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  1. Wretch

    Top Twitter

    Cracking up at this
  2. Wretch

    Black Mirror

    The new one got a bit tiresome after a bit, packed it in after about half an hour. Might go back to it at the weekend as my GF wants to have a go. Still love Black Mirror though. Shut Up and Dance, White Bear, San Junipero and the Christmas episode are all excellent. Out of them all, the only weak ones coming to mind are Fifteen Million Merits and Hang the DJ. Hoping for another full length season. The consciousness trapped in something else needs a rest though, was way overdone on that last season.
  3. Wretch

    How was 2018 for you?

    First couple of months were frustrating. In that time (and the second half of 2017), we'd put offers in on houses but kept getting outbidded. Finally in March we had an offer accepted on a house we loved and all of our dreams came true. Over the moon. The next few months were a ballache dealing with surveyors, the bank and estate agents. Fuck doing that again anytime soon. Got our keys on June 22nd. Happiest day of our lives. In early July, we hopped on a plane to Spain with my girlfriends family for a week and had a great old time. July 12th, I got home from work and was told my little brother's body had been found in his flat the night before. He'd hung himself. He'd only turned 26 a few weeks beforehand. Can't really look back at the holiday or getting our house keys with any fondness as I'll always associate it with my brothers suicide. Been in an absolute daze since July tbh. Worst year of my life, and I never thought I'd say that about the same year in which we bought a house. Dogshit. On a positive note, 2019 can only be better, can't it? I really fucking miss you Rob.
  4. Wretch

    The 2019 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery

    4, 8, 15, 16, 23
  5. Wretch

    Social Media Interactions

  6. Wretch

    Christmas food and cooking

    Seeing as how everyone's posting pics of their Xmas efforts . . .
  7. Wretch

    Condom dispensers

    Why didn't you just buy some from the 24 hour shop the bogs were in?
  8. Wretch

    Merry Christmas!

    First Christmas since my 26 year old brother's battle with his mental health got too much and he decided to leave us in the summer. Stupid holiday, silly little day. Fuck off.
  9. Wretch

    The Soaps Thread

    How rubbish was Corrie's Christmas day episode? Was convinced once Jenny seen Liz had disappeared out of view from her car mirror, she'd reappear, drag Liz out and have a scrap in the street, but nothing. Impressive table flip from Tim too.
  10. Wretch

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Sting has turned up at the Wolves and Liverpool match