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  1. Rogan getting roasted by Bill Burr when Rogan says wearing masks is for "bitches" was amusing. Bill Burr is always great when dealing with Rogan because he can run rings around him and Rogan knows it, so has to just sit there and take it.
  2. Yeah Sasha Banks who has been happily married for four years now probably can't wait to hook up with the idiot who said he wants to "fucking rape" her. Insert Clint_looking_disgusted.gif
  3. Historicaly there is a ton of racism around black people playing that position. Thankfully there are a growing number of extremely high profile black and mixed race QB's proving any racists still clinging to that narrative wrong nowadays. Patrick Mahomes the reigning Superbowl MVP is potentially the greatest Quarterback the sport has ever seen. Sadly the team owners tend to be old, rich, white guys, who are also friends with Trump funnily enough. I don't think any would mind having a black QB today but they would still screw over Colin Kaepernick. It is positive that Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner has given the players free reign to demonstrate this coming season after the league pathetically backed down to Trump in the past. When the league restarts expect massive amounts of public BLM protests from the players. Its going to be hilarious watching Trump and his supporters meltdowns over it.
  4. I agree that she seems completely desensitized to violence as she laughs about her Dad kicking the shit out of someone in the locker room and her brother beating someone with a pool cue. This is all really funny to her in the context of her story because Daniel Bryan is freaked out by her families behaviour. I'm not sure I agree they are very nice people though...
  5. Its awesome to see guys here post their own difficult stories about the British wrestling scene. There is a curtain around it that needs to ripped down. Kfogg and AVM thank you for telling your stories.
  6. All these places seem to think its fine just going "we are moving a female wrestler to a high up position in our training school". Maybe that might help but what if that woman was like Sweet Saraya. Who in the last 24 hours we have heard kicks the shit out of young female trainees if she is "having a bad day", gropes male trainees genitals, dresses 14 year girls up and sends them to suspected paedophiles and sticks her tongue down 10 year old boys throats. This is going to need to be treated like under 16's sports with government guidelines if you want to run a wrestling school. Its a fucking disgrace how these places have been run and needs to be stopped.
  7. The same thing happened with metoo. If you find yourself arguing "well these 100's of stories of women being raped, sexually assaulted, groomed from underage and physically and verbally abused is sad but I'm going to stand up for the poor wrestlers who maybe wrongly accused" please fucking don't.
  8. Bagga is like those politicians who spend their whole lives campaigning against gay rights then one day get caught with a male prositutute.
  9. Seeing Sanjay Bagga's name brought up again, I thought theres noway that dickhead is still involved in wrestling, he has been metoo'd a bunch of times. Years before the metoo movement even started there was creepy stories about him on here but no he is still going as a wrestling promoter. Checking his twitter he is a massive Tory wanker as well.
  10. Yes under normal circumstances I wouldn't be watching Aston Villa vs Sheffield United but I'm quite looking foward to it now. Man City vs Arsenal is a pretty good main event later for the first day back too. Got some beers and snacks in for this.
  11. Christ that police woman smirking and laughing. Fucking hell.
  12. I love that at 4 mins of that video P Diddy is doing his awful "if you miss Diana make some noise". Then it cuts to the royal box and they are all dancing like goons including Prince William except Harry. Who is stood there staring, obviously thinking what the fuck is this guy doing.
  13. All I can remember is tuning in and it being Keane droning away. I managed to make it past them and the presenter then saying "coming up next is Travis" and thinking fuck this and turning it off.
  14. Great article here from The Athletic about how much fighters actually take home at the end of the day.
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