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  1. @King Pitcos, I think my previous comments will do as a long-form response; Again, someone backing their voting choice with hateful opinions isn't someone who you can debate with. Someone who hates a certain race, creed or sexual orientation/identification isn't going to be won over and isn't going to consider any opinion, and is the same goes for people who dismiss concerns of the NHS crumbling and the rising poverty levels. There's a massive difference between someone saying, "I voted Torie because I agree with their Brexit plan and their tax spending strategy" and someone saying "I voted Torie because I don't like them immigrants". A conversation works with the former, not the latter. I can't believe it's come to the point now where someone with a vile opinion can't be told to fuck off with their vile opinions. And they are vile opinions, no matter how much fence-sitting you like to do (no offense, Keith). It's an incredibly frustrating situation, and if having compassion for people less fortunate than myself and having utter contempt for people who want to decrease funding, services and benefits, if that makes me some idealist, naive 6th-former then line me up, bend me over and use me as a toast rack.
  2. If there's anyone on this forum who represents that Stewart Lee 'The Money Is Mine...' bit more than anyone else, it's MPDTT.
  3. I watch AEW every Thursday morning on my phone in bed before work. I couldn't give a toss about catching Smackdown & RAW, and I'll just catch all the GIFs and news at work anyway. NXT is one I'm a tad saddened to drop but something had to give and it was Mauro's commentary and their slow production downgrades to being RAW-lite that made that choice for me. Still, if NXT's night became available again I'd happily watch in the morning alá AEW. I catch everything else (New Japan, GCW, misc indies) as and when I can, or when a big match/event happens. That's slowed down considerably in the traditional post-G1 rest period but I'll be back and more refreshed come January and just in time for Wrestle Kingdom.
  4. I can't argue or agree as that's totally above my station. I'm nowhere near knowledgeable enough in all this to get that deep but I'll certainly take your word for it. I will say that Uber has been a God send for me ever since it's inception, when getting a taxi was an ordeal in constantly being told on the phone "He's just coming down your road now...", being overcharged and scrambling for different phone numbers because no one will go to your area. If they're being shit, I hope something pops up and straightens them out.
  5. Again, this is fine if you're debating the finer details of the immigration manifesto or looking at where all those tax dollars go to. But if someone called into O'Brian's show and said "I AM VOTING FOR THE TORIES BECAUSE LEAVE MEANS LEAVE AND I DON'T LIKE ALL THESE NON-WHITES IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE REPERCUSSIONS TO THE NHS" he would absolutely be in his rights to tell that person to fuck off. You can't debate rationally with bigots, racists and cunts. I am currently having an argument in a FB thread as I foolishly made a comment about not being happy with my local seat being taken by a Tory in a long-standing Labour area (I rarely, if ever, comment on public FB threads like that). Someone told me they voted for the local Tory because she hates the people washing cars at the lights and begging for money (yeah, fuck the homeless), she wants an end to Uber in our area because the drivers are "nasty" (yikes) and wants an end to HMOs for no particular reason (because fuck students and those on lower-income jobs). That kind of person isn't going to respond to any constructive debate (trust me, people have tried) and so she is rightfully being told to fuck off for being a racist, classist, uncompassionate arsehole.
  6. I'd put FO3 above New Vegas. Whilst NV has better writing and a tighter RPG elements, FO3 had bags more charm to it and the main story felt more engrossing. So I'd put Fallout 3 in there, along with Saints Row 2, Halo: Reach, Smackdown:HCTP, Binding Of Issac, Vice City, Batman: Arkham City, Wario Ware:Touched and Elite Beat Agents.
  7. That way of thinking worked ten years ago. Politics is a lot more personal now that people's suffering is a lot more publicized and politicians (and the public's) views become more radicalized. Socio-political issues have become much more ingrained, and topics such as climate change have become heavily interwoven in the conversation. The party you vote for now has a direct and huge effect on the quality of people's lives, and a vote for the Tory party (just as an example) usually has a negative, lasting effect on those who are less fortunate and those who are already struggling. So yeah, shouting down people who "JUST WANT BREXIT DONE, INNIT" even though their vote will cost people their lives, sounds okay to me because we're not just voting on stuff like water rates, public transport costs and what kids get taught at schools anymore.
  8. Roman came back from fucking leukemia and still wasn't the hottest shit in WWE. Their ineptitude with booking white-meat babyfaces has been extremely patchy for the past fifteen years.
  9. I was referring mainly to the NHS, the working time directive, 28 days mandatory leave, food hygiene/health standards and David Beckham's right foot. Everything else is mostly shit.
  10. I love the upper-classes trouncing in here with all their cash, happy that they aren't gonna be losing an extra 50 quid from their ginormous paychecks whilst the NHS crumbles under extreme staffing issues, people are freezing and starving, and the emergency services can't get a squad car out to someone being viciously assaulted ten minutes away. Gotta get Brexit done, haven't we mate? Gotta leave that union whilst the rich get richer and everything that made this country truly great is fucked over in the name of brutal nationalism.
  11. Polling station was rammed, more so than I've ever seen it before. Birmingham can usually be counted on as a Labour staple, but I've really had my doubts since Brexit. Fingers crossed.
  12. Settle in with a cup of hot chocolate and take a stroll through this fantastic Twitter thread; Almost every one of these moments falls into the "When It's Good, It's Fucking Great" category. What a sport. What a beautiful sport.
  13. Huh, that's a massive shame. He got a lot of goodwill from myself when he happily told his homosexual fans to "Wank away!" at photos of him. What a decline.
  14. I don't know whether it was that episode being the first bit of wrestling that I've watched in quite a while, but I enjoyed that. The two hours flew by. The women's match was still too long and lost the crowd in the middle, and this Brandi stuff is still a bit shit, but I liked everything else. I've also got a feeling that the mystery man next to Brandi will be revealed as Joey Mercury.
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