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  1. Well Raw was awful again this week. There is just no motivation or reason to sit through three hours of it. Nothing of any interest happens and everyone is just back to being on the same level again (other than maybe Lashley, who I don't think was even on the show this week); it just feel like within a few weeks, Wrestler A beats Wrestler B, then B beats A, then there is a tag match where A beats B, then a rematch of that tag match were B beats A, and so on (everyone has to beat everyone else). No thought is put into anything and it is just really badly written and put together (from the
  2. Not after Lashley beat him with relative ease at Wrestlemania.
  3. Not sure where to post this, but Chris Jericho is the next guest on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions. Interesting to see WWE having an AEW wrestler on one of their shows (even if it is just having a chat with Austin).
  4. After how well they got on last week, team Balor and Kross together again. Then have Balor & Kross vs Cole & O'Reilly; unlikely partners unite to try to win the tag titles, maybe in a ladder match (as suggested above).
  5. The previous NXT thread seems to have been locked and I have not seen a new one created (apologies if one has been). Anyway, last weeks "New Year's Evil" show was pretty good, with Raquel Gonzalez vs. Rhea Ripley in a Last Woman Standing Match and Finn Balor vs Kyle O'Reilly for the NXT title both really solid matches (the rest of the show was an easy watch as well). The return of Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was announced as well (both Men's and Women's this year). The brackets for the Men's Tournament have been released today (with a mystery MSK team):
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