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  1. …Am I the only person who thinks he’s the absolute spit of Mark Crossley?
  2. Perfection. Didn’t think that sort of pop was possible in 2021. Glad they waited for a full house in Chicago. Mentioning Britt and Darby in his promo was a great touch - right out of the gate he’s highlighting two of AEW’s most prominent home-grown (in a manner of speaking) talents. The ice cream was another masterstroke from them. Simple, yet effective shit like that made the moment all the more special, and another fuck you to WWE. The key for how this moment is remembered though will be in the follow-up - although it doesn’t feel like it presently while everyone’s caught up in the hysteria, they need to capitalise on this and Punk needs to be able to hang in the ring. It’ll only take a couple of stinkers for the momentum to shift from delirious excitement to an all-time let down. But all signs point to good times ahead presently. Huge potential matchups across the board, not just physically but verbally - the Punk/MJF verbal exchanges could be phenomenal if they paired up.
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