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  1. I'm from Mexborough, so Brian Blessed is mine.
  2. I'd personally like to see Brock continue the trend of going to cash in, beating up the champion then leaving in cocky fashion before eventually cashing in. Then, when he actually does cash in, loses (either by quick roll up, count out etc.) the attempt and then just loses his shit and just becomes the unpredictable Brock, showing up where ever, when ever. That would be better than the usual shite of Brock winning the title and bogging off.
  3. The thing AEW could do without doing now, is hoovering up any old shitearse from WWE like Mike Kannelis. The attraction for me currently, is AEW is completely new to me, bar Cody etc. TNA made those mistakes, and yes, some paid off (Christian for example) and a lot didn’t. Finally caught a highlights show on YouTube and really liked what I saw. I didn’t expect to as I’ve never been into the indies (ROH, PWG etc.) and haven’t watched any NJPW, however it really did feel fresh. It was a huge surprise to enjoy what I saw so much, following the pre-show nonsense. Tony Khan is such a likeable guy and it’s nice for an owner to not put the focus on themselves, hopefully it stays that way. Especially without the authority figure. They’ve launched this at the best time possible, when WWE is at, what seems to be, it’s lowest with fans and apathy is rife. Good luck to them.
  4. Only caught the last half of the Battle Royale on the pre-show so I can’t comment on the PPV overall. One thing that really stuck out was for all of the upside to ‘Hangman’ Page, it was ridiculous that he had been selling the knee since entering the ring, to only do a Prince Naz front flip over the ropes into a running lariat without once selling the leg. Luchasaurus has a tremendous look and as daft as that Orange Cassidy spot with Dreamer was, I actually really liked it. what the fuck is with the librarians, though?
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