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  1. Probably some Keyser Soze shit. He was looking round the room for inspiration while telling a tall tale and spotted a terrarium containing the rotting body of the snake he'd starved to death, then suddenly it's "did I ever tell you about Rick Rude's gangrenous nob?"
  2. The thing that makes me not believe it is that Honky Tonk Man says it's true.
  3. Les off Corrie did a reality show about ten years ago where minor celebrities pretended to be homeless, to see what it was like on the streets. He left partway through, spending all the money he'd got begging on booze and had a terrible drunken breakdown, crying about finding the body, and ranting there'd be more money for homeless if the government stopped spending it keeping prisoners alive; "BRING BACK HANGING, FOR ALL YER RIPPERS!" Every time I've heard him speak, it gets onto the Ripper pretty quickly, so it obviously shaped his entire life.
  4. Astro Hollywood


    'None of your fucking business' to every one of those.
  5. Shilton might as well shut down his social media now, like when Dynamite immediately stopped doing the Q&As on his website when Davey died.
  6. Poor bastard. Gone on the same day as Heavy D. He'll be lucky to get a mention.
  7. I spent last Christmas Day taking notes on Jimmy Cricket's sketch show, so this year's probably won't be much different.
  8. All it takes is one opposing fan to piss into the tank and you've got chaos.
  9. Actually, I have a story about this. A few years ago, I ended up back at someone's house after an ICW show in Glasgow, and a load of the wrestlers and crew were there, I think because the house was owned by one of their sisters. I was mooching around the kitchen, but they had a pretty big garden, and the ICW lot were all gathered out there, so I went out to have a look. As I was coming out, Mikey Whiplash ran past me back into the house with Grado following behind, and Grado gave me this look like "ye don't wanna see that, pal," shaking his head. But I'm a curious guy, so I head down to t
  10. Val Venis is taking it well. Absolute state of his Twitter. It's funny, looking back at all those Attitude Era pieces in Raw Magazine, or outside articles about the WWE, when they'd pull the "though they pretend to fight for a living, some of these men are very intelligent" line. Without fail, the examples they always used of the two biggest, most thoughtful geniuses always talking about politics backstage were Kane and Val Venis. Now Kane's rallying against his constituents wearing masks, and Val spends all day going on and on about weed and Bitcoin and the great Emperor Trump. Classic V
  11. I think he'll be be so tied up in trying to win the election he lost, he won't even be thinking about writing mad executive orders or nuking Pennsylvania. He'll still be carping on about it by the time they drag him out of there.
  12. Supposedly, his Twitter privilege against being banned vanishes the second he leaves office.
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