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  1. Got an email from Jet2 this morning saying that my holiday to Rome in May is cancelled. They offered a full refund or I could use the cash towards something else, but I can't see international travel being an option for quite a while. I don't know if it's because I'm knee deep American news 40 hours per week, but seeing all these cities and states ban all sizes of gatherings whilst Boris did absolutely sod all yesterday is quite disheartening. I'd rather we suspend/cancel/postpone events and get laughed at down the line for overreacting than any of the grim alternatives.
  2. Yep, I did this in Chester early last year. I tried to beat the red whilst dealing with Chester's frustrating layout and got caught by a the camera. I never knew traffic light cameras were a thing but that's naivety for you. It was my first offence so I had the option of paying £100 with three points or taking a 6 hour driver's course. So obviously I took the course, only to find out that I had to pay a £100 fee for my place on the course. Sneaky stuff. So I thought fuck it, booked the course for a 2pm slot in London, got a cheap train ticket and had a lovely day lounging around the capital before sulking off to a Holiday Inn for the course. I wasn't going to waste a whole day due to this. The course itself was excruciatingly boring, dull, demeaning and condescending. Set out like a classroom with 6-8 people per table, sat around with pencils and an activity book to fill out as we went along. It was FULL of people in denial about their offenses and crimes. Some young lad was adamant that he was merely scratching his knee and not playing on his phone, there was a bus driver who said he's allowed to speed past cameras due to some loophole in the law and a middle class full-time mum who kept going about "PC gone mad" in relation to her stopping her car across both lanes to drop off her kids. The hotel was in the middle of Camden though, so a couple of pints at The Hawley Arms afterwards was a welcome reward before the train back home.
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