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  1. I think maybe Herbie thinks you were referring to this?
  2. WWF version of the Shane Richie car.
  3. I watched a few minutes of the parole hearing livestream. At one point, the judge said "and you've just turned 90 years old," and they all had a great big laugh about it.
  4. Unbelievable wasted opportunity of having Sheeran cameo, but not play some sort of goblin, the World-of-Warcraft-quest-giver-looking cunt.
  5. Ahahaha, beautiful
  6. I imagine if I heard the opening titles to Wacaday, I'd have such a visceral sense-memory, I'd probably quantum leap back into my 9-year-old self. Surely that phrase 'The Lost Generation' refers to people like myself, whose school-free periods of childhood are so forcibly linked to Timmy Mallett cunting about with one of his short-legs rolled up. I'm struggling to pull anything else out of the hippocampus. Playing football with my chums down the park? Going to the beach? Playing Mallet's M-- fucksake. Though, that 'best days of your life' thing adults pulled when you were moaning about school ("soon you'll be old and bald with bills to pay!") makes a bit of sense when you look back to summer holidays. I think I'd struggle to have six weeks of doing fuck all now where I'd be able to enjoy it without the guilt and self-loathing you get from doing fuck all. Bank holidays are about all I can take. Actually, there's one thing that's evokes even more of a powerful harking back to the past than Wacaday, so much so that when I post this link, I fully expect to "Oh boy!" back into my young body, where I'll not even bother warning people about 911. Weird foreign kids shows are the summer holidayest thing of all.
  7. I love the way the editing gradually became more like a Vic Berger video. TURD. RETCH. TURD. PISS. RETCH.
  8. I hope someone dubs that beautiful music from last season's finale over the montage of Sam retching at turds.
  9. YES [realises it's Kane and not Nash] Fake news. Sad!
  10. That's a photoshop of a real (and shit) fan tattoo.
  11. Never got told I looked like anyone until Game of Thrones came out, now I get Jon Snow all the time. I've had "Winter is coming!" yelled at me in the street. A couple of weeks ago, a little boy pointed to me and said to his mum "Russell Brand lookalike!" She, quite rightly, told him not to be so silly.
  12. Aside from the all-round horribleness of the situation, classic wrestling fan behaviour to say "I'm a huge fan, by the way" in the midst of all that.
  13. The first winner of America's Top Model once publicly 'outed' me as a woman-beater to her hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. To be fair, she did backtrack once she realised it was Perez Hilton I wanted to see punched in the face, and not Paris.
  14. Nelsan Ellis, who played Lafayette in True Blood, has died at 39 after complications from heart failure. I was absolutely blown out of my chair the first time I saw him in True Blood, and I always use that character as the perfect example of an actor who walks away with an entire show. He had an unbelievable presence, and to go so young is a fucking tragedy.