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  1. Fatty Facesitter

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Funny you should ask...
  2. Fatty Facesitter

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    nah football is alright tbh m8 If Carlsberg did league tables...
  3. Fatty Facesitter

    The Christmas Avatar thread

  4. Fatty Facesitter

    Christmas Films

    With the exception of chokeout you are all wrong. Muppets Christmas Carol isn’t just the best Christmas film ever, it is the best film ever and I will fight you, naked, in the snow, if you disagree*. It’s got Michael Caine as fucking Scrooge. If you don’t cry during Tiny Tim’s song at the family table then you’re a souless bastard. *CC To “Shit hill to die on thread.”
  5. Fatty Facesitter

    The Christmas Avatar thread

    Christmas! Can you Xmas up Doom Guy for me? If the photo in the profile doesn’t work this one should do the job.
  6. Fatty Facesitter

    Who is the least cool person on the planet?

    I’ve been working on a new contract recently covering the snooker and there are so, so many dullards from right across the pro tour. Peter Ebdon has to be up their. Serially slow on the table, about as charismatic as a bag of wet farts off of it. LOVE the sport, not so much the sleepy personalities. Although I do get a bit of a kick out of watching Ebbo make some of the faster players squirm with his tactics.
  7. Fatty Facesitter

    The UKFF Thesaurus

    Ebdoning - When someone takes an agonisingly long time to complete a certain task, be it for practical purposes in a work place, getting ready ahead of a trip out etc. Ode to snooker player Peter's Ebdon's agonisingly slow style of play.
  8. Fatty Facesitter

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    This. Painfully obvious outcome, not to mention the backlash that will eventually befall Cody/Young Bucks etc if they are booked (or rather book themselves) as the focal point of the promotion. Any time they go over it will just get scrutinised (which in some cases would be justifiable, but on either side of the divide it'll just provide tiresome arguments). I'm no businessman but I think the most sensible strategy they could go for in the short term would be to avoid traditional television markets altogether while things keep growing. Keep building up content strands via their YouTube show, then run a big event once a month or every two months on the scale of an All In. Use the online/social media platforms to keep building up to their big events and grow a wider mainstream presence in that fashion. The money from Khan's fat wad should go on advertising, better graphics, killer production values (both online and on the arena sets. In fairness All In actually looked the part IMO), etc rather than chasing TV deals or directly competing with WWE at this stage. They obviously can't run a promotion with *just* their YouTube show to build things up, but adding all of these elements together should, in theory, generate sufficient buzz. The success of this will largely depend on just how much money they will spunk on it and how clever their marketing strategies are. I don't think there's any question that they'd be compelling to watch from an in-ring aspect. How can you not wish them all the best with it?
  9. Fatty Facesitter

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    The Raw changes I understand to a degree due to the Reigns situation, but the Smackdown changes are still pretty baffling. It isn't so much the turns themselves that I find confusing, but the actual dynamics of how they've been booked and their actions since then.
  10. Fatty Facesitter

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    This obsession with heel turns and mixed messages at the moment is 2000 WCW levels of odd. You've got Bryan going heel last week on Smackdown, effectively wrestling babyface at Survivor Series, then cutting a heel promo where's talking about the Yes movement dying, yet he's got the fucking YES YES YES plate on the belt and he's talking about fighting for his dream and how it came true? Didn't he then face Miz post-tapings as well? I don't even know what they're going for with Charlotte. Again, you have the apparent heel turn at Survivor Series, a heel promo to kick off Smackdown and then she goes up against...two heels? I appreciate that it's perfectly plausible for babyfaces to fight babyfaces and heels to fight heels from time to time, but if they're going with these two turns in particular at least have the balls to go full throttle with them. Their obsession with heel turns at the moment is bizarre.
  11. Fatty Facesitter

    Room 101 - PPVs or TV show episodes

    Can't remember the specific episode, but not long after Hornswoggle was revealed as Vince's illegitimate offspring and Carlito kept chasing him around the arena, only for him to run into a cartoon hole in the wall etc. That's going in there.
  12. Fatty Facesitter

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    This is where they pack up and book on auto-pilot between now and January when Rumble season comes round. Happens every year. Rousey's promo was decent enough but otherwise Raw is just so devoid of any sort of spark at the moment it's criminal.
  13. Fatty Facesitter

    Survivor Series

    Great show from an action perspective but as usual, perplexing booking. Also, why the fuck is Bryan taking German suplexes like that? Idiot.
  14. Fatty Facesitter

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Brain: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Me: This don’t say it meme is dreadful.
  15. Fatty Facesitter

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    They were never going to present Rousey as a heel during her arrival in the company. They want to shift her merch, get her on the ESPN sports websites etc and garner as much mainstream attention as possible. She's done well in the role and up until feuding with Becky, crowds have been largely partisan towards her. I think they may go with a turn for her eventually and there are times where they could have booked Ronda better, but it's nothing to do with the face/heel dynamic.