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  1. Since it's my D2D round, I'll make my picks a bit earlier than usual: Premier League Burnley 1-0 Bournemouth Crystal Palace 0-0 Newcastle United Sheffield United 3-1 Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton 2-0 Aston Villa Leicester City 1-1 Manchester City FA WSL Birmingham City 0-2 Bristol City w/me West Ham United 2-2 Liverpool Proper Bundesliga Admira Wacker 1-2 Sturm Graz Austria Vienna 2-1 RB Salzburg Eredivisie Vitesse 0-1 PSV Eindhoven
  2. The final scores went into the opening post on Sunday evening, with one more being added on Monday night after the Chelsea tie had been put back at short notice. Since it's the Cup, we'll let that one slide. Three matches did fall victim to the weather though, with all picks for those rearranged games being void. Nonetheless, it's still been worth updating the table as Rory got his D2D bet right, so we have a major change at the foot of said standings. Five of the other eight participants disagreed with him to make Mr Fice the best performer this time out, although he would've been joint top scorer anyway in an understandably sparse round. Ironically, it's ultimo who would've been equal with him for the week, but instead he slips to being five points adrift at the foot of the classification, although his second D2D turn is yet to come. He did at least get one exact score, which most players largely found elusive, alongside Stinky Dad who extends his lead at the summit from one to three points. MVP RULZ has suddenly lost form again and was the lowest scorer for the round. Away from North Macedonia, a surprise home reverse at Deepdale and six goals at Loftus Road (or whatever its sponsor's name is nowadays) proved less than fruitful, but two people guessed Blackburn would bag an away win at the Valley. Victory for Brum at Sunderland was widely foreseen, whilst progress for Man City was universally picked without anybody quite sticking their neck out enough for a ten-nil scoreline. Success for Chelsea turned out alarmingly tough to guess beforehand, with four of you thinking Liverpool would go through. A new card of fixtures will be in the initial post very soon.
  3. Women's FA Cup Fifth Round Chelsea 3-1 Liverpool Arsenal 5-0 Lewes Crystal Palace 1-2 Brighton & Hove Albion Leicester City 0-3 Reading Manchester City 6-0 Ipswich Town Sunderland 0-1 Birmingham City Championship Charlton Athletic 2-1 Blackburn Rovers Preston North End 2-0 Millwall Queen's Park Rangers 1-1 Stoke City North Macedonia League Renova 2-2 FK Sileks Kratovo w/Rory
  4. The results went into the original post on Sunday night (just about!) and the updated table was figured out soon after that. Briefcase got his D2D bet wrong as Benfica came up short by the odd goal in five, but hey, at least he got his picks in on time. He also keeps up the tradition of simultaneously being the worst performer of the round. All eight other participants correctly disagreed with him to claim their bonus points. In a high-scoring week, Stinky Dad emerges as top scorer to regain the lead by just one point over TildeGuy. With Adam having got himself disqualified, Rory is still in last place but has cut the gap on joint lowest scorer ultimo by a point, to leave him just five behind. Away from Portugal, a comeback victory for Inter was generally good for one-pointers, but a win on the road for Lazio caught a few people out. Closer to home, progress in the Cup for Celtic, Hearts, Hibs and St Johnstone away to lower-division sides produced similar outcomes in terms of the guesses. A storm-induced stalemate at Pittodrie, a draw in Paisley and a minor upset in the Highlands, on the other hand, largely proved tougher to foresee. A new set of 10 matches will be up in the first post shortly.
  5. Kilometres! Science doesn't do imperial, fortunately.
  6. Scottish Cup Round 5 Aberdeen 2-1 Kilmarnock Ayr United 1-0 St Johnstone Inverness Caledonian Thistle 2-0 Livingston St Mirren 1-2 Motherwell Falkirk 1-1 Heart of Midlothian BSC Glasgow 0-3 Hibernian Clyde 1-3 Celtic Serie A Parma 0-2 Lazio Internazionale 3-1 AC Milan A Primeira Liga Porto 2-2 Benfica w/Briefcase
  7. This match had already finished 1-0 by the time you posted, so the pick is void. At least you joined in though. @AdamTH17 seems to have taken the prospect of a winter break to heart, since he's now on the verge of elimination despite being in with a shout of getting to the FPL Cup semi-finals. Anyway, the final scores went into the opening post on Sunday night and the table has been updated as usual. In a low-scoring week, Vegeta got his D2D bet wrong but he wouldn't have earned many bonus points even if he'd been right, since only 3 of the other 8 participants correctly disagreed with him. TildeGuy has retaken the lead by 5 points over Stinky Dad, whilst MVP RULZ was into double figures for the round. Grecian is the worst of the punctual performers this time out, whereas Rory is still just about in last place. Away from the new Spurs stadium, narrow home wins in the Spanish and Dutch leagues proved fruitful, and wins for the Merseyside duo were generally good for one-pointers too. Stalemates at St James's and Turf Moor turned out to be more of a mixed bag, but narrow defeats for Villa and Palace ended up a bit easier to foresee. A six-goal thriller at the London (Olympic) Stadium of all places was understandably tougher to guess beforehand. We're not going on a two-week holiday, although the new set of 10 fixtures that will be up in the initial post very soon does respect the EPL request for downtime.
