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  1. Can't wait to see what El Hijo de Fuego can do in the ring.
  2. Which won't matter when they get their way and get rid of the HRA. MP gets murdered and Tories jump to essentially creating a database where anything you say online is easily traced back to you. I see no nefariousness in that...
  3. Nothing matters in WWE in the long term. Just got to take your wins where you can.
  4. AEW tied Smackdown in the 18-49 demo (0.24) and the 18-34 male demo (0.20) while scoring a narrow victory in the 18-49 demo (0.34 to 0.32). In the 30 minute overlap, AEW actually defeated WWE Smackdown by about 15 percent in the most coveted 18-49 demo – 328,000 to 285,000. Source: PWTorch. That's crazy that they actually beat Smackdown head to head in the key demo.
  5. Yeah, I guess based on the demo ratings, that head to head half hour must be pretty close. I have to think that anything other than a convincing victory for WWE is a perceptual win for AEW. This stuff is fun.
  6. KEY DEMO KLAXON: Apparently, Smackdown and Rampage this past Friday did an identical rating in the 18-49 demo... Now I don't know who to tweet about saying they're in the mud. Edit: AEW beat Smackdown in males 18-49.
  7. A whole load of their talent - much of which would normally show up on Dark - are on the Jericho cruise during that time period, I think. So, I think we will actually see Danielson and Cole on Dark.
  8. Innocent until proven guilty is only relevant in the case that something goes to court. My bar for innocence vs guilt is a lot lower than a court's.
  9. I think Jericho is the only guy who has never appeared on Dark? Obviously excluding new signings.
  10. If you're looking for a nutjob, who also happens to be strong on killing refugees in the Channel - a real vote winner with the Tory base - may I suggest Priti Patel? I realise she's not white, but she's one of the good ones!
  11. Yeah, I don't remember any digs? He commented on Serena Deeb's hair at one point, but that was just a SES reference.
  12. It's amazing that the chat these last few days has been all about online "abuse" directed at politicians and "ending online anonymity". It's like that was the narrative everyone went with in the initial few hours after the attack and everyone just continued with that even after it has been established that online "abuse" is not related in this case. Priti Patel jumping to use her good friend's murder as an opportunity to engage in normal Priti Patel things. It's honestly infuriating. Please don't report me to Prevent.
  13. Apparently, the promoter of this show wasn't aware of allegations against Ligero because the promoter doesn't use social media...
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