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  1. You're right that people need to move on, although it's not as cut and dried as all that. Mainly, as you said, people need to concentrate on 2020, with the knowledge if anything is going to go down regarding Trump and legal issues, it's going to happen in the ongoing investigations away from the Special Prosecutor.
  2. Who could possibly know? Constantly being told that he's a chain of command kinda bloke, so he's likely to leave it up to Barr, who has done his job in terms of characterising the report. It's an omission thing, rather than a straight up lie, and almost all parties have been acting like children since Friday morning.
  3. It’s a dangerous path that I see people wandering down constantly, hand in hand with a bunch of grifters who definitely know better. “The President is a thickie, he’s a dead ringer to get caught easily, best to focus on buying votive candles of Robert Mueller rather than actually doing anything worthwhile”. Wasn’t that different under W Bush, tbh. EDIT — HAHAHA. Stay Frosty.
  4. It's that thing where you post what was on your clipboard
  5. It’s almost like Seth Abramson isn’t a serious political debator
  6. Can’t believe he restrained himself by stopping at 50, that’s not very Seth. Actually, I saw it end at 19, then actually LOLd at a continuing extra thread with postscripts. Hoping someone posts some Eric Garland, feels like game theory time.
  7. He has the ear of the POTUS, and they'll fight over it AT WRESTLEMANIA!!!
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