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  1. I've always thought Pete Dunne was more suited to an MJF type cocky heel gimmick, than the current gurning, hard hitting babyface. The main part of his appeal was in the initial UK tourney when he was a sneaky prick and was laying people out from behind. Plus, he looks a right tosser with his hair tied up, trousers too short and a scarf on.
  2. I’ve only seen a clip of the end, but Keith Lee popping up behind Bálor was a brilliant visual. Keith Lee continues to impress week after week.
  3. God help whoever comes out as number 30 at the Rumble when the crowd are expecting Punk. It will be Rey Mysterio / Daniel Bryan all over again.
  4. Why was she sat in the crowd anyway if she didn’t want to be spotted? She’s good friends with a lot of the NXT talent so surely it would have been possible to watch backstage? Seems either a bit petty from NXT to show her on camera or a bit sloppy from her to be in a position to be spotted in the crowd the rival promotion. Supporting a partner or not.
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