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  1. Loki


    Boris "You wouldn't trust him with your wife, why trust him with your country"
  2. Good episode this week, good matches and surprises both. First surprise was Heavy Machinery both sporting the British Bulldog Denim look. What the - ? If any two guys need to wear tops, it's those two. Awful ring gear choice aside, nice to see them get a run at the titles. EC3 is back, and honestly looked like he had a touch of ring rust, but still had a fun match. I'm guessing he's slotting back in at the top of NXT, otherwise for God's sake send him up to Raw. Second surprise was Tyler Breeze. It makes you realise how much better booked NXT is generally that a guy who's been bottom feeding in Smackdown for a few years can pop up, be treated like a genuine star, have a great match and still look good in defeat. Fandango I think has achieved as much as you could expect, but Tyler was always a disappointment for me that he was relegated to comedy jobber crew. Speaking of late-period British Bulldog, has Nick Miller of The Mighty been on the juice? He's definitely looking bigger. Happy to see Lorcan/Burch getting sustained momentum, they are a really fun team to watch. Mia Yim had an odd qualification match with some huge lady I've not seen before. I do like the random people that pop up in NXT, it makes it feel (as indeed it is) like part of a larger wrestling world. Cage match next week between Black and Gargano to round off the year.
  3. Loki

    TLC - it’s really soon

    12 matches is too many isn't it? Unless they're all pretty short, something's going to slip. Like everyone else, practically nothing on the Raw side interests me.
  4. Loki

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    She was there, and she was involved in the action, she just didn't get given a headset. So she's obviously cleared.
  5. Loki


    Many just like him, yes. There's a big difference between intelligence and education. He and Boris are superbly educated but fundamentally stupid.
  6. Loki


    He's as fat as fuck though. The suit actually helps to hide the fact, but he's got a Kevin Owens style bowling ball smuggling going on.
  7. Loki


    Low blow, Gladders. I don't think this is the end of it. The ERG might now try a VONC in the Commons tomorrow, I suspect.
  8. Loki

    Little Tommy Robinson

    Is there any evidence of an organised far-left "ANTIFA" organisation though? I hear the phrase bandied about by Trump supporters, and there are people who turn up in masks ala Occupy, but an actual funded, politically organised movement like EDL?
  9. Loki

    Physical Altercations

    That mugger's name? Albert Einstein.
  10. Loki


    That bit wasn't a farce. One of the most worrying things about May's leadership is the desperately un-parliamentary nature of her attempts to push Brexit through. She could, and should, have set up a cross-bench working group to thrash out the requirements of a deal that enough MPs would get behind. But no - at every turn he and her whips have tried to get around the sovereignty of the House, by evading, withdrawing, and also outright lying to their OWN MPS, just to survive another day, another week. Despite what the public generally believe, a great deal of good work is done in Parliament by MPs of all different parties working together, and there are long-standing conventions and understandings that allow the place to actually function vaguely smoothly. May has chopped away at this and done a great deal of damage to the system. Hence the extremely unusual rebuke from Bercow. He represents the Commons, and Parliament generally, an institution whose authority supersedes any PM or Cabinet, and he is rightly furious with the lot of them. A whole bunch of stuff will now need to be formalised by Parliament to stop other Prime Ministers running roughshod like this, and as you can see with the US system, often formalising conventions stifles the flexibility required to get laws made.
  11. Loki

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    You were on a roll, Handsome.
  12. Status Quo's transformation from psychedelic hippies to coke snorting 3 chord rockers took about 18 months. Someone found a really GOOD hookup!
  13. Loki

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Fabian Aichner is good. Very good, and looked fantastic in this match. He's quietly become one of the best young prospects in NXT and has a genuine heavyweight look now.
  14. My system is... I don't care what people did before they get to NXT/WWE. I base my opinion strictly on what they actually do on the programming I watch. You can never really tell who's going to shine on the big stage, and who isn't. So Matt Riddle could have been the best thing ever on the Indies, but personally I find him annoying and awkward looking. And Martinez might be the shittest wrestler in the history of ROH but I thought he looked interesting and had potential during his debut. I'm also very happy to revise my opinion as they progress through development. Some people really improve a LOT during their time in NXT. What works in one promotion doesn't necessarily work in WWE, you have to learn and adapt, and also hit that world-class Performance Centre gym (coughOHNOcough).