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  1. As if I'd use a word like "unclarity" – I'm not Rowan Williams! The rest of it's pretty solid, though.
  2. Sorry for self-quoting again. Clearly things have moved on drastically since even the end of last week. I could probably scour the world to find 10 matches that are still listed as being set to go ahead, but most or all would probably be off by the weekend, and even if they weren't it'd turn the whole rest of the competition into a bit more of a crapshoot than usual. So, the FPL is evidently suspended for now, just like the actual football. There are more important things to focus on at the moment. If the season is able to resume in a couple of months, we might try to fit in the remaining two rounds of the Cup and the three outstanding D2D turns. All the choices of teams left for the latter are from Italy, Germany and the USA – three of the countries worst hit by the current pandemic, so the chances of things being completed anytime soon now look slim. If the 2019-20 takes longer than that to come back or is abandoned, the table as is stands will be archived as final but, with Stinky Dad only one point ahead at a time when there theoretically should've been 200+ points left to play for, he wouldn't be classed as champion. Not that it really matters at a time like this anyway. Stay safe, everyone, and if this turns out to be the last post by me in this season's thread, thanks for playing.
  3. Apologies for the double post, but further to this, the whole round of fixtures has now been cancelled. I'll do my best to cover only leagues that haven't been suspended next week, although as you'll have seen in other threads, the situation is clearly changing on a daily basis.
  4. The D2D game, along with all this weekend's MLS matches, has been postponed. We'll try to get Grecian's turn done at a later date. I've updated the initial post accordingly. Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-1 Arsenal Newcastle United 0-0 Sheffield United Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea Spurs 2-2 Manchester United Women's FA Cup Quarter-finals Arsenal 3-0 Spurs Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Birmingham City Everton 1-0 Chelsea Leicester City 0-3 Manchester City Scottish Premiership Rangers 1-2 Celtic
  5. This round's results went up in the initial post on Sunday night, and the table was updated soon after that. The only change in the order of participants was Stinky doing just enough to overhaul TildeGuy to regain top spot. It was an unusual D2D because Stinky bet against the team he'd chosen, but with Tarxien Rainbows stone bottom of the Maltese League and well adrift, it would've been difficult to find a fixture where he could realistically back them. Two of the other eight players still bet against him, so at least he still got some bonuses. MVP RULZ was back on the ball as best performer this time out. Nobody else got into double figures or managed more than one exact score. Lowest scorer Rory allowed ultimo to close the gap to last spot to just 6 points. Away from the Med, the scale of Leverkusen's home win was unexpected, although most people did foresee Dortmund bursting Gladbach's bubble in the evening match from Germany. Home victories for Chelsea and Sheffield United generally proved fruitful alongside a drab score draw at Turf Moor, whereas a home reverse for Saints, a stalemate at Molineux and Manchester turning red again caught most pickers out. The outcome of the relegation six-pointer at Selhurst Park turned out to be more of a mixed bag in terms of how it related to our guesses. A new card of 10 games will go live in the first post in a few moments...
  6. Premier League Crystal Palace 1-1 Watford Sheffield United 3-1 Norwich City Southampton 2-1 Newcastle United Wolves 2-0 Brighton & Hove Albion Burnley 2-2 Spurs Chelsea 1-0 Everton Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City German Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen 0-0 Eintracht Frankfurt Gladbach 0-1 Dortmund Maltese Premier League Balzan 3-0 Tarxien Rainbows w/Stinky
  7. The final scores went into the opening post on Sunday night. The tables for both the main competition and the FPL Cup were worked out soon after that. Stinky Dad had a poor round, as he was the worst performer and allowed TildeGuy to extend his lead at the top to 4 points. Tilde, incidentally, would've won a 'best of the rest' group among people who went out of the Cup in the first phase. Vegeta's absence means Stinky did at least qualify for the semi-finals of the Cup on points difference, though. MVP RULZ somehow managed to finish last in the other group, behind a player who'd already exited the tournament. At the bottom, ultimo is now 8 adrift after Rory finished as the top scorer this time out on a mere 8 points. In a low-scoring week, nobody managed more than one exact score. So which matches were the best of a bad bunch, then? Well, Man City and Celtic managed not to blow it in their respective Cup competitions, whilst a stalemate at St James's Park proved eminently foreseeable for some. Less fruitful were shock away reverses for Liverpool and Rangers (a bad weekend for Stevie G, that), a rare win for West Ham and draws at Bournemouth and Espanyol. Picks for the women's League Cup final and El Clásico turned out to be more of a mixed bag. Right, that's enough for the moment. A new set of fixtures – including a crucial and unusual D2D – will be up in the original post shortly.
  8. It's the football season, so that means an opportunity to put some numbers next to team names and hope they match the result. This post will be updated throughout the campaign, so do keep checking back here for all the latest. The most recent table update can be found here. Sign-ups are now closed. We had another round of the English Cup on tap for the next two rounds. Ties are decided on the day. As usual, we take into account extra time, but penalty shootouts are ignored, so keep than in mind when picking. Elsewhere, the EPL was set to continue apace, there was to be an Old Firm derby in Scotland and the only match from abroad was to be one of our infrequent trips across the pond, this time for a D2D. Week 33 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion OFF Arsenal Newcastle United OFF Sheffield United Aston Villa OFF Chelsea (5:30pm) Tottenham Hotspur OFF Manchester United (Sunday 4:30pm) FA Cup Sixth Round Arsenal OFF Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 12:30pm) Brighton & Hove Albion OFF Birmingham City Everton OFF Chelsea Leicester City OFF Manchester City Scottish Premiership Rangers OFF Celtic (Sunday noon) Major League Soccer FC Cincinnati w/Grecian OFF DC United (9:30pm) All games take place on Saturday and kick off at 3pm unless stated. Start times are listed in GMT. ====== ====== Week 32 results Premier League Crystal Palace 1-0 Watford Sheffield United 1-0 Norwich City Southampton 0-1 Newcastle United Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-0 Brighton & Hove Albion Burnley 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea 4-0 Everton Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City German Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen 4-0 Eintracht Frankfurt Borussia Mönchengladbach 1-2 Borussia Dortmund Maltese Premier League Balzan 3-0 Tarxien Rainbows w/Stinky Dad
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