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  1. I had that exact jumper on the left there. Must have been part of a uniform or something.
  2. Loki

    Crypto Currency

    I hear that if you kick the side of the machine as the tumblers are spinning, it's more likely to pay out. I'll link a technical analysis of it I found on YouTube later.
  3. I'm very tired from teaching all day so I'm not going to do this now, but do remind me before the deadline and I'll do it. It'll be a little pointless though as most of the games on my list won't have been from the last decade and so won't get any other votes. More than any other art form, the videogame community has a very short memory, for the obvious reason that once the console generation is over, nobody can really play the games. There's no channel for playing old games like with old films.
  4. Yeah, absolutely, and if we're honest those people didn't die of those moves, they died from years of punishment. I personally think people should never be taking the sort of bumps that Musawa took even if he only took them a dozen times a year. There's some really cool stuff that's a big part of wrestling now that looks devastating but isn't too dangerous - all these elbows and knees thrown now look great but you can land them safely. Anything that involves landing on your head, or requires you to be inch perfect in accuracy or involves going blind over the top rope - that stuff I can honestly live without. We're back where we were in the early 00s, where the hardcore style had become so popular and the ante upped so much that people were taking multiple unprotected chairshots to the head per match, chairshots to the back of the head, just to keep looking relevant, and we all know how that turned out. The WWE had a major correction and also kind of reset everyone's finishers so you weren't kicking out of them multiple times. I think the whole industry needs to help develop a slower, safer style otherwise we're going to get more tragic deaths.
  5. We're all old. Is anyone under 30 on this forum even?
  6. I'm no expert on Japanese wrestling, but didn't Musawa die in the ring? From a back body drop? Because his neck was completely fucked from taking head bumps for years? Probably not therefore the perfect example.
  7. Loki

    Crypto Currency

    Off topic, but that reminds of this bad tune:
  8. Loki

    Crypto Currency

    How much did you lose this time?
  9. Loki


    The whole "worked for MI6" thing is a bit overblown. He worked for the Foreign Office, not SIS. If you've been through certain schools or colleges at University, and you then travel quite a bit after uni, sometimes you might be asked to keep an eye open and write up some notes afterwards. I know a number of chaps whose post-Uni wanderings were perhaps government sponsored, shall we say. Does that make them spies? No. I expect Rory did something similar at times.
  10. Sorry to hear that Ronnie. As you discovered, going to "the gym" isn't really a very effective way of losing weight unless you discover you love pumping iron. Perhaps now you're released from that burden, you could try a different approach to getting into Steiner shape? I know a few people who've had success with Couch To 5k : http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml It's basically a program and I think set of podcasts that trains you to run 5k starting from the position of being completely out of shape. At that point you can start partaking in your local Park Run: https://www.parkrun.org.uk That's a great thing as you get buoyed along by everyone else, and of course it's free!
  11. "Your Server Today will be UKKatVonD"
  12. I always wondered why WWF brought Dusty Rhodes in for thar run in 1989 and then did nothing with him. With his pedigree he could have been a world champion there surely, as Flair was a year or two later? It's not like he couldn't still wrestle a Dusty match, he was still wrestling them in TNA.
  13. That's the one! Did they all join together into a robot as well, or am I confusing that series with another one?
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