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  1. Dudley Sutton, especially in his younger days.
  2. At any mention of Dynamite Kid's name, my mum still brings up that bit in SummerSlam 88 when, laying exhausted on the mat from a 20 minute match against the Rougeaus, he immediately jumps up looking furious ("WOT?!") when it's announced as a time limit draw.
  3. He's obviously lashing out, like he has been in videos like this for years, so who knows if he's actually been kicked off? I'd assume it's more 'kicked off set' than removed and cut from the film. Jackass 3 was a dry set, because of Steve-O's issues, so if he missed or refused a test, I'd imagine it's in the contract that he has to be removed. He posted another update today about seeing a bi-polar specialist, and walking back the anger at the rest of the cast. At this point, it's hard to see him getting clean, sadly, unless he completely changes the way he's always lived. In that first vi
  4. Never seen this before. Live and Kicking cut to Mr. Blobby, only to catch him rehearshing, out of costume.
  5. Posting anti-mask videos last I saw.
  6. Imagine my horror when @neil closed the old YT thread last night, the day before I planned to once again casually drop one of my own videos into it, as though that's acceptable behaviour. Now I look like a right nobber by starting a whole new thread for it. Anyway, dump your farting dogs and out of date sea shanty parodies in here, as this is the new YouTube thread. And here's a video essay I did to conclude my dissection of Jim Davidson's mucky panto trilogy. Probably not worksafe.
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