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  1. Another voice for DDP Yoga being great. I know for some the gym helps because they're commiting to something and it forces them out but yeah for me not having to worry about what others think makes me much more likely to work out Also I found that because I don't have to go somewhere it's much easier to squeeze in a workout to a busier day (the quickest ones are about 20 min). The more you get into the habit of doing it daily the easier everything becomes.. Whilst a yoga mat and a heart rate monitor are fairly handy (the former being about 15 quid and the latter 30) they're no
  2. I've found sometimes just accepting this will happen and allowing the day to take whatever form it will is fine. Obviously one doesn't wanna just spend every day doing such a thing but I've found (particularly in the last year) there's just days where I can seem to get it up for life and trying to ends up making it a big thing "i'm feeling rubbish, i'm going to feel rubbish forever" etc etc. I'm pretty gotta make the most of all time always and so get frustrated when the energy's not there, but that then seems to sap me more. Allowing days to be whatever they are (then reflecting at the end on
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