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  1. Yeah, I do hope that's the case. Time will tell though, and I'll most likely use David's way of getting onto the subject when we're on a long drive. There's a trip planned for Shrewsbury soon, so that'll make for excellent talk on the way back home.
  2. I thought it would be Jeff Katz' Wrestling Retribution Project but that's a very good shout too.
  3. That's a fantastic bit of advice, David. I'll take that on-board.
  4. Her behavior hasn't changed, I guess I'm just worried that it will. The more I think about it the more awful I feel about myself for even beginning to think that way. Also, we're going to be parents soon and I can't put into words how much I don't want my kid growing up with those sorts of thoughts about other people and their rights. Totally fair points, David. I don't think she knew of my utter disdain for these Shapiro types until she told me then, and even then I don't think she's quite cottoned on. Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. I'm going to leave it for now as it's doing a bit of a number on me so I'm just going to let it play out. Maybe I'll bring it up to her in a month's time and see where she's at.
  5. Kat's love for all things Phil Brookes will never not be endearing. Fair play, keep the faith.
  6. If those videos don't bother you Sonny then that says more about you than me. I had a chat with her last night just to get a feel (steady now) of how she's feeling politically. I didn't bring this guy or the videos up, I just managed to bring up politics by asking if she went to vote last night. She seems the same and I made sure to slag off some right-wing American politics (such as some conservatives thinking a that a fridge is a luxury) a bit just to see if it caused any defensiveness. Christ, I really am sounding like a right, utter cunt. I really, really don't like myself right now. I know couples who are politically at odds with each other, what makes my relationship any different? Fucks sake. It helps to write it all down though.
  7. Aye, I don't think I have a choice. I just don't want to appear like a controlling prick that tells what she should and shouldn't watch. It's hardly a deal breaker but it's just a really weird situation to find myself in. It's feels like when a good mate suddenly starts a sentence with, "I'm not racist but...".
  8. So bit of a weird one this, and this is the most appropriate thread for it (probably). It's most likely a very stupid issue but I guess I just need some impartial assurance and advice. Background; been with the missus close to ten years now. Living together, engaged, all that jazz. A few days back she mentioned that she's been listening to this guy on YouTube loads. She said she disagrees with everything he says but only watches because she finds him so wrong that it's somehow entertaining. I'm a very liberal, left leaning bloke and she tends to lean in the same direction, so I cottoned on that it must be one of those alt-right Ben Shapiro types. Turns out, I was right. I did a shit thing and had a look at her YouTube account, and it was there in the play history; Hunter Avallone. And she's watched a fair fucking few videos of his going back what looks like weeks. I mean, look at the fucking state of this wanker; He's mates with all those other cunts too; Paul Joseph Watson, Ryan Fournier, Shapiro, the fucking lot. Loves Richard Spencer and Trump and all the other hard right-wing nutjobs with power. So I don't know what to do here. She's either legit watching these guys videos to laugh at him or went down a couple of YouTube rabitt holes and is slowly going to end up agreeing with what he's on about and it's a slippery slope from there. She said that's she's been watching him quite a bit so she's probably smashed through the looking glass by now. Now I have no idea how to broach this subject with her. She's never, ever struck me as the type to be into this gash. She admits that she doesn't know much politically, kind of like myself TBH, but I know where I stand on the left-to-right scale(both politically and socio-politically) and she's always been like myself; left leaning with sprinkles of fence sitting. She's the most kind hearted, caring person I know and this seems to be the complete opposite of that. Any advice here? Should I just let her get on with it, safe in the belief that she's hate-watching the guy? Or do I ask her about this change and look like some controlling, censoring man bastard? Christ, I hate the internet sometimes.
  9. XFINITY, the cable company distributing the PPV in the US, are using WWE 2K19's arena creator for their advertised image of Double Or Nothing. Brilliant. The WWE 2K19 logo is even in the top right corner. This is amazing.
