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  1. One thing to note about Gage, is that he has worked some people into believing that he is this unsafe, unhinged, uncooperative brawler who no one wants to do business with despite working major programs and angles with Jon Moxley, Zack Ryder and Chris fucking Jericho in the space of four months, and netting himself a prime time AEW main event on TNfuckingT. I don't want to go all "DEATHMATCH WRESTLING'S GREATEST SECRETS...EXPOSED!" here, but those high-tech AEW cameras shone a nice light on the slight-of-hand that properly good deathmatch wrestlers utilise. A masterclass in modern crowd manipulation.
  2. Mission accomplished! The match surpassed my every expectation and, despite the wobbly start, had the crowd going wild. An absolute triumph.
  3. I'm hoping the TK announcement is some sort of big annual tournament. Something like a BOLA or TPI, or even their own version of a round-robin G1. They're gonna have a lot of programming to fill with Rampage and quarterly specials so they'll need to fill that time with something. It'll be a great way for the younger talent to get their reps in, as well as being a good vehicle to get some mid/upper-carders to the next level. On the Gage/Jericho front, for anyone who isn't familiar with Gage (and even those of you who are), please don't get your hopes too high tonight. Nick Gage works best in smaller, intimate environments where he can take the lead and has no restrictions to work around. You're not going to have that same energy from his entrance and pro-longed ring announcement on an episode of Dynamite, and his flaws will be on show. I think at best, the match will fall a little flat, and at worse it'll stink up the joint. He's not going to win over anybody who isn't already a fan (like myself) but it's still going to be really cool to see and I really fucking hope that both he and Jericho prove me wrong on all those points. MDK! ALL FUCKING DAY!
  4. The self-titled Slipknot album is still in my Top 10 Albums of all time, and most of that is based around Joey's fucking incredible drumming. There's a wall of controlled-chaos created by the ninesome, but Joey not only cut through the mix but he also held it all together. Saw them twice live at Download, with the 2009 gig being absolutely exceptional. I lost my mind when they leapt into the SIC-EYELESS combo with Joey steering course at the helm. An unbelievable loss for music. RIP.
  5. I've mentioned a few times on here about my loud-as-fuck PS4. I took it apart a fortnight ago and removed a metric shit ton of fluff and dust, put it all back together, switched on Spiderman and it was quiet as a mouse. Result! Fast-forward to now, and after only a few hours of AAA gaming, it's back to it's usual NASA rocket sound levels of fan noise. Even when I play something like Slay The Spire or Hollow Knight, it's kicking out so much noise. I'm pretty fucked off as I've got Spiderman and Doom as digital downloads and I've barely been able to touch them, and I'm at my wits end now. I could just trade it in and upgrade to a PS4 Pro, but that seems irresponsible and probably a bit stupid considering the arrival of the next-gen consoles. I just fancied a bit of a moan really, because the easy (and only) solution is to spend money but I can't justify it. I'll have to eat the cost of those digital games and maybe I'll get to play Spiderman again when I get a PS6 or PS7 or whatever console that Sony manages me to swing me around. Modern gaming is getting to be pretty shite.
  6. Yeah Sting, the man who fought side-by-side with Robocop, threw himself off a TitanTron whilst set on fire and became a Poundlound Joker cosplay act, but THAT little sequence with Orange Cassidy is what is getting people's knickers in a twist? Honest to Christ.
  7. I hope that doesn't happen. The idea of fucking over the hometown boy in favour of "HEAT" is a trope of WWE booking that has failed more often than not over the past fifteen years. AEW seems to have their head screwed on when it comes to safe, reliable, crowd pleasing wins and that's what makes them a cut above.
  8. Brandon, Raab and Rake all distanced themselves after Viva La Bam/Bram's wedding finished, and there hasn't been much cross-over with those guys since then save for sporadic podcast/radio appearances and whoever cameo'd in Jackass 3. Those three pretty much want to lead quiet lives now and I can't see Bam's current mental state being appealing at all, even if it paid well. I can definitely see those three making cameos in Jackass 4 though. Still hoping that it's all just one big last prank on the public, but that's because I want all the lads to be happy (yes, even Bam).
  9. I'm grasping at the thinnest slither of hope that this Bam Margera mess is just one big last prank that will fittingly end up with Ehren McGhehey getting pubic hair glued to his face again. Please.
  10. Low point: The 2020 Money In The Bank was a fucking disaster, and made me embarrassed to even waste my bandwidth on the dodgy site I was using to watch it. I've wrote about it extensively on my (soon to be gone) website, and I've whinged about it on Twitter a fair bit, but it's honestly the worst piece of media that WWE has ever constructed and released. I question the tastes of anyone who even remotely enjoyed it, and it'll forever be a stain on WWE's creative legacy. High point: The 2020 Stadium Stampede was a fucking triumph, and made me delightfully happy that I didn't chuck wrestling in the bin after MITB. I can't put into words how much I enjoyed this firing shot by AEW at WWE's unmitigated cinematic shitpiece earlier in the month, although I tried to express it on Twitter a fair bit, but it's honestly the best piece of non-traditional in-ring wrestling of the pandemic era (possibly of all time). I align with the tastes of anyone who even remotely enjoyed it, and it'll forever be a sign of AEW's creative integrity.
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