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  1. I got my one suspension for the same reason, although it was for swearing at a right wing pundit. Was odd, I've said worse things to rw checkmark accounts just today.
  2. Pah, "right" twitter. "Light" twitter is more like it. I hear Gab is the place to be now if you're a real piece of shit.
  3. Unless I misunderestimate things, I've got to think this goes to the Supreme Court or gets rescinded/never really happens. EDIT — These cunts.
  4. Carman — America Again (LIVE!)
  5. My feeling is that he's making a really clumsy and misguided attempt to shore up his base in advance of booting the Attorney General, "The Imp" Jeff Lannister III. The hamfisted bit is that the people who'll love this would demonstrably vote for a shitbag with a red sash, and the people who actually put him in office aren't that interested in this. Yeah, they might grumble about how it will soon be illegal to be a straight white male, but they're not the cultural warriors.
  6. They always are
  7. Blew all my reputation today, so green arrows.
  8. Stupid sexy Maxwell.
  9. At least it was a proper pie. Couldn't be doing with changing the characters name to "Hot stew in a tin with a pastry lid"
  10. EDIT — bit of bonus content squeaker.mp4
  11. That's a cracking shot, that is. Here's our Margot occupying the negative space in my lap. Looking a bit beefy now.
  12. My god, that's perfect. Thank you for that. Made my day, week, month, and year. I'm going to be listening to that forever. Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug (I Just Wanna Be Your Lady Bug) (12 Version)
  13. That's bloody great, that is.
  14. Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol
  15. My old company rereleased a few of Newton Thornburg's novels (spoke to him a couple of times about a promotional project, nice bloke), including Cutter and Bone ‚ can endorse Devon on the film version, and recommend any of the books I've read by him (Dreamland and To Die in California, too).