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  1. SpursRiot2012

    Buying a gaff

    I found that the "final stretch" of buying my own home to be the most stressful. Trying to get my solicitor to keep on top of things like exchanging documents in order to finalise the sale was like pulling teeth and it came right down to the wire. We had a deadline of s certain Saturday to leave our rented flat and had no backup plan of where we'd be saying if the house didn't go through in time. Luckily, it got sorted at the last minute and we were able to get the keys to that Saturday morning and it was a mad dash to get everything moved to the new place within about 12 hourd. The whole thing was stressful as fuck.
  2. SpursRiot2012

    Big Brother is ending. Favourite moments?

    ITV night be even worse than Channel 4. I often wonder who actually watches ITV because apart from World Cup games, I don't believe I've watched anything on any ITV channels in years.
  3. SpursRiot2012

    The Mental Health thread

    I've never had a female GP, therefore they must not exist.
  4. SpursRiot2012

    The Mental Health thread

    As far as I understand it, propanolol used in a mental health capacity is essentially to help with near-panic attacks. From everything I've read, it's not particularly effective with day-to-day GAD, but they're trying to prescribe anything they can so as not to prescribe benzodiazepines like diazepam. I am on 5mg (a very low dose) of escitalopram. My doctor said that at that dose level, it acts more on anxiety than it does on depression (where you'd need 10-20mg daily doses). I do think it has had a positive affect on my general anxiety levels. That said, I always keep bags of diazepam and Xanax around just in case (and also sometimes for a bit of being a druggie). Pitching to your doctor that he give you or that he increase a current dose of diazepam makes them less likely to prescribe them and more likely to label you a drug seeker. I don't even broach the subject with my doctors anymore. It's easy enough to get diazepam without a doctor and self-medicate. You have to be extremely careful, of course, not to wind up with a benzo dependancy that will be hell to come off, but it can be done. I have noticed a big trend in people with severe anxiety now resorting to self-medicating because of doctor's reluctance to prescribe benzos in any circumstances. You might get lucky and get a doctor who understands that while, yes, benzos are addictive and very difficult to come off once you've developed a dependency, but they are also highly effective (and in some cases, the only thing that does the job) for many people.
  5. SpursRiot2012

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    It does have some similarities initially but, I feel, deviates quite quickly from them. Just caught up with Bodyguard. I like it a lot, but I don't think it quite hits the heights that Line of Duty has. Which is fine, because now I'm going to re-watch Line of Duty again.
  6. SpursRiot2012

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Just finished Ozark's second season on Netflix. I thought it was good. The show isn't without its issues but it is certainly one of my personal favourite series at the moment. If you haven't bothered with it, I recommend watching both seasons. I heard some people basically say it's a show trying to be Breaking Basz but it really isn't. The season two finale indicates that I'm sure there will be a third season, not to mention it is apparently one of Netflix most popular shows.
  7. SpursRiot2012

    Collecting Stuff is for Idiots - convince me otherwise

    I don't really collect anything other than graphic novels. And that only really started after I got my Kindle and I wanted to use my bookcase for something - although I was into various comics when I was younger, I didn't really keep them. I think there's a box of some quite rare comics at my mum's that I need to pick up one day. I've got a few wrestling masks that I bought super cheap in Mexico. But I don't actually collect them. I have a Razor Ramon Funko Pop and signed artwork of Scott Hall, but again I don't collect autographs or Funko Pops in general. I'm a bit of a tech hoarder if that counts. Old hard drives, obselete desktops and phones, a massive bag of wires because "you never know, I might need this wire for something one day" that my girlfriend keeps trying to get me to throw away. I moved to pretty much all digital media (books, films, TV shows, music) but I was never a collector of any of those things anyway.
  8. SpursRiot2012

