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  1. Bray looks a million times better than the last time he was on TV. He’s slimmed right down, got rid of the long beard and nicked Strowman’s hairdo. Bray has always had talent and something about him, it’s a shame his gimmick was boring as hell after the initial intrigue during NXT. That was the best I’ve seen of Roode since his debut on the main roster. He needs to drop the ‘Glorious’ schtick, though.
  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Rhea Ripley and Reina Gonzales. They seem to have been tagging quite a lot on the NXT house shows. Can’t really think of any other pairing that aren’t currently on the main roster.
  3. CM Punk. This is nothing to do with anything recent, this goes right back to his WWECW days and i just didn't 'get it'. Never understood the high praise he receives and there is just something that I cant quite put my finger on that really makes me fast forward his stuff. Charlotte Flair / Sasha Banks / Bayley. I've put them in the same category as i have the same thoughts about all three. This one goes way back to the days of NXT, for Sasha and Charlotte, this is since the short lived stable they had with Summer Rae. I am unsure when my dislike of Bayley began, maybe around the time she stopped being the Eugene type character. All three are held in such a high regard and as the beginning of the 'womens revolution' (Charlotte is years and years ahead of the other two), however same as with CM Punk, i just don't get it.
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