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  1. Chelsea Green was never long for WWE. From wearing Cody shirts on Instagram, to refusing to let WWE trademark her name, along with the injuries, a release or request for was inevitable. Out of that list, other than Joe, she is the one AEW should be trying to sign.
  2. Ivelisse was spouting off on Twitter last night about how shes been released because she raised issues of 'Mistreatment' to management and they let her go. She was also ranting about Thunder Rosa being unprofessional.
  3. Don't get me wrong, i really like Red Velvet, she's a really good plucky babyface and is quite good in the ring, Jade has so much upside its scary. I think putting her against Serena Deeb is a tremendous shout in getting Jade some ring experience while going against a babyface who wont necessarily lose too much by losing to Jade (NWA Title would be an issue). Britt taking the title from Jade wouldn't be terrible as people do want to like Britt, and i think she could tow that line of going against a heel as a pseudo babyface while remaining heel. Id happily take Jade squashing Shida to ru
  4. Are The Young Bucks and Death Triangle still fighting? A 30 minute match to open the show was too long for me, my interest had waned after 15 mins. Jade Cargill is actually pretty good considering this was her 4th match ever, however for someone with her look, she shouldn't be selling as much as she was for Red Velvet who is half her size. Jade is surely only going to get better. That moonsault looked painful when Red Velvet seemed to hit her face as Jade was rolling away. I remember watching Ogogo on that rubbish ITV show, Splash years ago and the man looks like he hasnt aged a day.
  5. Maverick and Dains music has been whistling around my head all day, what a loveable odd couple they really are. Ripley turning up was a real shock moment, the Belair turned up and the moment was really well done. Gonzalez can't help but look really happy when she has the belt. Does anyone know anything about Sarray? Any good? Will she work out in NXT? Seen loads of bitching about Kushida being wasted and it taking close to two years to win a belt, but I'll be honest, to me he's a good hand to have a round, but he doesn't interest me much at all. How long until we see Roddy
  6. Christ that gave me motion sickness worse than the camera cuts on Raw.
  7. I think adding Daniel Bryan was actually a hindrance to the Main Event and i went in to that match wanting him to win. The crowd we not as bothered about him as they were about Edge and Roman, which was a huge surprise and it just made Bryan feel like a spare prick at a wedding. Very surprised at the crowd reaction to Edge, i thought he would have been booed. I love how the comms team completely ignored that the big lad who assisted Apollo was the highly pushed Dabba Kato from Raw Underground. They really don't want to refer to Underground as ever being a thing, do they? Randy Orto
  8. All in all, I thought that was a pretty decent show. It helps that I watched this morning so could skip the weather delay. Other than the Women's Turmoil match, I thought every other match was enjoyable. Bad Bunny really got quite a lot in, didn't he? Fair play to the lad, the synchronised spot with Priest was great. Braun and Shane had a decent showing, despite how shite the build for this match was. Shane needs to remember he's not a spring chicken any more and taking a back bump from that height is a serious risk, the crazy bastard. Bianca becoming overcome with emotion at t
  9. Further to the Sloppy Shop post above, a video of Moxley at I presume the same event, the state of that crowd. If I was AEW, I'd be giving him this Wednesday night off (unless it's already pretaped). Spoilered as I'm unsure if it spoils anything on the show.
  10. Kyle O'Reilly was at his best when he was being the goof of Undisputed Era, playing the air guitar with the outlandish facial expressions. He does not play cool well. Kross and Balor was good, really enjoyed that match and then it go to Cole / KOR and there was still 55 mins left on the feed so I was certain there was going to be shenanigans or something big happening at the end. Nope, just a long ass match.
  11. Oh I fully agree, I think it was just a case of 'Were on Tuesdays from the 13th' and that's pretty much it. They have left themselves wide open to ridicule regarding the 'Wednesday Night War' stuff and next week i would fully expect AEW to have a few digs throughout their show.
  12. I could be wrong, however I'm sure I read that the decision wasn't a WWE one and was related to the contract being close to ending with USA Network, one of the agreements for them to resign was a move to Tuesdays so USA could show some other live sport (hockey?). I would also imagine it could have been a bargaining chip from WWE to say that their ratings will rise if they opt for another night. I don't think it's necessarily AEW that has 'run them off Wednesday nights', but they will have had an impact on the decision. EDIT: Just found this which says it's to do with one of the NBC channe
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