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  1. Forgot to mention in the blurb that, as far as I'm aware, since the two cup ties will be played on last season's rules, extra time remains a possibility, so do keep that in mind when making your picks. Premier League Crystal Palace 1-1 Everton West Bromwich Albion 0-3 Chelsea Burnley 2-2 Southampton Sheffield United 2-1 Leeds United Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Newcastle United West Ham United 0-1 Wolves 2019-20 Women's FA Cup Quarter-finals Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Birmingham City German Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen 2-0 RB Le
  2. The results went into the opening post on Sunday night, once I figured out where the 'Edit' option is now located, then the table was updated. Stinky Dad still leads, but the gap is down to 4 points as joint top scorer Vegeta closes in. MVP RULZ also remains in last place, though only by a point. The worst performer this time out was ultimo. TildeGuy bet on Chelsea to win, but didn't bank on two defensive mistakes early in the second half that gifted Liverpool their decisive goals. Six of the other eight participants disagreed with him to claim their pair of bonus points. It was a lo
  3. Premier League Leeds United 3-1 Fulham Southampton 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur Newcastle United 1-0 Brighton & Hove Albion Chelsea w/TildeGuy~! 2-3 Liverpool Leicester City 2-1 Burnley Scottish Premiership Hibernian 0-2 Rangers Aberdeen 1-1 Motherwell La Liga Celta Vigo 2-2 Valencia Real Sociedad 0-1 Real Madrid Segunda División Espanyol 0-0 Mallorca
  4. The final scores went into the initial post on Sunday night as usual, and the table was also updated which you can now see here. In a low-scoring round, nobody made it into double figures, but Stinky Dad did at least manage more than one exact score to retain both his best performer status and the overall lead. Defending champion MVP RULZ was once again the lowest scorer which leaves him 3 points adrift at the foot of the standings, and already a full 13 points off the lead. Matches at Anfield, The Hawthorns, Deepdale and the John Smith's Stadium all generally had the expected winners bu
  5. Premier League Crystal Palace 0-2 Southampton Liverpool 3-1 Leeds United West Ham United 1-2 Newcastle United West Bromwich Albion 2-1 Leicester City Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 Everton Championship Huddersfield Town 0-1 Norwich City Preston North End 1-1 Swansea City Queen's Park Rangers 1-0 Nottingham Forest Ligue 1 Montpellier 2-2 Nice Paris Saint Germain 2-0 Olympique Marseille
  6. You got 6 points, which was also the average for the week. That's a lot lower than international rounds usually are. Both the home defeats in Ireland caught people out, alongside Germany's failure to win in Switzerland. The Czechs not being able to play their first team didn't help either, but at least the match wasn't voided. Single-goal victories for Gibraltar, France, Italy, England and Wales – in the last two cases with very late winners – proved more fruitful. The uncharacteristic five-goal thriller in Budapest, on the other hand, was generally good for one-pointers. The results went
  7. UEFA Nations League Gibraltar 1-0 San Marino Iceland 0-2 England Sweden 1-2 France Wales 3-1 Bulgaria Hungary 1-1 Russia Ireland 2-1 Finland Switzerland 1-3 Germany Czech Republic 2-0 Scotland Northern Ireland 3-2 Norway Netherlands 2-2 Italy
  8. So football's as properly back as it's likely to get, so let's make some horrendously inaccurate guesses again! The latest table can be found here. This line will be updated with the latest standings and results throughout the campaign. You might recall that all four FA Women's Cup Sixth Round ties were due to feature in the original version of Week 33 last season. Well, they weren't included in the end because they were postponed indefinitely but they're finally being played this weekend, and half of them survive intact in our latest set of 10. While we're on the subject, I've deci
  9. Yeah, fair point. If she tries to put herself forward in 2024 I can well imagine they'll go looking for every reason possible that she's supposedly unsuitable, including lack of experience after (presumably) a whole 6 years in the House by that point. The same goes for anybody from the radical wing of the Democrats, really.
  10. And of course that "Texan" was actually from Connecticut. The 'W' in his name stood for Walker, in honour of an ever wealthier New England family the Bushes had married into. It's not about how long she's been in Congress. The Constitution says you have to be 35 to run for President (because it was written by rich white men in the 18th century, when life expectancy was barely 38 years if you weren't rich or white) and she'll only be 31 at the time of this year's election.
  11. Right, one last bump of this before a new season-long thread goes up in a few days. There are still no new names down to take part, but almost everybody who finished last season is back. I've only had one more PM since the last update. Two further countries are now represented among people's teams. Two people have signed up but not sent in any D2D choices yet. You've got 5 more weeks thinking time should you need it, but do try to get those picks in sooner rather than later if possible.
  12. Well, the fixtures have been released over the past couple of days, so it's time to get the ball rolling on this again following a much quicker turnaround than usual. Here's a reminder of how it all finished up last season, a little more than three weeks ago. Continuing and returning players should know what to do but might want to double check the rules below first. I've cleared some space in my inbox. For anyone else interested, they probably need to pay attention to the next post.
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