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  1. Dammit PunkStep, it's an upper-body business!
  2. This should be pinned to the top of the page. Absolutely wonderful stuff.
  3. I don't think anyone is looking at this as a CM Punk return, apart from maybe those on Twitter with CM Punk avatars and 'CHRIS BENOIT 4 HOF' in their bios. It's 99% Phillip Jack Brooks under the mask though. I don't think it's going to drum up much intensest for Silas Young's promotion though. Mainly because it's fucking Silas Young.
  4. I saw The Dropkick Murpheys at the o2 in Birmingham last night. Still a horrible venue but brought back fond memories of gigs and nights out. The Dropkicks were real good but I was slightly disappointed by the lack of "Hey baby let the free birds fly!" during their otherwise rousing rendition of 'The Fields Of Athenry'.
  5. Another one for the indie bin, Me And You And Everyone We Know. I caught this on Film 4 when I was in my late teens and it was right place, right time. I love the quirky nature of the characters and intertwining plot, and the artsy visuals and deep themes running through the narrative. I bought it on DVD the next day and soon had the poster on my wall. Then I watched it with a girl around 8 years ago and she fell asleep, even after I bigged it up as this masterpiece of cinema. I didn't watch again until I threw it on for old times sake a while back and it's then that I concluded that it's just sheer nonsense. The plot is paper thin and most of the characters don't have satisfying conclusions, let alone any definable arc. The themes and messages have good intentions but they're lost in a sea of pointless scenes. Love Actually nailed this formula down.
  6. You clearly missed Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta when skimming that list.
  7. Anyone believing this story is a giant turnip. I'd imagine that ridiculous rumours like this are used to plug any leaks, pardon the pun.
  8. Yeah, I'd say this fan art and nothing official. I'm pretty sure Alexa and Buddy broke up a while back too.
  9. It's around a decade old now (Jesus Christ), but I found Sex Drive to be great, mindless fun. Don't watch the regular version though, instead opt for the extended directors cut where they've added bloopers, improv scenes, out-takes and super-imposed boobs and dicks everywhere. Again, mindless fun.
  10. I'm hearing conflicting reports on it being a better venue. I'm all ready over it, I just have to make sure I grab some cans for the tube journey back just so I don't get that awful sobering-up headache. 40 mins of no booze is deadly once you're a tad sozzled. Any idea what time it's supposed to finish? Is there a curfew in London for these gigs?
  11. Weirdly enough, they just announced that the Jawbreaker gig is now at the 02 in Kentish Town instead of Brixton. That has really, really fucked me off as I've got accommodation booked in Brixton, so that's a 30-45 minute tube journey on top. For fucks sake.
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