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  1. That Mersey one popped up in Lawro’s predictions the other day. I was confused and looked it up on maps cause I was sure it couldn’t be true
  2. Thought Taker was coming out at 0:25
  3. Mobile repair shops are open, but still able to sell stuff. Click and collect in shops. The Range, B&M, home bargains are all still open.
  4. I think this sums up Boris Johnson. I don’t think many people thought that Trump was an idiot or a laughing stock. I’m sure most people would agree that he’s been dangerous from the start with his constant fake news, denying climate change, that G7 appearance when he kept pushing to the front of the picture, dropping out WHO in the pandemic, going to North Korea, assassinating Iranians. There’s probably loads more to add. This are not the actions of a laughing stock, he’s a massive narcissist and has used his position to take the piss out of the world for the last 4 years.
  5. I think it's amazing we have such amazing public services. I was trying to get over the state that we've let ourselves get in. It's really powerful how people can pull together and the amazing people volunteering to deliver these vaccines.
  6. We're having to use battle preparation techniques to roll this vaccine out. Christ what an absolute state. And that floppy haired cunt needs to stop pretending it's a race against other countries to see who can vaccinate people first!
  7. I thought that inbetweeners thing was pretty funny There's this pretty sobering article on BBC about the future of grassroots football. Knowing quite a lot of local clubs most of them are already run by only 2 or 3 people, and definitely an ageing group of people. Be a real shame if this is true as I love going out to watch some local football, the quality is obviously nowhere near the football league or the like but most games are really enjoyable, and you can get a ticket, burger and drink for a tenner in most places. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55575536 Phil Hiscox 😏
  8. I always thought it was demi-god not demagogue. Learn something new everyday. Scary thought that he has access to the codes, although I hope that it needs more than one person to launch it. I saw on BBC a few rats already deserting the ship.
  9. Are you able to meet your colleagues virtually beforehand? I don’t know if they do anything like daily catch ups or the like and although they may say no as you’ve not started is it worth asking if you can have a meet up with everyone before you start? Are you able to go for walks around your local area? Maybe once you’re out of the estate things might be better and even in your estate it might be an opportunity for you to decide for yourself as opposed to listening to other people’s opinions. If you are able to find a nice park or similar open space near you to exercise in there is nothi
  10. Not that age has anything to do with it mate but I’m 38 and just use this place as an outlet and try to have some discussion with other humans, I’m certainly not trying to have a gimmick. The original comment was an opinion with a flippant comment. I still think that opinion is valid, others don’t. I tried to explain further and we won’t agree which is fine I’m not gonna comment on that anymore. Just because I’ve not agreed with something you perceived that I should’ve doesn’t make it a gimmick, if you don’t like it you can always ignore/block my posts.
  11. Hopefully the government extend the extra money they agreed last April. Glad your mental health is better too
  12. Yep. Some of the plot points where clearly stolen from inside number 9. Particularly a quiet night in and the one where he has a woman locked in the basement. Anyway we’re not gonna agree, I thought it was shit, I’m sure others thought it was shit as well and loads of people thought it was great. It’s just my opinion in a discussion
  13. 😞 I have really enjoyed some films this year, 1917, trial of Chicago 7, Borat 2. Maybe the comment about Rise of Skywalker being better was flippant. I just didn’t enjoy either film and wouldn’t watch it again, for me the purpose of a film is to enjoy it, but then I love the Greatest Showman so Ive probably just got awful (or no) taste.
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