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  1. I know they’re talking shit but I live near Basingstoke and can confirm that’s a pretty standard level of intelligence for the town. I work with someone who lives there, and she had to go home early from work one day because she accidentally drank fairy liquid (something that doesn’t even sound possible to me, so quite impressive really)
  2. I’d bloody love her to be widowed
  3. Kind Hearts and Coronets I watched this on MUBI last night, ahhhh it’s fantastic isn’t it! I was all in after the first five minutes. I know Alec Guinness gets all the plaudits for his eight (!) roles but I thought Dennis Price in the lead was absolutely immaculate! I usually hate it when films play for a few minutes then go back in time for the majority of run time but in this example, and Brief Encounter, it works perfectly. Im having a MUBI session at the moment so The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie is up next
  4. It’s a load of shit isn’t it. I noticed during the zoom meetings this week my daughters classroom has been growing and growing. There was a kid there on Friday who’s Dad is a minted accountant working from home and his Mum is on maternity leave.
  5. I need to rewatch Parasite. It didn't click with me first time round, but I did watch a YouTube video a while back which shows the lengths Bong Joon-ho went in his direction My top 4 for 2020 would be Invisible Man, Tenet, Da 5 Bloods and Chicago 7 with maybe Onward or Happiest Season rounding off the top 5. There are so many gaps this year though, I haven't seen any of the Small Axe films yet, or most of the films in the opening post (I've heard Wolfwalkers is fantastic and can't wait to see that). Other highlights of the year were His House, Old Guard, Soul and Enola Holmes. The
  6. I’d love to see my daughters Year R class do a phonics lesson over Zoom. We had a ten minute evening Zoom call with the teacher a few months ago about helping reading. For five of those minutes my daughter got under the table, slowly rose up in front of us from the bottom of the screen pretending to wear binoculars, slowly look around and then descend down out of view again.
  7. Has anyone managed to get HBO Max in the UK? Wouldn’t mind seeing WW1984 and a few other things they have if it’s possible
  8. I’ve been watching this. Hopefully Vince McMahon hasn’t - there was a contestant called Evan Singleton who Is a WWE wrestler apparently. After round three he said in his interview that he preferred being In WSM to WWE, and during round four he completely tore his bicep
  9. All stage musicals are pony with Hamilton being slightly less crap than others
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