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  1. The absolute state of this. Thatcher’s Britain. Storing this one though for Halloween.
  2. Sad about Michael Angelis. The first Thomas episodes I can vividly remember as a kid were the series' with his voice. I love Ringo and he was superb, but over the years I really came to appreciate Angelis' work on it and the new energy he kept bringing to the characters etc. So much of what I learned as a kid about shapes, numbers, words etc came from his storytelling. I'm still quite fond of Thomas and trains in general today mainly because of how he brought it to life. By all accounts an absolutely sound fellow as well.
  3. What do you think is the more thankless task - being a Conservative MP or working for their publicity/social media teams? Why would you even take on such a job in the first place? You'd take more pelters each day than working for a train operater's social feeds. You've got to be a new level of masochist to subdue yourself to that on a daily basis. Mind you they aren't helping themselves with some the the utter bollocks that's being pumped out on their respective MP's feeds.
  4. Blinded By The Light Superb. Soundtrack is fantastic even before you hear one of Brucie's bangers. Star turns from several cast members (Nell Williams is great as tory-hating Eliza) and you'll go through the suitable range of emotions throughout the film. Luton is painted perfectly as the suitably grim shithole it was/is (with apologies to any local residents reading this). Just warms the cockles really.
  5. Seeing a photo of Littlehampton in a post from you has transported me back to the first editions of the Beach Diaries. Fond memories of Big Shirtless Ron (who I hope is currently safe and well and not Covidy).
  6. 6 Underground Mopey Muse soundtrack and some not even remotely subtle product placement aside, great action pretty much from the start, very funny and Adria Ajona is an absolute rocket. Top popcorn action flick.
  7. Earl Hebner. Teamed with The Rock against DX.
  8. Meanwhile, even in the darkness, there is light:
  9. Miss Howson. Absolute Rolls Royce for us. The way he pies off Richards here and the whole run/goal in general is just a thing of beauty.
  10. That’s a great effort - the walk and talk/presenting is brilliant.
  11. Didn't always agree with some of his opinions but I have a ton of respect for him for his sheer work ethic. He's gone a long way to keeping that site afloat for a long time. He reviewed virtually every major TV/PPV show from around the world, also pulling together podcasts and even content for other areas of the site. Gave me a couple of writing opportunities on there many years ago which I'll always appreciate.
  12. A cover to end all covers. @PunkStep I know you've got my back on this one.
  13. I think you could throw Ciampa into the mix here. Lots of violence in the tag matches with Gargano, then in the singles matches against Gargano through the years, plus WarGames and there might be others I'm missing. From Raw/Smackers, I'd put Owens in the mix. He's had a some good bangers with plunder involved and hasn't been afraid to have his body hurled off cages/stages etc and is probably the closest thing WWE had to a modern-day Mick Foley in that regard.
  14. Thank you for posting this - I watched it having never seen the series. Watched the first episode and it is *excellent*. The whole pigeon sequence made my stomach hurt. I don't know how I'd never heard/seen it before but it's tremendous.
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