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  1. waters44

    Today I learned...

    I’m probably the only person in the world who didn’t know this, but today I learnt that the majority of speech in films is dubbed in during production - the speech you hear isn’t the speech that was recorded at the time. It seems obvious now, I’m watching a film at the moment and it’s clearly dubbed, but I wouldn’t have realised before
  2. waters44

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    So play 0 first, then Kiwami?
  3. waters44

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Where does Yakuza Kiwami fit in? Is that Yakuza 0?
  4. waters44

    Pokémon Go!

    Thanks for the friend requests @DEF and presumably @Onyx2? Lovely stuff @Keith Houchen I only need one more to finish a quest step so I found your code a few pages back and sent you a request, I hope you don’t mind I woke up at 6am this morning, logged in and saw a Pinsir silhouette was on the pokestop 10 mins away. I jumped out of bed, ran down there and I’m now up to 140 on the original dex. Just Charizard, Starmie, Marowak, Kangaskhan, Taurus, Omastar, 3 birds and Mewtwo to go now. Think I’m going to have to try and join a raid group soon!
  5. waters44

    Pokémon Go!

    I’m studying for my last accountancy exam at the moment so not able to get out much this community weekend. I did manage to pop out earlier and get enough Dratini’s to evolve a Dragonair into Dragonite. I’m now up to 139 on the original dex. Presumably you guys have caught em all?! I’m getting there slowly! Anyway please feel free to add me as a friend which would be a great help for one of the quests 🙂
  6. waters44

    The Mental Health thread

    Can anybody recommend me any good mindfulness / meditation books or DVDs?
  7. waters44

    Mams & Dads question

    Have you got a cot that you can just turn into a bed? If so I wouldn’t bother with a guard to be honest. They are so low to the floor that even if they do fall out they won’t hurt themselves. In my experience the guard is a bit of a nuisance, it disturbs then when they roll into it at night and when they are being naughty and getting out of bed (which will happen a lot!) they hurt themselves climbing over it, because getting out of bed at the part with no guard is no fun!
  8. I’ve only seen Armie Hammer in Call By Your Name and Sorry To Bother You and he was ace in both, the big sexy git @Devon Malcolm where did you see Thoroughbreds? Is it streaming anywhere?
  9. waters44


    I can grasp that principle, thanks. No need to shoot me down, I have a genuine interest in what I believe to be a noble existence and hoped this would be the place to come to find out more. I wondered if there were different attitudes involved, that was all, I’ve not read the vegan rule book.
  10. waters44


    There is a vegan at work who constantly berates meat eaters for the animal cruelty it causes. I don't want to interact with her because she's scary but I do have some questions that I'm brave enough to ask in here! Would vegans eat meat if they knew no animal cruelty took place? For example would they rear and eat their own pigs if they knew exactly how they were treated and ultimately killed? Also what do vegans think of zoos?
  11. waters44

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    Are you talking about the ultra challenges? Ive not done one but it’s my aim to have a crack at a 25km one next year to see what it’s like. Have a look at their website, there is lots of info on there https://www.ultrachallenge.com/the-events
  12. waters44

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Just got the platinum trophy on Spider-Man. The game is absolutely fantastic! It’s got a brilliantly told story with some great set pieces and twists and turns. I know very little about the Spider-Man world but loved the characters in the game. One of the main villains is a bit meh but all the other bad guys are sensational and some of the cutscenes with them were completely thrilling. I’ve not really experienced that from a game before but I was completely invested from the first mission. The gameplay is top notch too, effortlessly swinging around New York during downtime, and then stringing together a variety of combos (using fists, webbing and gadgets) during combat phases. Loads of collectibles to find, stealth missions, really fucking hard challenges and lots in between. Absolutely superb job from Insomniac Games and hopefully a sequel is on the way!
  13. waters44

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    The YouTube algorithm is annoying me at the moment and I’m blaming Keith. He mentioned the Bargain Hunt kick, which I had to YouTube, and ever since my feed has been “Bargain Hunt Teaspoon”, “Bargain Hunt Biggest Profit” and the lowlight - “Bargain Hunt The Teapot Is Quite Wrong” #ThanksKeith
  14. waters44

    Random Thoughts III.

    At first glance I thought that said Gobshite which seems apt