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  1. Tony should bring Shane McMahon in purely to hype him up as signing the real Best In The World and have Shane swagger out with the Saudi cup. It would be funny and Shane would blow his quads out never to be seen again.
  2. Okada is the funniest man in wrestling. The comedic timing he has is impeccable, what a guy.
  3. Joe Hendry is just a megastar in waiting, isn't he? Genuinely brilliant entrance with a fantastic pop. You could see how chuffed he was in his face and they seem to have further plans for him going forward. Frankie Kazarian leading the battle royal was not what I had on my bingo card at all.
  4. I enjoyed it for what it was, it was always going to be a wrestlecrap, Brays stuff outside of the original Wyatt family always was, but as a singular segment I enjoyed it. I've always enjoyed the naffer elements of wrestling than the matches though, give me daft segments and pageantry over 60-minute slogfests. The build up to Brays stuff is good and gets you wanting the payoff, but once the latest iteration of the character arrives, theres no where to go, but down. Horses for courses, of course. We're all just miserable bastards through it all that probably enjoy complaining about things than actually enjoying them, I know I do. Getting older is shit.
  5. I listen to podcasts on my long drive home from work each day in the car and have to turn the volume louder than normal and every day without fail, I forget to turn down the volume when I turn the car off. I proceed to get in the car at 5am and am suddenly awoken from my dozing state to the ear shattering sounds of The Wiggles blasting out at full volume due to my kids listening to Spotify on the garden speaker while on the trampoline the night before.
  6. As with all Wyatt related things, I really enjoyed that segment. How they follow up is another question, but Fightful were reporting that the group were going to be more reality based rather than spooky bollocks.....but unless they are going for the school disco gimmick, the smoke machine may have broken that theory. More fool me I guess, but I'm willing to let it play out and see how it goes. Another victim of the ropes being Bron Breakker, there has to be some issue there surely, that's what, the 3rd botch due to the ropes in a week? The graphics for Money in the Bank are pretty cool, something different to the usual at least.
  7. Fucking hell, discussing wrestling is exhausting.
  8. We get it, NXT isn't for the cool kids.
  9. Imagine if this is all 4D chess and he's not going anywhere, secretly signed a new deal and is just taking a break, then all the WWE fans who slagged him off since the news broke and all of the AEW fans who changed their tune on him after years of saying how AEW have better high flyers, all have egg on their face. I think that would be my best case scenario, everyone looks like pricks, fantastic. I was actually surprised he got a good few shots in at Bron to start and had him reeling.
  10. This has just had me in bloody bits.
  11. The Private Party skit really reminded me of Elf. Just being really loud and saying daft things with a big smile on his face. That skit in isolation was actually pretty funny, but as always, it's just overdone.
  12. Hunter must be licking his lips at the thought of shoehorning another Latino star into the never ending LWO / Legado merry-go-round. Fuck, even Savio Vega has been involved in that one.
  13. We had 'Butt Hole Road' where I live but the fun police got involved and now it's called Archers Way.
  14. The thing I can't get past with Ava, is I can't take her seriously when she talks as her mouth doesn't actually move, apart from her bottom lip. Her mouth never closes so she is constantly smiling while talking, it's highly unsettling.
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