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  1. I enjoyed the Punk v Sydall match in a slightly distracted way but... at the moment I'm finding Punk really boring. He's a rubbish face because he's so smug and unlikeable, he's doing this whole "I'll have exhibition matches" thing so there's no real storyline to his return, and personally I find his commentary TOO 4th wall breaking. You can sense the frustration of the other announcers who have to sell the fiction of wrestling, and he just stomps all over it. I'm really hoping this is leading up to him being a heel, or something. I do accept though that the heavy preponderance of "exhibition" matches in AEW is popular with their fanbase, it's just not for me. I don't know who Minoru Suzuki is really, so he just appears to be an old man who loses all the time, as part of some world tour of losing to Americans.
  2. I found Murdoch's win genuinely moving. It was a great brawl too. I would honestly like to see the NWA brand in front of a big audience, as much as I enjoy it the lack of teeth in the crowd is somewhat offputting.
  3. Kiera Hogan v Penelope Ford has to be one of the worst matches I've seen on tv in some time. An absolute stinker!
  4. Is it just me watching this then? Von Wagner is shit, pure shit - terrible look, awkward mover, no character or personality. Putting him over our boy Ridge Holland is a dis-grace. I really appreciate Holland making old-school World Of Sport grunts when selling, he deserves a push just for that. Gacy I quite like in the ring but, yeah, this gimmick is just properly insulting, like the old "gay" gimmicks the WWE used to love. In fact, between that and the upping of the sexualisation of the women wrestlers, it feels like we've time travelled back to the 90s. Enjoyed the final match a lot, and really nice unexpected ending with a new heel established. It IS a weird product, when you've got such seasoned wrestlers like Escobar on the show (and isn't he great) and in the same episode some really green, not tv ready talent like those two Australian chaps. Your gimmick is.. you carry a poker chip? Even OVW was better than that. Next week - Breaker Time!
  5. The last time I genuinely enjoyed a fight as much as that was probably Lewis-Tyson. This one too felt genuinely historic. I think the heavyweight scene is as good now as it's been since.. well, since then I suppose. Fury has beaten some impressive guys, I couldn't believe how much punishment Wilder took. He looked gassed from Round 1 but clearly that wasn't the issue as he was still moving and throwing heavy shots into the 11th. I know we often complain about wrestling commentary, but by heavens the commentary on this fight was shit. Andre Ward was rubbish. Lewis had some great insights but sounded like he was commentating on tiddlywinks. As much as Ranallo rightly gets a lot of shit, at least he'd have sounded excited.
  6. Edit: I see double posting is still a thing here.
  7. Gacy's gimmick seems to be what Vince imagines young people are like - it's basically saying that the inclusive, caring, "woke" generation are creepy bastards. It's terrible but he's actually making it work for him. I am one of those @BrodyGrahamwho's on board with "Big Lads First" if they're decent ala Breaker. Not sure about some of the others they've wrangled but at least it's a change from those super choreographed spot-fests that has been the predominant NXT main event style for a while. Ridge Holland has been drafted to Smackdown Now I'll never get him v Breaker. He's actually been pretty decent and teaming with Pete Dunne has been perfect for both of them. He's too green for Smackdown, he'll be dancing with a mop or dressing like a leather daddy inside of a month.
  8. My favourite sort of wrestling is when big hard looking men toss smaller men about and slam them hard into things, so obviously I'm all in on Breaker. If he never left his feet (as in, no high flying) that would also be great. It's nice to have a character that feels a bit dangerous and chaotic (that comes with the Steiner genes). There's a few decent looking candidates atm in NXT - those two brothers in Diamond Mine seem to enjoy throwing people about as well.
  9. NXT has been the only wrestling show I've really been watching for the past few years, and so I'm torn on this reboot. On the one hand it's nice to be able to actually SEE the ring, the 70s lighting had run its course. And seeing as my ideal current NXT championship match would be Brekker v Holland I'm pleased to see big meaty wrestlers getting a push, even really green ones. On the other hand, Johnny Gargano is still all over the product. And Kyle O'Reilly who, whilst an entertaining goofy heel, is an awful white meat babyface. The new production style is also awful but that's just inherited from Raw/Smackdown. I'm resigned to the fact that most modern wrestling really isn't for me - I'm neither moved by the acrobatics display of Omega v Danielson, or the WWE soap opera of Raw. So I'll keep tuning in to see any hoss matches on NXT and try to ignore the rubbish bits.
  10. The way round it is for the aforementioned poster to keep trying old email adresses until he stumbles upon the one that actually works 👍
  11. So... this is going to be a thing isn’t it? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51708550 It does feel like we’ve probably missed the boat on containing this virus and it’s going to get into the general population. For most of us it’ll be fine, but as someone with elderly parents, if they contract it they could be toast. So yeah... general thread for what will either be the end of all life as we know it, or over by Easter.
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