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  1. Shame there's not enough money floating around BritWres for some company to bring him as their Michael Buffer.
  2. Any time you do magic tricks in movies, if it's something that can't be done in real life, fuck right off.
  3. Arn taking Thora Hird down the hill in a cat bath.
  4. Come on, be fair. He's got the noise too. "EHH!"
  5. Fuck. Yes, I wrote about that too. It's as dogshit as you think it would be, with all of Gentleman Jim's values about women, gays, and other races evident in the material, while the audience shrieks with laughter, because it was all fine back then. Worst of all, he's meant to be a loveably cheeky chappy, breaking the fourth wall for chats because he's our mate, when it's obvious he's the biggest cunt in the entire world.
  6. Remember it? I sat through the fucking thing a few weeks back (the write-up hits Patreon next month, mod-power-abuse fans). It absolutely reeks of Lock, Stock era Britain, when the media was obsessed with Cool Britannia-type criminals. It might be the worst thing I've seen yet. There's a weird 55 minute episode, which isn't even the finale, but is obviously a movie script Vaughan couldn't get made and repurposed for the series. That in itself is hilarious. Too much thrilling story and laffworthy jokes for 30 minutes, but unable to conjure an extra 5 to make up the full hour. Anyone seen Brassic on Sky? I love Joe Gilgun (who created and leads in it), but it's really disappointing. There's a huge Lock, Stock feel to it too, in some weird hybrid of that, Trainspotting, and Last of the Summer Wine. It's getting great reviews though, so maybe it's just me. It really feels like something from a different era, and not in a good way, playing really broad where people are throwing dildos at each other, but trying to balance it with serious bits where characters are crying. There's probably a Shane Meadows influence there, because that's right in his wheelhouse, and Gilgun obviously did the This is Englands.
  7. See you in court. When I was looking for something else yesterday, I came across this extraordinary thing. Turn Out The Lights was an ITV sitcom which ran for 6 episodes in 1967, starring Arthur 'Captain Mainwaring' Lowe, where he plays a former store manager who starts working as a paranormal investigator, going to seances and stuff. What's amazing is it's a spin-off from Coronation Street, and he's playing the same character he played in Corrie. It's actually a double-spin-off, as a sequel to a previous sitcom, where his Corrie character left Gamma Garments to manage a department store in his own series for 36 episodes. I so desperately wanted to watch and write about it, because it's such an oddity - a Corrie spin-off where Capt Mainwaring chases ghosts in the 60s - but it appears there's no surviving footage.
  8. In general, we just have to accept that almost all comedy which isn't 'gentle' stuff aimed at retirees, and at least 15 years old, is going to be appalling to modern, socially-conscious eyes. Frank Skinner's great, but I remember his 90's stand-up as being all about arse-sex, with a routine about having a teenage girlfriend who was revising for her GCSE while he was fucking her. I've been meaning to take a look at Game On, which was super, super laddy, and I imagine has aged worse than anything.
  9. A Jewish old lady ghost, which was the entire joke. I've not seen an episode of that since it first went out, but far too much of it is taking up valuable brain space, still. I'll regularly go to bed at nights realising I've forgotten to drink any fluids all day, but can recall her name was Yetta Feldman, and they could tell when she was around, because the room would smell of ghostly chicken soup. According to Wikipedia, it's got the same creator as May to December. 39 episodes about a widowed soliciter played by Anton Rogers dating a younger woman, and the young Astro lapped it up every week. I should've been bullied a bit harder tbqhwy. Feel like I need to start revisiting this middle of the road shit I sat through back then in monstrous essays. Sun's out, better stay indoors and write 5,000 words about After Henry.
  10. If anyone's not clicked on the actual Twitter thread, the next clip is perhaps even better/worse. Incredibly, as mentioned in the replies, Sky (and Baddiel) trumpeted this as the next Seinfeld. Reader, it did not get renewed after the first series. So much stuff from that mid-late 90s/edging-into-the-2000s period ages horribly, because it relies so much on the lad culture of the time. I loved Fantasy Football League back in the day, but I dread to think how it plays now, with all the "he's got a pineapple on his head" stuff.
  11. I dunno, I liked 2point4 Children at the time (though I was a kid who liked any and all comedy, no matter how bad and not-for-me it was - "Cor, Never The Twain's about to start, get it on, mam! Thank goodness it doesn't clash with Fresh Fields!"), and it's got better credentials of cast and writers then the other stuff we're shitting on here. I bet the Brittas Empire totally holds up in a Keeping Up Appearances way, where it's obviously dumb and "oh no, my trousers have fallen down just as the vicar's come in" trad British sitcom way, but fun all the same. You've at least got Colin's pus, the babies in the drawers, and customers being killed most weeks.
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