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  1. Pretty sure the real Azor Azai was the friends we made along the way.
  2. Nearly had another casualty today, as reading the description of "Goodbye Mog" about did me in.
  3. Judith Kerr passed away aged 95, an astounding innings for an illustrator, writer, and all round cornerstone of a lot of our childhoods.
  4. Think she'll need more than that, maybe a pair?
  5. TBF to Bran, he had to spend several of his formative years hanging out with Anne Frank and that ageless kid, and then The Exorcist and some Bratz dolls, in a magic tree. He's been through the ringer, Sydow trying to get him to play chess all the time, and taking him to all the sex scenes from earlier seasons but then intoning "we must leave" just before the tops came off. And now Sansa tells everyone he has no willy.
  6. Fantastic track, great remix — recommend accidentally playing it on soundcloud and spotify at the same time, about .1 second out of sync.
  7. Rationalizing a bit that at this point, the Dothraki and Unsullied just wanted to get the fuck out of there — holed up in a ruined city, with choices to make that would taste like shit whichever way they chose to go. Got to be tempting to chuck Tyrion (and by extension Jon) at the feet of the lords of Westeros, say "solve this" (knowing that they didn't want to fight) and get on with their lives. Tyrion's betrayal was relatively weak compared to Jon's regicide, so he basically got a pardon, and Jon got a punishment that wasn't really a punishment, whether the outsiders knew it or not.
  8. Early in the last episode, I had to be quietly reminded "that's not snow" in King's Landing.
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