold water instead of hot. So regardless of how well I performed the following seven years I was always the bloke who couldn’t make drinks properly
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