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  1. Ahhh fantastic! Happy Death Day was great! I am a sucker for those Groundhog Day type of movies though to be honest
  2. Are there any better examples of the great song / shit video divide?
  3. So... A Matter of Life and Death is pretty good isn’t it? I really enjoyed it and I can certainly see how people watch it over and over again. It’s timeless. It was interesting talking to my family about it afterwards as we all got something slightly different out of it. I was buzzing when I got home so put on a film I recorded ages ago which was John Carpenter’s Village of the Dammed. A few highs but mainly below average to be honest and calmed me down after the elation of earlier. It did send me down a Christopher Reeve rabbit hole however, and came across this which put a smile on
  4. I've signed up too and immediately spent a credit on the Brian Blessed autobiography! For some reason I thought the podcasts were a free bonus to audible but looks like you need a credit for them as well, so they've already got another credit out of me for Oast House! At this point in my life half my payslip should just go straight to Jeff Bezos
  5. Thank you @HarmonicGenerator and @Devon Malcolm we will watch it together tonight! I’ve also just read D-Mals Letterboxd review which has got me really looking forward to it now I just checked iPlayer to see if it was on there, fuck me there’s loads of old stuff on there! One of them was Life and Death of Colonel Blimp which is one mentioned earlier so will add that to the queue!
  6. I hated I’m thinking of ending things too. I stuck with it purely for Jessie Buckley as she is absolutely superb in everything (especially Beast, check that out if you haven’t!). It took all my strength not to turn it off when... So yeah, fuck that film I’ve been going over to my Mum’s once a week for film club with her and my sister and I’m tempted to try out A Matter of Life and Death tonight as I hear it’s so good. For anyone who’s seen it, no spoilers please, but is it sad and going to make us all cry? Our life is a bit stressful atm and I don’t think they would appreciate it i
  7. No prizes for guessing who she’s talking about!
  8. Thank you @Mr_Danger Say I subscribe for 12 months and use 1 token per month will I end up with 12 audiobooks in the library that I can listen to whenever? Or can you only have one at a time?
  9. Any Audible users here? I’m tempted. I understand you get one book token a month - do you keep that book forever once you’ve used a token or is it only available for that one month?
  10. I had to hold my wife on a bouncy ball for about six hours so sitting in the car with a crossword and strolling in when business picks up sounds perfect to me! I joke of course, it’s no good not being able to be there for the whole thing. All the best to you all
  11. For anyone considering this - it gets a huge thumbs up from me! These yearbooks are absolutely fantastic and if I didn’t already have it I’d be snapping it up for £18
  12. Castle of Cagliostro is superb! Miyazaki’s first film as well I believe. I can’t recommend it highly enough - I had no idea it was part of a series, I’ll have to have a look at that.
  13. I’ve got to pick my daughter up from school at 12, just enough time to squeeze this in
  14. Everyone’s a gangster until Nutshell comes on There was a Layne Staley tribute show on YouTube the other day. It was actually really good, check it out if you’re a fan
  15. I’m at this big soft play place called Sprouts at the moment. The toilets are in one big room with unisex cubicles either side and sinks in the middle. I’ve just gone in and there’s one kid in there, must be around 4, who is setting off the hand dryers when the Mums and toddlers walk in to scare the shit out of them. The kids got a bright future
  16. Never heard of him so looked at his Wikipedia I’m out
  17. I think all kids have their moments but hopefully grow out of it! My neighbour's six year old however is a little twat which is made much worse by his Mum and Dad bragging about how clever he is all the time. We have been alternating child care over the holidays and he was over for the day on Friday. My four year old was obviously a bit tired and irritable and just kept whinging and crying, which is hard work, and this six year old kept chanting "DRAMA QUEEN" at her non stop even when I asked him not to. I then noticed that he had written "DRAMA QUEEN" all over my daughter's chalkboa
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