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  1. That's actually a sound suggestion. I think going full commando is out anyway, it's a crappy fake leather affair and I don't think my nads would thank me for 8 hours of contact with that.
  2. Jim Ross was fucking awful, he sounded like a videogame commentary on the rare occasions he got through a phrase without forgetting the names of the wrestlers. If that's the best he can do nowadays, he should probably stick to the BBQ sauce business. McGuinness is growing on me, or probably he's just getting better. NXT is definitely less compelling since Cory left though. I know everyone loved the UK Championship match, and I thought it was ace, but personally I preferred the Roode-Itami match. It's the first time I've been impressed by Itami, though he looks like he's still suffering with injuries. Roode is the best heel in the business right now, for me, he made his opponent look great despite a clean win. Roode v McIntyre for the next few months will keep me happy.
  3. Back of the net, Houchen. Like most handsome, successful people I now work from home. This is great most of the time but when it gets hot, being stuck in a small room with a lot of heat-producing audio equipment isn't the best. If I open the window I can't hear what I'm doing, if I keep it closed then the swollocks do get betty. I do have the option of working in the nude though!
  4. I for one welcome our new Indian overlords.
  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing. They're busy establishing the next generation of the NXT Women's Division (and I loooove Billy Kay) but the elephant in the room is that they've all lost clean to the champ. The best ending to this is that she moves up to Smackdown undefeated as a heel and takes on Becky; make something of this streak she's on. The WWE's version of a cage match never makes sense to me anyway. It NEVER makes sense for a face to win by exiting the cage; the whole point is to get the heel into a small space so revenge can be extracted. Surely the rules for a cage match should be... if you leave the cage before a pinfall or submission, you lose? That way the heel can be desperate to leave as they are chicken and the face gets to hammer them and get a clean pin. Also, everyone knows Eric Young's nipples can cut through steel. Hideo Itami does little for me, as all I know of him is that he's injury-prone. What other choices do they have though, the returning Ohno has already lost clean to Roode.
  6. That sounds about right to me. You should put on a bet! It's very unusual for a sitting party to increase its majority, but these are unusual times. People are still divided along Brexit lines, and so those "floating voters" who voted for Brexit are likely to strengthen towards the Tories whilst those who voted against are likely to move towards the Lib Dems. I like Corbyn, but he has the political instincts of a mushroom. He has managed to bungle pretty much every major decision since becoming leader. He managed somehow to not decisively take a stance on Brexit, to then back the government on Article 50 even though voting against would have been energising for his base, and then voting for the general election even though he and his party are completely unprepared as they are still fighting their civil war. In each case he's taken the path of least resistance, the decision which requires the least leadership or decisiveness. As a result, not matter how good a manifesto he rushes together, he's seen as weak. It's not enough in politics to be well-meaning or nice. He's like Michael Foot in that regard and about as electable. The only ray of hope is that austerity has bitten hard enough in former Labour heartlands that they swing back a few seat and retain a few more, and the Lib Dems benefit from tactical voting beyond what the polls suggest. Still and all, I can't see May not improving her majority from where it is now.
  7. Are we allowed to mention that here yet?
  8. Add me to the list of those distinctly underwhelmed by Ospreay/Riccochet matches. I've also dabbled in some of the Omega/Shibata/Naito stuff that keeps being mentioned around and about, and again, not entirely a fan. I think for me, good wrestling is when both participants pretend to hurt each other but don't. Life-shortening matches should be done once or twice a career, if at all. My favourite match of the last few years was Roode v Nakamura from the last Takeover. Really a fantastic, well-paced story being told with an admirable lack of weapons or dangerous high spots. Bobby Roode can work his style for another decade without issue I suspect.
  9. I know he's "our Nigel" but McGuinness is not a good commentator at all right now, particularly in comparison to the man he's replacing. His voice is so soporific. He has an occasional good line but his enthusiasm level needs to drastic go up. I thought Dunne and Mandrews did really well, I can see Dunne getting a permanent gig with WWE, possibly in the Cruiser division. In other news, Bobby Roode might well be the best all-round performer the WWE has right now, and who thought that would be possible before he arrived? He's always been a great wrestler in search of a good gimmick, and now he has one it's all clicked into place. He's peaking at exactly the right time, and good on him.
  10. NXT is the only brand I really watch properly now, so obviously I'm over the moon that Roode is sitting pretty at the top. My boy. Other than a rematch with Michael Jackson, things look a little thin though. As others have said, Roderick Strong is just unbelievably bland, like a create-a-wrestler character. I find No Way Jose to be laughably shit, and although he's better as a heel Almas isn't exactly setting hearts on fire. Personally I'd like to see more Elias Samson. He's got the goods to make the fans spit blood, which can only be a good thing. Samson, Eric Young, Roode... good heels, just short of faces.
  11. I nearly spat out my bourbon when Reigns' music hit there at number 30. An unbelievably cynical move to get Orton's win cheered, but fuck me if it didn't work. I'm not convinced by those saying that this means Reigns is a heel. You don't need to be a heel to face Taker at Mania, it's often been face v streak. I'm afraid they're not letting this whole Roman Empire thing go, just as they didn't let the whole Cena thing go. And it sucks at Reigns is a hard working lad who deserves success but has been utterly misbooked and is now forever tarnished. I was just starting to think the nerds might finally have started to get bored of booing him, now this. I swear he looks about ready to cry at times, who can blame him. I'll admit I was expecting Kurt Angle at number 30, so I'm just grumpy as I now realise they probably have no intention of having him wrestle again. So... Goldberg beats Owens, leading to Goldberg-Lesnar at WM for the title. Bray wins in the Chamber leading to Bray v Orton. Cena gets Samoa Joe at WM? A 3-way with Styles as well? I'm not sure where Styles fits in but otherwise Mania looks pretty good on paper. I'm certainly fascinated to see how long Lesnar can throw Goldberg around for; it's either going to be a fantastic spectacle or a horrific car crash - either way it will entertain.
  12. Fuck me, yeah, that one! I think all these mentions of Maebe have me dazed and confused. From the ridiculous to the sublime, I'm watching Gandhi tonight. EDIT: Cliff Clavin from Cheers was in it!
  13. Don West looks like he's been wrestling the bottle every week since he left. Nice to see him though, he and Tenay were the soundtrack to TNA through the good years.
  14. Green Room - not for the faint hearted, but Picard is good in it. A taught little thriller/horror movie with the bonus of Maebe from Arrested Development in although she doesn't get naked. Last Action Hero - I love a bit of Willis, and this was actually a lot better than I think I expected. It is stunningly misogynistic though, and the two main leads clearly fucking hate each other. Just an aside, but you can see how old this thread is, it refers to DVDs! Who even buys physical media nowadays.
  15. Personally I liked their stuff, particularly the match where Joe bled. I think the matches have helped Joe more than Nakamura though - the TNA stink is thoroughly off Joe and he looks like a beast, whereas Nakamura still has the same issues - language barrier, Michael Jackson dress sense and the constant vinegar strokes look on his face, none of which are going to serve him well on the main rosters. The show is really just going through the motions now, and there's way too much Cruiserweight on it; they're hideously over exposed right now being on three shows with only about 2 characters between the lot of them. Lorcan and Roode should be good tonight though - I quite like Lorcan. When are we getting The Drifter back on the telly show? He's my pick to break out next year, he gets remarkable heat and has a good look and work.