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  1. Schools Government U-turns on school guidance for children of key workers
  2. @Hannibal Scorch I read on Twitter that there’s initiatives happening to try to help this kind of thing (think it was someone looking for equipment for it). Can’t remember the name but might be worth a search if they need help? I have friends with kids who have really struggled with balancing home working and teaching. Last lockdown the kids couldn’t go in but this time they can so this lockdown has different guidance, I think. They took the decision this time because they couldn’t face the exhaustion of working part of a day while teaching the kids, teaching full on, then coming back and
  3. “Most” and “greatly increased” that’s ok then. As long as we’re not taking too many risks. What of category 6 people, those with underlying conditions that won’t be vaccinated by Easter. Are we talking a chance with them too? What of people who don’t know they have an underlying condition? Sorry if I’ve misunderstood your posts but surely we’re at a point of knowing this isn’t something to take chances with? Most of the population need this vaccination regardless. The being back to normal by Easter line is a lie. They might be better in that more have had the vaccination, and that s
  4. I woke up late, ate a roast (beef), watched a film and fell asleep, then woke up and watched more tv for the rest of the day. It wasn’t a usual Boxing Day but it was ok. I’m awake late now waiting to feel tired. Hope you are ok.
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