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  1. Roy's posted a video statement this morning.
  2. It's illegal to invoke his name without posting this. He's like the people that get cast in Tim and Eric stuff. That live video is for the launch of two albums, one of which is the Volume 1 of the RQW themes! Overpowering Tommy Wiseau "I'm somehow rich and now I fuck around in Hollywood" energy.
  3. I would, but I'd have to write about his dick too. His swollen, purple, just-about-to-split, Cumberland sausage of a dick.
  4. Self-own. Education should be for everyone, not just those with the means. Make your mind up.
  5. It was weird that every word of DA 5 BLOODS' subtitles were capitalised, Like How Your Dad Types On Facebook When He's Being Racist. I've never seen that before. At one point there's even a bit of dialogue (said quite calmly) like "this way!!!" with three exclamation marks. I figured it was an error rather than a choice, but the closing text is all capped-out like a song title too. Spike Lee's such an odd director. Obviously he's made a bunch of great stuff, but he's one of those ones, like Herzog, who sometimes directs like he's never even seen another movie before; like he's figuring out film-making techniques as he goes along. A few of the action sequences in this were staged like a Troma film, just no sense of geometry, with camerawork like a sixth form project. I don't want to seem like I'm shitting on it, because I guess that's part of his charm, although there was one moment which took me right out of it where
  6. The last I saw of him, his daughter was roping him into doing 'funny' dance memes with her on TikTok. He looked even less enthused than he did talking about smelly fannies on stage.
  7. Do they usually tweet out changes in writing personnel, or is this more of a ratings panic than usual?
  8. Seen loads of those lately. I'm sure I'm being crushingly naive by asking, but are these even real? Or are people just capitalising on the mood and sticking their mate in a plod fancy dress and filming him pretending he's got his boxers caught on the fence for hits?
  9. I don't know that this particularly adds to the discussion, but in terms of recent blackface you can't believe happened...
  10. As that was the character which really broke him out, I'd imagine it was fine when it started out small, in rooms and comedy clubs where people got it, but as the audience grew, picking up the "haha, garlic bread!" types, the demographic went from 'people who go to left-leaning comedy clubs' to 'everyone with a television'. I don't know if he's ever talked about that whole part of it, but I'd be fascinated to hear his take, that whole balance of "half my audience are cunts, but I'm selling a lot of merch..."
  11. The party line with Alf Garnett specifically was always that Alf was the butt of the joke, and we're meant to be laughing at him, not with him. Warren Mitchell used to tell an anecdote on talking head shows and the like, about the time a fan came up to him in the street and said how much he loved Till Death... because "you're really having a go at all those [racial slur]," to which Mitchell would reply "actually mate, we're having a go at idiots like you." But watching Curry and Chips, which was also written by Johnny Speight, and features Spike Milligan in brownface playing a Pakistani, I just don't buy that was the (sole) intention any more; not when the racist lines are structured like well-crafted jokes and signalled by the 'laugh' sign being held up. The shield of irony allows comedians to play both sides. The actual racists get a laugh out of it, while those who don't consider themselves racist get to do the laughter of shock, but with the get out of jail free card of Ricky Gervais' character leaning into frame with a "ooh, bit racist!" and pulling a face. I wrote a long thing about it here which goes into much more detail if people are interested. There's always an uncomfortable relationship between material which purports to be ironic in its racism or sexism or whatever and the audience that latches onto it, where the intent is often lost. I always think about the Pub Landlord character, where Al Murray was portraying an over the top jingoistic gammon, but as the character got bigger and went mainstream, half the audience laughing along at his digs at the French were pumping their fists in the air, all "you tell 'em!" There's really no way to do a character like that and not have it inadvertantly be embraced by the sort of people it's mocking, especially now, where anything that is called out as offensive is immediately lionised by people wanting to "own the libs" by suddenly loving it. Little Britain was topping the Amazon DVD charts yesterday, and I guarantee none of those people buying it had thought about the show in years. My Patreon involves a lot of hunting around Youtube for terrible old stuff off the telly, from the decades where it's nigh on impossible to get through a 20 minute episode without either blackface or a Savile reference, or both, and absolutely without fail, the comment sections are filled with people bemoaning the loss of such great British culture. "Bring back telly like it used to be. I'm crying over my lost past here " How can anyone possibly use 'ironic' or 'satirical' racism without knowingly appealing to thickos like this; thickos which seemingly make up 50% of the country? Keep your dirty money, I'd rather be broke.
  12. Apologies for such a frivalous comment in a serious discussion, but this post was incredibly confusing for me until I went back and watched the video.
  13. Oh God, yeah. The horrible inverse of that is escort missions when you've got an NPC following you somewhere and they're slow as fuck and keep walking into hedges.
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