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  1. Yeah, we're not about to transform BUCS into the NCAA overnight. And a salary cap would only work in football if applied worldwide.
  2. I don't disagree that this country often displays that kind of arrogance, but it's a fairly common attitude in North America as well. Swapping 'British is best' for their franchise model wouldn't really be an improvement. All the major European leagues eventually voluntarily copied the system of promotion and relegation after The Football League stumbled into inventing it. It's an important part of holding a competition based on sporting merit. That said, you're right that adding 4 extra 'wild card' teams doesn't help the Champions League at all. Whisper it quietly, but the so-called 'Swi
  3. The final scores went into the opening post on Sunday night, and the table was updated the following day. Mid-table Stinky Dad was the joint top scorer on 11 points, with ultimo the great sharing the honours and leaving Rory a full 20 points adrift with only 5 matchdays left to go. TildeGuy and Vegeta were also into double figures, the latter once again overtaking Briefcase and closing the gap at the top to 24 points. In the FPL Cup, ultimo and Vegeta both comfortably won their semis so will dust off their suits for the final in Round 37, which will appropriately enough be the same weeke
  4. Was about to get excited at the prospect of Leeds, Sampdoria and Celta Vigo in the Europa League next season, then remembered the lowest-placed qualifier from those 3 countries are due to be going into the new Europa Conference League instead. Not to mention that this might all be a ploy by the Dirty Dozen clubs to extract more concessions regarding the new Champions League format (from 2025) that UEFA are meant to be approving today.
  5. FA Cup semi-finals (@ Wembley) Chelsea 1-2 Manchester City Leicester City 0-1 Southampton Premier League Wolves 3-1 Sheffield United Arsenal 2-1 Fulham Manchester United 3-0 Burnley Scottish Cup Round 4 Rangers 1-0 Celtic Women's Cup Fourth Round Burnley 0-3 Manchester United Spanish Cup Final (in Seville) Athletic Bilbao 0-2 Barcelona Ligue Un Bordeaux 2-0 Monaco Nantes 1-1 Lyon
  6. The results went into the initial post on Sunday night, but the table was only updated this evening because even a 27-point lead can't motivate me to stop slacking. I've left in a reminder of how it all ended up in this season's FPL Cup group stage ahead of next week's semi-finals. Betting on ten 1-1 draws didn't work out too well for Rory who's now a full 17 points adrift. MVP RULZ was the top scorer and the only participant into double figured this time. Briefcase moves ahead of Vegeta into second place. In a round with decently high scoring, wins for Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid and
  7. Premier League Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1-2 Chelsea Burnley 1-0 Newcastle United West Ham United 2-2 Leicester City Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 Manchester United Sheffield United 0-0 Arsenal La Liga Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona Real Betis 0-1 Atlético Madrid Serie A Sampdoria 2-0 Napoli Fiorentina 1-3 Atalanta
  8. These picks were between 5 and 10 hours late, and you still managed to get one result and most of the scores wrong! How many more years will it take for you to grasp the concept of earlier starts for football at Easter? As for @Shy Dad – 3pm on the dot is fine since you wouldn't really have any idea how those matches are going to go if they only kicked off (at best) seconds before you posted, just don't make a habit of it. Anyway, the final scores went into the opening post yesterday morning, and the table was figured out by lunchtime. I'm slacking, I know. Since this update requir
  9. Week 31A Premier League Leeds United 3-0 Sheffield United Leicester City 1-2 Manchester City Championship Derby County 2-1 Luton Town Millwall 3-1 Rotherham United League One Accrington Stanley 0-0 Burton Albion Portsmouth 2-0 Rochdale League Two Cambridge United 1-0 Morecambe Mansfield Town 1-1 Leyton Orient Scottish Cup Round 3 Ross County 0-1 Inverness Caledonian Thistle Formartine United 0-3 Motherwell Week 31B Premier League Newcastle United 2-2 Spurs Wolves 1-2 West Ham United Championship Blackburn Rovers 0-1 Bournem
  10. That article and graph were made and written the 2019 general election campaign, using data from the 2017 campaign. Yes, AAV still has a lot of FB 'likes' but that means nothing if he isn't posting anything, or if FB's algorithm (which has been reworked massively in the last few years) means that few people see it when he does. AAV worked himself to the bone producing multiple blog posts and images explaining a policy or issue succintly in May/June 2017, many of which went viral and the Conservatives just about failed to win a majority on that occasion. By November/December 2019, AAV was both
  11. Not really a fair comparison, is it? They may have both started as one-man operations, but the Guido Fawkes site is now a multi-person professional operation creating anti-democracy propaganda on a daily basis. AAV is still run by just one bloke in Yorkshire who burned himself out in his more prolific days, and now only seems to make a single new blog post every few months. You can hardly claim that the two balance each other out.
  12. We're on a much tighter turnaround schedule than usual this week, so the results went into the initial post this morning, and the tables were all figured out later in the day. In the main competition, the gap at the top is back up to 23 points, top scorer TildeGuy moves up two places and a returning Rory is now only 20 adrift at the bottom. It was a bad performance from the two Dads this time out. The FPL Cup scores are in the first post too. There have been no draws in the group matches this season. Shy Dad makes it through on points difference as the best runner-up. The semi-final draw
  13. Another one who was briefly mega-over just after splitting from Miz was Alex Riley. Every time I rewatch Money in the Bank 2011 I'm amazed at the reaction he gets during his generic entrance. But we all know who's meant to have put the kibosh in his push.
  14. I know somebody who grew up in Broxbourne and who was disgusted by his neighbours' attitudes to disability, only for him to end up 'escaping' to equally Tory Wiltshire and Essex. Anyway, until about 18 months ago, anything funded by central government would generally have the national coat of arms next to it. There's nothing British or traditional about plastering the flag everywhere. In the case of the BBC, the only thing they're required to put on a report is, erm... the BBC logo. The current government is just aping what the EU does with projects that it funded. On top of that, m
  15. FIFA World Cup 2022 – European qualification (various groups) Montenegro 3-0 Gibraltar Norway 2-2 Turkey Czechia 1-1 Belgium Ireland 2-0 Luxembourg Serbia 2-1 Portugal Albania 0-3 England Bulgaria 1-2 Italy Israel 0-0 Scotland Romania 0-1 Germany CONCACAF qualifying (Group F) Puerto Rico 1-0 Trinidad & Tobago
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