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  1. Great promo from Owens here on TalkingSmack this week. Whilst I did see them show a clip of Apollo Crews this week, they really should find some time to incorporate some of these promos into Smackdown, or just allow the wrestlers to give these kind of promos on the show itself (rather than on a show not many will watch). The same for Raw; they have three hours to fill and having a few solid promos like these on the show or pre-taped stuff that adds to a wrestlers backstory and character would be great. I admit I have not seen much of TalkingSmack, but what I have seen seems more natural f
  2. Neither of these really describe it. It is a perfectly acceptable, intriguing enough first couple of episodes without being anything all that outstanding. The potential is there and we will have to see what they deliver over the next few episodes.
  3. Nicolas Cage vs. animatronic characters come to life who are trying to kill him...
  4. Dana is going to try to talk him into another fight with McGregor isn't he? Maybe ask Khabib to go easy on him this time. Sadly, no one at 155lbs at the moment looks like an interesting fight for Khabib. Justin Gaethje Dustin Poirier Charles Oliveira Conor McGregor Tony Ferguson Dan Hooker Rafael Dos Anjos Paul Felder Diego Ferreira Al Iaquinta That is the top 10 fighters at 155lbs. Khabib has beaten the #1, #2, #4, #7 and #10. Oliveira could be an interesting fight, but you would not think it is anything Khabib would rush out of retirement for. There is
  5. DJM

    Vintage Bintage

    If you like Elisabeth Shue, then she makes quite the impression in The Boys.
  6. More Alan Partridge (you could pretty much fill this topic with clips involving Alan Partridge): No matter how many times I watch both series of I'm Alan Partridge, they still makes me laugh (anything involving the character is great really).
  7. Reigns is going to need an opponent/feud between the Rumble and Mania, so they have probably picked Nakamura's name out of a hat/thrown a dart at a board with everyone's face on it. I will just be a way to pass the time between those big shows and will probably lead to a Reigns vs. Cesaro match as well to fill the time (as well as probably Reigns/Uso vs. Nakamura/Cesaro). It is the way WWE work most of the time; you are meant to have a very short memory and forget that Nakamura has been a mid-card act for a few years now (and as mentioned lost pretty much a squash match to Otis recently).
  8. The previous NXT thread seems to have been locked and I have not seen a new one created (apologies if one has been). Anyway, last weeks "New Year's Evil" show was pretty good, with Raquel Gonzalez vs. Rhea Ripley in a Last Woman Standing Match and Finn Balor vs Kyle O'Reilly for the NXT title both really solid matches (the rest of the show was an easy watch as well). The return of Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was announced as well (both Men's and Women's this year). The brackets for the Men's Tournament have been released today (with a mystery MSK team):
  9. "I've Pierced My Foot On A Spike!" I'm Alan Partridge
  10. DJM

    Belle Delphine

    Too busy enjoying Christmas with my family. Not sure it would be suitable evening viewing for us all anyway, but each to their own and I hope you enjoy. 👍
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