    Celebrity Big Brother 2017

    I don't really have any response to that other than to say that me showing support at 14 years old for the BNP should perhaps be also looked at in the context of the time. I was 14 during the BNPs 'rise' and an impressionable young mind can be brought along quite easily with propaganda. But I don't believe I've ever made a racial slur (such as 'paki'), even with my at the time support of the BNP. Additionally, my support of them was limited pretty much to one thread here on this forum. It wasn't like I joined the party and went out on marches with them. I personally think my 'excuse' is perfectly valid and that showing support for an actual, racist party isn't comparable, really, with a hypergeneralised comment about rural folk that wasnt really meant to be taken seriously. In the case of the Big Brother contestant, her age has a bearing, even if others own experiences as a teenager were different, and they'd never said anything offensive in their lives. The context of the time has less of a bearing because by the point, and long before that point, the word 'paki' was not, as often claimed, simply short hand for 'the Pakistani shop" for example. But kids and teenagers are products of those around them. If her mum and dad and other friends and relations were using racial slurs in casual conversation, a 14 year old is likely to pick that up. So, again, if the whole reason she's been kicked is this tweet from 2014, when she was 14 years old, I think it's harsh and is also a demonstration of the fact that social media and how you act on those platforms can have repucussions for the rest of your life. I was lucky. My bullshit was confined to a niche of a niche internet forum - UK wrestling fans - and not on a platform where somebody is likely to ever see or mention it again, other than those here that know about it already. Edit: so I guess I did actually have a response for that.
  9. SpursRiot2012

    Celebrity Big Brother 2017

    Yeah, it seems like she was removed for a specific post made when she was 14 or 15 regarding the 9/11 attacks, using some kind of racial slur. If it's that that's gotten her kicked out, I do think it's a little harsh. If she continues to express those views, then that's a different story.
  10. SpursRiot2012

    Big Brother is ending. Favourite moments?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Big Brother continue on some other channel or platform as Endemol have expressed their disappointment at not being able to make a new deal with C5 and renewed planning permission for the Big Brother house in July.
  11. SpursRiot2012

    The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

    He is also the voice of a sentient blob of green goo in The Orville.
  12. SpursRiot2012

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    If Aldi or Lidl did home delivery, we'd shop there pretty much exclusively. But yeah, back in the day, if you saw someone at school with a Netto bag, that kid was getting it. Even knowing full well my own mum was shopping at Netto and KwikSave on the regular.
  13. SpursRiot2012

    Big Brother is ending. Favourite moments?

    I think Series 10 was the last series on Channel 4 that I watched properly. I was working nights at the time, living by myself, and used to get in around 7am and have a bite to eat (or possiby get pissed) which watching the previous nights episode of the Sree, Noirin, Marcus and Shiavash show. It was good fun. I remember the producers played Hungry Life The Wolf in for Marcus one night they were having a party and he was in a strop. I have watched one or two regular seasons and a few Celebrity editions since the move to C5 - obviously the Jim Davidson year stands out there - but generally C5 couldn't recapture the magic that had already been kind of lost on C4. Having said that, I don't get at all why a show like Love Island - which to me seems like one Big Brother task writ large - can be so popualr and nobody being able to find a way to make Big Brother worthwhile again. I said this when C4 put the show out to pasture. They needed to go back to basics but carried on even further with the crazy tasks, swerves and everything else. Which is why in actuality I think Series 1 will always be my favourite. Watching the buildup and the payoff to Nick getting caught and his subsequent tearful exit via the back door was fantastic. And people *cared* about the fact that he had cheated on this TV show. I remember the tabloid front pages about it like it was yesterday.
  14. SpursRiot2012

    How does your daily routine compare to Marky Mark's?

    Eh, it's just how the game is played. I am one of the best closers there, and I don't need to make 100 calls a day to hit my targets or to generate high quality leads for our clients. But since the figures are public, and we often have new people starting, I have to set an example when it comes to stats and they will eventually work out for themselves - if they're any good - that those calls made stats are bullshit because once you've built a pipeline of warm leads, it's quite rare to *have* to make a whole bunch of cold calls to hit your targets each month.
  15. SpursRiot2012


    This book actually argues that attacking the supply chain at any point before the drugs go from wholesale to retail is totally ineffective and a waste of money. If you attack the supply chain where the cost of losing, say, a kilo of cocaine goes up from $15,000 to $70,000, then you might start to hurt the cartels. But governments tend to focus at the source country, or at other early points along the supply chain where the cost of losing a kilo of cocaine is nothing to the cartels and doesn't tend to effect the price in the retail countries, thus it doesn't result in a drop of demand for the drug. But it also argues that even if the price of cocaine were to rise a bit, it wouldn't actually lead to many people dropping the drug at all. So, basically, supply side solutions have never and are never going to work. The book argues generally for decriminalisation or legalization but it's main point is that government need to be targeting users, not dealers - at least, not top level dealers. That is, with rehab and detox centres, job programmes, proper prisoner rehabilitation, education and such so that you reduce the demand for the drug in the long term, causing the price to drop and the cartels to hopefully start finding trafficking cocaine more hassle than its worth.