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  1. The final scores were in the opening post on Sunday night, but then it was edited again on Monday morning when I realised I'd got the Wrexham score wrong. And with this write-up being late too, it's like I've changed the clocks even before bAz has given the signal. After a low-scoring round, MVP RULZ now leads by an actual point over TildeGuy. Stinky Dad makes up for picking late and scoring nothing last time by being the only player into double figures this time out, and the only person with more than one exact scoreline right. Mainly because he guessed the Hollywood ending at Marine, where it took a last-minute equaliser to earn FC Hollywood a replay (which they won last night). The table's been updated too. The less said about the worst performer, the better. But it's a D2D week so we have to address it. I bet on a home win, but the outcome was a score draw. Six of eight other participants correctly disagreed with me to claim their bonuses. The 'wildcard' fixture was match #4, the stalemate at Pontefract (not in Wales) which was a dud result, so no further bonus points this week. Elsewhere, victories for Bayern and Benfica proved fruitful, but the latter were in an unexpectedly close fight against lower-tier opposition. Reverses for Man United, Leeds and Frankfurt plus Rangers dropping points turned out to be tougher to foresee. Celtic's success at Fir Park produced more of a mixed bag of picks. A new set of 10 will appear at the top of the thread shortly.
  2. Since it's my first D2D turn of the season, I suppose I'd better get my picks in a bit earlier than normal: Premier League Leicester City 2-2 Manchester United Southampton 1-1 Leeds United FA Cup fourth qualifying round Marine 1-3 Wrexham Pontefract Collieries 0-2 FC Halifax Town Scottish Premiership Motherwell 0-0 Celtic Rangers 3-0 Hears German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 Hertha Berlin Bayer Leverkusen 1-2 Bayern Munich Portuguese Cup Round Three Trofense 0-3 Benfica Proper Bundesliga Austria Klagenfurt w/me 4-0 Rapid Vienna
  3. The results were put into the original post on Monday morning due to time zone differences. The table has been figured out, and it's a bit more squished than before because the FPL standings are included in the image as well. The randomly selected 'wildcard' outcome was match #8, the stalemate in Bogotá. Most people went for a Brazilian (ooh er) victory there, so there were bonus points for only ultimo and Rory who both bet on a score draw. The latter is the first participant definitely through to the FPL Cup semis too. Briefcase was top scorer this time out but remains mid-table. MVP RULZ was also into double figures and now leads based on most correct exact scores. I'm now seven points adrift in my apparent quest for the worst title defence ever as I got the least points among those who got their guesses in on time, but late picker Stinky Dad drops a place as he scored nothing at all from 3 matches. TildeGuy is not just down to second, he's the sole participant out of contention to qualify from their FPL Cup group. Scoring was higher than usual, as is the norm for international rounds. Basically the European scorelines proved fruitful, aside from a little too much optimism regarding Norn Iron. The campaign hasn't turned out all that well for the Ulstermen. The straightforward successes weren't as helpful as simpler triumphs for Ukraine and Greece. Lastly, another goalless draw in the Caribbean and a narrow home win on this side of the Atlantic ended up tougher to foresee. A packed card of (thankfully) club football, including a D2D, will go live in the initial post soon.
  4. 2022 Men's World Cup – European qualification Azerbaijan 1-1 Ireland Finland 2-2 Ukraine Georgia 1-2 Greece Scotland 1-0 Israel Andorra 0-2 England Moldova 0-1 Denmark Switzerland 0-0 Northern Ireland CONMEBOL big qualifying group Colombia 1-3 Brazil CONCACAF octagonal qualifying group Jamaica 2-1 Canada African qualifying Group C Cape Verde 2-0 Liberia
  5. The final scores went up in the opening post on Sunday night, and the new table was worked out straight after that. Stinky Dad unusually – but correctly – bet on a draw and everyone disagreed with him, even including Rory who was the only person to go for a home win. That means a maximum of 16 bonus points for Stinky, which skyrockets him up into third and level on points with second-placed MVP RULZ, who would otherwise have been this round's top scorer. There's also a change of position between ultimo and me at the other end of the standings, despite each of us remaining on the same number of points overall. Keep in mind that the first tiebreaker is always most exact scores, not alphabetical order! The 'wildcard' outcome was randomly selected as match #3, Wolves v Newcastle, and a straightforward 2-1 scoreline at Molineux proved eminently guessable, with Shy Dad and leader TildeGuy among those plumping for the right exact score. Also good for at least one-pointers were stalemates at the AmEx and Turf Moor, a score draw at Anfield and away victories for Juve and Napoli. A first success of the season for Leeds that cost Xisco his job, a heavy reverse on the road for Lazio and a five-goal thriller in Bergamo turned out tougher to foresee. Since it's an international round next, there'll be some FPL meetings as well as the regular set of 10 fixtures. Both of those lists should be at the top of the thread shortly.
  6. Premier League Burnley 1-0 Norwich City Leeds United 2-1 Watford Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0 Newcastle United Brighton & Hove Albion 3-0 Arsenal Liverpool 0-1 Manchester City Serie A Torino 1-1 Juventus Bologna 3-1 Lazio Fiorentina 2-2 Napoli Atalanta 0-0 Milan Liga I Sepsi w/Stinky 0-3 Rapid Bucharest
  7. The results went into in the original post on Sunday night and the latest table was calculated shortly afterwards. The randomly selected 'wildcard' match was fixture #1, Toffees v Canaries, for which three participants got the exact score right to claim two bonus points each. One of those was top scorer MVP RULZ. That brought him up to a cool dozen, now in second place and just 5 points behind TildeGuy, and left him as the only player into double figures this time out. Despite not having a great round, ultimo still managed to draw level with me at the other end of the standings. In a low-scoring week, there weren't many patterns to be found. Two draws in Spain and one at Vicarage Road were generally good for one-pointers. Home victories for Arsenal and Gijón generally proved fruitful, whereas home reverses for Leeds and Saints turned out a bit tougher to foresee. Also difficult to guess beforehand were a failure for the Foxes to win against struggling Burnley, and a six-goal thriller at the new Brentford Community Stadium. And I suspect if United-Villa hadn't been brought forward to lunchtime, that might've been a dud outcome too. A new card, featuring a D2D in an unusual destination, will go live in the initial post soonish.
