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  1. Never had Roode down as a guy who'd fail a drug test. Disappointed.
  2. It's their classic dead cat strategy, and it's frighteningly effective. My brother is very senior at the Beeb and he's not fussed this so I tend not to worry.
  3. I feel completely the opposite. Outside of Jericho, Moxley and Dustin (and DDP) I don't feel like AEW has big stars. The have people who they SAY are big stars, but they don't present them as such. Kenny Omega being a prime example - one of the guys I genuinely was excited to see due to the hype, but who's utterly failed to show me anything. One thing NXT has always been fantastic at is building stars - taking someone with basically no rep (or an Indie rep), and making them into a big deal. Look at how they've built Rhea Ripley into pretty much the best thing in wrestling right now - cannot wait to see her and Shayna go at it. Finn Balor bored the shit out of me on Raw, but a few weeks of focus in NXT and he's red hot again. Almost all of of WWE's current top talent were built in NXT as well, they've got a great record. As a casual AEW viewer, I can spot a few guys who I feel are pretty talented with potential, but they don't seem to be the focus of the shows right now. There's an awful lot of 50/50 booking that's making everyone seem midcard at the moment. The WCW comparisons I can definitely see, but more pre-Hogan, post Flair WCW when they just didn't have that many big stars and didn't know how to elevate anyone else.
  4. I'm of the opinion that he's always had a pretty shitty look, and it's just his talent in-ring that's kept him over. He IS small, even by modern WWE standards. He could definitely do with a decent makeover.
  5. Do you ever stop before hitting "Submit Reply" to consider whether your post adds anything of merit to the thread? Because every other post on UKFF at the moment seems to be from you, and they're almost all fucking pointless.
  6. I hope he fights Pip Brooks next, if he's going to have a little run smashing up former WWE guys who think they're real fighters. Is there money in Ortiz v Punk?
  7. I'm impressed you decided to double down on your shitty post by adding another unflattering picture, just in case anyone was unsure whether you were being a massive cunt about her looks or not.
  8. I don't see any harm in putting the belt on him. If they want to continue to have him pop up on the main shows or PPVs, having the gold over his shoulder would help cement his aura. And when was the last time we had an NXT face champ who had a long run? Finn Balor? He could have good feuds against heel Balor, Dain, they could even throw him in against Ryker, I'd quite like to see that match.
  9. I think this might be the last election where I vote against my own narrow financial self interest and vote in the interests of those less well off than me. If, after a decade of austerity and food banks, Brexit lies and Tory corruption, the great British public decide to reward them with an increased majority... Then fuck them frankly. I'm going to go fully right wing and revel in my tax breaks and private healthcare.
  10. The main takeaway from this week is how incredibly fat Ohno now is. Like a proper fatty - Vader in the 2000s fat, Jake Roberts in Beyond The Mat fat. His time in the UK has clearly been spent at Greggs and not the gym. Otherwise a decent episode but not spectacular. Kushida is back. There's a Triple Threat match coming for the No 1 contender, for anyone who wasn't sick of those after Survivor Series. WWE is settling into its traditional Christmas malaise that continues until the Rumble.
  11. You're right, let's not worry about anything in advance, and just deal with it when it happens. That's what I do in life, so it's bound to work great for running an entire country, right? 👏 Chest is absolutely right here - indeed Trump explicitly mentioned the NHS when talking about a US-UK trade deal earlier this year. The NHS is the largest employer IN THE WORLD. It's essentially the largest publicly owned company in the world - no wonder the US private sector want at it. There's money to be made breaking it up and running it with the sort of ruthless efficiency we can see on display in companies like Amazon, Deliveroo and so on. There are many different models to healthcare, but the US has pretty much the worst one imaginable - and once we're done smashing our economic relationship with the EU, it's the Yanks who we'll be desperate to trade with, ensuring they hold all the cards at the negotiation table. As Orton would say - stupid, stupid, stupid.
  12. I kind of agree. I think he'd look a bit more professional without the mask. Has he really not had a match in over a decade? Joe wears a bad boy suit when he commentates, and he's an active wrestler. Be more like Joe
  13. Thing is, she'll be the first female ref ever on the 'main' roster, so that is a bit of an achievement.
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