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  1. The fallout from this seems like it's killed the show stone dead. These days, you can't ride out the amount of negative comments they're getting and hope it goes away, and they've dropped a ton of Patrons. David Earl deleting his Twitter account and posting on Patreon that Poppy supporters are a "vile bandwagon" isn't going to fix it. It sucks, because for a while, it was one of the funniest things being put out anywhere, but I listened to the new episode out of curiosity and it was genuinely dreadful. Really piss-weak stories and forced laughter that went on for ages, repeating everythin
  2. On this recommendation, I started listening, and with all the pooing and wanking stories, obviously it became an instant favourite. But I'm really soured on it by recent events. Poppy got removed from the graphics a few months ago, and the two lads (David Earl and Joe Wilkinson off the telly) started a Patreon for the show without her, and the show's Twitter account blocked anyone who asked about it. Then today: Real shitty.
  3. Wait, the WWE's own press release used the phrase "it is the control and exploitation of these characters..." ?
  4. There's a story in Bret's book about the WWF staying in a hotel in Liverpool on one of the European tours, where Spurs were booked in too. Both crews were drinking in the bar together, and there was a lot of banter about wrestling not being a real sport. It ended up kicking off, with Sid and Ahmed Johnson going mental, tipping tables over and threatening to punch Gary Mabbutt's eye straight. "I'm on the insulin!" he begged, but they lifted him up on Man Mountain Rock's shoulders for a Doomsday Device. Suddenly Vinny Samways climbs up on the bar and undoes the top button of his jeans. The
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