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  1. Premier League Burnley 2-1 Norwich City Everton 1-1 Sheffield United Newcastle United 0-0 Brighton & Hove Albion Crystal Palace 2-2 Wolves West Ham United 1-0 Manchester United w/ultimo Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool German Bundesliga Werder Bremen 1-2 RB Leipzig Eintracht Frankfurt 0-1 Borussia Dortmund Eredivisie PSV Eindhoven 0-2 Ajax Amsterdam
  2. The results went into the first post on Sunday night. The table was updated soon after that. It was a much lower-scoring week than last time, so there wasn't much movement. @FailedPromoter couldn't have climbed off the bottom because he didn't even play, but he's still only 5 points behind Shy Dad and could easily catch up if he returns. Stinky picked late, but he'd probably have relinquished second spot to TildeGuy anyway since the latter got his D2D bet emphatically correct thanks to Chelsea's youngsters. He'd have been top scorer without the bonus points, and is now just 2 points behind Vegeta. Why such poor scores in this round? Well for starters, a home win at Carrow Road and a seven-goal thriller at the Stade Louis II weren't much cop. Both of Sunday's 2-2 draws also turned out tough to guess beforehand, with another reverse on the road for The Toffees proving difficult to foresee too. A score draw at the AmEx and victories for Man United, Saints and Spurs at least generally ended up good for one-pointers. A new set of 10 fixtures, including a D2D game, will be up in the initial post shortly.
  3. Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Burnley Manchester United 2-2 Leicester City Sheffield United 1-0 Southampton Spurs 2-0 Crystal Palace Wolves 3-1 Chelsea w/TildeGuy Norwich City 1-3 Manchester City Bournemouth 1-1 Everton Watford 1-2 Arsenal Ligue 1 St. Étienne 0-0 Toulouse Monaco 3-2 Marseilles
  4. It was postponed until the Tuesday. Live & Kicking was on its summer break anyway. The rest of my family had gone out that day before I'd even woken up, leaving my then-stepbrother and me to play video games. I went downstairs to make breakfast and thought I'd put a bit of telly on while I ate. When I figured why all the channels (well, all five) had wall-to-wall news, I ran back upstairs to tell my stepbrother what had happened in the most dramatic tone possible. He just shrugged, said words to the effect of "serves her right, the posh bitch" and went back to playing Yoshi's Island or DKC3 or whatever it was. (Was definitely a SNES game, since I didn't get an N64 until 7 weeks later.) Once the rest of my immediate family returned they didn't seem too bothered either. 9/11: I'd just started my second week of Sixth Form (yes, I know it was a Tuesday but we'd had Monday off the previous week). There had been rumours of something happening during the penultimate lesson, which was a free period. We'd have known the details, but a drama teacher had told us to switch the radio off in the common room because it was too loud. I put it to the back of my mind during my final class of the day, but as I was leaving a guy from my tutor group said that two planes had flown into buildings in New York "and they reckon it's the Arabs that did it". I had Sky by this point, so once I got home I was glued to the news channels for the rest of the evening. The Boston Marathon bombing: It was towards the end of my final year at Bangor. My dad crossed the line 12 minutes before the explosion went off. In reality it probably wasn't too long before I heard he was all right, but the wait felt like an agonising few hours.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49653954 Hey, looks like I was ahead of the curve again. Double group stages are back in fashion! Anyway, the results went into the opening post on Monday night instead of Sunday, because international rounds are long weekends. The tables (both the main one and the Cup group stage ones) were then updated. Vegeta still leads after a high-scoring week, but joint top scorer Stinky Dad moves to within 14 points of him. Much of the bottom half was let down by a lack of exact scorelines guessed correctly. Shy Dad is now a further point clearer of FailedPromoter, but there is a gap appearing between that duo and the top 10. Briefcase suddenly finds himself struggling as the outright worst performer this time out. None of the FPL Cup matches finished in a draw. We'll have a better idea of how the initial groups are likely to end up after October's international break. Only the two African outcomes really tripped people up, although nobody thought Canada would score 6 without reply against Cuba. Special mention to Switzerland-Gibraltar for yielding the most three-pointers, and a nod to all those who thought England and Belgium would bag 4 apiece as well. A new set of 10 normal club fixtures, including a D2D, will be up in the original post soon.
  6. Forgive the double post, but half the field (@FailedPromoter, @Grecian, @Shy Dad, @RoryFice, @Stinky Dad and @ultimo the great) only have 20 hours left to get their picks in instead of the usual 40 or so.
  7. Euro 2020 qualification (various groups) Wales 2-0 Azerbaijan England 3-0 Bulgaria Switzerland 4-0 Gibraltar Finland 1-2 Italy Sweden 2-2 Norway Northern Ireland 1-1 Germany Scotland 0-1 Belgium CONCACAF Nations League A, Group A Canada 3-1 Cuba World Cup 2022 — African qualifying first round, first leg Gambia 2-1 Angola Botswana 0-0 Malawi
  8. You didn't have to explain yourself but, as excuses for forgetting go, I think moving house is a more than reasonable one. There are 37 rounds left, so I'm sure you'll catch up easily enough!
