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  1. This should be a fun series and obviously the two coaches are great choices. First episode was good - and I was glad Smith won as he seemed like he was lacking a lot of confidence.
  2. First UFC live event I've been to in years... probably since UFC 89 in Birmingham. First of all it's clear (I've been avidly watching UFC since then just not attending live events) that nothing has really changed in the live event experience. Really all we care about is the fights, but I thought that maybe something might be different, more modern about going to a UFC event nowadays but not really. One thing that was new to me - the irritating whooping noises people make constantly when they are presumably bored, how irritating and childish. Also most people at UFC live events are still bone-headed clowns. I've always sat in the nosebleeds though so maybe that's just the clientele up there! The event was fine, obviously the card was sorely lacking in names and I felt the crowd's level of interest was kind of to be expected... lacklustre - not sure how it came over on TV. This was a card for the diehards and given all the whooping they were probably in the minority. There were a few people misbehaving down on the lower levels during the Pickett fight and several got ejected. I think I've been to maybe 3 or 4 other UK UFC events over the years and I've never seen crowd trouble before. Really enjoyed the undercard obviously Diakiese was the highlight and I really hope he continues to be as spectacular. Gunnar winning so comfortably and with that supreme air of nonchalance throughout is absolutely terrifying and impressive. Finally Manuwa dropping Anderson was a surprisingly quick finish... I was a bit gutted as I'd bet on a 2nd Round KO. Much like F1, unless you are willing to spend an absurd amount of money UFC remains to me to be a TV sport - sitting up in the nosebleeds is fine but if the atmosphere is as flat as it was last night it's kinda not worth the money - I won't go to another UK event unless they put on a huge fight that I just *have* to be there for. All my previous events have been "big" cards with at least one big fight that the whole arena went nuts for, so this was a different vibe for sure.
  3. The DB fell over and did so in such a way it didn't trigger any automated alerts to me. I got back from UFC last night and went online and saw it was down and then rebooted everything. I'll make sure I share some details with the mods so they can alert me manually in the future so this can be resolved much quicker. Sorry gang. Donations are still open (and I still fund the hosting directly out of my own pocket, outside of any kind donations that come in of course. There's a paypal link at
  4. I was away this weekend without internet, so I missed this one - totally my fault. I hope everyone did enjoy their weekend in the sun, but I'm going to take a deeper look into why things are crashing this week, and possibly upgrade our hosting to something bigger if necessary. Hoping to avoid that though as it doubles the cost.
  5. Server has crashed a couple of times in the last 24 hours - I'm keeping an eye on it - sorry for the down time.
  6. for the PayPal link if you're feeling generous... it is appreciated
  7. Done:
  8. McGregor discussion moved to:
  9. I am dead excited for this. Women's Ultimate Fighter feels like old school TUF, to me. The personalities are still raw and people have interesting backgrounds. Also I love both coaches. Really looking forward to watching this series.
  10. After a strong vote by Paid Members we've decided to create a dedicated MMA forum for us all to discuss... MMA. Ask any questions here, and perhaps if you have ideas of rules we should be enforcing or ideas please make them here also. Cheers!
  11. Late to this but if you want to donate please do - indicate somewhere in your PayPal payment what your member name is so I can add you to the Paid Members group. Any amount is welcome as the donations don't cover the running costs of the hosting. Every little helps! MUCH LOVE
  12. Huge fan of Oddisee, my favourite track is this one: A lot of the stuff on the Mello Music label is pretty good. Part of an alternative Hip-Hop movement which feels pretty under-represented at the moment, back in the early 2000s it seemed pretty strong. These days it feels like Hip-Hop is pretty dominated by the mainstream artists, or maybe I just don't know where to find new stuff anymore! Huge fan of the Mellow Orange (not related to Mello Music) work, especially their amazing Vinyl Podcasts, for example: And if you can't dig Dirty Jazz I want nothing to do with you - not strictly hip-hop, but part of it's DNA of course:
  13. Precinct Seven Five is a jaw dropping tale, the level of corruption is really hard to comprehend. Also blasted through Making a Murderer over the Christmas period. Really, really good. Haven't seen The Jinx but will definitely check that out. Best documentary I saw in 2015 was Rich Hill, think I recommended it in here previously. Check it out! Also enjoyed Florida Man by Sean Dunne, which is free to stream on vimeo, keep meaning to purchase some of his other documentaries:
  14. Our hosts are having some persistent issues with DDoS attacks at the moment - so apologies for the downtime over the past week. It's been patchy, to say the least but things are improving. They're a good, credible host who I'm confident in and these are very very (very) large attacks, so I don't have any issues sticking with them - there aren't many hosts out there that could handle this much better.
  15. There's been some issues since around 5am today which are related to the hosting provider we're using. They're generally rock solid so this is very rare. A couple of days ago I had a billing issue which resulted in us being down for an hour or two... that was entirely my fault. Sorry! With regard to paid members, if you've made a donation and haven't been upgraded drop me a line with proof and I'll take a look.