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  1. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    He got those AIDS gallstones off the deep web, you can't trust the stuff off there but the price is cracking.
  2. do you like tea ar coffee?

    Tea — I drink buckets of coffee, because I'm always tired (probably because the caffeine wears off), but I hate the shit — have to put some tasty creamer and sweetener in it, make it taste like an ice cream sundae. At home, when I don't have to be as sharp, we have a special kettle that brews to 6/7 different temperatures, the better to do special types of tea. Fond of genmaicha, which is a Japanese rice tea, and I love mate, but give me a good strong cup of Yorkshire Tea, milky with two sugars over anything.
  3. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    You're being sarcastic, mate. Turn bAz upside down, and he rattles like a Salvation Army tin, he's more gallstone than man.
  4. How do you sleep at night?

    Trousers no top, on my front, with just the tiniest bit of blanket on me, on a foot or something. Don't know why I need the blanket, but it affects my sleep. I'm like a space heater, so at some point one/both cats will climb on me — there are photos.
  5. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    As the snow globe falls out of my hand, at the very end, I’m not going to be able to help saying “Mick Piss” as my last words
  6. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    If you didn’t have a mate named Eggy at school, you were either an incurable posho, or you were homeschooled and your dad didn’t let in any of the many Eggies that were sent to befriend you.
  7. The Song Of The Day Thread

    A song about the Supremes' collective love for the Colossus of Boggo Road
  8. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    It’s a mess in the USA - I’m not 100% on this being national, as there are so many jurisdictions, but most student debt isn’t even discharged with bankruptcy
  9. Shows You Abandoned

    I've temporarily given up on The Deuce — for someone as obsessed with grimy old Times Square and 70s porn as I am, I was massively up for it — went to a preview screening of the first episode and was a bit "it's okay, Maggie Gyllenhal is her usual 12 shades of shit but it's got promise," but by episode three it just wasn't grabbing me. I'll probably get back to it. So many comedy shows — Silicon Valley, which was okay, and The U.S. Office and Parks and Rec, which both just started to drag; Office was still good but getting a bit samey, and Parks and Rec dwindled from the end of whichever season ends with the big Lil Sebastian song, and then walks off a cliff during the end season.
  10. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Same... I came out of it with an eight-grand debt. I sometimes wonder how it's doing, maybe I should give it a call.
  11. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    Thanks Onyx — realized it was actually Trish, can't believe I thought it was Terri. I've always massively preferred brunettes, but I do have a liking for really tatty looking blondes, like Terri.
  12. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    Looking for a pic of terri Runnels from about 2000, lying on her front in a beach and wearing a thong. For research purposes, or a collage I’m doing
  13. 2017 Clog-Popping Thread

    How dare you. Tom may be gone, but there still Petty to go around.
  14. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    I’d have been walking round WalMart for a good while at 8am looking for the fewer line, grammatically correct or not
  15. 2017 Clog-Popping Thread

    I was joking, I've never spoken to a foreign