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  1. waters44

    The Metal/Punk/Rock Thread

    Really sad news about Oli Herbert. I must confess All That Remains have passed me by, can anyone recommend some of their stuff I should check out?
  2. Where did you see Shocker? I’d love to give it a watch
  3. waters44

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    People bragging about not putting the heating on at home - why is that a thing?!
  4. waters44

    First trip to the cinema

    I’m pretty sure my first trip to the cinema was Casper. It was at the old cinema in Newbury which has been converted into a gym, and I can vividly remember the queue was out the door and round the corner of the building (remember queues?? I haven’t seen a big queue at the cinema for years, but when I was younger it felt like you would have to queue for hours to see a film) My favourite cinema memory was in 2000 at Butlins Bognor Regis. It was my 12th birthday and I was walking around the site with a huge 12th birthday badge feeling like billy big bollocks. As usual I was looking after my 7 year old brother while Mum was at the Bingo. We walked past the cinema that was on site, and noticed that X-Men was on. I had no idea what that was but it was a 12, and I was 12 now! Only problem was my little brother. I was a lanky kid and didn’t think I’d have a problem gettting in, so I took my badge off and put it on my brother, told him to keep his mouth shut and hoped for the best. Walked up to the ticket booth, ordered two tickets no problem, and my tiny 7 year old brother got a free popcorn for his 12th birthday! I felt like I had just pulled off the crime of the century! We watched the film for about an hour, but by then the novelty had worn off and we went back to the 2p machines.
  5. waters44

    What is the best animal? (Jack russells)

    We had a Jack Russell when I was a kid and he was a little shit. He legit bit the postman on the arse like something out of a cartoon, and one day, a minute into a car journey to the vets, he obviously clicked at what was happening, bit my Mum, jumped out the car window and ran home. He knew our weakness as well.... the TV remote. If he wanted to go for a walk or wanted attention he would steal the TV remote and sit at the top of the garden with it until he got his way
  6. I think I only found this place through TWCF. When did TWCF shut down? I’ve been a member since Feb06 so presumably TWCF shut down around that time?
  7. I think it was £23.18 to be exact!
  8. Where do you guys stand on this little moral dilemma I had this morning? I took my daughter to a screening of A House With A Clock In It’s Wall earlier. As we were waiting for the film to start a group of carers with young adults with severe learning disabilities enter the cinema. They were shouting and jumping, and one young man was continuously slapping himself in the face which frightened my daughter. We sat there until the film started, but the gentlemen continued to shout and walk around so I decided to leave and the cinema gave me a refund. I feel a bit of a cunt for leaving (although we were not the only people to leave) as I appreciate I have no more right to sit in that cinema then anyone else. However I had paid £25 to watch a film with my daughter and expect to be able to do that in a peaceful environment. What would you have done?
  9. waters44

    Non-UK and General Other Football

    Any non league fans here? How are your teams getting on? My team, Thatcham Town are struggling a little. Last year we won the league and the FA Vase, but after losing nine first team players in the summer we are struggling for form in the Evo Stik Division One South. We are currently on 6 points from 6 games and a few places above the relegation zone. I think we will stay up but it will be a tough season. We also came crashing out of the FA Cup to a team in a lower league to us, so not much good news recently! Yesterday was the biggest disappointment - we traveled to Highworth Town (who finished third in the league we won last season) and got smashed 5-0. We were very poor, and Highworth scored some cracking goals, one nicely placed from 25 yards, one outrageous half volley from 30 yards straight into the top corner and finally chipping our keeper from just inside our half. To make matters worse, their hat-trick hero Parsons played for us pre season but was apparently not deemed good enough for us - decent revenge for him!