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  1. Don't forget the hand shakes!
  2. I haven't watched any of the Dark Side of the Ring, but this one really intrigues me to the point that I will try and locate it while working today. It intrigues me for the reason that I've always heard of 'The Plane Ride From Hell', but didn't know of the story behind it. Watching the snippet above, just confirms how I already felt about Dreamer in that he is such a mark for anyone of status, that he would do whatever he could to get a pat on the head and a 'Good Boy'. To play down the Flair incident as though he had stuck a Vimto bottle down his trousers and ask the flight attendant if she wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, is just low. There are no words for the Flair accusations.
  3. Adam Cole is fine as mentioned above, when not doing the 30+ minute epic matches, but he is very much a 'soundbite' kind of guy with his multiple catchphrases and crowd interaction.
  4. It still missed the landing, just like when they cut at the peak of a Montez Ford frog splash.
  5. Roman and The Uso's? Or are they 3rd Gen?
  6. If whatever Vince is doing is annoying folk like this, then it gets my vote. Fantastic.
  7. I must be the only one that wasn't too impressed with Bron, I got more of a Mojo Rawley vibe from him. I would imagine Scotty is the reason they don't want to use the Steiner name, which is a bit rum on Rick if true. Who would have thought Dexter Lumis would be getting a loud pop for talking? This storyline has been the best thing for him, along with Gargano. I know its cool to knock Gargano, but since he turned into the goofy daft heel, he's been fun every week. Props to Regal's daft face when they tried to get him to continue the service, he has never lost the comedic timing. I think i'm in love with B-Fab, Hit Row in general are good, but B-Fab has a charisma about her similar to Bianca Belair. I'm not sold on Lopez, however. Von Wagner is the son of one of the Beverley Brothers so it really does feel like FCW with the second generation lot coming through.
  8. NXT should have gotten back to Full Sail as soon as it was possible to do so, the CWC feels like we are still in pandemic era. You would like to think Dunne will take the title and have a good crack with Ridge in his corner, before Ridge takes it from him. NXT has needed a rebrand for so long that I'm genuinely excited to see how it all pans out tonight. Just leave off the LED's and it should be fine. Am I right in thinking NXT is on the USA network? If so, I imagine a lot of what they are doing with NXT is to sweeten the network who seem fuming with them at every turn lately for the focus going in to Smackdown.
  9. Watched Raw for the first time in god knows how long on the back of Big E's tweet, it was surprisingly decent. Other than the 24/7 nonsense, they seemed to scale back on the stupid stuff that was dragging it down so much. The same tired old tropes are still there, such as tag partners having singles matches one after the other and the distraction finishes etc. It shows the character of Big E outside of the ring with how many people are tweeting congratulations to him, regardless of company etc, everyone seems genuinely happy for him. Who is he dropping it to at Extreme Rules?
  10. WWE really throwing stuff at the wall for Raw. They switched up the tag match of Lashley and MVP Vs RKBro to Lashley vs Randy for the title.
  11. As if ratings talk wasn't boring enough, we now have hypothetical ratings talk.
  12. This may seem like an odd question, but does Smackdown have a different writing team? Or do they give more freedom to the wrestlers with their stories? I know Roman has a lot of freedom and so did Bryan, but just wondering how it can be so contrasting to Raw. Also, there were a lot of folk over on the twitter shit machine calling Balor racist and claiming he was using blackface.
  13. Is there anywhere that holds all episodes of Dynamite? Such as Fite Plus? I wouldn't mind taking a watch through from the first episode.
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