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  1. Is Tumblr blogging? I don't even know. I've got wan of dem, anyway. GIFs, tits, and lots of bullshits.
  2. Mar-A-Lago is a business, so I don't know if he's able to comp all this stuff anyway. The amount spent on golfcarts alone is insane.
  3. That's wonderful, that is. I need to listen to more current music. Brett Smiley — VaVaVa Voom
  4. Boys Town Gang — Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yester-day Their last single, it's a surprising cracker. Sent it to my mum, she did some research and synthesized the result for me as "they look like two poofs and a bint."
  5. NYC Peech Boys — Don't Make Me Wait Garage Classic.
  6. I've never had that — grandpa does make some cracking stews with about seven meats in them, but the most prominent portuguese thing they all seem to make is calde verde, which is great but has no place in this thread.
  7. Of all the people that post, mod, etc. on this forum, I'd say that this applies to Cockwell the least.
  8. I think you'll find that there's a lot of offended fat bastards here, you tedious fucking flange.
  9. I didn't love season one of FtWD — thought it got off to a good start, and then lost steam. Going to sit down and catch up on it if I can ever get out from under the sea of shows I want to watch.
  10. Jeb Loy Nichols — Don't Drop Me (from his new album, Country Hustle)
  11. It's PC running wild, I thought Brexit was supposed to be the end of that
  12. Forget "moist" or "pun", "Mac" is the trigger word around here
  13. Got mine for Christmas 2014, and I'm still updating OSX without significant issues. It's starting up a bit slowly compared to when I first upgraded the drive, but still fast. I think part of the reason is that I need to start switching it off instead of just letting it run out of battery because I tend to default to my superior office laptop — when it's been running for a while, and got up to date on everything, it's cracking.
  14. I've got a refurbed 2010 Macbook Pro, and it ran great for a good while, and then as it started to wind down, I took out the optical drive and put in an SSD. Still going strong running plenty of graphics software, although I assume I'll either need a new one in a couple of years, or mainly use my work mac.
  15. Does anyone have the app Pluto.TV? Got it a month ago to see what weird channels were on there, and then never looked at it again till today. There's some sort of pro wrestling channel, seems heavy on old TNA, but there's some juggalo stuff on there, and documentaries.