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  1. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    And where was Bobby Roode this week? He has momentum, he needs to be on telly every week. I'm probably the only fan on the internet who likes the Modern Day Maharajah, but Nakamura is not a good fit as an opponent. Shinsuke needs excellent wrestlers to have good matches, as far as I can see, when it's on him to carry the load he generally doesn't bother. Mahal needs to face guys like AJ who can make him look good.
  2. He has a fabulously greasy look though, a real weasel. But he's coming across as more of a manager. Reminds me of Don Callis back in the Truth Commission days. I'm not sold on the whole bunch of them, especially at the top of NXT. They feel very indy-riffic. As much as I've enjoyed the runs by Joe, Roode, McIntyre and so on, a lot of the fun in NXT has always been seeing the young guys coming up from the PC. That's why I'm enjoying Lars Sullivan so much, and The Velveteen Dream too. There are just too many "15 year veterans" in NXT at the moment and not enough completely new faces. Plus the Performance Centre guys are often much larger, tougher looking dudes, and I'm an old fashioned guy who likes hosses more than high flyers.
  3. 2017 Clog-Popping Thread

    The passing of Jake La Motta just reminds me of how great an actor De Niro used to be.
  4. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    I drove my Porsche down France earlier this year, and they have this device you can get that gets you through the Telepeage toll booths without stopping, you just have to roll through at 20 mph. That was the most fun, it's like a rolling start and you can absolutely hammer it out the other side like you're launching an F1 car. I love French autoroutes.
  5. Well I'm off to see it at BAFTA this weekend so I'll reserve judgement until then. I'm about 50/50 on Aronofsky, he's either big hit or big miss for me.
  6. General Election- June 8th

    The Commons is a fucking mess right now. You've got two main parties both in the midst of civil wars and a minority government during the most complex change in our national governance in 40 years. Nobody has a clue what's going on and nobody has a clue what to do. Regardless of where you were with the referendum last year, it's looking fucking grim now. The major banks and corporations are closing shop and moving to Germany or Ireland which is a very bad sign. We are taking it up the arse from Brussels, not unsurprisingly as they hold all the cards and we have a christmas pudding in charge of our negotiating team. I have a sneaking suspicion that in the very, very long term this Brexit thing will balance out with new trade agreements with China and other emerging markets, but the next decade or so will be rough.
  7. I think it started as a road movie where they go off the beaten track and end up in a chainsaw massacre type of situation. I really can't remember fuck all else about it though, I was stoned out of my brain most of that decade. I think it might have been on Film 4 Extreme but not sure.
  8. Who is the GOAT?

    If you can't win fights, and stack championships, you shouldn't be in the discussion David. It's when weighing similarly decorated fighters that you can start to think about the intangibles. Most of all, it's about who you beat. As Keith said, any of Joe Frasier, Foreman, Sonny Liston, hell Patterson would have been long term champs in the modern era. What I find interesting about MMA (and I'm nothing more than a casual viewer here) is that the sport is completely different to what it was in the 90s. You had guys trained in multiple different combat styles all adapting to a unified set of rules and so to be on top you had to contend with a multiple of styles. Now we're into an era where fighters have grown up learning "MMA" as a hybrid style - they kickbox, box and learn ju jitsu in equal measure and prepare for fighters that also have that broad spread of skills. It's a completely different thing. How you compare a Dan Severn to a Derrick Lewis, I've no idea.
  9. Who is the GOAT?

    Ali has three things going for him. Ability Who He Beat Cultural Context He was the best fighter in an era stacked with incredibly good and varied heavyweights and he beat them all in spectacular fashion. But I also think you have to take into account that he did it right in the teeth of the civil rights movement AND his conversion to Islam. He faced challenges and issues before he stepped into the ring that most modern fighters couldn't even conceive.
  10. That's why it got me, as up till then it'd been violent but with quick cutaways or whatever to mask it, and then that whole killing plays out in full view and full detail, and I actually WASN'T expecting it. Without getting all wanky about it, I think they needed to make you completely hate the cannibals to dispel the notion that was otherwise lurking around that the white men were at least somewhat the bad guys, invading tribal lands and so on. It's very hard to make Westerns where the Injuns are the bad guys without a faint whiff of racism nowadays. Like Descent, the whole thing left me wanting to know more about the backstory of that tribe, which of course we'll never get but they will live on in my 3 am thoughts when it's dark outside.
  11. Watched Bone Tomahawk which is a Western knocking around on Netflix that came out the same year as Hateful 8 and also stars Kurt Russell. It's not a bad horror/western crossover and it's got some really nice ensemble acting, but it also contains the GRIMMEST on-screen death I've ever seen. I'm not that squeamish and have seen a lot of gory films over the years, but this just came out of nowhere as a really horrific scene and, frankly, probably a bit unneccessary. The cannibals theme reminded me of an old horror movie, probably 90s, with the usual crazy-family-old-house-backwoods which near the end had a couple of weird pig-human freaks come out of the woodwork in the last reel. Does that ring a bell with anyone?
  12. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Vince's death will be played out as part of an angle, I'm sure, just like Helen Daniels.
  13. The Mae Young Classic

    After all the hype about Shayna I checked out that match with her "mentor". She is suuuuper green and really not ready for television at all. She's got a bit of attitude though and hopefully will get good via the Performance Centre. The little face-off between the WWE Horsewoman and the MMA Horsewomen was cringingly bad though. None of them have the acting skills to pull off an impromptu moment like that. Compare it to Undertaker eyeballing Lesnar after his UFC fight for how it's done. It's a great Wrestlemania type angle/match but they need to apply some pro wrestling magic to the whole thing and not promote this as "legit" or shoot otherwise it will fall flat on its face.