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  1. Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 3-1 Aston Villa Norwich City 2-1 Bournemouth Southampton 2-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham United 0-0 Everton Newcastle United 1-2 Chelsea Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United Scottish Cup Round 4 Partick Thistle 1-3 Celtic Dundee United 2-2 Hibernian French Cup Round 10 Gonfreville 0-3 Lille (2pm) Athlético Marseille 0-2 Rennes
  2. The final scores went into the initial post on Sunday night, including a very neat set of away wins for the La Liga sides in Spain (0-3, 0-4 and 0-5). Everybody got all those results right, if not the scorelines, although there were minor upsets elsewhere. Then again, does Deportivo getting knocked out even count as much of a shock these days? Anyway, the table's been updated too. It was also Tilde's D2D turn and he got his bet wrong, but only two other participants actually disagreed with him, which makes me wonder if I should've gone for the other match I had in mind from that competition instead. (It also finished 1-1, by the way.) That was enough to see Vegeta retake the lead by a point, although TildeGuy was at least spared being lowest scorer as Briefcase and ultimo failed to get any three-pointers. Rory's still adrift by 10 at the bottom, whilst MVP RULZ continues his outstanding recent form to move up into joint fourth place. Away from la Copa and the FA Trophy, victories for Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal Ladies and Juve generally proved fruitful, but reverses on the road for Napoli and Birmingham Women caught a lot of people out despite a relatively high-scoring round. A new set up fixtures will be up in the first post soon, for both the main tournament and the FPL Cup.
  3. Premier League Spurs 1-2 Liverpool Aston Villa 0-3 Manchester City FA Trophy Second Round Farsley Celtic 1-1 Barnet w/TildeGuy Women's Super League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-3 Arsenal Reading 1-0 Birmingham City Serie A Lazio 0-2 Napoli Roma 2-1 Juventus Spanish Cup Round 2 Portugalete 0-1 Real Betis Sestao River 0-4 Athletic Bilbao Escobedo 2-3 Sevilla
  4. The huge stack of results went into the original post on Sunday night, and I did my best to update the table soon after that. Do let me know if you think I miscalculated anybody's score, since this is one of the more complicated rounds of the whole season. Scoring was high even by the standards of a bumper week (the equivalent of an average around 8.5 in a normal week). MVP RULZ continued his recent good form to plant himself firmly back inside the top half of the standings. There were three joint worst performers, but only one of those – ultimo – somehow failed to get any exact scorelines right. Rory is only eight points adrift now, whilst TildeGuy has taken over from Vegeta at the summit by two points. The regular rule about getting 4 or more three-pointers is, of course, suspended this time since there were far more matches than usual. Of the ties people thought would see minor upsets, Fulham and Lorient came through but Dieppe and Valenciennes failed to deliver. Tours so nearly did, but the lost on penalty kicks. Nobody foresaw that the other team to need a shootout would be Marseille! The two women's outcomes were generally good for one-pointers, but no more, as the favourites went through in both cases. Away wins for Norwich and West Ham at lower-division opposition proved fruitful alongside the stalemate at Molineux, score draw at The Riverside and narrow home success for Liverpool's kids against their neighbours. The rest of the games in France were useful for at least one-pointers, with the exception of an embarrassing late reverse for Toulouse, who are living down to their name by being rooted to the foot of Ligue 1 and losing 11 times in a row, this time to a winner in the sixth minute of injury time at fourth-tier Saint-Pryvé. Picks there unsurprisingly led to a dud in terms of points yielded in our little competition. A card of 10 matches will be up in the opening post shortly.
  5. FA Cup Third Round Fulham 1-2 Aston Villa Preston North End 2-0 Norwich City Wolves 3-1 Manchester United Middlesbrough 1-1 Spurs Liverpool 3-2 Everton Gillingham 2-1 West Ham United FA Women's Cup Third Round Brighouse Town 0-3 Barnsley Loughborough Foxes 0-1 Huddersfield Town French Cup Ninth Round Stade Portelois 0-2 Strasbourg Tours 1-0 Nîmes St-Pryvé St-Hilaire 1-3 Toulouse Bourg-en-Bresse 0-4 Lyon Bastia Borgo 2-3 St Étienne Lorient 3-0 Brest Reims St-Anne 1-4 Montpellier Raon-L'Étape 0-2 Lille Trélissac 0-3 Marseille Dieppe 2-1 Angers Fréjus Saint-Raphaël 1-2 Nice Valenciennes 3-2 Dijon Montlhéry 1-5 Paris St Germain
  6. Happy New Year, everyone! Since New Year's Eve falls on a Tuesday this time, these updates continue apace despite people having better things to do as midnight approaches. As with last week, you can probably figure out that we're not including the New Year's fixtures this season, since it would be pretty unfair short notice to feature them now. Anyway, the original post has contained the latest set of results since Sunday night as per usual. The table was updated just after that. MVP RULZ is back on form, as the best performer this week and the only one into double figures. Lowest scorer was ultimo, who drops to second from bottom. Rory remains adrift by 14 points, but elsewhere two extraordinary bottlenecks have emerged: three points separate the top 4, then there's a 15-point gap but just two points between 5th and 9th place. For now, though, Vegeta still leads. Away wins for Everton, Sunderland, Leeds, Oxford Utd and Partick generally proved fruitful, although unsurprisingly the exact score in a nine-goal thriller at St Andrew's eluded every participant. Reverses for West Brom, Swindon and Villa, plus score draws in the Tuscan derby and at Newport caught most people out. Another card with far more fixtures than normal will be up in the first post early in the new decade. See you all there!
