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  1. My cat Luna having a bit of tlc on New Years Eve. Absolutely no idea how or why she decided to lie like that, but she was pretty chilled out considering the fireworks!
  2. My Dad came in a bit worse for wear after an afternoon session at the pub and shouted “WILLIE THORNE!!!” at the TV when Jake the Snake was on screen. That was the only time he ever interacted with the TV, but he would often get us in headlocks and shout “ONE-AH....TWO-AH.....THREE-AH”!
  3. To make that even sweeter PSG could only draw against Strasbourg, meaning they didn’t win the league tonight
  4. I’ve just sorted my annual WWE Network signup ready for Sunday night - are there any Mania build up shows on the Network that I can watch to get caught up with the recent goings on? If not I’ll wait for the Mania preshow
  5. NOT AN OLD FILM...... ...but Film4 are showing You Were Never Really Here tomorrow night at 9pm - get involved!
  6. Ahh I thought it had tomorrow in the title, not today - that will do though, thanks!
  7. Can someone point me in the direction of the Great Films on TV Tomorrow thread please? I tried searching for it but no luck
  8. Us spoilers Edit - can’t unspoiler my final point after Us talk. I watched a cracking film called Thelma today - it’s a Norwegian supernatural thriller and is absolutely brilliant! Please check it out if you can
  9. waters44


    That’s Raheem Kassan on the right I think, he spends his time running rings around Sky News.
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