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  1. See that's the thing. When I went to the GP with this issue the first time about 10 years ago, I was refereed to the Walk-in centre for syringing as it was the only place in Brum that offered such service under the NHS. I'd occasionally ask every now & again during check-ups and be given the same answer. So I'm hoping they book me in with the WIC straight away, instead of going through two weeks of the oil treatment again, doomed to repeat the circle. Fucking hell, mate,. See this is why I hate calling up 111, because I always feel like someone needs that service more. Solidar
  2. I was going to make this a "Moan about the health care system" thread but this is more catch-all. So I "suffer" from small ear canals, which means wax builds ups heavily in my ears. Once or twice a year I'll go gradually completely deaf, which means dropping a load of olive oil down my lugs twice per day for a fortnight before getting them syringed (basically having warm water shot through your canal via a small, powerful hose) at my local NHS walk-in center. So I got the usual gradual loss of hearing through March, took the two weeks to soak them in olive oil (they won't clean your
  3. As an unabashed fan of Ospreay's in-ring work, this is 100% true. If they'd gone ahead with this title reign but without the cringe heel bollocks and Attitude-era horseshit, it would've landed so much better. It's easy to separate the art from the artist when you aren't constantly bringing up how much of a twat the artist is. Remember this is pro wrestling, that bar is already incredibly low. Instead, we have to go all HEEEAAAATTTT with it, and lets be honest here, New Japan has been turning into a Memphis heat promotion for a while now. It started with Jay White and G.O.D, went to the n
  4. I've got an eternal soft spot for Korn, if only because the goffs/sk8ers at school were all referred to as 'KornBods' by the townies and normal folk. I always make sure to see them whenever they happen to be part of a festival that I'm attending, despite being unfamiliar and unimpressed with their post-2005 material.
  5. Uh-oh; Sony is pulling all PSP, PS3 and VITA content from their stores over the summer. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-03-22-sonys-ps3-psp-and-vita-digital-stores-reportedly-closing-for-good-this-summer This is real shit news and is the main negative side-effect to digital gaming; it can just disappear. I'd wager a lot of games on the store have physical releases but you'll be paying out of the arse for them, especially now their value will skyrocket even more. For the VITA, it's less shit. I wont say why so as to not break any forum rules, but it's quite easy to sail
  6. Similarly, Doctor Death was brought in to trample through the Brawl 4 All tournament and go on to challenge Austin for the strap. Of course those plans hit the bin lid when the good doctor got KO'ed by Bart Gunn in the second round.
  7. If anything, that Goldberg loss only strengthened their resolve as they will not shut the fuck up about it. I mean, the Kevin Owens fans quickly let it go, and I have to imagine that both fanbases have a pretty large cross-section. It's so odd.
  8. I've previously wrote about my love of 2016/2017. The brand split, and more importantly Smackdown, offered a chance to really make a go at a format that I believe is actually extremely beneficial when done correctly. It just so happens that like all things that WWE touches, they can't help but ruin it in 18 months. Ah well, WWE does what WWE does (which is turn chicken salad into chicken shit). Anyway, here's what I would put into a Best Of 2016 - 2020* set, in no particular order. You'll notice that 2019 and 2018 don't get the same shine as 2016/2017, as that's when WWE went completely o
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