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  1. SpursRiot2012

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    I'm just popping in to say I finally caught up with The Expanse to the end of season three and it really is a good show. As a book reader first and foremost, the casting is always great (although Strait as Holden is actually my least favourite character) and Thomas Jane as Miller especially is seriously one of my favourite TV (and book) characters of probably all time. So, if for some reason you haven't checked the show out, now would be a good time to start. The first two seasons are on Netflix and I'm sure you can find a way to watch the third season and you'll probably have heard that, despite the general critical acclaim, SyFy cancelled the show because of the way they'd set up the distribution rights, finding themselves unable to make money on it. Luckily, Jeff Bezos is a big fan of the The Expanse book series and Amazon have picked up the show for further seasons. Seriously: watch this show.
  2. SpursRiot2012

    The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

    Hardwick has released a bunch of screenshotted messages from Chloe Dykstra to him following his "breaking up with her due to her cheating" which show her begging him to forgive her, take her back etc. He's released those messages as if they somehow prove that what Dykstra said couldn't be true, yet it seems to me that someone who'd been in the sort of controlling relationship she described might very well react in that manner, especially at first.
  3. SpursRiot2012

    Cannabis law in the UK

    I'm coming at it from the opposite end of the spectrum, @CavemanLynn. I didn't ever have a problem with weed, but I've certainly had my problems with substances and still do to this day. But I can say with some certainty that bringing drug use and, yes, abuse and dependence out into the open and treating the whole thing as a public health issue, rather than simply either locking people up or shunting them into an underfunded treatment program that has far too much to deal with, with far too little. Imagine the money we could invest in treatment programs if we introduced say, the Portugal model? I'd be willing to bet an awful lot that we'd see a drop in drug use, not a rise. But it'll be a long time coming, I'm afraid. Anyway, I've gone slightly off topic. Let's get cannabis decriminalisation and legalisation into the political mainstream before we start talking about being actually progressive on drugs. I'd be interested in hearing from those who voted that the current law is fine and should stay the same. Not as an attack, just genuinely interested in the thinking behind that.
  4. SpursRiot2012

    Cannabis law in the UK

    I'm pretty sure there are rules in places in the US where it has been legalised that state it can't be smoked around schools and such. In terms of just walking past somebody smoking a joint, that may be unavoidable. I mean, that happens to me on a daily basis already, so making it legal won't make much difference to me on that front. I'm not sure how much merit there is to your theory that "difficult" kids at school may be suffering from nicotine withdrawal. It's possible, I suppose, but I can't imagine it's that widespread. Also, I really, really doubt that there would be this huge uptick in the number of people smoking or using weed. I think the estimate is about 2.2m users currently in the UK - it's simply about decriminalising those people and taking that profit out of the hands of organised criminals and, preferably, into the Treasury to be distributed to, say, the NHS. I don't think legalisation is going to lead to another million or two people suddenly taking up cannabis. There might be more people willing to experiment with it, sure. If and when legalisation happens here, my prediction is that there will be rules around where it can and cannot be consumed. In your own home, cannabis clubs (similar, maybe, to the coffee shops in Holland). I don't think it's going to be a free-for-all of weed smoking in the street all over the country (although maybe, on the first day, there might be a lot of it just because).
  5. SpursRiot2012

    The World Cup

    Both ITV and the Beeb seemed to have made a real effort to include women in their presenting lineups during this tournament. They had a former England women's player pitchside with Ryan Giggs for the opening game, plus another woman presenting another piece during the same broadcast. They had Gabby Logan interviewing Raheem Sterling. This was all ITV. BBC have also had women, as with the commentator today.
  6. SpursRiot2012

