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  1. I think the OP is a bit pissed off that he's had to give up his hobbies and pastimes since 'starting a family', and is using it as a point of superiority instead of the exhibition of old-fashioned self-destruction that it really is.
  2. Janela and Penelope were dating for years though. The 8 months is what's throwing me off. I was thinking Charlotte Flair and Almas or Rollins and Lynch but they're way too old.
  3. I'm still fucking around in the single-player, I've probably put about 35-40 hours in it at this point, yet I've only just moved to the second campsite. I've already bought all the camp upgrades (until more are likely added later) so what should I be investing all my cash in? Right now it's being thrown at gun upgrades, horse upgrades and poker.
  4. Fully Loaded 2000 is one of my favourite shows just due to how strong everyone looks coming out of it despite their losses. Jericho looks stronger having being beaten by Trips by one second, Benoit arguably got screwed and still got the visual pinfall over The Rock, Angle had some terrific backstage moments with 'Taker, E&C survived an APA beating and the Hardys and T&A had one of the hottest openers of all time. The next PPV was Summerslam and look where most of those guys were positioned; WWF Intercontinental Title Mixed Tag Team Match Trish Stratus & Val Venis vs. Chyna & Eddie Guerrero Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho WWF World Tag Team Title Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match Christian & Edge (c) vs. The Dudley Boyzvs. The Hardy Boyz Kane vs. The Undertaker WWF World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match The Rock (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H All mid-to-upper card placements, with fully-fleshed out angles and exciting stipulations. Fully Loaded did it's job as an excellent B-Level PPV in getting everyone ready for the really big show the following month. None of that was on-topic, but I just felt like showing some love for FL200 as well as WWF 2000 in general.
  5. I've used every method of communicating with clients and in-house employees with the grand exception of using a phone. Refusing to give someone your private number, especially when there are numerous other options available, is totally understandable. The promoter is a dick for constantly being at her about it, and he then made it worse by replying to every single comment with a shitty aside and the venue phone number (oh the irony). Also, lets factor into the situation the one general counter-point people have; "Oh well my employer has my phone number!". Well that's fine and dandy, but you don't have to. There is no law that states an employer must or can have an employees phone number with (or without) their permission. And I'm very sure that the promoter of *checks notes* Broken Ring Wrestling has an industry standard security system in place to keep those phone numbers safe, and is not just pasting them into a notepad document.
  6. Received mine today! As described and packed well. Cheers!
  7. Diana died on my mum's birthday but as we were regular folk we just passed it off as "Oh that's sad" and carried on with the day. Reading some of the stories on here, I'm glad my parents weren't royalists who spent the whole day sobbing and kicking down doors to make sure their kids were okay with the news. Christ, I was 9 at the time and had no idea who she even was. My Nan and aunts took it did the whole grieving thing though. I went round my Nan's house on the day of the funeral and the place was eerily quiet. I remember being sat at the kitchen table, playing with a Captain Scarlet 'Create Your Own Scene' sticker set, and my Nan gave me a telling off for putting an explosion sticker over a car sticker.
  8. 9/11 - I was in Year 9. During the last class of the day (History, weirdly enough), one of the heads quietly came into the room and announced that a plane had flown into the World Trade Centre to a puzzled bunch of 13 year olds who had no idea where or what the World Trade Centre was, and he then tried to explain the massive impact this had . A hushed, awkward silence filled the room along with a few students who tried detailing what the WTC were and the size and scope if it all. We left the class a few minutes later, back to our form rooms, unsure of what to feel. I got back home to see my parents stuck on the sofa in horror, and then sat myself on the armchair across the living room to catch up on what happened through the detailed television coverage, and that's where the enormity of the situation really sunk in. I'll never forget that day, from the pale look of the head who broke the news, to a kid on the bus home crying the whole way, to seeing my parents holding each other in fear, and spending the night unable to move from the TV screen. Every clip of the planes and the collapse is etched in my memory. 4/4 - I was in 6th form, and I had just popped to Greggs during my lunch break and was moving down the high street to spend my next couple of free periods in the public library. I noticed a massive crowd leading into an Argos, so I was curious to see what was going on and managed to squeeze my way in. That's where I saw every display TV showing all this smoke and the husk of a bus and aerial shots of London. There must've been well over twenty TV's showing different news stations simultaneously. It was mental. People were crying and some were on their phones, and others were still trying to get served at the till. I headed to the library after spending ten minutes in the company of shocked and grieving strangers, and hit the first available PC just looking for more info. My long-distance girlfriend called up worried sick because I hadn't answered my phone (I put it on silent mode whilst in Argos in case my assigned ringtone of '96 Quite Bitter Beings' blared through my Nokia 3210) and then other family members called, and soon the library was full of people trying to find out more. That turned into another evening sat in front of the TV, and one I won't forget either.
  9. I've got a list back on my home comp Ralphus, so I'll throw some reccs here later. You can't go wrong with AEW's Double Or Nothing though, and if you skip the main event deathmatch then GCW's Spring Break 3:Part 1 is a brilliant show (and one of my 'Show Of The Year' front runners). EDIT: I'll save the double post @Ralphy OTT Homecoming has the incredible David Starr vs Jordan Devlin match (currently up their with my MOTY nominations), PAC vs WALTER and a whole lot of Ireland's best. You can't go wrong with OTT ScrapperMania either, which has WALTER vs Jordan Devlin. As for NXT, Takeover: New York is your best. Definitely the strongest post-Mania' Takeover. As I mentioned above, GCW's Spring Break 3 Part 1 is an incredibly fun show that features the highly acclaimed Invisible Man vs Invisible Stan and Dustin 'No Legs' Thomas vs Tony Deppen, which was Dustin's first breakout match. New Japan put on a few strong shows, but it's hard for me to recommend many due to them being half-filled with guff tags. I'd say Dominion (Ospreay vs Dragon Lee, Naito vs Ibushi, Okada vs Jericho) and G1 Climax: Dallas (Ospeay vs Archer, Sabre Jr vs SANADA, Okada vs Tanahashi). There's probably a few G1 shows from that tour worth checking out but there's plenty of G1 recommendation lists out there that cover that.
  10. After getting a beating from two larger men, I for one cannot understand why Aaren didn't just confront them afterwards in a locker room that was also full of big, mean-looking men who also happen to share the same job as the two larger men who beat him. Fucking hell, the state of some of you.
  11. This isn't the thread to get it into it, but him posting a lot about how 'BritWres is fine', about how WWE is actually helping the UK independent scene (fucking hell) and his little online tantrum over David Starr stepping on the UK title (which Starr did during a story-heavy match with UK champ WALTER) haven't painted him in the best light the past 12 months. He's still great bell-to-bell though, no denying that.
  12. We watched the movie on Saturday night, having only seem snippets here and there but never the whole thing. It's very easy to see how it gained it's cult status (incredible puppetry and designs, some really horrifying moments) but we had no idea what was going on 75% of the time.
  13. I think that's more to do with the toxic "I'm fine, really" culture that pro wrestling tends to ingrain in it's locker rooms. I bet when the ref got home and the adrenaline of being around the boys wore off, he really took a look at his injuries and thought about what happened constantly before he spoke with regular non-wrestling folk about what happened, who then assured him that what happened isn't normal and he is actually allowed to feel (and show) that physical and mental anguish.
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