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  1. On the COVID-19 talk, Lana has posted a tweet saying that Rusev and both of her parents have contracted the virus.
  2. That’s a pretty crap analogy, AEW are hardly a ‘Macclesfield’ level company, if we’re going with a football related analogy, they’re more a plucky newcomer, a Sheffield United if you will (pains me to say that as a Wednesday fan). I posted last week about people comparing the two constantly and how it is quite boring and I used their title to prove a point as the TNT title is god awful, but gets a pass because apparently it’s unfinished. As I said, horses for courses and titles are always going to divide opinion. Maybe I should have used the 24/7 belt as an example.
  3. It’s a fuck load better than this.... ...but, that’s not finished so it’s ok. Horses for courses, but I like the new US belt. Reminds me of an old territories title. For anyone that hasn’t seen it.
  4. First Raw I’ve watched in its entirety for more than a year and I must say, I quite enjoyed it. Heath Slaters promo was surprisingly good and I felt quite bad for him that he didn’t get more of a showing in the match. That new US title looks very nice, much better than the IC title over on Smackdown. I’m that out of the loop that I didn’t even realise MVP was the champ. Zelina Vega looked amazing and Angel Garza just has that star quality, if only he was bigger he would be a top star. I read that this was Kairis last show before returning to Japan, but they didn’t seem to write her off. Maybe something happened I missed because the stream I watched was all over the place. Only downside for me was Seth Rollins, he’s just so boring even in the Monday Night Messiah gimmick. EDIT: I forgot to mention what the hell was up with Drews face? I couldn’t work out if it was the eyebrows or overly dyed beard but he looked odd. Mind you, compared with Dolphs straitened hair that made him look like Worzel Gummidge, you can’t really complain.
  5. Really? Jericho gets high praise every time hes at the commentary booth and every week there are comments about how awful Mauro Ranallo is on NXT. JR and Excalibur get their critisism, however Big Tone gets the praise. Very poor choice of example by using the commentary teams.
  6. I could watch Thatcher beat the shit out of people all day long. Im not usually one to like the mat based matched, but Thatcher is such a believable hard man, hes great. Made Lorcan look like a poor mans Thatcher, rather than the other way round. Whatever happened to Chelsea Green? She was getting a good push, then she dropped Robert Stone and disappeared. Shame. Speaking of Stone, he had a good outing as a comedy manager, very Heenan-esque and made Ripley look great. Just could have done without Aaliyah getting a lot of heat on her. Good surprise for an Asuka sighting in NXT, however i dont like the fact that Shirai is pretty much all out babyface now, she had a good heel character going. The Great American Bash theme was wasted, there wasn't much difference other than a couple of cars.
  7. I'm not a mega fan of Best Friends, but having Trents mum drive them to the ring was brilliant. Chuck T is still awful, though. Trent deserves better. Shida vs Ford was a good match and Ford performed better than i expected. Everytime i see her i just think how the hell was she with Janela? Hagar looked a mess in the cycling shorts and looked an even bigger pillock for lamping the ref instead of going after Dustin.
  8. Inside digs are inside digs, they're poor whoever does them. The line wasn't needed at all and took away from Taz's promo in my opinion. I don't agree with a lot of the TNA comparisons that get lobbied at AEW, however the digs are one thing that they are guilty of and have been consistently guilty of since their inception.
  9. Taz digging at WWE’s testing system, they just can’t help themselves can they? It comes across as cheap and they should be rising above. This is the main thing you could lobby at AEW that’s very TNA-esque.
  10. I lost it at the shoe going on the train and then kept chuckling the next day as I thought about it, absolutely wonderful series. Len picking up a brick to throw at Alan in the row with the bins is one of my highlights.
  11. According to the Talk is Jericho podcast, Dr Luther was the original plan for the Exalted One, then the idea was for Marty Scurll to be unveiled, then Matt Hardy before settling on Brodie Lee. There’s no wonder the storyline was such a mess to start with, but thank fuck they didn’t go with Luther.
  12. Another example for how not to do a statement...
  13. I’m pretty sure when I was 22 I knew not to say or even think ‘phworrr, She’s fit id rape her’. I think people are giving an easy out by saying that he was a youngster at the ripe old age of 22. Whether it was said as a joke or not, it’s not something you should be saying regardless. AEW have rightly taken the correct action, good on them for acting quickly.
  14. I fully agree with @mim731’s post, dot he research and you won’t go wrong. We fell victim to the old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ as we bought a full travel system called UberChild for around £250 and it ended up being a huge pile of garbage. We ended up forming out a further £450 for a Mothercare Journey Edit travel system which was day and night compared to the first one. Everyone is different and have different styles, but I agree, go and test a few out of you have the opportunity and think about how you will be using it most. The bulkier ones are better for out walking on the streets etc, but they aren’t so good if you need to get them in the car with the shopping and vice versa for the lighter ones. Good luck and enjoy parenthood @deathrey
  15. The only allegation I’ve read so far that I have doubted is the Riddle one. His lawyer has now released a statement stating they filed a motion for harassment and cyberstalking last year against the accuser and as Ronnie stated above, the screenshots are dubious. It seems he seems to be counteracting the claims in the ‘smart’ way rather than statements on twitter or video ‘apologies’. That’s not to say he is innocent and the accuser isn’t being truthful, far from it, it could be that he has lawyered up to get on top of it and try to control the damage and if it is true, then fuck him. Has there been any other allegations made about him by others?
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