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  1. Fatty Facesitter

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Nothing wrong with League 1 at all. With all your ducks in a row it's a fantastic opportunity to rebuild a club from the ground up on all fronts, not in terms of splashing the cash but getting rid of the deadwood and bringing in passionate youngster who bring a completely fresh exuberance and feel about the place. It can also help bring supporters closer to the club in what starts out as a time of need and in most cases could result in a big party at the end of the season when promotion comes. You'll also get to visit some fantastic away grounds you'll have either not been to for years or get to visit other unique grounds you've never been to before. Norwich's 09/10 League One season is up there with my favourites - so many great memories of not only the matches but also places visited. Ipswich could really revitalise themselves there. They may struggle in terms of Evans' lack of involvement but with the history, stadium etc it's got to be a draw for decent players at that level. Think they should keep Lambert on regardless - Chilly correct me if I'm wrong but for all the bad times recently Lambert seems to have built a strong bond with the fans. He'd soon turn a team into League 1 winners surely.
  2. Fatty Facesitter

    RIP Pedro Morales

    One of the best babyfaces ever. One of the first old school wrestlers I ever really paid attention to in terms of watching classic matches from a different generation etc.
  3. Fatty Facesitter

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Good show and completely on board with not everyone being used in the same way. One of the best things about NXT is how they rotate the talent in such a way to constantly keep things fresh and exciting. Obviously that's in part due to having an hour less to play with but there's no reason why Smackers couldn't employ a similar principal.
  4. Fatty Facesitter

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I actually liked how they've positioned everyone - Although Becky apologised, Vince coming out and suspending her now gives her renewed motivation and over the next few weeks she's going to go all Notorious Becky Lynch on everyone. The suspension actually gives her character a bit more license to go rogue and stir up a massive amount of shit to the point where they have no choice to put her back in. The fact she apologised and they still screwed her over is only going to piss her off more, and a pissed off/fired up Becky is the best Becky. Charlotte's inclusion and smug look on her face was played perfectly - she fits the corporate mould brilliantly and taking the heat off of Ronda is actually a smart move. The key with the apology now is the follow up. They need Becky to continue to stir up as much shit as possible from this point and go into overdrive with it and the apology will soon be forgotten. I think most people would prefer a singles match with Becky/Ronda but that's still an excellent triple-threat match in the making, and it does still make sense from a storyline perspective.
  5. Fatty Facesitter

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    After working solidly since the turn of the year I've finally managed to catch up through old episodes and then sit down to watch Takeover Blackpool. On Blackpool in general - what you've essentially got here is a shining example of a perfect template for a wrestling show. It had the bloody lot. Excellent tag team match, massive surprises like Balor and Walter's appearances, a plunderous brawl, great women's action, superb technical and aerial exchanges throughout and a big fight feel for your main event and packed with some memorable moments. Absolutely superb from top to bottom that I enjoyed immensely. Pacing was absolutely spot on as well; After a red-hot tag opener, Balor's arrival and subsequent match with Devlin kept the crowd in raptures. The Dennis/Mastiff brawl came at the perfect time off the back end of that and because their style is obviously completely different it could have gone one of two ways, but they kept doing lots of great things to keep the crowd interested. Weirdly I probably enjoyed this match the most, mainly because I wasn't expecting to. Women's match was great and Storm's celebrations made it feel like you'd witnessed something massive happen. And the main event started slow and built up to another superb conclusion. Lovely stuff. They've done a brilliant job in terms of establishing who the top characters are and the respective rivalries - the next phase of growth for the brand should be a little more creative freedom for the performers, particularly the promo work. There's nothing wrong with it at the moment and it always does the jobs in terms of clearly defining characters. Now the key is for the performers to get more comfortable with their promos and have some fun with them. Really excited to see where they go with it from here - definitely a successful experiment on WWE's part.
  6. Fatty Facesitter

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Love thy neighbour!
  7. Fatty Facesitter

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Think that's us well on the way to promotion now after seeing off Ipswich. Ten years unbeaten in the derby, can't knock it. That said, I genuinely hope they stay up. I'd love to see both teams prosper - an East Anglian derby in the Prem again one day would be superb. Also, I know it's fashionable to hate on your old manager who's gone to a rival time, but I'll never stop loving Paul Lambert. His three years in charge here were absolutely off the scale. I can't help but wish him well and hopefully he turns it around for them, and both himself and Ipswich can finally get back on track.
  8. Fatty Facesitter

