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  1. Wretch

    Chippy Tea

    Scoffed this earlier. Terrible picture but I cannot properly explain how good this was. A positive Covid test meant I lost my sense of taste and smell for the last five weeks, so of course this was the first meal I wanted when I found it had returned.
  2. We used to go to Wexford nearly every year. A family of five packed into a caravan for a week in the summer beside the beach and we absolutely loved it. A great little corner of the world is Wexford. Used to see half of Dublin there when we went there, mind. Was supposed to go back there for the first time in nearly 20 years a couple of weeks ago until Covid came calling for me.
  3. Seen this place mentioned in Powerslam sometime in the summer of 2001, so decided to check it out for myself. Back then it was on wrasslinedge.com/ukff if I'm remembering rightly. Lurked for years before signing up in 2008.
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