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  1. Derek had a massive effect on my town when he came through filming Ghost Towns (can't remember if it was the Myleene season or the Daniella Westbrook one) about 12 years ago. Presumably he does this everywhere he goes, like spreading his own madness, and he told a local shopkeeper that he sensed he too had psychic powers, and soon after, the bloke started doing psychic nights and readings. Vandalised copies of his flyer got posted under the doors of all the other shops, where they'd blacked out his teeth, drawn on an eyepatch and changed 'local psychic' to 'PSYCHO'. His wife then realised she had the gift as well, and began doing nights in the local scout hut. This became a huge fad which still lives on, with about one psychic medium to every five people who live here, and every noticeboard in town is littered with various psychic ads like the missing posters at the start of Lost Boys. He also went in a pub and said he felt a presence, so they rebranded themselves as The Most Haunted Pub in England, despite there never having been any reported sightings in the previous 300 years. A few months back, Fred Batt off Most Haunted was there looking for demons (at £50 a head) and on Halloween, they did a seance night where they promised to get in touch with Jack the Ripper. Reader, I live 65 miles from London.
  2. Derek left because he got bigger than the show. Most Haunted was made by Yvette Fielding's production company, Antix, but they had no control over him because Derek was under contract with Living TV, who were enamoured with him. As he became the face of the show, Derek and Yvette had a big falling out, stopping speaking offscreen, then Living gave him a solo series, so in classic WWE style, they buried him on the way out, using his entire last series to plant a bunch of fake information they knew he'd 'pick up on' to make him look stupid; ghosts with names that were anagrams of 'Derek Lies', 'Derek Faker' and 'Hang Derek'. Then someone on the inside leaked a story to the Mirror about how he was a fake, which went out on morning of Derek's last ever show, in a 3-night live run, but the Mirror double-crossed them, and half the article was about Yvette and co faking things too. Supposedly, a livid Living TV called them all in the morning of the show and gave Derek the choice of going ahead, or having Living cancelling the show altogether. They went on air, but it closed with Yvette screaming in Derek's face that he was a fake, a liar, and a shit, and Derek yelling "FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" but if you didn't know the context, you'd think she was just talking to the 'ghost' he was possessed by. I'd planned on a lie-in yesterday, but as soon as I heard he'd died, I leapt out of bed to tweet the post I wrote about his live Michael Jackson seance on Sky, which did massive numbers, leading to the book I wrote about the Most Haunted feud suddenly selling a monstrous amount of copies. Is there any better tribute to Derek Acorah than exploiting someone's death for your own financial gain? Thank you, Sam.
  3. Giving old ladies shoot piledrivers in Tesco for a joke.
  4. Astro Hollywood


    This totally deserves a topic of its own, as the GTA games always have. God love Rockstar. Nothing about GTAV, then, today: http://www.rockstargames.com/ Trailer hits next Wednesday. A FUCKING TRAILER FOR GTAV. Speculation - GO
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