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  1. I'm being made redundant. Got told this at the end of August, I finish up in two weeks time. What with the suicide of my 26 y/o brother last year, I'm feeling very sorry for myself but also feeling like life's genuinely giving me an absolute battering here. Just fancied a whinge. Cheers.
  2. Wretch

    AEW All Out

    I've watched that movie about 5 times a year since 1994 and that didn't even click with me until you said it just now.
  3. Got called into the boss' office last Friday and was told there was no job for me anymore unless I go part time. Redundancy for me it is then. Been expecting it the last few weeks so was somewhat prepared, but was still kick in the bollocks being told. What a load of absolute shite. I'm having a bad couple of fucking years.
  4. Father in law drives my missus up the wall. Anytime we're in his car, just before he reverses - "aahhhh, this takes me back". Whenever an emergency vehicle whizzes by with sirens blaring - "he'll never sell any ice cream going that speed". He's the best.
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