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  1. Nick James

    All Things RAMSAY!!

    Good double turn on last nights Hells Kitchen with Trev turning face and Scottley turning heel with the whole ‘bullying’ malarkey. Genuinely don’t have a favourite this season, maybe Mia, but she’s abit all over the place. If Bret pulled himself together he could be in with a shout.
  2. Nick James

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Good episode this week as always. The new title was a touch of genius. Interesting to see quite a few AEW shirts facing the hard cam to say that the ‘machine’ is banning them and making people take them off. The berk stood up holding the shirt up to the camera for 90% of the show is probably reason enough to ban them. I couldn’t focus on anything other than Charlottes teeth in that opening segment. She’s like John Cleese in Rat Race.
  3. Nick James

    Royal Rumble 2019 discussion

    Had some spare time this morning so watched both rumbles. Katy Catanzaro, though green, was quite impressive in how agile she is. The handstand on the ropes was a good spot, however, the whole 'both feet haven't touched the floor' shtick is getting very tiresome, especially as they're not even trying now by having people land on their back with their feet in the air. I winced at Ember Moon kicking Rhea Ripley square in the face. Rhea seemed to stiff her a few times afterwards from what it seems. Was very impressed with Rhea and how much bigger and imposing she looks compared to others. There's something very unlikable about Lacey Evans (not in a heel way, just in general), I cant quite put my finger on it. It may be the whole 'patriotic military veteran' gimmick that WWE have a hard on for. Mens Rumble was quite lackluster as well and seemed to highlight the difference in style and presentation that the NXT / NXT UK lot have compared to those from the main roster. Pete Dunne and Alaister Black in particular looked great. Black seems to have gotten in tremendous shape over the last year. I was getting rather giddy waiting for Velveteen Dream at number 30 before i remembered that R-Truth had that spot. As soon as he started performing at the top of the ramp i was waiting for someone to take him out. Highly disappointed that it was Nia bloody Jax that did it. She took a good RKO, though in fairness to her. Pete Dunne and Samoa Joe having some interaction has made me really want to see a feud between them. Will give the other matches on the card a viewing at some point, but 5 hours for a PPV is ridiculous (7+ including the preshow). EDIT: Its 2019 and we had both Finlay and Hornswoggle on the show, brilliant. Who would have thought that?
  4. Nick James

    Parenting question

    We’re currently on month 11 of my Mrs being on maternity leave and we’re struggling, but not terribly. I earn 25k and she earns 22k. We aimed to save around 2K to tide us over, but with car trouble and other things we ended up with a lot less. The problem we have faced is we have racked up a little bit of debt, by using credit cards and overdrafts for unexpected things. Each situation is different, I feel we have benefited from the year out and wouldn’t change it for the world. If anything, it’s made me think what the hell did I spend my money on before?