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  1. The best song to never be number 1 is Vienna by Ultravox, kept off of top spot by Joe Dolce I believe. Unbelievable.
  2. Nobody called him a prick. I think it’s a personal choice as to whether someone chooses to release the information, as Renee has now done. Maybe there was a discussion between Jon and Renee before it was released. My view is that she might have kept it to herself if Tony Khan hadn’t put the statement out.
  3. Maybe he doesn’t say her by name but it’s pretty obvious if you know the amount of positive tests in WWE
  4. Tony Khan ‘outed her’ when he said Moxley couldn’t compete at the tapings.
  5. Getting fucked off with complete spunk fest over Fernandes and Pogba. Pogba did well against Spurs, Fernandes played one really good pass and scored a penalty, now they’re like the best thing ever. Fuck off! Did anyone see the fan that paid for a cardboard cutout of Bin Laden to be seated at Elland Road 🤣🤣
  6. I have DM’d him. Maybe Neil or another mod can delete this account
  7. If we’re going for bit parts, then A Clockwork Orange.
  8. Bobby had recent neck or back surgery I think and from what I’ve read previous wasn’t expecting anyone to grab him at all and may have even thought it was a fan that grabbed him
  9. https://twitter.com/thatsourmongo/status/1272184289879306240?s=21
  10. Bono you should try to be empathetic to how black people feel. You and I can never understand what they have to go through but we can try to understand the issues and work to make society better. Saying it is as good as it will ever he is not acceptable. We should call people out when they make ignorant comments or when friends share derogatory memes. We should educate people rather than just burying heads in the sand and accepting it.
  11. The tone of this may get lost as it is in writing. Did your Aunt know for sure that people would stare at her daughter or is she making an assumption?
  12. That account isn't saying they're from the weekend? It's like other accounts where there are images and video of police brutality from long ago is being used as evidence of what's happening now, even though not called out as such. Just because neither happened 'this weekend' it doesn't mean it's wrong that it happened, but it is wrong for people to try to discredit it by adding their own context.
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