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  1. Maverick and Dains music has been whistling around my head all day, what a loveable odd couple they really are. Ripley turning up was a real shock moment, the Belair turned up and the moment was really well done. Gonzalez can't help but look really happy when she has the belt. Does anyone know anything about Sarray? Any good? Will she work out in NXT? Seen loads of bitching about Kushida being wasted and it taking close to two years to win a belt, but I'll be honest, to me he's a good hand to have a round, but he doesn't interest me much at all. How long until we see Roddy
  2. Christ that gave me motion sickness worse than the camera cuts on Raw.
  3. I think adding Daniel Bryan was actually a hindrance to the Main Event and i went in to that match wanting him to win. The crowd we not as bothered about him as they were about Edge and Roman, which was a huge surprise and it just made Bryan feel like a spare prick at a wedding. Very surprised at the crowd reaction to Edge, i thought he would have been booed. I love how the comms team completely ignored that the big lad who assisted Apollo was the highly pushed Dabba Kato from Raw Underground. They really don't want to refer to Underground as ever being a thing, do they? Randy Orto
  4. All in all, I thought that was a pretty decent show. It helps that I watched this morning so could skip the weather delay. Other than the Women's Turmoil match, I thought every other match was enjoyable. Bad Bunny really got quite a lot in, didn't he? Fair play to the lad, the synchronised spot with Priest was great. Braun and Shane had a decent showing, despite how shite the build for this match was. Shane needs to remember he's not a spring chicken any more and taking a back bump from that height is a serious risk, the crazy bastard. Bianca becoming overcome with emotion at t
  5. Further to the Sloppy Shop post above, a video of Moxley at I presume the same event, the state of that crowd. If I was AEW, I'd be giving him this Wednesday night off (unless it's already pretaped). Spoilered as I'm unsure if it spoils anything on the show.
  6. Kyle O'Reilly was at his best when he was being the goof of Undisputed Era, playing the air guitar with the outlandish facial expressions. He does not play cool well. Kross and Balor was good, really enjoyed that match and then it go to Cole / KOR and there was still 55 mins left on the feed so I was certain there was going to be shenanigans or something big happening at the end. Nope, just a long ass match.
  7. Oh I fully agree, I think it was just a case of 'Were on Tuesdays from the 13th' and that's pretty much it. They have left themselves wide open to ridicule regarding the 'Wednesday Night War' stuff and next week i would fully expect AEW to have a few digs throughout their show.
  8. I could be wrong, however I'm sure I read that the decision wasn't a WWE one and was related to the contract being close to ending with USA Network, one of the agreements for them to resign was a move to Tuesdays so USA could show some other live sport (hockey?). I would also imagine it could have been a bargaining chip from WWE to say that their ratings will rise if they opt for another night. I don't think it's necessarily AEW that has 'run them off Wednesday nights', but they will have had an impact on the decision. EDIT: Just found this which says it's to do with one of the NBC channe
  9. Not a bad show overall, it just seems like they have saved the main matches for tonight. Good to see MSK pick up the win, would have liked GYV to get the nod, but i'm happy with MSK as well. Same with Raquel picking up the title, its a shame Shirai had to drop the title as she's been a brilliant champion and looks hard as nails, but glad they used Raquel to get the rub. WALTER just reminds me of an overgrown toddler in his pants and boots, the guy needs some knee or elbow pads to change the look. Ciampa should never grow his hair out again, the old man look just didn't work. I
  10. Ahhh, that makes more sense. Good use of the picture in picture if it worked and it may have just been my stream.
  11. Double post..apologies. What the hell was the Sammy Guevara thing about with the cue cards? It didn't help that the crowd couldn't see what was going on till half way through so it played out to crickets. Not sure whether it was my feed, but it wasn't a great look that you had Jericho telling the crowd they were in a commercial break and he will give them a cue to chant 'Inner Circle' when the cameras are back on them. Sting needs to go away for a while now and Jake needs to just be taken off TV, he serves no purpose other than stumbling over his words and saying shite joke to make h
  12. https://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/1229752-tony-khan-on-mike-tyson-shaq-aew I may not always agree with what Khan does and sometimes his pandering is a little too much, but there is no denying that he's just a well off wrestling fan having the time of his life. I can imagine him being like a giddy child with Mike Tyson, texting him all the time with Mike one word answering and him telling his mates 'im good friends with Mike Tyson!'. I genuinely my hope it all works out for him, because he seems like a really nice guy.
