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  1. Fatty Facesitter

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    All part of the Commonwealth innit?
  2. Fatty Facesitter

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    People rushing by/in front of me when I’m carrying three bags (four if you count the bag I just got from Smiths). I know I’m not pregnant but for fuck’s sake. Victoria station is busy but it is at least quite a wide berth. Wide enough for you to step the fuck aside, away from me and my massive tripod [/Regal.gif].
  3. Fatty Facesitter

    2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    Gutted, quite underrated IMO. Had an understated charisma about him.
  4. Fatty Facesitter


    If anyone ever has the misfortune of using a programme for live-clipping called Tellyo - be warned. It’s fucking horrendous. My day off today has been completely struck off due to numerous issues with it, plus some awful clips provided by an external company and a rotten FTP server. Jumped through so many hoops I’m in the circus. Very close to throwing my monitor out of the window and into the path of the 93 bus that passes through South London. Help. #LoveMyJob
  5. Fatty Facesitter

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

  6. Fatty Facesitter

    UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

    Apologies for the delay chaps - waiting on a couple of judges to come back to me and just taking care of one or two things on the home/work fronts - results will likely drop in early next week.
  7. Fatty Facesitter

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    They're going for the super serious stares, but just looks like he's about to cry. These (or a video clip next time they do a promo together) will likely wind up on Botchamania with 'Hello darkness my old friend' playing in the background.
  8. Fatty Facesitter

    Wrong Screenshots

    Seabiscuit (2003)
  9. Fatty Facesitter

    Wrong Screenshots

    Snake Eyes (1998)
  10. Fatty Facesitter

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    My higher ups at work do both the Happy Friday and 'Hi XX, I hope you're well?' spiel. Depressingly, a lot of our emails are templated as we do mass sendouts, though it's funny to see that sometimes they haven't filled out the full template and haven't double-checked before they sent, before then copying and pasting and sending it round elsewhere. Not sure if this is a trivial one or whether this is a full-on gripe, but had an issue with some tickets for something on Friday due to circumstances changing we tried to move them back a couple of months. The theatre told me to call an alternative provider, who it turns out are owned by Ticketmaster so I had to go through them. No help whatsoever. Was told I'd get a call back - never came. So call centre twats, basically. Though for every call centre twat, there's also a call centre angel - the Trainline for instance have lots of really helpful people who have gotten me out of many a jiffy trying to rectify shoddy work bookings. My bank have always been class to deal with on the phone as well. EDIT - Just remembered that a month ago one of our managers sent a Whatsapp that actually read 'Fappy Friday' by mistake. Lucky it was i a closed group and not an email! Anyway we now have different days of a similar theme, so Tossing Tuesday, Wanking Wednesday, etc.
  11. Fatty Facesitter

    Random Thoughts III.

    I didn't actually dislike the original theme for Heat. But if you're going to have a show on a Sunday... http://www.tubedubber.com/?q=_Y16Y43gs8w:rQJsTsJrIqw:0:100:14:0:1
  12. Fatty Facesitter

    Which computer game character are you?

    I'm Doom Guy. I travel a lot for work (some of the destinations are literally like hell), use a vast array of different weaponry (cameras, lights etc) to fight off various hellspawn (cunt clients), and we make the same face when we feel pleasure.
  13. Fatty Facesitter


    Are you mad? Didn't you consider moving the conversation somewhere a little safer? Considering his penchant for flammable surroundings 😟
  14. Fatty Facesitter

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    Great news Ralphy, all the best in the new role.
  15. Fatty Facesitter


    I remember them running a poll on wwe.com about who it could be. I think Mark Henry was geuninely one of the poll options!