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  1. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    First one is always a letdown. Second time’s the charm.
  2. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    No, we put him on Antiques Roadshow, and are secretly disappointed by the valuation.
  3. Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

  4. Today I learned...

    What if your homework was four laps round the block?
  5. The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

  6. The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

    Can’t wait for UKFF radio, where Noel goes in the pets thread and makes fun of our pets on air.
  7. The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

    I believe it was a Black Forest gato.
  8. The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

    Hi Bitterly Disappointed, I’m Sergio i just changed my avatar, and I’m still enjoying it too much.
  9. The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

  10. The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

    He's going to end up living in Blobby Land, like Colonel Kurtz, isn't he? "You’re an errand boy, sent by Posh Paws, to swap the Greatest Hits of the Stylistics for some spokey-dokies"
  11. The Song Of The Day Thread

  12. Creative Writers on the UKFF

    I’m guessing King’s Editors have a “hammer down” style protocol, which goes into effect each time he tries to tie up the plot lines with an adolescent gangbang.
  13. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    The studio?
  14. Today I learned...

    You obviously got a stale one. If you had a rock-hard old Twix, you could make a couple of vicious shivs out of the bars.
  15. Royal Rumble 2018 Discussion [& stats]

    They are imbued with the coolness of the lead singer of Smash Mouth