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    Three months into my new job in a prison. Wasn't sure what to expect when I accepted the job offer as I've never done anything like this, but thought fuck it, I don't have to stick around if it's not for me. Ambulances being called every day because prisoners are drinking hooch they've made from hand sanitizer. Narrowly had a cup of piss miss me on my first week after someone flung it out their cell obvs panel. Had a mini riot the other week when about 10 or so prisoners burst past the officers and started jumping on the netting. Absolutely out of my comfort zone but I'm really enjo
  2. Finally ripped out the fitted wardrobe in our spare bedroom and found these: *NSFW* https://i.ibb.co/kxm7bFj/IMG-20200907-WA0000.jpg 1981. What a find.
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