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  1. That is pretty funny actually, Can imagine him (or her) rocking up to the jobcentre, and the adviser is like why did you lose your last job?
  2. Love that, so 90's. Teams would never let players do something like that now, particularly where players are contracted. Wonder who would win if they had something similar now? For me Kyle Walker would be a good shout. As I no longer watch, or study as much football as I used to I don't really know many fast players outside of the Premier League. Bale back in the day was absolutely rapid, not sure he's even the fastest at his own club now. I'd say Bergwijn is probably the quickest and even Walker chases him down fairly easily. Salah looks speedy when he gets going, as does Rash
  3. Hold up? I thought Rusev was sleeping with Liv Morgan? Liv's insertion in to that angle was so strange, it wasn't long before she was rightly back with Ruby in the Riott squad (and having a pretty decent showing at Mania)
  4. PLEASE STOP! Hopefully not United, we've sold Berbatov, Sheringham and Carrick to them. If he has to go in England I'd rather him go Man City. Levy will try to price everyone out of a move this summer, and I don't think Kane seems the sort of bloke that will strop around if he has to stay, I'm sure he'll continue to give 100%. Yesterday really highlighted how shockingly poor our recruitment has been over the last few years, it was bad enough that Sissoko was our first sub, but it's more mental that he's still an option. He used to be a decent option as a workhorse when he starts gam
  5. I don’t want to be nit picky but she debuted in the ‘main’ WWE more than a year ago, she was on the main show at Survivor Series 19 and Royal Rumble 20. She is a phenomenal athlete and has taken to wrestling so naturally, I bet she’s one of those annoying people that are just exceptional at anything sporting Also I’d argue that Charlotte could be the biggest WWE developmental success. Obviously she would have had a closeness to wrestling but it does appear that she didn’t start it until she signed with the WWE. She won the divas title within months of coming in and headlined WM eventual
  6. Started about 1:30 in the end That tag team match must go down as one of the worst matches in mania history? Slips on the entrance, nipples popping out, the announcer getting it all wrong. Proper clusterfuck.
  7. A bit like a rip off version of the man that sits in the ATM giving money out all day?
  8. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story eh?
  9. Why not just get the UK version? The peacock one sounds like a really poor user experience and apparently doesn’t have much of the catalogue yet.
  10. That isn't what happened, it was mentioned in commentary but that can be added anytime I guess.
  11. I don’t think it’s surprising at all. People haven’t been able to go out for over a year. If someone said to me you can buy a ticket to a Spurs for £150 but Kane and Son won’t play and Dier and Winks will play up front, and you’re playing Leyton Orient youth team I’d be all over it in a heartbeat.
  12. Didn't they do it in a train station one time?
  13. That's really sad. He was a big character and although he had made some silly comments on AFTV he was above all a passionate Arsenal fan. Some of the comments on Twitter about his mental health are fucking disgusting. What is wrong with people? RIP Claude.
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