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  1. I'm going to tag him again which will annoy him but @johnnyboy's advice was excellent; Plex works a treat! I'll probably sign-up for the premium plan too so I can download videos to my phone. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks @johnnyboy, I'll look into this over the weekend. Fingers crossed!
  3. Yeah that thought did cross my mind but my laptop is basically chained up in the upstairs home office for WFH, so I thought having this small portable hard drive would be easier to plug and play into the TV/games console.
  4. For the first time since I can remember, I feel stumped by a tech issue and I stubbornly, selfishly refuse to believe that the answer is "buy something more expensive" so I'm just after some assistance if possible. Basically, I've got a 4TB portable hard drive (so it's powered by the system it is plugged into) and it's full of video files that I'd like to watch on TV, My TV is well over ten years old, so the USB ports on the back don't do much save for power my Chromecast. I plug the hard drive in and no source appears on the list. So that's option one gone. I've got a PS4 plugged into that TV and for that to work I'll have to convert my hard drive to exFAT (a lot of the video files are well over 4gb so FAT32 is out of the question). My laptop hard drive is only 400gb, and the portable drive is nearly full so that's shagged any chance of just transferring the files over whilst I format the drive. I've Googled and searched this topic high and low, and all the answers assume you have a modern TV or have already formatted the portable drive to exFAT. Is my only option to just buy a new TV or is there some sort of work around or sneaky third-party device that I can use? I could just plug my laptop into the HDMI slot of the TV but that kinda defeats the purpose of having a portable hard drive. Thanks in advance for any help and assistance. Cheers!
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