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  1. If he was a real journalist, he'd feel bound by the concept of journalistic integrity and the professional code of ethics. Objectivity and impartiality are a big part of that. Particularly considering his emphatic top spot in wrestling coverage, he shouldn't be crossing the line from reporting to actively participating and supporting. It makes his coverage of AEW, and WWE by association, tainted. See also: News, Fox.
  2. In the spirit of sacrifice, I also tried watching Bad Blood, which looks like a cross between Sons of Anarchy and The Sopranos. Despite a good cast, it's really poor - badly written, badly acted, kinda cheap feeling. I got about 4 episodes in but that was it. There's definitely better stuff on Netflix.
  3. Has anyone else watched the whole of Russian Doll? Just finished it and thought it was one of the best series I've seen in ages - and I'm undecided on what it actually means.
  4. The other way of changing this is to have a proper fucking clear out. It's the lack of turnover that is so surprising. It used to be that there were two directions to go in WWE - up or down-and-out. Main eventers were established by beating other credible stars, and once your credibility was gone you were off after the next Wrestlemania. Then, sure, bring them back in a few years when they are fresh again if they genuinely have worth to the company. You have wrestlers who've been in WWE for decades - decades without ever drawing a dime. It's always worth keeping veterans like R Truth around, but why the fuck are Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Zack Ryder et al still around? NXT produces a constant stream of guys who will either become stars or be fodder to help promote other stars, but the system breaks down when nobody ever leaves. I'm sure the WWE locker room is a much more collegiate, happy atmosphere now than the 90s but it's not as effective. There are plenty of other places for guys and girls to work now besides WWE so it's not really that cruel as perhaps in 2003.
  5. Not a bad prediction! It does feel like Smackdown got the worst of this deal but every year I say that, and then the Smackdown brand goes on to actually elevate new stars. Asuka instead of Io Shirai has to be some sort of troll on internet fans, right? They all look the same, those chinese wrestlers. Of all the swops, I genuinely hope Elias gets a proper push. Did you see his shoulders? They guy has everything in my opinion, if they put him in interesting storylines with good wrestlers he could become a top heel.
  6. He's actually a good actor, which most WWE stars aren't (and don't need to be, frankly). A bit like Batista, he's actually got some chops and so can portray a complex range of expressions and nuances. If he genuinely is tired of wrestling, perhaps he should get Big Dave to hook him up in Hollywood.
  7. Fucking hell, EC3's Raw run must count as one of the most brutal. I'm not normally one for conspiracy theories but someone in power must hate him. Even though he's not the greatest, he deserves at least a chance, hopefully on Smackdown. Who do we think are heading the other way, then? I reckon Roman Reigns, The Revival, Drew McIntyre possibly. Bayley? Seeing as they pretty much buried Sasha last night. I would say Balor, but he's got a belt so that complicates things.
  8. You're not wrong that it's just one person's opinion, but it's also the only opinion that a lot of online smart fans (and wrestlers by the sounds of it) actually care about. It just feels like there's this shitty feedback loop where wrestlers put on the sort of match Meltzer will score highly, he praises them and so they do it more. I'm just a little grumpy as the sort of wrestling I like is, I suspect, pretty much a thing of the past now. I really enjoy NXT, it's my favourite brand, but you can see they've now fully embraced this new "Shawn Michaels on fast forward" style and everyone is expected to learn how to do it. So it'll be the ongoing WWE style for the next 5-10 years I guess unless mounting injuries force them to re-think.
  9. As all WWE wrestlers are independent contractors, they can up sticks and go work somewhere else straight away. They just won't get the rest of their contract pay. Most people, understandably, are happy to get well paid to spend time with their families so they choose to wait it out. I'd be a bit sad if Sasha Banks leaves, as ogling her extraordinary physique is a highlight of Raw but it has been kind of sad to see how much worse she's got in the last couple of years. Considering she's obviously in good shape, you have to assume it's just that her motivation and passion have gone. The mini-feud she had with Rousey showed she can still be entertaining and popular if she's given a good spot. I agree with those who say that, although it's a financial risk, if you're unhappy you should just leave and hope absence makes the heart grow fonder. The WWE certainly seems like the sort of company who take people back when they feel there are fresh matches and opportunities. That said - isn't she going to be integral to this big 4 Horsewomen storyline? I got the impression that was going to be the focus of the women's division for the next 12 months.
  10. Hulk Hogan. And not just because he's a big old orange racist. When I first got into wrestling, he was in WCW which wasn't on the telly, so I'd buy those Best of WCW tapes from the market, where you got about 5 minutes of PPV matches plus some backstage stuff. I had discovered internet wrestling sites, which universally told me that Hogan was old, shit, had always been shit, couldn't wrestle etc etc. But on the tapes he looked like the coolest guy in wrestling. Then when he finally returned to WWF, I was expecting him to be like Mr Glass thanks to wrestling experts - he wouldn't be able to even take a bump, he'd refuse to put people over etc. But lo and behold he had his working boots on, and had that incredible match with the Rock, which is still my favourite match of all time. And passing out to Lesnar's bearhug, with Lesnar wiping Hogan's blood across his chest - that MADE Lesnar. So yeah. I know I'm not allowed to like him because he bragged to his mates' Mrs, who he was banging, that he hates n***ers. And I know he has ridiculous hair, and his skin now resembles a shar pei puppy. But I've loved everything I've seen of his - everything from the Andre match to Hogan Knows Best, from his tagging with Edge to that Sting match in TNA. He's the most entertaining guy in wrestling history. I will always pop for that music and I'm glad he's back in the WWE family.
  11. Loki


    So it's another extension until Halloween. Realistically though Labour and the government need to come to an agreement in the next week to avoid European elections. Now it's clear the government won't allow No Deal, and is prepared to get a consensus with the opposition, surely they'll be able to negotiate something?
  12. Finn Balor, as I've said before. Since he first turned up in NXT I've been waiting for it to click. Hugely athletic but his matches are just completely devoid of story for me. His gormless, shit-eating grin Raw incarnation is particularly dull. I'm sure he's a lovely guy, and clearly the ladies and chaps think he's sexy a.f. but he's always a match I FWD through.
  13. Sami Zayn tripping over was obviously a bit awkward, but I thought Aleister Black popping up out of the smoke because his lift wasn't working to be equally embarrassing.
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