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  1. Knowing this forum, I was worried where that story was going for a minute there! Many commiserations. Having lived on that stretch of coast for most of my life, domestic holidays should've been more underwhelming, but other seaside towns always seemed to have a lot more going on and at least the water looked and felt cleaner. Anyway, I'd count the two trips to the Algarve 15 years apart as the first and last childhood holidays before I flew to Germany alone just after my GCSEs. Both of those involved grandparents as well, since they were covering the cost. And obviously I can't remember the first one since I was 7 months old at the time. The other set of grandparents co-owned, with my uncle, the caravan in Swanage we used to borrow for a few days every year. In terms of holidays my parents actually saved up for themselves, it used to be a week in Cornwall, then camping in Brittany, more caravans in Aquitaine and finally two trips to Disneyland in consecutive years in the late 1990s, the first in unofficial nearby accommodation and the second in the least expensive (and most distant from the park itself) official resort. My Dad always insisted on taking the ferry or the tunnel so we never flew until that return visit to Portugal which turned out to be a last hurrah in terms of getting the whole family together for a getaway. Since then I've done Barcelona with just my Dad and Rome with just Mum, but even those were 15+ years ago now and I generally do my own thing when it comes to travel. I finally stayed overnight at the nearest Butlins – Minehead, naturally – in 2018, but I live about 200m from the local Haven resort so I'd probably never stay at one of those because it wouldn't feel like enough of a break from the norm.
  2. Oh crud, I didn't do a 'wildcard' fixture for last time did I? Sorry, I'm all over the place this week. It'll be back in this round, promise! Premier League Everton 1-2 Norwich City Leeds United 2-0 West Ham United Leicester City 3-0 Burnley Watford 2-1 Newcastle United Brentford 1-1 Liverpool Southampton 2-2 Wolves Arsenal 0-0 Spurs Segunda División Sporting Gijón 1-0 Málaga Real Oviedo 0-1 Girona Lugo 1-3 Real Zaragoza
  3. The final scores were up in the opening post on Sunday night (just!) and the table was worked out straight after that. Late drama involving Jesse Lingard and Mark Noble meant that ultimo got his D2D bet right. That earned him 6 bonus points and moves him to within two points of climbing off the bottom rung of the standings and made him top scorer for the round. Without those bonuses, Rory would've been the best performer on a haul of a cool dozen. That puts him into relative nosebleed territory by his own standards! TildeGuy still leads by 10 despite finishing as joint lowest scorer alongside Vegeta this time out. I was glad to see Noble making headlines – whether positive or not – the day after Ben Foster and Thiago Silva had also done so, because I'm younger than all those players and I don't like to feel old when watching the football. Anyway, the away win at Carrow Road proved difficult to foresee, as did wins for Brighton and Feyenoord plus the score draw in the south of France. There were, however, no outright dud outcomes. Successes for Arsenal, Villa, Chelsea, Dundee United and PSG ended up quite fruitful, in fact. A new set of 10 will go into the first post shortly.
  4. Found the forum sometime in late 2002. It was a relief to discover probably the first wrestling message board of news site that wasn't dominated by Yanks. There's a clue in the name here, to be fair. Lurked for a while and then signed up in April 2003. I'm in a different house and living with a different parent now, but still in the same town with the same sibling. Mercifully for the rest of you, I think I went over a decade without making a post in On Topic at one point. From the list at the top of the thread, I remember NewportMOJ's 8-bit GIF avatar whenever I go and do leg-stretching exercises of an evening up on the sea front. It was still a novelty to see a profile pic move in those days! Plus, you know, it's been great to see how this place has not just been less toxic than it used to be these last few years, but also how it's actually much more pleasant than most other corners of the internet. So, yeah, happy anniversary and cheers to 20 more years, I suppose...
  5. I can't find any record of him taking US citizenship, but perhaps he did so quietly. Which would actually be a very un-American way to go about it.
