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  1. I stayed up watching it, merely out of inability to sleep. It was when the zombies appeared that I turned off and decided laying in a dark room, in silence, attempting to sleep, was a better idea.
  2. I’m not one to complain, but I was surprised they kept in the gag about Israel/Palestein. Not sure how soon in advance these are filmed, but this episode airing couldn’t be timed worse than what’s been going on this week!
  3. I’d prefer them refer to him by his real biggest claim to fame; “Former Big Brother housemate”.
  4. Very happy with Miro. Haven’t seen the match yet, but either winner in that match I’d have been happy with. 18 months ago I didn’t know most of the talent in AEW, however now care more about them, and the storylines they’re involved in, than basically anything not involving Reigns in the ‘E at the moment.
  5. Anybody else watch People Just Do Nothing? This looks pretty funny;
  6. John Newman - Embers
  7. It’s that time of year again. The only thing that really stands out in May. Its also about time we had a tournament that people care about (who really cares for the Euros anyway?). This years highlights include Flo Rida appearing on the San Siro entry, and UK entering an actual decent song that’s probably their best entry since Flying The Flag For You (Scooch). Really feel like they missed a big opportunity with getting some of the cast of Eurovision involved to do a performance as that was Oscar nominated, and one of the best films out last year (although Dadi Freya repre
  8. I’m pretty sure that I saw a stage show similar to that when I was younger. It rings bells within my brain that I’d long forgotten
  9. Yeah, I’ve a brother thats 20yrs younger than me, and he’s watching the same things that I watched when younger Fireman Sam/Thomas etc.), but it seems the remakes and 3D reboots just murder the original. Its made by the same team that made the original, and all the baby’s voices are the same. So that’s something.
  10. I’ve taken to listening to audiobooks recently, having taken up the gym, and that has been entertaining me whilst there. Just finished JR’s second book. Was really interesting hearing his journey with WWE, from the major stories backstage over the years. Was good as it started right about when I started watching, so it was like I was pulling back the curtain as to what was really going on back there. What became apparent throughout, was his love for his wife, who was clearly his rock throughout his trials and tribulations with WWE, and it was particularly sad to hear how she pas
  11. JoMo actually always stands out to me. He’s pretty funny and I’ve never got the stick he’s got for his in ring work. During this run not his previous one.
  12. Fully agree with this. He’s the walking epitome of the term bland
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