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  1. I wouldn't be so sure of that; Austin's Smoking Skull belt reign only lasted a couple of months or so.
  2. Accident Prone

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Last night's raw was in Lafayette, which is basically a swamp town in South Louisiana, wheres New Orleans, the main city and located in the South-East, hosted last year's Mania and Mania 30 and is generally a louder, more responsive crowd. It's similar to Pennsylvania, which houses both the typically quiet Pittsburgh and the typically loud Philadelphia.
  3. Accident Prone

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    This has always boggled my mind in regards to these quieter crowds (and it's always the same ones). What causes someone to buy a ticket to a show that they have little to no intensest in? Do some markets still only get by on the WWE brand name, despite the audience not being invested in the characters and stories?
  4. Accident Prone

    Random Thoughts III.

    Stumbled across this fantastic clip of a young John Cena geeking out over his new gaming set-up and the Command & Conquer games. How is it possible for anyone to dislike this man? Yeah, there are some questionable stories of his backstage politicking and squandering 'pushes', and his superman booking put a lot of people off the WWE product, but he is so bloody entertaining at everything else that you instantly forgive him. Hell, this clip alone has made me forget the atrocious ending to the Nexus angle and him supposedly putting the kibosh on JTG's merch.
  5. Accident Prone

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Debuting NXT guys to a minor market with a flat crowd is always going to go down well.
  6. Accident Prone

    The (mostly bad) films of Kevin Smith

    I liked Cop Out when I was in my early twenties. Everything else he had a hand in has generally been crud, and I'll probably think the same of Cop Out if I re-watched it now.
  7. Accident Prone

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    It's think it's down to the UK registered bank card. Gives it away unless you can now hook up your Paypal account too. I'll give it a go though after work and I'll report back with the findings.
  8. Accident Prone

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    Best part of the film. Hands down.
  9. Accident Prone

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    This is also a major strike against the film for me. The dog is running through explosions, cars are going up in flames with innocent people perishing inside of them, but here we are cheering the dog and hoping he makes it. It takes away any stakes for the remainder of the movie because that scene conditions you to not give a fuck about the rest of Earth's inhabitants in the face of this severe threat. Then the giant alien ship (and their fleet) are killed off by an Apple Powerbook 5300. Another massive strike. The only shining light in the movie is Randy Quaid.
  10. Accident Prone

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Honestly, that Bryan/Wyatt family angle is so far removed from my memory that I only just joined the dots on the Rowan connection thanks to the past few posts. I even re-watched the fantastic Bryan vs Bray cage match on Saturday and it didn't even twig me then.
  11. Accident Prone

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Women's Chamber - Tremendous. The right team won and Mandy Rose is going to be a fucking superstar. She's probably the most underrated woman on the roster. She looks good and she's crisp as fuck in her movements, light-years ahead of other female mainstays. Men's Chamber - Whilst not as action-packed as the women's edition, this still packed a mighty punch and the closing Bryan/Kofi segement was incredible. The post-match was great too and brought a tear to my eye as Kofi had his time in the spotlight. I still remember an interview with Xavier Woods, where he said his one goal in WWE was to make Kofi Kingston the WWE Champion. For a small moment on a Monday morning, I actually believed it might happen. Unreal. Stick me with in the camp who are a bit miffed by the Becky/Charlotte/Ronda angle. Not for the same reasons as the rest of you though. I thought it was booked great, and Becky looked good on the way out. My issue was the crutch shots; remember when a single strike to the back was enough to put someone down? This used to be a devastating weapon, but here's Becky Lynch swinging one wildly at Charlotte and Ronda, who are both wailing and flailing about the gaff like they're the recipient of a towel being whipped at them. The end result was brutal in it's result but shit in it's execution. The whole attack felt naff and dull. Imagine how much more effective it would've been if Becky walloped a single crutch shot across Charlotte's back or leg. She sells it like death because crutch shots used to be up there with piledrivers and low blows as big finishes. She then does the same to Ronda. WHAM! She collapses like a sack of bricks, as the security run out to stop any further assault and she's escorted out like she was. That would've sold the angle so much better and Charlotte and Ronda wouldn't be battered from a couple dozen shitty looking strikes with a stick.
  12. Accident Prone

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    Update: This didn't work. Downloaded NORD, accessed the US version of comixology but it's the connection to your amazon account that throws a wrench in the works. Bugger.
  13. Accident Prone

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Bollocks to that. El Generico holds up spectacularly well, especially his 2007 - 2013 PWG run.
  14. Accident Prone

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    Ah, brilliant! I might try some underhanded tactics with a VPN. Cheers!
  15. Accident Prone

    The UKFF Comics n Graphic Novels thread

    Is there a version of this for Image or Vertigo? I had to stop reading several comics (Chew, Saga, Sandman) because the trades are pricey.