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  1. Fog Dude

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    Born in Bristol, spent most of my living memory on the Somerset coast, but grandparents left influences from further afield. Clearly 3 years on the Menai Strait and 10 months in Sussex didn't have any effect (or it's since worn off). Apparently calling a playground chase game 'tig' means I come from somewhere around Fife though... 🤔
  2. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    FA Cup Fifth Round proper Brighton & Hove Albion 3-1 Derby County Bristol City 1-2 Wolves Doncaster Rovers 0-1 Crystal Palace Newport County 1-3 Manchester City Swansea City 2-0 Brentford Wimbledon 2-1 Millwall Serie A Atalanta 1-1 AC Milan Cagliari 1-0 Parma w/ultimo Genoa 0-0 Lazio Internazionale 2-2 Sampdoria
  3. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    The results went into the original post on Sunday evening, and the latest table update was figured out straight after that. Vegeta got his D2D bet wrong thanks to a late equaliser from Ji So-yun at the Academy Stadium. Eight of the other 13 participants disagreed with him to get their bonus points. In a low-scoring round where the average haul was just 5.71 points, the joint best performers were Grecian, who moves further clear of the bottom 3, and Glenryck, who extends his lead to a cool dozen. Briefcase is only just hanging onto second spot. Adam TH17 was the only remaining player to manage an exact score this time out, whilst Rory was among the lowest scorers and is now 7 points adrift. Nobody got the exact score from the one-sided men's match at the Etihad, but victories for Arsenal and Watford proved more fruitful, as did a score draw at Selhurst Park and single-goal progress for The Jags. A late winner for Cardiff at St Mary's and Rangers being held at Rugby Park threw spanners in the works, whilst a stalemate in Saxony and a surprisingly comfortable triumph on the road in the Madrid derby turned out difficult to foresee as well. A new set of 10 will be up in the first post very soon.
  4. Fog Dude

    Wrong Screenshots

    Ha! I genuinely almost posted "Someone didn't stay for the post-credits scene" 5 minutes before Bellenda got there and phrased it as a question instead. I sat through the credits to The Lego Movie 2 on Sunday (having forgotten my glasses so I couldn't even read the bloody things) and... afterwards there was nothing. So, it looks like you might slowly be getting your way, but I've never been fond of leaving the cinema as soon as the credits begin.
  5. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Premier League Crystal Palace 2-1 West Ham United Huddersfield Town 0-2 Arsenal Manchester City Gentlemen 2-2 Chelsea Gentlemen Southampton 3-1 Cardiff City Watford 2-0 Everton Scottish Cup Round Five East Fife 1-2 Partick Thistle Kilmarnock 1-0 Rangers WSL Manchester City w/Vegeta 1-1 Chelsea La Liga Atlético Madrid 0-0 Real Madrid German Bundesliga RB Leipzig 3-0 Eintracht Frankfurt
  6. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    The results went into the opening post on Sunday night and the table was updated soon after that. It all went wrong for Briefcase, who could've gone clear at the top but instead finds himself back in second place as PSG suffered their first league defeat of the season. As if to show how unlikely the end of that unbeaten run was, only 5 of the other 13 participants actually disagreed with him – and two of those bet on a draw. One of those, Glenryck, is once again the leader of the pack by 4 points, whilst another in Rory is nevertheless adrift by 3. Worst performer Grecian crawls dangerously closer to the bottom two. Only two other players were into double figures in a round where the average score was a middling 7.57 points. Nobody got the exact score from the Lisbon derby, and surprisingly only half the field even guessed the right result. The remaining outcome in the French league proved more fruitful as suspending Thierry Henry immediately paid off for the home side in Monte Carlo. Closer to home, wins for Crystal Palace and both Manchester giants and a score draw at Turf Moor turned out easy to foresee, but a stalemate at the AmEx and victories for Cardiff and Wolves ended up tougher to pick beforehand. A new set of 10 matches will be up in the original post very shortly.
  7. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Watford Burnley 1-1 Southampton Cardiff City 0-3 Bournemouth Crystal Palace 2-2 Fulham Everton 1-3 Wolverhampton Wanderers Leicester City 2-1 Manchester United Manchester City 0-0 Arsenal Ligue 1 Monaco 0-1 Toulouse Lyon 3-2 Paris Saint Germain w/Briefcase Primeira Liga Sporting Lisbon 0-2 Benfica
  8. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Sorry about the confusion over the Dutch fixture. Meetings between the Big 3 over there are invariably on Sundays but I somehow forgot to put that in my spreadsheet and the omission carried over into the opening post. On the other hand, everyone should be in the habit of making their picks before Saturday lunchtime by now. Unsurprisingly a 6-2 loss for the favourites meant that scoreline didn't yield many points! The results have all been present and correct since Sunday evening anyway. FailedPromoter got his D2D bet right and 8 people disagreed with him, and the ensuing bonus points saw him rocket up to mid-table. Without those bonuses, fellow newcomers Adam and the Maestro would've been joint top scorers. In a low-scoring round with an average haul of 7.38 each, the gap at the summit was still narrowed back to 2 points, whilst at the other end it's been wiped out completely. Two away wins in Catalonia proved fruitful, but closer to home a lot of upsets like those at The New Den and draws (such as Wolves only just snatching a replay) in the Cup didn't help much, with only the outcomes at the Etihad and St James's Park being generally good for one-pointers.
  9. Fog Dude

