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  1. WWE's creative team is in for a shock when their brand of 'comedy' is put on the same streaming service as 30 Rock, Parks & Rec and Frasier. The gulf in class will be even more visible. Then again, the same service also houses Two And A Half Men so standards are already low.
  2. People to this day still shit on Big Bang Theory; not because it "ripped the piss out of nerds", but because it was lowest-common denominator and lazily-written shite. The only thing they did right was produce half-an-hours worth of dinner time TV every week for 12 seasons in order to sell commercials. Anyway, back to 'Taker. Shite opinions, weird/sad relationship with his boss, partly responsible for a toxic backstage environment but does have a good resume of matches to his name. Swings and roundabouts.
  3. Excellent work as usual@Onyx2, a sure fire contender for Thread Of The Year 2021.
  4. I voted for Wrestle Me as it's a wonderful little show, but ever since they mentioned that everyone in the Patreon was shitting on Necro vs Joe, I've had an utter disdain for their fanbase. Nerds, the lot of you.
  5. I'm coming up to the end of HollowKnight. I've put 60 hours into it so far, but every time I think I've seen it all I suddenly discover a brand new area. It's such a brilliant game, with actual care and attention gone into it. I've avoided a lot of boss battles though because they tend to be rock solid, but I'm at a point now where I have to confront my demons and defeat them all before I can make any more progress. Off the top of my head there's ten bastards that I discovered and just quickly back-pedalled after five minutes of countless deaths. Wonderful game, all in all.
  6. Frank walking past the door in Naked Gun kills me every time.
  7. WWE Battleground made it onto Jim Sterling's Worst Game Of The Year list, and he's someone who's opinion ranks pretty highly, so you've made a fine choice there. I'm currently playing through Hollow Knight and I'm absolutely loving it. The game is surprisingly big; every time I think I'm coming to the end I find a new, unexplored area of the map. It's incredibly addictive. And the Grubs are the most adorable NPCs in gaming history.
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