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  1. Whether it was AJ or Balor in WWE or Omega now, Gallows and Anderson are just professional coattail riders (I won't comment on NJPW as I don't have enough knowledge of their act there). They are good for an initial pop, like when they arrived in TNA, but following that, they are just boring. As mentioned, take them out of a wrestling setting and they are hilarious, but they just can't translate it to TV.
  2. So if they are legally allowed 14,000, that's easy 50,000 in WWE numbers. That announcement video made me chuckle this morning. HHH has good timing and Reigns is just an actual boss.
  3. Don't even get me started on Miz and Morrisons 'The Dirt Sheet'.
  4. I could totally buy Omega Vs Everyone and that would be a great way to go, but doesn't understand why the Two Tony's have been running the paid adverts on impact running the promotion down. As mentioned earlier, I get the idea they ran with the angle before they actually worked out what they were doing with it, which is why it feels disjointed. EDIT: Just noticed BomberPat said it better.
  5. The whole AEW / Impact thing for me just seems weird. Like it was an idea they came up with and ran with straight away and don't seem to want to put 100% in to it. It seems half arsed compared to how exciting it was just after Kenny won the title. The brawl after the 6-man was ridiculously jumbled and nothing made sense. Archer looked like he was going to laugh when he was shouting at PAC. Sting is just there now, i don't get any excitement out of him turning up as hes been on every Dynamite since his debut. Derby Allin has the best and most recognisable theme in the company.
  6. Another decent show from NXT this week. Something needs to happen with UE soon, though. Its been the same stuff for the last few years, one of them needs to turn, which i presume is KOR. Balor looked boss in his segment and Pete Dunne continues to be great. I like the little trio of Dunne / Lorcan / Birch. Wes Lee and Nash Carter for me, sound better than Desmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz. Their old names sounding akin to the old Johnny Kickpads, not often NXT make improvements on names. Xia Li is gorgeous.
  7. NXT has been consistently good for a while now, but I think everyone is now in the habit of prioritising Dynamite (myself included) which means that you end up discussing Dynamite first then just never get round to discussing NXT. For their own sake, they really need to switch nights. MSK is surely The Rascals?
  8. I was torn between Frankie and Monkee, both tremendous and wonderful people who seem to have time for everyone in their hour of need. Shame I could vote for both.
  9. The thing with Riddle, is as usual, his shtick a few weeks / months ago, was slightly humorous, but has been driven in to the ground through over exposure and by turning him in to a stoner version of Dave Best from The Royale Family. Reports stated Vince was a huge fan of Riddles act, but didn't quite get it. Thats the problem.
  10. My legs have gone, man! I'm a jelly, I'm paralyzed, feels fucking brilliant! - Super Hans
  11. As someone who is currently sending my little boy to nursery, I feel without the option to send him there two days a week, his experience of being at home while we are both working would not be good for him at all. He would have limited attention, end up in trouble due to being bored and playing up and end up being plonked Infront of the telly most of the day. With nursery being open, it allows him breathing space to play, enjoy his day and learn. Myself and his mother both work from home, but that doesn't mean that we are 'getting rid of him for a day', also, it's not free ch
  12. It's all a work, brother. Anything to get those listener numbers up.
  13. Reigns when he turned to Pearce and was insinuating he was calling him stupid, was truly menacing. This incarnation of Roman is one of my favourite characters in wrestling. He has such a presence about him that you just know he could snap at any moment, it's great that they have given him free reign with his character which clearly shows.
  14. I know AEW has only been around for just over a year, but they haven't exactly built up enough trust for me to say AEW would treat 'x' wrestler better than WWE in terms of character development. For every Nakamura / Balor etc that people claim WWE ruined, (forgetting Nakamura won the Rumble and had the match at Mania with AJ and then Nakamura just looked like he couldnt be arsed, and as previously mentioned, Balor was given the title on his debut night on RAW until his injury), AEW has also had the debuting Miro, that's done nothing of note so far, Brian Cage, Archer etc. AEW could turn
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