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  1. When I was about fifteen, my uncle Noel got married. At the party afterwards, there was this massive card being passed around with everyone writing their messages of congratulations and what have you. Having gotten my mitts on the card and thinking everyone would find it hilarious combined with the fact not everyone liked his missus, I wrote something along the lines of "Noel, condolences on your marriage" and signed my name. What a horrible little bastard. A short time later, his wife is reading the card and my message caused her to start crying and run out of the party to her hotel room upstairs saying that I'd ruined her day. She came back in eventually but not before she gave me a massive telling off in front of everyone and Noel gave me a dig in the head. My Dad found whole thing hilarious to be fair so it wasn't a total mess.
  2. Dale Winton lived next door to the house my girlfriend grew up in when he was living in Nottingham. Shite.
  3. Obviously wasn't getting enough proper sex with the girls 😥
  4. Record Raw and Smackdown every week but fuck knows why. Unless I see a snippet of a segment or match on Twitter that I might have some interest in, I'll just delete them off the Virgin box. Have the network. Dont use it sometimes for weeks on end but when I do, I browse around the 90s, early to mid 2000s, and the excellent documentaries. I don't watch the weekly NXT show but I'll watch a few matches from the Takeovers if I've heard good things about them. Working nights full time for a decade means my sleep is completely fucked, so I'm usually wide awake for the PPVs but have no interest in actually watching them. Apart from Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble match obviously. Keep up to date through podcasts and this place. i dunno lol
  5. Hampstead - Widower Diane Keaton strikes up an unlikely friendship with oddball Brendan Gleeson, who is living in a hut in the field across the road from her gaff. Nice little film that loses its way a bit towards the end, but still left me with a lovely warm fuzzy feeling. Cardboard Gangsters - Irish film set in Dublin. Two gangs are at each other and their families over who sells what sort of drugs and whereabouts they do it. Not familiar with most of the cast in this tbh but really enjoyed it.
  6. State of you two. It's a 7 for me Clive.
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