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  1. I've spent a load of time on Rogue Legacy and Dead Cells equally and I honestly cannot pick my favourite. Both are brilliant and both have their pro's over the other. If Dead Cells were on Vita, then it would absolutely be my pick out of the two though.
  2. I think I'll have some trouble convincing the missus to go to a footy game, but it's worth a shot! I'll monitor the situation when we're half cut and browsing ticket re-selling sites.
  3. Well bloody hell, big thanks @HarmonicGenerator and @simonworden! Excellent stuff! I'll definitely be booking all those tours and attractions in advance then. It's probably silly not to visit the Vatican but it does sound like a massive ball ache. I'm hoping to eat my bodyweight in gelato, pizza and calzone whilst I'm there too.
  4. Just booked a tidy week in Rome in the first week off May. Got it for £860 /2 people from Jet2CityBreaks, which is about £100 cheaper than what it was costing to book everything myself separately. I've not been before so has anyone got any tips, do's & donts? Looks like a cracking place with way too much to do and I'd wager there'll be tourists clogging up all the major landmarks. I don't mind all the hustle and bustle though.
  5. If I was throwing together a BritWres nostalgia show, Cage Tyler vs Kriss Sprules would be a heavily featured match without a doubt. Those two lads can really go.
  6. Huh, weird seeing no one talking about last night's show. I think interest has plummeted a bit seeing as a lot of folk, myself included, would make the time to watch in the morning (or live, if you're insane). I haven't watched the show as I'm still a tad trepidatious but I might jump back in next week as this show sounded pretty solid with the exception of Brandi Rhodes wrestling on actual television. Also, somebody fiddled with audio levels and found out who the secret leader of the Dark Order is;
  7. https://www.playstation.com/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/
  8. SW2 definitively took around that to complete, but I've definitely played more than 12 hours of Rogue Legacy and it usually takes me a shitload of time to play any AAA game, so the likes of Tomb Raider and RDR2 being omitted is a bit shit.
  9. Well I can't say that I don't have a type; I'm sure I've plugged more hours into RDR2 and Tomb Raider so, just like Spotify Wrapped, I'm a tad dubious about these stats. But still, this is an accurate snapshot of my gaming tastes.
  10. I just had a bit of a piss around on Movie Maker. Not the best but it'll do;
  11. Thanks PunkStep! I am a married man now, so I'll have to quell the flirting unfortunately. I've been going grey since my early 20's, I blame my Dad's side of the family. Irish grey.
  12. Might as well change the thread title to "Embarrassing encounters with non-fans". Queuing outside the tiny Planet Nightclub in Wolverhamption for Fight Club Pro back in 2012/2013, and some lads who were well into their pre-drinking for the night, wondered over to check out the big queue. "What's all this for?", one of them asked aloud. One of the guys queuing behind me said something like, "It's for a pro wrestling show!" and we all cringed hard. "What, like fucking Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold and that? In there?!? Fuuuuuuck of!!!" and the lads wandered away laughing. Embarrassing for me, and embarrassing for my mate who I had hyped up this show to.
  13. It's quite the opposite for Janela, as he's opened up to doing some limited indie dates. He was one of the first signed up, and we're past the first year anniversary of AEW being officially announced, so maybe his contract has loosened up after the first year? And maybe MJF's was tightened? Back when AEW was launching, Khan did mention that he wanted to get into a weekend house show circuit, but that hasn't happened yet so a lot of the guys are missing out on those usual payday, hence why you might see more of the lower-card/mid-card hitting some indie dates again.
  14. Cheers! The tie and collar eventually got fixed by my best man as we were whizzing out of our hotel rooms at this point due to totally losing track of time. Bit peeved off with my hair not holding shape (by this point it had collapsed) but that's my fault for forgetting to pack my extreme hold hair spray.
  15. I got married 45 days ago and I'm only just now getting a few shots sent to me by the photographer, and I can see why it's taking him so long as I have never, ever looked this good in my life and I will never reach this peak again. You wouldn't know that I am hungover, knackered and all ready four whiskies in. The magic of editing. I'm going to use him for all my weddings going forward.
  16. I fucking guffawed when Meltz posted this on Twitter. People were defending it as well, vehemently. Meltz saying he hated the Moxley/Omega match but then awarding it ****+ anyway was hilarious. He's using any backdoor he can to make sure his pals and sources have a light shined on them, and it's incredible to see the lengths that he'll go.
  17. Despite how cringe, awkward and daft Dave has been the past few years, it doesn't top just how shite and sad that MeltzerSaidWhat account is. Everyone pulls up Meltzer for his BS these days, it's nothing new, and there are other accounts who do a better job at taking apart what he says whilst not coming off as a deranged loon.
  18. If you're the into nostalgia-era of ROH (2002-2004) and the golden-era of ROH (2004-2007), you're not going to find much. Last time I checked it was a few shows and compilations, but that's it. In terms of the modern ROH product, it's just there filling TV time. The in-ring work is bang-average by modern standards but the storylines and angles are usually complete drivel, and half the roster is filled with schmucks. You hardly see their shows being talked about online because they just exist to fill TV time. If you're into the good side of the roster, and can ignore the woeful stories, then good luck getting around ROH's terrible production values. Yep, they've got a nice ring and set, but you'll find that either a) the crowd is dead, b) the crowd aren't miked up properly, c) The commentary volume is way, way above the crowd audio track or, c) All three. It's an awful viewing experience. Maybe Scurll can take action and improve the product? Who knows. But they can't do any worse then where they are now (well, they could fold and that could be worse, I guess). For me, they need to hit the production aspect hard and go back to basics on the angles, so I can at least enjoy the crop of solid lads that they do use.
  19. I threw on John Wick 2 on Saturday as I suppose I should catch up on those sequels that everyone seems to love. Fun stuff, although the Gun-Kata gets a bit boring after a while. Keanu is great, and the scenes where Wick is getting set-up were tremendously entertaining. The supporting cast were all lovely as well. I'm not a fan of the stylized subtitles though, at all. A bit wanky for my tastes. Talking of subtitles, I had to put on the English CCs because everyone was fucking mumbling their lines, which seems to be a emerging habit in modern TV/movies. *oldmanyellsatcloud.jpeg*. Still, a jolly good time that got me lubed up for number 3, which I'll probably watch in 2023 at this rate.
  20. And I am not massively shocked to see one of our very own regular forum cretins defending Teddy in that very same thread
  21. "I believe in nepotism, I believe in giving your friends jobs. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for nepotism." - Cody Rhodes at Starrcast. Tony Khan needs to leave the dogs alone and actually put his foot down at some point.
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