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  1. It's going to be terrible. I remember seeing Mos Def maybe 4-5 years ago in London and it was the single worst gig I've ever been to. Showed up late - seemed completely wasted - I left half way through, something I've never done before or since. I would expect it will sell out... but if I were to buy a ticket I'd keep an eye on the reports from those US & Paris dates before making a decision whether to sell them on . In terms of Hip-Hop, of course I'm listening to Little Simz' latest as everyone else should be. To me she remains the most exciting thing in the genre today... I don't have much else new to listen to. He's not hip-hop, although he's done some streams with Premier, Flying Lotus & Harry Mack: https://www.youtube.com/marcrebillet I simply love him. The hip-hop related guest streams aren't actually the best, for me, but they're all spectacular and he's funky, funny & stupid. One of my personal faves:
  2. So my memory is terrible - but when I started helping to migrate the site it was hosted on a shared boards system that was like an old school BBS - it was just a big list of e-mail subjects and re: threads. I've totally forgotten the URL. It might have been called "The UK Squared Circle" forum before Junkman rebranded it as "Wrestling UK Fan Forum". We had the domain wrestlingukfanforum.com for some time - Junkman registered this - and I found that ukff.com was available and snagged that - we've had it ever since... despite some tempting approaches from the UK Floorball Federation. I migrated us around various different softwares and we always did our best to maintain whatever we could... I think Invision Power Board (IPB) was called something else previously... but we may have used "ikonboard" before that...? My memory is so terrible and I am so, so ancient. I'm really pleased to see so many people still here after all these years and lots of new people too - we were all probably very young and very immature when this started - and there's a lot of silly stuff and general meanness that I'm not fond of remembering! It's amazing to see people supporting each other in the off topic threads and the paid member threads with mental health and whatever else life is throwing at us all. I am always here and regularly updating the software as soon as I can . Most recently our licensing costs for IPB have gone up - donations do not ever cover the monthly ongoing costs of the software or hosting - so if you can spare a few pounds for all of the time you've spent here over the years, it would be much appreciated: https://donate.ukff.com You don't need to PM me to get recognised as a paid member... but if you don't put your board username/screen name in your paypal payment or it's not obvious from your paypal name or e-mail address - I can't always reconcile it. If anyone is owed something and I missed it, feel free to PM me.
  3. Right, to save this forum from getting swamped with Trading posts (we've already had people trying to post their tape updates daily), let's try this...All traders reply to this thread with the following information:Name:Website:Type of videos:Slogan:Approx. delivery time:Trades Taken?: Yes/NoPayment Methods:Latest Tapes/Offers:If you want to give an update on your latest tapes, simply edit your post adding the update underneath the info.All trading adverts or updates not put in this thread will be deleted. So please only post in this thread once and EDIT if needed. Thankyou!No discussion at all in this thread please!
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