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  1. I was referring to the "where do they go with him from here" comments. The tournament was a great bit of booking, it doesn't need to lead to anything imo. He got what he really wanted, which is to stay in WWE. Winning the tournament was just a means to an end. He'll be back to being off tv probably, but it was still a great storyline.
  2. Wild Wild West is definitely up there. There's a great story about that film, that the producer of it had been trying to get a giant mechanical spider into every film he'd produced for about a decade, and finally succeeded in that one even though it made no sense. The worst film I ever saw all the way through was Spawn. The worst film I ever saw full stop was Sky Captain... but we left with half an hour to go as we just couldn't take it any more. Terrible film.
  3. Well, I liked the conclusion of the Drake Maverick storyline, unlike everyone else apparently. That's the most invested in a match I've been for ages, really wanted him to win and was gutted when he lost. He told such a great story as well. So when Trips came out and gave him a contract, I was made up. He gets to stay, they have a new masked foreigner to stick into Lucha House Party / give a decent run to, and everyone's happy. Not everything has to lead somewhere hugely complex - the whole tournament was a fun bit of programming that produced some great moments. More of that, less Gargano please.
  4. There should be a name for it, like Californian Dry or something. I love those sorts of films too, the feel of a Western but usually a mode modern setting. No Country For Old Men as well. You'd probably like White Sands if you haven't seen it Pat, it's a nice mix of this genre and a bit of noir. Also Lone Star.
  5. Yes, me too. Thanks - you should probably delete the last few posts here as well.
  6. The thing that was being discussed in the thread that disappeared, is that now a verboten subject?
  7. I think Sting would have been huge. Vince went all googly over Luger, imagine how he'd have been about Sting. The guy's an amazing hand. As cool as much of Sting's TNA run was, selfishly I wish he'd signed with WWE in maybe 2006 or so. He'd have still been able to have great matches, and at a time they were really struggling for credible faces. Another thing that the Tape reminded me was.. and this is maybe just my personal reception, but whenever I see footage of WCW it always looks so big time. Something about the production, or the arenas, or maybe the ring size... the reactions were always massive from the crowds as well.
  8. An-teee-fa? She makes it sound like a Caribbean island. She's one Prince Albert short of being a character in Tiger King really, isn't she.
  9. Didn't see any discussion of this anywhere so I thought I'd start a little thread. It's an interesting short this, although be warned the second half is just Sting v Big Bubba, which is not a great match. It's from an era before the cameras were always following people around backstage and in their lives, so there's some fun footage of Sting hanging out with Macho, Bagwell, some fans, one of the WCW trainers and so on. Sting comes across as a really cool guy, very relaxed but really intense when it comes to the wrestling. One curiousity - there's a clip of Tenay interviewing the Stinger for the WCW hotline, and he mentions that Sting's just signed a new multi-year deal. Which got me imagining what it would have been like if Sting had signed with WWF instead in 1995. You'd have had Sting in a program with WWF Champion Diesel I imagine, plus Sting v Michaels, Sting v both Harts, and surely Sting v Taker as well. He'd have had a great run at that point imo, but probably left just as the Attitude Era kicked off as I doubt he'd have approved of that.
  10. This right here is exactly why the 2nd Amendment doesn’t work. When everyone’s waving guns, nobody stops to ask what the situation is.
  11. That idiot has had no military training at all. You can tell because he’s got his fucking finger on the trigger whilst talking to the cops. That’s hugely dangerous and one of the first things you are taught apparently. Finger off the trigger at all times until you are about to fire.
  12. Being a big old mark, I’ve never understood how you safely take anything double underhooked that lands you on your face. When people take the Pedigree on their knees, fair enough. But Roode’s finisher for example, how is that not just driving the man’s face into the canvas?
  13. I was always really happy to see Billy Gunn in the ring. He had some terrible gimmicks over the years and never got to the top of the pile, but I liked him. That battle royale in the first AEW show, he was the best bit. He’s fucking huge compared to their roster, still bumps really well. He was ace in Tough Enough too, I could have watched him train wrestlers all day.
  14. Trump just tweeted that he’s designating “ANTIFA” as a terrorist organisation. So he’s backing the fascists in what looks increasingly likely to break down into civil war. Rapidly approaching the point of no return.
  15. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Just to say, this is fake. Those criteria aren't the official ones.
  16. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    'Ate Covid. 'Ate Bill Gates. 'Ate 5G. Luv beer gardens. Luv going down the beach. Luv meeting me mates. Ambivalent about tens of thousands of more deaths.
  17. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    My dad got a phone call from the NHS this week saying he was on the vulnerable list and did he need a food parcel. After 11 weeks! If he had needed a food parcel he’d be dead. A lot of people probably slipped through the cracks.
  18. I've thought they were awful since they were in TNA. The only good thing about periodically seeing them is watching them slowly visually morph into the Rock 'n' Roll Express, receding hair and boss-eyes and everything.
  19. Let's not forget that ongoing drug addict Hardy was the face, and teetotal Punk was the heel. The WWE is a weird universe.
  20. It's all very well throwing "Black Lives Matter" onto your social media platform, but they need to explicitly go after the instigators of this, and that means Trump. Otherwise it's just showboating. Nike gets a pass as they've been bankrolling Kaepernick since he lost his job.
  21. Loki

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Do whatever it takes to protect your family - wasn’t that on the podium?
  22. Kap America. I feel there’s unused potential in that.
  23. When all this is over, Kaepernick is going to be remembered in the same breath as Rosa Parks and MLK in my opinion. He fucking broke a lot of this open by refusing to be silent, refusing to be gagged even as it cost him his career. It takes people as visible as him to make personal sacrifices to kickstart a movement. The US really is fuckety fucked right now. A fascist, half-deranged President, an out of control pandemic, lockdown, race riots and 5 guns per capita. The possibility of spinning into actual armed conflict on the streets is as real as it's been since the late 60s. I'm not confident about the elections at all. I think Trump will steal it, or declare the results null and void. We're still in the first act.
  24. Yes I watched about 20 mins of one, Plumber I think. Absolutely fascinating to see his 70s bedsit, they’re surprisingly well shot. The tits seem quite tame by modern standards, but as a piece of social history they’re worth a quick look.
  25. Da Meltz is apparently suggesting that there was no testing for CV19 at all at the last set of WWE tapings. So it’s entirely possible one super spreader will knock a chunk of the roster out of action. Madness.
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