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  1. I’ll confess to not really knowing much about Norm prior to his passing, but I’ve been down a YouTube rabbit hole of late and can see what I’ve been missing. This video had me in stitches earlier, so simple but funny. it’s well worth two minutes of your time and there are extended versions of all these clips elsewhere on YouTube
  2. I really love the Masters of Cinema series and this has just arrived, anyone seen it? There’s a quote from Martin Scorsese on the box - “There is really no other film quite like it” so I’m really looking forward to checking out
  3. I remember the TIMMY shouts in 2001 too! Also lots of YOU’RE A WIZARD HARRY shouts too keeping me up all night
  4. I watched Akira yesterday and I kind of feel like I was transported to another dimension - I can’t describe it, I just got lost in it. I couldn’t really tell you much about the plot as I was just in awe of every frame. You could pause it at any point and spend an age admiring all the detail. There was one very short sequence, a few seconds, where a helicopter was landing on a helipad. Any other animation would just have a helicopter landing on a helipad and move to the next scene. But this film shows the helicopter landing, with something going on in the background, and a chap with bright lights in his hands directing the helicopter during its landing. So much detail for a few second shot that’s not important to the plot or anything. So yeah I’m a bit in shock to be honest and I need to watch it again ASAP. It’s my first foray into anime, is there anything else I should try? I see the same Director made something called Memories is that any good?
  5. This sort of happened to me, I honestly think it’s quite common as a lot of people struggle to fully commit to new relationships in the early days. Not sure this is much help but when I realised what was going on I became a little more distant and did more of my own thing. That distance made my other half realise what she wanted, broke off all contact with the ex and we’ve been together 11 years now. All the best
  6. That’s great, but the audacity is nothing compared to the guy who did it at Mandela’s funeral, remember that?! Heres a bit of shithousery I saw the other day, apparently he couldn’t get tickets so….
  7. 827 hours into Farming Simulator 19 and the old man has finally popped the platinum trophy
  8. Don’t sleep on Copshop which is the new film at cinemas with Gerard Butler in it. I almost didn’t go as I wasn’t expecting much, but glad I did as I thought it was pretty fucking good!
  9. The next tournament starts tomorrow on NHK by the looks of things!
  10. I am in the same boat so I will join you (albeit virtually) I was really big and managed to get really fit, to the point i managed to climb Pen-Y-Fan (exactly two years ago today funnily enough). But pandemic hit and i'm back to square one. From experience my advice would be to start with the couch to 5K app. Follow that and fill in any off days with a 45 minute walk. Once you get to the end of the couch to 5k course you will be so much fitter. I would also say that 41 miles next May sounds a bit extreme (but good for you if you really want to push yourself). It may be worth looking at doing a 25km or even 50km version of one of the Ultra challenges Events Overview - Ultra Challenges I can see there is one in April. If your fitness really comes on leaps and bounds in the next few months you could try and walk the half marathon London Winter Walk in January All the best
  11. I've only been to a few wrestling shows but i did watch WM 30 at a Sports Bar. There were a small group of fans already pissed up before the show even started and they just got more and more out of control. As Taker's streak ended and the majority of fans stood up in misbelief these clowns were jumping around cheering in peoples faces and throwing drinks around. Security threw them out, and as one lad got lairy trying to get back in the security guard gave him the Razor Ramon fingers thing! It (almost) got the biggest pop of the night
  12. Has anyone ordered from the US Criterion store? I want to pre-order that Citizen Kane 4K but it looks like it’s only available from US at the moment
  13. At the start of Only Connect the lovely Victoria introduces the contestants with a (presumably) true and whacky fact. So what would yours be? Ill start…. As a child Waters44 was once knocked off his bike by a doctor from Peak Practice
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