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  1. What's the point of this post? Are you sticking up for him? EDIT - Well I can see from the tweets that that moron is sticking up for him and apparently his tag team partner too. Who on earth is Oisin Delaney anyway?
  2. It's mad how physically big he was compared to the vast majority of people in FWA/IPW and now he looks like a cruiserweight in NXT. Glad for him, always enjoyed his UK stuff and loved the London Bridge (Boys and Girls) as a finisher.
  3. Both teams new boys looked pretty decent last night, Arsenal did well to win that game, Rapid Vienna are not bad and the referee was giving out cards like it was Christmas in the first half. Partey looked very good. Spurs did well and kept a clean sheet 😀. Very impressed with Vinicius.
  4. So I watched Borat 2 today, it's ok I guess, not as funny as the first although there are still a couple of funny bits. But, Rudy Guiliani, it sounded bad in the press, and unfortunately it's not much better in the film. It goes from him being supportive to very creepy. I mean he has been set up massively, she keeps touching his leg, she rubs his back at one point, however this does not make his behaviour excusable especially when he knows she's 15.
  5. From about 30 minutes on you guys played really well, Kane made a great last man block at the end of the first half, and Fornals missed the open goal. When it was 3-1 (I think) Kane made another great last ditch tackle. Yarmalenko's reverse pass for the second goal was superb, I think I've only mentioned it about 10 times. Yarmalenko and Lanzini proper hate us. Yarms scored a screamer against us at Wembley one year, and obviously Lanzini cost us the league. Little cunts 😀
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54590771 VVD needs ACL surgery, big loss for Liverpool obviously. If VAR did not look at that Pickford tackle and it seems obvious the ref didn’t see it, I assume that he can be punished retrospectively, not that it’s important after the game has finished.
  7. How good was Harry Kane again? Proper player. West Ham were fantastic after going 3-0 down, the build up for the second goal was great, Yarmolenko’s little reverse pass was superb.
  8. I agree but two of them are acting like little kids. Yes it should have been a sending off, yes it was a harsh offside but it is what it is. No point going mental when, Villa performance aside they’ve been amazing and will walk the league again this season.
  9. You can only post in here if you’re gonna have a wank over Klopp
  10. I was trolling a bit. In my view Pickford was clumsy, he knew he was gonna follow through but I don’t believe he meant to injure him. In the first 2-3 minutes Van Dijk did mean to hurt James and Calvert-Lewin. Andy Robertson did mean to hurt Allan by kicking out at him, which seems to have been forgotten, and Richarlison meant to hurt Thiago. The Pickford incident was certainly a lot less malicious than Robertson and Richarlison.
  11. Keane and Mina knew what they were doing, and Pickford was trolling with the non-save cause he knew. I don’t know why so many Liverpool fans are getting so upset.
  12. If VVD wasn’t injured then James and/or Calvert-Lewin would’ve been. Big Virg was on one from the start.
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