  8. Knowing this forum, I was worried where that story was going for a minute there! Many commiserations. Having lived on that stretch of coast for most of my life, domestic holidays should've been more underwhelming, but other seaside towns always seemed to have a lot more going on and at least the water looked and felt cleaner. Anyway, I'd count the two trips to the Algarve 15 years apart as the first and last childhood holidays before I flew to Germany alone just after my GCSEs. Both of those involved grandparents as well, since they were covering the cost. And obviously I can't remember the first one since I was 7 months old at the time. The other set of grandparents co-owned, with my uncle, the caravan in Swanage we used to borrow for a few days every year. In terms of holidays my parents actually saved up for themselves, it used to be a week in Cornwall, then camping in Brittany, more caravans in Aquitaine and finally two trips to Disneyland in consecutive years in the late 1990s, the first in unofficial nearby accommodation and the second in the least expensive (and most distant from the park itself) official resort. My Dad always insisted on taking the ferry or the tunnel so we never flew until that return visit to Portugal which turned out to be a last hurrah in terms of getting the whole family together for a getaway. Since then I've done Barcelona with just my Dad and Rome with just Mum, but even those were 15+ years ago now and I generally do my own thing when it comes to travel. I finally stayed overnight at the nearest Butlins – Minehead, naturally – in 2018, but I live about 200m from the local Haven resort so I'd probably never stay at one of those because it wouldn't feel like enough of a break from the norm.
  9. Oh crud, I didn't do a 'wildcard' fixture for last time did I? Sorry, I'm all over the place this week. It'll be back in this round, promise! Premier League Everton 1-2 Norwich City Leeds United 2-0 West Ham United Leicester City 3-0 Burnley Watford 2-1 Newcastle United Brentford 1-1 Liverpool Southampton 2-2 Wolves Arsenal 0-0 Spurs Segunda División Sporting Gijón 1-0 Málaga Real Oviedo 0-1 Girona Lugo 1-3 Real Zaragoza
  10. The final scores were up in the opening post on Sunday night (just!) and the table was worked out straight after that. Late drama involving Jesse Lingard and Mark Noble meant that ultimo got his D2D bet right. That earned him 6 bonus points and moves him to within two points of climbing off the bottom rung of the standings and made him top scorer for the round. Without those bonuses, Rory would've been the best performer on a haul of a cool dozen. That puts him into relative nosebleed territory by his own standards! TildeGuy still leads by 10 despite finishing as joint lowest scorer alongside Vegeta this time out. I was glad to see Noble making headlines – whether positive or not – the day after Ben Foster and Thiago Silva had also done so, because I'm younger than all those players and I don't like to feel old when watching the football. Anyway, the away win at Carrow Road proved difficult to foresee, as did wins for Brighton and Feyenoord plus the score draw in the south of France. There were, however, no outright dud outcomes. Successes for Arsenal, Villa, Chelsea, Dundee United and PSG ended up quite fruitful, in fact. A new set of 10 will go into the first post shortly.
  11. Welcome the forum's Football Predictions League for the 2021-22 season! Sign-ups are now closed. The latest table can be found here. This post will be updated with the latest fixtures, results and standings throughout the season. El Clásico, Marseille-PSG and Ajax-PSV all on the same weekend as each other and as Man U-Liverpool?! A coincidence by chance, or are all the major European domestic fixtures produced by the same external company these days? Oh well, even if that's true, let's have them all and put Nice-Lyon in as well because this was scheduled to be a regular visit to France this time. On top of that, we've got a couple more EPL matches and our first visit of the season to knockout football north of the border. Although Berwick is actually south of the border, technically... Week 12 fixtures Premier League Leeds United v Wolverhampton Wanderers Southampton v Burnley Manchester United v Liverpool (Sunday 16:30) Scottish Cup Round 2 Berwick Rangers v Stirling Albion Brora Rangers v Albion Rovers Formartine United v Forfar Athletic La Liga Barcelona v Real Madrid (Sunday 15:15) Ligue Un Nice v Olympique Lyonnais (Sunday 12:00) Olympique Marseille v Paris St Germain (Sunday 19:45) Eredivisie Ajax v PSV (Sunday 15:45) All games kick off on Saturday and at 15:00 unless stated. Times are listed in BST. === [FPL Cup stuff goes here during relevant weeks.] === Week 11 results Premier League Leicester City 4-2 Manchester United Southampton 1-0 Leeds United FA Challenge Cup last qualifying round Marine 1-1 Wrexham Pontefract Collieries 0-0 Halifax Town Scottish Premiership Motherwell 0-2 Celtic Rangers 1-1 Heart of Midlothian German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 1-2 Hertha Berlin Bayer Leverkusen 1-5 Bayern Munich Portuguese Cup Third Round Trofense 1-2 Benfica (AET) Austrian Bundesliga Austria Klagenfurt w/Fog Dude 1-1 Rapid Vienna
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