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  1. I think that might have been Private Stars.
  2. Hey lads, wondering if anyone here can help me. For ages now, I've been trying to track down seasons/episodes of classic CH4 softcore boobfest, EuroTrash. My searches have yielded nothing but a series of video clips, the 2016 edition and a short comp DVD they released. I'm trying to track down a particular episode that featured a European game show where the male audience were picked out the crowd too have a grope of some semi-naked ladies. I told the lads about it down the pub a few months back but they didn't believe me, hence my search. Any help would be smashing!
  3. I still listen to the Pollock/Ting shows but I can't stand the rest of the gang. Agnew and Lavranski are the drizzling shits.
  4. Talking of Futurama, the episode where Fry thinks his brother stole his life goals, only to discover that it was actually his brother's son, had me streaming a few tears.
  5. For fuck's sake. Wind it in, mate.
  6. This forum is one of the most positive wrestling message boards on the web. The posters are (mostly) mature adults with families and such who can look at the dumb, ilogical shit in wrestling and laugh about it, and hell even enjoy it. So when something gets this place up in arms, it's got to be something sizable and something that matters. This isn't your average IWC smark rage that you'll find on Reddit, random shitty wrestling FB pages and the thousands of wrestling boards out there. You really have to crate a massive pong to cause a stink here and PCW have done just that.
  7. Not many people will argue with a guy who is drilling ink into their skin, much like I won't argue with the barber or dentist.
  8. I won the Sports Award in Year 4. It was a weekly award that was given out each week, during the big assembly, to someone who had excelled in PE or in the school footy team. And I won it, not by playing sport or hitting a home-run in rounders, but because I joined the after school dance class. I had just joined the school mid-year and was having a tough time making friends so this was my illogical plan to make a few mates. Did it work? Bollocks did it. Fucking obvious to anyone that it was doomed from the start. It was full of girls, no other lads at all. Eeeeeew! Girls! Girls don't like tanks or Nintendo, they're shit. The headmaster mentioned during the assembly that I was the only boy who went to the class. Thanks miss. Anyways, I didn't expect the award and it didn't really make me anymore popular, but for one week I was King Of Sports because I wiggled my arse to 'Tiger Feet'. I'm still proud of it to this day as I'd shown all those athletic types what-for. I was the David Arquette of Primary School PE and I feel like a proper bloke because of it. "Yeah, I've got a background in sports, won awards and stuff for it at school." Bragger's rights, lads. Bragger's rights.
  9. Well they aren't doing well so far.
  11. With the massive amounts of names on the cards, it could have been marketed as a regular tournament with no impact to ticket sales. Then you save the Kris Travis 'branding' for those shows where you DO give away the cash to charity. They should have seen this coming.
  12. Lemon Party Wanking Sorry lads, low hanging fruit.
  13. I've noticed a thing that ref's do now where, if someone is being pinned close to the ropes, they'll lie themselves between the ropes and the pin atttempt, stopping any chance of a wrestler grabbing the bottom rope with his hand to break the pin. Very small thing but it really gets my knickers in a twist.
  14. Why the fuck would you want Trump assassinated? Mike Pence is the VP, that man is pure evil and would be a lot worse for America than anything Trump brings to the table. We'll have science books reduced to eight pages, Planned Parenthood will be taken down and homosexuals will have to undergo conversion therapy (that last one is not an exaggeration). Best we can do is hope Trump leaves America, and the world, relatively unscathed in four years when he's hopefully voted out.
  15. I don't want to be digging up old posts for the sake of it, but I had to point out that this has had me creasing for the past 45 minutes. Everytime I think I'm over it, "butter over the remote control" pops into my head and I lose it again.