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  1. Sergio Mendacious

    UKFF Awards 2018: THE WINNERS!

    ... bye.
  2. Sergio Mendacious

    Old people say funny shit

    I did take that into account, and discarded it as malarky — he's been called that, but I've hardly ever heard it, and I bet my mum has heard it less. I agree, it's the old folks home for her, and not a nice one, either. Shady Pines, Ma. My mama was a gem — she used to generate incredible feuds with people, for no good reason other than I assume she was bored. She made my grandad drive her around to their caravan parks (in Ingoldmells, the poor man's Skegness) to yell insults and threats at them. I was in the car for one of these excursions, where they pulled up outside of a caravan to discover that the enemy was not at home. She stuck her head out of the window anyway and screamed about how the woman was a bitch, a cunt, etc. She then told me as we sped away that "their neighbours will tell them what I said."
  3. Sergio Mendacious

    Old people say funny shit

    My parents qualify as old people now, as they're closing in on 70. My mum has developed a weird (cognitive?) issue where she seems to take the "s" off the end of very famous people, and stick it on the end of another famous person. So Keith Richards becomes Keith Richard, and Sir Cliff gets the "s". Ditto for Tom Wait and Tim Spalls. She topped it off with "Stephen Hawkings should host the Oscars," which is obviously a mess for a number of reasons, but leave me waiting for her telling me she watched the Taron Egerton film about Eddie "the Eagle" Edward.
  4. Sergio Mendacious

    The Best Pop Song Of All Time

    The best is Always by Erasure.
  5. Sergio Mendacious

    The Best Pop Song Of All Time

    Gladstone messing around aside, it’s got to be something by ABBA. Voulez Vous, probably. Outside shot for “glass of Champagne” by Sailor.
  6. Sergio Mendacious

    Grub's Up

    Like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie
  7. Sergio Mendacious

    Grub's Up

    This is how I'm picturing @Thunderplex
  8. Sergio Mendacious

    Who do people say you look like?

    You remind me a bit of Tan France.
  9. Sergio Mendacious


    A bovine mess.
  10. Sergio Mendacious


    Zero Hour contracts.
  11. Sergio Mendacious

    Grub's Up

    Rick there, being anti-Hellenic AND anti-Semetic, at the same time.
  12. Sergio Mendacious

    Grub's Up

    Good thread, although the idea of spanakopita with gravy on it is nuts. STARTER I remember being starving hungry when I was about ten, and we were on holiday in France — we stopped in at a place that did a three course pancake dinner, with the starter being a breakfast crepe. Waffer thin crepe, with crumbled sausage and bacon, and then a double fried egg on top. Probably isn't as nice as I remember, but situationally it was about the best thing ever. MAIN The extra rare steak I had at a fish restaurant at Epcot in 1998. Don't know what made me have steak in a seafood place, but it was perfect. SIDE It's steak, so I'm having a big pile of double fried chips, some buttery french bread, and a big fat greek salad with the vine leaves, feta, and olives. DESSERT This bugger, made with chocolate and cinnamon babkas from Kossars. DRINK The One and Only
  13. Sergio Mendacious

    Buying a gaff

    Reminds me of our old shared ownership place — was seemingly made out of papier mache, the minute it got below freezing any external pipes burst. Also, they had modcons that made no sense, and I assume the housing association got for nothing — bloody plinth heater, and a pull-out drying mechanism in the unventilated bathroom. Right fucking chump I was, can't believe I didn't lose more than a couple thousand.
  14. Sergio Mendacious

    Top Twitter

    It's Paul Gadd
  15. Sergio Mendacious

    The Song Of The Day Thread

    NG. Thought I'd gift Lime to everyone.