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  1. Loki

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    It's 2018, I think it's ok to admit to watching Total Bellas if you want
  2. Loki

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    There's some irony in the fact we don't even have a PPV thread about the first ever women's PPV. The WWE seems to have made some pretty tone-deaf decisions over it too. The battle royal just reminds everyone of how poorly women are generally treated on PPVs. And Rousey is sent out there, as a face, to suggest that the Bellas slept their way to success. For all the undoubted advances in how the WWE treats its female performers, you do get the feeling some of it is merely papering over some pretty huge cracks.
  3. Loki

    The Food Thread

    Sous vide is basically boil-in-the-bag right?
  4. Loki

    Golden Boy MMA - Chuck vs. Tito III

    I'm not au fait with the ins and outs of MMA like you boys, but from casual watching of Bellator it's clear that the odd fight gets fixed, mainly the old timers matches. To my pro wrestling eyes anyway. I don't care though, they are often the most fun!
  5. Loki

    Golden Boy MMA - Chuck vs. Tito III

    Ortiz fought recently in Bellator didn't he? I actually thought he didn't look terrible in his last Bellator fight but I'd be surprised if he's got better since. I had no idea this was happening, sounds like a total train wreck in the offing - Shamrock/Gracie in Bellator style.
  6. Loki

    Umaga - great gimmick, but a bit of a rapist.

    Classy guys, really classy. I see the #metoo movement hasn't extended to UKFF.
  7. Loki

    Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    That's very cool. Gotham is for my money by far the best of the recent D.C. adaptations, so another series by the same guys would be good. Gotham is ending after this last, fifth series and it's a real shame. My idle dream was that they'd just spin it out into some decent movies where all the backstory is death with and we can just have some cool action. In particular, their Joker was worth a big screen look.
  8. Loki

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Totally. They feel a little stale, though not as stale as the New Day. I'm really glad they didn't split them up as per normal tag teams, but both these acts need to do something different. New Day in particular, despite their constant tweaks to the gimmick, are essentially unchanged since they turned face in, what, 2015?
  9. I think it's Keith Lee's paedophile smile that's putting me off at the moment. Faces shouldn't smile like Jimmy Saville on a bus trip to Borstal.
  10. Loki

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Sort of separate, but equal eh?
  11. Amazon Prime have added I, Tonya and it's a cracking film. Margot Robbie's been brilliant in everything I've seen her in, even utter dross like Suicide Squad. Allison Janney almost unrecognisable as her asshole mother, and deserves all her awards wins. The film has a cracking soundtrack too, really nostalgic as well as well chosen. Best bit is Tonya's "bodyguard" (played by Paul Hauser), a prototype neckbeard with incredible delusions of being an international spy despite living with his parents and having no skills whatsoever. It seems like a huge comic exaggeration until the credits roll and they play some footage of the real guy. Top film. As an aside "DVDs... you have watched" That really ages this thread doesn't it? I really miss Blockbuster still, used to enjoy going down there to get out a DVD on a Friday night. Now I have to wait months or years until it pops up on Netflix or Amazon. I've still yet to find a decent service for renting a movie where it doesn't cost a tenner!
  12. Loki


    So when you go vegan, do the tattoos starting coming up through the skin straight away, or does it take a few months for the transformation to really kick in?
  13. Loki

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Ruby's the foil. She's going to be great in that role, but I don't think she'll ever be top billing.
  14. Loki

    The Mae Young Classic