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  1. Loki

    lonely as fook

    Jump into a thread and chat away fella!
  2. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Come on, wishing death on anyone during this, is beneath us. Let’s try and maintain basic human decency even if you loathe the chap and have valid reasons for doing so.
  3. If he didn't tell you about his drug use and his appearance in porn, how would you know how cool he is?
  4. Mad Lord Bath has also died of CV-19. Longleat was a top local destination as a kid, really eccentric much of big cats, monkeys, the maze and Lord Bath’s massive mansion. Got the impression he was a bit of a lad in the 60s too.
  5. That’s the one! Quality. WCW years ahead of the curve as usual.
  6. What castle did Hogan go to with the “not not” fire?
  7. The Giant threw Hogan off the roof in the early 90s and Hulk visited Vader’s lair in the Rockys. It’s not exactly an original thought, it’s just as with many things WWE has produced the best version of it.
  8. That’s an amazing insight into how the very top guys do their thing. They’re both talking about riding the emotion of the crowd and adapting in the moment. Really interesting that they had practiced the match with Hogan as the heel but in the moment Rock went heel and Hogan called the match on the fly - and the result is one of the best judged matches ever. Hogan talking about slowing a sequence down and pacing it to the reaction sound of the crowd - almost the exact opposite of how modern WWE wrestlers would work.
  9. Matt Hardy on Twitter trying to take credit for the Boneyard Match. He really is delusional.
  10. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    It’s annoying to see people playing footie in the parks when the rest of us are locking ourselves away. Usually on a day like today we’d drive out into the country and go for a walk along the downs but that’s just not allowed. I’ve only left the house once in 2 weeks to go get food, besides going for a couple of runs. So much for the Blitz spirit.
  11. Loki

    Best crisps?

    I've never understood chicken crisps. Chicken has very little flavour, which is why it's such a good base for complex cooking recipes and sauces. Why would you want to eat bland crisps? Even basic ready salted are nicer, you can taste the potato.
  12. Mind blown. Now I have to dig out the original game! I hope I didn't take it to a car boot sale along with a lot of my old games a few years back.
  13. Next you’ll be claiming it was Hogan’s real kids in Hogan Knows Best.
  14. I wish this were true but there’s only a tiny percentage of og and 360 games that are still supported as the XBOne doesn’t have an emulator per se. I have some games i’d love to play again (Full Spectrum Warrior, Galleon) but they’re not supported. If the new Xbox genuinely does support all previous consoles that would be huge..
  15. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Jesus Christ. Universal suffrage is a mistake.
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