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  1. United have City at home in two weeks. If Ole is still at the wheel that could be even funnier than today.
  2. I would love to see that, even a way past his best Tony wrecks Nate imo. I've enjoyed them in the past but I'm sick of the Diaz brothers and hope they fuck of now. Tony would have smashed Nate to pieces a few years back and hopefully still can.
  3. I felt abit sorry for him when Adesanya pretended to hump him after knocking him out. Starting to reverse my opinion on that lately.
  4. The remake films? Im interested and heard good things. Worth a try for someone not much of a fan of the original though?
  5. What are your options if your Vettori? As a fighter you would be thinking if he can't make weight safely. Fuck him. That gives me an advantage as he will be way off 100% plus I can get a cut of his pay. There is the risk the whole fight falls apart though and if they can't find a replacement you get nothing. We know the UFC will push him to just "fucking fight", if he doesn't Dana will publicly throw him under a bus and behind the scenes the other wankers will threaten his future. Its totally a dick move by Costa. Puts Vettori in a bad spot. I can kind of get this late weight change drama with Diaz/Lawler as that was kind of a sideshow fight between two vets and Nick seemed all over the place mentally. This is the number 2 ranked middleweight fucking about a few days out.
  6. I would love to see Wilder vs Joshua, Usyk, Whyte, Ruiz etc. He needs to just stick to this and hold his hands up and admit Fury is the better fighter. No shame in that. There is still some cracking fights out there for him.
  7. I'd never seen this and was looking forward to it. After watching just thought... meh. Typical 80's slasher with loads of bad acting and a bunch of really tame kills. After looking online at reviews found out the version on Shudder is a massively edited version with loads of the special effects and gore cut out. Shame as I don't think the film is strong enough to warrant a total rewatch on the high seas. Thats a shame and disappointing. Will have to check in future if Shudder has the uncut versions.
  8. I don't think I saw the proper versions of Goonies and Ghostbusters until the 2000's. First time I saw the Corey Feldman translates for the Maid and Dan Aykroyd ghost blowjob scenes blew my mind.
  9. They were all screaming that the counts was slow for Fury here as well in the 4th. Kellerman was blabering about how Wilder should have been given a full ten count to get up. When anyone with any sense for his well being could see he was done. Both Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith were on a ESPN show called First Take. Where they give their opinions on the biggest subjects in US Sports everyday. Its all "hot take" bullshit all of the time. Max has left it I believe or been kicked out but he is as bad as Stephen A.
  10. I had the American commentry.. They were trying to claim it was all even around the 9th round. When Fury was all over a badly gassed and hurt Wilder. Studio pundit Max Kellerman was saying the stoppage was dodgy and it was a moral victory for Wilder at the end. Whatever was going on BT Sport it can't have been that bad.
  11. Thanks plenty to try and get through here. Ended up watching Phantasm 1 and 2, which are still ridiculous but awesome fun to watch after a few beers.
  12. Started a free trial. Is there anything you would consider essential or really good on Shudder whilst I have it ?
  13. I'm a fan of 80's horror in that I grew up in the era. Have watched most of the big titles and remember that aisle of the video shop being a favourite to browse as a kid. Are these documentarys watchable for a casual fan ? They clock in at 4 and half hours each which leads me to think no.
  14. He wasn't happy Kate Abdo asked them to face off at the end. When she says thats what she was told to do. So he launched into a nasty tirade aimed at her. Fucking prick.
  15. Thats a bloody shame as he looks like a Steiner, sounds like a Steiner and dresses like a Steiner. He needs to wear a bumbag to complete things though.
  16. As Gmoney said very much no. I'm a Northerner so had never seen the things till I went to London and they were really, bloody disappointing when I eventually had one. They don't seem to taste of anything. Its like the cheapest meat you could ever imagine. It could be anything stuffed in them. If the chips are decent and you chuck enough salt and vinegar on it, it does becomes edible. Why you would choose it over a normal chipshop sausage is beyond me though. God knows whats in them but at least they taste of something.
  17. I like Rab, he is a funny fucker and really knows his games. On Consolevania and Video Gaiden he pushed alot of fantastic and obscure games. I'm still not sure about this GamesMaster reboot or who it will be aimed at though. Kids nowadays watch games on YouTube and Twitch. So do alot of us middle age fans of the original. There is thousands of hours content uploaded every day. In Gamesmasters heyday there was barely any games content so it was rare to see new stuff and it was a fun show too. I'll give it a go though.
  18. We are about to head into Christmas big game silly season. What games are everyone looking forward to and playing? I've got Far Cry 6 and Battlefield 2042 pre ordered. Far Cry series has been up and down for me. Loved 2, 3, Primal and Blood Dragon. Was meh towards 4 and 5 and couldn't be bothered finishing either. Hopefully its a good one. Battlefield I'm hoping some of my old crew I used to play online with get it as well. I don't like Battle Royale games so just Conquest and Breakthrough modes fine with me. I'll be giving Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and Back 4 Blood a shot as they are on Game Pass. There is a few others like Guardians of the Galaxy, Dying Light 2 and Riders Republic which could be cool but I'm waiting for reviews.
  19. I think that is one of the biggest "what Fury turns up" fights. There seems to be real personal beef between him and Wilder/AJ. Which I think motivates him to train hard and be 100% focused come fight time. If he beats Wilder again then beats AJ, he might think he has done it all and completed everything in his career that he wants to. I think Fury would be favourite but Usyk is just as awkward and hard to hit. I could see him outworking Fury nicking a decision. Wand I loved the period of Heavyweight boxing in 93/94 when I first got into the sport. Holyfield, Bowe, Lewis at the top with loads of interesting guys like Foreman, Bruno, Moorer, Morrison, Mercer etc knocking around the top ten, plus Tyson getting out of prison soon. That era had more depth but loads of cool fights were never made or we had to wait years for them to happen. This is definitely the best since then though. Any fight between the top 4 is fascinating and could completely turn the division in a new direction. Just hope unlike the early/mid 90's all the big fights that we want get made.
  20. I work there quite abit atm and might be moving their permanently soon. Alot of it is still really tacky and run down and the place does trade on nostalgia. The arcades have gone to shit too. Me and my partner look after my 6 year old nephew a fair bit and its like paradise to him though. So I'm sure your kids would love it. The Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle water park, Blackpool Zoo, the Sea Life centre are all loads of fun. On a nice day taking the tram along the front or walking along one of the piers and getting an ice cream is still lovely. There is some belting chippy's as well. I think the tower and illuminations are total bollocks but kids might like them. There is a very cool, huge mural on the ground now near the tower celebrating all the comedians who have played Blackpool, which is fantastic to read. Its a disaster at night but for a family holiday, still loads to do.
  21. Happy for Usyk. Feared he might get get screwed over after some of the judging earlier in the night. Wonder where AJ goes from here. Outboxed and beaten fair and square. Tactics completely wrong. Has a rematch clause though, if they want it.
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