    The 2019 Royal Rumble (s) Surprise Entrant Pool

    B.B., Muffy, Amanda Bynes The last of those is out of rehab nowadays and ready to remind the world she was The Man a full dozen years before a certain Irish wrestler started calling herself that.
  10. Fog Dude

    The 2019 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery

    4, 9, 18, 25, 27
  11. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    FA Cup Fourth Round Crystal Palace 1-2 Spurs Manchester City 3-0 Burnley Millwall 0-1 Everton Newcastle United 2-1 Watford Portsmouth 3-1 QPR Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Wolves La Liga Athletic Bilbao w/FailedPromoter 1-1 Real Betis Espanyol 2-2 Real Madrid Girona 1-3 Barcelona Eredivisie Feyenoord 0-0 Ajax Amsterdam
  12. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    The results went into the original post on Sunday evening, and the table was worked out soon after that. TildeGuy got his D2D bet spectacularly wrong as Barnet were unable to carry their form in cup competitions into a league match in Essex. Only 6 of the other 13 participants disagreed with him, though, and of those only Vegeta correctly went for a home win. He still didn't think it would end 4-0, mind. This time out the worst performer was Rory, who slips back to last place. Everyone else managed at least one exact score in the round, which led to a high average of 9.36 points. The Maestro was top scorer, but the joint second best were Briefcase and Glenryck, who are now separated by only 4 points at the summit. MVP RULZ falls down to third spot. The outcomes in Scotland and Germany were generally good for one-pointers, including what was technically an upset in the Fife derby. Dortmund's single-goal win yielded the most exact-score guesses. Victories for Spurs, Man City and Saints also proved fruitful, but a reverse for Chelsea and a stalemate at Vicarage Road caught most players out. A new set of 10 will be up in the opening post shortly.
  13. Fog Dude

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Premier League Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea Fulham 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur Huddersfield Town 1-3 Manchester City Southampton 2-1 Everton Watford 1-1 Burnley National League Braintree Town 2-2 Barnet w/TildeGuy Scottish Cup Round 4 Montrose 0-1 Dundee United Raith Rovers 1-0 Dunfermline Athletic German Bundesliga RB Leipzig 0-2 Borussia Dortmund Schalke 0-0 Wolfsburg
  14. Welcome to another season of the FPL! This post will be updated throughout the season, so keep checking back here for the latest results and fixtures. There's also a link to the latest table here. Two ties in the next round of the Cup have been moved to Friday and Monday, so that's left Italy to pick up the slack by providing us with 4 matches from the continent instead of 2 this week. One of those is ultimo's second go at a D2D turn. Matches are spread across the weekend, from a Saturday lunchtime start to a Sunday evening fixture. More importantly... this might well be your last ever chance to make picks for this round of the English FA Cup in this competition. The FA had already announced it'd be played in midweek from next season onwards to allow for some bizarre attempt at a 'staggered' (not to mention late) winter break in the Premier League. Then they announced a couple of months ago that they'd be scrapping replays a year early. Ostensibly this is to help the 6 clubs still in Europe, even though half of those are out of the FA Cup now and two of the rest aren't really facing an insurmountable fixture pile-up. Considering the EPL scheduled a full programme of games for what should've been fifth round replay night back in June, you have to think this was the plan all along. Or the football authorities in this country are just terrible at logistics, even after 131 years of practice. Probably a bit of both, to be honest. Anyway, rant over. The point is that you should be wary when plumping for a draw and remember that we ignore any penalty shootouts. Happy continued predicting... Week 28 fixtures FA Challenge Cup Fifth Round Brighton & Hove Albion v Derby County (12:30pm) Bristol City v Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sunday 1pm) Doncaster Rovers v Crystal Palace (Sunday 4pm) Newport County v Manchester City (5:30pm) Swansea City v Brentford (Sunday 4pm) Wimbledon v Millwall Serie A Atalanta v Milan (7:30pm) Cagliari v Parma w/@ultimo the great (5pm) Genoa v Lazio (Sunday 2pm) Inter v Sampdoria (Sunday 5pm) All games take place on Saturday and kick off at 3pm unless stated. [Actually only one game this time!] === Week 27 results Premier League Crystal Palace 1-1 West Ham United Huddersfield Town 1-2 Arsenal Manchester City 6-0 Chelsea (!) Southampton 1-2 Cardiff City Watford 1-0 Everton Scottish Cup Round 5 East Fife 0-1 Partick Thistle Kilmarnock 0-0 Rangers FA Super League Manchester City w/Vegeta 2-2 Chelsea La Liga Atlético Madrid 1-3 Real Madrid German Bundesliga RB Leipzig 0-0 Eintracht Frankfurt