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  1. waters44

    Crazy Family

    Nice one! I knew there was a thread somewhere but couldn’t find it, I’ll use that one going forward
  2. waters44

    Crazy Family

    As we all know....you can’t pick your family, so I’m sure some of you have relatives that have broken the mould - let’s hear about them! I have so many stories about my Grandad but I’ll start with one of my favourites that always puts a smile on my face when I think about it He reckons his eye sight is fine apart from not being able to read small writing very well, however much like Vince McMahon he’s too cool for glasses About 15 years ago he buys another motorbike, and his mate drops him off at the garage to pick it up. He goes into a room with two salesmen and they give him all the contracts and stuff to sign. They leave him to it and get the bike ready. They return back to the room to find my Grandad reading through the paperwork with a pair of binoculars The salesmen look at eachother, then back to Grandad, and say... “Have you got the insurance sorted?” That’s a really tame story for now but it’s one that I love. There’s a lot more to come from the history of big Dave
  3. Haha he’s a very.... straight forward man. My Grandad on the other hand is the complete opposite, really whacky and crazy and still causing trouble in his mid 80s. I’ll post a few of his stories when I get the chance
  4. My old man’s a heavy smoker but he phoned me the other week moaning that he had to give up because of lockdown. Ive only ever known him go into two shops, his local newsagents which he calls “The Nutters” and B&Q. Well he’s not happy because The Nutters have stopped doing cash so he can’t get his Virginia Gold anymore. My step mum has tried to teach him how to use a debit card but he can’t be dealing with all that apparently. So he would rather give up smoking instead of learning how to tap a card on a little terminal 🤷‍♂️
  5. I saw this on Facebook, is it true? If so it’s a bit alarming.
  6. Thank you @Magnum Milano I will put that on record There is a new Sky Documentaries channel now. It’s channel 277 on Virgin, 114 on Sky. They are showing Honeyland and The Amazing Jonathan Documentary back to back Saturday night - I haven’t seen either but heard great things about them.
  7. @tiger_rick may or may not know someone
  8. Watched Toy Story 3 again today. It’s absolutely fantastic as we all know, but one thing I hadn’t noticed before was a Ghibli Totoro playing with all the other toys in the credits!
  9. I love how Peston doesn’t even wait for the answer before sighing, he sighs whilst asking the question
  10. I’m pretty sure you can claim some sort of wfh allowance through a tax return, but obviously that’s a pain if you just have one income which is PAYE. I don’t think there’s any obligation for employers to pay anything towards it. Travel costs are completely irrelevant.
  11. Is The Morning Show on Apple TV? That’s very good apparently. Also heard good things about Servant, give those a go!
  12. Breakdown Thrillery / actiony 90s film with Kurt Russell trying to find his wife after she goes missing when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Its really good fun, keeps you glued and is all over in 90 minutes which is the most important thing. I love Kurt Russell so this gets two thumbs up from me. Watched on Netflix I also watched US Marshals and F/X - two other 90s action films albeit slightly different in tone. I loved them both so I think I may have to pause catching up on recent stuff and start binging some 90s gems!
  13. Highlight of Lockdown so far is looking through some old photos, and came across the one where my nephew went running into his Mummy with his potty saying he did a turtle
  14. waters44

    Disney Plus

    I’m sure you’re all aware of this, but for the benefit of any other technophobes out there I’ve just noticed that a load of the films have an “extras” section. These extras can range from trailers, to gag reels, to deleted scenes and even full blown documentaries. There’s also some films with audio commentaries, including The Last Jedi commentary with Rian Johnson that I’m looking forward to watching
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