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  1. The leaked White House vetting docs on Linda are... interesting. https://graphics.axios.com/docs/white-house-vetting-docs/Linda McMahon Backgrounder.pdf
  2. They were massively parodied at the time for that (I think TMWRNJ had a running bit about it), especially when they brought out I Love The 90s in the same fucking year, all of 18 months after the 90s ended. I can't find the tweet now, but I saw a thing from someone who'd worked on the original edit for those shows saying how they're half the running time now, because they've had to cut out so many celebrities who since became 'problematic'.
  3. Now it's over the paywall, and as there's no fucking way anyone else has written about this terrible show in such detail, here's a thing I wrote about the Rambo cartoon, which is weird as shit.
  4. For real, Dan Aykroyd's written a prequel about the lads (minus Winston) going to highschool in 1969, before they even saw any ghosts, which he reckons will either be a film or a pilot for a new TV series.
  5. It had more than one scene where the bloke caught his reflection in a mirror which was broken - just like him!
  6. Christ, yeah. I'm really hoping Meadows has exorcised his demons with this and can move on to something that's not the same repetitive slow-mo misery punctuated by a horrible act of violence he's been pumping out for the last decade. Before the opening titles of episode 1 had even come up, you just knew the main character had been sexually abused. I was heartened when he accused that bloke of "did they bum yer?!" which seemed to rule it out as the Bad Thing that'd happened, but no; rape again. Granted, he switched it up by randomly having the other miserable character but come on. At least this one had less tonally-off comedy moments stuck in there. Nobody had sex with their legs kicking in the air like in This is England 86, right after someone had been brutally raped by their mate's dad.
  7. Look at the picture of his therapist that he had sex with. Chinny reck-on, mate.
  8. It's a glorious, beautiful ending. No landing was ever stuck so perfectly.
  9. Astro will get a giggle out of that once he comes out of the toilet Anna Kendrick off movies and that x
  10. It's a little hard to post about this, seeing as the two main websites containing all the info have been killed in the bandwidth rush this past couple of days, but there's a really good video news report on it here, containing an interview with the guy that has the bodyThere are a ton of news articles all saying roughly the same thing, so just put 'bigfoot' into Google News.And here's a big picture.What do people make of this? I'm completely obsessed with cryptozoology, and it's an awesome story, but that thing looks really fake, like an empty suit. It's hard to get any sense of weight with it laying there all floppy. Plus, the two guys who found it were known to be shady characters before this all started. Then again, who the fuck knows what a Bigfoot would really look like, let alone a dead, rotting one? This cop guy does seems really sure it's for real, and that he has the body and DNA to prove it. Two days until we find out.
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