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  1. Fair enough, yeah didn't feel like the opening was that freaky. It was more everything from people showing up at the first house to them leaving the second house that had me very on edge, but yeah much less in a flinchy kinda way more a generally very anxious kind of way. Sound track thing is interesting, totally agree the dark pop song is played out but it thematically worked here - a sort of untethered cover (but aside from that it's a trope that needs to go away). I guess as a synth electro nerd I forget the different ways we can respond to soundtracks. Drive for me was the opposite, I was awesome hearing Kavinsky tracks outside of a club and in a film (that wasn't set in a club) but I've spent far too much time listening to those songs and digging the heck out of 80s Carpenter and the like where that stuff was prolific - Us' combination of the known and unknown (that choral thing from the start that reoccurred throughout was abrasive in the best possible way) resonated more for me. However that corpse digging music style, as you say, is a bit everywhere as far as I'm aware so again mileage probs varies depending on how many films you've already seen use that trick (I felt there were only 2 maybe 3 cues that relied on the "remember this" but perhaps there are others I'm forgetting) Guest had a baddass score though, total agreement on that (rest of the film was pretty good too, although You're Next is definitely my favourite of Wingard's stuff that I've seen - I do really like that film despite the negative comparisons in my last post)
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