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  1. Storming a military base. Best of luck with that, lads.
  2. He had his fun and that's all that matters.
  3. Kicked my Da square in his bollocks when I was a kid. He sent me to bed, went downstairs and found out later that he knocked on the neighbours door and collapsed. It's been 25 years and we've never spoke of it. Sorry Pa.
  4. I've got a great neighbour. We had an agreement where he put his booze cans in my green bin so his missus wouldn't find them and bollock him (he drinks shitloads and doesn't work). In return he'd let me put my takeaway boxes in his green bin so my missus wouldn't bollock me for having one every time I'm home alone. Turns out my GF knew all along what we were doing. She thought the whole thing was hilarious/pathetic, which it absolutely was.
  5. Boring update: the car was dumped there from someone from the garage around the corner. Car had its MOT done and it belonged to the person we bought the house off, who obviously hadn't given their new address to the car people. A bit shitty of the garage to just dump the key through our letterbox and fuck off, mind you. The end.
  6. Someone's parked outside my gaff and put the car key through my door. I've asked around friends, colleagues, neighbours, my GFs family and nobody has a fucking clue whose it is. Called the boys in blue and they said they'd send someone out if they had the time. What the fuck is going on?
  7. Bumping this. I'm with my family in the arse end of Ireland on our holidays and seen the following...
  8. Wretch

    Top Twitter

    Seen that earlier and was smiling ear to ear! Always cracks me up, the copper in the courtroom giggling at Mac's letter.
  9. Main event street fight is still a cracker. There's a decent cruiserweight match between Taka and Pantera (I think?) which plays out to absolutely no crowd reaction whatsoever, though the highlight of that match is the Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher commentary. Can't remember much else about the show apart from Kane walloping Vader over the head with a wrench, so there's that.
  10. I remember sitting cross legged on the floor watching King of the Ring '96 on that cable link split screen thing on Cablelink channel 0 or whatever it was. Basically a screen with about 12 panels showing what was on each channel with no audio. Think my Ma felt sorry for me and convinced my Da to get Sky in for us, despite being broke and living in the worst area of Ballyfermot. Got rid in '98 or so, so it was back to Livewire and Superstars on a Saturday and Sunday. Listened to the scrambled PPVs right up until 2002. Think No Way Out that year might have been the final one.
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