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  1. Agreed - I think he showed a lot of heart and toughness in that fight - the guy is strong as hell and can take a punch. If he could work a bit more on his kicks and the accuracy of those power shots he could do some real damage. Also he's just a sweetheart and he's called Gilbert aka Chocolate Thunder. What's not to like?
  2. After last week I almost wrote another rant on this thread about what a fundamentally unimaginative, dense and unwatchable idiot Garbrandt is but I realised I was basically just repeating myself and everyone else so I sacked it off. But it really cannot be understated and I hope the giraffe-necked walking Ed Hardy tribute gets decimated by TJ some time soon. The coaches challenge last week was amazing as it basically is every series, and so great to see Garbrandt physically and mentally wobble during that. I know MMA fans and fighters are going to be pre-disposed to absolutely hate a sensitive soul like Gilbert, but I can't help but pull for him so this week's exit for him was pretty devastating. His retirement at the end was truly moving and I thought redeemed everyone involved including Cody who showed just enough education to not be a detestable prick for a second while that was happening. It's definitely a bit of a mindfuck watching all these fighters I've been following for maybe 12 years reaching the end of their careers with mixing levels of success. Damn I feel old. The fight itself was super competitive and both fighters for me are great dudes so I didn't want to see either leave. Diego has a style that's more dynamic and he deserved the victory on points. Gilbert's physique is pretty nuts, the dude is BUILT. If only he could actually punch accurately - he wasted far too much energy during that fight winging and not dinging.
  3. Glad it's working! Happy to set your post count back to negative or 0 if you want, not sure if that is really what caused the issue.
  4. It's a weird season for me, on paper TJ & Cody's rivalry should be riveting but seeing two grown men bicker in a fundamentally unimaginative and schoolyard fashion is absolutely not entertaining in any way. Neither of them have any wit about them whatsoever. What's really weird is this has the potential to be a fight of the year (or beyond!) when it happens, but outside of the cage I couldn't give a fuck and want them to just shut up. They're both really quite dull. The fights so far have been decent I think and I've enjoyed it. The back story of each fighter is compelling but because there's so much at stake for them it's kinda hard to enjoy someone winning unless the other dude is a total dick, because there's a real air of finality about it for the loser!
  5. Donations come in fits and starts and of varying amounts but I'm running at probably a minor loss, which is absolutely fine. The hosting we have is quite cheap and we're pushing the limit of the server a teeny bit - the last couple of short wobbles we had in the last week were the server running out of disk space - I've tweaked the database a bit and the DB backup retention to release some pressure. At some point in the future we may have to upsize which doubles the monthly server cost, but that may not be necessary, I'll see how it goes. All donations are welcome and they do help keep the forum running ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  6. That is really odd... I've flipped your postcount and that of Mab who also had a negative one for some reason. @Carbomb did that make any difference? If not first of all I'd suggest clearing all of your browser cache & cookies (or try an incognito window) and let me know if that changes things.
  7. The post counts getting wiped were an unintended side effect of the upgrade and something IPB didn't warn about and also claimed was impossible to restore when I contacted them. A bit of SQL tinkering and everyone's post count should be accurate - e.g. your total number of posts before we upgraded + any posts you have made since the upgrade. Annoyed at IPB for fobbing me off with something we both knew was possible... I actually pay them a license fee for the software and their support
  8. This should be a fun series and obviously the two coaches are great choices. First episode was good - and I was glad Smith won as he seemed like he was lacking a lot of confidence.
  9. First UFC live event I've been to in years... probably since UFC 89 in Birmingham. First of all it's clear (I've been avidly watching UFC since then just not attending live events) that nothing has really changed in the live event experience. Really all we care about is the fights, but I thought that maybe something might be different, more modern about going to a UFC event nowadays but not really. One thing that was new to me - the irritating whooping noises people make constantly when they are presumably bored, how irritating and childish. Also most people at UFC live events are still bone-headed clowns. I've always sat in the nosebleeds though so maybe that's just the clientele up there! The event was fine, obviously the card was sorely lacking in names and I felt the crowd's level of interest was kind of to be expected... lacklustre - not sure how it came over on TV. This was a card for the diehards and given all the whooping they were probably in the minority. There were a few people misbehaving down on the lower levels during the Pickett fight and several got ejected. I think I've been to maybe 3 or 4 other UK UFC events over the years and I've never seen crowd trouble before. Really enjoyed the undercard obviously Diakiese was the highlight and I really hope he continues to be as spectacular. Gunnar winning so comfortably and with that supreme air of nonchalance throughout is absolutely terrifying and impressive. Finally Manuwa dropping Anderson was a surprisingly quick finish... I was a bit gutted as I'd bet on a 2nd Round KO. Much like F1, unless you are willing to spend an absurd amount of money UFC remains to me to be a TV sport - sitting up in the nosebleeds is fine but if the atmosphere is as flat as it was last night it's kinda not worth the money - I won't go to another UK event unless they put on a huge fight that I just *have* to be there for. All my previous events have been "big" cards with at least one big fight that the whole arena went nuts for, so this was a different vibe for sure.
  10. The DB fell over and did so in such a way it didn't trigger any automated alerts to me. I got back from UFC last night and went online and saw it was down and then rebooted everything. I'll make sure I share some details with the mods so they can alert me manually in the future so this can be resolved much quicker. Sorry gang. Donations are still open (and I still fund the hosting directly out of my own pocket, outside of any kind donations that come in of course. There's a paypal link at
  11. I was away this weekend without internet, so I missed this one - totally my fault. I hope everyone did enjoy their weekend in the sun, but I'm going to take a deeper look into why things are crashing this week, and possibly upgrade our hosting to something bigger if necessary. Hoping to avoid that though as it doubles the cost.
  12. Server has crashed a couple of times in the last 24 hours - I'm keeping an eye on it - sorry for the down time.
  13. for the PayPal link if you're feeling generous... it is appreciated
  14. Done:
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