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  1. Oh yeah, I think it is proper shithousing. Most people, including most business people would let it be, for example you wouldn't expect the CEO of Tesco start tweeting sarcastic comments to some random retail blogger. It is funny, but also a bit unhinged. He's obviously insecure about his company if he needs to go out and sing it's praises and correct people. He's done no different to what the poster did in choosing which stats he wants to call out. As I say it is funny, but in my opinion it could cause him to lose credibility outside the AEW fanbase if it continues if it goes tits up.
  2. This is your best post ever. Tony K's pettiness searching Twitter and making posts about how good AEW is reminds me of that bloke in the UK Wrestling Events that couldn't let a comment go and always had to have the last word. I can imagine Tony is a right prick in real life. As has been said it will be interesting how he behaves when it isn't going to plan, what he does now is fairly funny but if he does it if the shit hits the fan it will become very old very quick.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about areas being highest/lowest in the country. It is worrying but most areas will find themselves really high and really low in those 'tables'. As an example Harlow was very low at the start, but spent time at the top and in the top 10 for a couple of weeks. After that it dropped down fairly quickly to be below 200 in the LA table, and since yo-yo's. As for the news, you really only need to know what you need to know, enough to keep yourself and your family safe. My sister was almost on the verge of breakdown in April/May 2020 and I told her to stop watching the news, as long as she could keep her, her boyfriend and the kids safe that's all she needs to know. I assume there are going to be some areas that are more likely to have increased transmission, especially those bloody students (sarcasm) going out enjoying themselves. I've been going back to work recently and the lack of mask wearing is quite depressing. It's more annoying when it is a condition of travel, I wonder if I can get away with not buying a ticket? . Because it's been such a shit show from our 'leaders' a large majority of the population now do not seem to care a jot.
  4. @Devon Malcolm I’m interested in the difference between the CC subtitles and what the other option is. I never even noticed a different option for the subtitles.
  5. Not sure if it counts as a celebrity death or not, but Colin Powell has kicked the bucket due to complications from COVID. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58957273
  6. A bit of a shame for Sky that the 3 'main' matches were all fairly one sided. I'm not sure on Hughie Fury at all, he seems like he's trying so hard to be like Tyson with his comments and humour, although I guess humour and the like does run in the family. Eubank beat that guy up pretty bad by the end, the body shots looked painful and it appears that he broke the guys ribs, so although he didn't get the showstopping finish it was a pretty decent performance. Looking forward to Marshall vs Shields. Marshall absolutely battered that poor young lady who had some serious heart to keep eating them. I think Peter Fury had expected Muzeya to start fast as Marshall didn't panic and just got on with it. After the first 30 seconds it was so one sided it was quite hard to watch someone get pummelled. I don't know if Sky were doing the production, but it was very poor early on. Cutting off in the middle of an interview, it also cut off at another strange time, might have been when the pundits were talking and when it came back the conversation was on something else, although it did get better as the night went on. As a whole Sky's production is really poor at the moment, whoever does it during the golf doesn't even watch the action, the shot (a birdie putt, or par putt, or 2nd shot) is often wrong and they have got players names wrong too. On the first morning of the Ryder cup they had Daniel Berger as Daniel Burger.
  7. One of my biggest peeves with wrestling booking is that when there is a tournament for a title shot or a ‘king of the ring’ that more of the established wrestlers don’t enter it. Surely the goal is to be the champion (and at least getting a shot at it) for the vast majority of the roster.
  8. I don’t want to flame anything here but just over a week ago people on this board thought it was funny Ian Duncan Smith was assaulted. Any assault on a politician should be condemned. I know it’s a big leap from hitting someone with a cone to murdering someone but it can escalate from ‘funny’ to ‘deadly’ pretty quickly.
  9. Ooh such dastardly heels having a pop at people in a different company. Some will still say that AEW are not completely obsessed with WWE.
  10. What is this obsession with ratings. Surely you want people turning up and spending money irrespective of a demographic. Whether it’s 18-34 turning up at AEW or young kids turning up at WWE what is the obsesssion? WWE is and will always be a bigger brand than AEW
  11. Sony seem to have changed the layout. If you press down when you’re on the tv and video screen it might be in your most recent apps.
  12. stewdogg

    Chippy Tea

    John from Luigis has set up CJ’s near the hospital. It is absolutely amazing. I’ll post a pic next time I get chips from there.
  13. Maybe I got lost in the emotion of it, which started when he called back to OHMSS early on in the film. Thinking back on that all he wanted to do was go off into the sunset with his new wife and hand in his licence to kill but it was cruelly torn away from him. I don’t think it’s actually that great a Bond film but with the history of just wanting a family and retiring, and then ultimately sacrificing himself for them was, in my opinion, beautiful and a great way to sign off the Craig arc. As mentioned by others not sure where they can go from here, I think James Bond has to be a man, and it has to be a real person as opposed to a code name, I don’t think we’ll see it returning to the days of Roger Moore, time has moved on and as someone said the audiences have been conditioned to expect different. Perhaps a Bond movie doesn’t work in the 21st century which would be a real shame.
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