  7. Premier League Newcastle United 1-2 Everton Watford 3-2 Aston Villa Championship Birmingham City 1-1 Leeds United West Bromwich Albion 3-1 Middlesbrough League One Doncaster Rovers 2-0 Sunderland Wimbledon 2-1 Oxford United League Two Newport County 1-0 Leyton Orient Port Vale 0-2 Swindon Town Scottish Championship Greenock Morton 2-2 Partick Thistle Serie B Empoli 3-0 Livorno
  8. The results went into the opening post on Sunday night, and the table was updated shortly after that. Vegeta has consolidated his lead at the top, and also won his FPL Cup tie. Rory is now just 14 points adrift in the main competition, but shares the leadership of that Cup group. Mid-table ultimo was the best performer and the only player into double figures, so he's winning the other pool at this stage. Most people rightly thought Liverpool would triumph in the Middle East, but everyone was anticipating more goals there. A home win Down Under caught out a majority, whilst closer to home, victories for The Blades and The Magpies proved fruitful, as did comeback wins for Man City and Wolves. Home reverses for Villa, Bournemouth and Spurs turned out tougher to foresee, alongside a poor loss for Man United at Vicarage Road, which wasn't as difficult to guess beforehand as it perhaps should've been. As you might've guessed by the time of this write-up, we're not going to include the Boxing Day or New Year's Day matches this season due to timing issues. The first weekend of 2020 will still feature a 'bumper' week, though, and the plan for Easter remains to keep a double round as well. A new set of ordinary Saturday and Sunday fixtures will be up in the original post in the early hours of Christmas morning for your delectation. Season's greetings to all participants and anybody else who's reading this! 🎅
  9. I wish I'd been the one to think of it, but alas not!
  10. FIFA Club World Cup Final Flamengo 3-0 Liverpool (in Qatar) Premier League Aston Villa 2-1 Southampton Bournemouth 2-0 Burnley Brighton & Hove Albion 1-1 Sheffield United Newcastle United 3-1 Crystal Palace Norwich City 2-2 Wolves Manchester City 1-0 Leicester City Watford 0-0 Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 Chelsea A-League Central Coast Mariners 1-2 Adelaide United
  11. It's the football season, so that means an opportunity to put some numbers next to team names and hope they match the result. This post will be updated throughout the campaign, so do keep checking back here for all the latest. The most recent table update can be found here. Sign-ups are now closed. No women's matches this time (they'll be back the following weekend), but there are still cup ties from abroad on the card... and from Scotland, which doesn't count as abroad – yet, at any rate. The home team in the last tie is genuinely called 'Athlético' with that spelling, I've checked. Remember that extra time is possible on the day in France, but penalty shootouts will be ignored! Week 25 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion v Aston Villa Norwich City v Bournemouth Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham United v Everton Newcastle United v Chelsea (5:30pm) Liverpool v Manchester United (Sunday 4:30pm) Scottish Cup Round 4 Partick Thistle v Celtic (5:30pm) Dundee United v Hibernian (Sunday) French Cup Round 10 Gonfreville v Lille (2pm) Athlético Marseille v Rennes (Sunday 4:15pm) All games take place on Saturday and kick off at 3pm unless stated. Start times are listed in GMT. ====== FPL Cup Second group stage, matchday 2 GROUP E RoryFice v Stinky Dad Shy Dad v Vegeta GROUP F Adam TH17 v MVP RULZ Grecian v ultimo the great ====== Week 24 results Premier League Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Liverpool Aston Villa 1-6 Manchester City FA Trophy Second Round Farsley Celtic 1-1 Barnet w/TildeGuy FA Women's Super League Brighton & Hove Albion 0-4 Arsenal Reading 1-0 Birmingham City Serie A Lazio 1-0 Napoli Roma 1-2 Juventus Spanish Cup Round 2 Portugalete 0-3 Real Betis Sestao River 0-4 Athletic Bilbao Escobedo 0-5 Sevilla
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