  6. Premier League Burnley 1-1 Arsenal Norwich City 0-0 Watford Aston Villa 3-1 Everton Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Leicester City West Ham United 2-0 Manchester United w/ultimo Tottenham Hotspur 2-2 Chelsea Scottish Premiership Dundee United 1-0 Dundee Ligue Un Nice 1-2 Monaco PSG 3-0 Olympique Lyonnais Eredivisie PSV Eindhoven 0-1 Feyenoord
  7. The results went into the original post on Sunday night, and was fairly easy to update the table straight afterward. TildeGuy still leads, with joint top scorer Stinky also on a dozen points this time out and moving up into second spot. Shy Dad was the other player into double figures for the round and leapfrogs me into seventh place, with ultimo nine points adrift in last, but there's a long way to go yet. The randomly selected 'wildcard' outcome was once more match #2, which meant Leicester v Man City. Nobody managed the exact score for that one, so the seven participants who got the right result all get a bonus point each. There was above-par scoring elsewhere as wins for Man United, Wolves, Chelsea, Liverpool and Bayern all proved fruitful alongside a score draw in Portugal. A stalemate at St Mary's, a rare home reverse for Brentford and a seven-goal thriller at the BayArena, on the other hand, all turned out tougher to guess beforehand. A new card, including the return of D2Ds, will go live in the initial post very soon.
  8. Premier League Brentford 2-1 Brighton & Hove Albion Leicester City 2-2 Manchester City Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle United Southampton 1-1 West Ham United Watford 0-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Chelsea 2-0 Aston Villa Leeds United 1-0 Liverpool German Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen 1-2 Borussia Dortmund RB Leipzig 2-3 Bayern Munich Primeira Liga Sporting Clube de Portugal 0-1 Porto
  9. The final scores went into the opening post on Monday afternoon, because the Jamaica-Panama match only finished at 1am and I needed to double check that the Brazil-Argentina game wasn't going to resume after all. Anyway, the update table's still been done and there was no D2D, but scores were nonetheless on the high side as is often the case in otherwise rubbish international rounds. The randomly selected wildcard match was #2 – the Gibraltar-Turkey clash, which a majority of participants got spot on to claim two bonus points each. The first lot of FPL Cup meetings took place, but I think we'll wait until next month to add them to the standings so that everyone's played at least once. The last of those was only included in case we were reduced from 9 players down to 8, but now I think we'll just call it the FPL Community Shield instead since it looks like last week was just an oversight on ultimo's part. Speaking of which, he remains in last place, but mid-table Stinky and Vegeta performed worse this time out. Tilde now leads by nine, although Rory was the best scorer of the round. Wins for England, Scotland and Wales generally proved fruitful, alongside a stalemate in neutral Switzerland and a score draw in Ukraine. Draws in Dublin and Libreville caught most people out, as did a huge away victory for Panama. A new back-to-normal set of 10 featuring club sides will be up in the first post shortly.