    Has WWE run out of ideas

    No, in short. NXT and NXT UK continue to deliver, Smackdown has been consistently great over the last few months, even Raw has been more interesting to watch so far this year. They’re making stupid sums of money from their international markets. They continue to successfully distribute the product in different ways. Creative will always be subjective, but to say they’ve completely run out from a wrestling standpoint alone isn’t true, and it’s even less true when it comes to the actual company and it’s operations outside of their actual shows.
  9. Fatty Facesitter

    Which was better - WWECW or ECW

    WWECW contains what's still one of my favourite squash matches. You only need to watch to 2:40. Excellent.
  10. Fatty Facesitter

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I'd prefer it to be 1v1 just going by the reaction to their face to face last week. I'd envisaged weeks of them cutting each other down to size on the mic and just further adding to the anticipation. The quality of the match wouldn't suffer at all - it'll be a fantastic match whether it's Becky vs Ronda or whether they go with the triple threat. But Becky/Ronda is the story. That's the storyline that generates the big fight atmosphere. That's the storyline that's got the look and feel of a legitimate Wrestlemania main event.
  11. Fatty Facesitter

    Classical music is the best entrance music

    SILENCE!! @HarmonicGenerator is a complete ignoramous and failed to compile the below as part of his supporting evidence in his presenation to you, the unwashed masses - You’re welcome.
  12. Fatty Facesitter

    Royal Rumble 2019 discussion

    Good to see that her reckless tendencies are gender neutral. I'm so glad I didn't watch the show live. Staying up until 5am waiting for her as the surprise at the end of the night would have been torture.
  13. Fatty Facesitter

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I never expected Joe to win the title during his run with AJ, mainly because I thought they were dead set on keeping the belt on AJ until post-Royal Rumble so he'd wipe out CM Punk's record. I didn't expect them to switch it to Daniel Bryan for the same reason. In retrospect it would have been a great time to put the belt on Joe. Still, his ability to command the mic and his unique style mean he'll always look like a threat and you'll always take him seriously in the title picture. You could have him do a few jobs over two or three months, and with just a few minutes on the mic and when he turns on that intensity, you believe he could batter and humble anyone you put in front of him. Fingers crossed he gets at least one title run before he packs it in. Smackers remains the A show. Enjoy it while it lasts because when the shakeup comes post-Wrestlemania it could decimate them. Or, it could go the other way and become even better - they'll want a strong contingent ready for the move to Fox later in the year, so maybe they'll put the building blocks in place for that?
  14. Fatty Facesitter

    Royal Rumble 2019 discussion

    Becky/Rousey has to main event Wrestlemania now. Can't wait for the build up for that. There wasn't a lot wrong with either Rumble (apart from Nia Jax in the men's Rumble. She is absolutely awful). I agree that there weren't a huge amount of big stars/surprises but I was all for the influx on NXT stars making appearances, the majority of which got a thoroughly decent showcase. Pete Dunne, for instance, did a good turn in the men's Rumble, and Kacy Catanzaro did well with her time too. Was hoping for a couple more nostalgia pops but other than that, you've got to give the younger talent a chance to shine, and for once they shined a spotlight on many of those in the main event of one of its biggest PPVs, so I'm all for it. Brock/Balor was great. I've been very critical of Lesnar for various reasons in the past, but this told a simple, yet effective story and for the most part Finn's bumps looked relatively safe. I actually think the belly to belly throws look even better than the German suplexes, and I'm sure they're a lot less risky to take too. Rematch with the demon next month would be great if Lesnar's sticking around for that. I thought Bryan/AJ was disappointing, but it was also a tough spot to be in on a show running that long. Feel like they need to freshen things up for AJ now. Good show overall but the running length is just absolute torture. I didn't even watch it live, but even starting at 7:30 I was knackered by the end of it. I get it, you've got two Rumbles and a bunch of other stuff to fit in, but these marathons are a madness.
  15. Fatty Facesitter

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Ricochet/Gargano was total artistry. Absolutely brilliant match. Hoping the seeming freedom of expression they have on NXT is maintained when they get their call-ups. War Raiders/Undisputed Era was another exceptional tag match. Of all NXT's titles I think the tag straps have had some of the brand's greatest matches. Whoever they put in the tag title matches just seem to deliver nothing but belters every single time. Absolute class.