  13. Kanes had some sort of character growth pretty much year on year until the unmasking, whether that being the silent boyfriend to Tori in the whole triangle with X-Pac, the voice box thing and then the comedy schtick with The Rock and Booker T etc. Kane always seemed to keep relevant through slight changes. Bray just seems to do the same stuff in a different mask.
  14. It was rather satisfying I must admit.
  15. I had the AZ jab last Saturday, arms only just stopped being sore this morning, but other than feeling like I had a hangover on Sunday, I didn't get any other symptoms. Had the jab at 9am, but wasn't close to a McDonalds, however I had Taco Bell on the Sunday if that counts?
  16. The Battle Royale is to AEW, what the Ladder Match is to NXT at this point, neither shows should do them for the forseeable future. Also, I wouldn't consider this one a 'simple house show' with it being AEW's first house show, it's quite significant. Wouldn't surprise me if it ends up on YouTube at some point.
  17. Edge has recently mentioned in an interview that this is three guys who thought they would never wrestle again and I'm surprised they haven't played that up more in the story. That's actually rather interesting that all three could have been done for good and they are all back and working a match together at Wrestlemania.
  18. How can Smackdown be so good, yet Raw be so shit? Smackdown seems like the wrestlers have a bit more freedom with a few of them being on the booking committee, but the difference in shows is day and night. If they had the 2 night Wrestlemania as Smackdown one night and Raw being the other, I'd certainly skip the Raw half.
  19. It surprises me that Ivelisse still gets booked in mainstream companies, she seems like a huge headache and there isn't much upside in the ring either. She was released from NXT due to a reportedly poor attitude and was passed up not too long ago after a try out. The last time I saw her in AEW, I forget who it was against, but Ivelisse was no selling and sandbagging her way though the match. EDIT: How could I forget that it was Thunder Rosa
  20. I have never felt more middle aged than during this conversation.
  21. Thats a very good point about Social Media buzz and 'clicks' which makes me wonder how much revenue their YouTube sites generate and whether that factors in to whether they bring in these celebrities? Rick's post is spot on in that WWE are not a 'wrestling company' as such any more and their aims have shifted away from the usual focuses.
  22. I had no clue who Bad Bunny was prior to Royal Rumble, but a week or two he was trending worldwide on Twitter merely for being shown dancing to a Dua Lipa song at the grammys with the comments mainly being people fawning over him. He's a huge star, but there isn't a lot if anything that can be a draw in wrestling any more. It seems wrestling these days has two groups of fans, long term 'die hards' that will stick with the product whatever or are hate watching just because its a habit and children. WWE clearly aim most of their product at the latter, while knowing the former will continue to wa
  23. Once again, another awful Raw. I can't get 'hey hey hop hop' out of my head. Morrison deserves better than the Miz and Morrison shtick. The Hurt Business breaking up wasn't great, why do every team need to break up? THB carried Raw through the pandemic era. Braun / Shane is terrible, really really bad stuff. Piss break match if ever I've seen one. Omos not giving a shit about the stupid games stuff was good, the segment, was not. I can't wait to see what Omos is made of at Mania. The forcing of Hulk Hogan is sickly, especially the young lad doing Hogan's catchphrases.
  24. Surely the term 'Dream Match' is subjective? I wouldn't personally say Edge / Roman is a dream match of mine, but I would presume that my dream matches would be different to the next guy. Edge should have gone for the Raw belt and made Drew / Bobby / Edge rather than Roman. By going to Smackdown, all it seems to have done is diluted everyone involved. Imagine Reigns as the dastardly, monster heel he was a few months against Daniel Bryan 1 on 1 with Bryan going over? That would have been great. You can tell that WWE are still not treating this Wrestlemania as the spectacle it usuall
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