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  1. He's relentless, isn't he? You would've hoped his mates (if he has any left at this stage) would've unplugged his WiFi ages ago for his own sanity. Can't be good for him being this obsessed. Fucking hell, edited to say I've just spotted the time he's gone whinging to Mumsnet. 3:16 in the am.
  2. I'd honestly be on the phone to the old bill now, mate.
  3. Doves are back with a belter.
  4. Oh Jim, that's not how it works mate.
  5. The second Thor movie. For a reason I can no longer remember, I had to hang around town for a bit so thought I'd make the most of my Cineworld Unlimited and it was the only thing on at that exact time. I know next to nothing about these movies but even still I found it dreadful, boring shite. Even nodded off for a bit.
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