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  1. I’ve given up on that now! It was becoming more like a second job rather than a hobby. I’m also a pve player and it sounded like they were focusing on PvP with trials and that so I knocked it on the head. You still playing? I may check out the next expansion one day
  2. Too hot to concentrate on any TV at the moment so I’ve been watching Jackass on Netflix. Number 2 is so fucking funny if you’ve got a spare 90 minutes. I forgot how much shit Bam put his Poor Mum and Dad through, although I did love this exchange with him and his Mum I’m 2.5 - “Hey Mom, I’m at the beach!” ”Ok” ”I’m going to fly a kite.... with my anus!” ”Wtf How?” “.....Anal Beads” “You’ll get arrested!!!!” ”ummmm......we’ve got a permit” *screams*
  3. My mate keeps badgering me to get into FFXIV but I’m worried because a) I’ve never played a FF game and b) I can only really give an hour a night to play, maybe more at weekends Is that enough time do you think or am I better off not bothering? He’s really ramping up the pressure because as I understand it part of the patch yesterday was making the free trial even bigger and better to new players
  4. Everyone thinks the C word when you find a lump down there and i'm sure that's what you're thinking Shy Day. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer back in 2013 so if you do get some news you're not expecting I am more than happy to talk you through some things to expect, advice etc etc HOWEVER THE LIKELIHOOD ITS ANYTHING SINISTER IS RARE. Only 2,000 odd cases between 2015-2017 according to the cancer research website, with a very high survival rate. Try not to worry about it and my PMs are always open if you want a chat
  5. Speaking of Sky Documentaries - Midnight Family is on this Saturday night at 22:55. It’s the story of a family running a private ambulance in Mexico City
  6. On a zoom call today with another department we are going to be working with next week, about five people from each department so ten of us in total getting to know each other. We all have to give a brief introduction and then my manager thought it would be a good idea to say what makes us happy. So it goes round the room, someone mentions family, another one said walks, another golf etc etc until we get to one guy who says “the thought of the Tenerife volcano erupting”. I honestly have no idea why that tickled me so much but I couldn’t stop laughing, lockdown delirium is truly kicking in
  7. All stage musicals are pony with Hamilton being slightly less crap than others
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