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  1. My arm still feels like it’s been punched hard, it’s useable but been painful all week. No bruising though. I had side effects too. The day after was headache, cold/shivery then too hot, no appetite. I also got a nice cough which was slightly alarming and nothing mentions that specifically just “flu like symptoms” so I had a “shit! I have covid!” moment. Couldn’t sleep that night and I’m still struggling with that and feeling tired so not sure if it’s linked. The second day I just felt a bit rough and was tired. Lost my whole weekend to it but no regrets, just really hope the second one
  2. I find home training useful so would definitely suggest looking into that. Loads of apps and youtube channels that may help and it can be a good way to find something you enjoy. Also recommend myfitnesspal as a good way to track food. Can be enlightening. I’d also say to try to not be too hard on yourself from photos. They can be excellent motivation but they can also be misleading. Lighting, angles, who you’re with and what you’re doing all play a part. Everyone also ages even though it’s easy to believe others don’t.
  3. I’ve given up trying to follow it all in detail. I found it all so contradictory that it fried my brain and put me on edge. I now follow loosely so I know what everyone should be doing (while I carry on being locked down mostly) and pick up the main points as needed. I think it’s to do with variants but also it seemed there was info recently that despite us being told the vaccines would be the way out, that it wouldn’t be. I saw a lot of calls of “the government must explain this” but it seems to have died down and we’re back to “yay! Freedom!”. Everything I’ve seen recently is that we’re
  4. I was finally able to have the first vaccination today. In and out in 5 minutes and barely felt anything. It was the most strangers I’ve been in a space with and the first person, other than my boyfriend, to get close or touch me since March 2019. Very odd. When I left I walked past various restaurants full of people eating outside (closed sides but open tops so not even fully “open”) and tables relatively close together. It was nice to see some normality but at the same time, it was a very opposing sight to the vaccine centre and not something I’ll be doing for months yet. Not sure if it’s j
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