  10. FIFA 2022 World Cup – European qualification (various groups) Ireland 1-0 Azerbaijan Gibraltar 0-3 Turkey Scotland 2-0 Moldova Ukraine 1-2 France Belarus 0-1 Wales England 4-0 Andorra Switzerland 1-1 Italy South American qualifying Brazil 2-1 Argentina CONCACAF octagonal qualifying Jamaica 2-2 Panama African qualifying (Group F) Gabon 0-2 Egypt
  11. I knew some friends with Sky in the early-to-mid 90s and mainly remember catching bits of wrestling and the cartoons long before those episodes got to terrestrial TV. Not sure if either of those was Sky one though. I knew they got The Simpsons as well, but I don't think I was ever round a mate's house that late on a Sunday evening. Anyway, I eventually got a Sky Digital box of my own mainly for the sports coverage, but would give anything on Sky One a chance. GamesWorld didn't capture the magic of CITV or Channel 4's gaming efforts from the preceding decade for me (but it was better than what the BBC or, years later, Dave put out on that subject), though perhaps I was beginning to follow the scene less closely around that time in any event. I caught the first run of the last consistently decent Simpsons series and like many here, soon got into the habit of watching Dream Team and the sanitised Saturday morning first run of SmackDown too. Apart from that I mainly gravitated towards anything that might pique the interest of my teenage loner hormones: dramas like Is Harry On The Boat?, Mile High, Hex – the one where Christina Cole was eventually a good sport in one episode – and even early 'reality' format Prickly Heat starring The One Show's Alex Jones. I've had my memory jogged by some of the shows mentioned here already. Didn't appreciate Time, Gentlemen Please as much as my stepbrother did at the time, but I ended up buying the DVD box set years later and enjoying it. Gave The PJs a go and found one episode so inexplicably hilarious that I'm still using a spoonerism of its main joke as my online alias 21 years later, but I doubt that'd hold up too well these days. Then near the very end, it was all about quirky cult shows. I was hooked on Season 2 of Dead Like Me only to find out just before the finale that the Yank station that made it, Showtime, had gone and cancelled it already. I even watched the only season of Wonderfalls all the way through, despite ratings tanking so much that they aired most of it on the short-lived Sky Three channel. Speaking of which, I seem to recall there were also two tries at launching a viable Sky Two over the years on top of all that. The brief existence of a third channel must've been during that second attempt. My subscription was cancelled in September 2005 when my grandparents stopped paying for it, so after that I only had access to the Freesat channels for a few years, and then just Freeview which was still an improvement on the five channels I'd been able to get six years earlier so I didn't really miss it.
  12. I'd read some of the buzz around the Monkey Island games back in the day, but didn't get around to exploring them in more detail until decades later. Was in a bit of a lapse between consoles when Super Mario Sunshine released too. The 3D All-Stars re-release was only a timed exclusive and I don't have a Switch yet either so I suppose I'm going to keep on missing out on playing that one via legitimate means for the foreseeable future.
  13. Compromising Situations was another, as well as Hot Line that Butch already mentioned. Also Love Street, which I seem to recall once went out on a Saturday night only just after the watershed. It sounded more like a documentary about St Mirren's old ground, which is more akin to what I'd have been expecting at that hour of a weekend.
  14. The results went into the original post last night and the table has now been updated too. As noted above, Shy Dad got his D2D bet wrong as the match in Shropshire finished goalless. Most other participants correctly disagreed with him to claim their bonuses, but unusually, it didn't leave him either as worst performer or bottom of the standings. By virtue of sitting out the round, @ultimo the great slips into last place, while Briefcase and Rory were joint lowest scorers this time out. At the other end, TildeGuy still leads, but Stinky Dad and MVP RULZ were both into double figures this week and now make up the chasing pack. Away from The Wrekin, it was a massive mixed bag, although wins on the road for Everton, Leicester and Man Utd plus a narrow home victory in Glasgow did prove somewhat fruitful. Score draws at Villa Park, St James's and The Racecourse weren't too bad either, but West Ham's failure to see off Palace caught everybody cold, producing a dud outcome. Everybody now has a full quota of D2D choices so thanks again for that, and of course it means nobody's actively getting kicked out as soon as tomorrow. It's an international week next time (I know, I can hear the groans already) and there's no D2D, but we will be starting the FPL Cup. I'm going to make the group stage draw on the basis that ultimo is continuing, but in a way that can be adapted in case he isn't. All will be as clear as mud in the opening post shortly... EDITED TO ADD: I keep forgetting about the new gimmick! The randomly selected 'wildcard' match was Liverpool v Chelsea, which earned MVP RULZ two extra bonus points for getting the score spot on. You can probably figure out the FPL Cup groups draw from the initial post now too.
  15. Premier League Aston Villa 2-1 Brentford Brighton & Hove Albion 3-0 Everton Newcastle United 2-0 Southampton Norwich City 1-2 Leicester City West Ham United 1-0 Crystal Palace Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-1 Manchester United National League Wrexham 0-3 Notts County National League North Telford United 1-1 Hereford w/Shy Dad Scottish Premiership Rangers 2-2 Celtic
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