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  1. He said that did he? In a video package on tv? "Please, nobody mention my famous Dad, Luke Perry. I just want to be me, not famous Hollywood actor Luke Perry's son."
  2. @Steve Justice Can I suggest a trip to the Citizen's Advice Bureau? They might be able to point you in the direction of local planning information, or help you decipher the deeds. FWIW, if everyone else on your street has kept their front lawns as lawns then it might well be something that you need to adhere to. If some of the houses have broken that covenant in their deeds, with no pushback from the council, then I reckon you're ok.
  3. Loki


    I'm a sound designer, and it's pretty common knowledge in the sound design community that we have enormous dicks, much bigger than vegan dicks. I don't have anything to back this up, but it's definitely true.
  4. It's immediately more interesting than anything in the first two series of Discovery, and more faithful to the whole Star Trek concept. Clearly, this series is going to to tackle one of TNG's most interesting recurring ideas, that of artificial life, the right to exist, and what defines humanity. Those are the sort of profound questions that Star Trek has always tackled when it's at its best - using the medium to explore a philosophical question and test it. Discovery had none of that spirit, it was all space battles and confusing time travel/interdimensional nonsense. Thumbs up from me, and it is fantastic to have such a great character back on telly. Picard is one of the great role model, father figures of US tv - strong, moralistic but compassionate, intelligent and questioning. Makes a change from the current fad for anti-heroes and cool heels.
  5. Loki


    It's a great documentary. Don't take it as gospel though, a lot of the "science" is dubious to say the least and I found myself snorting at the trial about penis sizes involving a pool of 3 people. If you want to transition less abruptly, you could consider going vegetarian, or even vegetarian for most of the week. This is what I've done - we're vegetarian for 5 days a week now. It's an easier initial step and will get you into the swing of planning shopping and cooking around vegetables. If you make that transition and still want to go Vegan, it will be a lot easier from there! Can we choose which one?
  6. https://chrisgreybrexitblog.blogspot.com/2020/01/is-f-business-now-government-policy.html Good article on how crazy the government's position on trade is right now. We're about to walk large parts of British export businesses off a cliff.
  7. Just wanted to say, thanks for this. I've been commuting 3 hours a day for the past 2 weeks, and this podcast on your recommendation has kept me going. I was super dubious about a wrestling podcast but it's very funny. The two lads who do it, are/were they ever on here? The wrestling nerd sounds like he probably should have been athough he's not mentioned Bossman at the Rumble yet...
  8. It's really great to watch the Original versions if you can. Laputa is one of my favourite films, and I've genuinely not seen it since I was a teenager so I'm stoked by this.
  9. They should get the rights to the original series as well - I've only ever seen Season 1 and would love to watch Season 2 before catching the more recent one.
  10. Steiner would make a great manager if anyone is brave enough to suggest to him he's too old to still be wrestling. In the meanwhile, I will always get a kick out of seeing him, even as broken down as this.
  11. I've never seen Omega before AEW. What the fed has taught me is that he's a lower mid card act who can't beat the top guys. And he's a geek.
  12. He also kept confusing Lio Rush and Swerve Scott, which is a bit embarrassing. Disappointed Kushida and Shelley lost - mainly because Shelley looked fantastic, and it'd be a shame if that was a one-and-done in WWE, ala James Storm. Bianca Belair v Rhea Ripley should be a lot of fun (again, we've seen it before I think). The Battle Royal wasn't great but it showed the strength and depth of the NXT women's division at the moment.
  13. They're achieving two things simultaneously with Aldis. They're using the Worlds Title to help cement him as a top star AND they're using Aldis' run to establish (or re-establish to be fair) the Worlds Title as a top prize. That's probably the most important thing to do for a wrestling federation, and it's incredibly rare nowadays for a company to achieve this. I've always had a soft spot for the lad since his TNA days. I think he's over-delivered and continues to over-deliver, and I'm really pleased for him.
  14. He's a historian not a journalist, then, basically.
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