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  1. It was still going on when DeMott was head trainer. It only died off for the same reason he got fired, because everyone's carrying a camera around with them these days, and pictures of DeMott's weird gay-panic hazing ended up getting a bunch of shares on Twitter.
  2. It's not aired over here yet, but it's due on Netflix at some point, after it finishes tonight.
  3. The best thing on this year, by a country mile, is FX's Feud, about the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Betty Davis, by Ryan Murphy of American Horror Story. It was the Bret vs. Shawn of its day, with (and I don't want to spoil the specifics) their Survivor Series incident going down live at the fucking Oscars. Amazing stuff, and all of its themes super relevant today.
  4. Thoroughly recommend recent horror release The Void. A terrific mix of The Thing, Hellraiser II, and Beyond the Black Rainbow. Best practical creature effects in many a year.
  5. The one-off Stump Hole Cavern tour guide sketch is one of the most perfect comedy monologues ever written. Beautiful turns of phrase, the slow build of the incredibly dark subtext. Here's the live version of it:
  6. Been rewatching League of Gentlemen. It's my favourite thing ever, and very inspirational and influential to me, but one of those things I felt I'd overwatched, as it was also one of my comfort watch shows in bad times, so had to take a break from for a few years. My god, does it hold up. The gag-rate in the very first two minutes of the first episode is incredible. Sight-gag after sight-gag at an amazing pace. I was jarred by the first season being in SD and 4:3, because it's not old, is it? LoG was only on recently. But then there's a line by Les McQueen where he talks about the Eurovision heats in '81 to demonstrate how out of touch and trapped in the past he is. '81 to the time the show first aired in '99 is the exact same amount of time between its first airing and now. Christ. But still a brilliant, brilliant show. They're all so young in it, too. So young and talented.
  7. Thrifty WWE reusing the Wrestlemania IV apron the next year
  8. What on earth does a Jimmy Fallon ride entail? Hopefully emulating his fall down into hell after ruffling Trump's hair like some fucking nazi-normalising cunt jester.
  9. Dig up his skull and let the cup winners slide down his chin as a treat.
  10. Just watched Split
  11. The Anvil's not into Tony Atlas's foot fetish.
  12. "This past few months, I've been living in the gym, living in the bathroom..." What was Goldberg doing in the bathroom?!
  13. The deadness of this thread after the finale probably speaks to how this season has been. I even had to abandon my hate-watching a few weeks back, as it was just too dull.
  14. Company whipping boy, included. When are they next due in Oklahoma? Raw that week will be 3 hours of him getting his trousers pulled down and wind pushed into his dickhole with a balloon pump while Vince pisses himself.
  15. No bandana, but the top of his head conveniently cut off, there.