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  1. @Onyx2 I just made it a bit more relaxed for you as a Paid Member IPB is a huge database hog and the search in particular is enough to lock up the server fairly quickly so the settings are pretty conservative. You can't search back longer than 30 days for example, right now. We're running on the limit as far as RAM goes and want to avoid doubling the cost if I can so keeping things real tight!
  2. Right, to save this forum from getting swamped with Trading posts (we've already had people trying to post their tape updates daily), let's try this...All traders reply to this thread with the following information:Name:Website:Type of videos:Slogan:Approx. delivery time:Trades Taken?: Yes/NoPayment Methods:Latest Tapes/Offers:If you want to give an update on your latest tapes, simply edit your post adding the update underneath the info.All trading adverts or updates not put in this thread will be deleted. So please only post in this thread once and EDIT if needed. Thankyou!No discussion at all in this thread please!