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  1. Not sure how reliable Pro Wrestling Sheet are, but according to them Heyman was running Raw this week, with no Vince, Dunn or HHH around.
  2. I would guess that The Fiend interferes in the Rollins/Strowman match so that neither of them have to take a loss. Most of the matches on the show will probably be good, but like most of WWE at the moment, there just doesn't seem to be much that is must see.
  3. We would probably need to know more, but the highlighted part above could be interesting.
  4. Can anyone recommend some good two players games for the PS4 (played on one PS4 console).
  5. It is up on WWE's youtube page now for anyone who wants to watch it: A really good 20-minute promo video for the Walter/Bate match.
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