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  1. I fucking love how wrestlers simply cannot resist being carny, even when the story itself is already incredible. He's witnessed an actual real locker room murder, and Tony Atlas still has to throw in "I pulled Brody out of the way as the knife came down, and it cut off his ponytail."
  2. Yeah, I loathed it. Lottery Council funded tragedy-porn disguising itself as Cinema Verite. “Ooh, aren't towerblocks awful? The lifts have weewee in and everything! What a powerful comment on modern Britain!” You just know it was shot in 4:3 so the director would wank on in screening Q&As about how the audience feels boxed in, JUST LIKE THE CHARACTERS IN THEIR POVERTY! LIKE A FISH IN A TANK! And it had that biggest cliche of all, casting a 'real person' in the lead, because it's pretty much a documentary anyway, isn't it? Risible trash; a toilet-bad exploitation film masquerading as social commentary.
  3. Wouldn't his criminal convictions prohibit him from standing anyway?
  4. Anyone ever had an issue with Xbox Live Gold renewal? The past few months, I noticed it didn't let me download the Games with Gold for free as though I wasn't a member, even though my account said I was, they still came up in the GWG sidebar, and I was still playing games online (which you can only do with Gold). Just went to play Overwatch, which I played yesterday just fine, and it said I needed to sign up for Gold. First time didn't go through, so I did it again, and it worked, and it looks like I've been billed for both. I always had it set to auto renew, but checking my order history, it didn't go through this month, and AFAIK there's no problem with my card. I guess there can't be if the purchase went through right now. Anyone ever had something like this? Also, it's been a while since I got the monthly invoice, but I figured the emails just weren't coming through. Surely I wouldn't have been able to play online if I hadn't had a Gold account all that time.
  5. So sorry to hear that, bAz. Mumzie's been the great offscreen character here over the years. I hope you're with people right now and not riding this out alone.
  6. Michelle Bass from the best Big Brother saw my painting of Ross Kemp at an art show.
  7. You know how it goes, you're watching something and enjoying it, then "oh no, not this cunt." For me, it's Danny bloody Mays. Whatever you're watching, whatever the tone, Mays showing up means there's one character behaving like he's in a Panto, doing the 'acting' equivalent of stamping his feet for the audience to clap along to. "Shall I?!" Back when Channel 4 did the Red Riding Trilogy, it was advertised for weeks with all these heavy, self-important trailers about what a deeply powerful show it was. Warren Clarke sat in a chair with his arms folded saying things like "this is the bollocks" all serious, swearing so you knew he meant business. Though it was pretty bad, they did a great job at setting an atmosphere, super grim and grotty, and leaving you feeling like you needed a shower while you watched. Then Mays turns up in a police interview room, as a 'special needs' suspect, behaving like you would've in the 80's if someone told you to do an impression of Joey Deacon. I swear he even pushed out his bottom lip with his tongue. I'm currently working my way through Line of Duty for the first time on Netflix, and he's turned up in S3, behaving like a Bond villain. And not a modern, gritty, Daniel Craig villain; a Roger Moore one; some bloke whose freezer exploded and now he's got sprouts embedded in his face, threatening to fill Big Ben with farts unless he gets a million quid. Who ruins your telly and films?
  8. It's a little hard to post about this, seeing as the two main websites containing all the info have been killed in the bandwidth rush this past couple of days, but there's a really good video news report on it here, containing an interview with the guy that has the bodyThere are a ton of news articles all saying roughly the same thing, so just put 'bigfoot' into Google News.And here's a big picture.What do people make of this? I'm completely obsessed with cryptozoology, and it's an awesome story, but that thing looks really fake, like an empty suit. It's hard to get any sense of weight with it laying there all floppy. Plus, the two guys who found it were known to be shady characters before this all started. Then again, who the fuck knows what a Bigfoot would really look like, let alone a dead, rotting one? This cop guy does seems really sure it's for real, and that he has the body and DNA to prove it. Two days until we find out.
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