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  1. Ahh, right. Good point, you'll have checked out by then. Not sure of the size of the turnstiles at the Montilivi, but I guess that security will be tighter than usual for that match.
  2. Hmm, could be a bit of a rush to the airport unless it's a lunchtime kick-off, then. You're still better off with the original Eibar plan, I reckon.
  3. Actually, come to think of it, that Catalan derby (of sorts) could be a great shout. It'll definitely be brought forward from the Sunday due to Barça's Champions League commitments. What time's your flight back on the Saturday?
  4. I blame Bob Mortimer.
  5. Nice idea, but the reserves are away to Valladolid on the weekend of the 19th/20th and don't have a midweek game either side of that.
  6. No worries. The fixtures were released today and Barcelona are at home to Eibar week commencing September the 17th, so you should get onto looking for tickets for that match straight away. Either side of that they have two away games.
  7. Goodbye TNA Though I rarely enjoyed you at all You'd always delude yourself That your product wasn't flawed You were a little bit country Till Panda and Dixie bailed out Double J Then you sorta belonged to Corgan Now again you've changed your name And it seems to me you booked your fed Like a dwarf wanking in a bin Things went even further downhill When Black Reign came in All that merch sold by Don West couldn't save you One of wrestling's greatest shills The young talent often jobbed The legends never did Competition was tough You played the role of second best Could barely create your own superstars Not with crap like the Joker's Wild And a ring with six sides The media hardly noticed you Except that your initials were lame Just a Rellik of the past And it seems to me you booked your fed Like a dwarf wanking in a bin Things went even further downhill When Black Reign came in All that merch sold by Don West couldn't save you One of wrestling's greatest shills The young talent often jobbed The legends never did Goodbye TNA Main Event Mafia stay in our hearts But you simply shamed yourself Whenever Abyss was Joseph Park Goodbye TNA The Universal sound stage had no 22nd row As Mike Tenay asked Tazz "Hey, what's Ken Anderson doing in the Impact Zone?"
  8. Fine, you're a lapsed fan then, rather than someone who's never watched. I can see how the last few series might have put some people off so you won't be alone in that opinion. I think you're setting a really high bar for 'working class actor' there, though. If anything, Whittaker has the joint best credentials on that front alongside Eccleston. Not that it should be important anyway. You probably switched off because of the quality (or lack thereof) of scripts and performances, and that's what will determine the success of the next era too. In that respect, I might add, I'm not yet totally sold on Chris Chibnall as showrunner.
  9. Come to think of it, the most telling part of his comment is actually "I don't watch it".
  10. Yeah, the casting of Christopher Eccleston back in 2004 was such a crass PR stunt.
  11. Yeah, fair enough. I got what you meant about jokingly lobbying Cable. Not sure now why I read the earlier post as you thinking that Twickenham Council is still a thing, to be honest. And hey, if someone bigs up your political credentials there's no need to play them back down again! As for Twickenham the area, I think that neighbourhood has a reputation for snobbery beyond just being the home of the national rugby union stadium, but a low opinion of football supporters is definitely part of the locals' attitude. You're probably better off at Wembley than there.
  12. Nah, I'll hold my hands up about that. I had to look up which exact year Twickenham disappeared (then almost didn't mention it), and also double-checked that Richmond is definitely run by the Conservatives right now. I just thought it was odd for Gus to make a reference to the long-defunct 'Twickenham Council' making the decision when he's a smart guy who normally knows all things Chelsea like the back of his hand and, as SuperBacon pointed out, has political insider knowledge. The footballing point stands though – there's a lot more to object to about the possibility of Chelsea moving to Milton Keynes for a few seasons than just how difficult (or otherwise) it'd be to get to and what the atmosphere might be like.
  13. AFAIK it's actually the RFU which has scuppered Chelsea's hopes of playing at HQ for a few years. If it comes down to some sort of planning decision, then it'll go to the Twickenham-based Richmond-upon-Thames Borough Council, which unfortunately is Tory-run at the moment. The fact that Vince is once again the MP for the area doesn't really do anything to remedy that. There hasn't actually been a 'Twickenham Council' since 1965. Wembley it is, then. That's a far from ideal solution, but Milton Keynes getting Premier League football via the back door would be a travesty.
  14. The fixtures are out in 6 days, but even without being able to see them yet, I think you've picked dates which mean it's virtually certain Barcelona will be playing at home at least once during your stay. The 11th or 12th will be a Champions League matchday (though they could be away then), with both the following weekend and the next midweek likely to have a full programme of La Liga matches. If Barça somehow end up with 3 away games in a row, that's clearly just the Spanish FA trying to mess you around. I took in the cross-city derby ages ago back when Espanyol played at the Olympic Stadium before the move to Cornellà. Not been to Lloret de Mar myself, but my nan used to speak highly of it. Agreed about the ticket prices for top clashes compared to here, but I've found the Spanish lower divisions can be just as much of a rip-off as in England. And yes, Barcelona is a great city, although it's not even my favourite Spanish one.
  15. I hadn't been following goings-on in WWE all that closely at the time. I was in the middle of a month travelling across Europe by train and only got online to check the news and my e-mails once every few days. For some reason I decided to check what was happening in the wrestling world at an internet café in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. I started reading the blurb below a headline and generic photo of Benoit and for a split second was reading about what he'd done as if it were an angle and thought things had taken an even weirder turn than the Vince-in-an-exploding limo thing... then the penny dropped. I didn't know what to think. I suppose I was shocked to say the least. I'd probably only intended to spend half an hour in that place in total but ended up spending more than an hour looking at wrestling news sites and here alone, in order to gauge reaction and find out exactly what had gone on. I still didn't get all the details and just put it to the back of my mind for the rest of the trip. I believe it was only once I got back to the UK a fortnight later that I learnt WWE had aired a tribute show on RAW in the US on the Monday night, for instance. Nowadays on the rare occasions when I take in a Benoit match, I can usually enjoy it for what it is without the gruesome actions towards his family being uppermost in my thoughts. Admittedly I haven't gone back and watched any of his matches with the most blatantly reckless blow-to-the-head spots or ones where he's accompanied by Nancy, which might have skewed my viewpoint a bit.