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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if Corbin gets tapped out in seconds and someone else (Big Match John / Taker or even someone left field like Matt Riddle) comes out for the real contest. Riddle has been pushing the match on social media (though we all know that means nothing), but it wouldn't be a terrible shout, got to be better than bloody Corbin. Even Jeremy Corbyn would be better than Baron. Interesting to see Chad Gable adorned with American Alpha logo's on his jacket / towel.
  2. Hideo Itami has also been released. Could be a good move for WWE releasing some of the 'dead wood' (Arn Anderson excluded) and allowing AEW to hoover the shite up. KENTA in 2019 isn't going to be a ground breaker, neither is TJP and Dillinger. Other than that scar on Itami's shoulder that looked like it could rip at any moment, counting to 10 and being the last person in the world still dabbing, I cant remember anything significant any of them have done.
  3. The Everton fan seems to have been front row for months. He sings along with great enthusiasm to Belairs theme, also. Tit.
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