    The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Excellent stuff, Mike. Thanks for that. Yeah, a lot of comics have been telling me it's hard all over, even at a place like the Store. As I said, this isn't something that I'm thinking of putting into motion any time soon - our free night has only had two nights that you could consider "sold out" and that's only by virtue of the fact that it's a tiny room. The other weeks have been really hard going. Even the We Are Funny Project guys who are probably the closest example of a series of nights at our level, who have been running for five years, three days a week, are attracting tiny crowds (apart from their recent anniversary show), although these summer months are always hard. But it's something I'd like to keep in mind for down the road. You're right that it probably wouldn't show the return on investment needed to run a dedicated comedy venue. But venues that run comedy nights as an afterthought to whatever else they host have always been a bit off putting to me. I had to tell our venue that I didn't want the bar that's in the upstairs room we use open during our shows. Yeah, it might attract more people up as they can more easily get another round in, but the idea of clattering glasses and bar orders stamping all over a comedians punchlines is not one I'm interested in!
  7. SpursRiot2012

    Cannabis law in the UK

    That may be true, actually, but there are so many ways of consuming cannabis that don't include smoking it. The crazy amount of different, awesome sounding edibles in the US, for example. You can also vape. But yeah, smoking anything isn't going to be great for your lungs but we know that isn't the thing holding the government back from legalisation.
  8. SpursRiot2012

    Cannabis law in the UK

    Cannabis law in the UK is under the microscope today following the cases of two young boys who were using cannabis oil (apparently effectively) to combat frequent seizures. One of the boys had his supply of oil confiscated at the border as he and his family tried to bring some back from Europe, leading to the boy's seizure frequency to shoot right up. Following something of an outcry, today the government has promised to "review" the use of cannabis in a medicinal capacity, though the home secretary has said that recreational use will remain banned. I don't actually smoke weed anymore, but it's long been a bit of a bugbear for me, the UK's position on cannabis. We seemed to be making some progress when, years back, it was rescheduled from a Class B (which includes amphetamines, barbiturates and some opiates) to a Class C (which includes benzos, GHB and anabolic steroids) drug. It was then, unfortunately, reclassified into the Class B section after some studies indicated that high-strength "skunk" weed (essentially, weed with very high THC content) could have an adverse effect on mental health, especially on those predisposed to that. Actually, one of the reasons I stopped smoking weed years ago was because I found it was giving me terrible anxiety, and I have suffered with various mental health issues over the years. But here's the thing. Because cannabis is illegal, it's left in the hands of organised criminal groups who produce this high strength, high THC content weed that causes the problems. We - that is, those who currently get their weed on the street or, less so, on the darknet - have no idea what the product is being treated with. In a system where THC vs CBD levels can be controlled, I do not believe that we would see an explosion of mental health issues in the general population. In a system where the government (or, perhaps, a private company that the government tenders it out to) control the strength or potency of what is available, there is no more harm in smoking a spliff than there is drinking a pint. It might not be great for your health, but is by no means the worst thing out there - and there are certainly plenty of things that are currently legal that do far more harm to a person than a low THC variety of cannabis will. And that's not even talking about the boost to police resources that will occur as a byproduct of not having to worry about some dudes smoking weed, or the massive amount of money that could be raised by taxing the shit out it. And these are all arguments for the recreational use of cannabis. The medicinal benefits are pretty well established. I am, in many ways, shocked that the United States is so far ahead of the game on this as compared to us. We only need look at Colorado or California or any other US state that legalised either medicinal or recreational use. It isn't Mad Max out there. So, I guess you can see that I am very, very pro-full on legalisation for recreational use. I am generally fully behind, at least, the decriminalisation of all drugs. I believe drug use should be treated as a public health issue, not a criminal justice one. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Given the news today, I thought it might make an interesting subject for discussion on here. I had a limit on the number of poll questions I could add, but I do have one more. Should cannabis be legalised for recreational use and taxed, but left in the hands of private businesses to sell? So, have at it! If people could explain the reasoning behind their vote, that would be good.
  9. SpursRiot2012

    The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Yeah, Angel Comedy are probably the best example of a comedy night above a pub that became a comedy club in its own right. I performed there a few times (not in their new venue). But even Angel Comedy isn't the exact sort of vibe I'd like to have, though they do well there.
  10. SpursRiot2012

