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  1. Yeah this one killed my near-20 year fandom of Dilbert. Someone on Twitter alerted me to Scott's political beliefs a couple of years ago, so I checked his website and social media. Woof. I've no longer been able to read the comic strips since. What a dweeb. Same thing happened with Terrible Tim, the guy who wrote the ear worm "Brother Man Bill" way back in YouTube's infancy. Tim is now big into the anti-vac crowd and believes COVID is a hoax. At least that has finally de-wormed that song from my head after 14 years.
  2. I'll give it a few weeks and I'll have another go then. This is definitely something I would've analysed thoroughly and bored everyone to death with back in my film snob early 20's.
  3. Only a few hours left on these! Some great bargains going here, get'em while they're hot!
  4. No Country For Old Men I was really enjoying this. Had the subtitles on and everything to let every little word sink in properly. Then the last 15 minutes comes into play and takes a piss all over it. I actually let out a confused "What the fuck?!" when the credits started rolling as I was so disappointed. Brilliant performances. Awful ending. 7/10. Sorry lads.
  5. I mean, THPS is a very common online abbreviation for Tony Hawk games, but if this were real life I'd definitely be referring to it as "Skatey skate ska-punk". Cheers! Saturday night is sorted then. Phat air.
  6. So who has the hands-on opinions for THPS? I'm still feeling weary about the franchise, stemming from the THPS5 debacle so i don't want to throw my cash down just yet, but I trust most (okay, some) of the voices on this board. I'm really wanting it to be great but I also realise that it's modern gaming and has every chance to be sabotaged and shite.
  7. I've taken up running again to loose a little (re: a lot) of this COVID weight, and I tend to run in this big park across the road. Huge wide open fields with a path going through the middle. So I'll be running along on the path and whenever I see someone coming towards me, I always move sideways off the path and at least a meter onto the grass, because I'm sweating and breathing heavily and there's bodily fluids flying everywhere. Obviously, the typical social distancing 6 feet isn't enough to protect against fat fucks galloping away so the extra social distance is warranted. Howev
  8. Having a bit of a clear out; Bundle of 3 disc WWE sets: Chris Jericho, The Rock, Best Of Smackdown 1999-2009, Ladder Matches collection, Elimination Chamber collection - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143715945550 Limited edition (only 2000 copies of each made) WWE DVD sets: Edge - Decade Of Decadence and Hell In A Cell matches collection - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143715948762 Bundle of WWE Blu-Rays: True Story Of WrestleMania, Ladder Matches vol 2, Money In The Bank matches collection - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143715973632 Bundle of ECW ROH TNA WWE DVDs - Best of Guilty
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