  10. It was a crime scene, end of. As the guy says in the doc, the place should've been cleared out as soon as Owen had been transported, with only the key players staying in the building. The stuff with Jimmy feeling something graze him and seeing the state of Owen's arm, was shocking.
  11. Bang on. With the Omega vs Jericho also being a number one contender match for their main championship, you're guaranteed a face-off during the PPV.
  12. I think that's the issue, as whenever I've seen this topic debated online it is usually pro-life men arguing against both women and men who are pro-choice. Nash's tweets are directed at those men feverishly fighting for their 'Christian values' but not giving a damn about the context, repercussions or helping support the child once it is born. It's almost like saying if all men didn't have a say on the matter, then Pro-Choice would be an overwhelming outcome.
  13. Yep, I've never understood this. I love ZSJ but when he used to do that spot I would quietly mutter "Why?" to myself.
  14. Fuck sake. Absolutely mental. Over the past six years, my idea to move to America, even only temporarily, has decreased in enthusiasm and political moves like this further fuel that.
  15. Kevin Nash is the man. Big Dave is also the man.
  16. Dave Meltzer over on the Wrestling Observer forum.
  17. That's fair enough, on both points. I really hope I'm wrong on my quick judgement and if it's actively helping then that's good.
  18. Bix is now talking about the 2018 'apology' that Massaro sent WWE back in October, but I get the feeling that he really isn't pushing it. He put more effort into researching the heath and safety codes for the venues PROGRESS toured in a couple of years back. Still, apart from him and the occasional RT of Chris B's tweets, I am seeing nothing about this on my timeline. It's horrible.
  19. In an interesting bit of detail, people who had tickets booked for PAC's signing at Starracst have had their tickets automatically refunded. If PAC's withdrawal from D.O.N is purely a creative difference then surely he would have no issues with an out-of-character signing? So either it's a creative issue that AEW and/or PAC have decided to take to the next level by cancelling PAC's convention appearance (with both parties losing money on that front) or it's something more, like a visa issue. If it's a visa issue, then it shines a bit more light on Fenix no-showing an indie booking this past weekend in Ohio with no explanation. So apart from Fenix and PAC, there's Pentagon, CIMA, the OWE lads and the women in the Joshi showcase tag who probably need visas to work this show. I hope AEW have their shit together and this is just first-event jitters mixed with coincidental information. There's a hell of a lot of pressure to pull this off, and most promoters don't have this many eyes on their non-existent product before the bell has even rang on their debut event, but I don't imagine the fan base will be so forgiving after D.O.N.
  20. I didn't want to stick this in the podcast thread where it would be largely ignored. POST Wrestling's John Pollock has put together a tremendous audio documentary that goes through Owen Hart's last day at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. He interviews several people who were close to the situation in order to get a detailed look at what happened during the day, the incident itself and the aftermath. There's a lot of info I didn't know in here, such as Owen leaving the arena in protest over the planned stunt and Honky Tonk Man initially telling wrestling reporters that Owen's death was a work. There's also some unnerving footage of Vince being grilled over not cancelling the show and Martha Hart's battle against the family. Honestly, find 50 minutes to listen to this. It's a well researched, well put together piece that's up there with the best audio documentaries. https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/05/20/owen-harts-final-day-a-post-profile/
  21. I'm a fan of dry comedy but I never felt it translated well for me in this format. I found a lot of the shows a slog and I enjoyed them a lot more when I broke each episode down into 45 minute/1 hour chunks. That said, they're all very nice guys and I do hope they return at some point. Like SuperBacon, I've had some chats with Stewart about mid-90's emo and he was always a pleasure.
  22. I genuinely prefer the annoying shill fella over everyone screaming about how we 'finally have an alternative to WWE' whilst there have been alternatives to WWE since the beginning of fucking time.
  23. My list of the Batman movies (ranked alphabetically); Batman Batman And Robin Batman Begins Batman Forever Batman Returns Batman Vs Superman The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises
  24. Show me a history book where gingers were forced into slavery, Bobby.
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