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  1. The phones really are watching you aren’t they? I read the few posts above talking about Wokingham and then this popped up on my Facebook
  2. My Apple podcast app keeps crashing so I’ve downloaded Podbean. I’ve downloded a podcast, but when I pause it and come back to it later on it starts from the start again. Am I being a right Scorch and doing something wrong or is it a shit app?
  3. I agree, but he could have done a 30 minute speech and not touched half the shit Johnson has done. And presumably Neil made such a big deal of antisemitism with Corbyn because it was in the headlines that day as the Chief Rabbi had written his piece in the newspaper. The electorate doesn’t give a fuck about antisemitism yet it seems to be talked about all the time in the media
  4. These Andrew Neil interviews have been pretty good. Him going on about antisemitism for so long with Corbyn was frustrating but other that they’ve been alright. I’m really impressed they went in hard on Johnson at the end of tonight’s show, it would have been easy to just mention the fact he’s not agreed to an interview and move on. It may all be for nothing of course, but they’re pushing Neil’s little speech hard on the news and social media.
  5. No no nooooooooooo. This will kill the lower leagues (not step one but step two and below). If they start showing 3 o clock Saturday games live we are doomed. Did Amazon have different studios for each game? I caught a tiny bit of Gabby Logan at the end of the City game but didn’t see any of the other game
  6. No UK dates by the look of it....damnnnn!!
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