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  1. According to multiple reports, numerous AEW wrestlers have tested positive for Covid-19. No names specifically, other than Lance Archer which was mentioned on Dynamite.
  2. Although I didn't feel that it was as good as last weeks, it was a very easy two hours to watch. The first match was ok, but didn't flow too well. Janela and Sabian are both very sloppy together, it just didn't work at all. Sonny Kiss, however is great. Very good offence and seems quite slick in the moves. Miro seems wasted in this, completely didn't fit in at all, plus his kick pads make him look stumpy. His Camel Clutch finish didn't look great either, it looked like Kiss was the one doing all the work (which is true, but shouldn't be visable). Miro is so so much better than this, his p
  3. I've never looked forward to a man taking his shirt off as much.
  4. To be fair to the whole 'getting contracts' thing, that could tie into who is actually behind the group.
  5. You'll be glad you didn't see the painfully awkward and unfunny R-Truth beach skit as well, then. How can Smackdown be ticking along nicely and enjoyably and Raw be so terrible? Another thing that irrationally irritated me, was they have changed Keith Lee's 'tron' to say LEEgion, instead of Legion, christ they love to shoehorn stuff in. It irritates me with how Heyman says Reignsing instead of reigning.
  6. I love me a bit of Sinatra, however there was a bloke I our office a few years ago, that used to whistle 'Strangers in the Night' at random intervals throughout the day. This went on for a good year or so and to this day, whenever I hear the intro to the song, I have to press skip as it just infuriates me.
  7. Apparently, Ivelisse and Thunder Rosa were shooting in their match, things were frosty back stage prior to their match and things went too far in the ring. Their tag match next week will be interesting.
  8. To be fair, who's to know Jack Tunney wasn't in shorts underneath his presidential desk? Flip flops too, maybe.
  9. The commentary on Dark is tremendous, just complete good fun. The laughs, the jokes and the banter is brilliant. It's taken me a while, but i think i am now fully converted to AEW. This episode was the most fun i've had with wrestling sine the NXT Takeovers of old before Ciampa / Gargano went way too long.
  10. Isn't it meant to be ridiculously hot where they are? While I can see the points from both sides, as Rick said, they really can't win one way or the other, such is wrestling these days. The Young Bucks looked the best i've ever seen them, Matt (Black hair?) seems like the better of the two heel-wise and when they kicked the ref i was hoping they were going to throw the $5000 at the ref, when they didn't, i was disappointed. Then they threw it at Tony Khan (to be fair, it didn't even look like him) and sauntered off past FTR while FTR and Tully grinned like Cheshire cats. Home run of a seg
  11. He's now gone from announcing Shaun Cena to announcing Shaun Moxley. They should have tied down Tony Chimel if they wanted a B grade WWE ring announcer.
  12. Sounds like you are really going through the mill quite a bit, mate. I can't really offer any solutions other than maybe getting out for some exercise etc, but as mentioned in my PM, i am open to chatting, as I am sure a lot of people on this board are. Do you do online gaming? There are quite a few communities that are good for interaction on discord, or twitch etc. I found when i was going through a low period and felt quite isolated, i created a twitch channel and made quite a few good connections via twitter who I often chatted with quite a bit, some would chat on the stream too.
  13. Just watching BTE from around Episode 213, not watched it before, but I must admit, Colt Cabana is one of the most likeable oafs in recent times. Who would have thought Colt would be one of the better things in wrestling in 2020. Matt Hardy is infinitely better on BTE than on TV shows, even shows like Raw / Impact, his stuff is more befitting of a sketch show. Money Matt is my favourite.
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