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  1. Astro Hollywood

    Random Thoughts III.

    Pasting this because MOJ doesn't post here any more. In a thread about a video recorder he had as a kid that gave crystal clear freeze frames: Has this ever come up before? I don't recall anyone spotting white flashes until now. What a scandal! Like thigh-slapping, but right into our brains. edit: actually, seeing as it was on live PPVs too, I'm wondering if it was camera flashes. I read a thing recently where the WWE do the camera flashes of their official photographers with the arena house lights, for some reason. edit2: solved by John Lister.
  2. Astro Hollywood

    Patreon, Ko-fi etc - worth the ballache?

    Once you've subscribed, you'll have access to everything at that tier until you leave, which you can do at any time.
  3. Astro Hollywood

    Patreon, Ko-fi etc - worth the ballache?

    Ko-Fi is effectively a one-time donation site (though you can donate as many times as you like), based on the idea of donating a coffee ($3), but they do have a Patreon-like system where donations get you access to exclusive content, but it's a very basic version. I'd definitely recommend Patreon if you're anyone who devotes a serious amount of time to creating something you think is worthy of people's money. The fee is minimal, and mainly it takes out the fiddliness of having to handle everything yourself. You get to keep your content in one place, and your fans/followers know where that is and can easily access it, and safely get their money to you via their membership. You can tailor it to the level of content you're producing, or even set the money to come in per thing that you release (eg video, podcast), as opposed to monthly. It's extremely customisable in terms of patron rewards. As long as you don't make promises you can't keep, it's all good. For me, I figure I have a skill I'm really good at, why not try and make that my job? It's nowhere near there yet (and most likely never will be), but what else am I gonna do; zero hour contract 15 hour a week shifts at Lidl that won't even support me? I started my Patreon 11 months ago, and pretty much threw myself into it as a full-time job. I've posted about 170,000 words of content and a bunch of videos up there so far. Some of it eventually makes it to the free blog ($3 tier gets it a month early), but the higher tier is Patreon-exclusive. Every 7-10 days I post a longform non-fiction piece, like deep dives on some terrible old sitcom, and I've been serialising a novel, which usually would've taken up a year's writing time, completely unpaid. Though I wouldn't recommend the pace of writing a novel and a weekly piece on top. A lot of my working weeks are like the ones Rockstar Games got in trouble over. For me, it's also a place for works which don't really fit anywhere else, but are worth sharing. I wrote a novella that posits 'What if Jimmy Savile was a vampire instead of a nonce?' and didn't really have a place for it. Not because it was bad (it's great), but it was too long for the blog and too short for print. Plus, you know... problematic. But Patreon? Where the audience trusts me not to be exploitative? The perfect home. The ability to experiment is very exciting, especially if the Patreon money frees up time you'd otherwise spend on other jobs. I never could have justified spending a week on dissecting Robin Askwith's Bottle Boys or each of Hulk Hogan's many TV cameos before Patreon. I'm launching a podcast in the next few months, and there's no way I'd have ever gotten into that if not for this. Purely as an example, and definitely not because this thread finally gives me a chance to ethically link to it here and shakedown the place for new subs, here's my Patreon.
  4. Astro Hollywood

    2019 Daisy-Pushing Thread

    Clive Swift's gone, best known for being Richard Bucket in Keeping up Appearances, or this spectacularly arsey interview in Doctor Who Magazine.
  5. Astro Hollywood

    Top Wrestling Twitter

  6. Astro Hollywood

    Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    Aw, poor Dog. The old gal's one of us, and hopefully there's plenty more pictures and posts about her antics left in her.
  7. Astro Hollywood

    The Batshit World of Noel Edmonds

    "You must crush Edmonds!"
  8. Astro Hollywood

    Brawl For All: 10 Years Earlier

    Paul Roma would have been standing tall at the end atop a pile of corpses. According to Paul Roma, anyway.
  9. Astro Hollywood

    I was not expecting that. What have I done now.

    A load of blokes I used to work with went on a lad's holiday to Spain, taking one of our colleagues who was a bit... thick. The day they flew back was right after Diana died, and the nation was still in Griefamania. There were condolence books at the airport for people to sign, and after he'd gone up first, the rest of them signed their messages, and saw what he'd put, which had been written completely without irony. "Get well soon."