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  1. Just put your trolley in the way. I always unload the trolley from the end of the belt anyway so nobody getting in front of me!
  2. That's absolutely wild! Love Terry Gordy trying to calm him down at the start and then he realises that's completely futile. Imagine being in the crowd, proper terrifying stuff.
  3. I don't want to derail this in to a Spurs/Arsenal thread. After the Victorian age tweet and now it seems one of our possible signings (Kounde) is not interested in coming to Spurs. Add those things to the manager debacle we are a bit of a joke.
  4. Southgate should look at himself with Saka tonight. Brought him on then played a style that made him look shocking. Southgate got the subs wrong but Italy were by far the better team. We shouldn’t be upset, we should continue to work hard and the results will come. England ‘fans’ aka the yobs can fuck right off.
  5. God save the queen is the anthem of GB and NI, just because other nations have chosen to sing a different national anthem that doesn't make it the fault of the English. While Italy and France may have great music, 80,000 Welsh signing Land of our fathers at full voice is much much better. Flower of Scotland is a lot more atmospheric too.
  6. That’s unlucky to get the full 10 days. I, along with some others from my team, got a 5 day one yesterday which is from the pub I went to after work last week. Bollocks
  7. Kasper is a great goalkeeper, but he is nowhere near the level of his dad. The saves he made last night were good, but not exactly world class. The Sterling shot was hit into his belly and the save from the Maguire header was fairly soft, and in fairness a save I'd expect most professional goalkeepers to save. As for the best in the world? He's not even the best in the Prem. As a Spurs fan we have scored some absolute stinkers against him, when we scored 7 at Kingpower he should've saved at least 2 if not 3, last season he punched the ball in to the net which cost them Champions League football. Keepers better than Kasper: Alisson, Ederson, Mendy, Lloris, Martinez, Pope, Fabianski, possibly Pickford.
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