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  1. An excellent thread that I hope continues. This saga needs an ending.
  2. The only real flack I saw was that she posted screenshots of Riddle's wife's phone number, so she cropped it out and re-posted the texts. All for naught apparently, as Tilde reposted the original. You might want to delete that, @TildeGuy~!, or at least block out the number.
  3. If you don't have a problem with a man in his 30's trying it on with one of his 16 year old trainees, then you need to re-evaluate your own morals here. 'Legal' or not, it's disgusting behaviour and a massive breach of trust. Would you be thinking the same way if it were your daughter or son being advanced upon by their trainer who's double their age?
  4. We still talking about Mongo here?
  5. No leg slap will ever be worse than the time Gargano slapped his own thigh on a chop;
  6. Linda standing up out of her wheelchair at 'Mania 17 and hoofing Vince in the bollocks. That match is the best example of McMahon-branded Soap Opera Sports Entertainment ever. Nothing from that same niche even comes close.
  7. Yep, pretty much my same experience with the game. It won't sully the games's excellent story and cinematic scope though.
  8. Yeah, like stomping your feet when throwing punches.. WWE Superstars NEVER do that...
  9. You will, and I can't stress this enough, accidentally fire your gun and make enemies with everyone/fail and void quests/be killed because the controls are so needlessly complex. Save often!
  10. Back when I was training, I did the ring music for a K-Star show. I was watching the matches via a live feed backstage, and in one of the matches they did a standing Spanish Fly. It got no reaction from the audience of young kids and families, who didn't know what to make of it, and all I hear from behind me is one of the trainers shouting "I TOLD THEM IT WOULDN'T GET A REACTION!! I FUCKING TOLD THEM!!!", practically doing a victory lap around the locker room area.
  11. If anyone needs a bit of cheering up on this drab Saturday morning, here's Butchi's sublime RusselMadness review; My own nomination has to be The Longest Yard (Steve Austin, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Great Khali, Bob Sapp). It's crass and it's crap and quite problematic with 2020 eyes, but there's also a running joke about Goldberg having a massive dick. So you know, swings and roundabouts..
  12. Do you associate that because Jim Cornette told you to?
  13. So as @Liam O'Rourkemade a quick point of this in the Crown Jewel thread, this situation is probably big enough to warrant it's own thread, so all discussion of the WWE talent being stuck in Saudi can be kept here. Here's a quick recap from 'Big Daddy' Dave Meltzer (lashing of salt to be taken, obviously) So, WOR just recorded a show to discuss this. I'll throw it over to Twitter's Trevor Dame (lovely lad, well worthy of a follow) for his breakdown; And more from PWI Insider; Obviously this is extremely unnerving and scary, and I hope all the crew come back safe and unharmed. Oh, this also comes after the WWE quarterly report where they mentioned difficulties with the Saudi money; So to round-up, take it away Trev:
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