  8. Premier League Bournemouth 2-2 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 0-1 Sheffield United Liverpool 3-1 Southampton Newcastle United 2-1 Norwich City Watford 1-0 Everton West Ham United 1-2 Brighton & Hove Albion Burnley 0-0 Arsenal Spurs 1-1 Manchester City w/Vegeta La Liga Real Madrid 3-0 Atlético Madrid Eredivisie Ajax Amsterdam 2-0 PSV Eindhoven
  9. The results went into the initial post on Sunday night as usual, and the table was updated shortly afterwards. It didn't take long this time because, aside from there being no D2D or FPL Cup matches, it was a low-scoring round. Plus not everybody even played. Nobody got into double figures, and there was no movement below the top two. Stinky Dad now leads as well as being the best performer of the week and the only participant to get more than one exact score. Rory is a further point adrift at the other end. So, why such poor scores then? Well, both German scorelines caught most people out for starters. Three of the four away victories in the Women's Cup were at least generally good for one-pointers (with the loss for Villa the sole exception), as were a win on the road for Sheffield United and a score draw at St Mary's. A home reverse for Burnley proved less than fruitful, whilst a draw at Shrewsbury caused a dud outcome because everybody went for Liverpool apart from me with a slightly overoptimistic pick. A new set of 10 fixtures will be up in the first post soon, including a D2D turn.
  10. FA Cup Fourth Round Burnley 2-0 Norwich City Millwall 2-1 Sheffield United Southampton 0-1 Spurs Shrewsbury Town 3-1 Liverpool Women's FA Cup Fourth Round Sheffield United 0-2 Birmingham City West Ham United 1-3 Arsenal Charlton Athletic 0-3 Chelsea Aston Villa 1-0 Brighton & Hove Albion German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 RB Leipzig Wolfsburg 2-2 Hertha Berlin
  11. The results for both the FPL Cup and the main competition went into the opening post on Sunday night. Both sets of tables were updated soon after that too. Vegeta and ultimo had a bad week, and the latter is now only 5 points ahead of Rory. Whilst Vegeta drops to third place, he is at least through to the semi-finals of the Cup, with Grecian also likely to join him. TildeGuy once again leads the standings, but he's just a point clear of this round's top scorer in the shape of Stinky Dad. Two away wins for the higher-division sides in France meant a clean sweep for at least one-pointers, plus score draws at the AmEx and Olympic Stadium proved fruitful as well, alongside home successes at Carrow Road and Anfield and progress in knockout football for Celtic. Another draw, this time at Tannadice, caught quite a few people out, as did a comeback victory for Wolves and a last-minute reverse for Chelsea. Right, that was quite straightforward with no D2D. There won't be one next time either. I'll explain why in the original post shortly...
  12. It's the football season, so that means an opportunity to put some numbers next to team names and hope they match the result. This post will be updated throughout the campaign, so do keep checking back here for all the latest. The most recent table update can be found here. Sign-ups are now closed. The EPL is back this week, but it only takes up half the space on the docket. We've got yet more women's football featured since it's my second turn at D2D and back in the summer I chose the Lady Robins as my second pick. Since I'm making a presentation about Austria on Thursday night, I'm in the mood for a rare visit to their top flight for two cracking matches as well. Last but not least, we're including a swift return trip to the Dutch league since we had such fun there earlier this month. Week 30 fixtures Premier League Burnley v Bournemouth Crystal Palace v Newcastle United Sheffield United v Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton v Aston Villa Leicester City v Manchester City (5:30pm) Women's Super League Birmingham City v Bristol City w/Fog Dude (Sunday 2pm) West Ham United v Liverpool (Sunday) Austrian Bundesliga Admira Wacker v Sturm Graz (4pm) Austria Vienna v Red Bull Salzburg (Sunday 4pm) Eredivisie Vitesse Arnhem v PSV (Sunday 1:30pm) All games take place on Saturday and kick off at 3pm unless stated. Start times are listed in GMT. ====== ====== Week 29 results FA Cup Fifth Round Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool Arsenal OFF Lewes Crystal Palace OFF Brighton & Hove Albion Leicester City OFF Reading Manchester City 10-0 Ipswich Town Sunderland 0-1 Birmingham City Championship Charlton Athletic 0-2 Blackburn Rovers Preston North End 0-1 Millwall Queen's Park Rangers 4-2 Stoke City Macedonian First League Renova 0-1 Sileks w/RoryFice
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