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  1. Exactly. First it was the pesky Browns and their Ramadan, then it was us young uns and our house parties, now it’s the bloody Northeners demanding to be allowed out for their gravy soaked chippy tea. Meanwhile Matt Hancock is pictured in the back of his chauffeur driven car, half-pissed and without a mask, having stumbled out of the Common’s Bar well after 10pm. Bent as fuck, this lot.
  2. What would happen if the orange buffoon croaked it before the election? Assuming Pence would replace him, would he then be the Republican candidate on 3rd November or would there be grounds for a postponement? National mourning(lol) etc. Even if he pulls through, I can already hear him shouting about how it was no worse than a cold and he was barely ill but it would have definitely killed Sleepy Joe. Saying all this, I’m calling FAKE NEWS!!, there’s no way Melania has been close enough to him for the past 4 years to catch anything.
  3. Is this offer only open to asylum seekers?
  4. Me, laughing at two decrepits hurling nonsensical abuse at each other.
  5. I’ll offer evens on Biden to do a press up at some point during this. Going to be an absolute car crash, I can’t wait.
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