    The World Cup

    Just to go back to the VAR discussion about it being two guys having to wade through 20 angles in about 10 seconds to get the decision right: let's take the two penalties Kane should have had last night. In both instances, there's no way they wouldn't have been able to see *something* was going on there, whatever the angle. If *something* is going on in that part of the box, get the equipment looking at that direct incident - two penalties. I'm sorry, I don't buy that they just didn't have the time or resources to call those. They were fucking blatant. Also, why can't they go back? Let's say that all happened, the ref didn't see it, the VAR lads didn't see it right away, the goalkeeper kicks off - why can't they, 20 or or 30 seconds later, get in the ref's ear and say, actually, you need to stop the match and award a penalty? If we're going to do this VAR thing, then let's do it properly.
  11. SpursRiot2012

    The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    This is probably one for @Dead Mike who is quite savvy when it comes to the comedy industry, but anyone can chime in. As many of you know, and some of you have attended, I run a weekly open-mic level (though the comedians are booked) comedy show. It's had good weeks and bad weeks and, in general, I enjoy it. It can be stressful (drumming up an audience in summer, prima donna comedians who seem to think they're somehow above the whole thing, issues with communications with the venue, other stuff) but usually, by the end of the show, I'm happy. We're on hiatus now until July 5th as the space we use is being used to screen World Cup group games on a Thursday. I've been thinking about the lack of what might be termed 'proper' comedy clubs in London. There is, of course, The Comedy Store and then, probably a level below, the likes of Top Secret Comedy and Angel Comedy. But there isn't, I don't think, anything like in NY or LA and the comedy clubs that do exist here operate, it seems, in a much different way to those clubs. I have been considering the feasibility of a new venue, completely dedicated to comedy. This isn't something that I'd have the resources to look at doing any time soon, but it's nice to have dreams, right? I'd like to open and run a comedy venue that operates similarly to the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in LA. It would be open most, if not every day, and would run, say, from 4pm to 1am or similar. I'd probably have to have significant capital behind me even putting aside buying/renting a venue (which would have to be relatively central, in terms of footfall), turning it into a dedicated comedy venue and all the promotion that would come with that as I'd need to be able to attract 'name' comedians to come and do the late night shows. But a big part of it would be helping to develop new or lesser known, talented comedians. It would include themed nights (things like roast battles, live podcasts, that sort of thing.) It would also have to include a bar and food service. I don't know if it's just a pipe dream (it probably is) that will never come to fruition but it would be nice to hear any input from comedy fans on here - both those who simply enjoy it and those who've been involved in it in some way. It would be nice if we could have a positive discussion about it, even if it is just a complete non-starter. I'd also be really interested in hearing about previous attempts at something like this, if there is anything anyone can link me to? Cheers.
  12. SpursRiot2012

    The World Cup

    So, thus far, Argentina, Brazil, France (despite winning) and Germany have all been less than scintillating. I know Spain didn't win, but based just on these one group games, you can't look past them as winners. I thought Shaqiri was very tidy today. Hopefully that'll shut up all the Twitter Spurs fans crying that he's not good enough for us. I think he'd be an excellent addition to the Spurs squad. Also, Serbia won. I'm going to win the works sweepstakes! Do they not have officials on the goaline now that they're using the technology?
  13. SpursRiot2012

    2018 is bloody lovely

    Congrats, Wretch. Why is it such a slog to get a house purchase over the line? When we bought our flat, we didn't even have a bank involved but trying to get the solicitors to work in tandem with the home sellers to get it done even slightly quickly was a real headache.
  14. SpursRiot2012

    The World Cup

    Man, that is the sort of football match I've been waiting for in this competition. Especially after the earlier two group games. Love or hate Ronaldo, the dude is a fucking monster. Portugal had a really decent first half, but he single-handedly dragged them back to level. That free kick was really something, that close to the goal with the wall set up how it was, he still got it up, over and into the net. I don't really expect that Ronaldo can single-handedly drag Portugal to the final to win the thing, but he can try. Spain, despite obviously being deflated by not winning, looked very, very good. Their passing game really is something else. We haven't seen the likes of France or Germany yet, obviously, but I think most teams will fall to Spain's passing game. Costa and Isco were great. Such fun.
  15. SpursRiot2012

    The World Cup

    ITV said at one point, "Robbie Williams is performing for free." I figured they meant on free TV, for our entertainment but perhaps he literally was performing for no money.