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  1. Ashley's affidavit. https://t.co/pf4cgyb5Rj?amp=1 Heartbreaking, grim reading.
  2. Great. Going by the trailer, another episode in which someone's consciousness is trapped inside an inanimate object.
  3. I'm sure I read in Powerslam at the time that the Ch4 execs decided to sack the whole thing off the moment Mae Young took her top off at the Rumble.
  4. The match has already been mentioned but this bit in particular
  5. X-Pac's bloody head was pixellated at Backlash '00 after Road Dogg clocked him with the ring bell. That's the same event they froze the picture despite it being on in the middle of the night. Were the subsequent C4 PPVs edited? Genuinely can't remember. Looking at that list above, it's mental we got a PPV like Invasion for free.
  6. The satisfaction of giving a good scratching to an itching arsehole full of piles.
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