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  1. This is exactly what I thought of him during his New Japan tenure. Solid in-ring, nothing spectacular, weird obsession with Back To The Future that was a shoot-off from his Time Splitters tag team with Alex Shelly. He does have tremendous chemistry with Kyle O'Rielly though, including an absolute banger of a BOSJ final a few years back.
  2. A good pub not serving food is understandable as long as there are baps and crisps going. This crap about 'no music' is shoddy though. Blaring awful pop/dance music at a ridiculous volume is bad. Blasting metal and rock over the speakers so loud that I can't hear anyone talk is also shite. However. a jukebox playing punter selected tunes at a medium volume is utterly fantastic. A decent jukebox can make or break a pub for me. One of my favourite pub moments was finding Wheeler Walker Jr's "Eating Pussy & Kicking Ass" on the jukebox of a proper local pub in Cork. A brilliant time was had by all.
  3. SHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT Hastily edited. Fucking hell. It's only 205 Live, but still.
  4. Tozawa is probably on the way out. He's had a few cryptic tweets recently, and Tweeted this out before hastily deleting it a bit later on; Also, 205 live spoilers - I'd be very happy to see him turn up elsewhere, he's got TONS of potential. He has this insane ability to get a crowd behind him, and ultimately make that emotional connection.
  5. Yep, a lot of time spent arguing with accounts that have 10 followers/30 following. He doesn't have a clue.
  6. Well it's not really working out that way. For someone who is infamously shite on Twitter, Ospreay has come out looking like the bigger man.
  7. Yep, I can't really argue with an emotional backstory like that! Top stuff!
  8. Gonna go slightly off-piste here; The Prince Alfred B&B Liverpool. It's got a pub downstairs though, so it works. Had the horror of at staying at this wretched pub a few years ago for a night out. It's the last time we let my friend Dan book the accomodation for one of our weekends away. It's your typical 'real pub, real people' place. It's cramped, selling Carlsberg for the men and Stella for the ladies. Loads of hunched over blokes who gave the death stare at us young'uns (at the time, mid-twenties). The place smelt damp, the England flags hanging on the ceiling were fraying and the toilets had the most grotesque BNP/UKIP graffiti this side of Farage's taint. Bordering on proper nazi levels. Also, cocaine remnants and empty baggies everywhere. Beds were in the attic. About four or five bedrooms with a double bed each, and they all shared the same shower, bath, toilet and kitchen. The beds themselves were basically mattresses on the floor. We got a fucking filthy look from the guy who 'ran' the B&B attic when he saw we were all blokes sharing double beds (which is what we did regularly when we were trying to save the cash). The rooms themselves matched the colour, atmosphere and smell as the bar downstairs. Absolutely disgusting. The guy himself looked just like Mr Rottweiler. He was an intimidating, rough cunt of a man. He would hear no bad things said about the absolute state of the rooms and the conditions. "It's fuckin' bed, innit?" was the answer to our concerns. Then he let us know that we had to be back before 10:30pm as that's when he finished his shift, and he'd lock the entrance to the attic and he wouldn't be back until 9am the next morning, "If he felt like it". I cannot put across how much of a cunt this guy was. The bar staff downstairs laughed it off, so we ended up trying to get a refund until he gave up and gave us a key to the attic. Around 8 of us, sharing one key to get back in. Oh, and the breakfast? We inquired about that as he was storming off to his den. "Look out your fucking window. See the McDonalds across the road? There's your fucking breakfast". I thought they'd be done for by now but they're still going, somehow. Must be something dodgy going on. It appears they've gutted out the pub downstairs as it's strictly a B&B. The reviews page is a right fucking laugh though, and very corroborative, well worth a read if you fancy hearing about the worst pub/B&B in Britain.
  9. Calling mine out of left-field; Ibushi vs Ishii, Ibushi going over.
  10. The site says that you have unlimited replays until July 29th, so plenty of time to catch it! As for casting, it easily connects to Chromecast from the app and the browser. I have no experience hooking up to smart TVs or console's though. The site mentions Roku, games consoles and several Smart TVs on the site here - https://www.fite.tv/p/how-to-watch/ Oh, big thanks to @Merzbowfor the $2 Twitter tip!
  11. My take is that while THSP2 was incredible and I played the hell out of it, I much prefer THPS3 because it introduced the game-changing 'revert' ability and THUG had the first proper story with larger levels. I spent HOURS on THPS2 on the Dreamcast, but I spent DAYS on THSP3 and THUG on the PS2.
  12. I'm still in tatters at not putting in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 or THUG, but recency bias totally fucked me on that one.
  13. There was a one-night, double elimination four-way match to crown the first TNA X-Division champion back in 2002 (AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn vs Low Ki vs Psicosis), where you had to be twinned twice to be eliminated. It sounds confusing but it worked really well, as it started out as a singles-match, then when you were pinned you had to leave the ring and the next guy entered. It carried on and went in a circle until it came down to a winner. Really worth re-watching.
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