  9. The results went into the initial post on Sunday night, with the table update calculated soon after that. Vegeta still leads, but just like in UKFFers' bowels after a dose of prune juice, there was a massive amount of movement among the chasing pack. Myself and lowest scorer Adam TH17 fell away badly, leaving ultimo to sneak up into second spot. This round's best performer Stinky is up to third position, as he was the only participant to get more than one exact score this time out. Rory is fourth after also making it into double figures. @Shy Dad was mysteriously absent, so he's only a point clear of last place now. Newcastle let down FailedPromoter by gifting Watford an early goal (and their only point of the season so far) so he's still rooted to the bottom. Six out of ten other players took full advantage of the wrong D2D bet to claim their bonus points. You'll notice some additional information underneath the main standings... ... those are the groups for this year's FPL Cup. I'm saving space on the right-hand side for more, because the big innovation I've come up with for this year's FPL Cup is a double group stage! Yes, it's the format that went down so well at the 1982 World Cup and the early 2000s Champions League that we just had to copy it. In case the font size and image are a bit on the small side, here's the draw in full and in alphabetical order: GROUP A Fog Dude, Grecian, Stinky Dad GROUP B Adam TH17, Briefcase, Shy Dad GROUP C RoryFice, TildeGuy~!, ultimo the great GROUP D FailedPromoter, MVP RULZ, Vegeta There will be four intra-group matches and two cross-pool meetings on every matchday. This time, the latter kind of clash will not be random, but based on an NFL-style formula (yes, @MVP RULZ has the right to sue for gimmick infringement) that takes into account past performance, so that in theory the games are evenly matched. The top 2 will go through to the second group phase, and the top 2 in each of those groups will qualify for the semi-finals. Why mention this now? Well, only one person selected an international side as a D2D pick, and that was their third choice. So, we're once again going to use otherwise dull international breaks for FPL Cup matchdays instead. This is going out almost a day early because international rounds contain Friday fixtures now. The card for both the main competition and the FPL Cup will be up in the opening post soon.
  10. Premier League Crystal Palace 0-0 Aston Villa Newcastle United w/FailedPromoter 2-0 Watford Burnley 1-2 Liverpool Everton 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur Scottish Premiership Motherwell 0-1 Hibernian Rangers 3-1 Celtic Serie A Juventus 1-0 Napoli Lazio 2-2 Roma Proper Bundesliga Austria Vienna 3-0 Rapid Vienna
  11. The results for Week 3 went into the opening post the Sunday before last. I had the table update all ready to go, but as you'll have gathered, the forum was down. I put the latest standings into the original post this past Sunday, then added the final scores from Week 4 on Monday night, because it was a Bank Holiday. There was going to be a D2D, but it's been rearranged for another time. I'm prepared to write off last weekend as a 'phantom round' (the last time we had to do that was when the board moved to new software towards the end of the 2016-17 season), but if these outages become a regular thing, the competition's going to turn into a bit of a crapshoot. Anyway, Vegeta leads because he got his bet right last time that Bournemouth would win at Aston Villa. Without the bonuses, ultimo the great would've been top scorer. FailedPromoter was joint worst performer and is 4 points adrift at this early stage. A new set of 10 fixtures is about to go up in the first post.
  12. It's the football season, so that means an opportunity to put some numbers next to team names and hope they match the result. This post will be updated throughout the campaign, so do keep checking back here for all the latest. The most recent table update can be found here. Sign-ups are now closed. Seven English matches instead of eight this time, as one clash makes way for a meeting of two of the big three in the Netherlands. There's also a chance for ultimo to climb the standings if he backs his team to win at what's now called the London Stadium. Week 8 fixtures Premier League Burnley v Norwich City Everton v Sheffield United Newcastle United v Brighton & Hove Albion (5:30pm) Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sunday 2pm) West Ham United v Manchester United w/@ultimo the great (Sunday 2pm) Arsenal v Aston Villa (Sunday 4:30pm) Chelsea v Liverpool (Sunday 4:30pm) German Bundesliga Werder Bremen v RB Leipzig (5:30pm) Eintracht Frankfurt v Borussia Dortmund (Sunday 5pm) Eredivisie PSV v Ajax (Sunday 3:45pm) All games take place on Sunday unless stated. Start times are listed in BST. ====== ====== Week 7 results Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-1 Burnley Manchester United 1-0 Leicester City Sheffield United 0-1 Southampton Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Crystal Palace Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-5 Chelsea Norwich City 3-2 Manchester City Bournemouth 3-1 Everton Watford 2-2 Arsenal Ligue Un Saint-Étienne 2-2 Toulouse Monaco 3-4 Olympique de Marseille
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