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  1. UKFF Awards 2017: THE WINNERS!

    Yeah, well Brother Love just posted one of my fake anti-wanking posters, so I should have most of these awards in the bag come next January. (Note: Tommy Dreamer did also post this once thinking it was real)
  2. Wrestling Books

    I think this arrest warrant thing is theringmaster thinking Roberts referred to Jake instead of Justin, and regarding the RSPCA snake-starving thing from when he lived over here.
  3. Standup Comedy

    The Bob Einstein episodes are fantastic too.
  4. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Just saw that clip of the truck being shoved over. Reminded me of this.
  5. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    I spent most of yesterday chuckling at this prank caller to The Wright Stuff. Watch this short clip all the way through and marvel at it. Getting on twice in a row like that is the greatest achievement in prank call history. Pranks like this generally are the lowest form of wit, but the sheer pomposity of Wright, with his tawdry little show for morons, and utterly helpless rage ("Whoooa!") make this a classic. I particularly love the overly moralistic playing up of the caller's 'foul mouth', and the "Right. Right," like a teacher who can't control the class and just got another spitball to the back. Supposedly, Sharon Goodman/Goodmaid is this chap's ex-wife, and he repeatedly calls in, knowing she's watching, but that feels like an amusing fictional backstory to give the calls more colour. I imagine some tabloid would have tracked her down within 5 seconds if she were real. As you can tell from Wright's reaction above, he's been at it for a while, as evidenced by an earlier appearance back in November. There's so much to enjoy here. From the "I don't know what else we can do," to the idea he's robbing someone else of the chance to speak, on such topics as "Foxy Knoxy: Would Ya?" After this, I fell down a bit of a Wright Show prank call rabbithole, and came upon this. I can't stand the FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY meme, but the fact that it's this idiot, and he asks him to repeat it (and nobody cuts him off before he does!) is just incredible. As that first tweet has now been seen well over a million times, I imagine every other caller to The Wright Stuff will be commenting on that bitch Sharon Goodman until he really is taken off the air.
  6. Facebook updates that blow your mind

    The very best arrows! I love that @Monkee's mate clearly just saw Humans of New York and thought "I'll do that, but cynical, which is better!" and that he lives in fucking NY, and the most outrageous thing his talented photographer's eye could pick out was a completely normal bloke with a bag. A bag! Heavens to Betsy! You should take a photo of his profile pic on your monitor and post it with a withering, pretentious commentary.
  7. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Cheers, though that doesn't fix anything. Media Features is on. It's weird, because my computer can still see my Xbox, and I still get the option to cast to it when I right click a video, but cast to device doesn't start up, and isn't even in the task manager, like it's just gone. Every googable solution relates to either streaming being off, or the Xbox being undiscoverable. Right pain in the dick, as I watch eeeeeeverything that way.
  8. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Plex does not do the trick. Any other suggestions?
  9. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Looks just the ticket, cheers.
  10. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    The latest Windows 10 creators update seems to have removed the 'cast to device' server, meaning I can no longer right click a video and stream it through my Xbox. Are there any alternatives out there? I can still see my Xbox listed as a device, but 'cast to device server' isn't even listed in task manager anymore, so it's not that it's not discoverable.
  11. What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    I can't recommend tonight's Inside No. 9 highly enough. It's only just finished, and I'm having to restrain myself from immediately putting it back on again. I think the content/setting of this one is right up the wheelhouse of a lot of us here too.
  12. What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Burned through the first 3 episodes of this tonight. Its pretty great. I wish I'd rewatched the movie right before, because it's a direct continuation by the original writer/director, with returning characters, so if you're planning to see it, pop the film on first.
  13. The 2018 Royal Rumble surprise entrant pool

    The crowd aren't loving this so far. We're fifteen minutes of Ziggler's mad bumping in, and the arena's dead. Then... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-- BUZZZZ "We are the Nation" With his fist raised in the air, dressed in Farooq's old NoD clobber, finally... Big Alan Jackson off Eastenders is here. He storms down that aisle meaning business, tips the announce table over and snatches a live mic. The crowd chant along with him as he says "Woss. Goin'. On?" It's fucking electric. 12 minutes later, Big Alan Jackson off Eastenders is still there, in the corner trading blows with Braun. Braun headbutts him, then reels back in agony. Alan no-sells, shrugging at the crowd like "What did Braun expect?" Then, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-- BUZZ Beautiful piano music, and hands elegantly playing a grand piano on the tron. Who could it be? Has Mankind returned? Then, a huge pyro explosion, and out of the smoke steps-- Emmet off Keeping Up Appearances. He's looking confident and lean, and hits everyone in the ring with beautiful dropkicks, a house of fire. He's like a young Ricky Morton. And then, the lights flicker, and filling the arena comes the sound of Hyacinth Bucket singing songs from the Pirates of Penzance. Terrified, Emmet leaps over the ropes, eliminating himself, and runs out through the crowd to escape. From the canvas, Bray Wyatt laughs, his eyes rolling back white in his head, possessed by the spirit of Sister Hyacinth. Later. We're getting down to it now. There's only 3 left in the ring, with only #30 left to show. The crowd are chanting for CM Punk. They can feel it's going to be something special. Maybe Daniel Bryan. Maybe the Bushwhacker that looks like an old gnome. Or surely this is Maureen Lipman's year, finally. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-- BUZZ "King, is that...?" It is. It's World's Fattest Man, Jack Taylor. The camera pans to the kids wearing their foam Jack's Creation hair-hats, as Taylor makes his way down the aisle. But he's not happy. He's heard Booker say that he's only 800lbs. "That's not right, is that!" he argues, "I'm 900 at least!" Taylor smashes Booker's head into the announce desk, before climbing into the ring. He makes short work of Jason Jordan and Firebreaker Chip, and squares off with his final opponent, Brock Lesnar. Brock goes for a suplex. No way. He falls on his arse and shuffles back in fear. Jack rubs his hands. He lifts Brock onto the turnbuckles and signals to the crowd for a massive superplex. The impact is devastating, collapsing the ring, and opening up a sinkhole which drags the ring, and the last two competitors down, down, down. Michael Cole peers into the hole, but there's nothing but black. And the distant sound of screams. Thousands of screams. "You alright there, lad?" asks a voice. Brock opens his eyes to see a landscape wreathed in flame, and Jimmy Savile standing over him. Jimmy's bruised and crooked, with one eye swelled shut. He's been having a rough time of it down there. "I could do with a big boy like you," he says, taking Brock by the hand and helping him to his feet. "What's your opinion on grasses?"
  14. The Vince McMahon Film

    He's Old Man Jacked too.
  15. The Fortean/paranormal/conspiracy thread

    Regarding this, spoilers if you want to preserve the magic